Nurturing our gardens

Dear friends!

Last night I had a powerful vision. I woke up feeling very unsettled by a dream, and so I started to visualize how I was breathing in the light, and soon I felt like this glowing lightbulb. I felt the urge to connect to the Pond, and I saw myself approaching the shore. It was night, everything was dark and quiet, but the water was nice and warm when I entered it. I suddenly saw how the light inside of me started to light up the water from underneath, so this dark, still body of water started to glow under the surface. I looked around, and on all sides I could see lights approaching. It looked like fireflies coming through the forest, but I quickly realized it was all of you approaching the Pond. One by one, you entered the water, and as each and every one of you were also glowing, the water got more and more illuminated. And soon, it was as if we were swimming in liquid light under the dark night sky. It was so beautiful, and I felt so blissful I was smiling in my bed.

Suddenly my mind started to think about my vegetable plot. I had been down there earlier in the day, doing a much needed round of weeding. I have not had the energy to do anything there for quite some time, but yesterday I felt a strong urge to literally get my fingers down into the earth and ground myself, so I spent a long time there pulling out all the weeds and cutting back everything that had shriveled up and died. The end result was a plot full of vegetable plants finally able to bask fully in the sun, without anything stealing their nutrients or blocking out the light. I started to think that maybe I needed to add some fertilizer to some of the plants, when I suddenly saw myself standing before a counter, and the man on the other side handed me a huge sack of fertilizer. But when I openend it, I saw it was full of these grains of light, and then I was walking round my garden, adding handfuls of these ”light grains” to every plant and watering them afterwards. Then I was back at the Pond again, and I saw us all standing in that shining water, and we all started to grow, like these tall, graceful trees high up into the air, and when I looked down, I saw the Pond far below us.

I realized that this was another reminder that we are so much more than that frail human body and that at times not so strong human mind. But now, when we are being battered by all of these super intense energies, it can be easy to lose our focus, and only see ourselves as these straggling human plants in this neglected garden, full of weeds of every kind that suck the nutrients from our soil and block out the light. So just like I did in my garden yesterday, I realized we must remember to keep a look out for any kind of ”weed” that comes into our life or into our minds that can stop us from attaining our full potential. For those negative thoughts have a way of creeping in and taking hold when our human body and mind is struggling so hard to keep the balance. And I also realized that the ”fertilizer” we have here at the Pond is so important. For every time we connect with this energy and with each other, we get another huge boost of light that will help us to keep stretching ever upwards and become those giants I saw in my vision. For we are made of the same stuff as the stars, as the CCs say, but if we forget that, we can let ourselves become choked by that creeping weed that wants nothing more than to steal our energy and make us so much less than what our true potential really is. So let us continue to help each other and ourselves to grow, by trying to keep our gardens as “weed free” as we can, and by adding plenty of fertilizer by continuing to connect to this nurturing energy that is gathered here. That way, we will all remember who we truly are and why we are here. Not to wither away, but to continue to grow and glow and to help others do the same.

With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha


192 thoughts on “Nurturing our gardens

  1. Aisha, These trees you photographed are Aspen trees. They are known to connect with eachother by ways of their root system. Some Aspen-communities are known to be the single largest connected organism on the planet. We are all connected as one.
    Love, JayJay

    1. I would love the trees to be aspens according to what you say about their connecting root systems, but I am quite sure they are birches – don´t you think?

      Love and joy,


      1. It doesn’t matter. It reminded me about Aspen and I just wanted to share this about these trees.
        Love, JayJay

        1. You are quite right – it doesn´t matter;) Anyway – aspens are like weeds, the more you try to take them away, the more they will grow and you can´t
          eradicate them. I know, as my brothers who are working in the woods, have told me. The parable with us lightworkers is striking 😉

          I am glad to hear that you and your wife can have some time together focusing on each other and replenish energy.

          Much love,


  2. Dear All,

    *Yes, my posts are sometimes not going through. I think someone or something is doing this purposely. To keep the information out.

    *Alex – my comforter and pond mate – I wish I could tell you that this posting from Jesus is true but it is not. It has all the signs of a typical hack. GFOL never uses dates. There is no Lady so and so. No Saint so and so. No Ashtar. This style of writing is typically from the wrong side. They do this to purposely mislead us into thinking something is going to happen or has happened and then we get depressed when it doesn’t. Ignore it. Please again refer to one of my previous posts about protecting yourself against hacked messages.

    *About negative entities trying their last card to get to us – I believe that is true. Son of Blue says they still want to play the game and he has hit it right on the head. They are like children who don’t know its time to go home. Most of them were deported during the past 2 years but there is still what we call “the resistance.” They have been strictly warned not to mess with humans but they are still trying psychological warfare. They can’t DO anything (meaning the days of abductions, breaking into our homes, animal mutilations etc are FINISHED) but they try to get us down. Telling us all kinds of nonsense. As I’ve warned before – unless you are an expert with wildlife, you don’t go out into the bush looking for animals. At this time, DO NOT channel. I do not advise even “talking” with so called angels, guides or whatever. If you meditate, I would advise the type for relaxation. Not to channel or receive information. Most people simply do not have the experience to differentiate and you can get into major LEAVE it for now. The CC’s told us to just BE this week and that is good advice. I am trying as much as possible to be a “human” this week and as grounded as possible.

    *We are in a holding pattern. As of last Thursday, our guides were “called up” – their code word for meetings or preparations or consultations. We feel less heavy waves because there is a pause in the cleaning. I do not know what they are up to. I feel that they know that things have come to a critical turn and something has to shift. Like the rest of you, I am beyond exhausted. There is not one cell in my body which has not been affected. The reason I am “hanging on” is the place in my gut which tells me that we are at the end of this. The guides are not stupid. Maybe sometimes they don’t understand human emotions but they see what’s happening on ground level. They know we are sick. They know that if something doesn’t happen, the crisis with my neighbors on both sides of the border will flame a regional conflict which they cannot allow.

    *We are protected and again – the remaining negatives have been warned not to interfere with us but they are still around and that’s why we are still feeling physically and psychologically on edge. They have low vibrations.

    *The gagging or coughing in the throat chakra is just one place you feel their energies. Some people feel it is the stomach or head or even itching. What we feel has NOTHING to do with any internal cleansing. I keep saying this because people are blaming themselves for something that has nothing to do with them. This is external.

    To sum up – we are on “hold” until the guides are back. I don’t know if they will keep one open line to Aisha or not. I hope so. You should feel less intense symptoms but nevertheless, you will continue to feel the negative vibes until they are cleared. Try to be as human as possible and “escape” to human pursuits to ground.

    Love, Susan

    1. Thanks Susan!

      I´m thinking about a couple of persons I know have told me about having something like a bad cold for weeks this summer and a man at the dance yesterday who had pain in his throat for six weeks now and the doctor said he has got a kind virus. Nothing he could do, just wait, but he gets tired quickly. Hmmm – I don´t know. How does people around us, who don´t have the benefit of getting yours, Aishas or CCs information, how could they know what´s happening now?

      Just a reflection.

      Much love and respect to you Susan!


    2. Dear Susan! I have also been feeling a bit “lighter” these last few days. The symptoms are less intense, and the more “regular” rounds of nightly downloads have started up again. These downloads are very intense, but they are usually accompanied by a sense of well-being also and that is a much welcome relief! So it feels easier to breathe, and just BE. And I agree wiht you, being “as human as possible” helps a lot now, like being out into nature, digging in the dirt, going for a swim, soaking up the sun, singing or dancing – anything that helps to lift our spirits and connects us to Earth.
      Much love from me, Aisha

  3. Amy I love your comments about “we are the change.” So simple yet so true. I am learning not to give my power away as I have so many times over the years. (Pink is a very favorite colour of mine!) I’m starting to share with friends and acquaintances about my change of plans… I’m understanding the feeling of being exposed and not necessarily understood.

    Today I booked my ticket to Costa Rica! I’m not sure why it frightened me to phone the Airline to change my Ecuador ticket but I heard my voice trembling. I’m fearless in areas many aren’t yet trembled at something so simple for another. But I did it and because I’m going as the wet season develops I only had to pay an additional $3.40. At first I thought $340 but almost wept to hear how little it is! I also got that special price on the exact day that my daughter can be in Vancouver (for a work agenda) to see me off. How precious is that!? I’m back in the flow again… not moving very fast as I still sort out my things but it feels good.

    I fly out on September 21st! and will wake up on the 22nd Fall Solstice in Edens Atenas, Costa Rica!

    1. Nanceeeeeeee! Have to say I am thrilled how well everything went with changing your ticket! And I completely related to your fear when calling to do it….I can hardly do things like that even when I know beforehand that it will only be an automated system instead of a real person! For me it hinges on the whole vulnerability issue and having to either act on or give voice to something I want or need.

