The manuscript of survival – part 348

As you have already become aware of, the upheavals are continuing for many of you, while for others, you seem to have entered smoother waters alrady. Again, never forget to listen to your own inner voice before you do that of other’s, and never compare your journey to others lest you should think yours is not on the rails as it were. In other words, although these times are indeed intense, they will be perceived very differently for you all, and even if you will find someone that can report circumstances that resonates with what you are experiencing, there is no need to worry even if you do find yourself without equals.

For you are ALL equals, whether you face your deepest challenges either mentally or physically at the moment, or whether you find yourself sailing along in blissful waters. No one is more nor less than the others, and as we have touched upon earlier, it is indeed imperative that you do not loose the focus on your journey by looking too much over the shoulders of another. This does not mean that you must discontinue to connect, far from it, but again, do not measure your journey with another’s measuring stick. For you are all connected, but you all sing to your own tune, and even if you together make up a beautiful and mangnificent choir, your voice in this is equal to no one else’s.

So again rest assured that all is well, even when you find yourself looking at a very different perspective than others might rapport to you, and as such, what you see is your truth, just as what they see is theirs. But again, you will all end up in the same place, but your journey to get there will differ in all sorts of ways. Some will be perceived as very direct and almost hassle free, while others will feel as if constantly being entangled in a web of weeds trying their best to slow you down. Just remember, no matter how hard or how easy you think you have it at the moment, you are all making the same progress. It might not seem like that to some of you, but that is an indisputable fact. Hopefully, this will make you all see your journey in a slightly different light than if you think you are lagging behind your compatriots.

Remember dear ones, you are all in this together, and as the old saying goes, together you stand, divided you fall. No, not falling as in failing, rather falling as in falling for the temptation to make this journey even more challenging by attempting to do it as a solo journey. So again we say, remember to connect, now more than ever, and remember that you are all an important part of this huge and luminous web you have generated by weaving together you own unique individual strand of light with that of so many others. And this web will continue to sustain you all, no matter how much you think you contribute to it, or no matter how much you feel you need to get back from this weave of life-giving energy. For in this, you are also equally important, for what you bring to this weft, is like no one else do, and what you get from this net, is also unique. But together, you give and take in such a beautiful rhythm it is making this whole creation pulse with a life that is simply awe-inspiring for us to watch.

For this is indeed YOUR creation, and as such, there is no one amongst you who must think of themselves as inferior in any way in this process. For no matter how high or how low you feel yourself flying at the moment, you are all soaring high because of what you bring to this collection of luminous souls that have chosen to weave together their destinies thus. And for every day, this beautiful loom of light is spinning a net that reaches ever wider and can carry even more weight. So stay connected, and know that this will not only aid you, but it will also be able to influence the lives of so many others out there, as you continue to stretch and weave and build this net of love ever stronger and ever wider for every time you dip into this pool of light and take a deep drink, or you bring another pitcher of love to add to it. For remember, both these actions carry the same value, and the more you drink of it, the more it will be filled. So keep nurturing yourselves and others by constantly seeking to connect to these strands of love and light that surrounds you on all sides by now. That way, you will ensure that this web of light will be able to catch the fall of more and more tired souls, too despondent to make it alone, but ready to make an effort to help themselves when they see what you have managed to build already.

226 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 348

  1. I thought I’d merge with the Pond, again… Can’t live without you guys.

    Yesterday I was cleaning out my gutters (house) and weeding the garden.
    Today fixing a lawnchair. All feels good. Vive started into the 2nd chemo just now. She seems to be taking it a little bit easier. Me? I feel myself sliding, but somehow I don’t slide all the way down. The Pond is always with me. I feel that, and I notice myself talking to you all the time.
    Love JayJay

    1. JayJay…can not and would not want to live without you, either!

      Something I have finally understood about these energetic waves that has helped me so much is the cycle. The wave comes in and you feel so high and light for however long (absorbtion phase), as it rolls back out you feel more low and heavy (integration phase). And usually the high is so wonderful that the low feels awful! Then it stabilizes a bit til the next wave comes. During the lows there is always that question in my mind, “What am I doing wrong? I thought I was doing so much better?” The last time I was in this place, I read something by the Divine Mother where she said, (paraphrasing here) “When you are in that frustrating space where you want to shake your fists at the heavens and shout that you just can’t take it anymore, count this as a good thing. Because what you are really saying is, “I deserve. I deserve.” And dear hearts, you do, You do.”

      And JayJay, you and I and all of us, we do deserve, dadgummit! It is our absolute divine right, our promised gift from God that we be in joy, feel great, be fulfulled, and feel loved every single moment. I for one am determined to create, intend and allow this for myself!

      So much love to you,
      🙂 AH

      P.S. Go listen to that Wake Me Up song you posted the other day. I listen to it each morning (and sometimes more often) now!

      1. Dear Anna Helen,
        To begin with the last: when I felt low this morning, I indeed played that song. I must have heard you… Thank you!
        Yes, I hit that same wall when the wave retracts. I doesn’t seem so bad now though. I even have energy to do things.
        Indeed we flow with the tides of these incoming waves.
        I feel the love here, thank you for this Anna Helen.
        My heart to yours,

        1. That’s great. So nice to be able to do stuff. Whew! As my Ripley would say, “Craptastic!” Which reminds me…I need to put bars of soap on my grocery list. 🙂

          Bye for now. Talk atcha later!

        2. Jayjay I just looked up the official video of this song. Have you seen it? Interesting additions to the one you posted. I like that in the version you put on here they never show the guy who is singing…like he is the faceless voice of the awakening people.

          1. Yes, I liked this version because of the scenery shots with the mountains.
            What I really like is that as I connected to love just now, you posted this message.
            Love, JayJay

                1. I did, Jayjay. Thank you! I will be sending it in just a bit. Sending you all embraces of love, healing and support. I can do that even better now since I found you on google and facebook yesterday. Saw some of your awesome photos and was just delighted to see pics of your family!

