The manuscript of survival – part 349

You have become weary now, dear friends, and rightly so, as this massive operation that has been going on has also involved you in so many ways. Not directly, but more in the energetic sense, and the fallout from all of this has been very apparent to you all. You see, you have been working so hard to anchor these new energies through your own phsyical bodies, and even if this will not be news to any of you, the amount you have managed to transport as it were is simply astounding. For not only have you been sitting in your own personal forcefield of light, you have also been connected closely with so many others out here, and together you have brought a huge load of transformational light to this blessed abode. For this is a blessed place dear ones, even if you on all sides may see signs that it can be likened more to a hellish place. But know that these are merely scarrings on the surface of this beautiful planet of yours, and now, thanks to all of your hard work, the beauty you perceive within will start to come further and further out.

Let us explain. As we have talked about earlier, there is indeed a massive translocation operation going on. In other words, so much of what has been keeping the vibrations deliberately down on this planet has been sent packing, for want of a better word. And just what do we mean by that? Well, as we have touched upon earlier, the amount of negative energy on this planet has been staggeringly out of balance with the amount of light, and as such, the scales have been tipped far too far to the side of those still in favour of keeping it thus. However, their reign is now considered as well and truly over, and as such, the operation to tip the scales back so that far more favourable circumstances can be had for all is well on its way. It is not completely over yet, but it is fair to say that from now on, you will all start to feel the lessening of this old load of heavy and draining energies.

In other words, what was once a massive wall of energetic hindrance has no only been scaled, but it has been torn apart, and through all of these rifts the light has now been pouring in for a long time already. And to add to that, much of the old imprints have been washed away in the same process, not only in you, but also in thousands upon thousands of other people out there. So once again we say expect to find more and more people around you starting to rejoice from the realization that the air they are breathing has already gotten a far fresher quality, and the burden they have been carrying on their backs, perhaps without them even noticing it, has been removed. So look around you, and we think you will all see people starting to straigthen out their back, looking about them as if bewildered and thinking ”what is this? There is something new in the air, but Í cannot begin to describe the quality of it.” So they will be puzzled, and they will start to search for answers, and so now, your time as wayshowers will truly begin.

For you are the forerunners in this, you have traveled this road already, so you are here, ready to guide them as they start to take their own faltering steps down that same road. It will not all be easy for them, but in many ways, their road will be a far more direct one than the one you had to travel in order to get to the point you are at the moment. For as you hacked your way through that dense, wild jungle from the very beginning, you hacked away so much that constituted a hindrance, not only to you, but to anyone following in your wake. But now, they will see a clear path marked by you, one that has been trodden by many an eager soul before them, and so, they will catch up far more easily than you can perhaps even envisage.

So again we say thank you all for a brilliant job, for you are shining even stronger than before, and now, there are so many new eyes open that will be able to perceive that light, and who will be called to answer the calling from their own heart and take up their place beside you.

234 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 349

  1. Dear Beingme, your language is so hard to understand. It’s like trying to read the clouds. If you want to be heard, can you please speak up? Can you try?
    Love, JJ

  2. With me the problem is in my right side of my body. All of my right side.
    Your left, my right. Get it, right!
    Love and Light,

  3. Dear Ponders,

    I have to admit/share that I’m feeling the intense energy of fear and anxiety again…feeling so overwhelmed with the upcoming challenges and changes in my life….scared….I just am being told to write about it and put it out there, because the love and support that comes back is always so healing. Even though I want to move on from my husband and my house, I am feeling grief and fear of the unknown that lies ahead. Being a moon in Cancer girl I am all about the home and nesting, so making this change is bringing up a lot of stuff for me!!!

    Thanks for the loving energy that I know will be send in thought or word.

    Love, Stevie

    1. you are not alone stevie! this is an intense time astrologically. I think the wave of homesickness is sweeping through all of us. breath into your heart and let it taste and transmute those dense vibrations. xoxo♡♥♡♥blessings

      1. Stevie, you have been on mind my mind a lot since you posted this yesterday. I doubt this will be helpful to you, but I feel led to share it. My first marriage was very brief, less than 2 years. However, in that time, we had very quickly bought a nice house and filled it with all of our hopes and dreams. When it came time for me to acutally leave (he was keeping the house), I kept finding myself alone at the kitchen window gazing over the back yard. I had planted some bulbs back there, and all I could think was, “I will never see them bloom.” It was a strange feeling for me…I was so anguished and torn. I knew we were doing the right thing, but I don’t know…those stupid bulbs kept tugging at me! I came really close to staying b/c of just that feeling. I can now say it would have been one of the worst mistakes of my life.

        1. Very nice, Anna Helen! I too have been thinking of you, Stevie, today. To carry the “ball” one yard more, I add to Helen Anna’s true life story by saying, sometimes out of the hardest places of our lives, come our biggest Blessings. It’s in the getting through the tough place that is the most difficult.

          My Heart is with you!

          Love Amy

    2. Dear Stevie, I always used to wonder about how the simple act of writing how I felt could help. I think it forces us to process things somehow. You know, deciphering, ordering, putting emotion into linear left brain thought and action can somehow help the emotion lose its power over us. Not to mention the idea that we are at least letting it out a bit instead of stuffing it. It’s the examination and release process, I suppose.

      Then when you actually have the courage to share it like you have done here, you find that you are not alone. You are allowing yourself to ask for and receive the nurturing you need.

      Love and support to you….change of any kind can be frightening, even when it’s “for the best.”

      🙂 AH

    3. Yes, it must be very hard. Try to picture the new beautiful home you are about to create. A home filled with Love. We will be there with you as we are with you now.
      Love always, JJ

  4. I guess the talk of homesickness, Angels Flying From Montgomery, and little girls in the corner has brought up some desires I had thought were dormant for the most part. I just woke up (literally from actual sleep!) from a dream….again the longing….well I won’t go into it. But it has left me with this realization.

    I am afraid to let myself hope too much that all of this is real. If it were to turn out not to be, I honestly am not sure I would survive the disappointment.

    Yeah. I know….I know…but I just needed to say it.

    1. Anna Helen (((HUGS))). Again I am AMAZED how in alignment I am! Just last night, those “longings” had me moaning out loud. Falling asleep feeling bereft………

      That is it in a nutshell. IF IF IF I allow myself to HOPE……Will I survive the heartache IF it does not manifest?

      So instead I dive into living, and I DO, and I create, and I am careful with the dreaming, though I do dream, for this Heart of mine has known too much heart ache.

      The longing……..I understand. I understand, my Sister in the Mirror. Bless you for YOUR honesty!! And boy do I LOVE you for it!

      Yes, imagining a Life with one who I resonates with me totally………I know, my Sister, I know. Here is my hand. I hold it for you. Next to my Heart. I know…….

      Many HUGS and so much LOVE, Amy

    2. Anna Helen, listen to the Pele Report I posted and you will understand why WE are feeling what we are now. This is a highly charged emotional phase we are going through…….the Star of David………..

      XXOO, Amy

      1. Welllll, holy s**t!! Ok, then. I see. Thanks for that one! Now I am laugjng at/with myself. That did explain everything! 🙂

          1. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Means YOU are a GREAT MASTER! Also means the Trinity, The Godhead, Triune……… NICE!

            I went grocery shopping today and my car’s miles read 4444. Right exactly 4444. Wow!

