The manuscript of survival – part 341

You have come a long way dear ones, but as yet, many of you fail to see any results from all of this hard work. Or rather, you will perceive the results as more than a little heavy to bear, as much of what you have experienced so far will be felt as intense rounds of physical discomfort. Be that as it may, we are happy to report that you will start to see a more postive outcome from all of this very soon. Yes, that dreaded word again, but please bear with us, as we are indeed about to bring you some much awaited good news. We think you will all heave a small sigh of relief, tinged with not a little scepticism, as the word ”soon” has been flaunted many a time from this same source. But we do assure you all that this time, we refer to soon in your context of the word, and not in ours which will be perceived as a slightly more malleable concept than yours. And what are this good news, we hear you ask. Well, as we have told you earlier, a sighting of a so-called unidentified flying object on the White House lawn or anything similar is perhaps not what you should expect, nor anything else that resmembles a scene from one of those ”alien movies” you all seem to be so fond of. Rather, it will be a more subtle feeling of wellbeing and vigour, a feeling of breathing much freer and of being able to DO things, not just exist in a sort of vacuum that so many of you are feeling like at the moment. In other words, expect this feeling of being squeezed and pummeled in all sorts of ways to start to fade away, and a new state of feeling much freer to start to surface. And when we use the word ”freer”, we do mean that in every connotation of the word, as so much of what used to be of hindrance not only to you, but to all of humaniyy, is in the process of being removed once and for all.

For there have been so many forces who have inhibited the development of mankind, and much of this can be described to outside forces that have managed to inveigle themselves onto this planet and cast a spell of fear and greed that has resulted in a massive mismanagement of all of your resources, both what you have all been born with, but also what you see around you in your surroundings. We will not go any deeper into this, let us simply say that this is a subject many of you have a far-reaching experience of already, and as such, it will come as a relief when you will all start to feel that all of this old garbage to use a very blunt description will be carried out your door once and for all. As always, we do not give any details on all that is going on behind the scenes as it were, we will just tell you that all is indeed going according to plan, and you will be well protected throughout.

For remember, as these old and grasping fingers are being pried loose from the chokehold they have had on humanity for such a long time, they will desperately try to find purchase another place in order to prolong their stay a little bit longer. And so, a period of chaos might ensue that for some may be perceived as a little bit dramatic. Please understand that we do not say this in order to push you all into fear, only to let you know that this process may involve a little bit of fireworks here and there if we may use such a word. For the light is indeed firmly at the helm now, and there is no way these old masters of yours will be allowed to run the show ever again. But for some of them, they will not be able to resist the urge to make a final display of themselves by trying to stir up foment in some way.

Again, this is not intended to scare you, just to remind you that there are still a lot of your fellow men that are still under the influence of this old pervasive feeling of fear that has kept so many of them trapped forever it seems, and to them, a lot of what will be going down now might be perceived as omnious indeed. To them, it will be sign of something negative, but to an enlightened mind, it will be a sure sign that the negativity is finally losing its grip altogether.

So again we say make sure to stay focused on the light, and know that there is lot of interest around in trying to make you fall for the same old tune of fear and powerlessness, but let us just say that the old tune has lost its charm to a great number of people. And for every soul who has decided to step back into the light, this old tune of fear and chaos will fall on deaf ears, and they will instead hear the song of freedom starting to blast through the old and dense fog of fear. And so too will you, as the sun is indeed ready to break through the clouds once more and fill you up with the light that may have felt absent for a very long time now. Remember, no cloud, no matter how impenetrable, dark and foreboding it seems, can manage to block out the sun’s rays, and this time, the strength of these rays will make even the stubbornest of clouds dissipate once and for all.

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  1. God morning everybody around The Pond!

    You bring me so much love, joy and hope to my heart when reading your messages. Most of you are struggling so hard and so long and I know you all in those battles, though now I am at present surfing on a glorious wave.

    Could you imagine how many we are – spread all around the world, not knowing each other by faces, dealing the most personal experiences to heal each other and get healed? Could there be a better rehabilitation for Mother Earth?

    I know the day will come we all will praise The Light & Light for what we all have been going through, and I really look forward to that day.

    Here is a lovely video for you:

    Love and Respect ,


    1. Dear sister! YES, what a wonderful way to say it! We are making miracles happen,and even if we feel ready to fall a part at times, we will not. For we have already started to build this new world – TOGETHER. It is so magical to think about all the people I KNOW now, not their faces, but their souls 🙂
      Thank you 🙂
      With love and gratitude from me, AIsha

  2. Thank you so much Aisha, CC’s and this huge pond of still, sweet love. As Nayon mentioned above, many sites have closed the comments section. Gratitude to you, Aisha, for keeping yours open. I always get as much help and information from the pond as from the CC’s. Whether it be one word or a PhD thesis, everyone’s words are so very needed and appreciated! And isn’t that what this is all about…sharing oneness. 🙂

    Much love to all,
    Anna Helen

  3. I volunteer to the abductee program if there’s any plans coming up to start one. Some gigantic mothership would be cool! I prefer nordics over greys, nothing racist here, just something spooky with those guys. Thanks!

  4. Thank you as always dear Aisha for your shining dedication to this site in which so many plug into, whether as active members or not, All are contributing, growing & expanding the Love & Light that Mother-Earth so desperately needs & has waited so long for !….indeed this is a glorious moment in time as our intentions sent in Loving Strength, Healing & Compassion to her has reached a threshold in which she now is processing All of this rich & vibrant living energy into a very important, functioning weave pattern around her complete body, & if you are interested, it looks very much like the honey comb of BEEs….Bees know the vibration of Mother-Earth so very well, we have much to learn from them & should be making a greater stand in protecting them ! This living energy comb that Mother-Earth is forming from our gathered & in-coming cosmic energies, is sealing & protecting her as she prepares her final re-birth & transformation….I am told to focus on ‘fearless & painless’ as we stay firmly joined to her like umbilical cords as she proceeds ! It has begun ! Let go of All concepts of time & words like ‘soon’….we are simply caring & Loving guardians & passengers…whether it be today or tomorrow, next week or next month it does not matter…in this, time is irrelevant…& there are no back seat drivers or navigators in Mother’s Earth ship so just relax & sink deeply & comfortable into the seats of your soul….fearless * painless…. there is a song that keeps playing in my mind these days ‘Beyond the Thunderome’….’All the children say, we don’t need another hero, we don’t need to know the way home, all we want is life beyond the thunderdome’. Know Thyself, stay True ~ stay Strong to the intentions of your Heart, Children of God – Love & Compassion – that day is coming, beware of distractions…you don’t need another hero !
    Love & Light to All !…….Bev~

    1. Bev, I don’t remember if it was in dream state or as I was closing my eyes for a cat nap, that I too saw geometric structures that immediately brought to mind, a honey comb. Nice synchronicity!

      Rock and Roll. Sweet lullaby. BE. Breathe. Flow. Now. And the Process takes care of itself as we accept the Now In Every Moment.

      Hugs, Amy

  5. After lots of push ups and sit ups, I learned new skills at the tissue and then I felt full speed ahead in the dark over a nail that holds the tent. Bruises and pain. Arnika helped. Met a spiritual oriented woman today. She leeds Biodanza groups. We had a nice little talk about the ascension and the energies of mother earth. The energy is still high.I transmit it as best as I can (be). Many people here are coming and going, while we prepare a new show for the next weekend. I hope that some visible results are soon to come.
    I laugh about the last fear mongers who try to fake another storm of panic.
    May sun and wind blow their dark intentions away. May soon be soon enough.

    1. Hey, Michilyn, in stepping up about 2 feet off the ground up to a scaffold, I rammed the side of my head right into the corner of a board. Saw stars! Very close to my temple at that! Then later I rammed my leg into a dead trunk. Double OUCH! Goose egg on head, bruises and lump on leg. Hmmmm……..

      This happened yesterday.

    2. PS After this weekend……and again preferring death to yet another vicious scenario of only who knows what…… tangent with hitting my head and leg……….enough is enough. WE wake up one day and that soon is NOW.

      Tough brick walls…….and being slammed through them……..

      Don’t know about you, I’m getting amazed as to the depth of my inner strength…..perhaps this is why some of us get slammed so hard………….The strong are about to walk into Shoes of World Leaders. Now, wouldn’t that be awesome? Hmmmm………teaching how to live from a Higher Perspective and to Love all……….dream on……..

      BIG (((HUGS))), Pinkie

  6. Dear friends! My body and my brain feel like they have been run over by a bus at least twice today, so I will be “absent” for a little while until I start to function a little bit better than I do now…
    Much love to you all, hope you are having a better day today than me 😉

    1. Dear sun_of_blue! I’m glad to hear that you are back on your feet again so fast! My guess is that it is because you did the right thing, you focused on all the LIGHT in and around you, and that will help us all to find the balance again whenever “a spot of bother” as the CCs call it appears in our life.

      I did see who was driving the bus that hit me. It was the light, and the power of the impact was so strong my system just needed some time to adjust to it all. I think perhaps it was the same thing with you? Much love to you my friend, and thank you so much for sharing your journey with us all!

  7. Hi sun_of_blue,

    Possibly, “Aye aye, you will go through this.” Aye aye is generally a term used by sailors, meaning yes, more often used in the context of compliance with a command.

    The way I understood your message (if I had heard it) would be to say:

    Yes, you will go through this. Possibly there is more to it though, since the language used indicates it comes from someone with a nautical background, but also that the speaker is addressing a superior of some sort.

    Hope this helps,


  8. I took you all to the Ocean with me today. I swam in the blessedly warm and wavy Atlantic Ocean for many hours and soaked up the awesome sparkly diamond white sun rays incoming and all my energy that had seeped out of me on 8/7 returned with great vigor. As I sit here at the computer my body is still swaying with the patterns of the waves. To me, having lived a lot of my childhood summers on a sail boat, this is home, this ebb and flow. The gentle wash of wake against the hull at night drifts me off to sleep. My daughter on the other hand went to bed and felt nausea and I had to treat her homeopathically for motion sickness and then infuse her with deep purple peace energy…I havent had to sit with her to fall asleep in years–she is 17!

    The earth, our mother, sophia-Gaia is STRONG right now–her energy is ready for this change–she wants to get on with it–we want to get on with it…and so I take my bushel basket and I sit under my apple tree and I bask in the sunshine with my toes in the dewy grass and I wait patiently for the harvest time–of the ripest and sweetest harvest of all eternity here on Gaia…our time…its THRILLING…but so is sitting and watching the clouds go by—remember that my dear friends–:)

    1. Thank you Alex for your always inspiring messages and for taking me to the big Ocean today, first time for me 😉

      I have been swaying in my hammock, thinking of you and your, experiences during The Lion´s Gate. I understand that it was very tough days for you. As you seem to be very informed about what is happening these days, I take the liberty of asking you why we experienced it so very different (though most of “the family” had/have hard days too)? I had the very best days I ever had for so long I can remember; joy, feeling of really living, ligthness, greatfulness. I know CCs said that it is OK being without pains, but I reallly would like to understand a little bit more what Lion´s Gate means. I don´t think Google is educated in that field 😉

      I hope you don´t disapprove that I am asking you. You see – I am just a happy amateur in this field, who don´t have so much knowledge about what´s going on, but take the opportunity of trying to increase my knowledge.