                  Talk to ya soon…
                  🙂 AH

          2. Amazing….particularly this afternoon I was going to be posted that video for you both, but I did not want to repeat song ….Wonderful one
            Love you both

      2. right on ive begin to notice this pattern too. i usually try to sink into my heart and let it taste the emotions rather than judging. also to control my focus and to pray. and last but definitely not least dipping into the pond always refreshes me

    2. Dear JayJay! You ARE the Pond, so it will always be with you 🙂 We’re all rolling with the punches that these waves deliver, but like you, I find the energy to do things around the house now. I’m sending an extra big hug to you, to Vive and to your family, I hope this round will be lighter on you all!
      Much love from me, Aisha

      1. Thank you Aisha, it is lighter, yes (but never easy). Oh well, just go with the flow…
        Love to you, JayJay

  2. All are equal, but everyone is unique. Walk a mile in my shoes and your feet will stink like mine. Life still feels like a canoe wild water challenge adventure.
    And still some miles to go.All is well I like the most, because all is well, you know. Already four weeks since the last gathering? Wow, time costs money.
    and it fades away this way. Syria is not Libya or Bosnia, much stronger army; they will not send troops, although it might be good in the long run. The garden got shaved today. Examples we are. Let´s shine crazy pondarians.

    1. Hey, I’m not crazy. Or am I? Could be, in a good way! Keep on trekking Michilin! Watt’s flying these days? I don’t see any spaghetti flying by…
      You shine!

    1. Dude!!!! This is so beautiful! I suggested this the other day but only typed in how to find it since I can’t post videos unless my daughter does it on her computer. I don’t think anyone looked at it then. So I am so glad you came across it also.

      Once again, those water crystal are incredible.

  3. When I think about the first person who used
    as a salutation, or
    when I think about the first one who talked about strings and weaving, or
    that guy who wrote smooch, that one time.
    well it just makes me feel like this


    1. Lovely just lovely. Oh the delicious and yet painful anticipation and longing for that connection. The one we are all feeling at times and will soon feel all the time. 🙂

    1. One more thought……..

      What are clouds made of…….


      As water has memeory clouds which streach throughout the world can communicate I would say. Maybe even promoting telepathy.

      What we beleive we create and it will be so.

      1. indeed ‘Yes’ !….when I say ‘Water’….it is within All it’s properties….clouds, ice, fog, mist…even the air contains Water. It is the ‘Life Blood’ of Mother-Earth…the circulatory movement & balance of her existence…cooling, distributing her Life blood to All her children, not just us… plants, trees, birds, fish, animals….All are her children ! & you are correct that most of this movement is via clouds, the bringers of rain !….but they also are the messengers to carry & distribute ‘H30’ to heal her circumference completely !…..Thanks & I Appreciate your comment my friend !…..Bev~

        1. I finally realized what you had written.
          Are you saying that when I slow down and stop a cloud from moving it’s impossible?
          When I disappear a cloud I don’t really know where the water molecules end up…just not in cloud formation.

          Hope were on the same page.

          Loving the pond.

      1. “As water has memeory clouds which streach throughout the world can communicate I would say. Maybe even promoting telepathy.” Sure. Telepathy.. meditation.. Clouds are among the best visible and living fractals.

          1. When I slow down a cloud and put my intent to see it, before it disappears, all clouds moving in the same direction slow down too. They have some communication or insight into what is happening ahead of then.
            The more I observe them the more they tell me their story.

    2. Thank you for this Otmn. I have heard that when applying the sho-ku-rei sign to tapwater, the water will taste like it came from a spring.
      Love and Light,

    1. “””Exactly””” ! I have seen All his work, including how Water reacts to vibrational tones & sounds & how we can affect the Water within plants too, “ALL” so fascinating & intriguing….I really resonate with All his research !….Thanks for adding this my friend !….so much more within the mystery * magical * power of ‘Water’ that most are completely unaware of & I firmly believe it will be the key in ‘All’ future healing of Life & of Mother-Earth ! but accordingly, as I am told, ‘We’ must do the work as ‘Co-Creators’! Mother-Earth & All her magnificent Life forms are ‘Creation’ ! & We must fix what We have broken…Creator has already provided & is amping up the nature elements upon Earth, but it is to begin with the Water….through our focused work on sending our soul signature Light & Love energies to ‘Water’ & to Mother-Earth, healing transformation will take place to ‘All’ Life…We are Water, All Life is Water, when We Heal Water We Heal Ourselves ! Creator is not going to do the work for us…..Blessings to You my friend……Bev~

  4. Thank You as always dear Aisha for consistently spreading such wonderful positive vibes to All of us as indeed these are trying times, & there are many out there that need & appreciate these encouraging words ! I always find it interesting when this site is now being referred to as ‘the pond’….& illuminating Light within it’s waters, because in truth it is All about the ‘Water’ ! Every form of Life consists of & depends on ‘Water’…we are ‘Water’ ! & I was told along time ago that change, transformation upon Mother-Earth, & within ourselves would begin at a molecular level, & it would be within ‘Water’ ! There are many mysteries about ‘Water’ & it’s powerful properties that I was told would soon come to the surface & would make more people aware of just how important it is, how the incoming Living Waves of Light are changing ‘Water’…thus changing ourselves…changing All Life ! When I released my sacred code as I was told to do several months ago, into the ‘Waters’ off Cuba, I was told that it was an important piece of establishing the new matrix of ‘Water’ & soon many would know it as ‘H30’…enlightened healing ‘Water’ that would be the securing foundation for healing Mother-Earth, healing All her BeLoved creatures ! & this truly made & makes my ‘Heart Sing’ !….we All have important work to do in ushering in the healing of tomorrow….All for the glory of Creation ! & there still is so much we need to fix, repair & make right again…but we All are equal, All with varying tasks to perform & complete… All are necessary to build this unified Wave of Love~Light~Energy to transform ‘Water’! We always had the power to change ‘Water’ & there are many published articles on how it’s molecular structure was changed by our projecting our thoughts, our soul intentions to it, but now we are being amplified with Creator Light to go forth & really make a vast difference…but always our choice of course, but I pray that millions of souls will choose ‘Yes’ ! I know it is within human nature to be skeptical & filled with doubt & misbelief, always wanting to see the proof in the pudding….so I’m happy to say I found this scientific compelling article on…Yes….” H30 ” ! I do hope you will take a moment & check it out….I sure was extremely happy to get this verification & confirmation that what I was told is now materializing !

