The manuscript of survival – part 339

As you have already ascertained, the waves that keep pounding into your shores have not let up yet, but as we told you, it will quieten down in a not too distant future. Yes, we will persist in using these rather circumspect descriptions of the time units here, and the reason for this, is as it always is. Humanity has based themselves upon a system of time increments that describes their linear time and divide them into number sequences or units that you all navigate by. This works perfectly for you, for then, you have all the same sort of comprehension as to how to describe any set point on this timeline of yours. This works both forwards and backwards, or in the past and in the future as you say. So for you, something that has happened will be assigned a designated number sequence that describes the exact timeframe this event took place. You use the same approach when you plan your future, as you all like to assign a set sequence for an event in exactly the same way, and this makes it very easy for every one of you to navigate this linear timeline that you use to roll out all of the sequences that together make up your life. In other words, from the moment you are born and to the moment your spirit leaves your physical body, your life on this planet will be mapped out by these numerical seuqences you call ”dates” and ”times”.

And so, everything you do will be more or less governed by this system, which make it easy for everyone to set up a plan that works for all. You will all get to work at the same time, you will not miss your transport because it will arrive at the designated timeslot, and you will all know when to sleep and when to wake up. For many of you are also governed by these set time sequences that decide when it is time for you to start your day, in order for you to fit perfectly in with everyone else’s.

Be that as it may, but for us, time is a very different concept indeed, and this is also a subject we have touched upon many a time before. As we have told you, for us, ”time” is not a line you have to toe, time is something that is a living thing, something that will grow and expand and contract, something that is multi layered and pregnant with possibilities. It is, in other words, a cornucopia of fertile opportunities, there to be used in the best possible way, and not a straitjacket as mankind has deemed it to be. So again, when you ask us to clarify the future, map it out as it were in number sequences that will put your mind at ease, we cannot do that. For your narrow concept of time is just a tiny little crumb of this whole magnificent structure that we can tap into for our needs. And so, we will continue to frustrate you all by using words such as ”soon” and ”in the imminent future” and ”just around the corner”, and as you gnash your teeth once again, we can just reply that all is well, and it is indeed going according to plan. There is no need to worry, except perhaps that your patience will run out before we reach the timeframe we refer to as ”soon”.

In other words, everything is moving at warp speed, but to you, the ones who have to stand in this daily grind of mental and physical exertion, it will seem that everything has come to a screeching halt, and you will feel yourself getting heavier and less optimistic by the day. Again, we cannot fault any of you for this, for it is only to be expected. After all, you have come such a long way in such a short time, but to you, it will at times feel like you have not advanced one tiny bit. But please know that during times like these, when there is so much going on that you do not have any clear picture of but you feel it in your very bones that ”something is up”, you are not stalled in any way. You will feel very much left out of the loop because of this restriction of information, and we cannot fault you for getting more than a wee bit exasperated by this, but again we say trust us when we say that all is indeed being taken care of, and you are all doing just what you are meant to do. We will also like to say that this seeming blackout of information will soon (yes, that dreaded word again) lift, and many of you will start to find your voice again. In other words, the information that feels sorely missing at the moment will start to filter back in again, and you will feel the connection opening up, louder and clearer than at any time before.

So again we will conclude a message by saying keep breathing, and do what you have to do in order to help yourself to handle this growing feeling of frustration and exhaustion, and the best way is perhaps to make sure to stay connected to the rest of the ground crew for the duration of this intense period. In other words, when communication between the different dimensions seems to be at a minimum, connection between you and your fellow men must be at a premium. It may feel like a time for going into hiding and hibernating, but now more than ever do we advice you to reach out to each other in any way you can. That way, finding your own strength will be easier than if you insist on going completely solo as it were. You see, there is always strength in numbers, something last night’s collective event (The fourth Gathering around the Pond) hopefully managed to demonstrate. Again, deciding to participate in such a specific event is not necessary in order to reap any benefits, connecting with just one of your fellow brethern in some way will help you both to literally lift your spirits. So again we say open up to another fellow member of your enlightened clan, and know that your combined light will do you both a world of good.

114 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 339

  1. Tonight I responded to the “gathering page” instead of this page… not sure if anyone saw it. This new moon has brought me many tears as I start to feel final goodbyes to places I will leave and the soon end to time with my daughter and grandchildren. I can’t see ahead to Ecuador and can only trust that I am being lead there by some deep longing I don’t consciously really understand… my relationship is about as rocky as they get these days.
    JayJay I read about Vive and my heart aches and smiles at the same time. This may sound strange but I will ask the cancer in Vive to forgive the attack of chemo upon it and to loving depart without resistance. Maybe you will understand even more than I why I feel that.
    Susan thank you for sharing so openly and adding to the wisdom that Aisha and the CCs bring to this pond.
    “Others” that share you touch my life in so many ways. I especially bonded with the hornets/wasps during camping this week and taught my young grandchildren to respect them and not kill them. (Thanks to past posts about mosquitoes etc.)
    August 31: This is my birthday… I will gladly share it with a blue moon and any other beautiful energies. I turn 61… the start of a new decade for me and the final preparations for Ecuador.

    1. Hi Nancee!
      I’m so excited about your move to Ecuador! I get nothing but good feelings when I think about you being there. I ‘see’ you smiling and being quite content. I also ‘see’ you being welcomed with many open arms and helping hands.
      Your tears will dry and you will understand more about your relationship upon arriving in your new Land.
      I’m very happy for you.

    2. Dear Nancee,
      My heart aches with you for leaving the place I know you love even though you know that the decision you made is Right.
      Yes, I know what you mean by the chemo attack on the cancer. I can’t put it in words, but I know.
      My birthday is August 23rd. That makes my sign Virgo, like yours. I’ll be 51.
      I definitely feel that some beautiful events are to happen on my and your birthday, like birthday presents they will be.
      My Love to You,

  2. I want to thank everyone again in the Pond for being here and for the honest open, sharing….I am so grateful that I finally took the plunge and took the time and space to begin writing here, as I’ve been an avid sideline participant for almost 1 1/2 years and have watched as the comment section grew and grew with every passing day. I’ve had a nagging feeling for many months now that I should participate, so thank goodness I finally followed the CCs urging to reach out to my fellow travelers from around the world. It really has helped me find some ground in the last 24 hours, despite the drama and turbulence that still defines my life in many ways. Big hugs to all my soul sisters and brothers!!