      Of course you have a free will 😉 and I will understand and respect you for not answering at all, but I have learned that if you don´ t ask – you will get no answer.

      Love and respect,


      1. Brigitta! Of course you may ask anything, anything and i will share to the best of my ability with my dear sweet family! This is what unity consciousness is all about! what I know is heart felt and feels true to me…none of this that happens energetically is placed on the linear human timeline! Your brain needs a calendar to function properly so you can “see things happen” and ‘get things done’ when really it is all happening “now” like in a big bowl of soup a carrot is happening and an onion is happening and a piece of chicken is happening–all at the same time but your eyes SEE the chicken last so does it happen last? did it exist before you saw it? was it always there? It gets confusing but that is where we are going! This is practice!

        According to science, any energy released from the central sun would have been sent MILLIONS of years ago to meet with us in this time….because they see the universe according to time and distance and it cannot be otherwise in a linear time frame–but the universe is NOT linear–time is not in a straight fashion. When you remove time…things can occur in a blink and line up with your vibration and heart center WHEN READY.

        there are times when I have felt great when others are suffering–there have been many times when I felt things the day before (mostly lately) and then other times they happen afterwards–this is because my body responds to the energy strongly because I am open to it firstly, I know what it FEELS like to encounter it–I am used to it and I set the active intention to allow in the highest divine light, I actively receive and am grateful for the energy.

        I join in the process. I don’t know if anyone else does this, but this is my process. I am an active participant and my energy comes into alignment with the energy and thus I feel what I feel–but remember we each need something different, we are each different beings even if we are all connected to source…just like there are millions of different flowers who grow and thrive in different environments we are each like those flowers, some need more light, some can exist in less light…only our divine inner beings know how much light we need to flower into full bloom!

        Big hugs and become an active participant by setting the intention and then love yourself and know you are exactly where you should be because all unfolds divinely as it should! 🙂 Alex

        P.s. here is the best message on the lions gate that i have found recently–from our good friend Gabriel

        1. Thank you so much Alex! I am much obliged for your answer. I will read it once again tomorrow – too tired now. It is time to sleep now in Sweden.

          One more question: Do you think that The Reconnection treatment I got in April has made it easier for me to handle this process?

          Much love to you,


    2. Dear Alex! Thank you so much for these beautiful words! I feel the increasing power of Mother Earth too, and the connection with her is becoming stronger and stronger 🙂
      Much love to you, dear sister!

  9. Dear Joy,

    I am also a health care practitioner and a large amount of what I do could be called “alternative medicine.” Yes, it is true. Some once dormant diseases such as tuberculosis and polio are making a come-back. Our mother-baby clinics have been checking on all children under the age of 9 since traces of polio have been found in the sewage systems of southern towns (in Israel) close to Egypt. I do not know if this is coincidence or not.

    What I can tell you for sure is that the pain, nausea and other symptoms we have been experiencing is not from the Light. Some discomfort – what people call “ascension symptoms” – yes. This is due to the opening and stretching of chakras. But not the awful symptoms we have been subject to. Some of the negative ETs such as the Zeta – Greys (who were active on the planet from the 1940’s to 1980’s) were what we refer to as “radioactive.” This is why humans who came in contact with them had strange symptoms such as skin rash. This is why their landing sites showed radioactivity on meters. Not all of the negatives are/were radioactive. There are many species out there. The pockets of negatives who are being booted out now are not radioactive but they have low vibrational frequencies. Kind of like “dinosaurs.” Some refer to them as “reptilian.” In any case, this is going to be over shortly so we won’t have to worry ourselves with this anymore!!!!! Thank God!

    To my knowledge, most of the serious human weaponry has been neutralized or destroyed. What’s going on now is the “leftovers.”

    About parallel time lines – quantum physics is so over my head. I began to learn about this with my guides and simply gave up. They did tell me that it is not correct (as some channels said) that the earth will hologram into two. Those who choose not to “ascend” will not go anywhere. They simply will be stuck in the 3rd dimension until they wake up.

    About dates – The GFOL never give human dates. This is because their timetables are different from ours. They also know that missions can be aborted at the last minute. This has happened quite a few times in the past. Something came up and they deemed it too dangerous to proceed.
    That’s why they say “soon.” Not to string us along but to protect us. Somehow, I do think this time will be all systems go.

    About channels – Amy – you are right. Almost everything you read over the net is hacked. Although I get lectured for it, I sometimes surf just to see what’s out there. I was told over and over that the majority of channelers don’t channel false information out of bad intentions. They were taken advantage by entities who would befriend them and then take them on a wild goose chase. A prime example of this is a guy from the U.S who has a large following on his site. It started off innocently enough but soon developed into serious mind games where he was instructed to wait for spacecraft at a certain hour or provide materials to build sea walls. The channeler did not heed my warnings and came close to a break-down. These negatives would take on identities the channeler connects to so some of these messages were bogus “Jesus,” “Archangel so and so” and fictional characters like Ashtar.
    Another well know “expert” who claims we will all get “prosperity funds” was tutored by the Arcturians (a race of Nordic looking negatives.)