    Have a Glorious Light Filled Day Everyone !………Bev~

    1. An interesting article.
      That’s the way we communicate with all forms of consciousness.
      BTW today is the day of water (6-Muluc) in the Tzolkin.

    2. Thanks for posting this. It is utterly fascinating and exciting! You mention H3O the other day (I had always wondered about that part of your name but was too shy to ask) and I have been thinking about it ever since…wondering how that would work and everything. Thank you for carrying and sharing this living water. Your words were also very touching as always. 🙂 AH

      1. Biggest ‘Thank You’ to You dear Anna Helen…I so Appreciate your comment….& don’t be shy….just ask…o.k.?….keep ‘H30’ within your heart intentions….it has & will have ‘Great’ Healing within our future ! Love & Light….Bev~

    3. Amazing gorgeous Bev ~!

      When I read your message I could hardly believe my eyes!

      You explain why I have this weekend, as I sat at my wonderful lake in the sun and sent healing to some, I felt that I could lift up the water in my hands and heal it. Sunbeams glittered in the water droplets, so beautiful and I think I was inspired by a video I’ve seen here at The Pond (unfortunately will not remember who showed it – thanks anyway!). I have never so deliberately healed that water before, wanted my wonderful lake to would be clean and heal all who took part of it. In my mind’s eye I saw how lots of people came to take part of this water and I stirred very deeply. I referred everyone to my completed lake, which was needed because there was so many people coming. Since I had “prepared” this lake for them I did not need to be afraid to not bother with self helping everyone;)

      So wonderful and amazing this is! Incredibly nice – and it becomes increasingly more….

      I really wish you too a Gloriuos Light Filled Day my dear Bev~

      Thank you very much!

      Much Love,


      P.S. I will check up that article later. D.S.

      1. Ok you teach me something please. What is D.S. ? I am thinking maybe it means thank you. I know the German for that is danke shein (spelling?) You live in Sweden, I believe…is the Swedish similar?

        xoxoxo 🙂

        1. Anna!

          Postscript (Latin, meaning “after writing”)

          Postscript followed sometimes by D. S. (ds or DS). It is a Swedish construction which stands for the same. It is used to show that the same person (same person) who signed the letter, which was also the author of PS, et. D.S. also has a constructed after Latin meaning, deinde Scriptum (Latin “written after / then”).



          1. Professor, let me make sure I understand. This ding-a-ling here had to read your reply about 4 times before it sunk in. So, I already knew about P.S. You are saying that adding a D.S. at the end of a P.S. shows that the same person wrote both the original body of the letter and the post script? Kinda like this :

            P.S. Danke for telling me this, B! D.S.

            So the reader of the letter would know for sure that someone other than the writer didn’t sneak in there and pull a fast one by adding a fake P.S.
            Is that right?

            1. Anna Helen Foster!

              You really made me LOL! :)))) Yes I see how silly it sounds, but being a professional secretary once upon a time, writing protocol, letters and especially letters about diagnosis, medical treatment and such things, it was a necessity. Once strictly learned will never leave 😉

              Who would sneak into my words today – CCs maybe ;))) And sometimes I would like them to do 😉 as I would like to be able to communicate in the wonderful ways that many of you are. I look forward not having to write or talk to be connected – though we are almost there – I feel 😉

              Yes Anna Helen! You got it perfectly right about P.S. and D.S. And I think I can leave them now ;)))))))) Thanks!



              P.S. D.S.


              1. Oh no! She used all 3 names! Now I’m in trouble. Excuse me while I go stand with my face in the corner…

                So glad I could make you laugh. 🙂

                P.S. (Ha! Very clever…perfect song!) D.S.

                1. Anyway – someone told me I was a professor, teacher or something in the medical area in earlier life as well as worked with herbs. I can´t count how many lives I have had, but I know I love harbs in this life too.

                  Anna! It was NOT a reprimand that I used all your 3 names – could never be anyway. It’s more that I do not always understand the language’s nuances. It’s also why I sometimes can not answer some comments here. But everything will be as it is meant it should be 🙂

                  Thank you for answering in the way you do. Understand now that I behaved myself as an angry schoolmarm 😉



                  1. Oh, B! Please forgive me…I knew very well when you used my three names you were laughing right along with me…I was just sort of continuing the joke. You did not sound school marmish in the least bit! If only you could have seen the delight on my face during our little exchange. This is why I too cannot wait until we have other ways of communicating! 🙂 And I was serious about the song being clever and perfect. From now on when I use D.S. I am sending our special song back to you, ok?

                    Love you, sister 🙂 Me

                    1. Oh – I really love you sister 🙂 Being in the laundry I thought about you and was so happy about our jokes :)))

                      Time to sleep now. See you!


      2. & ‘Huge’ Thank You to You sweet Birgitta !….I truly Appreciate not only your comment but your ‘Healing’ Actions… you already have started the healing transformation of your lake !…you as yet do not realize how incredibly important this is & how it will make an enormous difference, but soon you will ! Bless You ! This makes my Heart sing & Mother-Earth sing too !……Love, Bev~

    4. Dear Bev! WOW – thank you so much for sharing this! There is so much information here that starts to trigger me, so I must dig deeper into this 🙂 Water has been such an important element in my jourmey. It is so much more than “just a liquid” for me, it is simply one of the most effective ways of storing and distributing information. Every time I have been sent somewhere in nature to work with the energies, it always involves water in some shape or form. And the lake where I released the crystal this summer is of course a lake that has a very special green colour because of the glacial melting water in it 😉 So thank you dear sister, for bringing this to light and for helping to release the powers that this sacred substance contains!
      Much love from me, Aisha

      1. Thank You sooooo much for this dear Sister ! & I’m most happy to share All of this information to expedite it’s activation !! it’s what I’ve been asked to do !…..interesting about you mentioning the glacial water….did you know it naturally contains high concentrations of H30…..glorious isn’t it !!!…have a Heart-filled with LOve kinda Day !…..Bev~

        1. Dear Bev! Yes, I saw it mentioned in the article, and it added another important piece to the puzzle for me. Glacial water and glaciers have always intrigued me. The CCs have mentioned it also, they talked about all of the information being released from these ancient icefields because of the global warming, making this information accessible to us again.
          Joy and love back to you! Aisha

  5. I have barely time to breathe these days, or so it seems, but I wanted to make sure that I added my voice to the Pond. My journey is definitely plowing through weeds right now, so much change and complexity to deal with: selling our house, buying 2 new homes since my hubby and I are splitting up (we’re both happy about that), moving the kids to new community and new schools…all in less than a month.
    Thanks to everyone for sharing and I hold to the thought that the light of this Pond is supporting me even when I don’t have time to share and contribute as much as I would like.

    xxxxx Stevie

    1. Stevie,
      When I’m here on line I’m using it to tell you that everything will fall in place for you and I didn’t forget 25 September. I’ll try to send you some nice and wise words ( from wiser people than me)
      From all my heart – better future

    2. Stevie!

      I have thought on you sometimes and wonder how things are going for you and your family. I know how tough it is to break up even though I had the advantage of my children were adults when it happened.

      You know – if you can, if only for once have drunk from this pond, so you will never “get rid of” the light, as long as you have the intent to be there;) Glad to see you again :)))

      Much love to you,


    3. Dear Stevie! Your “strand of light” is already very much a part of this grid of love, so you are supporting us just as much as we are supporting you 🙂
      A big hug and lots of love from me, Aisha

  6. Maria…hello friend! I know I saw a comment from you on here and now I can’t find it! I was going to check out the info you left there that you knew Aisha would be interested in. 🙂 AH

    1. Anna, dear friend,
      try his name only – Master Peter Deunov or his spiritual name Master Beinsa Douno. He predicted what is going on now, with clarity which left me dizzy.He died 1944 in Bulgaria (country where I was born) and shame on me I don’t know him. The only excuse is that I left country young. I have computer skills “under the dog” which is very little, so I can’t give you a link or help otherwise.
      Hug from me

    2. Anna,
      I forgot: Universal Angelic View
      Master Peter Deunov (1864-1944)
      The Coming of the Golden Age
      That was where I found it

      1. Well, he sure sounds like he knew what he was talking about! And he passed on – what, almost 70 years ago…

        Thanks, Maria!

        1. That is what made me so surprised. He however expected the things to develop much earlier. We waited for this to happen almost 50 years later. So is truth that delay was for purpose – as much as possible people to wake up and join the changes.
          I continue to dig info about him and, boy, I found things…
          He studied in USA even practiced as a doctor. So you can find
          easily more about him…Take care,Anna, I will show myself soon.
          (I love this word).

  7. Hey my blessed brothers and sisters of light. I loved this message and something CLICKED in my head and why I love the movie Pitch Perfect. Music sung from the heart in unison always brings an overwelling of my heart and my eyes as I simply adore the individual tones melting into something MORE…

    At the finale of this movie the girls sing Acapella–every note, every sound is created from their body, not one musical instrument is used–the soul is singing and each individual is important to the whole–without all the personal notes the song would be less–but in this specific piece–they are also smashing up songs–blending songs that are different but contain similar beats into something more–so these girls are singing their own songs (walking their own paths) with their own heart notes (their own vibrations) and it is blending into something completely NEW and different and awesome! I hope you like it–I have watched this movie at least 15 times and the ending about 20 and it still brings tears to my eyes…walk to the beat of your own drum my friends and beat it out along with all of us because together we create total wicked rocking amazingness! Whoot whoot~

    1. Alex, another awesome movie that I just watched (twice) is “Music from the Heart”. It’s based on a true story. Meryl Streep has the leading role. It is SO good, I had to watch it twice, which I rarely do!!!

      XXOO, Amy

    2. Alex, this movie has some crazy bizness goin’ on in it, right?! The musical performances are incredible…and yes perfectly matched to the message today. Thanks for posting this.

      I have to laugh at myself. The first time I heard that “Cups” song on the radio, I thought “Wow that chick in the movie did an awesome job! She sounds exactly like this singer!” it wasn’t until about the third time that I saw the artist’s name scroll across my radio thingy that I realized why! 🙂

  8. You guys, I am actually getting grouchy because I am not here due to heavy cleaning. Oh, how I really need this place! I wanted to do a big portion of heavy cleaning today due to ^^^^^^ energy. Yeah! But, in so doing I MISS YOU, GUYS!

    Super duper much!!!!!

    1. Amy, please pop down here to Memphis and clean my place too! Hubs would really appreciate it. Ha ha! 🙂


      1. Anna Helen, Luv, this Babe is pooped! I have been going since 8:30 this morning and just now stopped. All scrubbing/cleaning is DONE! I have a rug to throw in the washer and then I go on to the fun stuff like my crafts and a gift I am making, and gabbing here. OH FOR THE JOY!!!!! I feel SO out of the loop today here. I will have to go right to the site and scroll down.

