The manuscript of survival – part 337

As we have talked about earlier, these times will be somewhat frustrating for some, while they will be more than eventful for others. And we do mean that in a positive way, as doors have started to open for so many of you by now. And what hides behind these doors? Well, let us just say that there are things there you used to know, but that have been lost in obscurity for a very long time. But now, it is time to bring it out in the open. So even if this time of the year may be construed as a time for relaxation, it will not be so for all. For you will find yourself cramming anew, like an eager student restarting school after a prolonged period of inertia.

So rest assured that although you might find yourself very busy, you will also find that this activity will bring with it so much joy. For you are not made to just lounge about dear ones, even if that is what many of your fellow men are enjoying the most at this time of the year. No, you long for expansion in all sorts of ways, and you will find yourselves pushing the envelope in every direction. For you are hungry for knowledge in a way that perhaps you have never felt before, and so, you will find information and tidbits in the most unexpected of places. For the more you open up to this, the more you will find manifesting on all sides. And the more you drink of this well of knowledge, the thirstier you will all become.

And rightly so, for this is just the beginning of this re-education of mankind, and what you have seen so far are only the tiniest crumbs, much like those left in order to show you the way ahead. For this is just to wetten your appetite, and to help you to start looking forward in a very new way. So take time to look around you, so as not to miss out on any of these sweet tasting morsels that may lie about unnoticed by the general populace. For you will find sustenance where others fail to see anything of value at all, and as such, you can truly call this a quest for undiscovered treasures.

81 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 337

  1. Rejoice in the beings who have incarnated to come help. This one’s body is 12 years old; the rest of him is ancient.

    1. Lovely OTMN! There is hope for the future 🙂 Just love this outspoken boy, and I think there are many boys and girls doing the same today. Rejoicing – really!

      1. ……Just how “cute” will the adults think this child to be say 10 years from now? Or will he too be brainwashed into thinking it is OK to beat a woman just because his religion tells him it is OK?

        Will his “spark” stay alive? I believe with All I Am that is ONE of the reasons why you and me are here now. To shine Our Collective Light so that these new voices won’t be dimmed.

  2. JayJay, thoughts on this day filled with JOY and Beauty for you and your family, sent your way……

    Question. Have you thought how fortuitous you are that you did NOT take that photography job approximately one month ago? If you had, you would NOT have the time that you NOW want in order to BE with your family, during this Challenge Time.

    I Love you, Oh Brother of Great Golden River Light,

    1. Your daughter getting the card with the pink rose inspired me to go back to Lady Pinkrose. Tell Vive that because of her, I am again a “pink rose”. 🌷

      1. You are welcome! I always end up grinning when I see and listen to this man’s weekly astrology forcasts. He is a trip!!! LOL

  3. Thanks as always Aisha and CC’s. It is so amazing how when one actually pays attention, all the little tidbits do start popping up. So incredible when that one little puzzle piece falls into place and real understanding about something crystallizes. I’m verrrrry thrilled that this is increasing!

    Love to all,
    anna helen 🙂

    1. Hi, Anna Helen. Yes, is this not incredible when something falls into place or the connections between us are seen clearer and more alive? To me this is a thrilling time to be alive period, to be actual witness to this Great Transition that is happening NOW!

      LOVE and many hugs Amy

  4. If we didn’t have problems and challenges, we wouldn’t learn anything. We just sit on a cloud playing a harp or something.
    Solving problems and living through those terrible times is where the knowledge and wisdom is born.
    We all have horror stories of pain and betrayal, abuse and long suffering.
    They are necessary for growth.
    In my own experience each time I learn a lesson , the next situation which tests me again is more difficult and harder than the last. Like going to school, one grade to the next.

    1. ……They are necessary for growth…..

      HOW TRUE!

      We all are ever expanding.

      Once we achieve a “goal” we begin to set up circumstances for the next growth phase.

      Some are easier then others.

      Some the “remembering curve” is extremely high.

      Some you don’t think you will live through.


      Are we not the very “source” that keeps pushing us ever outward? In order to become Master of our Life? To be Perfect?

      And then what?

      We design another set of circumstances to be even greater then our “definition” of Perfect, for once that is obtained, it no longer holds true.


      We are without beginning and without end………

      Always growing, evolving……BEing by creating every moment…….

      These neurons of mine are SMOKIN’ lately! I love these “think tank sessions!” LOL

              1. I like change too, so instead of the harp, I’ll play the piano. Making music for all eternity. And then of course I would dance from cloud to cloud………. 🙂

                1. At some point, the divine music is repeated endlessly and it begins to be boring. Then the traveller leaves and the trip goes on and on, until she-he is able to mold forms and create her-his own universe. It is like dancing from cloud to cloud and playing music for eternity, as forms are vibrational.

                  1. ……we are creating new universes in this NOW moment……….with our thoughts, actions, and feelings…………We never stop traveling, for we are ever curious and have the innate yearning to create……..😍 🎶 💭

  5. Hello Ponders!

    Back from my journey to Estonia which brought me so much love, energy and experiences. I took a break from internet and mobile, and reallly enjoyed it. July 7th I connected intentionally at the Gathering and felt joy, joy, joy and happiness! Meeting lovely, caring people doing their best for me/us to feel comfortable, though under simple conditions, having a lovely garden birthday party (my grandchild 7 years old) meeting wonderful people talking Russian, Letvian, English and Swedish and we did our best to understand each other. Made me think that one day perhaps we will just log in and talk to each other – that would be nice 🙂

    Going by bus to Tallin I read your messages and realized that I had been swimming in the same “Pond” as Lara and P F (?), in Pühajärv lake (Sacred lake) in Estonia. Isn´t that nice?

    Back in Sweden visiting my daughters family I was amazed by viewing the meeting and acceptance of an already established and new horse in the paddock and the amazing energy they radiated. Really straightforward communication, lot of energy and love 🙂

    I know that this is not a place for telling summer holiday stories, but I just had to tell you because this was the first few weeks since early spring that I have felt so good, have managed to make such a travel without being exhausted, having so much energy flow when meeting so many different people. Yes – I crashed in migraine when coming home (leaving something very old and heavy), but that was just releasing. I think I had done a great job too 😉

    Love you all,


    1. Brigitta, we are truly bringing Heaven to Earth. OH! For the JOY!!!

      I am SO happy for you that you are rediscovering “energy”. And this is as it IS.

      With Love, and HUGS, Amy

  6. Dear sun_of_blue, sorry to hear about the annoing problems with your body, but try to find the book of Dr Ferejdun Batmanghelidj and his mirracle healing method with water. You can download this book for free. Also could be of great help if you try the method of healing of Bruno Groening Love&light, Sonja

    1. We all have the Power in us to lay our hands on food and drink to infuse them with whatever we want to. Love and healing come to Mind as examples of what I infuse my food and drink with.

      I have arrived at a point in my life that I have done just about all I am about learning how to eat and drink to assist this body to heal, (always with an open mind for improvement when it comes along). A friend of mine reminded me to lay my hands on everything that goes into my mouth, to BLESS it and make it HOLY.

      We are re-membering we can do this. All it takes is Faith, Knowing this, and acting upon it. Some Yogis can actually eat poison without it harming them, but I won’t take it that far. I will just BLESS my food and drink and know I am ingesting LOVE and LIGHT. And yes, I do stay away from the “gunk” foods. If you consider chocolate as junk, that is my one exception to my rule. GRIN And anything cooked on Teflen (thank you, Dominique) I will not eat either.


  7. The summer holidays I work a lot. We are very busy in projects with kids.
    Acrobatics, juggling, (Otmn, juggling is very Monotasking, one ball at a time)
    Trapeze,dancing,dog shows, fire staff. Lot´s of travail and leisure lounging is short. Frustrating also, cause I catched a cold in hot summer days. Also no dream encounters or hidden treasures. Knowledge? I read the book Bloodlands. Unbearable great terror of the past. I reach out for nature and flowers. I am in good mood. Re education of others? A big task, I would say.
    I think it is good for Aisha to have a break from the flatscreen reality.

  8. Reposting it here, beacause I feel this is important:

    I keep stumbling on this: that cancer is caused by the yeast-like fungus Candida. This would make sence that cancer/the yeast/fungus feeds on sugar. If cancer is caused by candida, it would explain why it spreads so easily through the body.
    We have someone who can detect/measure these things, and he repeatedly found candida in Vive’s body. Even though he repeatedly treated her for this. This fungus can mutate very quickly, that’s what he said, although he never related the cancer to the candida.
    Candida is present in almost every human body, but once it enters the bloodstream, that’s when it starts to cause problems, attacking any weak spot in the body.
    In Italy there is an oncologist named Simoncini who cures cancer caused by candida by using carbonide or something like that. He is highly criticised for his work. Cancer of the bone however is very difficult to be treated using his methods.

    1. probiotics,
      we have good and bad bacteria in our guts. If you use anti-biotics you need to put the good kind back in. Naturally fermented foods (non-pasteurized) is the natural way, but they have pills too.

    2. So, the question that is presenting itself, at least it is to me, what is causing Candida to over grow in Vive’s body and how can the cause of the over growth be eliminated?

      I shall pose this question to Source. By eliminating complex sugars, meat, anything carbonated from your daughter’s diet, and giving her appropriate detox measures to encourage toxins to exit her body, will these measures bring health into reality?

      Another great detox is dandelion root, obtained by making a tea. Sonya’s information about “live water” feels right on to me, yet I have NOT read the information. I plan on to though.

      Jay, when the “ideas” come my way, I’ll pass them on to you.

      High Thoughts, Darlin’, go a long way!


      Deep breaths. DEEP breaths………

      Hugging you tight!!!! Holding you forever! Amy

      1. It’s no coincedence that I already bought dandelion root last week!
        Also the things that have proven to fight cancer such as Reishi mushrooms and Zeolite are also excellent Candidakillers. The cancer could be just a reaction of our body to fight/contain the Candida.

        1. There is info available on the internet about a doc successfully treating candida with SODIUM BICARBONATE. According to what I read, the C fungus thrives or not based on acid levels. I apologize for not having the link to this info, but I’m sure a quick Google would bring it up. It seems I may have seen something about it on The Healers Journal site in the body/nutrition section.

          Heartfelt blessings to you, Vive and family,
          anna helen

    3. Here is a Thought, JayJay.

      Vive has elected to represent all that is not (you) to give you the opportunity to rise to the occasion to show yourself, to remember, Who You Are in relationship to All That Is.

      This is a Great Event in your life to put into experience what you know conceptually.

      There is no judgment found in GOD.

      You are to remember you are GOD.

      Listen to You. You have all the answers. You are GOD. You are GOD having a human experience so that All That Is can be expressed physically in you, around you, IS you.

      *Conversations with God is REALLY getting me to think.*

      It is as though I am seeing the “characters” who are connected to me, and by doing so, am understanding deep meaning in my life, which effects all the “characters” in my life. This interconnectiveness is SO alive and real!

      I AM seeing as GOD. Multi-layered. Multi-dimensional.

      To experience what I AM tonight is blowing me away! Truly truly I have found the Holy Grail and by doing so, am discovering the Greatness and Magnificence of not only Me, but You, for we are all GOD.

      There is naught but GOD.

      The PEACE and the FLOW and the BEAUTY and the LOVE and the JOY…..This is Who You Are and every single “person” on this planet.

      My one thought led to another…..

      I stop here for I AM Blissing out……

      I do so LOVE you! I AM-ME-U…….. Amy

      1. YOU ARE ALL. I’m so happy that you are without barriers, in touch with Source!
        My barriers seem too big to overcome.
        I know it’s not true, but they appear to be so. The are really not there, only made up by my clever mind. Still building walls. This has got to stop!
        Time to go home, time to leave the giant head. Time to BE. I AM ME…

        1. Jay, I must admit, you are truly walking through a very challenging passage. The barriers are stemming from your fear. I am not comparing here, BUT what I went through recently with two very sick cats, all my “connection” seemed to go right out the window as I seemed immersed in a living nightmare.

          No matter how far we have come on our Journey, when one that we Love with all of our Hearts is very ill or hurt, it is so difficult to stay in High Gear, to stay connected, for the emotions begin to plummet you and you find yourself falling into the abyss. I am speaking for ME, Jay. I want you to know, even though I know what I am talking about, for I am experiencing it, I do fall, I have fallen, BUT, in the falling, “something” in me changed, “something” in me broke, “something” in me became stronger, in order to allow New Life to come in.

          I don’t fall pretty. I fall hard and fast. And when one is exhausted as I was, the emotions drown you.

          NOTHING is by accident. NOTHING. The times that I am seeing clearly, as I did last night, I was amazed at the Perfection in my life and all of those who are connected to me. It takes practice to stay in that place. I want to stay in that place. Which makes me more determined to do what works for me to stay in that place.

          I LOVE YOU, JayJay! BIG (((HUGS))), Amy

          1. You speak for ME too Amy. We have fallen before, and now every time we are in the hospital we fall again, hard. Well, I do anyway.

            I just read that the fastest way to enlightenment is the 3 credos: Stop it, Fuck it, and Let it Be. Life can be so easy.
            Love, JayJay

            1. Ah, Geeze, JayJay, (tears). You will rise again. There is nothing worse then seeing a child hurt, going through shit as your daughter is going through. Any parent would glady take the hurt upon him/herself. My Heart knows. Yours. This day.

              I tenderly wrap my wings around you, as you rest your weary head close to my Heart beat. I Love you. So much.

              Your Sister in New York, AM-ME

                1. Jay, I share with you a “little something” again from my life.

                  I would say approximately the last year of my life IF not more, has been very stressful. That stress has gone to my hands, among other places. As a result, these hands are swollen, stiff, and the fingers (some) beginning to twist.

                  I was holding my shoulders, arms and hands, very stiffly as a sense of “helplessness” came over me.

                  Yesterday, I caught myself looking at my hands, and thinking how ugly they are, “remembering” how beautiful they were when I was younger.

                  Did you GET IT? I said I CAUGHT myself!

                  And in so doing, I CHANGED my thoughts. I stared at my hands, pushed those “ugly thoughts” away, and both said and felt beauty for my hands. And I meant it.

                  Today, the stiffness and the swelling are decreased. Yes.

                  So I keep on sending LOVE to my hands, no matter what I “see”. And I feel that Love as well.

                  I am bringing beauty back to my hands. I created dis-harmony, I now create Harmony.

                  And so it IS!

                  Love, Amy

                  PS Thoughts can be slippery and know how to hide. It takes a determined honest person to ackowledge the deeper thoughts.

                    1. Amy, dear. Ditto is right. I have just found the River. You brought Me there. You showed me the way. I Am You.
                      The breathing brought Me here. I Am LOVE. I AM PURE DIVINE LOVE.
                      I Am You, Amy. I Love You.
                      I Am Me.

                    2. JayJay, I AM the mirror, reflecting what is in you. You brought YOU to the River. Now see your entire family in this River. For they are you and you are they. One. Love. Family. GOD. ONE.

                      I am so happy for you! Sleep well, my Brother! HUGS, Amy

                    3. My breath brought Me to the River of Love.
                      Anyone: BREATH and you will be taken there.
                      LOVE TO YOU ALL.


    Susun Weed will show you ladies how to stop thinking that menstruation is “filthy and unclean” She will show you the Goddess’ side of the story. Menstruation is a holy thing, the basis of life. She will help you escape the guilt they’ve laid on you for 1000000000000 of years. It was all done on purpose to demonize the female aspect. Same as vilifying Lilith, or calling Mary Magdeline a prosty

    I heard it was time to tell the truth.
    I’ve been waiting for a green light!

    1. Otmn, it brings such Great JOY to my Heart to hear you now! I too have been waiting for THE Green Light, and in my most deepest feeling, I KNOW it has been given. Now I have TWO surprises to look forward to this evening courtesy of you.

      And since I am past menstruation, I am officially a Crone. A Wise Crone! LOL I am officially rewired and my brain has again begun to work! OH FOR THE ABSOLUTE JOY!!!!

      I FEEL your energy! It is SO different from say, even one month ago! I feel like kicking up my heels and doing a jig, in sheer happiness for you! Oh, this ride is finally flowing and holding such Perfection!!! Tears in eyes for US!!!!

      BIG GRIN right back at you, Amy, on same page as you!

    2. Otmn, thanks so much for this! My daughter started last Fall at age 11 and is having such a difficult time with it. She was already having problems just being in physical form, and menstruation just made it that much worse. I have felt somewhat helpless about it. I know this will help her embrace her femininity. So funny…she has been on a kick lately about how the world is “ruled by a patriarchy and it’s time for that to change.” (her words, not mine, I kid you not!) I did start to watch the video yesterday. The music at the intro is so beautiful. When I realized it was so long I decided to wait a bit until I could give it full attention. I’ll try again this evening. Thank you for sharing all this.

      Love and light to you,
      anna helen

  10. I wonder if anyone actually spent two hours watching the video I posted yesterday. It tells how the ancients could find Longitude without knowing what time it is. I wonder if people realize that under our current system, we can’t know where we are without a chronometer.
    A young man that I have been mentoring just got off probation. He went a little nuts when he caught his girl with another man. Anyway, it’s all over now. We went for a ride. Mostly he talked, I listened. On our drive in the country we came across some gang sign graffiti on a tree. We went to the hardware, got some tree bark colored paint, went back and covered the ugliness. Standing back 10 feet, we were pleased to see that the tree looked normal. up close there were some traces, but no one driving by would notice. We felt good doing it. In the process a young couple stopped to see what was going on. They didn’t know why we were painting a tree trunk. When we explained, they shook my hand and shared a bowl of the good herb with us. I’m not sure why I posted this.
    I love letting spirit be my guide. It takes me into interesting things that my ego driven self could never do.

    1. I will admit, I did not watch the video, Otmn. I have been so into just BEing and really not on this computer much lately.

      I think what you did for the Tree is wonderful! THANK YOU for caring!!!!!

      1. You and the world are welcome. I’m glad to remove ugliness anywhere I find it. The truth is I didn’t watch the whole 2 hours either. The first part is a lot of stuff I already knew, the last hour actually is where the science of how they did it is shown.
        It has to do with identifying certain stars and using a protractor sort of thing to triangulate the position. The ancients knew the earth was round.

        Here’s some “secret” knowledge which was kept secret on purpose. You aren’t supposed to know, because they want to keep us controlled.

        1. Thanks, Otmn. Hubby is asking me to go through paint downstairs so I will read about this secret later on. (Funny how YOU mentioned paint and now I am being asked to go through the cans we have. Hmmmmm…..)

          Anyways, I have something to look forward to to help me “remember” when I am finished.

          BIG (((HUGS))), Amy

        2. THANK you!!!! Yes, IF you are not aware, FLOURIDE is given to deactivate the Pineal Gland. It has taken approximately one year, but between no longer using tooth paste (I use baking soda) and filter all our drinking water (still have yet to do the entire house supply for yes, flouride does get absorbed through the skin) I feel SO connected to everything, just like I did as a child.

          This is SO important for everyone to know, and Otmn, again I am deeply grateful to you for posting this!!! BIG (((HUGS))).

    2. Otmn…. I did! I have 30 minutes to finish. I did not know what was behind the Celtic Cross…fascinating! I am probably one of the few females to have actually USE a sextant… of course that was back in the day long ago when I was into sailboat racing… Thank-you!

  11. It is kind of funny really because I have a feeling that the knowledge and knowing we are gonna learn isn’t gonna come from off the internet or read in books. i have been challenged the past few days to even read from my favorite spots and simply have this desire to go within…I think this message from the cC could easily be misconstrued, when they are speaking about being very busy, I do not feel at all it is action oriented, it is much more about getting busy being still, getting busy with your spiritual connections, getting busy being in water or nature, or with pets and loved ones…Lounging in stillness and in spiritual connection I am sure is perfectly fine! 😉 BIG HUGS folks! Alex

    1. so very ‘True’ Alex !….as the old saying goes ‘if the shoe fits’, & by this I mean it’s an individual process & choice, to seek & find specifics as spirit leads & directs us, but I, as you, receive the most wonderful energies from nature ~ plugging in from my soul into the living breathing Earth, from lakes to seashores, trees, plants, birds, bees & of course my purring kitties give me great heart warmth ! ‘Spiritual Connections’ in what feels right in stepping into…busy or lounging !…Enjoy my friend !……Bev

      1. It seems I get “new thoughts” no matter what I am doing lately…….reading a book, crocheting the baby blanket I am, BEing with the flowers and trees, taking cat naps with my cats, riding my bike, taking a walk, swimming laps, taking a shower, and like now, having a conversation with a 4-legged Angel called Whispers, exchanging words with peoples…… is pretty incredible for what I am doing in the moment, seems to “spark” something more, and my thoughts go from there to someplace more. Awesome process indeed!!!! I am just BEING and IT is just unfolding naturally. All I have to do is breathe! LOL

    2. I think this is spot on Alex. Me, I’m busy paying attention to energies in ways that I never have before. Not that I’ve gotten better at doing that, necessarily, but it just seems so important to take note much more acutely of the energies that I’ve always taken for granted. I’m busy learning about my body and how to take care of it, busy trying to align my sense of monetary well being with my ability to sense energy, busy remembering to appreciate the clarity of the moment, busy listening. I’m even busy going to bed in the hopes I can fine tune my dream awareness. Dang. That’s a lot to squeeze into a day and very little of it has to do with motion or action. I’d like to get busy being in outdoor water (sigh). But I think I’ll have to content myself with baths and the outdoor water I splash in when I do my inner work. Just your mention took me straight to my favorite ocean spots for a few moments. Very refreshing.

  12. ‘337’…a power house number that sparks & invokes the Spirit ! Thank you Dear Aisha for this wonderful posting & keeping us ALL updated with your internet issues….Yes there is a time, a place, & a reason for much of the offerings within life’s experiences, sure it will eventually be made clear to you…meanwhile ‘Enjoy’ your power house time of Enlightenment & Relaxation as it was meant to unfold !
    Yes the quest to remember, the quest for knowledge of ‘Truth’ is always a major part of our awakening process ! & I do Love this 337 part “information and tidbits in the most unexpected of places. For the more you open up to this, the more you will find manifesting on all sides. And the more you drink of this well of knowledge, the thirstier you will all become.” All part of our learning, growing & expanding to our greater selves ! & I always find it interesting how much is compared to playing a game with the search & reward of treasures & prizes, but I guess it all is in one’s interpretation & value of what a prize & treasure is….is it material comforts, is it health & happiness for all life….the choices each one to make, but I always believe the journey in getting to the prize is usually just as important ! The knowledge of Truth changes us into seeing & being more of the beautiful Light that we were created to be ! For me, the prize is, & always has been the return of Perfect Health & Harmony to Mother-Earth, her plants & trees, her precious oasis of clear, clean water & All her beloved creatures of the wild !….A grand prize well worth working, climbing & fighting for !!! Have a Heart-Blissful Day Everyone !……….Bev~

  13. Thanks Aisha. Do good in your other work. And although for me this is one of the most reliable sources of channeled knowledge it’s also getting more and more important to rely on my own Source of knowledge! Love ❤

  14. Dear friends!
    It seems the Universe has decided that I am to be ”offline” for a while, for despite a LOT of calls to the internet company, all they can do is to ask me to bring my computer to their nearest office. Which is about two and a half hours’ drive away… So I guess it will be a bit more quiet here for a while, but I will of course try to post any messages that come through. I have to rely on the generosity of the hotel in the nearest community to get online, so I do not have the time to answer any questions or write much myself. This also means that any comments that are ”stuck” for any reason in the spam filter will stay there until I get the chance to log on and fix the problem.

    I have a feeling that the messages will be less regular than usual, as the CCs have told me I will be doing a lot of ”other work” while I am here. And judging by the amount of energy I have been blasted with these last 48 hours, that ”work” is already in progress. As always, things happen for a reason, so I hope we will all find that this ”unexpected silence” is perhaps a sort of blessing in disguise. I send you all my love and my light, and know that even if I am not much present here at the Pond for the next two weeks, I am very much with you in spirit.

    1. Thank you Aisha and CC for the message today – I love it 🙂 I really would like to find some treasures around me;)

      I hope you don´t get stressed for the internet not working for you. Do what you are supposed to do up in those wonderful mountains – no need to hurry. Enjoy your stay – you are really worth it.

      Lots of love,


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