    The Federation has had its hands full over the years (as told to Aisha in a missive a while ago) monitoring this activity. Sometimes they succeeded and sometimes they didn’t. I have noticed a large reduction in the space spam lately. The Federation has shut down the lines periodically when they see fit – especially during operations. Please see my posting a few weeks back about guidelines for protection and for reading missives. Always trust your gut and always ask yourselves if it makes sense.

    About the “Event” – I agree with you all. We have been on alert for this for such a long time. We are so wary of disappointments. We are so skeptical. Nothing in the universe is 100%. They could once again abort the plan if they see fit. But something in my gut tells me that this time it will go according to plan. I am very optimistic, yet guarded.

    Nesting – I have this animal instinct to tidy up and prepare when I feel something is brewing. Living in Tel Aviv, this can be if I sense danger from the home front or if an operation is about to proceed in the galactic centers. This means just making everything is order and having the basic supplies in the house.

    Right now, my main priority is to see the unsavory elements leave the earth so I can actually wake up for the first time in years to a life without pain.

    About my work with the GFOL. I would say 99% of it was done very quietly, behind the scenes for the past 10 years or so. It took me so long to develop a relationship of trust. I had to relearn so much. The next step was learning medical treatments and working with Sirian and Andromedan teams. Only lately – in the past few months have I come out publically with information. I am not sure if this is because my inner coding is telling me “NOW” or because I feel such a strong sense of service to prevent suffering. I went through years of it because I didn’t know where to turn for help. I don’t have Facebook or my own blog. This is the only place where I post because I feel comfortable and safe here. Aisha has been extremely gracious in allowing me access. She has become a true colleague, sister, friend and team-mate. I am very thankful to her. All the work I do is strictly on a volunteer basis.

    Love as always,


    1. I tell you true. There is a day coming, when our brains will be able to handle the “truth” and we are shown or told the magnitude of what is happening now. We will be SO grateful to even be alive, that we really made it through these times. IF we knew now the all as to what is going on, some of us, most of us, would freak.

      I deliberately stay away from news. I must focus on the good and the positive. No I am not sticking my head in the sand. I know there is a great deal happening that none of us know, but this if for our own safely and our own sanity.

      Communications for me have begun to break through sporatically. Contained in this response of mine, is what I “heard” right after I read Susan’s message.

      Rock and roll!!!! Things are looking up! And Sun, I was punched SO hard this weekend. I do NOT know how I stand here this morning.

      Love, Amy

    2. Dear Susan,

      Thank you for sharing your knowledge and strength with us. Gifted persons such as you and others here in Aisha’s beautiful pond have kept me informed on a world wide basis. It is a relief to know we are not alone in our little corners of the world. Things have hit very hard and very heavy in this area as we are located where several Earth grid lines meet. There are times these channels light up with incredible fiery and then so do we. Sometimes it is beautiful and gives incredible strength. Sometimes it is filled with oppression, sorrow, and tortuous pain. Lately, the negative times have been far out weighed by the positives. So, yes, I believe the best times are coming. It but a few days when all will settle down. So I am keeping my vision on the promised land. All speed ahead!


    3. Dear Susan! I know it is not by accident that you brought your light to this Pond just when you started to feel the strong urge to share your knowledge. Everything happens when the time is right for it to do so, as the CC say again and again, and now, the time IS right for you to shine your light in the way you do so brilliantly. I thank you for all you give, especially at times like these when you also struggle with the intense energies.
      With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

  10. My dear family,

    I must say that I don´t believe in Santa Claus coming with presents in tool boxes anymore 😉

    Be critical to what you read these days,

    Love and Light,


    1. I read about the toolbox. It looked like insidious sophistry to me. Mix in enough truth and hope they miss the curve ball.
      sorta like seeing which way the parade is going and jumping in front to claim you are leading it!

      1. You truly have such a one of a kind way of expressing words. Otmn, it’s such a JOY reading your posts!!

  11. I haven’t vomited in a week, now.
    what a weird thing to say to strangers ==grin==

    On how to tell who to trust, I would say look to where it is leading you.
    If it directs you to wider perspectives and deeper understanding of the fractal spaces we occupy in our little dot in the universe, kewl.
    If it directs you to a “leader” someone who wants to “help” you do what’s right. If it wants to narrow your thinking or divide people into “us versus them” run away!!!

    1. Thank the CCs 😉 My vocabulary has expanded a lot since I started to get these messages… There are always new words or phrases I have to google, and as I always write unfamiliar words the way I “hear” them, it can be quite a challenge to find the right way to spell it.
      Love from me, Aisha

      1. Dear Aisha! It really must be a challenge to understand and spell those words, that sometimes are so special. RESPECT in all ways!!!


      2. Hi Aisha,

        I admit that this is, in fact, one of the very traits of these messages that marks their authenticity for me. I don’t recall seeing any words used by them I didn’t know, but I have definitely been impressed by their use of the language on many occasions, and I can imagine the challenge it offers at times.

        The CC’s are certainly erudite, whoever they are. 🙂



        1. Thank you, Birgitta, Maria and Paul! I agree with you Paul, for the use of language in these messages is different from the way I use English, and this has also been of great help to me from the very beginning. It has been a way of confirming that I am not just “making it all up”, and the different “voices” that come through are also sometimes very distinguishable by their choice of words and phrasings. And thanks to google and to you Paul, now I also know what “erudite” means 😉
          Love and light from me, AIsha

    1. I have become very skeptic on channeled material. The only messages that consistently ring true for me are found here at the Manuscript. There have been too many false promises, and with these words, I just choose not to incorporate them into my BEing.

