Nurturing our gardens

Dear friends!

Last night I had a powerful vision. I woke up feeling very unsettled by a dream, and so I started to visualize how I was breathing in the light, and soon I felt like this glowing lightbulb. I felt the urge to connect to the Pond, and I saw myself approaching the shore. It was night, everything was dark and quiet, but the water was nice and warm when I entered it. I suddenly saw how the light inside of me started to light up the water from underneath, so this dark, still body of water started to glow under the surface. I looked around, and on all sides I could see lights approaching. It looked like fireflies coming through the forest, but I quickly realized it was all of you approaching the Pond. One by one, you entered the water, and as each and every one of you were also glowing, the water got more and more illuminated. And soon, it was as if we were swimming in liquid light under the dark night sky. It was so beautiful, and I felt so blissful I was smiling in my bed.

Suddenly my mind started to think about my vegetable plot. I had been down there earlier in the day, doing a much needed round of weeding. I have not had the energy to do anything there for quite some time, but yesterday I felt a strong urge to literally get my fingers down into the earth and ground myself, so I spent a long time there pulling out all the weeds and cutting back everything that had shriveled up and died. The end result was a plot full of vegetable plants finally able to bask fully in the sun, without anything stealing their nutrients or blocking out the light. I started to think that maybe I needed to add some fertilizer to some of the plants, when I suddenly saw myself standing before a counter, and the man on the other side handed me a huge sack of fertilizer. But when I openend it, I saw it was full of these grains of light, and then I was walking round my garden, adding handfuls of these ”light grains” to every plant and watering them afterwards. Then I was back at the Pond again, and I saw us all standing in that shining water, and we all started to grow, like these tall, graceful trees high up into the air, and when I looked down, I saw the Pond far below us.

I realized that this was another reminder that we are so much more than that frail human body and that at times not so strong human mind. But now, when we are being battered by all of these super intense energies, it can be easy to lose our focus, and only see ourselves as these straggling human plants in this neglected garden, full of weeds of every kind that suck the nutrients from our soil and block out the light. So just like I did in my garden yesterday, I realized we must remember to keep a look out for any kind of ”weed” that comes into our life or into our minds that can stop us from attaining our full potential. For those negative thoughts have a way of creeping in and taking hold when our human body and mind is struggling so hard to keep the balance. And I also realized that the ”fertilizer” we have here at the Pond is so important. For every time we connect with this energy and with each other, we get another huge boost of light that will help us to keep stretching ever upwards and become those giants I saw in my vision. For we are made of the same stuff as the stars, as the CCs say, but if we forget that, we can let ourselves become choked by that creeping weed that wants nothing more than to steal our energy and make us so much less than what our true potential really is. So let us continue to help each other and ourselves to grow, by trying to keep our gardens as “weed free” as we can, and by adding plenty of fertilizer by continuing to connect to this nurturing energy that is gathered here. That way, we will all remember who we truly are and why we are here. Not to wither away, but to continue to grow and glow and to help others do the same.

With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha


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  1. It is so nice to hear from all of you, pond family from earth. My garden I have not worked in for 10 weeks now. Let it grow, I say. Hard to get into the door. We are still on the road and one show after the other hits the stage. More tents , more acrobats, more amazing acts to see. Keep the head up, folks, even if the neck is dirty. xoxox Life is wonderfull. action is talking. Let go and let creator handle the details.
    Here some young style music for a little dance.
    Don´t worry – BE happy.

    go bum bum bum

    1. Michilyn that was so fun, thank you. I stopped everything and sore foot and all had a good dance time in the kitchen. I needed that!! ~Nancee

    2. Dear Michilyn, thank you for your words and for this music! They both add some wonderful sparkle to this day 🙂
      With love and gratitude from me, Aisha

    1. Nancee, my BeLoved Sister, dig deep down within you and find the “grits” that I know are there. Remember, what you admire in me, or see in me, is YOU looking at YOU. Find that “gumption” that I KNOW is there. It takes a firm “hand” especially for a woman, to live in this world.

      Hopefully, with all of us here at the Pond, and like Sisters and Brothers, all that will change. Where women are respected and looked upon as the Sacred Vessels of Femininity that they are. WE are the change. No off earth entity. WE ARE. And no one shall take our Power away from us, either, unless that is, we give it to them.

      Love, and BIG (((HUGS))), Amy who now goes back to watering listening to PINK (hehehehehehe there is that color again) Floyd

    2. Nancee, this is unbelievable: this video you posted, ‘Bow to You’ from Ananda and Jaya Lakshmi. This is the case: we never call Vive’s ailment by name. Instead we use the made-up word ‘Laksmi’for it… You posted a song with the guy singing is called Jaya Lakshmi. This is just too much, I really can hardly believe it. Also his first name is like my Gravatar name.
      Beautiful, Nancee! Thank You!
      My Love to you,

      1. JayJay, I know that this video is a powerful confirmation of what is presently in your NOW. There are no coincidences. Overwhelming, isn’t it, when The Universe speaks to us.

        And, Nancee, I bow to you, for posting this video. I Love you and honor you.

        Love, Amy

        1. Also in the song he sings “you’re the destroyer”. It so happens that we also don’t call the chemo by name. We call that…. Laksmi-destroyers!!

            1. It also tells me that we are all connected as One, that truly we help eachother through eachother.
              Thank you Nancee, thank you Amy, thank you all.
              Love to you all,

            1. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssss!
              It’s too nice!
              Thank you Universe, we’re doing the right thing! Now I know it will work and that Vive will heal, be cured, I love ALL!

    1. Dear Samantha! Welcome to this Pond! I hope you will find some comfort from the fact that you are not alone in having a hard time now.
      Much love and light from me, Aisha

      1. Dearest BeLoved Samantha and Lady Aisha,

        BIG GENTLE EMBRACES to you both! Hang on, just hang on. This too shall pass. This transition is HUGE and my going over the wall yesterday I do not wish to ever repeat. Now that I seem to be on the other side, what Karen Bishop wrote in her latest article seems to be what I am today experiencing.

        I am sending you my LOVE, wrapping you with my PINK wings tinged with Gold Sparkles, holding you close to my Heart, and I will not let go. I promise!

        With all my Love, Amy

    2. it doesnt end you just learnnhow to flow with it, like surfimg the waves dont start coming, time you just learn how to stay on the board.

      1. Very NICE! Stephanie, I was just figuring that very thing out myself! I have been fighting this energy but today I decided to direct It to flow through me and around me. (this morning) It took a few tries but I did it. I’ve been easy flowing all day…….yes, the physical symptoms are increased but when that happens, what I went through yesterday (extreme challeng day) is making its way to the surface to be released. So, I work with what IS, don’t fight, and for now, chill.

        HIGH FIVE! We really are learning, aren’t we? It makes sense IF we are the creators to BE doing something that has never before been done, do we not have every right and the POWER to command this Energy to do what we desire It to do? That is, to create and to BE all that we are by recognizng this Intelligent Energy is BEing sent here by US and All That Is to use It according to our dreams and our desires.

        Baby steps. I got as far as telling It to flow through me and around me this morning. I am taking this nice and slow and easy. I am easing into this.

        Is not this exciting???? Imagine what we can do!

        Love, Amy

        1. Thanks so much guys. You all are very inspirational. Ive just been drained. I don’t have the same passion I had in the beggining of the year. I feel like I’m falling back into old mind tendencies and its honestly a little scary. Your comments help though

          1. Your heart has been heard. Face your fear head on And make it your friend. When you do Fear is no more. And you set you free.

        2. yes its quite interesting. the heart does not judge it just tastes the flavors of all emotions and somehow transmutes them into love. ive been breathing deeplynand strenghthning my heart chakra lately. it sees everything so clearly. my heart is my new brain, it uses the bodyas an instrument of love. I cant explain it but I’m not afraid to feel pain anymore. its just emotion and the heart recycles it if you let her penetrate the emotions.

          1. Stephanie, as I have come to understand it, in many ways, E (=energy) + motion is what my reality is BEcoming each and every day. I used to be laughed at for acting upon “intuition” but no longer. Seems my intuition has proven to “skeptics” that one does not need to have “logic” in order to function.

            Love, Amy

  2. so much clarity lately its amazing….much love to the pond. I have a feeling sept. is gonna be crazy in the best way. we are Soul and we live in the heart. we need the mind to interact with 3D but we are Space travelers, expanding the Universe with Love. The Universe which is the body of Soul. Check in with the muscle that never stops pumping blood, its where we are, where we live. I found a home in myself amd it was there all along. So excited about life. Suffering is the void, fill it with love! I Love the Pond! Blessings a billion blessings to all of You!!!

    1. Thank you Stephanie!

      I feel like we are going to break all hindrance that is in our way now :))))

      Hang on – fill your heart with love and joy and dance and sing and do everything that makes your heart rejoice ❤

      Love and Joy to you and all my friends around our Pond,


  3. Wow, I see a lot of posts, can’t read even them all.
    I saw some posts about dancing, that’s what I’m going to do this evening.
    Yesterday, on my birthday I had an assignment taking pictures of the yearly dance-event that takes place here at the lake (with woods around it) where I always walk and meditate. It is a big event and the tickets were sold out. I got 2 free-tickets however from the guy (he is one of the founders) I photographed!
    So this evening/tonight I’m taking my brother-in-law and we are going DANCING!
    I love to dance, where you connect with the music and all the souls dancing around you. It feels as being ONE.
    Love to you all, love your post, Aisha and I love the powerful picture of the trees you show us here.
    Love, love, love, JayJay

    1. Dance for me too JayJay. For 20 years dancing has been a powerful part of my life and my foot just hasn’t healed enough yet (2 1/2 weeks now) to dance and I’m back in the town I dance in. Next weekend, my birthday, I will go and trust that it will be ready. How wonderful to get the tickets and have someone to take with you who will enjoy the time with you. Of course dance for Vive and your family. There is such magical power in dancing from one’s heart!

      There were so many wonderful posts ‘above’… the heart and spirit they were written in will go with you as well for I am asking them to as well. Love, Nancee

      1. I love you Nancee, and I certainly danced for you and for all of creation. I spread my love as far and wide as I could. There were mostly young souls there and they all looked very lost. I spread love amongst all of them and I pray they will all join us in the Path We have chosen. I love you much Nancee for connecting with me and I love everyone at the POND for being there for eachother. I love you for helping Amy when I could not. I just love you all. I love you.

        1. JayJay!

          I was out dancing tonight too and it was so uplifting, and all people were so nice and glad and enjoyed it all. You know – me too spread, in advance and during the dances, all light and joy I ever could. I so appreciate the short meetings I had with different, unknown people and I just love them all.

          In bed I couldn´t sleep. Had a vision of the light spreading all over the world and I cried my joy and greatfulness. So here I am sitting typing this message at 5:06 PM, noticing a police car turning around 9 times outside my window, at the end of the usually noiseless end of a road, bordering the forest.

          I don´t know what it is all about. Just know that something happened to me last night, and I think it is about the light :)))

          Love you all,


          1. Couldn’t sleep either after the dance. Went to bed at 04:00.

            Yeah! The dance was great, I danced and danced and danced! Releasing all kind of neggies! Lighting up!

            At the end I cried, standing in the middle of the crowd and music, crying, for love, and releasing all kinds of remaining stuff. It was very powerful.

