The manuscript of survival – part 336

The tides have turned, and once again so much flotsam and jetsam is being churned up in its wake. This will not be news to any of you, and this will not come as a surprise either. For the energy pushes and pulls on everything now, and it will continue to do so. But at the same time, it is also starting to light up corners that previously seemed lost in the shadows, and this will entail some rather interesting discoveries for you all. For what the light enhances, is not the dark places, rather, it is those places of truth and learning that has not been available before. And this, the increased light, will make many an interesting discovery start to seep out into the open. Some of it will be on a personal level, while other things will become apparent to the general public.

So as this summer progresses, much will have to be taken into consideration yet again, and many of you will start to quarry for hidden talents that you will start to feel the presence of within. For remember, you have all come here laden with so much knowledge, but for reasons you have all become rather familiar with, that knowledge has been safely tucked away until the time is right for it to be revealed again. Mankind have a long story of mismanaging the resources they have been given, both of the material but also of the more immaterial kind, and the outcome from all of this is easy to see around you. Therefore, there will be those amongst you who will hesitate to start to reopen these halls of wisdom, for you fear that once again, this knowledge will be misused.

That is easy to understand, for you have all in some way been a part of previous episodes where the outcome was a far, far less beneficial one. But this time, you need not fear the powers of knowledge any more. For this time, we can guarantee you that the knowledge will stay as pure as it is, and it cannot be corrupted in any way. For this time, everyone involved in this have learned their lessons. These lesson have come at a high price for many of you, hence you reluctance to travel down that same road once more. But believe us when we say that this time, here is no danger in opening up that hidden door within that leads to the halls of everlasting knowledge, for this time, you all come armed with something that will help this knowledge stay pure and unpolluted by greed, fear and manipulation.

So step forth boldly in the knowledge that whatever you find, can only be used for the common good of all. It is there, meant to to be used to lift all of mankind out from the grip of the threatening abyss, and as such, the more you are willing to step into your role as a wayshower, the more power this knowledge will have on you all.

So again we say, be bold and inquisitive, and start to turn over every stone you encounter, lest there should lie some hidden answers there. For this is indeed a quest for information, and this information will be served up in so many shapes and forms, so please feel free to help yourself to it in the most generous of portions.

75 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 336

  1. Here’s another secret:

    I’ve ordered Hemp-oil for our daughter to cure the cancer in her leg.
    This Hemp oil will not cause a ‘high’. We were able to order it here in Holland, hey, Amsterdam is the cannabis capital of the world….
    Only a few drops beneath the tongue ech day will suffice.
    We’re also going to do the chemo, but the Hemp-oil will support the chemo and also the side affects of the chemo will be lessened. Also we are going to give her Reishi mushrooms, Aloe Vera and Zeolite.

    Last night at sunset I was sitting at a place in the fields, all by myself. I could see both the moon and the setting sun. With all my Might I send out Love and Light to all living beings to pray for perfect Health for All of Them.

    It was just wonderful.

    I asked a medium in Holland, Marijke van Meer to do a reading for Vive:
    Here it is:

    Vive Engelchor, born december 9th 1999

    Beautiful, light Soul

    born to be a part of it

    beloved child of heaven and earth

    beautiful angel in human form

    Let yourself be guided by your soul

    let yourself be guided by your beauty inside

    you are and will be a beautiful angel

    even though you now live in a human body

    you are here to help the human children

    you may guide them

    you may pre-live them

    to be an example

    that is your life task

    just to BE who you are

    to show who you are

    completely YourSelf

    Maybe it will not always be possible

    but eventually you will live through your Soul

    you will BE fully who you are

    and that is ALL your life is meant to BE

    To live completely on Soul-Level

    Beautiful , sweet child

    we love you

    we guide you

    in Light and Love

    Jeshua Ben Josef

    1. JayJay, I AM covered in goosebumps! Here I sit in my home, really unable to comprehend all you are going through, yet your Heart comes through so strong. You are SO beautiful, my Brother, as well as your daughter. To have been a part of bringing to this earth an Angel, is such a Great Honor, and speaks very highly of you and your wife. To have heard from Joshua and feel Joshua through the words of the medium must bring you Great Hope as well.

      Your decisions sound solid, JJ. You have given this great thought and I know you are being guided by your Heart. I continue to pray for you and your daughter, along with your entire family. I don’t know why, but when I am feeling happiness and JOY, that is what I AM radiating out to you and all in this world which I somehow know will effect All That Is to bring Great Change for the Better.

      I LOVE YOU, JayJay! No fear! Only LOVE! Stay high and I AM here IF you fall to pick you up to bring your wings to you once more.

      With All I AM, Amy

      1. Dear Amy,
        Let me repeat the message I posted just a minute ago:

        It seems you send a message through Spirit to Vive somehow.
        Today, Vive received a get-well-card from the son (Niek, he is 8 tears old) of my best friend. It’s a cut-out from a magazine, plastified, of a beautiful…………. Pink Rose.

        We thank you Amy,

    2. Dear Jay-Jay! What a lovely reading for your Vive. I suppose it confirmed what you already knew – she really is an angel 🙂 I follow your messages and am with you all with my love and hope that you find your way out of this disease, and I am sure many others around the Pond are doing the same.

      Lots of love and blessings to you all


        1. JayJay
          Did you know that cancer loves sugar?. eliminate sugar from her diet
          no candy, no soda pop, no pastry.
          If I were king, soda pop would be banished. It’s not good for anyone.

          1. Hi Otmn,
            yes, it sure rings a bell. She does’t use much sugar anyway. She hardly eats candy and we use Stevia as much as possible.
            It’s really hard to live and eat as a monck though, but we’ve found somithing that can be used in smoothies. It’s called Juvo raw super food with loads of only good stuff in it.
            Light and Love, JayJay

          2. True, Otmn. Simple sugars like you find in fruits are fine, though. It’s the complex sugars that plays havoc on these bodies. I’m right with you, about the sodas. Anything carbonated as well, is not good for the human body. I stick to mostly filtered water.

            Sugars are also hidden in carbohydrates, JJ. Anything pasta metabolizes as sugar in the body. Too much is a detriment.

            When I studied nutrition in college, I was SO overwhelmed and still to this day, I don’t know enough. My rule of thumb is everything I ingest is in moderation. God help anyone who takes my chocolate away from me! (GRIN!) A woman needs her chocolate.

            HUGS, Amy

              1. One can’t smile TOO much……..I read somewheres every time a person smiles, an Angel is born. Isn’t that an awesome thought?

                And now that I just got some dental work done, my smile is toothier (GRIN!) so now I will really be grinning. Sadness seems to be leaving and Peace coming in. Sigh. How glorious indeed!

                Love right back at you, Jay! My bike ride was a bit more solemn today for some reason, maybe because it is so hot here one could fry an egg on the roads I was riding on. Whew! We are in a wee tad bit of a hot spree here. We’ve gone from swamp and rain rain rain, to mega heat. It was challenging just to breathe with the heat index up where it is today, but I managed. Thought of Vive a lot on the ride as well as you!

                Op, that’s my cue. I hear my Whispers reminding me what “time” it is. Hehehehehe Din din time for the cats!!!!

                MUAH! Amy

                1. Say hello to your cats from me Amy! I love cats. We don’t have a cat anymore. Instead we have a lot of birds in our garden, and we have a guinee pig and a rabbit. Both very gentle animals.
                  It’s finally summer here too, I love it. Today seemed to a day of zero energy though.
                  Hugs, JayJay

                  1. (giggle) I just told my cats, “hello” from JayJay in Holland.

                    Speaking of…..I JUST remembered something. Back in the 70’s and 80’s I owned a pair of wooden clogs. God, how I LOVED those clogs, and they were really pretty. What made me give them up? Temporary insanity? Gee, I truly don’t know. I wore those things all the time. They were pretty much indestructible.

                    I (think) what happened, the uppers on them became stretched out, and my feet began to slip in them. Either that or my feet changed when things were pretty bad with this body due to a severe back injury. Now though? Feet strong!

                    Anyways……I have NO clue why I thought of that. Hehehehehehe But I thought what the hay? I’ll just say what came to mind. Maybe it means something more to you! I dunno! LOL

                    Hugs, BIG ONES, Amy

                  2. JayJay, if you have Conversations with God, Book 1, it is my highest recommendation that you pick it up and read the part about PRAYER (about 10 pages into the book) that I have known, due to “new understanding” BUT due to the pull of the “old programming of my youth”, I began to “forget” the “truth” about prayer.

                    IF you don’t have this book, I again highly recommend getting it. I read it years ago, but this time around, the words are going so much deeper! And as I read the “prayer” section, Vive kept coming to Mind, which motivated me to write this to you!

                    I LOVE YOU! Peace, Joy, Love! Amy

          3. Otmn,
            I keep stumbling on this: that cancer is caused by the yeast-like fungus Candida. This would make sence that cancer/the yeast/fungus feeds on sugar. If cancer is caused by candida, it would explain why it spreads so easily through the body.
            We have someone who can detect/measure these things, and he repeatedly found candida in Vive’s body. Even though he repeatedly treated her for this. This fungus can mutate very quickly, that’s what he said, although he never related the cancer to the candida.
            Candida is present in almost every human body, but once it enters the bloodstream, that’s when it starts to cause problems, attacking any weak spot in the body.
            In Italy there is an oncologist named Simoncini who cures cancer caused by candida by using carbonide or something like that. He is highly criticised for his work. Cancer of the bone however is very difficult to be treated using his methods.

  2. cc==”that knowledge has been safely tucked away until the time is right for it to be revealed again. Mankind have a long story of mismanaging the resources they have been given, both of the material but also of the more immaterial kind, and the outcome from all of this is easy to see around you. Therefore, there will be those amongst you who will hesitate to start to reopen these halls of wisdom, for you fear t hat once again, this knowledge will be misused.”

    here’s some “secret knowledge”

  3. I absolutely must share this with you guys. This pond is so full of love, graciousness and understanding. I know you will all share my joy. I just had the MOST GLORIOUS BEAUTIFUL experience in which the Mother guided me into union with my twin flame! Someone better with words than I am could describe all that happened, but I simply can not do it justice at this point. I will only say that it was very intense and just….WONDERFUL….I am still reeling. Just wow. I am filled with love.

    Blessings to all,
    anna helen
    ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. Oh anna helen!… this was so much fun to read!… your excitement and Love came through beautifully!… no need for someone better with words.
      So glad you shared this, let us know if there’s anymore developments!
      Keep rockin’ and a reelin’….
      Big wide smiles to you 🙂

  4. Hi everyone just sending some light out to all in the pond this morning in sunny san diego ….

  5. My love and deepest appreciation to you Aisha, Constant Companions and all the beautiful benevolent beings that watch over us and protect us. Peace, Love & Light to you all.

  6. Hugs all…I was away visiting with some dear dear friends from my youth and feeling as if no time had passed since our last visit. As I lay in bed last night I couldn’t sleep and I simply reached out about 100 miles to my space of love and encircled it, my blessed portal of light and I drew my spirit body back into that loving feeling and then drew some of that love out to where I was staying, encircled by the ocean and the blessed sleep overcame me…after spending the morning laughing and reminiscing over my youth, which I do not miss but embrace as part of myself, I returned home and I could feel this place rejoicing…as I stepped into this space, and caressed my guardian trees and greeted my animals, I felt as if I stepped into this tremendous flow of power–as if I can do anything, as if I am harnessing this immense light for the good of all…what a blessed feeling and what a wonderful feeling to know that I can access what is created HERE in my space anywhere I am–just as if i can access the pond anywhere I am–feeling deep gratitude for all that is lovingly flowing towards us. I accept with honor and I allow myself to receive the highest and best for myself and All that is~ Hugs and happy sunday! 🙂 Alex

    1. wow, i can feel what you are describing right through the ‘screen’.
      it instantly popped up 2 visions for me, carrying a strong vibration of inspiration, and also fairly well demonstrated in 2 quite well-known videoclips, which perhaps may also tickle your enthusiasm 🙂

      Jackson Five – Can You Feel It – YouTube (offset=50s)

      Flashdance What A Feeling – Irene Cara Official Video – YouTube (offset=10s)

      thank you for sharing and reflecting.

  7. Greetings to the pond family. Next town. Same tents. The show must go on.
    I want to use knowledge this time without any atlantean fears. Without medeavean fears. Hope I find some answers under the stones and rocks.
    No greed, no corruption what awonderful world this could be.
    Love and peace and a loud shout.

    1. To focus on the good and the healing and the new possibilities.
      That’s where I am going to focus and shine my Light on.
      Light it up!

