The manuscript of survival – part 348

As you have already become aware of, the upheavals are continuing for many of you, while for others, you seem to have entered smoother waters alrady. Again, never forget to listen to your own inner voice before you do that of other’s, and never compare your journey to others lest you should think yours is not on the rails as it were. In other words, although these times are indeed intense, they will be perceived very differently for you all, and even if you will find someone that can report circumstances that resonates with what you are experiencing, there is no need to worry even if you do find yourself without equals.

For you are ALL equals, whether you face your deepest challenges either mentally or physically at the moment, or whether you find yourself sailing along in blissful waters. No one is more nor less than the others, and as we have touched upon earlier, it is indeed imperative that you do not loose the focus on your journey by looking too much over the shoulders of another. This does not mean that you must discontinue to connect, far from it, but again, do not measure your journey with another’s measuring stick. For you are all connected, but you all sing to your own tune, and even if you together make up a beautiful and mangnificent choir, your voice in this is equal to no one else’s.

So again rest assured that all is well, even when you find yourself looking at a very different perspective than others might rapport to you, and as such, what you see is your truth, just as what they see is theirs. But again, you will all end up in the same place, but your journey to get there will differ in all sorts of ways. Some will be perceived as very direct and almost hassle free, while others will feel as if constantly being entangled in a web of weeds trying their best to slow you down. Just remember, no matter how hard or how easy you think you have it at the moment, you are all making the same progress. It might not seem like that to some of you, but that is an indisputable fact. Hopefully, this will make you all see your journey in a slightly different light than if you think you are lagging behind your compatriots.

Remember dear ones, you are all in this together, and as the old saying goes, together you stand, divided you fall. No, not falling as in failing, rather falling as in falling for the temptation to make this journey even more challenging by attempting to do it as a solo journey. So again we say, remember to connect, now more than ever, and remember that you are all an important part of this huge and luminous web you have generated by weaving together you own unique individual strand of light with that of so many others. And this web will continue to sustain you all, no matter how much you think you contribute to it, or no matter how much you feel you need to get back from this weave of life-giving energy. For in this, you are also equally important, for what you bring to this weft, is like no one else do, and what you get from this net, is also unique. But together, you give and take in such a beautiful rhythm it is making this whole creation pulse with a life that is simply awe-inspiring for us to watch.

For this is indeed YOUR creation, and as such, there is no one amongst you who must think of themselves as inferior in any way in this process. For no matter how high or how low you feel yourself flying at the moment, you are all soaring high because of what you bring to this collection of luminous souls that have chosen to weave together their destinies thus. And for every day, this beautiful loom of light is spinning a net that reaches ever wider and can carry even more weight. So stay connected, and know that this will not only aid you, but it will also be able to influence the lives of so many others out there, as you continue to stretch and weave and build this net of love ever stronger and ever wider for every time you dip into this pool of light and take a deep drink, or you bring another pitcher of love to add to it. For remember, both these actions carry the same value, and the more you drink of it, the more it will be filled. So keep nurturing yourselves and others by constantly seeking to connect to these strands of love and light that surrounds you on all sides by now. That way, you will ensure that this web of light will be able to catch the fall of more and more tired souls, too despondent to make it alone, but ready to make an effort to help themselves when they see what you have managed to build already.

226 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 348

  1. wake up sleepy heads
    rise and shine
    It’s time to get to going.

    ok, I confess, I am sick of this hell hole
    I want to get this bleep over with
    I know the only way for me to succeed is when you all come along and succeed for yourselves.
    I cannot do it alone
    I need your help
    please wake up
    I’m sick of this bleep

    I’m desperate to get out of this crap.
    Maybe, I bit off more than I can chew this time.

    on the other hand I am honored to be allowed to participate.

    well put on your running shoes when you finally quit being a
    i’ve got things to do, there is no time to waste.

    1. Well, JayJay, I apparently have involved you in teaching a lesson to myself. This whole misadventure of trying to e-mail you does not seem to be working!! Since what – 2 days ago now? – every time I try to send you the thing, I am blocked somehow. Losing my connection, not getting a connection, being interrupted over and over again. So I think for me it has been practice in decision making…whether or not something I think I want to do is actually in the flow of my (and mybe the other person’s?) Highest good. So thanks for participating albeit unwittingly!! 🙂 Once again, I at least got to see your work and your lovely family and now have your e-mail address. Possibly the biggest bonus (and I jest)…I now have 14 new “friends” on facebook…4 of whom are random people named John Smith and 10 of whom are random Dutch people. Ha! I laugh so hard at myself b/c yes I actually went so far as to create a facebook page (which I could not EVEN figure out how to do & and it would not let me finish without adding all the friend requests) in my excited attempt to reach you. Of course I did send YOU the friend request on purpose. If any of your friends received a request from some anonymous weird-o named Anna Helen, please express my apologies!!!