    3. Feeling the same, AH. But hey, it must be true, I feel it in my Heart! My heart knows!
      Love you AH!

    4. fear nothing
      you are wonderful
      you are watched over
      you must go into it
      the answer is on the other side of the shtuff hole

  5. cc’s==So look around you, and we think you will all see people starting to straigthen out their back, looking about them as if bewildered and thinking ”what is this? There is something new in the air, but Í cannot begin to describe the quality of it.” So they will be puzzled, and they will start to search for answers, and so now, your time as wayshowers will truly begin.
    I just took a look around. On the Lunatic Outpost forum they have a thread discussing why they are waking up during the 3:30 / 4 AM.
    they are starting to search for answers

  6. When I said “I may be a half-step ahead of some of you”
    In no way did I mean to imply that I am superior to anyone.
    I’ve been hacking the brush out of the trail for a long damn time, that’s all.
    When I was young I used to pray for wisdom. Solomon had it. I wanted it. I thought if I knew the answers life would be good. It’s seemed to work out just the reverse. The more I prayed for wisdom the more trouble, disappointment, turmoil,
    endless trials and tribulation I had.
    After continuing for a couple of decades I finally achieved enough wisdom to understand that wisdom is gained by solving problems and gaining more experience by living through the good and the BAD. Wisdom comes from living, but only for those who are paying attention.
    At that point I quickly stopped praying for wisdom.
    thanks, but I’ve had enough trouble.
    I’m wise enough

    1. lol same! time to unlearn all been taught and build the world and flow! theres only one truth anyhow and thats love for lack of a better word;)

    2. OH, Otmn, you actually summed up my life nicely. One of my “dreams” is to see this world acknowledge that the “elders” of this world, are the Wise Ones, and need to be the ones to turn to for advice, for counsel, for guidance.


      And yes, Wisdom is hard won. I must have prayed that prayer somewhere along the line, you know the same one you did, and I received more then my share of troubles, turmoil, trials by fire, and pressure under fire………the shoes I have put on, the hats I have put on, and here I am today, a “nobody” in the world’s eyes, yet my prayer has been answered. If there is one thing I can say, it is this. I do know Wisdom, or Wisdom knows me, not sure which way it goes. But that is because of where I have been, what I have experienced. And the decisions I have made along the way.

      Listen to the Pele Report I posted, Otmn. It will explain a lot of why we are feeling what we are, and what is happening now. A lot. I too have had my share of trouble, and to be honest, a nice white beach with turquoise waters, mermaids and dolphins singing merrrily, sounds like the perfect place for me right about now. Surrounded by many soul mates, many Star Relatives, many Light BEings who talk my talk.

      I Love you, Otmn. Don’t know if I ever said that, cause you know, your a guy and all that malarky and when I first knew you, I was a wee bit intimated by you. Now??? I really mean when I give you smooches on the top of your head and I send you those hugs, cause dang, I fell in love with ya! As my Brother. As One Who Talks my Talk. I look in the mirror and I see Otmn. 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Can ya handle that? LOL

      💞💞💞💞 💋💋💋💋,
      Your Star Sis

    3. Dear Otmn you just brought me clarity on something with your post. Years ago when I was involved in the christian church I used to pray for wisdom. I was fascinated that wisdom was called she and sought to understand that. My life continues to be challenged over and over with incredible emotional issues for me (like the current situation I just went through or am still in)! I have come up looking like the fool over and over with many of my choices. I think that I will join you in stopping the wisdom request… at least for a time until I catch my breath. Wisdom brings a huge eye opener into situations until some times I am left shaking my head, “Don’t others see what I see?” (Many here would.) So thank you! I think after almost 4 decades I will turn to asking for joy and creativity as my priorities!

      1. Hey, Nancee, I am right there with you. From now I ask for Joy and Creativity instead of Wisdom. Enough already! 🙂 I’m done!

    1. yeah thats right on the $$$. Speaking of which I cant til we all meet in person. ill fly around the world if I have to!

      1. As I was in the grocery store today, I kept saying, “OK, Star Family…..Where are you?” I must admit, I had some reeeeeeally nice interactions with some people, who reeeeeeeeally wanted to chat with me. Or who were very courteous to me. Nice!!!!!! 🙂

      2. Stephanie, BIG realization hit me that I want to share with you. It “hit” me that no matter what I do, no matter what I accomplish, it will never be “enough” for my mother. She is reflecting her own emptiness to me, I am speaking here of matters of the Heart, and in so doing, she is seeing through eyes of emptiness. That is BIG for me. I will not be able to come up to her standards, ever, until she settles matters within her own heart. Whoa.

        And my own insecurities have been showing lately. I have to think about that one. It could be related to the losses I have endured this summer. I don’t know. Usually I feel I am who I am, and that is that. Lately, though, no. Hmmmm………Why is my shadow blocking my own Sun? (crinkled brow) I figured out “one mystery” to only come to another.

        That’s life, just as you say. The mysteries of life…….I shall contemplate this matter as I cook. Why ARE my insecurities leaking through? I will find out!

        Love with All I AM, Amy

        1. man pinkrose if only you knew, we might have the same mother lol! just when I think I’m making progress she says something that cuts so deep i have to leave the room and cry, or do yoga, or just breath into my heart whonis just chomping down on all the emotion. but youre right, itsn not that she doesnt accept you, she doesnt accept herself, and shes on her own journey of self love paingul as it is. we are lucky to recognize our emotions towards them as a projection, the more aware we are of this the better off well be. thats why inlove Mary Maggie and She loves me. The Goddess has always been my true Spiritual Mother, she loves everyone unconditoonally and She teaches us how to do this too

            1. Oh, yes, Stephanie, we do have the same Mother. And Jesus is my Friend. 🙂

              Now I drop.

              Tomorrow I preach!


              What a day!

              And decision made……since I am the one who always contacts my mother, I will stay away for now. I am too vulnerable right now, due to my losses this summer. Hence, my insecurity/vulnerability.

              For those I was not able to touch today, I had my own grueling journey. Peace to all here. LOVE to all here. And know beyond a doubt, you are LOVED not only by me, but by All That Is.

              With weary but triumphant Heart, Lady Pinkrose

          1. Stephanie, a while back I did that meditation with Mary Magdelene with the Golden Ashram where you extend the energy of your fem side then your masc side the combined side into it and each time the energy is reflected back to you. It was beyond fantastic!!! And I love the mantra…I know you’ve mentioned that method before. I always send out those intentions, just not in a mantric (?) way. I will try it.

            Do you all remember a few messages back that the CC’s told us that an opportuniy was coming and that the thing that might hold us back was self-worth and fear…they suggested we turn to each other and expose ourselves instead of holding it in. I think we are ALL doing an excellent job of that. Yay, us!

            I also am reminded of that scene in The Help. “I is smart, I is important..”

            🙂 AH We is.

  7. Sun!

    This really is a journey for you – isn´t it? So physical and stone by stone you will discover what it all is about. I admire you.

    Love and respect,


    1. Dang it! Nearly every time I try to play one of these video postsot gives me an error. Will try again later.

  8. Sun, great dizziness today for me and difficulty breathing. My sinues again are all packed. Things feel like they are moving as if I were on a ship. Just pulled out a lower string attached to my childhood from my heart. Since I have done that, I have begun to be able to breathe again. Yet, this dizziness and whoa! feeling still here. I awoke feeling so tired and discouraged, which led to tears after reading an email from my mother.

    We are moving again. Fast.

