The manuscript of survival – part 338

Dear ones, you have been under the spell of this huge influx of energy for quite a while now, but still, some of you will struggle to find your balance in all of this shifting and rearranging. That is only to be expected, for as you all have your own indiviual setup, your physical body and indeed your emotional one will act accordingly. In other words, you might find yourself sailing in a slightly different direction than those around you at the moment, but do not let that worry you. For you will feel within just what is right and what is not, and there is no need to try to force yourself against the wind. Or in other words, even if many around you report much of the same, there is no cause for alarm if you feel yourself drifting off in a very different direction. For these winds will take you just where it is meant for you to go, and as such, as long as you follow your inner guidance, you too will find that safe harbour you seem to seek so futilely for at the moment.

For remember, you are all heading for port after a very, very long journey, but even if your destination is the same, the route getting there will vary according to what you bring to this whole operation. For you all carry different seeds to be sown, and just like Mother Nature, you need to spread your seeds where the conditions for them to grow are favourable. So again we say, all is well, and follow your gut feeling, as you like to call it. And know that whatever you do, it will indeed be beneficial, both in the short term, but mostly in the long term. For you are the sowers of the seeds of love, and these seeds must be spread far and wide, in all sorts of conditions and in all the directions of the compass. For some of you, most of your seeding will be done close to home, while for others, your work will perhaps start a little bit later, and will bring you even further afield. So again we say, your journey is like no one else’s, so do not make the mistake of panicking if you at times lose sight of your fellow travellers. For you are all moving towards that same goal, but you are doing so at slightly different angles.

So rest assured that whatever happens next, and wherever you might suddenly find yourself called to go – or to stay put – you are doing exactly what you are supposed to do, and you are doing so in the right location. For some, it will be a little like the busy bee, buzzing to and fro, never at rest, while for others, they will feel much more sedentary and even idle. But again we say, both of you will be doing the same job, but you will do it in the manner and at the speed that has been deemed as the perfect one for you. And the results will be the same, so no need to worry about not ”contributing” your part. For you are all giving everything you have to this, and we do mean that in a very literal sense, as it is your very presence on this planet in this phyiscal body that is ensuring the success of this whole endeavour. So again we thank you all, and we say to you keep sailing, and know that these winds, no matter how hard they blow or from what direction they come, will bring you to your designated port at the designated time.

81 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 338

    1. Well, I suppose he, like all of us trying to Be Love, is talking about just letting go of all the baggage. However, I can’t say that “knocking it off of someone’s shoulder” is quite the way I’d go about it. 🙂 🙂 Interesting.

  1. Teasy, I don’t know if you will see this, but just in case you do, I had a rather unique encounter yesterday with mosquitos.

    Now, on our property, one acre in all, and even in the wild part, I do not get bitten by mosquitos. Even my husband this year asked me in surprise where all the mosquitos are this year.

    This is because I have intended for years that there shall be no biting or harmful insects on our property.

    OK. Getting back to yesterday. I went over to my neighbor’s yard to talk for a few minutes and in that time, I observed that mosquitos where very evident especially around this one woman, who I was standing right next to. When mosquitos came near me, I gently with my hand swatted them away and my mind saying, NO. I even swatted them away from her, and they complied. This woman did not even notice what I did, and I did not point out what I did. She wouldn’t have believed me if I did say anything.

    “When the pupil is ready, the teacher arrives.” These people definitely are not ready for the teacher.

    So the entire time, about 20 minutes in all, I was not bitten. Interesting. And here one house over from us, there exists mosquitos.

  2. JayJay – We are ALL here for you. One thing I personally can offer you is the knowing that many of our illnesses will be cured – painlessly and efficiently. This is not science fiction. I am a health care professional. I have worked with Sirian medical teams for years. They started working with human health care professionals in Israel since the 1990’s. Some of this work has been discrete and some completely above board. There is a chain of addiction clinics with an 80% success rate with nicotine – using ET technology! (Aharonson clinics.) I have seen amazing results. 2 of our patients were completely cured of “incurable” lung cancer. I had uterine fibroids which “mysteriously” disappeared to the complete disbelief of the doctor who did an ultrasound after 4 months of ET treatments. Find Adrien Dvir’s book (he passed away but you can probably still find it on line) and read about his work. He was the “father” of healing. Aisha’s friend in Norway also does this. Ask her permission for his details.