      1. Thank you, JayJay. Your message to me made me cry this morning with appreciation…too often I am not loving myself enough if at all, and the little child in me was so happy to feel recognized!

    1. Big hug back to you, dear Stevie! I am so glad you have “taken the plunge” for as you can see, every new soul that connects with this Pond send out ripples of light and love that touch us all. Thank you for what you bring to this space!
      Much love from me, Aisha

  3. I dont know about you guys but ive witnessed some incredible changes in and around me the past shit, five years and especially 2013. its the season of manifestation, its alwaysbeen. we create what we focus on. check out ho oponono. I love you guys, its the season of miracles, open your eyes and see!! your dreams arewaiting for you to focus on them, focus onthe love and beauty all around and nothing else! it takes practice but it gets easier. blessings blessings blessings peace power

  4. To Everyone,
    For Vive, we are giving her Zeolite (someone of the Pond suggested this to us, sorry I can’t remember who). It get’s rid of heavy metals and herbicides and pesticides in the body. This is not only benificial for cancerpatients, but for all of us. It puts you in a better mood. I’ve tried it myself and it really works.
    Maybe it’s a good idea to use, and it may relieve us of some of the symptoms I read many of you are suffering from.
    Hope it may help some of you,
    Love, JayJay

      1. We bought Zeolitie HP capsules (NutraMedix). It’s a dry powder, but I’m checking the internet wether liquid Zeolite is better (or not).

        1. That is another angle that I got “stumped. I think the powder helps more with the effects of radiation, which is exactly what you would want……..I’ve been doing some research myself. Thanks for the tip on which brand. There are so many of them out there!

            1. (smile) Too late. I bought it. The site looked ligit. And my gut said, yes. So, what is done is done. (smile)

  5. I for one, am not interested in hurrying to a conclusion. There are still a lot of folks who are unaware of 5d reality. Every day, more and more of them are awakening. I don’t want to leave any of them behind. There will be some who will not survive, I get that, however, a lot of folks will join us if we have patience and wait for them.
    And yes, my body is strongly affected by the energy waves. I fear getting to far away from the bathroom. The sickness comes on quickly. I have very little time to react.
    this is nothing compared to the child abuse I endured earlier. Maybe that’s why so many of us suffered abuse, I mean, it put’s us in a mind frame to where there is nothing else they can do to hurt us. We can take it.

    At the gathering, I felt it at a deep level, barely reaching the surface of the pond. I felt the arrow hit me in the back, puncturing my left lung. I felt myself drowning in my own blood and I knew I had been betrayed by those I trusted as I died. We were murderous bastards in those earlier lifetimes. The junk I cleared at this gathering is from a much earlier lifetime.
    I know I’ve been working on this project for a very long time, many lifetimes!

    There will come a tipping point, when the higher energies outweigh the lower, the whole thing will change quickly, in the meantime it just feels like the weight we are carrying just gets heavier. That’s a good thing.
    When it get’s heavy enough it will tip the thing over.
    They don’t give us a timeline, because they don’t know when enough folks will awaken to make it tip over. All we can do is keep spreading the word to all that will listen.
    (well, personally I tend to speak to the ones who are not listening. I figure there is no point in preaching to the choir.)
    I am grateful to Aisha and all of you. You allow me a voice.

        1. Again! We truly are One and becoming more so all the time.
          Yesterday I was having lunch with my best friend. My daughters were at home and Vive was guessing what I was eating. I usually never eat salads for lunch, but Vive guessed that I was having a shrimp salad, and She was Right!
          Love You, JayJay

          1. I love these happenings, and that today we never claim a child for knowing or feeling things that is outside what is generally accepted as “normal”, which happened when I was a child – about a hundred years ago 😉 Our children have more competence than many of us adults, and I can see so much wisdom in the eyes of my grandchildren and newborns.

            I feel a great blessing around your family 🙂



            1. Thank You Birgitta! You are wonderful!
              I see this wisdom in the newborns too, and angelic eyes. It’s when they ‘grow up’ that their innocence slowly fades away. May they all soon return to their original state of perfectness, of oneness.
              LOVE JayJay

    1. Oh yeah, I absolutely relate to what you’re saying about bathroom distance. I know where every restroom is in town and I have toilet paper in my truck at all times. Because of recent developments I have resorted to carrying plastic garbage bags to cover the driver’s seat, just in case. I know this is too much information, but the doctors say I’m fine so….. okay, whatever … I just totally relate to your ‘system dump’.
      I took a lot of abuse as a kid too and I’m with you, I don’t know what else anyone could do to hurt me. But for some reason, in my case, I have taken to laughing…. laughing out loud for no reason, laughing inside at nothing, feeling like laughing but not quite getting it out… or just smiling. Like the day of the Gathering I laughed and guffawed and shook my head in awe, all day long?!?
      I don’t remember the last time I actually felt good and I always have something that hurts or I’m fatigued or nauseous or..…. BUT, I laugh?
      Don’t have a clue to what’s goin’ on, it just is. It’s almost like I’m saying to my abusers, (who are all dead now), and to negativity in general, ‘ha, you tried to take away my life, my ideas, my dreams, my joy, but you epically failed, cause I’m still here, my dreams are coming true, and I have Joy above and beyond infinity, so there.’
      Anyway, so glad to hear you’re clearing a bunch of junk… in more ways than one!
      Thank you.