    Love, Amy

  9. I have to admit yesterday I felt extremely homesick. I understand wat we are doing i really do but I’m reaaaalllllyyyy exhausted. I keep having crazy dreams and my shadow aspects seem to be coming to a head. I know this is good even though it doesnt look it becuz its coming up and out but its intense. I’m actually amazed at Us for consciously taking this on. I love myself and all of you. we are Consciously I repeat CONSCIOUSLY using our bodies, especially our hearts to literally raise the vibration of our blessed Mother Gaia. We are truly adventurous and I have a feeling we’re gonna have a GOOD laugh one day about all this. I feel honored but at the same time SHEESH! id love to know the story behind lightworker families, like are some of us doing time? is this the cosmic equivalent of cleaning the freeway? 3d is a trip

      1. Yep. I have my orange and yellow vest on right now! 🙂 Homesick…I sure know that feeling. I try my best to allow that feeling like Otmn mentioned yesterday that this really is privilege. Really think/feel about that. Never ever in the history of NOW 🙂 has this been done. I know that there have been many moments during meditation that the absolute ecstasy has been almost more than I could take. If that is just a glimpse, oh boy lookt out!!

        1. youre right anna and its dawning on me as I look around at the blank meatsuit fac3s, eyes rolling around , no clue that we’re absorbing and transmuting low vibes like a sponge. that the changes that are happening all around are a testament to how much light we are holding down, and currently its totally thankless, but even thats changing…as we allow it! its quite incredible I agree, tho my ego might beg to differ, Shes doing a good job too though

    1. Stephanie, today I find myself in tears, so discouraged, for again in my life, I am being seen as something that I am not. In other words, people want me to be somone I am not, and because I will not be put in a box, I create “waves”. I’m discouraged of always standing up for myself, by myself, I am discouraged that those who “love me”, see me as a threat or someone who should be someone else. I am discouraged and weary of always being “different” and “honest” and “being someone other then a “box”. I am weary of the critiicism and the misinterpretation of my words, and my actions, and I am weary of not being seen for the beautiful person that I am.

      I will not be much use for anyone here today. This trailblazing at times is just too dang hard.

      Love, Amy

      1. You are of use if you’re just reading or saying hello…or every time the pond even crosses your mind. 🙂

      2. Soulsister, I feel your pain!!! I shed tears over this very issue like once a week lol! Keep loving yourself so that your cup can overflow. Once that happens it won’t even matter at all, becuz those people reflect our own insecurities. our own vicious shadows. own them theyre yours! they belong to the collective and to us too, that means we must consciously transmute the negativity simply by being aware that the shadows we perceive belong to us. nothing is outside, the world is psyche! the only solution is self Love, and to make the unconscious conscious, a tedious process but a mysterious one. lightworkers shed light on autonomous complexes, or shadow projections, evil grimlins that pretend to be threatning to the ego, but how can they be when theyre created by the mind? breath into your heart and FEEL the transmutation hsppening. this seems to speed the process up for me, checking in with the muscle in the chest of this dense meatsuit we’re traversing this realm in! look around, its all you good and bad, own it as a concious creator. ♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥ I love you lady pinkrose. sending you holy blessings from the heart of Mary Magdalane

        1. “nothing is outside, the world is psyche! the only solution is self Love, and to make the unconscious conscious, a tedious process but a mysterious one”. Yes, and it takes some time.. 🙂

        2. Stephanie, somehow I missed this gorgeous reply and I am SO touched by what you said. Your Wisdom within you is SO Bright and SO Magnificent, and I bow to YOU for sharing these words with me.

          Today my skin thickness variable seemed on the thin side. So the arrow hurt.

          I’ve never seen from your eyes and to apply what you said to my situation, is amazing. How can I thank you for this new perspective? It many not be new to you, but it is to me. I can actually breathe more freely. I am going back to your reply, read through again, and really let these words sink in.

          Bless you for helping me! Now I think I can forge ahead finally leaving this wound behind, not even mine to begin with to own.

          I am DEEPLY Grateful to you, my SoulSister! (((HUGS)))


          1. I say this very quietly……these Holy Words were heard and my Heart is deeply moved. Understanding comes. I am forever grateful.

            From my Heart to Stephanie’s Heart,

          2. lol I’m talking to myself too! yes the darkness outside is the darkness within, once we accept this its the most empowering thing. personally I use the ho oponopono method -I love you I’m sorry please forgive thank you – an inner mantra chanted towards Source acknowledging our unawareness in the negative memories we keep creating and gratitude towards the expansion it brings. it really opens your awareness up, ive let alotta stuff go because of it. its easy you just chant it towards low vibrational things until it rises to thebsurface and goes away. I do it everyday all the time

            1. I again thank you, Stephanie. I am taking this mantra and applying this to that within. I say things like……”I am Love”. “I am Calm”. “I am Perfect”. “I can do all things through Christ within me who strengthens me”. So, yes, I am familiar with mantras and I know they do work.

              Much Gratitude, Amy

  10. Reply 101…..

    To whom it was that suggested I plant chives in with my roses, I bow to you. Thank you! Next year, chives are going in my rose gardens!

    Anna Helen, thank you for your words. When a deep wound has occured, it takes many peelings of the onion to get to the core. I seem to still be snipping at the strands within the core itself. Living without a Mother’s Love as a child, is a tough mountain to climb. Yet, I AM.

    JayJay, I had no intention of hurting you or insinuating that you were not doing all you possibly can for Vive. I have seen that medicine does not take into consideration the whole, but only sees the parts that are “dis-eased.”. With my medical education, and with what I do with my cats, I have taken what I know, and gone a step higher. When my cats are ill, I have learned that if I give them extra water, it helps stabolize their system, and it actually speeds the recovery process.

    So when I suggested giving Vive water as in Ringers Lactate Solution, to help keep her hydrated, I came from a higher perspective then what medicine does. Vomiting to the extent that Vive was, will effect her electrolytes and it will make her specific gravity of her urine very concentrated, which happens when a person’s body is deficient in water.

    I by no means meant to put my nose in where it does not belong. I have gone head to head with veterinarians, to get them to look at the total picture, not only the parts that are not working right. For all is connected, and one body system does effect another, and so on. When I was working as a Registered Nurse in an ICU, I was shocked to see the callous treatment by doctors, who acted like the patients were machines with faulty parts instead of seeing them as a whole person.

    So, that is that in a nutshell. I know you are in a fragile state right now, and I only tried to help. Water truly is the foundation of all Life.

    From my Heart to you Heart,

    1. ooops……..I believe it was Birgitta whose words about Mothers I read. Anna Helen, you do know I love you too! Sometimes we seem to merge so perfectly together, the individual is not “seen”, only the Golden Web.


      1. 🙂 I went to my inbox and it was all Lady Pinkrose, and I thought:
        Amy’s in the hoouuuuse!

        And girl, at least to me, it don’t matter who said it…we all benefit! 🙂 The one who said and the one who read. (such a poet am I)

        1. Oh, Anna Helen, I do so need a HUG today! I am crying today. I feel so hurt that the ones who “love” me just don’t see me.

          Love, Amy

          1. So I have to be the good sister again and pose to you the question I have often posed to myself. Why does it matter so much? What is your heart really telling you there?