    So, what’s the situation right now? Since December, the medical teams (which are everywhere in the world) have been called “up” from ground level. They were pulled back and placed on craft while the massive clean-up proceeded. They are slowly starting to come back but are still not on ground level at the hospitals and clinics. The energetic treatments and medical treatments were temporarily suspended while the clean up was going on. Soon (as I am always told) – there will be able to return to work. In which case, you will be able to access them directly if you know how to channel or thru someone who can make a request for you in your home city. If you need to contact me personally, feel free at

    The days of poisoning or radiating cancer will soon be over. I have seen the teams work. They have portable CT and MRI scanners which can give read outs on everything that is happening in the body. They can pick up cancer while it is in the cellular stage. They surround the tumors and cut off their food supply. They shrink tumors. They heal tissue. They heal bodies. No, they cannot cure everything. When the state of illness has spread throughout the body to all the organs and lymphatic system, it is not always possible to offer a recovery. In most cases, where there is localized – YES. I have had lots of treatments and you feel positively high. You are under “anesthesia” where you are aware of everything but feel no pain – only bliss. You do not want to come out of it. I have seen a little machine of some sort that looks like a rotary blade of a boat above my head.

    The doctors of today are only JUST beginning to understand that you don’t wage a war on illness. You heal it. Dr. Agus just came out with a best seller in the States — the End of Illness. A mainstream doctor. Dr. Oz. Dr. Andrew Weil. Starting to get the message out to the dinosaurs that there are alternatives.

    THIS is the message I want the CC’s to get out. This isn’t about sailing on some river. Enough of the fluff. This is about TACHLIS (to the point in Hebrew.) Giving us the tools for clean energy, better medical care, modes of transportation to distribute food. (Contrary to what people think – there IS enough food to feed the world.) Yes, we will be ONE but the ONE has to be fed and nourished. Here I go again…..

    I am only in very brief contact with the security and communication teams presently. There is a lot of moving around and I haven’t spoken to my “regular” medical teams since the winter. They are working like bees in the hive getting ready for some event which is being closely guarded to avoid any chance of sabotage. Yesterday they said that everything is fine. No problems, despite how we FEEL. I told them we were worried and they nearly blasted me back with the word NO!!!!! They said they are always here although during cleaning they are mostly off line. We are very much loved. The end to this nightmare is almost over. Help – including medical – will come. I cannot believe it will be much longer. All the signs are there – the constant encouragement. The fever pitch of the activity. The flooding of the earth with Light….. Hang on.

    Your sister in Light,


    Please forgive me Aisha dear in once again overstepping my place on this blog….

    1. Beloved sister, you are just doing what you are meant to do. For the CCs are giving us this information, but they are doing it through YOU. Thank you again for what you bring to this space, and to this world!
      With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

    2. God bless you, Susan! Thank you for bringing this information forth. It has only made me more determined to again do my work in the Spirit on behalf of Vive and JayJay.

      I dream of being a Health Professional once again, only working with medicine that HEALS. You don’t know how many times, the thought crossed my mind to go back to work, but then I would shudder inside, and I know I could not work within a system I do not believe in.

      With all my Love,

    3. Be blessed dear Susan for what you are doing. Thank you for your updates about what is happening behind the scene.
      Last year I saw a video on you tube with Gregg Briden and it was amazing how a woman in a hospital in Beiging-China, with 7 cm tumor in 3 minutes was healed in the presence of three spiritual practitioners by telling a mantra with only few words -“it’s happening now”. On a big screen could be seen what is happening in her body and how the tumor is shrinking, while the practitioners are picturing her tumor shrinking and believing in it while saying the three key words – it’s happening now. I just wonder how big are the humans abilities we have abandoned through the time, just because of the disinformations. So many lives were lost because of that…and now it seems so simple – feel and spread love. That way you are preventing the God enegy=Universal energy to flow properly and you are healing yourself and provide a good health for yourself. In the same time with spreading love and light to others you heal all others around you. My gratitude to you once again dear sister. Hugs to you and to all beloved sisters and brothers around this Pond. Sonja

  3. I very much feel idle. “In waiting” would be more appropriate. Yet calm and somehow knowingly trusting that all is well. To many changes in my professional life appear as ‘all is imploding’. So many changes that I can’t see how all can end well for me.

    1. Dear Guy, thank you for joining this circle of love and for bringing your light here! I know you will find much support at this Pond, and I hope that it will help you to stay in the now and just BE.
      Much love from me, Aisha

  4. Ahhhh….breathe in…love….breathe out…gratitude. Gratitude for the opportunity to be incarnated at this time and see the miraculous changes afoot! Gratitude for the ability to release all the past Karma and soul contracts and move into uncharted waters where All paths are valid and necessary and diversity in the ONE is honored! Thanks for this message today Aisha baby. Feeling as if I “had” to be productive but my vibration said “Rest” and so, even though I kind of fought it for a while…NOW I will rest and enjoy the reset…Much love to all! 🙂 Alex

  5. Yesterday a word picture of an idle sailboat fell out of my fingertips. I read it for the first time after it was written, just the same as you. I’m not possessed, sometimes I just turn off my internal dialogue and let the spirit flow through me. And today the missive mentions sailing in the wind.
    I’m amazed. Life just keeps getting more wonderful.

