A short update from me

Dear friends!

These days and nights here in the mountains have been intense in so many ways, but as the CCs have told me, it is only a ”warm up” to what we have coming up in the last week of our stay here. I knew I was being sent here together with my sister for a very special reason, and I have received many messages this week that have confirmed this. One part of this journey is a very personal one, for it has been a deep reconnection with myself, a profound re-alignment of my higher self and my physical body. It is difficult to describe in words just how transformative this continues to be, but I have a feeling that many of you are going through much of the same as me now.

The other part of this journey is all about working with the energies in this area. I have been drawn to this place many times during the last 15- 20 years, and I have always known that there is something aside from the beauty of the nature here that has such a powerful effect on me. We have been told earlier that this is indeed an ”energetic hub” of some kind that has been lying dormant for a very, very long time. The CCs have describe it as a huge reservoar of light that has been kept hidden under a thin crust of low density energy, and that we are helping to release all of this now by bringing our energy here and literally walking on the land. So every day, we are being sent to a new place to go hiking, sometimes for hours. It is very beautiful here, so it is a wonderful place to ”work”, but in some areas the energy is so intense it literally makes us feel faint. And we have not been sent to the most powerful area yet, that is still to come, so I know we have some very interesting hikes ahead of us… I am posting a picture I took of the view from our cabin last night, perhaps it can give you a little taste of the powerful energies we are immersed in here.




The CCs have confirmed that I will not get any new messages for The manuscript until after I return home again, and so I will continue to stay more or less ”offline” the next week or so. Until then, know that you are all very much a part of this journey, and I thank each and every one of you for what you bring to this wonderful circle of light and love.

With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

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  1. Good Morning – Boker tov as we say in Hebrew – from sunny Tel Aviv!

    I would like to shine some Light on what is happening. First of all, as many of you know, Israel is akin to the HQ of the Sirian family. There are of course Sirian teams all over the world but there seem to be a particularly high concentration of them here – partially due to the fact that they “seeded” the Israelites many thousands of years ago. The Sirians are but one of multitudes of planets of the Galactic Federation of Light. Together with ascended masters (both ET and formally human) and other spiritual guides, they are assisting mankind in the “reunification of mankind.” (Their words which were given to me this week.)

    The Federation is between “low communication” mode and even “no communication” mode. Off and on for the past few weeks. This is to ensure that this time, nothing gets leaked or sabotaged and truly things will go according to plan. They never give us dates but they keep telling me “very soon.” I feel something is brewing and I FEEL it will happen this summer – if that means a week or two or three….

    About the ears popping and the high pitched noises. It is spacecraft. That’s all. It is the wake of them going up and down. It has nothing to do with anything else.

    About the “symptoms” – some have to do with the opening of chakras. This feels more like “stretching” or an uncomfortable body sensation like women feel when they are going through pregnancy. This will be more felt amongst people who are just starting to awaken. They will often feel confused and there will be nagging little symptoms that they can’t put their finger on.

    For those of us who are already awake, the full blown symptoms are the last remnants of the earth’s cleaning. Please, please understand that this is not your personal internal “baggage.” It pains me greatly when I hear that many think the physical or emotional pain they are feeling is their fault – that they can’t clear their past or they have “dramas.” NO. It is simply that many of us who are Light workers have sensitive wiring due to strong home planet DNA. We were born like this and over the past few years, our chakras have been opened widesly. Imagine yourself going into the sea right after you have shaved. You will feel the sting of the salt water. The pores are open.
    The more you feel this, the higher you are. It is a blessing in disguise.
    So what is all the dizziness, nausea, headaches, depression, anxiety and the rest? The Light never hurts. This is not ascension. It is cleaning. Massive Light is pouring into earth and is clashing with the last remaining pockets of negative energies. Like the hot and cold air before a tornado or thunderstorm. You feel the ions in the air. The last negatives are being cleaned and are kicking their heels in just like the last drunks who don’t want to leave the bar at 2 am. I have been told – they WILL. Either they will be removed or leave on their own but their time is up!

    These energies have low vibrations. Think of them like a pack of elephants or dinosaurs. In contrast to what they USED to do (stir up trouble – egg humans to make war, cattle mutilations and so on) – they are neutralized. They are basically harmless now. They can hack into channeled lines so please be cautious. But, their “vibes” – their temper tantrums as they are being deported – are causing these – for lack of better word – SHITTY symptoms. This is external. You are no more responsible for this than you would be for a thunderstorm. The only thing you can do until the storm passes is ride it out. Get into water. Put a wet towel around your head. Take anything you like to ease it – Bach Rescue, passiflora and yes, even Advil if the headaches are too much. I am told again and again – that this WILL pass. We will be able to live without the almost constant labor pains that we feel now. It isn’t fun. I predict that we will have (as Aisha says) a tremendous “scene” as the dark finally makes their exit – and then we will have calm.

    One last comment – please be very, very cautious about what you read on the internet. Much of it is hacked information.

    I love you all,


    1. Dearest Susan,

      I would very much like to comment on your words. For what you write, I am experiencing. Again, more dots are being connected as to what is occurring. As the microcosm, so the macrocosm.

      Over this past weekend, I got pulled down hard. And in that pulling down, I saw the Wall of War that had been erected in me by others. And so over my life, I attracted “war”. And a man who is a Vietnam Vet.

      As I was being pulled down and crushed, my husband, starting earlier in the week, started to act extremely angry and began to drink heavily at home and in bars, something he normally does not do. I have stopped even trying to figure out the why’s but instead just flow what is happening. Not easy.

      He over the years has reflected the “dark”. So I see and I transmute. He is not of the dark for I once again turn to animals to get understanding. Animals love this man, are all over him, and at times, my mouth just drops because his “behavior” doesn’t add up to how our cats love on him. So, that is my clue, that something other then I understand is unfolding. Animals would never willingly go to someone of the dark. It just doesn’t happen.

      Anyways, this weekend saw straight out nightmare insanity with my husband as I lay spent in bed, barely able to move, tearing down the wall of war, while he drank to senselessness. This wall by the way, is being very resistant and I have to repeatedly tell it, “You are Peace. I am Peace.” (I ask you to join me in telling war it is finished. ONLY Peace is REAL.)

      The energy is still a “sandblaster effect” today, yet I feel a calming down as well. As you have suggested, I am staying close to water.

      Ancient forces have played havoc in this man’s life, and mine as well. Whenever “they” show up, I go to work transmuting and sending these entities LOVE. Thankless, tough, sometimes life and death, job. Yet I do it.

      From what I have been seeing, the “resistance” is really putting up a fight. Yet, we of the Light are strong and I have yet to feel we have failed. Now, on the days I am being crushed I question my sanity and my efforts, but when it is over with, I “see” the progress, and if I don’t “see” the progress, I feel it.

      This last episode of again being pulled down, took me totally by surprise. I really thought all that was behind me. And in my opinion, if these “forces” are not deported soon, many Lightworkers (not only myself) are getting to the point, “I just don’t know how much more I can do of this.”

      I am the Light of the world. And so are all of you who read this. No matter what, please don’t give up! Some of you who read this won’t understand what I say, because your role in this Great Endeavor is different from mine. WE are all in this together, addressing all the many facets of dysfunction in order that lasting Peace on Earth is forevermore.

      Thank you, Susan. God bless you!!! My “radar” points to all this winding down late summer. Perhaps sooner. Oh, and as for reading channeled messages, I don’t, the exception being the Manuscript. And even this I read carefully. My ultimate Source in inward. As it is, so it is!

      Peace. Shalom.

    2. Thank you for sharing, Susan.
      I love seeing these confirmations of my inner experiences, thoughts and emotions, reflected by others of likeheart in the ‘outside world’.

  2. Dear Aisha, I feel what you are feeling now at the mountains. I live in the city center and beside of our house is a small, tiny small river and a small forrest that are protected by law and everytime I visit this tiny area I feel energies very strong, devac kingdom is surely waking up and connecting with us. I have felt the same strong dizziness when walking in this forest. And you all, remember to connect with trees, as they carry the high vibration of the ancient wisdom. Let them connect you to their energies and all the old wisdom will be at you hands 🙂 What an wonderful times we are living in!!

    With love from Finland,

  3. The following is what my brother in law saw last night and the night before. North. He was so stunned he didn’t think of grabbing any video of it. He described it as an “orange ball”.

  4. Again, gazing intently at the picture. It draws me right in, so powerful, layers within layers, infinity caught on film. Breathtaking. Truly inspiring. Mesmerizing. Incredible beauty. And looks cold! How many of you noticed the snow on some mountains? I would bet that air is crystal pure!

    I now close my eyes and bring with me the mountains to my inner vision.

    1. Yes Amy, there are many layers in that picture, muffled, dark and rough as well as clear, distinct and light clouds and sky.

      I watched the supermoon tonight and asked him/her/it to bring strength, healing and joy to all of you around the Pond.

      Much love,


      1. THUNDER MOON: Picture this: You step outside on a warm summer evening. In the distance, a stroke of lightning plunges to Earth. One-one-thousand, two-one-thousand, three-one-thousand. The air shakes with thunder as the clouds part to reveal a brilliant full Moon. This could happen tonight. According to folklore, the full Moon of July 22nd is the “Thunder Moon”, named after the storms of summer. Step outside after sunset and see what happens!

        1. thank you for sharing – this is exactly what i felt today.
          yet there seems to be a slight delay in the real life expression ^^
          the world weather population mind programming network (aka. weather ‘services’) “predict” thunder here (Holland) on the 23rd.

        2. Last night the moon was so bright that it was actually uncomfortable. I have shades on my windows and do not close them at night for I love falling asleep looking at my trees in the front of my bedroom window. Last night, however, I closed them, for the light of the moon was just too intense.

          And yes, it IS cloudy here right now. I will keep an eye out for “thunder” and “thunder moon” tonight! How exciting! It is 7:15pm now, so sunset is still a good 2 hours away. Yet, with this cloud cover, anything could possibly happen. Nice!

          1. Last night and today I experienced the manifestation of the ‘thunder moon’ twice!
            Perhaps there is even more on the way ^^

            The minute I noticed myself being extremely distracted last night, the power went down, and right back up, and down again in about 1 second, shortly followed by a strange type of double boom sound, like the one heard when a plane penetrates the sonic barrier.
            It became very quiet, also energetically, and I saw the ‘thunder moon’ shine over the whole neighborhood, now completely devoid of unnatural light.
            After about 10 or 15 minutes, I asked for a sign and the power went right back up!

            Today I was out buying some food with my mom, in an extremely hot and dense weather atmosphere.
            For a minute I paused to gaze upon the unusual cloud cover outside.
            With the sun still shining, we suddenly both saw a huge flash from afar.
            After about 2 seconds of thinking: “What was that?!”, the sound of a megalithic cannon on maximum volume went through our bodies, reverberating through the country.

            I am becoming more comfortable being in a constant state of “flabbergasted” 🙂

            1. Oh, wow! Just wow! No thunder moon here just cloud cover. Your experience only one word comes to mind……..science fiction. Oops, two words (GRIN)!!

        3. I didn´t see that kind of thunder moon that you describde 😉 just an usual fullmoon – but I loved it. Thanks for the infornmation anyway.

          Love you Dominique!

    2. Yes, snow! I saw that too Amy, just as we saw snow on the mountains in Crete when we were there this May. It was 30 degrees C, and we were laying on the beach, but there was snow on the mountains! I love that. I love mountains and I love snow and I love sunshine and I love walking down the beach and love talking to my daughter and telling here that I have hope somehow, hope of a miracle that I KNOW will come to be and cure her and all of humanity of all disease. I love her so much, I just told her. She is truly an angel. She is. Tears.
      I love you all like I love her, so.