            I love you I see you I know you. 🙂

            1. I think Otmn’s post about what happened with his Mother, gave me hope that perhaps this time, when I write her, (she does only emails) and not hold back on all that is transpiring in my life, that this time, she will see me. And love me for just who I am. Her response to me hurt. She still is pushing me to market one of my products, which the mere thought of doing so, puts anxiety in my stomach. My priority is to care for these special animals, study and discover ways in which medicine does not see, in which to keep them healthy and happy. My mother does not see as this being important, for it does not spell success. (in her eyes) My days are so busy and challenging, that by the time evening comes around, I can barely keep my eyes open. I cannot fanthom adding to my schedule. Just being here, I am amazed that I am able to do so.

              This goes way back, Anna Helen, when I remember being in 1st grade, making a rosary out of shell macaroni sprayed gold on a piece of construction paper, and running home to show my mother. No hugs. No recognition that I did a beautiful job. Yet that night when my mother had her friends over, I overheard her boasting what a talented little girl I am. She didn’t tell me that. She just looked at what I did, and put it on the refrigerator, and then walked away from me.

              Yeah, this hurts. And I have to resolve this because it is only hurting me. To “expect” my mother to change is not “love” on my part, either. I have accepted her as she is, then I fall, accepted her as she is, and I fall again. Just to be seen ONLY once for the innovative work I do with animals……….

              I will not feel sorry or myself. I created a life according to my Heart’s urgings, and for this, I embrace as doing something special in this world who only see success connected to money.

              So, I pick up my sorry butt, today, and I shake it, grab a hold of myself, and HUG ME.

              1. I think I was typing my elaboration at the same time you were typing this. 🙂 I totally, completely 100% get what you’re saying. Mine went way back, too. The hurts we experience in childhood particularly with our parents can stay with us for so long, playing out over and over in our lives and becoming more magnified.

                One other thing that really helped me was becoming a parent myself. I have been completely dumbfounded at the times my child has been hurt or felt slighted or unappreciatedd or misunderstood (the list goes on) by things that I never intended to be taken that way. Which has helped me understand things between me and my dad even more. And b/c of my own experience, at least she and I can discuss it and clear things up well. We are breaking that cycle.

                It also has helped me to become even more grateful that I myself experienced so much pain in my life – I mean that’s in great part where I gained all my compassion and longing to help and understand others.

                1. Anna Helen, in taking care of all the special cats I do, I have understood again and again, how much exhaustion will come into play. There have been times I can barely stand and I must go on, and at times, my actions become mechanical just to get me through what I must, and the tenderness from my heart gone. I have seen through my own life, how my mother must have been so overwhelmed by having so many children, dealing with an alcoholic for a husband, and dealing with so many underfoot. I as an adult understand now how difficult her life had been then. As a child, you don’t see that.

                  I also have learned as an adult, how some people are just not able to express their love through emotion. My mother fits that category. Yet, again and again, I have seen what a huge heart she does have by what she does for those less fortunate.

                  I must do something FUN today for my little girl to again smile. These peelings are painful, yet with your help, Sister, and the energy from this Pond, this one went quickly.

                  The biggest Lesson my mother taught me, is how to reach out to express tenderness, to express kindness, to express gentleness, to express Truth, to express LOVE. These she taught me as I observed her, as a young child. I could not understand then why my mother did not express LOVE. I do today. And I have taken it one step further, by BEing a Vessel of LOVE in all I do in my life.

                  From my Heart to your Heart, Amy

            2. Allow me to elaborate a bit. My situation is/was exactly the same as Otmn & you, only with my dad. I loooonnnnnged for this man to understand and accept me. The amount of hurt, anxiety and energy I spent on this wss astounding. It seemed like the more I reached for it, the more I tried to explain and defend and so forth, the worse it got. Now here’s the thing. The people in our lives are “mirrors” right? I finally saw that I was not accepting him for who he was, either. He really just could not understand…we were simply different types of people with different ideas, etc. Now things he says that used to cause a conflict in me or get me upset I am able to look at like…ok that’s your point of view…sort of an in one ear out the other type thing. HE does not determine MY value. I was giving him the power to do that.

              1. It seems as though I am able to do just this, see my mother for who she is, accept it, embrace her for who she is. I can even be grateful to all that she taught me. Yet, for some reason yet undiscovered by me, I again got my hopes up that she would finally stop wanting me to be more then I am.

                But! Even as I write this, I begin to “see”……….

                I stepped into insecurity about my life. And I let the little girl cry. And in so doing, I am now reaching towards a plateau where more Compassion is being embraced, Compassion for both myself and my mother. From the little girl to the adult. Moving from self-pity to self-empowerment. One step up, another layer added unto the Compassion I already own.

                And so it is. The tears have stopped. And I continue my day this day.

                I LOVE you, Anna Helen. Amy

                1. GREAT Amy!

                  Continue to unravel that thread and I´m quite sure you will start to unravel her heart too 🙂

                  You know – I really love you – otherwise I wouldn´t say so!


                  1. I Love you too, Brigitta. I am not a quitter and so I continue with my Life Journey, sowing New Ways of Thought and BEing where ever I am.

                    Love, Amy

                    1. We are all unique and have our freedom to choose from our own perspective and circumstances. That’s why life is so amazing 🙂

                      Love you too Amy,


                2. I had a wonderful and healing meditation in which adult me, higher me and the Divine Mother went and found little girl me cowering in the corner. She was terrified and almost atrophied. She needed to cry and be held and reassured and asked to reintegrate. She had been backing into that corner deeper and deeper all my life.

                  What I had not realized was that when adult (3D) had tried to help her own my own, I really did not have the wherewithal to do it. Because adult me still had little girl in there. Little girl can’t heal little girl by herself…little girl is trapped in the corner. So as adult me attempted this (w/out higher me and Mother along) I would use a word like…oh say, self-pity just for example…when adult me used that word, subconsciously it was saying “quit your whining, grow up, why aren’t you stronger, why can’t you just get over it (that one’s my all time fav).” So it required those higher parts of me to LOVE her out of that corner. She is still very timid, but getting bolder all the time!

                  I really honor you for opening your heart, Amy. Love you.

                  And love you, too, Birgitta !! 🙂

                  1. Oh, to have the experience of knowing a Mother’s Love… be touched, held, sung to, rocked, encouraged, kissed, hugged, tucked into bed at night, to be seen……….if not this life, then my next. I have the power to change that which is within my power to change. Nothing more. And so it IS.

                    It is a real loss for a Mother not to see her child for the unique and special BEing she is. There is loss on both ends, for the daughter and for the Mother. I have striven my whole life to take that loss and build upon it, changing it, turning it into Love and Peace.

                    Stuck tears were released this day. All is Perfect.

                    Love, Lady Pinkrose

                  2. To Anna, Amy, Birgitta and Otmn

                    Your discussion about mothering/fathering/parenting put in me touch with the fact that my little girl is scared shitless right now! Anna your meditation about a little girl being unable to mother another scared little girl really hit home. I have memories of when we moved when I was 9 from CT to NYC and my parents were divorcing and my older siblings were teenagers and acting out in all crazy ways, I was trying to manage and run the family…9 years of age! I need to comfort that little girl now and let her know there is an adult with lots of support who can help her manage…..I need to let some tears flow, also.

                    1. Stevie!

                      I´m so glad that you want to take care of your inner, little child. That´s very important. Don´t be afraid that you will be fragile and weak by doing that – on the contrary! Allow yourself to set free the feelings about what you need now. Meet your inner child and ask her what she want, nurture and comfort her. I know she will appreciate your presence as adult now 🙂

                      One step at a time. You made your decision and you know it´s the best for you and your children, though I also know it is heartbreaking.

                      I know, as well as you, that you are fully capable to go through this, and if you wish – just give me your hand – I´ll be there for you.

                      Love and respect,


                    2. Thank you Birgitta! It’s wonderful to feel your love and support!!

                      xxxx Stevie

                    3. Stevie, I had to come back here just to give you (((HUGS))) and say that this too shall pass. Oh, Honey, I understand all too well how as a Mother, you have to push your own tears aside, or your own fears aside, and BE there for your children. I may not say too much right now, but know I really do care.

                      I Love you, Stevie. Amy

  11. Many, many angel-clouds in the sky. It is as if something is written there. Maybe they are telling us something, maybe the clearing is almost over…
    Something is happening, wish I could read it.
    Love, JayJay

  12. Once again – thanks Aisha and CCs!

    I must admit that the first thought I had when reading this message was “How on earth would I be able to show others their way?” I mean – my way was a horrible way, long, deep cleansing and would not be without it, but – not to recommend, I think 😉

    “For you are the forerunners in this, you have traveled this road already, so you are here, ready to guide them as they start to take their own faltering steps down that same road. It will not all be easy for them, but in many ways, their road will be a far more direct one than the one you had to travel in order to get to the point you are at the moment”.

    I live my life in faith, light and love and people around me may/will take part of it – if they choose to. More direct ways? Think the CCs will have to show me – if there is. I don´t know.

    Think I have got some 3D reality on my mind 😉 and I think I got it when reading Sun´s message about what might happen, business folks and things. Seen in that perspective I think we have a nice and easy time here around The Pond 😉

    Much Love and support to you Aisha,


    1. Dear sister, you have hacked your way through the thorns, so those following after you would have it easier. What a great gift you have given this world by your own personal journey! And never forget, even if the road will be less painful for some of those coming after us, it will not be easy and without any of the challenges we have had to face. For they will not get anything for “free”, they will have to commit themselves 100% to this, just like we all have done. If you read my answer to sun_of_blue’s comment further up, you see what mean. I love you, dear sister, and I thank you for all that you are and all that you do. You will continue to be an example to anyone choosing to follow inn your footsteps, and even if they will be able to travel a more “direct road”, they also know that they have “big shoes to fill” as the saying goes.
      Love and gratitude from me, Aisha

        1. :):):) LUV U, B DS :):):)

          You have already been and are an amazing guide and teacher to me!

          1. Thanks Anna Helen!

            So are you – and I love your humour too 😉 Sometimes what you say isn´t the most important thing – but what you radiate 🙂

            Love you my star sister,


            Really have to get sight ot those three twinkling stars…

    2. There ain’t nothing easy about what we do here Birgitta. Just stay on the path you are on. You are on the right path.
      More direct ways are for the ones who follow after us.
      Love to you Birgitta, stay in your heart!
      Love, JJ

  13. Don’t know why I post this song, it just keeps popping up. Anyway, I love John Prine.

    Love, JayJay

    1. Hi JayJay,
      Not to be narcissistic here, but I wonder if this came to you for me. It’s one of my favorites and it’s very much how I’m feeling right now (plus I notice no one else has commented). Different circumstances, etc. but the sentiment is there for sure. Thank you for going with your feelings and posting it. BTW if you’re interested, the group “Old Crow Medicine Show” does a fantastic version of this song, a bit more electric and bluesy, very nice.
      With love,

      1. Well that must be it. I’m glad it was for someone. Yeah, there are even better versions of this song (with Bonny Raid), but I thought it was nice the way he introduced the song and the fact that it was outdoors and he sang it right from the heart. I’ll check out the version you mentioned.
        Love to you 🌾Leslie🌛!
        JayJay 🌸

        1. Yes, I love his introduction and the simplicity of this version! I briefly met Bonnie Raitt after a show when I was 16 or 17 years old btw!

          1. Yeah, I knew I got her name wrong. So great that you met her!! ✨✨✨✨✨✨🌟✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨🌟✨💫🌟💫🌟💫💫💫💫💫🌟🌟🌟🌟💫💫💫🌟🌟🌟💫

  14. Well, I don’t know what’s going on, but yesterday was an ultimate LOW.
    This morning I hit another even lower level, thought I’d give it all up and just run. However things started to get brighter.

    Last night, after Vive had been throwing up for 24 hours, as she went to sleep, I employed Blue and the Spheres of Light on her. I also added my own heart’s Love, and it just felt so right, I almost could believe what I felt.
    I went to bed without hope, but…Vive slept through the whole night. She wasn’t feeling sick this morning (she felt terrible, but not sick) and she was able to urinate (sorry) normaly, so this was a good sign that she was’t dehydrated. She even managed to eat a little. Also she was able to take her chemo-drink without throwing it up like she did yesterday.
    Now she is back at the hospital going through her chemoday.

    So, thank you all who aided my family and myself. I’m not asking anyone to force yourself or to feel obligated to help us. I didn’t come to he Pond to seek help in this way. (I was here at the Pond before Vive got ill again). I just want to make that clear.
    Also I don’t think anyone is ahead of the other. We are al on a different path, not one following behind the other. We are all equal and all equally important (like the CC’s say).
    We can help eachother, but only through Love. This Pond is Love.

    I love you all and I love all you do.
    Thank you all again, my gratitude is beyond words.
    I am Love,

    1. JayJay!

      We are all with you and please don´t make an excuse for that. Just want to say that my heart is by your side all the time.

      Thanks for the music 🙂

      Love and respect,


    2. Jayjay my dear brother of light and love…

      As B said, no excuses needed…no one would even dream for a moment that you come the pond for that purpose…we all drink of it, and we all pour living water back in, remember?

      I am glad to hear that Vive (all your family by extension) got at least a bit of relief. Last night lying in bed, I felt like Katniss in the Hunger Games. I kept saying over and over, “I volunteer. If there is any way for me to take on even the least bit of their load, please let it happen.” Maybe it helped a little, I don’t know, but the intention is very much there and very strong.

      I love ya, Mr. J
      🙂 AH

        1. J. Just wanna make sure you see the message I left for you in the comments part of #348 attached to where I asked for your e-mail.

    3. Beloved JayJay! MY gratitude is also beyond words. You being here is a gift to us all, and what you “take away” is nothing compared to what you give back. You give all that you are by sharing your life and the life of your family here, and that way, you give us all an opportunity to be a part of your journey by connecting our energies with yours. I will never forget the beautiful, golden, joyful energy hat was mirrored back from Vive and from your family when I connected with you during the last Gathering. This Pond is Love, as you say, and you are one of the reasons it is just that.
      With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

    1. Blanka, I read your article and it makes total sense to me. Thank you for the courage you are exhibiting! Bless you, and continue to do what your heart urges you to do!!!

      All my Love,
      Lady Pinkrose

  15. My mother has been bugging me for over 40 years to conform and act like I’m “supposed to”
    A couple of days ago she changed her attitude. Now she accepts me as I am. somewhat insane, but in a good way.
    I have felt a great burden removed. I’ve been working on this project and up until now, I have always been admonished for doing so. They all wanted me to join the rat race and make a lot of money.
    money has never motivated me, I don’t care about impressing people with my fancy car or whatever.
    finally mom is ok with me as I am.

    1. Oh, Otmn, that is the most exciting news I have heard in a L O N G time! SO happy for you!!!! 💋💋💋💋Pinkrose

      1. It’s good news for all of us. I may be a half-step ahead of some of you, but I know you are not far behind.
        The thing that’s makes me the happiest is I don’t have to listen to
        “Why do you waste your time raising frogs?”
        I do it for the frogs not me.