            LOVE, JayJay

            1. Lovely JayJay! I’m glad you enjoyed your dance evening – I did as well. I thought it was a very nice way to spread love and light – right? I hope it will spread further like a wildfire from heart to heart all over Mother Eart 🙂

              Much love and joy to you my dancing partner 🙂


              1. Yes, it was so nice and powerful. Now I’m aching all over my body. Dancing like that at the age of 51 is very much felt today!
                Love, JayJay

    2. JayJay, my main man! Hope you really cut a rug and blew off some steam. I was there with you in spirit! I know your love and light touched all those who were there.

      I have been meaning to tell you that one of my dear co-workers ever (when I was in my early 20’s half a lifetime ago) was a young man from Holland. No, I don’t think everyone who comes from Holland knows each other! 🙂 Just like I live in Memphis and never met Elvis…although I have met Jerry Lee Lewis. AnyWAY! My friend’s last name was Nordermeer, which I always thought sounded lovely…and he was totally artsy and was into photography, too. So I can now very honestly say that anyone I have ever met from Holland is just awesome!

      Love ya! Smooch!

      1. Big smooch back dear Anna Helen!
        I like it that you have nice thoughts about Holland. Yes, I know this guy…, just kidding haha!
        Yes, I spread my Light far and wide, me and Birgitta did the same in Sweden!
        Love, JayJay

  4. Ok, little joke….

    Even 2000-some-odd years ago, the word “soon” was being bandied about. No wonder we’re so tired!

    1. “Soon is a very malleable concept to us” as the CCs say… 😉 Sometimes I “see” it like this: sooooooooooooooooooooooo……ooon”
      Love, Aisha

      1. Hi, Birgitta…wanted to tell you and Amy that when I went out to moon gaze last night, I could not find Her. Don’t know if it was cloud cover, too early or what. However, I did notice a trio of stars that formed a triangle. They were all glowing at the same intensity and twinkling in rhythm with each other. I proclaimed them named “The 3 Sisters” in our honor.

        xoxoxo to you and Sister Rose
        🙂 AH

        1. Sister AH, how cool! I saw the moon and already I missed Her fullness. Now there is a triangle of stars called the 3 Sisters. Wow!

          XXOO, She who dances with Sun and glows PINK hehehehehehehehehehe

        2. Anna Helen!

          “The 3 Sisters” twinkling in the sky – what a nice manifestation of yesterday night. It was truly a remarkable night, never experienced anything like it.

          All my love to you my dear sisters,


  5. don’t ask him why
    he don’t knowow
    13 He who can hear, let him listen to and heed what the Spirit says to the assemblies (churches).

    14 And to the angel (messenger) of the assembly (church) in Laodicea write: These are the words of the Amen, the trusty and faithful and true Witness, the Origin and Beginning and Author of God’s creation:

    15 I know your [record of] works and what you are doing; you are neither cold nor hot. Would that you were cold or hot!

    16 So, because you are lukewarm and neither cold nor hot, I will spew you out of My mouth!

    17 For you say, I am rich; I have prospered and grown wealthy, and I am in need of nothing; and you do not realize and understand that you are wretched, pitiable, poor, blind, and naked.

    18 Therefore I counsel you to purchase from Me gold refined and tested by fire, that you may be [truly] wealthy, and white clothes to clothe you and to keep the shame of your nudity from being seen, and salve to put on your eyes, that you may see.

    19 Those whom I [dearly and tenderly] love, I tell their faults and convict and convince and reprove and chasten [I discipline and instruct them]. So be enthusiastic and in earnest and burning with zeal and repent [changing your mind and attitude].

    20 Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if anyone hears and listens to and heeds My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and will eat with him, and he [will eat] with Me.

    21 He who overcomes (is victorious), I will grant him to sit beside Me on My throne, as I Myself overcame (was victorious) and sat down beside My Father on His throne.

    22 He who is able to hear, let him listen to and heed what the [Holy] Spirit says to the assemblies (churches).

      1. thanks
        I confess, even though it came through my fingers, I had nothing to do with posting something from the bible. It’s been nearly 50 years since I went to Sunday school.
        I was reading all the comments when I slipped into a dream/meditative state with the laptop on my lap. I saw many of us riding carrousel critters. We were riding around in the pond going up and down on the poles, just like a merry-go-round. There were many telepathic conversations among us.
        When I came out of it my first thought was of someone saying thanks for letting them borrow my fingers. Then I noticed I had posted something.
        I told them, no problem, anytime you need to come back.

  6. Amy, Anna Helen, Birgitta = three sisters with true colours and much in common.

    I´ll go out in thte night and look at the moon shining so bright on us.

    Love You My Sisters.

    1. You got that right, sister! I’ll go out right now and moon gaze, too. I am so grateful for you and all the pond! 🙂 AH

      xoxoxo (((Hugs))) smooch!

          1. Sun, the River of Love is already running through you. You just don’t see it yet. I do. It is most definitely there.

            Sometimes when we let go of something or someone we desire to BE in our lives, and just go on with our daily lives, that special something or someone appears in a new way, or in a way you totally did not “expect”, and then, you realize, how “easy” things are when they just “plop” into place. The tighter we hold on, the more resistance we create, the less of a chance that very essence is blocked.

            In this case, I SEE this River of Love in YOU. It has been there all eternity. It is your challenge to discover it.

            There is no BUT, for your vibration is so high and pure, I know this River exists. YOU are this River. As is ALL.

            With all my Love, Amy

          2. Sun!

            There are no hindrance for love to flow anymore – just let it flow! The Pond overflows in all directions now and I think there is going to be a overflow that never ever was seen before – you can´t escape that glorious, golden overflow any longer :)))

            Love you Sun_of_blue 🙂


          3. The response I wanted to post right on the Pond, isn’t going through, so I shall write from my email.

            The responses I received moved me deeply in a place within my heart that holds no words……just feelings. Yesterday seemed to be a tipping point, where I just fell over the other side. Now that I am on the other side, all is good. But in getting there, it was quite drastic.