    1. Now that you mention it: the dat before yesterday I was reading a magazine on sailing, twice! I never read these magazines fot many years, but saw them in a waiting room. I felt the urge to buy a sailing boat too, but they cost more then my house…

        1. Nice going dear Amy,
          I don’t know where we are sailing to, but things are not looking very hopeful. The news is not getting any better. Sure could use some help.
          Love you,

          1. Oh no JayJay, I am so sorry to hear that! I felt so confident after the last meditation and I know you did too. I know you won’t give up hope. Praying for you and your family and asking again for AARaphael the healer, and AAChamuel the comforter, to be with you all.
            With love,

            1. Dear Leslie,
              Hope was far away yesterday, but with your help and all others at the POND we had a wonderful day today. I hadn’t heard of AAChamuel before, but his energy was with us all day.
              I dread tomorrow, but hey we live in the NOW!
              My Love and gratitude to you dear Leslie!
              Hugging You, JayJay

              1. Dear JayJay, please forgive my presumption here as well as my bringing up painful things for you. I don’t know your exact situation. I’ve only starting reading these comments recently, but I believe you have said that Vive has bone cancer(?). And I’m sure you have tried every treatment possible already. But IF it is such that they have said that a bone marrow transplant would help, and you all are waiting on a donor, I want you to know that I would like to get tested to see if by some crazy chance I might be a match for her. I don’t know how all of that works, but if I could help in this way, I want to.

                Much love to you,
                Anna Helen

                1. Anna, I am almost certain that bone marrow would only be appropriate for Leukemia. Please don’t take my word for this, as my brain is so tired at the moment.

                  The prayers that were said this day, connected to The Great Cosmic Mother and power from Her was received by you, Jay, and your daughter. Anything more, I do not know. I do though, will say, that at times, I was so with One with Her and All That Is there were absolutely no barriers, and, Her tears slid down my face as well. My heart was Her Heart as She felt your pain, Jay. I kept hearing, “I have a Mother’s Heart”.

                  I asked for complete healing of Vive’s cancer and the source of that cancer NOW and in every NOW moment for all Eternity. Those words were heard. As for the outcome, I was not told.

                  IF bone marrow would help your daughter, I would be willing to be tested as well.

                  I Love you, my Brother!

                  In Love, Peace, and HOPE, Amy

                2. Dear Anna Helen,
                  That is really too much of an offer, and it is not part of the treatment for Vive. I Love You for this though and I thank You with all my heart.
                  Vive had recurrent Ewing Sarcoom, it is a type of bonecancer in children.
                  Today we will hear if it has spread to her right leg as well or if it is just her left leg.
                  Love to you Anna Helen,

          2. I said what I did to make you smile, Jay. I don’t think I succeeded, though.

            I honestly don’t know what to say. Words are just not enough. Prayers are just not enough. Intentions are just not enough.

            I don’t know how to console you. I don’t know why there is still suffering in this world. I don’t know why your precious daugher is going through this.

            I don’t know.

            All I do know, I am here to give you (((HUGS))), and I am here to Love you.

            I wish I had the answers. I wish the greedy pharm companies would patent the cancer cures.

            I wish your daughter was cancer free.

            I LOVE you, JayJay. I in no way can or want to imagine what you are going through.

            With all my Heart, Amy

          3. JayJay, if I may make a suggestion….. don’t hold back on your emotions… especially here at the Pond. You know this is a very safe place to let your Self show through. (What happens at the Pond, stays at the Pond!) If you feel the need to let go in any fashion, I say let’er rip.., if you are moved to do so.
            We are All here to listen and to support. Whether we comment on your specific posts or not, we are Family and we are Loving you in our own way. So, say what you need to say to possibly get a better understanding of what you are experiencing… or to just vent.
            You have given so much of your Light and Love to us… now let us give some of that back… by just Be-ing here.
            From my Heart to Yours.

            1. I Love You Sally!!!
              If only you could see my daughters. They are so wonderful! True Angels.
              Love to You, You wonderful Be-ing.
              My Heart to Your Heart.
              You sail high and far Sally!

          4. Dear JayJay, I love you, I love your daughter, I love your family. I send you all my blessings, my love and my prayers, and I thank you for allowing us all to do the same. We are ONE, now and forever.