  8. Another “post” from me. I am in a wham! cycle where so many facets of life are being revealed.

    This morning, I was standing on our property line, under a tree, when a “vision” opened up before me. I saw, felt, smelled, the lake that is close by, and it was so real, I felt disorientated. I actually was standing at the shore edge looking out over the expanse of water and taking huge lungfuls of lake air! The experience felt wonderful, for I LOVE the lake, yet I knew it was not to be for me this day, not with my cats outside. I have to plan ahead of time in order for me to be away from this house for a long period of time.

    Anyways, the “vision” didn’t last long yet I felt refreshed.

    Now for the OMG.

    My husband is in a funk today. He decided TO GO TO THE LAKE, something he NEVER does. He is there now, and I KNOW something of great importance will happen.

    Goosebumps. I just connected the dots while working on a baby afghan I am crocheting. I experienced the lake, even seeing where I know he is right now, the spot we like to go to. This behavior is very unlike him, and for me to see the lake this morning, and then for him to go there……need I say more?????

    1. Please understand, I don’t have these “visions” normally. I “sense” things, not actually seeing them. And for me to see the lake open up before me, this is a first for me as well. And then I got so involved in my day, I just put it down to “imagination” until my husband said he is going to the lake. I still am in complete awe of what happened, sponteously. I do believe today is an answer to my Intentions. In more ways then I realize now. I am so grateful to Me and to All That Is!

      1. And the story continues…….as thoughts (again out of the blue spontaneous) came to my consciousness, what I was thinking was met in this realm with a chorus of crickets getting louder and louder as my thoughts peaked, and then when I “knew” what I thought had taken place, the crickets again became quiet.

        OK. Where am I? Did I fall into a wormhole or something? This has been one VERY extraordinary day. I am feeling extra floaty this day as well and “reality” around me doesn’t seem real at all.

        Have I turned over some stones this day? I would say I most certainly have. This is incredible……….

        Anyone else besides me having a very “odd” day?????

        1. I was out in the yard, but feeling helpless and inadequate. I was starting to doubt, teetering on the edge of malaise. A little bug had been buzzing around my head, when the question came into my mind, ”Am I really on the right course or is my imagination running away with me, making up stories?”
          Just then a hummingbird swooped in and caught the bug within 2 feet of my face. the doubt and fear evaporated. cool. Chances are someone projected the yuck onto me. oh well, it’s gone now and they won’t get it back.

        2. welcome to, what i call the holy grail, lady Pinkrose 🙂
          for me this means the physical interconnectedness with all things within and around you at all times without any boundaries whatsoever.

          for me, today felt like a strong field of support pulling me into constant relaxation. as if the entire world was meditating. issues that were disharmonic were instantly brought my attention, and instantly balanced when i allowed it.

          i credit the ‘field of support’ to the many beings and energies working on ‘the other side’ as well as on this side, to assist ‘us’ (the ground crew) in this process of real-ease.

          1. Thank you for all you wrote here, Teasy. I allowed myself to get angry today regarding how this man has and is treating me, leaving without notice and no call where he is. Then, because this area of my life has much disharmony, I with great care, gave it all over to Mother, and return to Peace, Yes, the Peace is here. Undeniably here. Every cell in my body recognizes it, and when I am out in my backyard, the expressions of Nature sing it!

            So, just like you said, I am bringing things into balance. It is tempting to stay in anger, but that is the victim walk. I walk the Mster’s Walk. (smile)

            Holy Cats! The Holy Grail truly does exist. This is totally incredible! I know what has begun is New Life for me. I waited a L O N G time for this!

            I also have been experiencing BEing in more then one dimension at a time, and a real acute sense of “Family” with me. This is awesome!!!! Real-ease. I love that phrase!

            BIG (((HUGS))) from me!

            1. It all sounds wonderful Amy!
              Last night I dreamed that I was standing on water. This was made possible by a small device on one of my feet. Like a button. The device gave off a very fast beat, I have no other way to describe it.
              It anabled me to stand on the water.
              I have no idea what to do with this information, but it was fun standing on the water!
              LoveLight, JayJay

              1. hi JayJay,
                i recently also received the vision of ‘walking on water’ again,
                in the form of how to implement a shoe technology
                to actually be able to physically run on water.

                i also see your (and my) vision as a metaphor:

                if one allows oneself to let go fully
                and stand strong in one’s soulstrength,
                one is carried by the water effortlessly
                through life as one ascends.