      1. Aw, Sally, you are so precious and BEautiful! Your Light is positively blinding!!!! BIG (((HUGS)))

        1. One-derful Amy!!! I grope for words to tell You how lovely You Are.
          You warm my heart from the inside out… only an Angel could do that….
          Soooooooo glad to have met You!!!
          You are heaven sent/scent! 🙂

          1. …..saying this very quietly…..Thank you, Sally. I’m still immersed in a challenging day and your words meant the world to me. They will help me get to the finish line this night.

            Golden Blessings to you, Amy ✨✨✨

              1. I Love you too, Sally. You have done more then you know. Your Love wrapped itself around me as I let out a long sigh of relief.

                Thank you.

                Your Sister, Amy

  6. Dear Sun of Blue,
    I have the distinct feeling that something will be happening at the end of August. Maybe more than one thing. Most births occur around Full Moon. I can just sence there is something ‘about’. Thank You for sharing this.
    Light, Love and Faith,

  7. Tuesday Morning:

    Good morning my dear Ponders,

    So wonderful to read all the comments!

    A few updates and comments:

    JayJay: When I was able to get through on Sunday evening, I asked the team about Vive. They said they “are very aware of the situation” and know your family. They told me they are doing everything they can to hasten the “work” so they can return to ground level. They are unable to scan right now to see how far the cancer is so they cannot give me an answer what can be done. However, they are giving her energetic treatments (from above) to strengthen the chi (vital force.)

    Vital Force: Also known as chi or energy. This is the life force which runs through us. Western medicine does not recognize it (yet) or understand it but Eastern cultures do. Today, I went to my friend who is a naturopathic doctor. We have worked with ET teams for years and have seen amazing results. I got an acupuncture treatment to help with the nausea and pain. I asked if this energetic pounding can affect the chi. Many of us are wondering if our bodies can withstand this. The answer came back that the energies can throw us off balance. Meaning, it can temporarily affect an organ (in my case the liver which is causing the nausea.) However, it is similar to jet lag or any other malady. It can make you feel weak but won’t actually cause any real or long lasting harm. To keep the energetic balance, it is recommended to do anything possible depending on your location and availability – at least every two weeks to maintain – acupuncture, Reiki, massage, shiatsu…. Also, keep hydrated – now more than ever. Yoga, tai chi, walking – all good.

    Friday Night Dinner: a.k.a. Shabbat: We are totally secular in our family. We don’t do any of the prayers and such but like many Israelis, are very involved with our friends and family. Having a relaxing dinner or even picnic at the beach is a wonderful way of reconnecting. We have to walk the walk not just talk the talk. That means, showing love for others by doing acts of kindness, inviting those who are alone for dinner and sitting down with our kids without the distractions of communication devices. At least once a week.

    Too54: Yes, I have been told that what is to come is a done deal. There is no question. There is no turning back. What is going on right now has nothing to do with any internal work. It is simply working out the last remaining “details” and ridding the earth of the pockets of stubborn energies that don’t KNOW or want to know that the war is over. I am referring to both human and non.

    To all: The guides this morning told me that it is true that being of higher dimensions, they can only understand pain and depression on a surface level. They do not and cannot experience it like we do. However, it is absolutely not true that they are not sympathetic or are ignoring our stress signals. They have to do what they need to do for the outcome. Think of it as an emergency room staff. They see pain and fear all the time. They cannot internalize it themselves but are dedicated to healing and helping.
    They never give me crap that this is an illusion or “you volunteered for this mission”, so too bad. My relationship (after the first initial period of reintroduction) has never been to idolize them or think of them as some supernatural beings. It is true that they are (in this present incarnation) way more technologically advanced. Lightworkers are almost always descended of planets of the Light. Therefore, when I talk to the Sirian team, I am just “one of them.” Yes, they have to downgrade their speech – much like we would be talking to a child. But they certainly don’t lecture me or blame me for not being able to cope sometimes. Sometimes I do get sharp instructions like “You have to be quiet!” Today they told me that I have to take care of myself as they are concerned that sometimes I will push myself to the limit to take care of the “world.”

    The message: They know we are not feeling well. What is being done is necessary. They cannot compromise even one tiny little aspect. They have to make sure the timing is perfect. They are doing everything possible to “hurry this along” – although this is a human concept. They said that it will be “soon” but they are stubborn about giving any other details. They also said (as usual) that channeling will be very limited off and on for the near future.

    I am always at your service! That is when I am not throwing up…..

    LOL! Love, Susan

    1. Dear Susan, thank you for sharing this, what you bring is so appreciated! Take good care of YOU, dear sister, that is the only way you can keep giving so much to us all.
      Big hug and much love from me, Aisha 🙂

    2. Dear Susan,
      Thank You for everything You are doing for us! Well Vive’s life-spark is still very strong. She had surgery agan yesterday, they took a bonesample out of her upper right leg. She hasn’t complained at all though, even when she can hardly make it up the stairs to her room. She keeps on smiling and laughing at the stupid jokes I make.
      Tomorrow the chemotherapy starts. 5 days chemo, 2 weeks rest. Then another 5 days of chemo. I hope by then that the ‘team’ will be able ‘to do’ something for her!
      All my Love to You,

  8. Dear family!
    The Gathering on Sunday was such a powerful experience for me, and I am so glad to see that many of you felt these energies too. When I ended my meditation after about an hour, I felt so powerful and strong that it was like I could wrestle with a tornado and win. But these last 24 hours have felt more like I have been trying too hard to do just that, and I had to step back and just BE for a while. Coming back here and reading your comments makes it once again so clear to me just how important the advice from the CCs is: we need to reach out to each other and connect, now more than ever. We are all feeling the exhaustion from this long and challenging journey in all sorts of ways, and if I did not have the opportunity to see the lights from my fellow travellers, I know I would be lost somewhere in a dark and dense part of this jungle we are all trying to navigate. For there IS strength in numbers, just like the CCs say, and I give thanks each and every day for the way that you all manage to shine your light here no matter how hard the storm blows around us. For some, the storms are more fierce than ever, and I know that so many of you join me in sending extra light to Vive, JayJay and their family.

    How can I thank you all for what you bring to this Pond? Every word, every thought, every song, every giggle, every cry, every hug and every frustration you share is so precious, and it is all a part of the love-fuel we all need our regular refill of in order to keep our own light burning. So thank you for everything you add here, it is what makes this circle of love and light burn brightly night and day, through any storm, no matter how hard it is. For even when most of us struggle just to breathe, there is always someone here who can stand tall and shine brightly and give us the extra boost we need in order to keep us all going.

    From my heart to yours – always, forever, LOVE.

    1. Thank You Aisha and all others sending Light to Vive and my family. It really helps us to cope with this situation!
      My Love to You all!
      Forever, JayJay

    2. How can we thank YOU Aisha, for creating this most unique space! No matter our country, culture, background, dimension, realm, planet, or frame of mind, we have an area where we can gather and share ideas for the good of the individual or for the good of All….. rare indeed.
      You are one of a kind! 🙂
      Thankful forever,

    3. Ahhhhhh!!!! We love you too girl and what we love most is that you are divine incarnate as HUMAN having all the same stuff as humans have and yeah its tough, but because we have each other and access to an amazing well of unconditional love, we can carry on!

      Sending extra special love and light to the divine goddess who is Vive and her guardian angels. Asking blessed brother Raphael to downray his emerald flame for her healing. My dear friend went through agressive bone cancer in her leg at the age of 45 a few years ago. She is healed and part of that healing was completely changing her life and releasing all the negativity within her circle of love. I know Jay jay that you have an immense well of love and support here and with your family and faith in your medical team. I would love it if you would look into the energetic healing works of Louise Hay and Heal your body, heal your life and know that kids are energetic sponges and they often present energetically with things that are buried deep within the parents.

      In other words, it can only help to look deeply at any resentment or dissonance you or your wife or your child is holding, knowing full well that she is divine, has chosen you are her parents, has made soul contracts with you both and is divinely walking her path as she should. I know of that which I speak because we had a healing issue with my own daughter when she was 2 years old and the issue she manifested was completely related to my husband and myself. She simply presented the disonnance within her body. We worked on the vibration along with the medical aspects and she was healed and it simply stayed healed as the vibration no longer existed in our fields. That healing is available and desired is the truth of it all, and she can overcome anything with courage and love, looking to both the medical aspect (body) and the vibrational aspect (soul and family)…

      Tremendous hugs for you my friend. Tremendous hugs for you all!

  9. I am getting comfortable and developing peace around where I am NOW and being grateful for all that I have NOW and having patience that all will evolve, develop and express itself at the perfect time for the highest good of all that is.

    Tomorrow we have a new moon. In this now moment I set the seed of intention within my heart to allow, accept and receive all that is divinely perfect for my path and chosen by my own soul. With each breath, I take it in…and with each exhale I am thankful for it.

    In simpler terms…I am actively waiting–and using all my actions of living with as much love as I can–as a mantra prayer for nova earth!

    Big hugs everyone!!!! 🙂 Alex

  10. only the best to all who are having trouble right now, maybe this helps you..

    remember these 2 things :

    1. to observe the mind instead of listening too it.. i know its not always easy to be not sucked in by ego talk, but the more you get into your core the easier it gets. the mind can not know how things are going to happen, now most of the time its trys to take control.. that in itself is exhausting and is truly senseless.. your higher self knows the best paths, so just stay in the moment, doing what excites you the most in that moment.. it can be something completely different 10 minutes later, doesnt matter.. just follow it without any expectation, even if it seems unconnected.. bashar talks about this a lot, listening to him has helped me alot.

    2. This process is already completed. the CCs stated that and i repeat it because here in germany theres a guy who has a livestream every week.. he talks about the energetics behind the things we see on the surface and i can tell he know what hes talking about.. now he used the picture of a mountain we are climbing up.. we sure know its exhausting to climb, and its clearly not a time were we should focus on thinking about how we built up our tent on the mountain top.. thinking too much about the future seems to be exhausting for most here too, and i believe its because thats the time we are in.. anyway, in some interview he too said that it’s already been done, we are just not seeing it yet so there again are two sources coming to the same conclusion. he also said the best thing to do right now is to just observe what is happening as interested as you could be.. to just observe smooths it out and it gives a sense of peace.
    because remember, even if you seem to be going up and down all time, you are that which observes the ups and downs and that awareness is in a sense unaffected by all this, even though it can be exhausting while we are going through it.

    as i stood in the kitchen a minute ago i realized why they keep telling us “soon”.. even i cant explain it that good, time from that point is just not as what we know or think of it.. for me it gets harder and harder to tell what 5 minutes are from now, because its just not a fixed thing in that sense for me as i believed it to be some years ago..
    now i believe these beings are moving quite freely in this “ocean” as the CCs called it and i believe its truly not easy for them, if not impossible, to give us any precise dates, because its just too different from the linear time perspective we carry, even if i belive we are stepping out of it too more and more.
    so if you are having problems having to do with planning too much ahead, maybe take a break.. i believe it will get harder and harder to do so, especially while your own sense of time changes (if it does).

    he are some links for you that may be helpful too :

    take from that sites what resonates with you, you will know.
    i hope this helps, maybe i will write some more later..

    my best wishes, much peace and love to all of you!

    1. What you are saying resonates a lot to me. My perception of time has changed a lot the last couple of years and especially the last year I found it hard to know if one or four hours have passed, and I find it liberating not to be obliged to follow a schedule.

      My memory has a vacancy too and I really have problems when someone asks med what I did last week – and even yesterday, and the more I accept it, the better I feel;)

      So – don´t worry – be happy 🙂

      Love you,


    2. Tao, this is beautiful and right on. I just was contemplating the subject of “time” today, and I am with you, that “time” just makes no sense to me whatsoever. All that is important to me is NOW and FLOW and BEing in that NOW. My memories of the past are getting fainter and fainter as well, as if by focusing on the NOW and BEing involved in what brings enJOYment to me, or gives me a sense of Flowing with my Purpose, whatever that may be, the hurts from the past, just quietly are vanishing. That holds true for all the past, for I am really experiencing that this “time” concept is manmade, so therefore just a concept.

      All there IS is energy, and rhythms of ebb and flow, and just BEing present. The more I AM this, the more the Peace that surpasses all understanding, resides within me.

      I no longer “worry about tomorrow” for tomorrow (another “illusion) first of all never comes, and second of all, takes care of itself.

      When we do get pulled from the FLOW and thrown into an obstacle that we ourselves created, yes, the emotions (lower) begin to bubble, yet even in this we have choices. WE created this obstacle to reinforce our memory of Who We Are in all our Divinity, to again go up another notch (or two or three) in our own evolution, as we get nearer and nearer to BEing God.

      This past summer, I had more obstacles then I knew how to contend with, and they in their totality threw me right off Center. I held strong for a good long while, then the fire became hotter, greater, and I just couldn’t hold to the Higher Perspective any longer. I plunged, and in the plunging, experienced such deep Heart pain, that in hindsight, needed releasing. I released, let me tell you. As in great huge sobs, great hot tears gushing nonstop.

      When the storm ceased, and it did indeed, it took all my willpower to manually press that number 5 button on my inner elevator to again exist in Flow. Just today. I spoke to a friend. I brought up one of the very subjects that contributed to my “fall” and I felt myself being pulled into the lower emotions. I had to stop and literally say again and again, “I am strong. I am Peace. All is well. All is Perfect”. And I didn’t stop until again I felt myself humming from my “perch” as I like to call it. (smile)

      Thank you for sharing, Tao. In your sharing, I shared that which is truly existing in my Life. It is soul stirring, Heart warming, and totally awesome!!

      From my Heart to your Heart,

  11. The reality you see is not the reality you have faith is coming into being. That is why it is called faith. But you are all giving me faith in things not seen in numerous ways I cannot explain in linear, space and time-based, language. I will continue to strengthen my messages of inspiration to the soul matrix and to the earth’s plasma core and to the spheres and other energetic beings. As long as you are in a strong intention to connect to limitlessness or infinity for yourself, and you take precious time to access 3rd to 12th dimensional levels of consciousness, allowing yourself to BE and discern truth, your spiritual powers will strengthen. Love is made manifest through each of us. Your discussions are great encouragement to me, as living proof, to keep doing invisible work that does not pay immediate dividends in material ways. You are giving me strength to continue this creative exercise as I witness the messages growing stronger, coming through in your writings, coming through in Earth changes, coming through as I am physically released from day to day responsibilities and expectations I have for myself. You have shown me that the soul matrix is indeed waking up and wanting to be engulfed in love. That is enough for me to continue putting a priority and significance on conceptualizing my dreams awake. You have also made me aware that my self-doubt, depression, fatigue and emotional releases are affecting all of us. Thank-you dear friends for being honest with your current struggles, reminding me to ask for help. I write this, not to draw attention to myself, but to firmly ground faith and hope into our physical reality. Every time light workers practice theta healing, demonstrate joy in suffering, patiently listen for inspiration in silence, these spiritual dimensions are firmly grounded to our earth sphere. Then whenever, wherever another human being raises their hands and eyes to heaven to ask for help, your solutions and inspirations will be available to them. This is how we’re all lifting humanity from the low-vibration matrix of fear, greed and destruction. Raise your vibrations for yourself, through the sweet incense of gratitude. There is only one way to life and being alive.

  12. I am saving myself a lot of anguish. How? Basically I have chosen to dive into Life, and what happens, happens. When 12-21-12 came and went I was devastated. When I heard about all the hoop la, I was convinced this is it, and climbed on board to a train going nowhere.

    So many of us put our lives on hold, and due to the repeated promises of soon, etc, kept putting our lives on hold.

    I made a solid decision to start moving. And stay that way. I got my head unwrapped from this obsession I had about Ascension. Yes, new is coming in, but at a very slow rate, yet change is always like that. People do NOT like change, for it is scary, even IF that change is for the better.

    I know there is a “process” unfolding, but to focus on that, will drive you out of your mind. I focus on Life, and how to continue my Journey, remembering I am divine, and how to use that knowing to the best of my ability.

    I know the suffering that still continues in this world but I choose to focus on big puffy clouds like I did today, getting lost in the beauty, and sending that energy out to All That Is. I refuse to feed the negative. I just won’t do it. No, I am in denial that is exists in this realm, for I have been at the receiving end of some mighty hard punches.

    So, if I can choose to dive with both feet back into Life and to just allow the Process to BE, and flow with my Life, and trust All is in order, and focus on beauty, and create Love and Peace………THAT will give one Peace of Mind.

    Now yes come the times of Trial by Fire and I will be the first to admit, I fall into fear, I fall into despair, I fall into grief. Oh yes. And I scream and I rant and I cry and I give voice to that pain, and yes, question the heavens, but when all is said and done, I get right back on that elevator and push 5. As in Higher Perspective and I stay there.

    Not easy. Who ever said the Path of Masterhood was easy? If it was, the whole world would be doing it, versus a few thousand at best.

    WOO-HOO! The words are flowing again! Tingle! OH MY GOD! It has been so long that the words have been gone!!!!! Things are looking up!!!!


    1. Dear Amy, You put into words precisely what happened to me since 12-21-2012. It is so good that You decided to go forth again, but let me tell you that a while ago that was simply not possible. Only now do you KNOW what to do and which direction to go, and maybe you don’t, but surely it WILL come. Once you have the momentum going, things will fall into place, I know it.
      I Love You so much Amy,
      My heart is connected to Yours,

      1. LOL @ Jay! I still have NO idea where I am heading. I am just DOING and BEing in the doing. And yes, here and there, things do seem to be falling into place. Nothing major, yet there is a definite shift. Do I have a plan? No. Plan for what I ask? So I walk like the blind who have the faith that the earth is under my feet, and the sky is above my head, and that All That Is in within me. In the walking out and living, this is where the “plan” will just simply fall into place. (smile) It’s when we go against the current we tend to get nowhere.