        I did read about toads. Thank you, Otmn. Plenty of places for them to hide. I will add a little toad pool for these guys. Then I will sing a toad song to attract them to my garden so they eat eat eat these aphids. 🙂

  9. ‘. . . both these actions carry the same value, and the more you drink of it, the more it will be filled.’ — What a beautiful, harmonious, resonant, uplifting, encouraging insight! I thank you on behalf of all of those on all sides of this ‘give and take’, for revealing how BOTH groups/actions help ALL to move forward. Guilt-removal, and self-esteem enhancement, is one of the primary keys to our continuing, and continuous, ascension. Much love and gratitude for this!

    1. Oh, Waveride, your words stir me. I love what you said about guilt removal and self esteem enhancement. Yes, my friend, how true!

      Love, Amy

  10. Heavens to Betsy! Where have my manners gone??? Manners, come on, get your act together and get the “head” away from aphids! Hehehehehehe Heart! GO!

    Lady Aisha, deep deep gratitude for these Wondrous Words of Life, once again. I thank you so much! As I am “whizzing” today I think upon these words, and send “electricity” and “JOY” to the Pond.

    Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! Surf’s up! 🏄 🎵 🐬 😘

    Love you for all Eternity, Pink Glow

    1. PS Otmn, do toads eat aphids? I think what I have been finding in our backyard are baby toads and I have been putting them ASAP into my rose garden. Those flowers are being over-run by aphids this year. Too bad we weren’t neighbors…….I honestly could use your frogs!


      1. toads are not picky about food; they eat most everything, they need places to hide, a flower pot upside down tilted on a rock or something is enough. you can make shelters for them as fancy as you like. Our yard is a jungle of competing invasive plants. We just let them battle it out. We are surrounded by farmers, so we don’t worry about the Invasives escaping where they are not wanted. and they take care of themselves and crowd out the weeds, and also they crowd the things we like so there is an ongoing struggle. Everyone advises not to plant invasive species, they suggest native species.
        But what about Forget-me-nots, Mullien, Columbine, Columbia Mallow Plantain, Purslane, Tiger Lilies, and others to hard to spell. They are all natives and also invasive, so there…

        hmm, you wish you had some frogs. there’s an idea, I wonder if there is a way to make money with a frog farm.

        1. Yeah…it’s interesting what some people call weeds and some people call beauty. In our little postage stamp front yard there is something popping up that has these pretty little yellow flowers. They are not dandelions-don’t know what. It drives my husband nuts. And I told him, “Dude! Just let them grow and we’ll have this gorgeous carpet of yellow!” He thinks I’m joking. Before the last time he took the mower to it, I saw two adorable little girls from down the street come pick some to make little bouquets. I say spread the love! Oh well, to each his own.

          Frog Farm may not be a bad idea…
          🙂 AH

          1. AH, thinking now about that frog farm. People (more and more) want to get away from chemicals. And from what I have seen, the insects are now going right through the insecticide. Super bugs. Not cool.

            1. Round up, Crossbow and other weed killers are to close in composition to “Agent Orange”
              They cause illness in those combat vets who have already been exposed. They have been implicated in birth defects when a pregnant women has contact with them.
              When nature is allowed to be natural, the good bugs keep in check the bad bugs. Pirate Beetles eat the bugs that at the plants. The poison kills them all.
              I have no way to keep the mosquitoes out of the frog pond without harming the frogs, and yet, there are very few to be found around here. They get eaten by the birds and frogs.
              By the way, the insects go right through the frogs too.

              1. Otmn, my next door neighbor used Round Up and I just about go through the roof. My cats are out there! And God knows what else, and it is going in Gaea! She won’t listen though. Instead of weeding she believes in killing everything with poison.

                I’ve had discussions with her but it goes in one ear and out the other. Here I am doing all I can el natural, and she is using poisons. Even when I use DE I am VERY careful that no cats are around me and that I don’t breathe it in either. I’ve actually gotten headaches after using it.

                My lawn has weeds. And that is the way it will be. I cringe when I see that truck go around that sprays the lawns for weeds. I cringe. All that crap ends up in the water source for the wild animals. I have seen so much sickness, almost as though these animals have been exposed to radiation. It’s horrible. I’ve seen coyotes die horrible deaths because of poisons.

                ACHE!!!!! Ya got me goin’. What people are still doing to this earth and those who share it. Yes, I make sure my husband is NOT outside when I see this woman spraying nor my cats for that matter. I pray for a heavy rain, and I always get my prayer answered. Then and only then will I allow my cats outside.

                LOL Insects go right through the frogs. Nice visual, Otmn. You are TOO much!!!!! Smooches!!!!!

      2. I was unable to read all the posts under your question here because it turns into a mere string of letters for my computer. But I have had great luck planting chives all around my roses, never to see an aphid again. Now black spot on the other hand…..still not sure what to do- it has rained a lot here this summer ….

    1. Well Sister Rose you have done it for me again! I checked out this link (great message) and for some reason (ha!) was led to read her story. Oh, wow. So like my own…even the images and meditation experiences. At the moment I was done, I clicked out of the page I was on and my Kindle time read 4:44. This is the THIRD time today I have seen that just by random chance (ha!). Any idea if that number has specifoc meaning?

    2. Dear Amy! Thank you for sharing this! I have been feeeling this “new” for a few days now. Difficult to put it into words, but it is very much as if something has shifted/been released.
      Much love from me, Aisha

  11. I don’t think the reminder that we are individuals with individual experiences and aims cannot be said too many times, especially when it is also a reminder that we are also the same in terms of spiritual “worth.” Some are struggling; some are not. In the end, I doubt if this matters because each of us are receiving what we need. Hugs to everyone and a sincere pray for everyone’s safety. If you are similar to me, you are just laying low at the moment and trying to gather strength for integration into the beautiful new world that will arrive when it is ready.