      I’ll share another really powerful experience I had the other day regarding just that. I went to lie in my bed to meditate (that’s my safe place), and as I started to relax, my throat closed up and I started gagging…I mean like convulsing almost. I felt/heard mySelf “inform” me, “This is where you have always held your control. Where you have put an actual stranglehold between what your heart feels/desires and what you believe you are allowed to express. This must be released.” Of course, I immediately starting shaming myself for not having been able to overcome it on my own strength and started just trying to bust through it using sheer force. 🙂 And, yes, that made the whole thing worse. So I hear mySelf sort of almost…I don’t know…laugh kindly like it was tickled with me, and say, “No, no, child, gently gently release, not break! Allow help, ok? No one said this had to hurt…we are done with suffering.” Then the image of a big wrench came into my mind, fitting perfectly into place around the bolt I had so tightly locked onto this valve. Slowly, lovingly, it began to release.

      Now this valve started tightening WAY WAY back into childhood, so I know it is going to take more than one loosening before it’s better, but the epiphany was astounding, and putting myself in trust into the hands of mySelf was so liberating and comforting.

      So I really admire you for falling into the embrace of the higher flow, and I take heart that it is working out so well for you!

      🙂 AH

      1. Oh, Luv, you are so well on your way of recovery. Wait until that wrench is finally finished. Nothing will be able to keep those words stuffed anymore. I just came through that process and the words just are unstoppable, and said in such a way, that it is as though music is coming through, with the words. I hear so many different types of “music” but underneathe ALL of it, I hear the most important NOTE which is LOVE.

        There is this part of me that is observing all this, and I say, “This is ME??? Incredible? No FEAR? I speak now without caring if I speak Truth? Not caring about others’ reactions? Wow!”

        Amazing journey you are on. Just amazing. Amazing also what happens when we stop fighting, a natural leftover from the pains in LIFE.

        I Love you, Anna Helen. Your beauty is wondrous to behold!!!

        Love, Amy who danced WITH the Sun this day!! How glorious indeed!

        1. Wonderful! That gives me something to look forward to. In the meantime, I will try to relax and flow with the process. I so love that we have all been and are in different places and can support each other!!

          And also, I can see so clearly in looking back over my life how I created all of these situations JUST SO that I could experience them, learn from them, release them and then be free and in my sovereignty (not that I’m there yet…that’s the process, too). And I do know and can FEEL that as I am going through it, it really is…hmmm…setting a pattern in the collective grid…for others to connect with. I have understood that to be part of my main purpose and mission. I suspect there is a good bit more to my personal mission, but I don’t know what it is yet.

          Keep dancing with the glorious Sun!
          🙂 AH

      2. Dear AH!!! “Asking for something that I really wanted!!” I had closed my page and felt the urge to come back to THIS page to check if anyone had responded to my post. I’m so glad I did. It wasn’t my fear of speaking to an Airline person at all it was the struggle of actually asking for something I wanted. Simple but such a clear revelation for me. I can’t thank you enough. I must share though that when I had to phone again last night as my email confirmation hadn’t arrived I blew that automated ‘voice’ away. I wanted a live agent and just kept insisting with the ‘computer’ I want an agent until I confused the system and got one. So for me I practice on the automated voices speaking firmly these days. Now I understand that I use them to build my courage to interact with people that can help. My experiences this summer have drawn uplifting results. My cell phone company lady gave me an extra $60 credit just to help out my move! The airlines yesterday hunted for a low price for me to make up the loss of $350 off my Ecuador ticket. Kindness is meeting me when I look after me first. I focus on these things now and not the path that got very stressed and muddled on my way to Costa Rica. You may not find this but a big big thank you. I’m going to consciously start practicing more and more asking for things I want!

        1. Oh, Nancee, I am SO happy for you! It sure sounds like YOU are taking control of YOUR life and those around you are responding in return! Oh, doesn’t it feel great to know that you are walking in your OWN Power???? Congratulations!!!! I am really proud of you, how far you have come in just a mere short days. It takes my breath away! BIG (((HUGS)))!!!

          Love, Amy

        2. It all sounds so great to me. I am truly truly happy for you and admire you. I will take your cue and do it more myself! I know I will find that the same kind of flow. You’ve given me an excellent example!

          🙂 AH

    2. Dear Nancee, what a wonderful confirmation for you 🙂 Just keep going with that flow, dear sister, and know that it will take you to your dream destination!
      Much love from me, Aisha

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