        Big (((HUGS))), Amy

        1. That’s what I’m doing Amy, with my daughter. Walking blindly, with Faith in the outcome, when the plan falls into place. When everything will make sence and everything will be well.
          You are me, I am you

    2. …and I really love your flying words, dear Amy 🙂

      I have been out walking a couple of hours this evening, listening to a musician by the lake, picked some fragrant plants to my friend, and really enjoy life and the different fragrancies of the late summer. To really live here and now and give your gratitude to the Universe for being able to do that is very important, even if you are in a hard and rough part in this ascension. Here and now – don´t worry about tomorrow. Just BE.

      Much love to you all,


      1. My Love to you, Birgitta. Speaking of Live, I go now to help hubs clean out our barn. Fun? Wow!

        And yes, it is SO important to have a “light” heart and to be grateful for all we do have. I do the same as you do…..getting lost in the beauty of Nature. That has saved my sanity more times then I can say……

        Love, Amy

        1. …..getting lost in the beauty of Nature. That has saved my sanity more times then I can say……

          Yes Amy – it really has for me too. To surrender to mother earth and get rid of the anxiety – is one of the most powerful experiences I ever had 🙂



  13. ♥¸.•*´♥¸.• ♥¸.•*´♥¸.• ♥
    ♥¸.• ♥¸.•*´♥¸.• ♥
    ♥¸.•*´♥¸.• ♥
    ♥ ¸.• ♥
    / \ …glad to read your posts, Stevie, and those of each one here…♥♥♥!

  14. Dear Aisha, Although this missive doesn’t contain any solid news, it is so nice that it helps us to connect to eachother and to be able to feel the Love that is ever present in he Pond.
    My Love to you All, and again, thank you Aisha for making this all possible.

  15. Dear All,

    I for one am happy when I get these kinds of messages. I like the information and not the fluff.

    Last night, I had a Skype session with a colleague in Norway and in the middle, we both felt we were zoning out. We were able to receive energetic treatments which are so familiar to us. The feeling of being under “anesthetic” while being coated with Light – kind of like Teflon.

    The information that Aisha was told today is exactly what I have been told lately. The clean up is in full swing. They are not telling you this but I am. (Hope I don’t get court martialed for this.) Yes, there is a lot going on behind the scenes that they aren’t talking about to protect us. They told me yesterday that “It’s better you shouldn’t know everything.” No, the symptoms we are experiencing have zero to do with any personal baggage or “ascension.” Our neurological systems are simply overloaded from turbulence. It is a clash of massive amounts of + energies flooding the earth and the remaining pockets of – coming to the surface. It is all coming to a head. My words exactly: “I feel it in my bones that something major is about to happen.” This posting also reconfirmed what I have said for the past few weeks. The guides are pretty much on military black-out. Sometimes I can get through for a briefing but lately, most of the time it’s no communication. Just “we are here and can’t talk.” My husband who was in the army for years said that actually this is a good sign. When there are operations on and things are “cooking,” there are black-outs. So, things are not stalled by any means. The opposite. That’s why we are suffering so much. They are moving at a very fast pace in order to get the show on the road. They want it as bad as we do.

    Sometimes, when I am particularly being a thorn in their backside, I press the guides for information in “human terms.” I say to them – what is your estimate in the human calendar? And most of the time they will answer “soon” or “very soon” – much like you’d answer a three year old in a car on the way to the beach. Can a toddler understand time?
    My gut feeling – sometime this summer. I think we are going to be in for very unpleasant turbulence for at least another week or so. Do I think this is going to clear? Yes. Do I think this will have a positive outcome? Absolutely. Do I feel like crap? Most of the time now.

    Whenever I hear things that don’t resonate with me – especially the stuff about the “illusion,” I ignore them. I don’t always understand and I certainly don’t always agree. We are not expected to be sheep and follow things blindly. Trust your gut. Rule #1. Ask yourself if it makes sense. Rule #2.

    One last point that I think is important. Last night – when I was able to get through – we talked about how essential it is to be together during this intensive blasting. It is easy to hibernate and this is the worst thing to do!
    Isolation is feeding this. I absolutely stick to my (sorry CC’s) SCHEDULE. They don’t understand it but when we are in a framework, it helps us. Getting up at a certain time, going to sleep at a certain time. Humans need it. I rest more and take more breaks but it is important to keep moving.
    One little tip I can suggest is something we do here in Israel. It is called Friday Night Dinner. It is traditional that families and friends get together. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive. Everyone can bring something. This little tradition (which can be on any night of the week or weekend) brings a sense of love and belonging into the home. It is entirely different than going to a restaurant. The food is cooked and infused with love. The table is set with love. Invite others who are on their own. It forms tremendous community bonds. No matter how crappy I feel, I never give up on it. It energizes us. Try it. Love, Susan

    1. Dear Susan, everytime I feel wobbly You are able to set me right back on my feet again. Yes, I feel very much like a toddler in this process. It’s all new and needing of adjustment all the time. And patience, a toddler doesn’t have much of that in store!
      Thank you for your presence and your down to earth comments!
      My Love to You,

    2. Thanks, Susan. It really helps me to hear from others who clearly have the “street cred” of strong spiritual experience to say they feel crappy right now. I feel like my head is going to explode and that I’m being squeezed from all sides. All I want to do is hibernate and sleep through all of this!!

    3. Thanks as always Susan! The black-out and lack of information of course does make military sense. Doesn’t make it less frustrating, but it does make sense. I totally agree on having a schedule, it’s harder in the summer but I am working on it!
      Much love,

    4. Susan, I am giggling because for us it is Sunday dinner coming from a relatively “christian” surrounding even though I would consider myself pagan, my daughter sometimes goes to Shabbat on friday at her friend’s house and we do all share together time in the physical. I totally agree with you and look forward to it.

