The story behind the pictures

Dear friends!

This is probably the last opportunity I have to log on to my blog before I get home late on Saturday, and I was woken very early this morning and guided to share the story behind the pictures 2, 3 and 4 that I posted in ”A short update from me – part 2”. The pictures were taken during what turned out to be the ”main event” as the CCs call it on our trip to the mountains, and they have told me it is important that you know the full story.

These pictures were taken at lake Gjende, and it is a spot my sister and I have been guided to go to again and again. Every time we visit this part of Norway, we are always drawn to this place at least once, and every time, something very powerful happens.

But after the last time we went there, we were actually convinced that we would not even come back to this area at all. For that was on July 21, 2011, and the next day, a terrorist exploded a bomb in Oslo and then shot and killed 69 youth at a summer camp at Utøya island. It was such a horrendous day, and the memories from it were so strongly associated with us being here, we did not think we could face going back here ever again.

So when we realized that we were actually guided to return this year, and even during the same time period, we knew that sooner or later the time would come for us to revisit that powerful place. And Monday morning, July 22, I woke up and knew that the time had come for us to do so. But when I told my sister this, she said that she was not going with me. She had been through a profound personal transformation that night, and she could not face going anywhere. So it was decided that I was to go in there alone, and she would stay behind and anchor the energies in the cabin, on the other side of the mountains.

I packed the crystals and jumped into the car. It is about 30 minutes drive and an hours’ hike to get to this spot from where we are staying, and usually it is a wonderful trip. But not this time. I felt like I had a giant hand pushing me in the back, urging me on. In addition, the weather had changed drastically over the weekend, it was hot with little wind, and the mosquitoes were relentless. I remember thinking ”this had better be important”, and I was wondering just what to do when I got there. The insects ruled out any form of meditation or lenghty ceremony, so I decided to just bring the crystals down to the water and dip them in. (That is when I took picture number 2.)

I quickly realized that this was not enough, and that the reason I had brought the large quartz, was to offer it up to the lake. I knew that my sister needed to be a part of this, so I called her up and told her what I wanted to do. She had been meditating back at the cabin, so she was not surprised at all by my decision. I asked her to strike the tibethan singing bowl I had left with her, and when she did that, I let that crystal fly out of my hand and out into the lake. When it hit the surface, I broke out into deep sobs, and my sister did the same. It took some time before either of us could speak, and the powerful emotional response took us both by surprise.

I looked at the time, and it was 11.57, and I found out later that the memorial service for the terrorist’s victims from the Oslo bombing and the Utøya shootings started at exactly 12.00 that same day. Releasing emotions from that awful day two years ago was a part of this, but as the CCs told me, the crystal I released into that lake was doing so much more. ”It is sinking down through layer after layer of murkiness, throwing its light into all of them as it continues down, sparking off a reaction at every layer” they told me later. And as I wrote in my last post, this was closure, but also an initiation, for I know that this crystal is acting as a powerful release on the hidden layers of energy that resides in the whole area between that lake and the cabin we are staying in. And now that crystal is helping to set it all free, and this energy is also starting to connect with the energy grid we have created here at the Pond. I think many of you can feel this already, and I know that this was the reason I was guided to take those photos after I had released that crystal, and to post them here.

I thank you all from my heart, for I know I was not alone on that powerful occasion. You were all there with me, and our combined energies have been instrumental in unlocking this deep reservoar of pristine energy. For now, ”the mountains have once again started to roar” as the CCs told my sister, and they will add their strength to this circle of love and light, making it an ever more powerful instrument for change.

With much love and eternal gratitude from me, Aisha


I was standing on one of the rocks to the right when I released the crystal into the lake.

168 thoughts on “The story behind the pictures

  1. Today, the 29th there is a rare Tetrahedron Star. It signifies Peace, which intention can be set in the Heart. I felt this feeling of Peace immediately this morning during meditation, and I hadn’t even heard about this Star yet.
    Love, Peace, Light,

    1. Hi JayJay, is it a rare formation of planets, forming a Merkaba (Tetrahedron) around our Earth. The effects will be felt for days to come, and it seems we’ll have a “twin” formation (again a Merkaba) on the 25th of august. Beautiful things are happening.
      We can start to manifest our magic 🙂 I heard it’s a very good time to set intentions for the future. For how we wish to co-create it !
      Much Love to you, with many Bubbles of Joy.

      1. “Something” has arrived and I know it is wonderful. I awoke this morning feeling as though I have been running a marathon for my entire life, and now it is finished. As of this writing I am heading back to bed to sleep. OH yes, Baby! New has arrived. Now for a nap! LOL

        Love to both you and JayJay!!!! BIG (((HUGS))) !!!!!

  2. Dear Amy, glad you read it. It calms me a bit. It’s close to midnight
    and I need to go to bed but I wanted to see if somebody have this
    experience too, so: thank you, you may be right. The blockages are
    removed and it just have to be washed away. I have no knowledge
    about my past lifetimes but it has to be a lot to be washed…End of the day- I’m glad to cry my head of…I feel lighter now and MYBE I will have a dreams finally. Good night my friend (from my side of the world).
    Love you and see you again

  3. so sweet are your comments. And so is life. Sunshine, games, great heat.
    Changed place another time. A nice park, old hospital buildings, large trees.
    Myself have been beaten by a bee. Homeopathic rescued me. Energetic feelings? Nothing special. Enjoying cherry apple juice and a little fire show. What else? Can´t wait for the next mission to come. The new advertising has just come out. Enjoy working holidays on a system of your choice. Come and save a planet. Instant gratification garantueed. Come and experience dimensional breakthrough inside a dense body. Heavy suffering included. Be the first in your district. Apply now. Only bravest of the brave wanted. Sign now. Be the change you want to change. Something you can boast with in any star system. A lesson you will never forget.

  4. What is going on, people, I’m crying all day long and I’m not the one who do this for no reason…Something nice I see – crying, something beautiful I hear- …All 29 of July I washed away crying. I have enough this. Seems that everybody’s heart is full of love only mine pumps saltwater…

    1. Maria, I don’t have the answers. Yet all I can say to you is that I have felt this overwhelming sadness, as if I am saying goodbye to a very good friend. Either that, or it is a sense of relief that I am on the cusp of experiencing manifestations of years worth of work I have done for the cause of Love.

      Tears are coming easy for me as well.

      I do have an “opinion” on why tears are so rampant these days. As women, we have been programmed to stuff tears and not to shed them. It’s like a release valve has opened within us and all those unshed tears are coming to the surface. Rejoice that you are crying over beautiful things! I seem to be crying over sad things.

      This “opinion” doesn’t just extend to “women”. Men more so then women, have been taught “be strong and act like a man”. Phooey on that! If you feel like crying, cry. What is there to rationalize? Must we always have a reason for why this is that way? Can we not just go with the Flow, and Trust in our inner Wisdom that what we are experiencing is perfect for this moment? And the really awesome thing about Flow, once you start doing it, the answers usually come, and things do make “sense”. (smile)

      BIG (((HUGGS))), Amy

  5. Dear Alex,

    My comfort! I will never forget how you helped me through a tough wave a few weeks ago. We were each given a job in this process and you couldn’t have picked a better one. So – I’ll give the info and you keep giving the hugs and encouragement!

    Love always! Susan

  6. Good afternoon my dear Ponders,

    Yesterday was so intense, for the first time feared that I would wind up in a hospital because I felt so faint. It hit me when driving and had to pull over. I was told to go into water immediately and went right over to the pool – which luckily was almost empty. I felt the teams working like bees in the hive all night and throughout this morning. Massive ships above me. This morning, all I have done is calm people down. Those whom I called “semi-connected” and don’t understand what is happening. There are lots of people out there who think they have a whole range of physical and emotional disorders. The news networks have picked up on it and have reported that thousands of people around the world are complaining of high pitched noises (which scientists have no explanation for.) If there’s one thing that I am grateful for – throughout this most difficult transitional period – is that SOMEONE up there – prepared me for this for the past few years. I have this almost animal drive in me to relay the news. I remember 20 years of my life suffering because I didn’t know (or didn’t want to know) what I was feeling. That is the reason why I work so hard to help others through this.
    The reason you feel the heat right now is because those of you who are connected have soul connections with planets of the Light. If it is Sirian, Andomedan, Pleidien, Lyran, Bionian or others. You are HIGH up there. The humans who don’t feel it are lucky in some ways but are either of planets not of the Light or are closed off. All will awaken.

    I told the GFOL, when they hand out awards for the most persistent and pesky human, I am sure it will be me. I hound them without mercy. Telling them to hurry it up. Milking them for any information. Verifying and re-verifying information and checking for inconsistencies (to make sure that the lines aren’t hacked.)

    So – today’s briefing is….. things are moving fast. This is the reason for the intensity. We are not stuck and not waiting. They know we have all had it.
    They warn again to those who are inexperienced to be very, very careful of hacked messages. Soon – when all is clear – they will open the lines and all of you will be able to communicate directly. Hang on a bit longer.
    The team officer I spoke to was extremely upbeat today. Very excited. He said SOON. Not to worry. Everything is under control. Despite the discomfort, I feel a sense of relief somehow…. I’ve felt it off and on for the past few weeks but more so now.

    Once again – I stress the importance of our bond – helping each other in the galactic ER until this is over.

    Love, Susan

    1. Thank you, Dearest Susan, for confirming what I myself have been experiencing. I arrived at a point, asking myself if I was loosing my mind. Intense? I’ve seen nothing like it so far.

      Love, Amy

    2. The ear ringing made news !!??? Wow. what a confirmation.
      Over here (Romania, who’s 7 hours “later” than USA east coast) it all became very STILL. There is like a big lull in the energies. As of this afternoon. Weather changed too. Became very hot, still, no clouds.

      Thank you Susan, again, for keeping the “news network” updated !
      Much Love to you. Keep them coming (if you can).
      Oh, yes, I’ve seen some pretty “weird” posts here and there (re-hacking).
      Thank you for mentioning this too.

      Hi Lady of Intense Pinkiness 🙂 Much Love your way too, and to all a gazillion Bubbles 🙂

            1. Update : around 9 pm my time, the stillness had ceased, and Flow is back. Along with a soft breeze outside.
              Have a serene day and magnificent night. I you are to awaken, do not gret, breathe outside air, even from an open window. Look at the stars 🙂
              Love and Bubbles galore 🙂 🙂 🙂

              1. Oh, Brianna! 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

                I am down on my knees in gratitude! This passage is ending! When I gaze at the stars this evening, I will think of you!

                ZILLIONS of HUGS, Pinkiness still undefeated!

    3. Big hugs Susan dear girl and thanks for being YOU…I had been thinking about you lately and I come and here you are! Really focusing and at peace with allowing the divine unfolding of all free will paths with unconditional love~ Much love to you! alex

    4. No ear-ringing here, but a feeling of pressure change in the ears. Like something is moving through my ears, or something moving fast close by.
      Also a sense of insanity which will dissapear as I seek refuge and relieve in Nature. It’s as something is trying to tear me away from my Lightmission. At times this seems to be working, but I find myself again and again. Can’t take much more of this however. Praying for Disclosure, make it fast please!
      Love and Light!
      Love you All,

      1. JayJay, tears as I write this. I too have been feeling pressure and in fact my ears have popped several times this day. I too have been feeling like I am going insane. In fact I said if that is true, then I just give up fighting for I just am not able to go on dealing with this so called process. I too deal now with a sick little one, who has to be rushed either this night or tomorrow to the vets. I too am hanging on by a thread. This is too soon after my two losses, and no I am not comparing your daughter with my little guy, but the feeling of desperation and terror are the same. It’s so bad I have had to bolus him with LR for he is unable to keep anything in him. I would rather go to my vet who I trust the one who I don’t know. I didn’t catch this sooner because of this stupid roller coaster ride I have been on.

        My decision making is so off for I am so off.

        I have been screaming to the heavens we cannot do this anymore. And if you are reading this and don’t feel anything, God bless you. Consider yourself extremely lucky!

        I LOVE you, JayJay. I have no answers and I bring little comfort. God, GOD!!!!! Can you even hear us????

        BIG (((HUGS))), Amy

        1. Dear Amy, just before I went upstairs to go to bed I decided to take one more peek into the Pond to find your massage here.
          Just in time to tell you that I Love You and this time it’s Me who’s spreading his Wings to give You Loving Comfort.
          I pray your little One will be allright, just as my little One will Be!
          Love to You AME, my Love to You.

        2. Today, the 29th there is a rare Tetrahedron star. It signifies Peace. I noticed this peaceful feeling

  7. Michilyn, lots’a fun reading your blog summary! Made me laugh.
    AND… I didn’t have to Google anything.
    I appreciate you, 🙂

    1. Yep, me too, this time no google. Hehehehehehe Just laughter, which is such a Gift! Right with you, Sal! (((HUGS)))

      Sent from my iPad

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