      I am done with “promises” as I just am now allowing the All That Is to unfold in Its precise Timing. Aisha’s words from the CC’s are more times then not, exactly what I myself am experiencing and/or “hearing”.

      Too many hearts have been broken by promises not kept. Nothing personal against you, Rohan, and if you choose to embrace this message that is your choice to make. I just keep my life simple and my Inner Voice tuned in. Anything else besides the CC’s, I just am no longer willing to embrace.

      I learned a few lessons the hard way. Those lessons were very valuable for it taught me to keep my Inner Knowing priority and everything else I really sift through as in BEing very careful of all outside sources.

      Peace, Amy

      1. hmmmmmmm…….Does it? Now I will go back a reread it. Maybe it’s just me today with my head wrapped around 2×4’s and cats. LOL

      2. I reread it.

        This is how it works for me. I FEEL good inside when I read Aisha’s missives. I don’t FEEL good inside when I read the other channeled message. There is also an aspect of FEAR interwoven in AA Raphael’s message which clues me that it is not totally of the Light.

        If I have put my foot into my mouth even further, than so it is. My FEELINGS are my inner beacon and I have come to honor those FEELINGS. When I ignore those feelings, that is when I err.

        I have no intention of upsetting anyone. OK? I am only explaining how I work and how I have become attached to my inner Self. I honor everyone’s Journey, for we are all truly unique and individual yet of the ONE. If it was not as it IS, this world would truly be a very boring place to BE.

        Much Love to ALL!

        🙂 Amy 🙂

        1. No probs, maybe I just focussed on the words that did sound right.
          It doesn’t matter, I know You are Right anyway Amy!

          1. No, JayJay, please don’t take my word for it. I really desire that you FEEL while you read the words and come up with your own conclusion.

            I am still walking the human walk, my Cherished Brother. I am not 100% right and I still stumble and I still have my lessons. (smile) Oh yeah, do I ever!!!!

            If I was always right, I would be so out of here! GRIN!

            BIG (((HUGS))) and so MUCH LOVE!!!! Amy

    2. Dear Rohan, thank you for sharing this! It has made some interesting ripples on the surface of this Pond, and that helps to bring more light to us all. To quote the CCs: “There are many fountains of information out there, and it is not given that each and every one of you should drink from the same one. ”
      Love and light from me, Aisha

      1. Hello Aisha,
        thank you for your answer. Amy is quite right to state there is an amount of fear in the message of AA Raphael, and I see that. I feel quite sure that AA Raphael is the sender of this message, and He is an ascendet master. The point is He describes a very special line of events which could turn out quite uncanny for a lot of people and He knows that. Moreover, in His description we find some words like ‘Domino Effect’ and so on that are clearly invented by the dark ones.
        I very much like the messages of the CCs and compare them with the channelings of SaLuSa, Jesus, Saul, Matthew Ward, and those of the masters who speak through Sheldan Nidle. Funny enough up to now I didn’t manage to learn the names of those masters. But just they give a huge and fascinating background-scenario and, of course, when describing certain things on Earth, it’s causing fear sometimes, but that is not their fault.
        See the latest message:
        Causing fear occasionally is the fate of most people telling “news”.
        The CCs want to share good news, and even if a special situation concerning our health seems not so delightful, they manage to find words pointing out the bright ending. − Always when reading one of their messages I ask them “Who Are You?”
        Maybe I’ll get an answer soon.
        Much Love to All of You *Rohan

    3. Thank Rohan for the link. Personnaly, I join you both; you and Amy on this topic. My point of view is from the only position I could take in front of my personal observations. Of course, who doesn’t like a nice hopeful message like the one you linked? The sadness now is that almost none among us falls for it anymore. I am a daily observer of many sites about almost everythinbg that’s happening, and this trend has taken some boost in 2013. I don’t see any future in what we could classify as ‘new age spiritual sites’ in 2014. We had our prophets of ‘doom’, they’ll be known as the prophets of ‘soon’. Most sites don’t allow open commentaries anymore, people are too pissed off. At Ashtarcommand site, most comments go against anything cited by a ‘channeler’. At GFP, they allow some comments, but they often go to complain about the ‘bullshit’. The pressure of the system becomes unbarable for many, and I know what it feels like. It has become difficult to be optimistic. How many months, years, decades left? What did we signed for?

      Since I can not establish a 100% certainty that anything is true, I have to accept that ‘everything’ is part of a global confusion, and everything is a mix of truths and lies, but which is which? I think this state is a desired state, neccessary to the experiment. The opposite of truth is not ‘lie’ but confusion. It is the ‘not knowing’. So now I read everything with a ‘hear say’ approach, unadmissible in court, until proven ‘real’, with no disrespect to Aisha. She can not prove to any of us beyond any doubt that what she transmits is 100% absolute truth, it is simply an unescapable fact. It does not mean she is ill intended, but that is part of her role of ‘transmitter’ and I have no doubt that she is well aware of the down and outs attached to this difficult task.

      One example is someone I like to read from these days; Blossom Goodchild. She became a laughing stock after having confirmed the disclosure of a mother ship over a ‘major city’ for an appreciable amount of time, I believe it was some october 14th, can’t remember the year. Now she has a much more critical approach to her own channeling, and a good example is her latest article:

      There are a few interresting comments too. Thank you Aisha for your understanding of the bigger picture. I think it obvious to believe that none of us would complain that the shift would come too ‘soon’, but I have to keep a plan B. I can understand that the turmoil created by this ‘over-time’ period (the after 2012) might have been well intended because in some way, it has made some of us stronger, and it has shaken off some loose interests in the process, but I fail to see any purpose in prolonging this process much longer. There is a quote from Jesus that says that the end days would be ‘shortened because otherwise, none would survive’. Lets hope that some part of it is true.