      Funny because i took the entire weekend “off” to rest and am really feeling much better. I know it is not “personal baggage” at this point but my nervous and immune systems are very heightened and so the energy does act as a trigger for my symptoms. but lovingly giving myself a break assists so much. When it came to sunday, miraculously because I adore cooking for my family and children, I had all the energy I needed!

      I do feel that reaching out to other Beings who understand is Key, but I have felt less inclination to read about “what’s going on” and simply focusing with love on my day to day and creating love and peace in my space of love here on earth. What will BE is going to unfold perfectly as it should and I am completely happy with that–better to sit in the heart and in relatively patience and peace for the perfect thing to occur than to rush it and be dissatisfied!

      Big hugs girl! Feel better! Alex

      1. Dearest Susan, I too thank you for your insistence of getting through, of getting answers. I applaud you for your efforts! You won’t be court martialed for what you are doing (in my opinon), but rather yoou will get the Medal of Valor and Honor! BIG (((HUGS))) !!!

  16. Hi Aisha, CC’s and all pond members,

    I have been a regular reader and follower for over a year now, but have never taken the time to join in the conversation, although I love to read everyone’s posts. After today’s message however, I know that I have to commit to communicating with everyone here, because I need the support and sharing that CC’s so often refer to. I, like many here I am sure, have been devoted to my spiritual path for over three decades now.
    I have had so much hope that that I would finally awaken and manifest the life I’ve yearned for and been told is here for the taking by all of the spiritual teachers, ascended masters, etc., yet nothing seems to be changing. Lately I’ve felt so much sadness, depression, fatigue, hopelessness….I’ve begun to wonder if anything I’ve believed in for over 35 years is true! I’m sorry that my first post is a downer, but we’re supposed to share right? I need to connect with the Pond and find some peace and faith so that I can continue to carry and share my light as I believe I am meant to.
    Thanks to everyone for being here.

    Stevie in Madison, WI

    1. Dear Stevie! Welcome to this Pond, and thank you for reaching out to us all! I know you will find much support from this family of light. You are certainly not alone in struggling at the moment, but as the CCs say, there is indeed strength in numbers, so I thank you for adding your light to this space. I know you will give as much back to everyone here as I know they will give to you.
      With love and light from me, Aisha

      1. Thanks, Aisha
        It’s been too long that I’ve been reading your amazing posts and not saying enough thank-yous…it was a wonder for me when I discovered you and the CC’s in February 2012…since then I always rush to my in-box in the morning hoping for the latest missive…way to go in building an amazing online community!

        1. Come on. Stevie. one more try. Chin up. we push the dark clouds away. Keep the faith. We are the bridge to change. The bravehearts. Yalla.yalla.

          1. 💞 Michilyn 💞

            It has been such JOY witnessing how you are remembering Who You Are. It is such a Great Honor that you are my brother.

            From my 💖 to your 💖, “Pinkie”

    2. Dear Stevie, I had just the same thoughts about my sanity and my believe in the ascencion process. However I feel it’s just my mind calling out. My heart knows all is true. I just want my mind to be still.

      1. Thanks, JayJay…I read your posts from last week and saw that your daughter has cancer…my heart goes out to you. I’m a mother also, and while I am not currently confronted with a serious illness in my child, I often worry about how my own pain and depression will affect my children…my daughter sees me working with all my tools: crystals, oracles, channellings, etc. but then doesn’t always find a cheery, light-filled mom, which breaks my heart. Just one of several reasons that I wish I could ascend above my dsyfunctional past and be the beautiful example of faith and peace that I would like to be for my children.
        I hope you are holding up as you care for your daughter.

        1. Stevie, I hear ya too. I have two sons and the past 2 years since all this started they’ve seen me go from happy and healthy to depressed and sick/fatigued a lot of the time. I don’t like them to see me that way too much b/c I don’t want them worrying about me…which means I have to fake how I feel a lot…which takes energy…etc. I’m sure you know what I mean! I am focusing now on “one day at a time” and trying – nowhere near successfully – not to think too much beyond that. I hope you’ll keep posting here.

          1. Hi Les,

            I know the feeling of fatigue all too well…I think one permanent image my kids will have of me is that I am constantly napping…even when I get home from work at 6 I may lay down for an hour or so…thanks for sharing. So nice to hear from another Mom!

        2. Dear Stevie,
          Today we had a really terrible day at the hospital. We are all at home now, which is always nice. I was feeling awful, but just connecting with this Pond of Love has lifted my spirits as nothing else can. I hope it may be so for You as well.
          My Love you,

          1. Dear JayJay,
            I’m so sorry about your day at the hospital….how old is your daughter? What a brave girl she must be!! My son has had several surgeries since he was a baby for a birth defect and will have more in the future…I know all too well how heart-wrenching it is to see them go through painful procedures.
            I do feel better since I jumped into the Pond today. Now that I’m here, I’m not leaving…I’ve been missing you all too much 🙂

            1. We don’t want to miss You!
              Our daughter, Vive is 13. She was 10 when she first had this disease. She has a sister, Lara who just turned 11.
              They are very, very close.
              Love, JayJay

        3. Stevie and Jay, I understand 100% what you are saying and why. My heart truly goes out to both of you. I have been on this “path” so long, and at times, I am so frustrated and feel why WHY have I done this? For what?

          I just live Life. From the Higher Perspective leaving all my questions and “expectations” behind, getting immersed in my immediate Now, and doing the best I can in every moment of NOW. I apply what I am remembering and I trust that whatever is due to happen, shall.

          I am very grateful to Aisha for these Missives for many of them have prepared me for the “‘energy forecast” giving me a heads up in what to expect so that I can plan my day, or I can adjust my schedule to accommodate the energies that at times basically pound me.

          Stevie, welcome aboard to this Family and I for one am very happy for you that you have found the courage to step forward to let us hear you!