      1. JayJay, how I wish with all my Heart I could say without one shred of doubt, all will be OK. Your daughter will pull through this with flying colors! How I wish this to be True! Well, I will INTEND this to be True, and I will not hesitate for one moment, nor doubt myself on any other outcome.

        J, you are walking the Master’s Path right NOW. You won’t let down your daughter in any way, for all there is IS LOVE, and the level of LOVE I felt through your words is from a Master. And a Dad who Loves his daughter so very much.

        (tears) Yep, been crying myself on and off for days. These tears are my Heart’s expression, though, for you.

        I Love you, JayJay. Keep happy. Keep Loving All There Is and It will Love you back!

        Big (((HUGS))), Amy

        1. Dear Amy,
          Yes we’re still happy, spending some time with each other at the lake. It’s still very warm here.
          We just came from the hospital were it was confirmed that Vive has another Ewing Sarcoma in her leg. She will get 2 chemo’s before her leg will be amputated at the knee. Afterwards more chemo. Vive doesn’t mind though. She is still happy and strong.
          She will not have to stay overnight at the hospital like before so it will be easier for all of us.

          We’re having a good time at the lake!
          Love and hugs, JayJay

          1. Jay: I have seen many websites with people, even from scientific and medical backgrounds, who provide alternatives for amputation, in all scenarios.
            I have experienced that it is always the person with the dis-ease who consciously or subconsciously chooses which solutions fall into his or her awareness and experience.
            May you find a solution that benefits all ! 🙂

  5. I just went to my graduating class’ 45 year reunion. At one point I was sitting with 2 old girlfriends. The conversation somehow got onto health topics. They proceeded to discuss their mastectomies and the long term effects which they live with. I remember playing with those , way back when. I think it had some deep affect on me, but I haven’t focused yet.
    something to do with depth of perspective and ever increasing awareness or something.

  6. I remember a workshop in Italy, Toscana. Last millenium. We did some indian drumming. Some channeling of ancestors. The main line although was looking for elves and dwarfs. Finally we made a circle and someone really could feel the hand of a small being. A vey sensitive girl. The dwarfs told us they were very old. Sevenhundred years or more. And that they eat only once a year. But then quite opulent. They led us to a place were we did some earth healing. The elves were of a different kind. More like you don´t want to have trouble with one of them. All very intense. Plus the nice Sannyas family who served vine and delicious food.
    From that day on, I was looking for dwarfs in nature. I looked all the time. Everywhere. In nature. In the city. Under the carpet.
    Then one lovely day and moment I saw one.
    Just a short image flash vision of a little dwarf for real.
    Since then I stopped looking.
    I also felt in love with the girl who organized the workshop and became member of a japanese buddhistic order.
    But that is another story.

    Keep the faith and the drinks cool.

  7. TONES…….If anyone is taking note of the tones, I experienced something new this morning, while just being, getting prepared to start my day. As I was laying there, I heard one of the tones from my ears externally, and very loud. It was one tone, but many, as in this one tone merging with many others, of that one tone. I was stunned. I lay there thinking I was imagining this, so I slowly raised my head to see if these tones would stop, but they did not. I am not sure of the source, but it was definitely outside of my ears. In hearing this tone, my entire body vibrated. This lasted for about only one minute and then ceased.

    I had several of my cats around me and I looked to see if they heard anything new and unusual. They appeared nonplussed, which puzzled me, for if I was hearing this tone, why did they not seem to hear it, OR do they hear these “tones” all the time?

    The tone sounded like the noise of many crickets singing together. This is the closest description I can come up with.

    Has anyone else noticed new tones that seem to be coming elsewhere besides the ears? As in outside of yourself?