            Aisha, as I was in my gardens yesterday pulling weeds with my bare hands, your words came to mind regarding Stinging Nettles, and yes, I have come across those, with bare hands, and the pain was unbearable. And here I am, once again pulling weeds with bare hands, and I had to smile. Yes, even with a chance of running across Stinging Nettles, I wanted to pull weeds with my bare hands, because I love the feel of dirt and plant on my hands. I know what Nettles look like, so I was really concentrating on what my hands came in contact with.

            And I also was thinking about what you wrote about how your plants are now getting all the Light they require without the weeds blocking the Light, and without the weeds taking their vital nutrients as well. Again I related your words to my life. On my Sugar Maple are leaves that are burning, those who were the closest to my Mother Tree and thus the most tender. The Sun’s Light is too much for them and so they have begun to dry and shrivel. There are parts of me that feel like those leaves, SHOCK, at the amount of Light that is now visible, both around and within me. And with the weeds I pulled, I made way for both Sun and Nutrients to be received. And I harvested my Lavender, so now my big rose garden looks bare. Vulnerable. Exposed. Just like me.

            This is a HUGE transition I find myself in. HUGE.

            With Sun’s words, that again took my breath away, the comment about shedding skins brought to mind the “dead” 2 foot snake that was under my bedroom window. Another “sign” that I am shedding skins, exactly as snakes do.

            Regarding what all of you see in me……….stand back a bit, contemplate, look within, and SEE you. I am the mirror. So what is me IS you. Sun, again, you give me more credit then I think is due me. I have chosen a very challenging life in order for me to ADD to what I came in with. Why? I had the knowledge, but I lacked the experience. I had to have the experience in order for me to understand compassion in order for that Wisdom and Knowledge bubble to Life within me. I have been surrounded by those who have done their utmost best to break me, and I bow to them, for they only made me turn within deeper to find ME.

            In order to be who I am today I had to discover in human form:

            Mercy. LOVE. Forgiveness. Kindness. Compassion. Respect for self. Truth.

            And I am sure I am missing many other aspects, but those come to mind as I write this. You can “bet” as soon as I hit the SEND button, I will think of more. BUT, I have learned something mightily important. I no longer struggle to think of more, to do more, IF what is in my NOW moment, is all there is. I am learning not to push but just to accept what IS just as I did in the list above. In so doing, I have learned to trust myself in knowing, that if no more is coming, that means what IS is enough.

            And so it is……..

            I LOVE all of you so much. My desire, my wish, is to start seeing the respect I deserve in this world, not just this one. And you know what? The more I focus on that very aspect, the more I surround myself by Truth, Love, and Mercy here at the Pond, the more those very things will just appear in my life. Perhaps even my biological mother will someday accept all that I am, instead of always attempting to put more to me then I am. Hmmmmmm………that could happen, you know. If it does, it does. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t.

            Why I ended up on that note, I do not know why. Maybe somebody here needed to “HEAR” those words. I am who I am, my mother is who she is. Simple.

            With deepest regards, without utmost gratitude, all my LOVE, to each and every one of you, Amy

          4. PS And yes, I did receive PROOF, in more ways then ONE. Not only from here, but from 3 other sources. I also have been seeing 4444 and many 1’s. Four means FOUNDATION and one means NEW BEGINNINGS.

          5. This is to Anna Helen. I don’t know where else to post this. For some reason my comments are getting booted when I post directly at the Pond.

            The two videos you posted for me put tears in my eyes. I am so grateful to you (again). Those two songs meant more to me then I can express in words. Thank you, my Sister of Gold. Bless you!

            Love, Amy

        1. Sun, I read your words again, as I take a break from my watering in my garden.

          Thought I would say something that would make you smile. I sun gaze, no matter what time of day. Today I did so. And my “after color” is PINK. Hehehhehehehe Even my diamond stud earrings are PINK.

          Too funny!

          Love and so much respect for who you are,
          Amy who is no longer having trouble posting directly at the Pond

          PS Even my words that I am typing NOW are PINK! LOL

    1. Anna Helen, I try again. These videos spoke volumes to me, and I am so grateful to you for posting them for me.

      Thank you from a heart that overfloweth,

      1. Amy, you are exceedingly welcome! I am only returning the love and support you’ve given me and others. I am feeling very quiet and still today…don’t have too much to say. 🙂 Been encountering a great deal of interference when trying to connect to interent, so I am just taking that a sign to myself to stay in this calm, gentle space.

        Love to you and all the pond,
        🙂 AH

  7. “…we are so much more than that frail human body and that at times not so strong human mind.”

    Another beautiful beautiful inspiring post, Aisha. Thank you so much. “Swimming in liquid light.” Oh so wondrous!!, xox

  8. Hey there, Alex. I checked out that link you posted. Thanks for that. While on that site, I came across a lovely Youtube clip that kinda goes along with the dance, sing, celebrate theme a few folks mentioned above. Google “Dance With Your Chi” It’s really beautiful.

    🙂 AH

  9. Aah, birches in the picture..

    I once got a connection to the birch collective, a few words of it in my blog for the interested…

    I really could follow the vision here, almost as if looking over Aisha’s sholder 🙂 Lovely energy…

    1. Dear Bluetexts, “the birch collective” – I love that! “Our job is to keep the light pure”, that is such a perfect description of the energy I felt from these trees. The trees in the photo grow on a small island in a river, and it was such a serene and peacful energy there under these tall, graceful trees swaying in the wind, the leaves rustling as they filtered the sun’s rays 🙂
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  10. Oh Aisha! What a beautiful vision! I feel it in every inch of my bones. What is also funny is I was diving deep into the pond last night and I found your huge crystal and I picked it up and kissed it and held it to my heart and released it back into the depths for it to continue to do its work clearing the sediments!