              1. JayJay, today I go into deep meditation and prayer for you and your daughter. Whatever it takes, push fear away. I will not let you down, my most Cherished Brother. Today is another day, and I will not give in to weariness, I will not give in to sadness.

                I do what I know what to do. I work in Spirit. And there I stay until I know I have been heard.

                I LOVE you, JJ! Know it, feel it, BE it!

                BIG (((HUGS))),

                1. My dear Amy,
                  (tears) I want to thank you and Aisha and all fellow Pondmembers for your Love and for the perfect day we had today. We spend the day in Amsterdam. We hardly ever go there, and it was just wonderful to be ‘out’. It was sunny and warm. A parking space was there waiting for us. We were welcomed by strangers, calling my girls princesses (they don’t dress the part). We had a perfect day, it was like holiday. Thank you, thank you, thank you (Sally!).
                  I Love You All!
                  Your JayJay
                  I love You All!

                2. You are my greatest warrior of Love!
                  Unwavering, darkness flees at the sight of Your Light.
                  LOVE TO YOU, JayJay

      1. Dear Jay Jay, sorry for intruding into your business … but I understand what you’re going through … I have not researched much about the solutions to different types of cancer, but my mother would have done a double marrow transplant, her own marrow … they do not betting on her life more than three years and she is living over 10 …. I must say that it is not the general trend, but I want you to know that there are options, there are always options, if not find a compatible bone marrow have the option to try their own bone if believes it can be a solution for this type of cancer …
        Not much more to say about this subject, I know that much you say nothing will help, I know you’re doing much just by being there, you have all my support and unconditional love ….I send you all my ligth right to your family…I will be here if is kink of help
        Much love dear Jay Jay. God bless Vibe

    1. For those wondering whether to spend the time watching this I can highly recommend it. I came across several years ago and its probably the most inspirational TED talk that is so pertinent to where we are going…

    2. I read her book, ‘My Stroke of Insight’ a few years back.
      How wonderful to see her and hear her speak of her experience.
      With my jaw still on the floor… and my heart pounding…
      Thank you.

  6. sailing into our ports…..I am so grateful to have been released from my inner hermit time of the past couple of weeks and ready to explore outwardly once again. I am loving being at peace with not knowing, been traveling about for 4 years now and part of me has been desiring a home base and some routine. Yet in this newness I am grateful for where I am and have let go of where I am to go. All is temporary, all is change and movement. Feeling the grace flowing in that allows the future seeking mind to quiet. I am staying with the feelings of what I desire rather than any visualizations or ideas of what the future may look like. My heart tells me that we are in the magic lands and to savor each moment of the ride. Savoring

  7. “I could end up anywhere. I like that thought.” Me too! I have said so many times that perhaps the biggest difference between living the kind of life I am living now and the old and “normal” one is that now, I am looking forward to every change, whereas before I was hoping it would all stay predictable and “safe”. I do not know where I will be a year from now, nor what I will be doing, but I just know it will all be as it is meant to be. And YES to the heat as well, it feels like I have this huge furnace inside going full blast.
    Love and light from me, Aisha

  8. Awesome to read all the comments about everyone’s experiences. I’m right there with you, and in my own way!! Love and hugs to all of you!

  9. Thanks Aisha and CC’s. Wonderful post. I hope you are doing well and feel better soon. It seems to me that the heavyest energies have passed or we are just getting more atuned to them. I seem to feel stronger physically and mentally more calm.

    Love to all

    1. Dear Jeff, I am so glad to hear you have a smoother sailing now! My body is still trying to come to terms with these latest waves of energy, but my mind is in a good mood and that makes everything so much easier 🙂 But yes, I do agree that when the energies ease off a bit, I can feel how my physical body has become so much stronger.
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  10. Thanks to Aisha, CC and all of you for letting me know I am not alone with the same thoughts and feelings. Love to us all. J.

  11. Woke up 15 mins or so ago.. Still tired and i feel exhausted too, and dizzy.. Lets see what the day brings :p
    I too was away from home for some days, not that far but still awesome..
    was on an island called amrum from sunday to yesterday, what a beautiful place to be.. Made me feel kind of refreshed and new and i get more and more excited about just traveling through the world all time 🙂
    Hope you all have a nice and refreshing day, my best wishes 🙂

    1. Dear friend, if you find your day to be very much up and down, know that you are in good company! I’m just like the weather here today, sunshine one moment, thunder and rain the next…
      Love and lighting from me, Aisha 😉

      1. always good to know were not alone 🙂
        today is nothing but sitting around, no motivation for big things, not even small.. just watching some movies, interviews or maybe listening to some music.. but im used to it^^
        love and lighting back from me to you too!