    Even as tired as I am, I still had the strength to express myself yesterday and if you are American, you are invited to join in this expression. I am so tired of the lies and decided rather hastily to post a petition on the WhiteHouse’s web site asking for the cessation of any military action towards to the Syrian Conflict (talk about a web of lies and deceit). In the end, this may be an empty gesture, but I think any effort to express the will of the people to the American Government is never a wasted effort. If you want to participate, the petition is posted at: ( Also, you are free to inform others since very quick action is needed to make this petition effective. Love to all.

  12. Many thanks also to all who contribute here. JayJay, I love the sitar concert video you posted above today. Namaste.

  13. Thank you from my heart for the ever-supportive spiritual guidance you offer here, Aisha. I have again shared this link with members of the private Facebook group “Platinum Age Ground Crew”, most of whom indicate that they also appreciate the words of wisdom found in these regular channellings. Namaste.

    1. Dear Tom! Thank you for adding your light to this Pond, and for being a part of this “choir of light” that is being heard by so many people in so many places 🙂
      Much love from me, Aisha

    2. Tom, just curious….does your Facebook group involve a female whose initials are JRH and her “team” with initials “G of the GR”? If you are uncomfortable replying to that, no problem. Thanks! Anna Helen

      1. OOOPS! That was supposed to be JRF not JRH. 🙂 Freudian slip – JRH are my father’s initials!

        1. Yes, Anna H Foster, its moderator is Jill Renee Feeler. No secret there. I really appreciate the spiritual work she does.

          1. Tom!! I am sooo thrilled to hear that!!!! Jill’s was the first place I was led to (in a completely random way…I was looking up something completely unrelated and completely 3D, saw her site mixed in there & thought “What in the world? …) to learn about the shift. I felt blessed beyond words to be able to go thru her whole archive and learn and grow and expand. I sort of started looking into other things for a while just to see what all was out there. Then the day before you posted this comment, I went back to her site. What do ya know…her Aug. 18 message was partially about that very thing! Even before she introduced her topic, I was slammed with wave after wave of joy and love and HOME. So to have you mention her here, the only place I come to really share, was a huge confirmation. Forgive the silly way I asked you about it. 1) you used the word private so I wasn’t sure what was going on there and 2) I was a bit afraid to ask as it was that feeling of “no way…no way…this is too good to be true… But that is how this all works, isn’t it?

            Thank you so much, Tom! And please extend my gratitude to JRF!

            🙂 Anna Helen

            1. Thrilled to read your comment, Anna Helen, which I happened only now – Oct 14 2014! – to stumble across, because this thread came up in a Google Search of my name, for heaven’s sake! I am no longer a member of Jill’s private Facebook group “PAGC”, but I do love to follow JRF’s monthly Gifted Webinars on her BeaconForLightworkers site. I’ve decided to be fearless in terms of the dubious privacy of the content on this website, and let Google index this message too in connection with everybody’s name, trusting that all is well.
              “Love and blessings” – Tom

              1. Tom Zamara !!!!! Thrilled to read YOUR comment! What an incredible coincidence (wink wink) this is. I was just thinking about you and JRF the last few days, half wondering if I should partake of that particular delicious “nourishment” offered at her site (haven’t visited in a long while) and half knowing that I have my own connection with the Golden/Platinum Ray. 🙂

                So glad to hear of your fearlessness and trust, Tom.

                This comment you have posted is also amazing in regards to the date of our original interaction here in late August of last year. Some things have come up for review with me recently, and I have been wanting to find some information regarding that – lo and behold! It is right HERE in this very section of sharings….

                Eternal love, infinite blessings, and deepest gratitude!

                🙂 AH

  14. I will never have enough words to thank Aisha everything you do for us. And to all of you, my family, you express all my feelings, emotions …
    Thank you all, and I mean everyone …. your every word resonates in my heart …. you are a genius …. and I will not mention anybody because I’d forget someone super important, probably ….
    It’s amazing how our paths being so different are full of similarities and experiences almost identical ….
    Much support to all who are experiencing this turmoil that often can not be expressed in words …. I’m with you … Feel my energy and my hand grabbing when you share your pain here …. God I know how difficult it is …
    As Piper rightly said, we are all in the orchestra and sometimes simply “you do not play”, but you have to wait listening to what others in the band have to contribute … I guess that must be kept aside for other instruments resonate with their greatest potential …..
    But I am at home, even if I silent, so I feel there is no better place in the world to come, with “yours”, it calms my most “moved” days and even makes me laugh at the odd event, they don’t have the importance to affect me as it does …. All thanks to you, you open my eyes ….
    As my mamaAmy would say …. :
    Emma, one that has little new to contribute, I see you and I listen you… to those who are, who were and those who will ….
    I love you guys

    1. Dear Emma! What a beautiful song you have made with your words and with your energy! Thank you, sister, for all that you are and for all that you do 🙂 We are all equals in this as the CCs say, and that is so true. I also love Piper’s image of the orchestra, for it is such a perfect description of how we all have our different parts to play in order to make this symphony come alive. This is OUR creation, we all add our energy to it, and some also add words. But every one of us can call this place home, no matter how much we ourselves feel we contribute to this grid. For we are all giving so much by allowing ourselves to open up our hearts to this energy, and to each other.
      Much love from me, Aisha

    2. Emma your words are so moving, beautiful and wise. My gratitude to you for sharing them. 🙂 AH

    3. 💋💋💋 EMMA💋💋💋. 💞💞💞EMMA💞💞💞 😘😘😘EMMA😘😘😘. 💐💐💐EMMA💐💐💐

    4. I had to smile when you wrote “I will never have enough words…” It seems to me you had exactly the perfect amount. I think most of us have a hard time finding the words to express our gratitude for being part of the pond. Thankfully, just being here says it all. Still, I really loved what you had to say.