    I also had a bit of a strange experience yesterday as I felt a great anxiety in my center, so I went out into the area and touched on each of the great guardian trees lining the lanes of our home area and said thank you to each and every one of them for the amazing work they do to help bring down the light and love into our blessed mother sophia gaia.

    I then came home so full of peace and wonder. It was well past twilight after 8pm in the eastern united states and I came upon this channeling from Jesus Sananda about what happened yesterday.

    According to this channel and yes, we must all use discernment, but Gabrielle blew her blessed horn to bring all negative beings back into the light…Before the appointed time I had felt great anxiety–visited with my trees and after the appointed time I felt such peace. So, this is very much in alignment with the operational clearings that the CC spoke of an Susan confirmed through the GF….

    And that feels DARN good to me! Hugs all, you beautiful beings of light!

    1. Then why I question, when I went to Walmart this day, August 23, I received outright hateful glares and stares. One reason why I am on strike. I refuse to take one more step until I see PROOF positive that we have not worked in vain.

      I don’t swallow words anymore. Sorry. Now I am requesting proof. If these words were true, people would be dropping like flies. And they are not.

      Don’t mind me this day. I have seriously had enough. At least the energy that was pounding me relentlessly for weeks on end, is calm. That I am very grateful for.

      Nope. No more pies in the skies for me. I have believed in so many deceptions, that this Lightworker just refuses to do so any longer.

      And this is how I feel this day.

      I am having a beautiful day outside in my gardens, refusing to have anything more to do with the “process”. I’ve been feeling I am finished. Now I am saying it..

      And so it is. So be it.

      1. Amy, sweetheart, I understand, I do. I will not say that I need your light, b/c I often feel obligated when someone uses that word with me. But I would like you to know that I really WANT your light. And I am certain that many others feel this way. Not only here, but elsewhere in your life, and even people who aren’t aware that they have been and are being touched by you. So whatever you do, please keep shining so very brightly like the marvelous, miraculous, dearest dearest person you are!

        Love ya so much,
        Anna Helen

        1. Anna Helen, Luv, I am just such a weary star who is so fed up with people being mean or nasty or cold towards me just because of what I radiate out. I was SMILING this morning at that store and to have some look at me with real hate, I just right there said I QUIT. I don’t ask for these things to happen, and I know it is my LIGHT that is reflecting what they do not wish to see in themselves. I don’t want to do this anymore.

          I have been on this Journey all my life, some parts unknowingly. Always, I have been given relief from the transmution work I do. Not so these past weeks, or month. I have lost track. It has been relentless, nonstop, to the point I am not even able to catch my breath. The thought of someone just wrapping me in their arms, rocking me, holding me, and telling me I am so brave and so loved, makes me weep.

          I am real, my Sister, and not only my soul is weary, but so too my body. I am just not able to go on at this pace. My youth is long behind me, and what I used to be able to tolerate and spring back quickly, takes me longer. And when I don’t even get the chance to spring back but continuously pounded, then it gets serious for me. I require rest. I require opportunities that I can FLOW. I get FLOW recently in spurts and then BAM right back into transmutation.

          I am so weary, my Sister. Weary that in my own life I rarely get a thank you for the one that I have been showing love to and being a mirror to, is not believe me, not appreciative of being shown what he is not. I wish someone could just step into my life to give me a few weeks vacation time to go anywhere I dream.

          Your concern and your love have me in tears. For real. God bless you, Anna Helen, for your kindness you have shown to me this day. This rose is wilting this day. Perhaps a few good nights’ sleep and my FLOW back would do the trick and I will spring back to my upbeat self.

          I Love you. I honor you for reaching through this computer and holding me. I bow to thee, Oh Holy One, whose Brilliant Gold Light is amazing to feel. Thank you.

          Yours forever as Friend and Sister, Amy

          1. Love you, Amy, my rainbow. I see your true colors shining through. Wish I knew how to post the Cyndi Lauper version of that song. I am sending you strength and comfort and wish I could really be there to rock you. You are so deserving of that nurturing love.

            I am in the exact situation with my husband. We rarely even speak and have been in separate bedrooms for 13 yrs now. Just two people who happen to live under the same roof, with nearly opposite approaches to life. I have finally understood and accepted that he is who he is and his journey is his own. For the most part I have been able to detach and just do my own thing. But there are days, honey, there are days!!!!

            🙂 Me

        2. Sweet Birgitta, I thank you as well. I can barely remember what you said, forgive me, yet I know you too reached out to me. God bless you as well. I am crying as I write these words, for to feel your Violet Light and Anna Helen’s Golden Light swirling around me, is truly blessed to behold. Both of you are so full of Love and Light it is a marvel to behold. Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

          I Love you. I honor you. I bow to thee, my Sister, who has Greatnesss in her I see but she has yet to see. You are Radiant. Your kindnesss and yourlaugh are sweetnes to my weary heart. Bless you for being you.

          From my Heart to yours, Your Forever Friend and Sister, Amy

          1. See now, Amy, right here is a prime example of how important and real what you are doing is. You just gave me an enormous, astonishing, amazing and deeply meaningful confirmation. HOW DID YOU KNOW MY LIGHT IS GOLDEN???!!! This is something I have known from my very first connection with Self. But as far as I know, I have never spoken of that here. Do you understand the depth and breadth and height of what you just gave me? I cannot even begin to express it.

            So friend, I will be a true sister and say something to you that you probably don’t want to hear at this moment. But it is said in perfect love, ok? Here goes. Stop looking at the people you think you are not affecting. It is their choice and responsibilty, not yours. Look at those you can see you are affecting. You want confirmation and evidence? I just gave it to you. Do you not realize how much you have loved and helped every single person who reads these comments?! Take some strength from that. From me, from us. Rest dear heart…you are totally worth it. Let everyone else take care of themselves, ok?

            With unconditional love,

            1. Anna Helen, I KNOW your Light is Gold for I FEEL it. I sense it. I SEE it with my mind’s eye. I am deeply touched that I verified something for you. You are the Golden Beam of Light.