  12. Aisha, the posting this morning was right on time for me as surely for many others. I am keeping a copy as a reminder so when I have feelings of stagnation , or of being left behind, or of not contributing enough, I will read it to balance my mental and emotional states.

    I have been reading these very uplifting posts for awhile now but have not come to know who CCs are. Would you please give an explanation of what CC means.

    Thank you so very much for your continued service to humanity and Gaia.
    Love, Light, True, Peace and Abundance to you! 🙂


    1. Dear Abdul! Welcome to this Pond! I am so glad that you find help and support in these messages that I channel. We all need these reminders along the way that we are not alone on this journey, and it helps to be able to share our experiences with others, so I thank you for bringing your light to this space! The CCs is short for The constant companions, the group of entities that I connect with to receive these messages. You can read more about them here
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  13. Today my fateher and mother are sailing to Oslo. I hope they reach the port.
    I think I will be on the busy bee side. Hope your leg is doing better. Love and surprises. Here we go.

    1. Dear Michilyn, I hope your parents will enjoy their trip to Oslo! They will be greeted by the sun – and a few thunderclouds 😉 My leg is doing much better, all of the interesting purple and green colours are starting to fade away now 🙂 Keep flying high my friend, I will stay close to the ground a little while longer.
      Much love from me, Aisha

    1. Yes, yesterday I spent the entire day in bed, read an entire novel, and ate almost nothing. So it goes. There are many having a difficult experiences during these times. I love the message today for the truth contained in it (as always). I am sorta reversed: far afield having to come back to U.S. because of complicated health issues. But it is so comforting to know these things happen for reasons. Having such wonderful and loving friends here and the continued encouragement of the CCs are blessings of immense proportion. Write of your pain here and receive the salve of love. And, for you Aisha, you have my eternal gratitude.

      1. Dear sister, I embrace you and send you my love. What a journey this is! I am so grateful to be able to do it in such wonderful company 🙂
        Love and light from me, Aisha

  14. Beautiful Aisha and the CCs much gratitude as always.

    Had a very interesting confirmation of leaving the old behind with no baggage and rebirthing to the new this morning.

    Firstly I got one of my song messages this morning. This time the line “King of the road” – sure you all know it.

    After that I was called at dawn to go outside and stand on the grass. I had my eyes closed and then suddenly heard and felt this very powerful fluttering near my right ear. I pushed whatever it was away with my hand and refocussed. So then the same effect near my left ear! Again I push it away.

    It then dawns on me it was a bat trying to get my attention and reminded of an experience with a bat in my University room (many years ago!!).

    A little fear came up which I released using my lighten-ing conductor process.

    I went inside and checked my animal totems book. No surprises – bat being the symbol of rebirth!!!

    OK so going forward with no baggage, being reborn – Kings of the Road… not necessarily in a literal sense but in spiritual sense.

    Then I read the CCs message. See the fit!?

    I am sure this is for more than just me – so I share it here.

    Much love and joy to all. Spheres Of Light are with you.

    Philip 😀

    1. Dear Philip, thank you so much for sharing this! It’s an important reminder to literally keep our eyes and our hearts open for the signals we get along the way. As the CCs say, assistance can come in the most unexpected forms and at the most unexpected of times. There is a lot of helpful information available now, both in the form of number sequences, totem animals appearing and other interesting synchronocities that seems to pop up everywhere.
      Love and light from me, Aisha

    2. Awesome experience, Philip. Thank you for sharing. I do feel that finally things are changing/moving forward. Integrations aren’t quite so overwhelming and my body can move and do more.

    3. Thank you Philip, you inspired me to remember to look up deer ‘totem’ as when on a motor bike ride with a friend last night I saw three (one a stag) and another ran across the road right in front of us… but far enough ahead that it wasn’t too dangerous. I double checked deer’s meaning as I thought ‘she’ represents rebirth (and does) :). Also for Stag: If you’ve seen a Stag totem this power animal will guide you to strength and a renewal of your energies. This comes at such a perfect time and I would have totally forgotten to look it up today. None of the three I saw ran from the loud sound of the bike and I knew they were trying to get my attention. (All at different locations.) She also reminds me to be more gentle and patient. My partner will appreciate that.

  15. Planting SEEDS allover for them to grow in to an explosion of LOVE and LIGHT
    Thank you AISHA for this great message
    LOVE Bianka

  16. Hi Aisha,

    Many thanks for this manuscript which is very uptlifting for me in these current days I feel stalled, exhausted and idle !

    Gave a very good day !


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