      Love ya JayJay and thanks for playing the lesson game with me!!

  2. Then I watched the video and see the joy on the folks faces, nature is so unconditionally. Love Love Love.

    1. Dominique -this video goes stright to my heart! I grew up with cows and also saw their joy when discharged from the barn in summer. In Sweden there are also opportunities for the public to take part in those discharges. Thanks!

      Much love,


  3. Today is the 50th Anniversary of Martin Luther King’s I have a dream speech. One thing they emphasized was “to let freedom ring”
    All over America the bells are ringing today.
    If you have a bell, please ring it now. Join the thousands of people who are ringing the bells of freedom.

    1. “All man are created equal”

      I was thinking of Martin Luther King just a few days ago. I’ve been meaning to post it, but didn’t know why.
      Now I know.
      Thanks Otmn.

      “Let Freedom Reign”
      “Free at Last, free at last”


  4. Aisha, did a comment of mine get lost in spam? Or did it just disappear? No worries either way, just checking

  5. Wow, I’m so impressed with the wonderful dialogue that goes on here. What a great circle of friends!

    1. Dear Ajax, dear Tom! I am so glad you have found your way here too and added your light to this Pond! Thank you both for stepping into this circle 🙂
      Much love from me, Aisha

  6. I left a message on #347 and many replied to it. I want to thank all of those who replied. I was surprised at the extent it you all helped me.
    You have been very kind and I am grateful for the honesty and compassion.
    Blessings to you all.

  7. Dear Ponders:

    Today’s Galactic Update – brought to you by one quite exhausted field worker…..

    I did get into Dr. May’s radio talk show to check it out. I so wish I could tell you it was true, but it is not. The reptilians did not leave last week, but I do have some reassuring news.

    As I reported, on Thursday, I was told that Federation teams would be “called up.” This means that they were “pulled back” – either to allow a large cleaning operation (which turned out to be true) and/or for meetings/preparations etc.

    Thursday afternoon, Friday, Saturday and Sunday – a massive clean-up. The negatives at first had massive temper tantrums which we felt. This seemed to have worn down little by little over the weekend.

    I felt things settle down on Monday and Tuesday (yesterday.) Today, I went back to the field to see what the story is. The only thing that comes into my mind is “seeing” refugees after a war. The negatives who are still here are reptilian. Now I know that sound scary to you but they are not. They are kind of a hybrid between humanoid and lizard. Some ancients called them dragons and worshipped them. They aren’t very clever. They have extremely low vibrational levels. That is the reason you feel exhausted and heavy and possibly headachy.

    Six locations today and got the same story. They now know that the “conflict” is over. They are worn out and confused. They do not know what is to become of them. The Federation “left” them in this state (and I know from experience that this is how they do things.) They have been strictly warned NOT to have anything to do with humans…. NO talking to us (well…. except for a certain persistent Light worker…..) NO badgering us. NO temper tantrums. NO attacks. They are just to WAIT. One female reptilian said she knows something big is about to happen. She knows she is leaving. Most of the others say they are simply clueless.

    The big cleaning operation seems to be coming to an end and even the negatives admitted defeat. They lie a lot so I have to be cautious when interrogating them but I believe this to be true. This is why you all have felt a lessening in the awful waves – the dizziness, nausea and seasickness which have plagued us for weeks and weeks. What you still feel are their energy fields. We will continue to feel uptight/anxious/down and headachy until they are sent packing.

    Right now, we are in a holding pattern. Think of it like an airplane. We are now waiting for the control tower to come with further instructions. The turbulence has past but it still isn’t comfortable to circle.

    Airplanes cannot circle forever. I believe a decision or plan will have to come – dare I say the word – SOON.

    My dear brothers and sisters – once again – I must urge you to understand that what is happening has NOTHING to do with any internal baggage. Not to say that our daily lives don’t have influence – but what is happening is much like a chapter in history. It isn’t about a journey or ascension or upgrading humans. It is about clearing a major – and I mean MAJOR infestation that has been on this earth for ages. This fumigation is unbelievably painful and we have suffered – but without this – there could not be any kind of freedom. These negatives have not done the deeds but they have been behind the scenes instigating human negatives in the most dreadful way.