          BIG (((HUGS)))

    3. Stevie, same here, and I also feel I should share the way I manage thru this. Just a few hours back I was fully immersed in this gloomy feeling of having enough of this, and today’s post was a fresh balm, thanks to Aisha. Bashar described this as being an ego attempt to scare us out of our path, and acknowledging it as a ‘potential choice, but refused’, is usually enough to send it away, he simply craves for attention, . This alone might not do it for me, so I was also shown in 2010, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that we are all taken care of from the higher realms. I lost absolutly everything and faced homelessness in the winter. I thought I’d lay on a train track to solve the problem, and at the planned day, they told me to wait, that everything would be ‘fine’. 4 days later I received a small inheritance and they told me I would have enough to reach the end, and asked me to never doubt again that we have helping guides beyond the visible. Trust me, they love the last minute bail out thing, like we see in almost every movies.

      I admit I lack patience for the unfolding of the divine plan, and my tolerance is wearing thin in regard of expressions like ‘dear ones’, ‘soon’ and ‘it is happening NOW’. I feel part of a burning orphenage with angels surrounding it, sipping their capuccinos, waiting for everything to turn to ashes. On the day after 12/21/2012, I was puzzeled by the question: ”Is God a hoax?” I came to the unescapable conclusion that ”a cabal”, with its level of consciousness, could not create an ‘ascension hoax’, evil could not imagine Love. Conclusion; Love is absolutly in charge of everything, and the timing has to be exactly perfect. Plus, millions have gone thru near death experiences and they almost all witness to the same things; our world is a stage, and we are all in God’s hands. But as Alice in Wonderland, we sometimes have to slay a dragon or two before we collect our prize. One of my favorite mantra is; ‘go with the flow’.

      1. Hi Nayan,
        I had already started a long post in response to your post to me, then had a drama-filled meeting at work that left me so angry I returned immediately to my desk and shut everything down and left for the day…sadly losing what I had already begun writing. Doesn’t that just say it all? I had written that I’ve considered ending it all many a time, due to the intense pain and suffering I’ve felt during my life, despite outward appearances (married with children, healthy, financially stable, very friendly and outgoing) that would make people gasp with surprise if they knew the depth of my despair at times.
        In my circle of friends, I’m known as the “spiritual” one, who knows much that is interesting to all, but again, they don’t know the crippling despair and depression that I feel often.
        Right now I’m living with my husband of 16 years, and both of us eagerly want to get divorced, but have been waiting to move forward until our house sells, but it has just sat and sat with only negative feedback for 5 months now. When I had the realization over a year ago that we needed to divorce because we often bring out the worst in each other, I thought that everything would unfold perfectly, because I was following a divine plan. Instead, we are still “trapped”, and I suffer a feeling of psychological “hell” frequently.
        Yet, I try and find the reason behind it all and keep surrendering and keep working on Trust and Faith. Just last night, my husband got into an argument with our realtor which prompted her to fire us as clients.
        So…more drama. But I will continue to persevere!

    4. Hi Stevie!
      I love feeling new ripples in the Pond! So glad you jumped in.
      Used to visit Wisconsin quite often when I lived in Northern Indiana. We vacationed at Rice Lake several times. Really nice up there.
      Thank you for being here.

      1. Thanks for the welcome,Sally! Wisconsin is a beautiful state for sure! We moved here from Chicago 7 years ago…turned out to be a good place to work on the ascension process….

        1. Chicago… wow… more memories! Haven’t been there since the late 80’s but in my opinion… Chicago = FOOD! Lol. I’ve been on the west coast now for 30 years and I still miss the Midwest restaurants. Love the freshness and lightness of the food here, but there’s not a decent truck stop or pizza joint to be found. Ha.
          It’s been so nice meeting you. You are a sweet and caring soul… jus’ tryin’ to keep things real… which makes co-workers, and well, people in general, nervous and their minds go crazy with jealousy.
          I’m grateful for who you are…. you make the this world a better place.
          Keep on truckin’…

  17. Grazie Aisha e Compagni Costanti!
    ANCHE questa volta ho trovato la frase che perfettamente racconta la mia esperienza: durante la meditazione al Pond mi è venuta in mente la frase dell’amico Alessandro, colui che mi fece conoscere il Manuscript of Survival e ….. immediatamente ho sentito fortissima arrivare l’energia …. anche lui era lì, ne sono certa!
    Un abbraccio sorridente e riconoscente. 🙂

  18. … “as you gnash your teeth once again…” hahahahahahahahahahahahahah
    … “soon” (yes, that dreaded word again)… hahahahahahahahahahahhhah
    I utterly enjoyed this message… great sense of humour…

    1. I agree, I was just thinking to myself, soon, soon? Again soon, all he time soon… And you are right, the pain we are in doesn’t allow ‘just around the corner’ for much longer… It’s flaring up like something else.
      Love, JayJay

      1. Deep breathing, JJ!!!! Come on, you can do this!

        I still am “seeing” Vive on roller skates grinning from ear to ear.

        Tell her I Love you for the Bright Star she is! I “see”.

        With all my Love,

        1. JayJay, I tenderly wrap my Golden Wings around you and hold you tight. I won’t let go. Never. Never is a L O N G time.

          Forever I Am with you.

          It’s OK to cry, Luv.

          It’s OK not to be the strong one all the time.

          When you look at the lake, I AM the clouds, I AM the wind, I AM the water. I AM you standing looking at Me.

          There is no death. We are Eternal. From before time began.

          I Love you, Bravest of the Brave. It is such an honor to have you in my life.

          I AM Life, I AM Love, I AM Light,
          Yours forever,

    2. Would you mind to blaze your mental agony a littler softer into this water?
      I am sensitiv. By the way do you have enough to eat? A job? A home?
      Wifi? may the pond be with you.

  19. Funny, it was the first time i took someone else to the pond with me.
    I will keep the faith and do my daily breathing as usual.
    In a cosmic timeframe soon will be soon enough.
    I don´t like time anyway. It all falls into place with or without it.
    I drink my tea during the waiting.
    Prigogine rules o.k.

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