              I am a “seer”, a “knower”, a “sensor”. I FEEL energy. Simple. Why? All is energy.

              And that is why you are married to who you are. I beat you by the way. It is now 20 years I have my own bed. (((HUGS))) Truth to be told, I prefer it that way. I enjoy spreading out in any direction my heart wants, I enjoy not listening to snoring, and I enjoy snuggling down with a good book until I fall asleep, versus listening to a monotone going on and on. I am actually smiling. How about that?

              OK. About those I affect adversely. It like hubs situation, some days it really gets to me. One of those days is today.

              Mirror mirror on the wall I see me, OH I mean YOU! From Gold to Gold for all Eternity………..and then of course we both pick up other colors as well………(another smile)

              Loving you, Amy

          2. My beloved Amy!

            I woke up at about 1 AM this night by dreaming that someone needed me in the night, came terrified running to me and I was really scared even when I woke up. low for a while and thought about what happened, took my iPhone and read your message. OMG! Started up the computer to reach out to you with this message.

            What’s going on with you beloved sister? I’m desperate and I do not know how I can help you. You know I love you and I know that we have some common experiences in life and I understand all too well how difficult it can be to get the respite you need now. You need it really.

            For me it was a choice between living or dying, and I chose life on than the average person would not call it “life” as it was a few years.

            My beloved amazing sister, who also helps everyone else before herself: Let me embrace you so you can rest albeit briefly.

            Your sister of violet light.

            1. BeLoved Birgitta, the all of my journey, the all of my work, the intensity of the all that I do, came crashing down on my like a tidal wave. Every day I have been pounded by these energies yet I have chosen to still stay on top, to bear my share, to do what I must with utmost of care. This relentless transmutation every day without a break…….I broke. Just broke.

              For me to quit? Me? That is a never. I am not a quitter. And for you to “hear” me is amazing to me. We truly are connected.

              I AM OK. Now I AM. I’ve spoken quite frankly with my Team, and I have commanded, no more work until I say so. And through out this day, I have been feeling more together, more powerful, more in Flow.

              I bow to you, my BeLoved Brigitta, for answering my plea for help. You have helped me, already by caring for and loving me. I put on such a brave front for all the world to see, and just everything caught up to me…..the stress of my Lightworker “job” (which has been at a fever pitch), the stress of making the decision of putting two very ill cats down and then the aftermath of taking care of very ill others, who from stress of loosing their brothers, became ill; the stress of loosing my trees, the increased tempo of hate thrown my way, the stress of again continuing on the building of our pole barn………and it goes on.

              My egg became cracked today.

              And then, of course, the age thing. If I don’t get my proper rest which I haven’t been due to these energies, I feel it. I really feel it.

              So put it all together, got some hate looks today and I quit. First time for everything. But it looks like I am back up and running again so this is good news. No more transmutation work though until I say so. How much can one “person” take? Done for now.

              And Alex, Luv, for some reason unknown to me, there seems to be a hate/nasty virus going around this geographical place and it has become epidemic. I’ve gotten spun around so many times it leaves me stunned. That caught up to me when today happened.

              So all in all, I AM OK. Tired yes. God love you, ALL of you, who reached out to me. It’s even challenging to write this, I am just that weary.

              HUGS TO ALL. And on that note, my keypad is beginning to act up. Needs juice. Like me. As in sleep. As in plugged in.

              Smooches to you, HUGS to you, LOVE to you, and to all a good night! Amy

      2. Dear Amy, sending You my love and light and that of my goddess who has helped me many a time, may the abundance of Freyja’s love and light shine on You and benefit You in every way

        Your friend and brother Stephan

        1. I LOVE you, Stephen. In a mattter of 15 minutes, my Light is getting brighter again. See? Even Angels get discouraged. ESPECIALLY we Angels!

          Thank YOU for reaching out to me. I tend to wrap my wings around me and pull away when I am struggling. It took me a while, but today I unfurled those wings and am letting go of the exhaustion. Tonight I sleep like a baby and it is because of a Brother I have by the name of Stephen.

          BIG (((HUGS))), Amy

      3. Rosie, your energy is not in alignment with their energy. That is the reason you got glares. Let me ask you–when you depart from your space of love, do you set the intention to spread love far and wide? do you set the intention to be of service with your energy? do you know as a co-creator of your reality that you have some say in the matter?

        I absolutely never let my interaction with the world be up to the vagaries of chance. Every intersection I come to I bring down love from on high and anchor it into the firmament. Every place I enter I first spread a blanket of love…every look I get I simply return with–I send you love and light for support of your divine unfolding.

        How others react TO ME is none of my business…how I react to them is absolutely my choice. And yes, I am tired, but I haven’t taken anyone elses behavoir personally in a long long time.

        I send YOU love and light always–for your free will divine unfolding and I absolutely support you in all you do and feel. Big hugs! Alex

        1. Alex I always learn so much from your posts that motivates me within. Thank you. I reacted today to W when removing my things from the container and took a bit to calm down. Thankfully a friend was there keeping things grounded! I’ve done well over the past four months but your words encourage me to remember to spread that blanket of love before me at all times so I’m not reacting to unexpected ‘attacks.’ Thank you thank you.

          1. Dear Nancee, I send you some extra love for your powerful blanket 🙂 You are giving yourself such a gift by doing what you do right now. Much lvove from me, Aisha

        2. Yes to your questions, Alex. I know that my energy goes out before me to prepare the way in Love, but I am not seeing this happen lately. I do not allow others to disturb me, yet today I broke due to the unbelievable nonstop hate that has been coming my way. This is NOT the norm.

