Dear friends!

I got this message from the CCs this morning, and it seems to confirm what many of us have been feeling lately:

“Thank you for once again checking in with us. You see, the lines may feel like they are less than busy at the moment, but in fact, they are more busy than ever, but now, so much is going on behind the scenes, it is best to keep you out of it. Not because we do not trust you in any way, but because what is happening is of such magnitude, it is beyond the capabilities of a human mind to even try to penetrate it. You see, the realms that are so far hidden from your inquisitive eyes, are at all times at high alert as it were, and we do not leave anything to chance. Hence, the seeming lack of information being filtered through to you all.

We know this is a cause of consternation for some, as they will take this as a sure sign of alarm, but let us just say that even if you are not party to any of this, it does not mean that you are not vital in this process. For you all are, albeit in manner that does not include everything that goes on. For as we have talked about so many times before, you are all part of a huge conglomeration of beings, all with the same cause at heart, namely that of restoring the light in every way on this beautiful planet of yours. Your role is indeed a vital one, for as you know well by now, you are the only ones straddling that divide between your physical world and the parts that we inhabit. In other words, you are the ground crew, but you are also a part of the celestial one, to use such a word, and so, you act as the connection between the two.

But now, you will all feel more or less like you are stranded here, all alone, with no apparent support from our side of the veil. Nothing could be more wrong, but again, we do not fault you for thinking this, for this almost eerie silence will for many seem more than a little ominous and foreboding. But again we say, please trust us when we once again tell you that all is indeed going according to plan, and when the time is right, you will all be flooded with so much light and so much information this phase will be quickly forgotten.

Again, we are well aware of the distress you suffer now, either it be from your physical body or it is more of a stress on your mental capacities, but please just stay the course and know that this is indeed a very important part of it all. You are NOT left out, you are simply being protected in every way so that you can be able to function in the very, very important role you do have, namely as that vital link between the two sides of the veil. And as such, you are all doing a formidable job of it, even when you feel like kicking it all in and giving it all up. For you are in this 100%, even when you yourself keep saying ”enough already”, you are doing so much to help this process speed up as much as it can. And for that, we cannot be more thankful. So know that you will never be left out in the cold, but for now, know that you may feel like it more than usual as we will keep a low profile in order to make this phase of the operation run as smoothly as possible. Thank you, that will be all for now, we leave.”

These are indeed challenging times, and it is not easy to stay motivated when both the body and the mind feel like they just want to go in to hiding somewhere. But I also know deep down that there is nothing I want more than to keep going, no matter how hard it is at times. We ARE doing it, and we are doing together, and together we will succeed in pushing through this period of silence, this “void” that always comes before another great shift. So thank you all for BEing a part of this, and for adding your light to this circle, and to this planet.

With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha