A short update from me – part 2

Dear friends!

These last 48 hours have been like nothing I have ever experienced before. I cannot find the words to describe what has happened, so I will post some of the pictures I have taken during that time. I think you will all connect with these same energies as I have, and I know you have also been touched by all of this in a very profound way. It has been a time for closure, but also a time for initiation, a time for sadness, but also for rejoicing, and it has left me with a deep, deep feeling of love and gratitude and awe. This journey is not over for any of us, but I know we have all passed through a new door and into a wide open space of possibilites. What a blessing it is to be able to explore this brand new space in the company of you, my beloved family of light!

With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha







49 thoughts on “A short update from me – part 2

  1. Nope…
    I don’t drink,
    don’t smoke,
    don’t do drugs,
    but…. I have felt ‘high’ …
    All… Day… Long…

    My brain wants to attach a reason for this ‘feeling’..
    but my heart jus’ keeps sayin’..

    Nothin’ but Love.

    Thanks to ALL of YOU.
    You All touch my Soul.

    1. Hey, Dom, quite the ride, eh? Totally flabbergasted. Totally. Not quite sure what part of Oz I have landed in. Or am I still flying through the air? LOL

    2. I didn’t see the clip when I replied in my email. I thought you were referring to Aisha’s words.

  2. Lovely pictures Aisha!

    I especially like the one of the Path of Trees! It seems holy and magical. I Love it.
    What you are doing is truly working, because I can feel it. I feel a settling of energies, they are locking us into place, into the place inside us. It feels very right.

    Love to you and the POND.


    1. I feel this as well, JayJay. Thank you for putting my experience into such appropriate words……”a settling of energies, they are locking us into place, into that place inside of us. It feels very right”. Powerful. The Center is my solar plexus. This seems to be “Headquarters” so to speak. My head is all abuzz as well. 🙂

      1. ‘Headquarters’, this brings a big smile in my heart Amy! Just when I needed it too!
        Thank you, big hug!

        1. I don’t know why I say what I say when I say it at times, but it feels “right”. And IF my words brought a smile to your precious face, than I am all the more glad.

          I Love you, JayJay. Keep the Faith. Miracles DO happen.

          BIG GRANDIOS (((HUGS))), AM-ME-U

  3. I see that many of you have been looking at the full moon. Did you notice it was in the wrong place. Way to low in the Southern sky. Last night it shined directly in my window, the night before it was much lower so that I could only glimpse it through the bushes. When you look at it again, remember the position it was in. check it again in about 2 weeks or so. It will be on a completely different path. The only way for this to happen is because of some outside influence. The weird weather is never going back to “normal”
    I guess I wish everyone could reside in the beauty of the world. In my case all I need to do to see wonderful scenery is look out the windows. My Grandparents bought this farm in the mid 1920’s. We’re still here. I’m not going to live anywhere else, ever.

    1. Otmn, it is cloudy again here tonight so I unfortunately will not see the moon, unless I experience what Teasy did, a thunder moon. Now that would be aweseome!

      1. Otmn, we are presently having a downpour with thunder and lightning, but so far no parting of the clouds.

        The weather, speaking of…….I live in WNY. I am seeing sparrows acting like it is Fall and they have actually begun to flock, to begin migration. Say what??? Sparrows don’t do this until the Fall, in September, and some don’t even leave. I saw this today, and my mouth just dropped. No way. I am not seeing this. Yet. I am.

        And two bucks who have been coming into our backyard. They are acting like they have begun to forage and grow their winter coats. My stomach just dropped when I said that. This is ONLY July. These things I don’t see with the deer, again in Fall.

        This is really happening, yet I feel like “pinch me”.

        I take my cues from Nature. And what I am seeing the animals and birds doing, is a cause for concern.

        And then the moon. So bright, mechanical bright, too bright, that its light instead of being soft, hurt. So, yes, something is really off.

  4. Oh, you guys, I write this in such complete awe of myself, for this day, I am seeing how I have created the blueprint of my life and why. I am really seeing this in totality. How everything fits perfectly. Only a Master, only God could have orchestrated all this, and believe me, I am in utter awe. Everything makes sense! Everything! This is so totally unbelievable that I am seeing this. OH MY GOD.

    I praise the Heavens and I praise myself for having the courage to do all I have! (tears) Amazement. Oh, I must remember this. I have to write down what I now know. No matter how “dark” parts of my life have been, I now understand WHY and for what purpose under Heaven they occurred.

    This is too much. I am filled with such wonder of All That Is and my part in it. This is so incredible that it is leaving my heart just pounding. What a revelation this is!

    WE of the Light are truly about to step into the results or manifestations of all of our combined efforts to raise the frequency of Gaea so that she can ascend and we with Her. WE are not crazy nor are we irrational. What I saw is so incredulous, and I know to be True, that I know that I know that I know, all of you have the same “story” just different scenarios. OMG.

    1. I feel as though in a state of shock! One moment I blew up the second picture as big as I could make it, looking at it, being drawn into it, wondering if those are Aisha’s crystals on the rocks, and then I got dizzy. I went to lay down, and like a quarter slips into a parking meter, I saw my ENTIRE LIFE in a flash. It is so complex and so huge and so magnificent, I am so stunned, I am blown away……..and now I think my seeing my life has everything to do with this picture. These pictures are MAGICAL! I am not able to stay away from them! And now I am moving into another realm or something to the point I again have to lay down for the dizziness. OH MY GOD!

      Aisha, how HOW do I thank you for this site? For without this POND, I would not be where I am in my life. I am SO honored to be here. Again, words fail me as to how I am feeling………

    2. Dear Amy,
      I praise your insights. It’s showing us the way to follow, as Aisha and her sister are releasing the energies.

      These last few days have been a rolercoaster of aal kind of emotions. Today I feel calm though, calm and strong and full of Trust. I feel like we are moving into a new realm. ( I just now notice that you used the same word).

      Love you Amy,

      1. I am not too sure what just happened/is happening, but when I looked into the mirror, the whole right side of my face is twisted. You know how a baby’s head gets misshappened in the birth canal during the birthing process? That is what came to mind as I saw me.

        First a Life Review and a Complete One, then the twisted face. Did I have a death/birth experience, and if so, where am I?

        Still very out of it. Not going past picture two……not until this phase is finished. Dazy, dizzy, out to lunch so to speak………And still smiling.

  5. In the second picture, are those crystals sitting on the rocks? Can anyone make that out? If so, that one clear crystal is huge! My next question, are those your crystals, Aisha? (if they are what I think they are)…….And IF they are, how did you carry that huge crystal??? Whoa!

  6. Thank you so much, Aisha. The energy in the photos are wonderful. I can feel the cool air on my skin when I look at them. The photo of the rocky path by the gnarly trees is so like a spot in the Kananaskis here in Alberta, Canada. I could hear the rushing water of the river and smell the fresh, pine-scented air. Magical!

    Your work is so appreciated – thank you. JoAnne


  8. So beautiful. No words. Much Love to you. Thanks for sharing that. I am actually tearing up.

  9. I am grateful for everything. You could not said it better. Love, Light and Blessings. Carmen

  10. Thank you so much for these pictures Aisha. What an amazing portal the internet can be. Blessings and joy to you in your beautiful land.

  11. Beautiful Norway. I like to jump into the pond right now. Yesterday in my very old car there has been 58.8 degrees Celsius. Which equals 137,84 F
    The last days are so exceptionel, I have no words.
    Funny. at wall I found a big graffitti of guess what? A dwarf and an elve.
    And I said to myself : ” You are so funny.”

    1. YOU are funny! Thank you for the laugh!!! LOL

      Yep, these last days are something, aren’t they? Same page, as many here. No words to describe it.

  12. Dearest Aisha, What amazingly beautiful pictures. As I gazed on them tears of joy welled up in my eyes but also tears resonance for what you are saying. We are all so lucky to have each other to discuss this path with, to discuss the energies and confirm with one another how the energies feel and what they mean to us all in the wider scope of things. What you say rings true on so many levels and of course the only thing we can do is simply allow and let go of all that no longer serves us and with joy accept and receive all that does in the new level. It is strongly as though a vibrational ceiling has been met and once through, so much falls away. It can be scary, certainly, but if you trust your heart and know that your path is unfolding divinely in front of you, with your free will choice honored, then all is as it should be and all reveals itself in its fullness…Hugs all…Alex

  13. During my day, this day, I shall be coming here just to deeply gaze at these pictures, to assist me to bring myself back into JOY and Center. I feel it coming.

    I just walked outside and the Power I feel today, leaves me in awe. All seems to be vibrating Love and to FEEL this, leaves me without words as well.

    This is a two edged sword for me. One of our tree’s roots have grown to the point they are endangering our foundation wall and air conditioner. We spoke with experts trying to figure out what to do other then bring the tree down. There is no other option then to bring this tree down. Believe me when I say, I am not able to even imagine our backyard with this guardian tree gone, and I have gone to it, wetting my tears on its bark. Heart broken is saying it lightly. Again, I am putting my Trust in the process, and knowing somehow, this is good. NOT easy. My trees have so become a part of me.

    1. Dear Rosie, Sending you and your blessed tree a huge hug. Thing is if they cut the root it compromises the balance of the tree and it will fall at another time. Trees are such amazingly patient and understanding spirits. I am sure your tree feels your love and what you could do is create ceremony around it, treating its body as sacred fuel and planting another tree in another location in its honor. Big hugs, all is well and its spirit will always live on. Alex

      1. Alex, I have some plants that need transplanting due to getting too big for their location. I was thinking of making a small garden in the place where this huge tree is standing. In its honor and to celebrate Life. I have decided to save the wood shavings of this tree to put in all my gardens. So the spirit of this tree that is so prevalent now, remains. I know in spirit it shall always be here, yet to have actual portions of this tree in my gardens to nurture the flowers…… The Cycle of Life……continues…….

        I have seen this summer, in my life, many instances of “endings” only to experience “new beginnings”. The endings are tough, yet in Love I let go. I just was sitting outside talking to Mother, and realized what I have presently, would not be possible without some of the endings I have witnessed in my life.

        Peace, Alex. Namaste. I too am so grateful to have this Sacred Grounds we “walk upon”.

  14. I too have tears in my eyes as I view these pictures. Thank you, Aisha, for sharing them with us. How truly amazing and breathtaking each one is!

  15. Welcome our beloved and much awaited-for brand new World! Much Love to you, my sweet Sister Aisha!

  16. WOW amazing how beautyfull and LOVE those energies flowing around on these pictures some of them i feel like crying 🙂
    Thank you so much for sharing
    LOVE and LIGHT 2 you Aisha

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