    1. Yes, I have recently also noticed an increase in very strange sensations, one of which relating to how I perceive incoming sounds from the ‘outside’ world.
      Sometimes I feel like listening to an orchestra playing a dialogue in music, where the sounds of children playing next door will appear to me as having a conversation with the sounds of various machinery in the neighborhood.
      I clearly sense that things that were once separate are now coming back together again.
      I am also picking up more signals that I previously did not perceive as a personal message to me; one of which are indeed sounds ‘without origin’.

      1. I too have noticed, not all the time, how all sounds, inclusive of motors, are coming together more harmoniously and sounding like an orchestra playing.

        Thank you on the affirmative about the tones “without origin”. This morning’s episode took me totally by surprise and was so loud! But, it seemed to come from the very air itself! I had my own private orchestra.

        Next time this happens, I will think to ask, “Who is here?” Will these sounds eventually “form” into someone or something? Perfectly matched also what I have been hearing in my ears. Amazing!

        1. Wonderful to hear, Lady Pinkrose.
          Thank you for sharing.

          I’ve seen many videos on youtube a few years ago with ‘strange sounds’ coming from ‘nowhere’, yet audible by all.
          My intuition tells me that the ‘inner ear sounds’ are somehow related, which feels a bit like this place of ‘nowhere’ is coming closer to all those who open themselves up to it.

          When something like that happens, I like the questions: “How does this feel to me?” and “What does this mean to me?”.

  8. Dear loved ones,
    Trying out to reply, somehow I couldn’t last night. Some interferrence of some kind.

    1. Oke, it’s working now!
      I just wanted to thank Aisha and the CC’s and all you wonderful souls for being here!
      What a magical picture you send us, Aisha! The power that radiates from it!
      Pure magic!
      I walk with you and your Sister as you travel across the Land. It brings me back to my Walking Days in many a beautiful place. My my footsteps of Old, Light up blazingly releasing all the Energy that I felt then, and still feel today.
      I/We walk with Aisha! I/We Love You!
      LightBeing, JayJay

  9. Dear friends,

    I had a very calm week, peaceful and satisfied looking back what happened these last 10 years from the start of this enlightening process. Remember the first weeks at the beginning of this year when I met you all in “The manuscript of survival”, how exciting it was to find people talking and feeling the same way I felt – for many years ago.

    My most painful breakthrough was many years ago, but I have suffered from many of your pains this spring too, though not that physical as most of you describe (yes my guts haven´t recovered until now) but mostly the brain has been out of work. Luckily my tough events in life have prepared me to surrender all, knowing that everything will be all right – and it really has been 🙂

    We are all different human beings with different experiences, perspectives and lifes, but I think we are all from the same soul family – and I love you all 🙂

    Finally I have to tell you about a transforming experience yesterdady. I had a ceramic pot on my porch for a couple of weeks, now with some rain water in it and some flower pots floating. Thought it was time to take those powls to my stockpile. When lifting those flower pots up I found a frog floating in the water. I was so surprised, it looked me straight in my eyes asking for freedom. My answer was “OMG – how long have you been here”? To your knowledge I have to say that I have hardly seen a frog in my courtyard during the 10 years I have been living here – though my courtyard borders to the forest. Had to go to “Animal spirit” to read about it.

    As I set the frog free, the wall of the bowl broke very easily, like a door was opened. I/it could never imagine that freedom was so near, though the wall looking so solid, was so easy to break….

    Have a nice weak my dear friends!

    Much love to you all, including all of you around our beautiful planet.


    1. Thank You Birgitta for this lovely story of breaking the wall!
      There are no walls, no boundaries, only in the remnants of our minds, ready to be blown away by the ever slightest breeze.
      Love, JayJay

      1. Thanks JayJay!

        Yes – I agree with you about our imaginaiton of walls which prevents us to be free/live. Sometimes it takes a mankind to get that knowledge, or at least severe trials, though I think it goes faster today. Suppose that´s the way a diamond is grounded – don´t you;)

        Much love to you, Vive and all your family.


        1. Thank you Sister!
          Yes we are there, but the connection is not yet stable. Mine is not anyway!

          1. Dear JayJay!

            When are we “there” and how stable are we in our connection? We are all human beings doing our best to follow the light and heart while struggling with life and our emotions and behaviours. Sometimes I have to remember what CCs say – the only thing you have to do is breath and just be, and if we can concentrate on surviving and not having those ambitions to do so much, life goes so much easier. Just set the intention of what you want in your heart, do your very best treating your neighbor with love – that´s it.

            I realize that this sounds like I´m a “quick-fixer” – but I´m really not. It´s just a brief summary of what I have learned so far 😉

            Love and respect,


            1. Beautiful, Birgitta. Yes, it all boils down to Love. Doesn’t it? And, getting out of the head trying to “figure things out”. Hmmm……

              You also are not giving yourself enough credit. Your Light is Bright, your energy clear. Oh, yes, you have done your homework.

              Love to you, this day, my Sister! Amy

                1. Dear Amy!

                  I hope I didn´t insult you in my answer. Didn´t mean that I am finished with my homework – and you are not. Just mean that you have been down for a couple of days but soon you stand up again. Sorry for my unclarity.

                  Love and respect!

                  1. Sweetheart, no, you did not offend me in the least! How could you? I understood what you said. Totally. 🌷

            2. It works now and then… off and on! I’m surprised it works at all in these trying times. So I hold on and hope for the best miracles to happen!
              Love to you.

              1. You are doing a huge work now, don´t forget that. You and your family are doing your utmost for Vive, and have been doing for a long time now. Have faith and realize that you have to take care of yourselves too to be able to enjoy life.

                Much love to you and your family.

    2. Dear Birgitta, the mention of walls in your words is exactly what I experienced over the weekend. I have Aisha to thank for posting that beautiful picture, for in so doing, I saw a wall within me that needed to come down. That wall was built a L O N G time ago, and hid very cleverly in “obscurity”. The gorgeous picture brought Deep Peace to my soul, and as it did, I fell asleep for many hours, waking up feeling utterly exhausted. Why? It took a lot of energy to keep that wall up, even unknowingly.

      Now that I am feeling a bit more stronger, I write to thank both Birgitta and Aisha for being a huge part of my process. The picture released the veil so I could see Truth, and in seeing, I brought that wall down. Your words, Brigitta, connected the dots beautifully. Some walls are thicker then others and this one was a doozy. In essence though, it has been my mind that made that wall a doozy. Yes, I agree that this is not about the heart at all, but it is all about bringing the mind into Harmony with Heart and Soul.

      And so the Journey continues……….

      1. Dear Amy,

        I am so grateful and glad that my words connected to you, as this
        incident did to me too. It affected me in a way that I hardly experienced before, and I will never forget it.

        I am glad to hear that you are stronger now and hope that every barrier that prevents you from living fully, will be demolished.

        With love and respect,


        1. Dear Birgitta,

          Bless you! I am so humbled right now, that I have you and this Pond. This latest “cleansing” I did not see coming, and it took me down so hard and so fast, I felt crushed. Yes, my Sister, the wall that hid so cleverly all these years, (56 in all) was finally seen, identified, and told it was no longer needed.

          I AM free! I AM liberated!

          Here is to HOPE that the wall that came down, is the last one. God only knows, one sees how truly strong one is when down and crushed.

          I Love you and I Love all of you here at this Sacred Pond. Bless all of you!!

          BIG (((HUGS))), Amy

          1. Dear Amy!

            I love you so much, tears coming in my eyes. I cannot explain how much I appreciate your words and how glad I am that you made a breakthrough – once again.

            Up on the barriers again my dear sister 🙂

            Hugs and lots of love,


  10. I see what you write, for i feel like i have been there too, sometimes still are..For me just being was key today.. Even lifting my arms was like they felt heavier then normaly.. Letting go is a part for me too, sometimes its just getting out of the mud the mind created somehow.. Seeing instead of being as the ccs said is a good way to go for me and now that the night comes in i feel pretty silent inside, a blissfull silence.
    One of the reasons i need my night-time is because of this beautifull silence.. Allows creativity to flow and brings stillness.. And the shining moon for me brings a feeling of mystery to it.. Dont know why i write this, but i wish you the best, may you find your calmness too.
    Much peace.

    1. I feel the same way about the night. The stillness. The quiet. One can find me many times just sitting in my chair, under one of my trees, silently communing with Nature. The night brings with it relief from the “light”, which is good. This present “shift” was big for me, and I know I am through it, by my body which is now beginning to move intestinally. That is always my sign that the being pushed through cement is over. Usually the shift IF it is big, occurs over three days, and then the recovery is about 3 days after the fact.

      I am coming back to Center. I never lost my calm. Just a sense of another “death scene”. Yes, much was let go with this shift.

      Thank you for your kindness. When I sit out to gaze at the moon, I shall think of you. Peace.

  11. So that’s the land of the Vikings, Thor and Odin. Norse mythology is so blooming with cool characters.

  12. Surviving with a manuscript.
    Were are you all my pondarian friends. Not leisure time, but hard energetic work is asked from us. Come on. Reread missive 54. “There is strength in numbers”… While this summer really gets hot. The next sunday of connection is approaching fast. Let´s embrace the grid of light. Let´s bath in the love of our pond. Stay in touch. Gives us a sign of your times.
    peace and balance and a cool/ hot drink

    1. Surviving. That just about sums it up. Being shown Truths. Core. All shades off. Fears arise to be faced. Blasted through another shift/portal, so exhausted, not knowing (again) where to put the next step. Realizations. Tough realizations. Hard work indeed, Mich, to see, to know, to change. It all begins with me. No one else. And no one is coming on a white horse or a ship to “save” me. The thoughts behind the thoughts. Digging. Letting go. Reserving strength to continue on a journey I am really questioning. Why? Why would I ever put myself here in the position I am at this time? Turn inward to pour Love on me instead of you.

      And so it is. For me. No giggles. Just exhaustion. At least for now.

      1. Amy, my friend. You’re not alone. I can ditto your whole post! I also need to rest more but feel like a Mexican Jumping Bean because so much energy is coursing through my physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual bodies. Oy!! Glad you’re here. Take good care of your precious self, xoxoxoxoxox, Kat

        1. Kat, Luv, you take care of your precious self as well. I didn’t think I was going to make it out of my bed yesterday. Today I am standing, moving slowly, but at least not feeling dead. Whew! I would rather you didn’t go through what I did, yet, I take comfort in knowing I am not the only one. Wham! And down I went! Three days total. I am standing for the same reason you are. SO much energy coursing through me. I am with Mother Nature and my cats outside, grounding. And this is GOOD!

          ……And try explaining to a spouse who has no idea the lengths and depths I “travel” inwardly. Yiveh! (slapping forehead!) How to put into HIS lingo what I do not even understand, yet experience. Ah-ha. Right. Yep. Groovy!

          I Love you! BIG (((HUGS))), Amy XOXOXOXOXOXOXO

        2. Blessings Kat and Amy – you’ll get through – tough as it can be at times for a week in June I was ‘blown away by the energies’ – don’t think the body knew what had hit it… but it was ALL to the good. Take care and look after yourselves in highly charged energy. Philip ❤

  13. Thank you Aisha for this update, and that picture filled with light and dark and a lot of fascination. I hope you and your sister have a good time for yourself also though having a job to do.

    Lots of light to you,


  14. Wishing you & your sister a glorious time hiking into even deeper pools of Golden LIGHT. Ohhhhh how marvelous. Magical. Nature restores us, doesn’t it? All I need do is put my hand on the trunk of a tree, hold a peach that is so ripe it falls into my hand, or stare into the vast ocean and my whole being sighs with peace & joy. I wish you and all who are with you Happiness, Fun, Adventure, Insights, Wisdom, Love & Light 😉 x o x, Kat

      1. Oops apologies to everyone I’ve somehow managed to go back a whole year in posts without realising so the comments I’ve just made to Kat, Birgittia, Amy, Michylin and all are for posts over a year ago! I know I’ve been going back and forth in timelines a lot recently … so I’m back off to 2014 now!!! ❤

        1. Yes – I was a little surprised – thought my computer had got viruses ;))) Anyway I loved to re-read the comments for almost exactly one year ago. Same true love but no red heart symbols 😉 I am also glad that Amy is back with us again 🙂

          Love & light ❤


  15. Amazing – I’ve also just started visiting energy nodes again, for various reasons and purposes, all along the lines of higher guidance.

  16. My heart sings for you Aisha, and all those brothers and sisters connected to what you share with us. That which I sense is far beyond what I am presently able to understand. But, it matters not. I am so grateful to be part of this no matter what that part is, for in truth, we are just one.

  17. Looks like a very beautiful space. Thank you for sharing and inspiring. 🙂

    Love and Light,

  18. So exciting! I can see the blazing footsteps of Light appearing, as you and your sister step the crust away… wow… such a glowing… so wonderful…
    Thank you for letting us be part of this journey… take as long as you need… it’s a beautiful experience for ALL.
    Much gratitude,

  19. Dear Aisha, Let us all relax and enjoy the experience in this physical body. Let us all revell in the glory of creation. Peace & Love to you all. We are all ONE.

  20. Aisha, it is so wonderful to hear what you are doing in transmuting the dark there into the light. Yes we are all ‘going within’ to see what lies behind our limiting beliefs and it is very intense. In the void, there is so much creative potential. But we must burst through the blocks that keep us stuck in limitation, in order to set that potential energy within us free. Sending you love and light as you walk the earth there and release the energies waiting to bless that area. Sunny

  21. Wow, I did exactly the same thing, spending 9 days circling beautiful places in Colorado. I met other lightworkers, and tried to anchor energy everywhere I went. Enjoy your trip!

  22. More giggling here….I just spent 4 days on the Bohemia River in MD. It was so quiet (and very hot) and we spent time just floating in the river. Twice, a Great Blue Heron flew in front of us across our path. I read two books that looked at the opposite sides/choices of a future — one about the spiritual path, one about survival when the world is dark. Much discussion of these things. It all felt like a gift of quiet reflection. I have no doubt I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing. Enjoy, everybody, enjoy being right where you are!!

  23. Tremendous blessings Aisha! I am simply giggling as a number of my trusted and true friends like yourself are off on journeys with immense energy–Lisa was in PA breaking up the deep density and is now dancing with soul partners on the Mesa, drumming up the energy. Another friend is on Shasta, another with the redwoods…all are called divinely and all are following their heart and doing exactly what they should be doing. I sat on that energy for a few minutes to see if I was in the right location and the energy strongly said YES….we are all doing what we were born into this life to do and I honor each and every being for their service to our blessed Sophia-Gaia and all the multiverses! I am also noticing a lot of folks, including myself, simply wanting to go within…action fades and Being takes center stage in the heart! Make the most of each breath my friends! much love! alex

  24. Through July 29th, I’m hearing is the peak of this next alignment and energetic portal……& perhaps several days following.
    This photo reminds me of our mtns here in California. We have no fiords, but the Russian River is nearby……and the lakes in nearby Lake County, where His Holiness Maitreya Buddha has build a Shambhala Center on the mtn above Clear Lake. A sacred Geometry layout with a pyramid surrounded by 4 domes.

  25. Beauty for the beautiful!
    Thank you for all your lovely projects.
    I am so appreciative!!
    Thanks for keeping us posted 🙂

  26. Hi Aisha !

    I wish your sister and you a wonderful spiritual enlightening journey in these beautiful mountains!

    have a great time!


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