      1. Thank you very much Amorosidad…..
        Nice to see that I am still able to make someone smile …. therefore it has not been a day wasted…
        Much love your way

    1. This one made me imagine I was walking slowly through an ancient pristine forest. I put my hand upon each tree that I silently went by. Slowly the life around me-animals, plants, the very ground and sky-trusted me enough to show itself and joined me. Magical and mystical. Again, soooo beautiful.

      Thank you, dear JayJay

      1. Wow, I had no idea why I posted this, but I’m glad I did.
        So wonderful Anna Helen, I am in awe.
        Love, JayJay

  15. The human mind is a playground for the spirits of the different vibrations that are passing through your body 24 hours a day. These vibrations are a meeting place in the human brain. This is where they can interact with each other. They come to life in the mind of humans. Playing with these in the mind can be very confusing to many. It is like a tuning fork. It is your job to pick the spirits that you want and cast aside the ones you don’t want in the brain. They are always there. You have to block the ones you don’t want or you could say give voice to the ones you want and keep the others silent. There is a vibration for everything that is and a spirit that comes with it to interact out its life in your mind if you let it. Just try to tune your brain for the ones that are good for you and all will be ok. You can channel love or hate its up to only you to pick. Evey positive vibration has a negitive vibration that fights to rule over you. If you look at thoughts in this way it will make it a lot easier for you to pick the ones you want to keep. Good luck with this and bless all.

      1. Yes true in a way the bad and the good both have a heart.. You have to chose the one you want . Some hide the truth from the heart because of pain. Some believe in their heart it is ok to kill others. So the heart can be deceived. The world is full of broken hearts. For so many different reasons. All of life is a choice and one has to make his own choice. For his mind and heart. The heart cannot be pure when the mind is not.

  16. Dear Aisha and CC’s, such a wonderful missive. Full of clarity!
    I see us all moving towards one point. Some walking on grass, some walking through forests, etc, etc. It’s so nice to see, and so nice to hear that we are all equal parts of the puzzle. This has been a major issue in my life, so it’s nice to know I can let that part of me go. More release… I can just flow, because I am on the right track. We all are!
    I love you from my heart, JayJay

    1. Dear JayJay, I am so glad to see you in this flow, it is so beautiful to be allowed to witness your journey. As the CCs say, we all have our own special “voice”, and you are singing ever louder and clearer my friend 🙂 Thank you for BEIng here!
      Much love from me, Aisha

    2. Jayjay, please allow me to share with you a beautiful and power vision I had last night. Bear with me for it takes a bit of setting up. I think I mentioned before that my daughter Ripley was born without a thyroid gland. She has had to go thru all kinds of ick over this. She also seems to have continuously picked up every minor ailment and discomfort known to mankind. And let me tell you, she approaches the whole idea of physical illness with an unparalelled blazing fury. She gets pissed off about it nearly beyond control. “We should NOT have to deal with these things!! It is just not RIGHT!!” She screams.

      So I was thinking about this and something began to come together. I realized that Rip’s closest friends all have some sort of illness, too. These girls became friends BEFORE knowing about each other’s conditions. Like they were all superconsciously brought together. One battles leukemia, one has Cystic Fibrosis, one has bi-polar manic depression.

      I realized that these dear precious girls have all come here and “joined” to transmute disease. And of course I include Vive in this. They are all even the same age. Powerful powerful gracious souls to be so generous.

      So then later when I went into meditation, I saw this shining golden thread connecting all these children. They were sitting in chairs calm, peaceful, enjoying each other’s company as they used this golden thread to sew up the rips and tears in the tapestry of LIFE. JayJay, they were laughing and happy and carefree like they were sweet little old ladies at a quilting circle. I nearly cry again just trying to describe it.

      I fell asleep after this vision, and as I was waking up, I heard the words…”Your vision of the Golden Thread is real.”

      So much love to you and yours,
      Anna Helen

      1. Dear Anna Helen,

        This vision of yours is extremely touching!
        “as they used this golden thread to sew up the RIPS and tears in the tapestry of LIFE”. Anna Hellen, You child’s name is Rip and mine is Vive, meaning Life…..!
        Another thing is that some time ago, someone here at the Pond got through that Vive is a Golden One. She didn’y know what it meant she said. Well, now we do! These children use Golden Thread.
        Oh, I can just picture Vive chatting away with the other children.

        Vive doesn’t act like she is sick at all. She has her first day of school today, and she is as happy as can be! She is just glad that for now she stil has her hair, so that her classmates can at least see what she really looks like now.

        Thank you for sharing this with us. Thank you for being here Anna Helen!
        My hearts love to you,

        1. JayJay, Anna Helen, thank you both for this beautiful vision that you bring to life with your words! It touches me deeply, and I can only add my gratitude and my love to you and to these golden children. May they all find this happiness and carefreness you describe so well!
          Much love and light from me, Aisha

      2. That is powerful and causes me to look at my soul fam including you guys at the pond in a new way. Thank you for sharing this. Much much love to you. Blessings from my heart to yours!!!!!

  17. This is just like a symphony orchestra, all players are important and all are busy at different times. Some are all the time and some have long periods without a single note. But then when they do… boy!!


      1. The difference though is that symphony orchestra players _know_ what kind of activity profile they have and what to expect next … 🙂

        1. So true! But it seems we are all getting pretty good at going with the flow and adding our “notes” just at the right time anyway 😉 The great thing is of course that we are creating as we go along, so it is up to us what this will turn out to be in the end.
          Much love from me, Aisha

        2. I absolutely love this description Piper, thank you so much. I can see it, hear it, and feel it as such…..just beautiful.

          With love,

  18. “together you make up a beautiful and magnificent choir”

    We are making a joyful noise in glorious harmony! Per usual, Aisha and CC’s I receive your message with deep gratitude. Thank you thank you for creating this space and filling it with love overflowing.