        1. Otmn, you have honestly given me HOPE today that my Mother will see me as something less then what she wants. I too have all my life had no draw to money. Perhaps one day I will stop hearing my Mom saying, “Why must you take care of so many cats and all those other animals that you do? You are so talented and could be making a lot of money!”

          Here is to HOPE!

          And I care for who I care for because my Heart knows how to Love. Not for money. But for Love. Same as you, Otmn, I do it for these cats. They came to me frozen, and starving, and dying, and abused and terrified and they came because I am a Beacon of Love and they know it. My Mother still doesn’t “get it”.

          Now I say SHE SHALL!


        2. oops…… meant to say …..see me as something OTHER THAN LESS (what she wants). Hmmmm…..that still doesn’t sound right. How about, she’ll start seeing me for Who I AM and Love me for that and nothing added! NICE!

            1. Or understand…or “see”… 🙂 But I love, approve, understand and “see” us all…even them…it’s simply that the capacity has not been there for them until they OPEN and ALLOW.

              Love to us all!


              1. Right on the button! Until one allows and opens and let’s go of a preconceived “vision” of what someone “should be”……then and only then, “sight” comes on board!

                BIG (((HUGS)))! Sister Gold!!!! Sister Pinkrose

      2. Just as I hit reply to type this, I notice 4:44 on the clock.

        A big hug and high five for you and your mom, Otmn. Maybe my dad will follow her lead. 🙂

        The times they are a changin.’

    2. Dear Otmn, I am so happy for you – and for your mother! What a wonderful gift the two of you have given to yourselves and to each other!
      Much love from me, Aisha

  16. Now the work begins. The real showing of the way, the path. Hope after this really exausting week it will be smooth waters that we come into. My little canoe is slingering and I was under water more than once. Also hope that the ones who follow through the jungle admire our m.

    1. Hi, Michilyn. My canoe was totally submerged more then once this past week, but I managed to turn it over and hang on. And as for those who will be following us…….One can only hope that they see the path we cut through for them. I know I created symbols on trees on the path I cut out so that all that do follow, will remember their sense of humor. 🙂

      1. Here in the big forests they installed emergency points for lost bikers,hikers,trekkers, from there they can be found again.
        I have an internal GPS, because hey I know the way through
        some of these cities. The young are quick, but the old know the way. If not, I am the way, hey hey. Down in the eighties one of the first system operators wear a T-shirt with “follow me” on the backside.
        Retro my style. Or the old saying” where you wanna go, I come from. 🙂
        Anyway autumn gets into gear, the mornings are a little more fresh
        One tent ready the other still to erect(?) A cowboys work is never done.

        Looking forward to sunday at a real cosy pond.
        I love you all from my deepest chakra.
        mychilin *****

        1. Michilyn, I positively adore everything you said here! Your words are always wise and delightful at the same time. :)AH

        2. Mychillin, (yeah I caught it LOL), your words are honestly so different and they bring to this Pond a unique chord all of themselves. You are “way cool” as they used to say in the 80’s. Your music I always love listening to. Always.

          As a cowboy’s work is “never done”, so too, a catwoman’s. Here is to priorities, doing your best, and what doesn’t get done, can wait for another day. Except for the tents, of course. Those must go up. 🙂

  17. What a lovely message to us all Dear Aisha and sister Susan’s confirmation as well.

    I am reminded as well to reaffirm our roles here as pillars of light and to stay the course. Just as when a large ship enters a system of locks–it is IN the lock but the water must first rise in order for the boat to float effortlessly into the next level of the lock.

    WE are in the lock that will lead us to our blessed nova earth…we see the new clear water (hugs Bevins! ;)) entering into the lock and into it is flowing but at the rate that is right and good for ALL beings…have patience with this flow and know that all is going according to plan.

    HUGE hugs to you all and blessings on this supportive and unitive space that has been created to assist us all…

    🙂 Alex

  18. Itsy bitsy spiders are we…weaving our webs out of seemingly nothing…we are miraculous! We are steadily creating our own state of grace.

    Love you Sister Rose. Thank you for seeing things the way you do. Looking through your eyes has brought clarity, life and beauty to my own vision.

    🙂 AH

    1. You are SO welcome! The meaning of Spider is CREATION! Or, WEB OF LIFE! (smile) Oh yeah! AHHHHHH 🙂

  19. Oh, Aisha, what a truly inspiring, lifting missive this is! And so needed, for those of us who take the brunt of the energenic changes, for lack of better words, are truly exhausted.

    I have confirmation that what is said here in this missive is true. No this is not channeled information, but it is from the Nature World. A spider.

    In my bathroom this morning, I saw THE most amazing feat of impossibility that I have ever seen, I think, in my life. A spider, about 2.5 feet from the ground, in mid-air, was clinging to a “string of dust” (think cobweb), with the string BEHIND her, and who was floating on the air currents. As she was, she was CLIMBING UP with NOTHING in front of her, standing only on the string of dust that still was behind her.

    I watched enthralled. Her dance was spell binding. I could not believe my eyes. I checked from all angles to see if she was perhaps standing on a string of web and climbing that, but no, there was absolutely NOTHING in front of her.

    She floated, and as she floated, she seemed to fly, using again the air currents that were coming from my register on the floor. Her goal, was the ceiling, and by God!, she made it! I was stunned.

    How did this spider do this? How did she seemigly fly on NOTHING, dancing and floating to the ceiling standing on the string of dust that was behind her? I do not know.

    BUT! Spider’s Message to me was, that we are now all going to take the “string of all we have accomplished”, stand on them as our FOUDATION, and effortlessly and with ease, fly HIGH.

    *****When one takes the time to really “see”, one is astounded at what one does “see”.******

    1. oh my goddess pinkrose! this is such a sync for me! man, youve been blowing my mind lately with your words. i was pondering heavily on spiders and their relationship to symmetry, perhaps the closest in the natural world, and how we are always striving for perfection but yet spiders repulse us and i find this to be ironic. Heaps of blessings to you!

      1. Oh, Stephanie, you gave me the goosebumps! LOL Thank you for your loving words to me! I have learned not to be afraid of spiders and when they get too big to be indoors, I carefully scoop them up in a paper towel and carry them outside. This Spider’s Dance this morning was one of the most amazing feats I have seen. I mean it. I was enthralled!

        Love to you this Golden Day, My Sister Stephanie!! Amy

  20. Hello Ponders,

    Please read my posting of yesterday. Today’s missive by Aisha confirms what I reported by some investigative work. This is always good news for me as I know we are on track if this information is confirmed from two sources. I can only report what I see from ground level. The CC’s are the control tower.

    Basically, as of Monday, we are in what we humans would call a state of “ceasefire.” Meaning – the negatives – the last remaining ones – reptilians – the resistance – realized that it is finished. They are not YET off the planet. I wish to emphasize this. The rumors that they are gone are not correct. They are here and “waiting” for instructions. They are “on hold.” I would assume the Federation is now planning how to get them packed up and on their way. So far, I have not been able to reconnect with my guides who are “up.” I will keep you updated as I know more.

    The remaining negatives have been strictly warned not to mess with humans and not to talk to them. No more attacks. This is the reason you haven’t felt the serious waves the past few days. You should feel some sense of relief. However, until they are truly ALL gone, you will continue to feel tired, on edge and down. I do not know how long this will take. As the CC’s said – it is not quite over – the pack-up but the major clean up or for lack of better word – “war” is finished. This has been two and a half years. I kid you not. I remember that it started in March after some human Lightworkers petitioned the Federation to put a stop to these negatives after a wave of harassment. We had no idea it would be such a long and difficult operation. Only the past weeks has the GFOL even admitted there WAS an operation going on!