          Something is telling me to hunker down and stay put. And due to how I felt today out of my home, I am doing just that. If I go out, it will be on my bike and no where else. My Light protects me, always has, and I have come to depend on that. Something is off. For me not to be able to glide in and out of a store with a smile that makes others smiles……….no way. I know nothing is broken on my end. So, until I know for sure that it is OK for me to step out of my home, I stay put.

          It is time for me to start closing down gardens anyways, at least cutting back bushes and such. I have a feeling Winter is coming early this year. My cats are acting like Fall back is already here. (the clock set back 1 hour) They are asking to eat one hour early.

          Love and BIG (((HUGS))), Amy

    2. Dear Alex! Thank you again for BEing here 🙂 I do not know exactly what has happened, but at least I felt a deep shift within me the night before yesterday, and I still have this sense of “something” having been released.
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  11. Thank you so much Aisha, for your shining words and infinite inspiration. This really helped today.

    With much love,

  12. Well done and beautifully said Aisha. Thanks for the light that you are that includes us all.
    Namaste – Michelle

  13. My mom was singing this song first thing this morning as she was making coffee, prior to reading your post..which she hasn’t missed since your inception. Great synchronicity since you mentioned “we are made of the same stuff as the stars”.

    p.s. birch trees are her favourite 🙂

    Thank you, many blessings

    1. Dear Christina! Welcome to this Pond, and thank you for sharing this! That song has been popping up in my head so many times lately 🙂
      Much love from me, Aisha

    2. Wow! Thanks Chrisitna! I don’t think I had ever really listened to the words of this song after that first line. Thanks to your mom, too!

      🙂 Anna Helen

            1. Oh – that makes me laugh 🙂 Have learned so much new lately – smoochs and xoxoxo 🙂 Ready for next grade 😉

              xoxoxo :))))


    3. Thanks to both you and your Mom Christina! Such a powerful and uplifting song, it always makes me cry!


  14. Dear Aisha……thankyou for the inspiration you give to us in the Pond of Love as we connect with each other this way. You are loved. Love to us all. Jean

    1. Dear Jean, thank you so much for being apart of this circle of love and light. We make each other stronger as we shine together 🙂
      Much love from me, Aisha

  15. Thank you Aisha for your visions…..I think I’ve been there, if you saw bubbles? They were under water while screaming, I hope your light to help me get out of there, some weed keepts me trapped in there …. I desire …. go out….stop screaming …. someone listens …. and armstroke more and I am out….sureeeeee
    Although , at least I’m at home, with you, my real home …
    Love you alllllll

    1. Dear Emma, you were there with the rest of us, shining your light and sending out your bubbles over the water. You are home, dear sister, so you can keep shining your light forever. I love you! Aisha

    1. Thank you for sharing this, dear Amy! I love the mantra for this week:
      “The path to joy and happiness,
      Is laughing and dancing along,
      The more I sing, the more I see,
      That Life is but a song.”
      And of course, I loved the trees 😉
      Much love from me, Aisha

      1. …….Out in my gardens harvesting my Lavender and having some serious talks with Self as for Me volunteering me in the fist place for something that seems to be a mirage…….

        I told the energy to back off this morning…..(stronger language was used) twice and It did. I told It I will no longer be a human garbage disposal. If It wants the job finished, It can get an ass, put aside the wings and grow some legs, and finish a job that I no longer really believe in.

        How is that for being quiet? I am being a rebel today. I have gone on strike!!

        Love to you, Anna Helen. I can still say that. Nothing will stop me from loving. Amy

        1. Amy you made me smile. I might borrow your spunk if things don’t quiet down soon in my own life!! Like, “Back off and give me some healing time between bouts!!” (I might mumble a “please” at the end.

        2. “Gone on strike”, I know you are not well, but you made me smile big-time and lift my spirits. This at a time when I came here at the Pond, because I cannot even meditate anymore.
          My love to you dear Amy. May you find peace here at the Pond as I have just found (through You).
          Love, JayJay

        3. Dearest Amy,

          Mayhaps we shall call you Sophia as you are certainly an absolutely divine woman of wisdom. Wisdom KNOWS when to step back and allow the process to unfold. A wise healer KNOWS to proceed may cause harm. A very wise woman KNOWS when it is time for recharge.

          You, my dear, are so very very wise. Enjoy your days off for you certainly have earned and so deserve them. For you are so worthy!

          Forest Joy

          1. OH, Forest Joy, you just caught me tidying up here on the computer, ready to go to my Molly to give her meds to her, feed me, and then outside with my music to water my gardens.

            I do so honor you, and bow to you, for I see you in me. I am the mirror. I am very touched by your deep insight. BLESS you!

            Love and HUGS, Amy

  16. Dear sun_of_blue! Thank you! You have brought so much to this Pond, and even if you choose to take a step back as you mentioned earlier, your energy will still be here and work its magic for us all.
    Love and light from me, Aisha

  17. Dear Aisha!

    Thank you once again for this deeply moving message, and the lovely picture that is almost the same view as I have in my hammock (though pines 😉 It is really energyraising to connect to those trees.

    You are so right about the weeds. I am just about to go out and pick the SEEDS from nettles. They help to reduce stress, strengthen the adrenal glands, and they are loaded with lots of minerals and trace elements. But they are widely regarded as weeds 😉

    One thing that I have been thinking of: Can you ever postpone a channelling from the CCs if you are totally exhausted? I hope you can if you need to.

    Much energy, love and thanks once again for this message (yes – CCs too;)


    1. Dear Birgitta! Thank you so much for sharing your light and your wisdom here! I was having a not so positive encounter with the nettles yesterday, so I am very happy to become a little bit more enlightened about all the valuable aspects they actually have 🙂 Regarding your question: the CCs usually tell me in advance if I am to “take a break” from the channeling, like when I need to travel or things like that. “We are well aware of your schedule” as they say, and I know they also have a very good knowledge of my physical state, so I am never pushed if I have a problem with doing a channeling. But sometimes when I have finished a message, the energies really kick in 😉
      Much love from me, Aisha

      1. I´m glad to hear that Aisha, and I suppose the kick in you get when you finished a message is a “thanks” from the CCs 😉

        Love and joy!