      1. You are not offending anybody, saying that you can’t take all
        as a 100% truth, no. It’s always good to be cautious. For to feel
        disappointed is not a nice thing. My almost 70 years on this world taught me that. At the beginning (some 3 years ago) I red
        all in wonderment…Today?…Well – only some I feel good with.
        As Susan wrote, I’m reading others too but only to know what
        is the current feed for everybody who can read…Oh, sorry, I’m
        jumping to the rhyme again…Anyway – good thinking.

      2. Dear Nayon, thank you for sharing this, and I really do mean that 😉 Yes, we are resilient and we are growing stronger, but we are human too, and we all have a sense of how our patience wears more than a little thin at times. I have been getting these messages for two years now, and I have to say I do not think I will be able to sit here two years from now getting another “soon” message… But still, no matter how frustrated and exhausted I feel at times, there is something deep inside of me that just KNOWS where I am going, and that is what keeps me pushing ahead. That, and the fact that this Pond has evolved into such a powerful, loving and supportive community.

        When I was pushed to start to post these messages on my own blog, I had no idea just how important the comments and the people who gather here would become. As you say, the longer this process continues, the more people become so fed up with it all, they cannot help but vent their anger and negativity wherever they can. I was expecting that to happen here as well, especially after 2012 came and went, but the opposite happened. And the reason for this, must be the fact that the energy that has been anchored here is powerful enough to “keep the waters clear”.

        The CCs have told us again and again that it is our energetic frequency that unites us and makes us connect here, but I think it is one more thing: I think we have all in some way managed to work our way through that layer of fear that so many others still struggle with. For when that fear is triggered, so much vitriol starts to pour out of people, and they in turn push the buttons in others. And so the old circle of disempowerment starts all over again.

        This space, this Pond, has instead become a source of empowerment, where we all bring our share of love and light and receive it many times in return. That is what keeps me going, and that is why I believe that “soon” will come before my patience runs out. For the change I am waiting for is already happening here.
        Much love from me, Aisha

        1. Aisha!

          So wonderful – so lovely spoken. Yes – your are so right. Tears in my eyes and vibrations of love in my heart.

          Love and respect,


  12. OH OH OH! Thank you, Lady Aisha! I am doing the Victory Dance! This missive thrills me, for every single word I can relate to as to what I have been witnessing in my own life. OH! OH for the JOY! Goosebumps and tears of such Gratitude that the End is in Sight.

    I FEEL this as well! I know it to be true! What I have experienced yesterday was like the rock bottom of the barrel. It was so tough, some of my cats volunteered to help out.

    Bless you for your constant commitment to the Cause of Light. I am SO honored to know you and to be able to call you “Sister!”

    From my Heart to your Heart,

  13. Thank You Aisha and the CC’s for this liberating missive,
    In fact after a zero-energy-day yesterday, this morning I had a clear moment of feeling Free. It felt so good, that the past few hours I feel homesick for this state of being. I just want to go home…
    My Love to You All,

    1. Dear JayJay, these moments of feeling free are so precious, and I hope you will find them to be growing and multiplying in the time ahead.
      Much love to you, dear brother!

        1. Aw, JayJay, you don’t need “saving”. You are Perfect as you are!

          I too wish you a good night and BIG (((HUGS)))!!!

          Love, Amy

  14. All I can say is YEAH!!!!!!!!!
    First of all, FINALLY, FINALLY (sorry for ALL these big letters but I am excited!) the GFOL is starting to treat us like ADULTS and are giving updates which are clear. I have been on their backs for a long time about this. I am so convinced at this stage that it is crucial. They don’t have to give classified information but they have to stop with the cryptic messages. When you know what’s going on, you don’t fear it. You can deal with it. You say to yourself: O.K. – this is an operation. This is the end. I will have a few days of headaches. I think it would be wise to prepare a few things for home – maybe some Advil. Maybe an icepack. I’ll make sure I have some groceries in case I don’t feel like shopping….I think I’ll stay closer to home this month…..But I can DEAL with it. Just like I could deal with a hurricane if I had the proper preparation. But I would certainly panic if I didn’t know what all that wind was and didn’t have the skills to weather it out.

    My dear Ponders, I have known for YEARS that this clean-up operation is the main cause of our – let us say – SYMPTOMS. I have been ignored and laughed at but I stuck to my guns. Yes, some of it is due to upgrading our DNA and the opening of our chakras. Some of it had to do with releasing emotional junk stored in our cells. This can cause discomfort. But ascension and Light do not cause pain or vomiting or anxiety. The Light doesn’t cause us not to sleep at night. Our pain has been mostly due to massive amounts of cleaning. I have discussed this with them before and said that it reminds me of TAKING OUT THE GARBAGE. I would picture in my mind, big galactic garbage “trucks” taking out a few hundreds of thousands of years of JUNK. I am talking about weapons of mass destruction, chemicals, arsenals, pollution. And on top of that, they had to round up, hold and deport the infestation of negative ETs that have been on earth since the beginning of time. They got rid of almost all of them and now are in the process of ridding the earth of the last remaining pockets. These pesky and stubborn galactic cockroaches don’t know or care that their nests have been destroyed. They don’t know that their food source has been cut off. So they are running around helter skelter trying to find a new nest. The massive amounts of + energies are clashing with the pockets of – energies and this is causing turbulence. This is what we feel They want to remain on earth. Nope. This is not going to happen. Party over, as the Sirians say. They are on the way OUT. This is the reason we have been feeling emotionally “easier” the past few days. We “know” its over. We still feel like crap physically but we are “relieved.”
    Remember the last card in the deck that I mentioned? They may try it – a scare tactic like pulling out a hologram of an “invasion” or some other tactic. And the human negatives could also try a last minute “show” but I have been told over and over that it will not work. Holograms work kind of what you see in Disneyland.” They appear to be real but are not. I have been told that the negatives used these “movies” in the past to induce fear. So, if any “movies” do show up (which I doubt) – know what they are.
    I thank the Universe for at least training me for this. I don’t know how in the world I would have been able to do my job had I not had proper information. Oh, the tears and shock that I went through and now I am so grateful!!!!