    As I also mentioned yesterday, please put these rumors to rest that these reptilians can enter human bodies. They can’t. If you want to know the truth, the major group responsible for the damage from the late 1940’s to the 1990’s was done by the Zeta Greys. The Reptilians had more of a negative cheerleader role with mankind. More psychological warfare.

    To be honest, so far, I am still far too exhausted for me to be celebrating.
    When I see them packed off and the air is clear, THEN I will break out the champagne. But this posting was certainly a welcome breakthrough and gives us some very, very badly needed morale.

    Love, Susan

    1. Dear Susan, thank you for sharing this! As I mentioned in my comment yesterday, I felt the presence of “something” or “someone” that had a low vibration, but after this morning’s blissful round of “energetic spa treatment” it has calmed down again. I went for a walk in the forest earlier today, and the energy there was very quiet, but in a GOOD way, not eerie and strange as it has been lately.
      Much love from me, Aisha

  21. Trailblazers! Yes, let everyone follow!
    I’ve been feeling ill last night and this morning. Vive was also not well, being sick all the time. She was just now feeling better and I decided to check for a new missive, and there it was!
    Perfect timing and such confirmation.
    Love, JayJay

      1. Well, I spoke too soon. Vive has been throwing up since yesterday afternoon and hasn’t stopped all day…aaagghhhh!
        Love JayJay

        1. Aw, JayJay, poor baby! Do your best, or your wife Hellen, to keep her hydrated. You MIGHT want to consider IV hydration if this continues, JayJay. That can be done at home, with an i-pick. (IV port)……..My prayers are with Vive and the entire family! Water is the basis of ALL Life…………

          BIG (((HUGS))), Amy

        2. PS Please give your family my LOVE, Jay, even if they don’t know me. Tell them I do so LOVE them! Tears are upon my cheeks as I write these words. I Love you, JayJay.

          XXOO, Amy

        3. Thinking about you JayJay…sending your whole family peace and healing…and then spreading it out to the whole Pond with the intention that it comes back to all of us one thousand fold.

          Love, Stevie

          1. This is so welcome Stevie! Thank You!
            Vive is sleeping now. I also send her loving healing.
            My love to you.

  22. Gratitude once again to Aisha and the CC’s for this.

    Just picking up on Aisha’s comments above about those in need of support. I’ve shared it here before and will continue to share it – please do engage with gift to us all of Spheres Of Light.

    If you are open to it. This gift will help you beyond any words I can give you. I have so many testimonies to this its just a blessing beyond measure. Make it part of your daily routine and watch the changes unfold. It will help with your own insights and intuition as well.

    Here is the second video in the series of free/open source material – this one takes you through the INTENTION and leads you into an engagement with this divine gift.

    Once you’ve got this you do not need me – it is here for everyone – truly. My role is simply that of a messenger or emissary.


    Much love and blessings to ALL ❤ Philip

  23. Can someone here confirm the ‘disappearance’ (divine removal) of the last groups of ‘lost entities’ (some of which reptilian) having seriously harmful capabilities?
    I have received both intuitive confirmation and from other earth surface sources for this, but would like some more ^^
    The focal date was 22 august, but even this message from our constant companions seems to correlate.

    1. Teasy, “spirit” does not understand time as we do, for it is man himself who created time. Time is only a way to measure space in this 3rd dimension. I am confident that when these entities are gone, we ALL will feel it. As in a HUGE SIGH OF RELIEF!

      “Spirit” will never give dates. If someone claims they are speaking with “spirit”, and claims a date is given, they are speaking with ego.

      My NDE experience taught me this “no time concept”. All just IS. As IS all There is only NOW.

      But, of course, I am not telling you anything you do not know already. You whose mind amazes me. 🙂


    2. Teasy, I by no means meant to insult you in any way. Sometimes the way I speak (write) I am very blunt, and some do take it the wrong way. If I did, I apologize, for this truly was not my intention by any means.


      1. Thank you very much for your replies, Lady Pinkrose.
        Particularly the second one warms my heart 🙂

        I have followed a certain form of mindfulness ‘training’ in the last 5 years, which has enabled me to connect with the ‘no time zone’ on a regular basis.
        So, yeah, I love and am amazed that we actually both know and feel what this is like!

        If I may indulge a little further in sharing with you what I call ‘a naughty thought’:
        I am under the impression that some words that I used or the way in which I used these words, had a certain, perhaps subtle, trigger-effect on you, that may have brought up a feeling of a somewhat stark resistance.
        I am guessing this relates to something that you experienced around really setting yourself on a certain date, and perhaps experiencing an outcome that was ‘less than optimal’?

        On another note, I am still finding more and more confirmation from a wide variety of sources for indeed what transpired in the last week, about the release of a massive field of darkness so to speak.
        This, to me, is a remarkable feeling, and perhaps is the precursor to a wave of major physical changes, for the betterment of all.

        1. Why, Teasy, you have me thinking upon that which you wrote. I do believe you are on to something for I still taste this bitterness way in the back of my throat from believing in all the ascension “dates”. I was so ill during that time span, that I really did not think I was going to see the ascension, and when it did not happen, the anger, yes I am being honest, at those who were adamant that they knew positively what they were talking about and the anger, yes again, that I believed them, is alive and kicking.

          This bitterness I feel not only in my throat but in my stomach. I would most certainly say that bitterness needs to be released. That sense of betrayal “triggered” other events in my life, and thus, the chain reaction remained alive, each trigger feeding upon each other.

          I bow to you, Teasy, for assisting me to really grasp this. I have known it, but yet, have not been for some reason, willling to let this go. Perhaps I “fear” if I do let this “feeling of betrayal” go, that I again will be duped by someone else.

          My ego is rationalizing. Interesting. Now this night, as I work on an afghan that I am making, I will slip in my zone and firmly but lovingly speak to this bitterness and release it.

          Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

          And yes, I do feel the LIFT in the air! Others around me, no not yet, and still fighting (resisting) the Flow of Love. Their “time” will come. And so it is…

          With Deep Gratitude, Lady Pinkrose

          1. Dear Amy!

            I admire you and many others for the great knowledge you have about tackling life and the way you lovingly conveys your experience and it almost feels supposedly from me to make my contribution. But I do it anyway (although maybe I said it before? Anyway, it needs to be repeated;)

            When I read the post from Otmn and you and many that have never felt loved by mothers, I can imagine what this might mean, although this was not the case for me.

            “Perhaps I” fear “if I do let this” feeling of betrayal “go, That I again will be duped by someone else”

            It’s just what people answer me when I say they should forgive their abuser, “I will never in my life forgive the shit that made me so bad.” And who does it hurt? But the deeds we have been exposed to, we will not accept!!! The fear/hurt is so strong but don´t focus on the deeds.

            Forgiveness and love must be directed to their core, to the stunning, unspoiled, sad little person who’s in there, that never ever was wrong and that life lacked this unconditional love, and perhaps far back in generations unable to open up and receive that love.

            Of this I have more than one experience.

            All my love and respect to you my sister Amy,


              1. Dear Amy!

                Thank you for the discussion today. I am so glad you brought it up and I am sure it was valuable to others too.