                1. Thank you Teasy, for making this so clear. To let go fully seems like the hardest thing to do right now, but its quite possible that that’s what I’m doing right now.
                  Me and my family had a wonderful day on the water (in a small) boat, yesterday. Get it; on the water!

                  1. Dear JayJay, I am very happy to hear that you and your family have spent wonderful day near the water… Previous days I was wandering and thinking about your daughter’s condition last weeks and what was the outcome of the doctor’s examination. But, now I know that everything is OK, thanks God. Wishing you and your family many bright and wonderful days spending together in the future. Love to you, your family and to all brothers and sisters here around the Pond. Sonja

                    1. They are going to extract some tissue on thursday. We will know the results at the end of next week.

  9. sun_of_blue, nice to hear from you again.
    I agree, I truly believe we will get there together.
    Like the CC’s said, ‘we have come here laden with knowledge, but it has been tucked away until the time is right for it to be revealed again.’
    The time is now.

  10. I have recently made a definite connection with the “mighty giant within”….my I AM Presence and the test I am being put through is scary but exciting too.
    All love………

  11. I am seeing a “process” with my roses, and for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what was happening, until today when I actually sat down and spoke with them. And this is what I was told……

    (Due to last year’s extreme drought/heat, the roses were intensely stressed and shocked. I couldn’t keep up with the watering, for as soon as I watered, it would evaporate.

    Now this year, we have been experiencing extreme rain.

    One would think that with all the moisture, humidity inclusive, that the bushes would be covered in black spot, a disease caused by excessive moisture or wet conditions. Nothing could be further from the Truth.

    My rose bushes never looked healthier with no or very little evidence of black spot. What IS happening, is that all new growth that would lead to flowering, is drying up and dying. What is going on????

    Let me note here as well, that the bushes closest to the house are flowering and they are not disease free compared to those who are not flowering.)

    And this is what I was told, “We are not flowering this year because we are focusing on regaining our strength and health after being so stressed last year. We are also creating ourselves so that we remain disease free. We cannot do this if we are flowering, for this will take all our energy away from that of gaining strength and vitality. The bushes that are flowering are not as healthy as us, those of us who have elected not to flower. But even so, they too will learn to put their energy into building a strong disease resistant body. The few roses that have bloomed are representing your Gifts that you are seeing surface, but only sporadically. The time is yet not here to allow continuous flowering to occur, for the inner body/mind must first be built in its entirety.”

    I also would like to share that the bothersome insects, except for the no-see-ums, have on the whole decreased. Last year I saw a frenzy of insects but not so this year. Last year I saw huge amounts of birds as well. Not so this year.

    These are my observations of what Nature is doing around me. I KNOW I am gaining strength and vitality within, and I KNOW that my time has yet come to truly flower. So, like my roses, I allow that which IS to unfold and have every confidence that I am moving towards a spectacular new life, one that I am actively involved creating. I do what I can, and allow GOD to do what It is!

    Peace, Love, and JOY,

    1. Dear Amy,
      It seems you send a message through Spirit to Vive somehow.
      Today, Vive received a get-well-card from the son (Niek, he is 8 tears old) of my best friend. It’s a cut-out from a magazine, plastified, of a beautiful…………. Pink Rose.
      We thank you Amy,

        1. JayJay, Pink Rose is a part of me, and I for one am so glad that just because I was led to change my ID name, you haven’t forgotten. It brings me feelings of great humbleness that All That Is, chose a card with a pink rose on it for your daughter. WE truly are One. I’m still figuring out just how, yet I “see” those connection and am in awe of them.

          As I go on my bike ride this day which produces great feelings of JOY and Euphoria within me, I send that energy to Vive to lift her up on Angels’ Wings right along with me! (GRIN)

          BIG (((HUGS))) and I LOVE YOU! AM-ME

          1. Well, she’s up there. She’s always up there.
            Love and Light and a great ride!
            Hugs, JayJay

            1. I don’t remember if I replied to this, hehehehehehehe. But, even if I did, I am sending more HUGS your way, JayJay!!!!!

              Love, and JOY, and Bliss, Amy

  12. Last night I had a long dream where I was traveling all around the world to different places. I have had a great desire to help feed the people of the world both physical and mental. I have plans to start a fish farm using hydroponics for food. You could feed the world this way by growing food year round. I have studied many different designs on how to do this. It just takes money to get it going. If I live long enough maybe it will come to pass.