    The “heaviness” we feel is protection. Massive forces to ensure that we are protected and all is well. I still feel some headaches today but I know in every cell of my body that this is coming to an end. And today, the CC’s verified it. For the first time, they actually said that these “outside forces” are on the way out. For good. Now they are going to have to deal with the less than savory negative human elements.

    My feeling is that we can pretty much take anything now – even if it is one big force of “show” if we know this is the end. Not endlessly on and on…..
    O.K. – we’ll have another week or two of “fireworks” and that will be that.

    Prepare the Advil.

    WE CAN DO THIS!!!!! Yes we can! (Did someone say this before?)

    Love, Susan

    1. Thank you Susan for this, as always, uplifting message.

      Here we go my friends! The final stretch – do not forget to refuel in the Pond 🙂

      Love and joy,


    2. Susan, i do appreciate and take part in your sense of joy, but Aisha never said she channels the gfol (or has she?). She, or they, termed themselfes the Constant Companions, the CC´s and i personally aint saying they´re this or that. However when ive felt their energy/presence it has always been a nice, clear, pleasant feeling/presence!

      I dont totally agree on ALL you wrote, the heaviness i sure like to say is not just “a protection” but also the burden of a very heavy mass consciusness.

      I´d really like to get rid of that heaviness, or at least get it severly decreased – hope we´re about to experience, soon (lol), what this message gives us.

      Btw i DO appreciate the intelligent structuring and choice of words in Aishas channelings. Its like an old, still timeless, classic form of english, to me!

      1. Sebastian, just a note because I have followed susan’s notes from the very beginning of her introduction here at the pond and call her my sister now. She is in contact with the GFOL. She is part of their medical ground crew, or works with them in the mid east. She was saying what she was feeling and what was coming through for her and then said that the CC “verified” her information and that felt very very good to not only her (which was obvious by her shear joy!) but to me as well! The note may have been a little vague on that connection, but it is there.

        Just another note on the heaviness related to protection and your comment on a heavy mass consciousness. The Hathors in a recent channeling spoke about the insanely high level of positive light coming in during the Lion’s Gate direct alignment with Alcyone (the galactic center) was going to create a feeling of heaviness and denseness but also a feeling of being larger than life. As an energy reader and empath, I can tell you that I started feeling this intensely on the day before the portal opening of the 8/8 and for two days was down for the count with fever and belly issues. While i have “felt” all the energies emanating since well before 2012 and the increases since 12/21 this was the whopper, even bigger than the equinox and the solstice and probably comparable to the triple eclipse energies combined. I can’t explain it any better than a feeling like someone has taken a suit of the most brilliant and dense gold alloy and placed it over my shoulders and i carry the weight of it on my body. I grounded to the earth and connected directly to alcyone and felt much support in that column of conscious light. I also felt amazing as I connected to the pond and today swam in the free and wild Atlantic for hours.

        Since the solstice, the positive collective consciousness has been in control of the earth plane dynamic related to creation. While the lower density consciousness still exists, no energy is being fed to the lower hologram. It is fading and there is fear of course involved in that. If you are empathetic, and many are for the first time in their lives becoming this way, as all Will. I urge you to search your heart for a personal daily energetic clearing ritual to release anything you are picking up. Like eating, sleeping and breathing, this is an essential part of my daily routine and that helps me keep clear of feeling any residual fear.

        And Susan, my friend and dear sister….thanks bunches for showing us this joyful wonderful and enthusiastic side of you and sharing your knowledge with us! All I can say is YOU go girl! and Let’s get this final Party started before the big “reveal” of Nova Earth! 🙂

    3. Dear Susan,

      As far as your missive from above I believe on the weapons of mass destruction, germ and chemical warfare etc you are spot on. Vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, foggy thinking, headaches, cancer, Alzheimer’s, rashes, hair loss, idiopathic bleeding, neurological problems are all symptoms of a toxic reaction. I have picked up radioactive cadmium, cesium, uranium, strontium, thallium, and many other toxic chemical and biological agents. Some are small amounts but people have been ill and dying. Those born close or living down and upwind from the World War 2 atom bomb testings have been hit hard. Polio and small pox and several other extremely virulent nasty viruses have returned. The USA Center for Disease Control have reported especially severe mutated forms of West Nile virus. There is much more to this than we know of and that is probably ok we don’t. The CC’s refer to this frequently. I am in a licensed alternative medical field and see this stuff frequently the last 6-7 years. In fact I get what the regular medicine can’t figure out and help. Believe me it has been a challenge.