                Love and hugs to you my star sister,


                1. Birgitta, if you view the Pele Report I posted, the way I am feeling, what I am expressing is exactly what is in the sky and what it means. I was shocked to hear this Report. Mentioned was the “mother issue”, the Decembe 2012 issue”, abandonment issue. Hurt, and pain and………just what I have deleved into.

                  I am amazed how aligned I have become lately. Truly. If that is not a “sign” I have done my homework, I don’t know what is.

                  HUGS, Amy

          2. Teasy, Amy – thank you so much for this “conversation”! You both add so much light to this space with your honesty and your insights.
            Love and gratitude from me, Aisha

  24. Aisha and CC’s thank you as ever. I always look forward to your new messages with great anticipation, as they seem to come at just the right time in my energetic cycle as well just the right time of day for me. Usually I have been up all night and the latest message comes in around 5 am my time. They always give me a boost of energy, hope and love. Interestingly, while reading this one, I felt whatever little energy I had just drain, drain drain. My initial 3D instict was to get a little (ok – a lot) upset and deflated about this. Then I considered that word, deflated. In truth, it no longer needs to represent a bad thing for me. Instead I choose to look at it as only making room for more.

    I am an empty vessel. Fill me up.

    Very many blessings and much love to all,
    Anna Helen

    1. Dear Anna Helen, have you noticed the time you posted this? 12:22 🙂
      The word “deflated” triggered something in me. This morning, I got what I can only describe as an “energetic spa treatment”, about an hour of blissful, loving energy that kept pouring through me. After a while, I was instructed to start to breathe very, very deeply, filling my lungs slowly with air until I felt like I was going to burst, and then exhaling just as slowly until I literally had to squeeze out the last air from my lungs. This kept on for a while, and as it was a bit exhausting I wondered why I had to do this. The answer I got, was that it served to “squeeze out” any remaining old and “used” energy in order to make way for the new one. Perhaps your experience was something similar?
      Much love from me, Aisha

    2. Anna, I love your statement that you are an empty vessel waiting to be filled. I intend to be the same. I intend to bless and release the wrenching anxiety that has held me in its grip for weeks and months now, willing to be filled with peace and light. I CAN go through my upcoming move with peace, joy and serenity, and my children can feel that same energy embracing them as we move into our nerw lives together. I release grief, fear and worry! Fill me up with Truth, Light and Love!


      1. Stevie, you ARE Truth, Light, and Love already! Seek that which is within you, and you find HOME. All else is an illusion of who you think you are. In order to know who you are, you must first experience who you are not. Simple. And so it is.

        PEACE, my Stevie Sister, Amy

    3. Anna Helen, you truly are already full. You just have to “see” past the shadow. That’s all. And so it is, as IS you.


  25. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you, Aisha. I have been feeling things very like what you wrote today. Both the exhaustion and the feeling of opening within the heavy dense walls we so often deem to be pushing against to create positive change. I have noticed more and more people waking up, questioning not only the lies and enslaving structures but more significantly, the social norms of superficiality. So many people have been telling me love based, spiritual, “ubuntu” type things this year.

    1. Ohnwentsya, after posting my comment here, I went to your site. I scrolled down to the recent Wes Annac post and was captured by your comment there about the beauty of the dark. It touched something so deep in me. I hope that all can come to see things this way. And strangely enough, to me it rather spoke to what I had just commented on here at the pond. That dark void is the Father/Mother/Source of burgeoning life. Thank you so much!

      Anna Helen

      1. Ohh, yes…I love the positive idea of ‘Darkness’, too, Anna Helen. I have come to think of both of the ideas…positive and negative…of darkness as simply the unknown. To me that’s the fine line of balance before we decide to make a choice…to either fear or trust…to allow force or allow. I really like that as the neutral position because the idea of the unknown is a neutral term until one applies their filter to it. Even so, because we perceive ourselves as both individual and also as One, we still are not really neutral in the expression of ourselves. So, in some ways, we are Neutral and yet inspired to unique action…even though I have felt that I have been in a time of reflection more than in a time of action…:P But, even then, I am still in action, even though the action may not be especially visible…that’s when I can feel heavy and then I remember that there is also much value in presence. Ha, guess I’m just doin’ a little online self-therapy! Until the next time…♥!

        1. Wow! Janis, incredible insights here! BEautiful! All IS neutral……it is what WE make it to BE and then that is according to our perspective……….You need to put your voice here more often. I mean it, Janis! You blew me away!!!

          Love, Amy

            1. (smile) Yes, Janis, I sure would say it is a sign. Things are most definitely looking up! (((HUGS)))

              Love, Amy

  26. Dear friends!
    I have been getting some requests for personal readings and for private contacts in other matters. I wish I could help you all, but my time and my energy is limited, so I cannot give more to this than what I am doing already. I hope you will all understand this. This Pond is blessed with so many shining, loving souls, so I ask that anyone in need of some extra input or help can bring it to this Pond, for I know you will find much support from your brothers and sisters gathered here.
    Much love from me, Aisha

    1. Thank you for this missive Aisha!
      We are trailblazers, each cutting our own trail for others to follow. While doing so, we are all connected to eachother. As we near our destination, that connecting is felt stronger and stronger, so is the connection growing within ourselves. Integrating within. The Lightstructure is building, reinforcing itself, gaining strength with each step we take, and with each soul joining us. It becomes so strong, so strong, becoming unbreakable. Divine.
      Love and Light,

    2. Thank you so much Aisha for this message. And thank you CCs for walking us thru these tumultious and uncertain times. This month has been extremely difficult for many, but much magic is afoot and we all must stay positive and have faith in our own powers.
      I just want to remind everyone here that i am available for personal support thru shamanic journeying. My site explains this process and has some other techniques like Limpia ( egg cleansing) which help with foriegn energies. www,

      My love and gratitude to you Aisha and all you intrepid souls at the pond,


    3. Sun_of_blue, from my heart to yours, thank you for these words! They echo information I have been given myself, and your confirmation is very important to me. This is a sacred space, and it will always be so, and I think that this is the reason my own issues with ”fame” and ”money” had to be resolved before I even started on this journey. I see myself as a caretaker, a guardian, and that is why I will never allow anything or anyone to invade this space and tarnish the energy that is already anchored here. This is not something that will ever come with a pricetag on it, neither will it be a place where people can come for a ”quick fix”. This is a place for self-empowerment through connecting, where each and every one that comes here do so because they understand that they are a part of a whole, not a place for those who believe in ”survival of the fittest” and setting themselves above anyone else.

      This is a place where we all come together, where each individual is just one single strand of a whole web of energetic filaments all connected together in a way that makes each and every one of us so much stronger, but not at the expense of anyone else. The waters of this Pond are deep, but they are not meant for those unwilling to truly go within themselves and discover their own personal resources, for that is what these waters are meant to replenish. They are not meant to irrigate those barren places within anyone refusing to open their eyes and their hearts to the truth. For the truth is that there are no outside forces that can ”save us”. ”This is done BY you, not FOR you”, as the CCs say, and that is what everyone here has taken to their hearts. So thank you again, dear friend, for reminding me of the importance of this space, and of the obligation we all carry when we enter these waters. We receive because we give all that we are to this process, and that is why this Pond came to be, and that is the only way it will continue to grow.

      With my eternal gratitude and love, Aisha

    4. Thank you Sun for your words – though they gave me some flashback to some kind of reality that I really don´t want to experience – not yet anyway. Despite this I appreciate your words here at the Pond.

      Much love,


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