    2. Dear Birgitta,
      I drink nettle-tea from the leaves, but I wonder what you do with the seeds?
      Love, JayJay

      1. Hello!

        I will use them for the first time this autumn – never tried seeds before, only leaf. I´m always interested in how to use nature for healing and

        “Nettle seeds are very useful for chronic fatigue, burnout, these seeds have also long been used to facilitate kidney function in both humans and animals with degenerative diseases”

        according to a friend that have more experience than I have.

        You can also read about it here:

        Best wishes for you and your family,


  18. Thank you Aisha for such a beautiful message.
    There is only one way and that is through Ponds like these !
    Even when my interest wanes at times I know that I am connected to Here.
    Much love from Phil.

    1. Dear Phil, so true! This Pond is one of the many places where the new world has started to become reality. Thank you so much for being a part of this circle of love and light!
      Much love from me, Aisha

  19. Your vision wzs beautiful. We are all going to be lighting up. Yesterday was a day we’ve been freed….please take the time to listen @ ….go down to breaking news amd listen to kathryn may healing session for 8/22….
    Also, everyone should also read sanandas scriptures on Dr. Mays website @…sanandas words are for all of us to read….enjoy them as much as I do..:)
    Aisha, your vision showed you we are truly going to rise and be the creators we are meant to be…we will finally begin to light up and start creating our new world….love and light,,, Namaste

    1. Hello, Denise. I checked out this link and must say that, well…I don’t know what to say! Quite beyond interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Aisha, you express yourself beautifully, thank you for your message of inspiration and for the time, energy and love you give to the pond and beyond. I read the comments and posts everyday. Although I dont post often I pray for us all at the pond and send light and love to one and all. These last four weeks or so have been the hardest yet and I know you have been struggling as have many others, but we can make it through, we were given this task of bringing light to the earth because we are to strong enough to do so. The hardest part for me is feeling that my connection to source has been broken or temporarily dissappeared, feeling like there is nothing to hold on too. But i try and maintain the faith even through the shutters. I recently lost my mobile phone and so also felth disconnected to family, friends and lightworkers. This was another test for me, all i can do and all we can do is hang on in there, we will be just fine. When i lost my phone I thought of Pinkrose and her trees, how something that is so important in our lives is being removed, it tests us and challenges us. But really as long as we have breath we have everything. By the way Pinkrose, it was so wonderful to see a photo of you, beautiful lady, and i love the way you express yourself here, you help me so much. Thank you, and thank you for your strength which helps us all.

    Well i send you all love, whilst we are still in some kind of void lets all really go out of our way to do what brings happiness. For me singing kirtan with like minded people or with Krishna consciousness folk, or dancing in my room to powerful and strong ballads, which invoke my in strength and courage. To spend time with my happy and grounded earth friends, or to attend the Sivananda centre (there are many around the world). Lets all reach out, most of all God wants to us be joyfull, to sing and dance and be light. Often during this process, i have to remind myself that i am not the victim here, what is happening is for all others in the hope that we all awaken. When i take the ‘I’ away, the process somehow flows a bit better.

    ‘Think of yourself as a cork floating in an ocean of consciousness, bathed in love and light and grace-filled. Let yourself go into this release and feel the peace and the bliss that accompanies the letting go. Let yourself be lifted and carried and let yourself melt and be like a clear stream of the purest water. Ask not where your journey takes you, but just become the flow and it will all unfold perfectly, for your and for all. Go with the flow!’
    We are infintie consciousness in the vast totality of all that is –
    Operation Terra.

    I wish you all a wonderful day, may today be smooth for you all so we can breath, have some clarity and smile with a sigh of relief. With love and light to all the beautiful souls here x

    1. Hello, Sue! I am so glad you shared. “Most of all God wants us to sing and dance…” I really love what you said here. Thank you for that and your good wishes. I return them to you 10 fold.

      🙂 Anna Helen

    2. Dear Sue, this is so beautiful! “Whilst we are still in some kind of void lets all really go out of our way to do what brings happiness.” So true – thank you for sharing this!
      Much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

    3. Just beautiful Sue, thank you for your wise and inspiring words! Is this Sue from Brighton by chance?


  21. Aisha’s words brought up another meditation experience I just had yesterday. I have recently starting seeing/feeling myself wrapped in rainbow colors of light. Normally, these are very pastel in color, similar to the photo at the top of this page. Yesterday evening while in this rainbow cocoon, the colors suddenly pulsed and blazed forth into really rich and bright versions of themselves.

    And also, I want you all to know that I have always been very hesitant to try to decribe something like that b/c I have never felt understood. I am starting to see that, here with you guys, you pretty much understand before I even start !!!

    Love and hugs to everyone,
    🙂 AH

  22. 🙂 Oh, Aisha! For someone who warned us she might not be so visible the mext few days, you just made quite an impact! I seem to be running out of superlatives to describe what you and the pond bring to me. This is a deep and moving message and visual you have expressed. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Love from one of your winking, glowing fireflies,
    Anna Helen

    1. Dear Anna Helen, dear friends! I must admit I have been feeling very much like a wilted flower lately, but last night’s dip into the Pond energy helped me so much. It game me such a boost, and most of all, it reminded me of WHO we really are. My body is still feeling the impact from these energies, but now my mind has stopped “shrinking” and started to expand again. It is so true what the CCs keep saying, the only thing that can stop us now, are ourselves. If we fade away, it is because we allow it to happen. I know it will continue to be challenging to keep going, but I also know we DO have what it takes to do so. And when we stand together, we are much more likely to make it all the way. So let us all continue to shine our light 🙂
      Much love from me, Aisha

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