      There are three other aspects to this that seem to come up.
      1) time warps seem to come and go, disease with it.
      2) parallel universes overlapping.
      Do you or anyone else think this is possible? Could we still being effected by the devastation occurring on old 3D Earth?
      3) Many are processing the effects of the pathogens and are symptomatic
      and suffering so others do not have to. In other words taking others pain
      and suffering to help the many from the past, present, and future. I
      believe so. That is surely LOVE.


      1. Big hugs Joy and blessings on all you do to release any dissonance from anyone struggling–as a person who had Lyme…yeah LOL I have received much help from many wonderful alternative therapists and on the whole go that direction in all things…

        I can tell you that there are many life streams occurring right now for all of us. We skip back and forth to different timelines many times in a day, sometimes like a strobe light the effects are so quick and all based on the frequency we are radiating out with our heart. Are we effected by the old hologram. Certainly if one focused on it, or fed it any energy (that is the only energy being fed to it at this point mind you) then one accepts that energy into their field and magnetizes it into their personal reality. If one simply chooses to send it love and light for healing and sets a different intention for their own personal and collective journey, then no…through free will choice and our divine creator skills we all get to choose what affects us–do we all do it consciously? would anyone consciously choose to be sick? Most are living out soul contracts or their own divine paths…and we all have to honor the divine will of our inner beings and those of others–however diverse and different from our own–We must remember that All experience is valid, but we do not have to accept any experience or energy into our field that we do not resonate with.

        More hugs…Alex

        1. Dear Alex,

          Thank you once again for your wise insights. Yes, the timelines shift in less than the blink of an eye. As to energies from the old earth they too come and go in the blink of an eye. I have seen prayer dissipate them into nothingness also in the blink of an eye. As you say it goes as the heart goes. But there are other energies that still rise to challenge even a brave and strong heart. It is both my job and a privilege for me to deal with them. For many persons, as u have found, these rascals are too much to handle alone. There are times i need all the help i can get. Even then it may not be enough and i have to remind myself I am not the Almighty. May God bless you and may she hold you the palm of her hand.


          1. Joy, you ARE the almighty… are (as marianne williamson says) like the sun ray is to the sun, no matter how far you travel, the greatest part of you remains with source!

            when you feel your strength ebb, know you can link here for energy in the pond, or you can ask on your angels or the archangels to support you–they cannot assist UNLESS you directly ask them! You can also work with Sophia-Gaia and her wonderful Mahavidyas–to strengthen your heart Bhairavi is on duty this month! I work extensively with Baglamukhi, she repels negativity, still the tongues of the enemy and burns through the illusion–they are very down to earth and get things done wisdom goddesses! There is SO much help available but you must ask…you are NEVER just you against the world-that is simply a deep belief you hold and you can let it go at any time! HUGE hugs!

            1. Alex, thanks again. Believe me I ask frequently of angels, arch angels, saints, the Great Mother and Father, and many others. Together we have accomplished many wonders. They are always with me. However, sometimes, as a dear friend once reminded me, we do not know all of the Divine Plan. There are times when a person chooses for oneself no matter how much healing has been sent their way. For only that person and the Divine know. Does that mean I ever give up? Never. But there are times one must step back and let the Divine do her work.

              Love and hugs to you,

              1. Absolutely Joy–and what has brought me tremendous amounts of peace is knowing we all have free will choice, all have an eternal divine inner being and soul guides and all unfolds perfectly as it should. along with unconditional love for self and others…if we gots those things in our medicine bag, we are gonna be balanced and walking on our paths. Hugs!

        1. When I read your comment, my first thought/feeling was an immediate, “I love you, Maria.” I often connect strongly with the Divine Mother…these words are from her, as well. My presence is normally silent, too. But I felt very compelled to tell you this.

          1. Anna, dear
            like attracts like. I think there are more of us who read only and
            find no necessary to say something because others tell it all so
            beautifully…Aha! Now I read about what Forest Joy said. My note was for him, thank you, Joy. I am aware that Divine mother is with us all the time. And yes, my heart is warmed by love for all of you. Thank you for being here.

            1. There are so many here now, even the lurkers that I “feel”, that are so truly beautiful that it puts tears in my eyes. So many times, even though I do post, I read others’ words and I am moved so deeply, I have no adequate words to add. There is so much Love here and such a deep sense of Family. My cup runneth over.

              To each and every one of you, I bow to you.

              To each and every one of you, I honor you.

              To each and every one of you, I Love you.

              Of late, I have been experiencing very frequent episodes of incoming energy that leave me so disorientated and exhausted, and I think of all of you, and what you as well must be going through. I do not know how I am going to make it to the “goal”, of “birth”, but I do know with all of you, I will make it.

              I thank each one of you for who you are and what you bring to this Sacred Site. The comfort that I have found here I have found no where no else. The understanding and the connections that I have found here, I have found no where else.

              Bless each and every one of you. I pray this “process” is almost over, for I really don’t know how much longer I can keep standing.

              I LOVE YOU ALL!

              From my Heart to your Heart, Amy

                1. I Love you too, Anna Helen. I just “happened” to be on my iPAD, getting ready to shut down for the night when I saw you. God bess you for I am taking your hugs with me when I go to bed this night. I really need them. Thank you!!!

                  Love, Amy

              1. Dear Amy! Again you are a master at putting into words just what I was wanting to say also, so let me just echo you in saying:

                To each and every one of you, I bow to you.

                To each and every one of you, I honor you.

                To each and every one of you, I Love you.

                With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

  15. since we got here continue holding
    thanks Aisha!! a big hug of love and light from asturias

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