    As far as my traveling I was meeting many different people that knew me yet I didn’t know them. Some were in big companies that treated me like I owned the companies. This made me feel like I didn’t know who I was. I could not remember who or what I was. No matter how hard I tried I could not remember who I was. I knew what ever I did it had to be for all mankind and mother earth to help them rise up to a higher level of knowledge. Tonight I will dream about this more to get more answers. I love dreams like this. They always lead to better things for me and others. I know none of this can be misused for greed or power over others. I could not even come up with my name in this dream. Most dreams I have I get answers this dream was much different and a lot more involved with many different things.

    Bless All

    1. Ray, seemingly I am morphing into Someone other then who I have portrayed as “me”. Feels rather strange but oh so good!!!! So what you experienced during your “night dream” not knowing who you were, I am experiencing here and there in my “wake dream”. Hmmmmmm……

    2. hi Ray.. i’ve had the same “dream” last night.

      i consider this to be part of a process of reacquainting myself with many other people (and energies) on the planet, as this time, for me, feels like physically reconnecting with other like-minded people.

      the ‘dream’ you mention, for me, as i experience(d) it, is simply a representation of the energetic experience, that serves, in my view, the role of a precursor or introduction on the more subtle levels, before a more physical encounter is created and engaged.

      i feel that this is also what our ‘constant companions’ referred to in a previous message.

  13. Hi dear friends and family,

    I just came back home from a lunch with my birth family. Drained. I feel just awful.

    Anyways…. Some good news. Check this out if you will – you will be the first visitors:

    🙂 L / P.

    1. Oh, Lara! Your site is beautiful. It takes a courageous, strong woman to do what you are doing! The photo that struck deeply within me is the one of you, on the floor, holding a teddy, your face concealed, with a crib to your right, and wings on a chair in the background. THAT one spoke volumes. My Inner Girl, the one that was so abused, thanks you for creating this photo. May all who view it, know the struggle that women, those of us who do have the courage, who are in the process or who have gone through the process, to walk away from victimhood to Masterhood.

      MUCH LOVE to you, Lara! YOU are beautiful and I am proud to call myself your sister!

      BIG (((HUGS))), Amy

    1. The link didn’t work exactly as I wanted. The story I am focusing on is the young girl who was shot, who needs to be an INSPIRATION to all of us!!!


        1. Bless you, Sally. Your words are a Gift to me this day! I Love you, too! 💖

          HUGS, 💞💞💞 🌷😇🌷

  14. Over the last few weeks, I’ve felt a need to work wih certain elements and natural energies. I found the money and researched carefully what to work with. Yesterday I received my first shipment and my whole sinus was in pain, then when I opened the chakra merkabas, my forehead was tingling. Eventually as the day wore on, my arms and legs was in extreme pain.
    During my sleep, aside from the distractive 4th dimension…I ended up somewhere where a small group of people was working with natural elements. There was a teacher there talking and demostrating elements and energy conducters. We all used the machine we made together…this morning Im up, and in very little pain. I was told what materials to work with directly to clear blocked energy. SO, I’m confirming your message as truth…again. Thank you! Be blessed all!

  15. Dear friends!
    I am writing this in a cabin overlooking a breathtaking scenery. Mountains as far as I can see, some of them still covered in snow. It is very windy and cold, and the energies are intense as well, but this is a wonderful place to be. The only problem is a technical one, as once again I am without any internet connection. They have told me it will be fixed tomorrow afternoon at the latest, so until then, my access to this blog is very limited. I have to drive down to a hotel down the road to log on, so I will just post today’s message and check that there are no comments waiting to be cleared from the spam filter. I’ll be here for the next two weeks, and I know I have been sent here to ”turn every stone I encounter” to quote from today’s message. I promise to keep you updated as soon as the technical department at my internet-provider has sorted out the problem 😉
    Love, light and a breath of fresh air from me, Aisha

    1. Hi Aisha!
      In my opinion, the technical difficulties are a blessing in disguise. While the provider is fixing the ‘problem’ this will allow you time to ‘turn over many stones’, and find many personal answers!
      I’m so excited that you have two weeks in your beautiful place… to open your wings even further…
      Try not to worry about the Pond. We want you to be happy. We know we will get the messages when we need them.
      Have an enlightened, heart warming experience!

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