    🙂 AH

    1. Dear sister, WE are filling this space with love, for this is such a wonderful example of a collective effort that continues to grow and evolve every day. Shine on 🙂
      Much love and gratitude from me to you, Aisha

  19. Another message that resonates Aisha and the CCs our journeys are so unique yet intertwined – wonderful – deep gratitude.

    Looking forward to the Meditation on Sunday with you all.

    I mentioned Spheres Of Light (again) here on the last message. Its been given to Humanity as part of this process in the same way Aisha’s messages have.

    I feel its helpful share that if you actively engage with it, daily, like cleaning your teeth the conscious engagement with this powerful gift will aid the process for you. You may still get issues but SOL can help transmute them.

    I’ve recently felt called to create this short (5 Min) You Tube Clip sharing the essence of how it came about and that all you need is your INTENTION. All this as I say at the time these messages began. I hope its OK to put this here Aisha.

    Its a GIFT, its FREE anyone can access it. I tell you in this video about my first experience with it and about the simple INTENTION. Enjoy, and share it freely its for all of us. Much love – Philip

    1. Philip. Hi! I’m Anna Helen. So glad you posted this video. Seeing you and hearing your voice adds another element of energy to your message. I visited your site a while back one other time when you posted it here. I must say that it is visually stunning and so well put together…really easy to see what’s available. I took the opportunity to connect with the spheres back then. So much has changed with me that I honestly can’t pin it down to any one particular reason. But I do not doubt at all that your idea here has helped.

      I love the idea that no “manual” is needed. 🙂 Got a nice chuckle over that when you spoke of it. Also, as you were speaking about the moment of your decsion, right when you snapped your fingers I felt this rush of heat and energy rising. THEN you literally described what I had just felt! Hope that makes sense.

      I appreciate all your work, though I can tell that for you it is a joy and not really work at all.

      🙂 AH

      1. Hi Anna Helen, delighted that you ‘felt’ this as well as seeing it.

        I have realised myself that seeing and hearing the experience as it unfolded is more powerful than I can express on the Website!

        How cool about when I snapped my fingers – love that you felt that connection. Everything you say makes sense.

        You are right it is a joy for me to share this with the world – a kind of sacred mission that is both an honour and blessing as well. Can’t tell you in words how grateful I am to be able to share this. Joy bubbles up inside me every time I talk about it or write about it.

        I have been called to do more of these sharing other facets and other insights that helps people to integrate this gift into their lives. I’m in the production phase but hope to have one or two more soon! So will share here. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

        My wife (Sue) once asked me on the day of a talk I was doing recently about SOL. Why is it you are doing this? She’s totally supportive by the way. I went within as she asked and out came – “Because I will burst if I don’t, it just bubbles up inside me (the joy) and I have to share it.” So yes its Joy!! 😀

        1. I love reading about the joy and bubbles coming up inside you:) This is coming more and more for me too, especially these last days when my heart overflows with joy and love for my friends here at The Pond 🙂

          Love and joy,


    2. Dear Philip! Much love to you dear brother, and thank you again for helping to bring so much light to this world 🙂
      Love and gratitude from me, Aisha

      1. Thank you Aisha. I just love it as you can tell! Thank you for letting me share it here. I know it helps. I’ve seen it transform lives – for the better!! Joyfully, Philip 😀

        1. Dear Philip! Nothing is more wonderful than to be able to do the things that make your heart sing – especially when what you do touches the hearts of so many others 🙂 Keep shining, and keep sharing your joy and your insights!
          Much love from me, Aisha

  20. Dear friends!
    Let me just add my own personal THANK YOU to each and every one of you after this beautiful reminder from The CCs. And let me also remind you all that this Sunday, September 1, we have our fifth Gathering around the Pond. As usual, it will be at 21:00 Oslo time. (You can read more about these Gatherings here). What we have created here is something we can all be very proud of, and it is so beautiful to see how this web of light continues to grow daily with every word you add, and with all the loving energy that pours in. And remember, the more we all drink of this love and light, the more this Pond will continue to grow.
    From my heart to yours, always, forever – I LOVE YOU!

    1. Each time I come to this pond so thirsty…and I always come away quenched, filled and satisfied. Looking forward to swimming with all of you at the gathering…though we don’t really have to wait til then. It is always so special. I guess though the idea behind doing it in a planned conscious way is so we can really focus on that NOW moment all together.

      Love you Aisha and everyone!
      Anna Helen

      1. Dear sister! Thank you for adding your beautiful, soaring voice to this choir! I am so grateful for what you continue to bring to this space 🙂 And yes, our “song” is even more powerful when we connect and focus our energy like we do at the Gatherings.
        Much love from me, Aisha

    2. Dear Aisha,
      I found something which will be valuable to see (as I think I know you)
      Universal Angelic View
      Master Peter Deunov (1864-1944)
      The Coming of The Golden Age

    3. Thank you Aisha and CCs! Again a lovely message going straight to my heart.

      Yes – this web has become a Pond of really higher dimensions. It is so amazing to experience people being released from heavy yokes and can finally start living. It makes my heart overflows with joy and love 🙂

      Thank you Aisha for creating this source of love, light, joy and music!

      Lots of love to you and The Pond!


      1. Dear Birgitta, thank you again for your words and for this great music! This is such a wonderful creation to be a part of, and I agree with you, being allowed to see how so many beautiful souls expand and grow in all sorts of ways is the biggest gift of all. So much love and so much light pouring out every day!
        With love and gratitude from me, Aisha

      2. Oh the purity and harmony of ABBA’s sound…

        Thank you Sister B from Sister AH. Oh hey! Check this out:

        Add Sister A(my) and you get “AHBA” pure harmony!

        How ’bout them apples? 🙂


    4. Thank you Aisha,

      Love the idea that each word brings light to us all.
      And love the song I sing, with us all in this choir.

      Love and bright light,

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