    Please ignore any instructions to “do” anything right now. We have to hang tight and wait. If my instincts and Blue’s are correct, we should expect shortly.

    Let’s see what this week and next will bring….

    Love, Susan

    1. Dearest Susan,

      I have been in a “holding pattern” for I have told the Energy I refuse to do any more clean up work. Again today I felt the “intrusion” and again I put my foot down, and very loudly, in a no-nonense voice, told them NO! I will not allow them or IT to come into my energy field. This lightworker, is commanding, taking control of her life, for I know I have done far and above what I came here to do. I will not be used as a garbage disposal any longer. Also, my husband has a pattern of inviting the lower frequencies into this house for me to transmute. This too, I am saying NO! to. I am NOT a sheeple, never have been, and I have just gotten to the point, I know when enough is enough.

      And what I am seeing in my gardens brings to mind what is happening in the macro-universe. I have an “infestation” of aphids on my roses this year, to the extent to which I have never seen before. They are “sucking” the life right out of them, on any new growth that appears. They appear to me to be desperate as if they KNOW they are no longer going to be in existence.

      Last year it was Japanese Beetles, a BIGGER parasite, that were in a frenzy and acted desperate. This year, hardly any were seen, and those that were seen, were under control. This year, aphids, SMALLER parasites, are out of control and in a frenzy.

      My garden “reflects” the “bigger picture. It always has.


    2. Dear Susan! Thank you for your dedication and your hard work, and thank you so much for sharing it here! I agree with the feeling of things having “settled down” over these last few days, but also with the sense that there are some “stragglers” still hanging around. These last 24 hours have been very quiet in a strange way, but I also sense the presence of something or someone trying very hard to blend in, but who stands out like a sore thumb because of their lower vibration. But I agree, this is not scary in any way, more like a nuisance and also a testament to the fact that they seem to be very confused and unsure about what to do. So let’s hang tight and wait as you say, and let us all keep shining as brightly as ever!
      Love and light from me, Aisha

      1. Susan, I too thank you for all your hard work. This “phase” is almost over. Thank God!

        Love, Amy

    3. Once again this is amazing, guys!

      Sun, only moments ago, I was in meditation and saw myself as a golden web. At first, it appeared more like a really regular grid pattern, and I thought, “No, that’s not quite right….” Then the lines of the grid became thinner and thinner, like golden strands weaving closely all together and not really any pattern that I could discern. Oh, it felt wonderful…almost euphoric.

      At the same time, I was holding the intention to “release all aspects of the illusion of separation and any false beliefs I was holding on to.” I felt this as more of a gentle and general release. Not particular threads sort of unweaving themselves like yours was. Mine was like I could just move my hand through the threads that were attaching me to old 3D hologram.

      Isn’t this incredible? I just love it! I will try thinking about it your way next time and see if that works for me, too. Oh! And my signal to go do it is an all over heat flash and/or a flash of blue/white light out of the corner of my left eye. Interesting that you also feel heat…and did you say it is in your left arm?

      Sun, I really really do thank you for sharing your journey with us.

      So much love to you,
      Anna Helen

      P.S. I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard as I did the other day when you said about Susan, “She has got a big set of balls in my book.” She does, doesn’t she…and more power to her!

      1. Just as I tapped the reply button to type this, my clock turned to 11:11…

        And what I was going to say is that I’m sure it won’t be long before you hear that laughter!!

        🙂 AH

      2. Thank you Sun and Anna for sharing your experiences – amazing!
        Sun – i really love you for the way you express yourself and for your galactic joke 🙂 I think the CCs need to start being accustomed as we almost are acquainted now – aren’t we 😉

        Much love to all entities around the Pond,


      3. Dear sun_of_blue – thank you for your words, thank you for your joke, thank you for ALL that you are and all that you share here!
        Much love from me, AIsha

    4. For Susan, yes I also listened to the whole two hour Dr May broadcast, and though it was done with love and light, it was obvious the next day that the Reptilians were still here on earth doing their work. But it is good news to hear that the galactics have rounded the dark ones up and informed them their time is up soon. Refugees of war is good. They need to be weary. We are all so weary. But still making it through one day at a time.

    5. A web of light. That is so nice. Just like how we are all connected.
      Thank you!
      Love and Light, JayJay

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