Dear friends!

These days and nights here in the mountains have been intense in so many ways, but as the CCs have told me, it is only a ”warm up” to what we have coming up in the last week of our stay here. I knew I was being sent here together with my sister for a very special reason, and I have received many messages this week that have confirmed this. One part of this journey is a very personal one, for it has been a deep reconnection with myself, a profound re-alignment of my higher self and my physical body. It is difficult to describe in words just how transformative this continues to be, but I have a feeling that many of you are going through much of the same as me now.

The other part of this journey is all about working with the energies in this area. I have been drawn to this place many times during the last 15- 20 years, and I have always known that there is something aside from the beauty of the nature here that has such a powerful effect on me. We have been told earlier that this is indeed an ”energetic hub” of some kind that has been lying dormant for a very, very long time. The CCs have describe it as a huge reservoar of light that has been kept hidden under a thin crust of low density energy, and that we are helping to release all of this now by bringing our energy here and literally walking on the land. So every day, we are being sent to a new place to go hiking, sometimes for hours. It is very beautiful here, so it is a wonderful place to ”work”, but in some areas the energy is so intense it literally makes us feel faint. And we have not been sent to the most powerful area yet, that is still to come, so I know we have some very interesting hikes ahead of us… I am posting a picture I took of the view from our cabin last night, perhaps it can give you a little taste of the powerful energies we are immersed in here.




The CCs have confirmed that I will not get any new messages for The manuscript until after I return home again, and so I will continue to stay more or less ”offline” the next week or so. Until then, know that you are all very much a part of this journey, and I thank each and every one of you for what you bring to this wonderful circle of light and love.

With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha