A short update on the energies

Beloved friends!

I am home again from my journey to the mountains, but I find it difficult to find a way to try to describe all that has happened while I was there. All I can say, is that it is a very, very different person who is sitting here today. For I left the old ”me” behind while I was up there, and I even know exactly where and when it was I literally walked away from the old energetic imprint that used to be me.

Change never comes easy, and for me, it has been accompanied with a whirlwind of emotions. Sadness, even a feeling of mourning for what I am leaving behind, and a deep, deep sense of gratitude and love for the overwhelming connection I have felt with All of creation, to the point of BEing one with the gnarled birch outside the cabin, feeling the wind rustling my leaves, and sensing how the sun warmed up the side of the mountain. I have never felt so vulnerable, and at the same time never felt as powerful as during these days, and it is still difficult to find a continuous balance in all of this.  

I have started to read through all that you have shared here in this space while I was away, and I know I am not the only one who has been through a very intense period. At least the Universe has given me a chance to just BE in these energies, for I had to sit with my foot up for the last three days of my vacation because of an injured toe. My toe is healing well, and I know it was for a good reason that I needed to stay put and just concentrate on the energies and try to digest all that has happened.

This process is not over, and this Sunday we have a new Gathering coming up. I have a feeling that these new energies that so many of us have worked with during the first part of this summer will play a major part in that. This morning, I got a new message from the CCs about what is going on now:

”For now, much has been liberated that has been held captive for so long, and so, it is indeed time for you all to start to tap into a whole new resevoar of energy and information. The energies that have been set free during the course of these last two weeks will soon have an impact on you all. We know that many of you have noticed this already, in the form of a physical resonace within your body in ways that you have not been able to acknowledge earlier. But now, you will indeed feel this activity continue to increase, and even if it may at times feel slightly uncomfortable in some ways, at least in the beginning, you will all soon get used to this. And please know that these reverberations that you feel resounding within you is nothing to fear, as they are only signals of activity of a very benign nature. So think of yourselves as tuning forks that are being struck, in order to make this whole planet of yours starting to tune into the same frequency as yours.

For you are indeed wayshowers in all manners and forms, and this time, you will literally set the tune for everyone else to follow. You act as instruments for this new set of energetic vibrations, and you are ringing out in harmony with everyone else that has been attuned to the same level as you. And together, you make up a truly heavenly choir that will make everyone else sit up and listen more closely. They might not be aware of doing so themselves, for at the beginning, it will be their subconsciousness that will start to seek entrainment with the distant voices it hears coming at it from so many different angles. So again we say, all is well, and you are all well on your way of completing such a major change, it will indeed be like being rebirthed through and through. So keep breathing, and know that for every breath you take, you make sure that the voice that you carry within will get all the fuel it needs to continue to sing out as clearly as it already is doing. For it is only through your physical body that these notes from heaven can be heard by the masses, and as such, you must not forget to thank this physical host of yours that is so generously hosting this essence that you call YOU.”

I want to thank each and every one of you for what you continue to bring to this space. The importance of this Pond of love and light has become more and more clear to me through all of this, and I know that it will continue to grow – just like we are all growing and evolving and helping to spread these energies far and wide. It is wonderful to be back home with you, dear family of light :-)!

With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha


As above, so below

105 thoughts on “A short update on the energies

  1. I am grateful to have been guided to your site today, and your words resonate well with the guidance I have also received, which I manifest in poetic form. Thank you for your presence on the Earth and the work you do. Blessings sister

  2. They must have flown right by me, never noticed a thing but for the higher energies. By the way, your apologies count for me too, as I’ve been doing the same thing. However I feel there’s nothing to worry about as we know we don’t mean to hurt, only to love. We have not completed the proces yet, so we are not the divine beings yet as we will be some day. The lower energies of this world still bubble up through us from time to time. This is part of the proces, nothing to ‘worry’ about.
    Love and Light,

  3. Maria,

    I really don’t have all the answers. Right now, I am just trying to get through these intense energies – one day at a time. My guides are off line most of the time now. Something major is happening. My strongest gut feeling is that we have to simply lay low now. Not DO anything. Let them take care of this operation. Let’s try to keep out of their way and then we can move on.

    Really feeling nauseous again this morning….


    1. Dear Susan, same here! My body feels a little bit seasick in these oncoming waves. And I agree, you will know if you are supposed to DO anything at all other than just BE at the moment.
      Much love from me, Aisha

  4. I get those lower energies all the time.
    But no, you can’t have them back.
    I ate them.
    Okay, it tastes a little bitter but it is still energy, that’s what I need.

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