The manuscript of survival – part 335

Mankind have set their sights on the stars a very long time ago, and since then, you have struggled and toiled to try to find any answers hidden in that intriguing matrix you see glittering above you on the firmament. Some of these secrets have been divulged to you already, but they are merely scratches on the surface in every way. For you have already send your little mechanical emissaries far from home, and they are busy crawling around collecting data and images in so many ways, but what they all depict, are barren wastelands devoid of life. So you hanker to go further, and you invest many an hour searching for that ever elusive ”life in space” as you like to call it. Burt where can it be found, and how can you even contemplate connecting with it? The answers to all of these questions are of course slightly different for people such as you, for not only are you already aware that mankind is not the only living intelligent being existing in All of creation, you know you are simply one amongst such a colorful multitude, it will put your head in a spin simply trying to figure it all out.

For what you see, is not all that you get, at least not yet. For what you see, is simply the topmost layer of a deeply embedded mesh of intricate dimensional stuctures, and each and every layer of this structure is literally teeming with life in all sorts of forms. But what you can see, or rather, what the majority of mankind can see, is just the icing on the cake as it were. But now, slowly but surely, these inner layers will start to come into sight, as one by one, you will all start to see beyond this outer skin and further afield than you have even thought possible.

For the vastness of Creation is such, it is indeed impossible to take it all in in one go. So again, you will be led step by step towards discovering what lies beyond and indeed underneath what you can fathom today. You will all have had some sort of ”taste” of all of these new and exciting flavours of the unknown, but they will be more indistinc and perhaps in something you like to refer to as a vision or dream. For trust us when we say that you have all visited the unknown many a time already, as you are no stranger there, nor are we strangers to you, but it has been conducted in a very discrete way.

But now, this kind of activity will start to amplify in all sorts of ways. And no, we hasten to add, this will not entail so called flying saucers being paraded on your news. We talk of more individual encounters, where you each will start to feel the closeness of ”someone else” in a more profound way than before. We say this in order to prepare you all for a slight increase in odd dreamtime activity, and to help you to get ready for this by consciously starting to open yourself more to these ”nightly encounters”. And do not think you will be inundated with unwanted visitors at all hours, this is not a form of Hollywood production in any way, full of drama and disclosure. No, this is a much more intimate kind of reunion, where you will each be set up to meet your tutors.

For that is really what this is all about, a chance to start to interact on a one on one basis in a way that will bring about many an interesting ”discussion”, and we think you will all start to have quite a few aha-moments in the time ahead. So prepare to be taken for a trip behind the scenes as it were, and  know that it will manifest itself in all sorts of ways, and perhaps not as easy to interpret or even remember at first. Again, we will do this in increments, and you will all be guided closely throughout it all. Thank you, that will be all from us at this stage, but we are all looking forward to a more personal interaction with you all.


140 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 335

  1. To EveryOne!
    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. They give me a lot to Ponder… and that’s my favorite thing to do!
    It’s also nice knowing there are Others out there reflecting on Life as much as I do… it’s an obsession.
    Huge Love and Respect,

  2. Hello sun_of_blue! Thank you for sharing this. It helps me to understand what ‘voice’ inside to listen to!
    It seems I regularly need to argue with myself and I’m not sure who‘s doing the talking. I just know there’s a part of me that seems to want to stop this beautiful transition I’ve been going through… then there’s another part of me that keeps moving forward no matter what… I understand now that my head is starting the arguments by telling me loud lies as my heart quietly knows the truth and acts accordingly.
    Moving from ’head living to heart living’… beautiful!
    Much Respect,

    1. Hi, Sally! We’ve been conditioned to listen to our “logic” for so long, and that is what “ego” loves to hang on to. AH, logic to explain and put labels on things. LOL When we live from our Hearts, and listen to It as well, it is an entirely different aspect/perception of BEing.

      And yes, I too experience the tugs, or the “starts of fear” but with practice, gently pushing the fears aside, gently telling “logic” no, not this time…….and learning how to flow, we do, at least I do, experience phases where it feels just so good to BE to FLOW that we wonder why we didn’t do this sooner.

      I have been practicing just flow for many years, long before I started reading “how to”. I just did it, because the structure of reality as this world would have you believe is true, just made no sense to me. I do not follow well, so I intended to make my own world, which is exactly what I did. Now that world is so deeply engrained within me, that I take it wherever I go. Cool Beans!

      Hugs, Amy 💞

      1. Oh yes! Too much logic! … tired of describing, sorting, labeling, compartmentalizing…. just so I can explain something that’s unexplainable. Geez, enough already. Ha.
        But, yeah, I’m sure my head is telling me fearful things ‘cause it wants to protect me, as it‘s been conditioned to, but I will practice, as you say, by telling ego that it can take a break and relax now, for we ARE embarking on a world that’s custom made.
        Can’t wait until ‘all that I’m made of’, relaxes and eases in to my ‘new world’, but relaxing has always been hard for me. I’m an empath like no other. Didn’t even know this word ‘til last few years. Explains a lot about my emotional state. But since realizing this it seems I DO need to sort and label my thoughts and feelings and words, they’re not all mine! I feel everything from A to Z and more….
        Maybe if I just let the feelings go without ‘catching’ each one, they’ll naturally fall in to place. That’s probably what goin’ with the Flow means… ha, VERY cool beans! (I’ve only known one other person that says that, ha.)
        Thank you Amy.

        1. Be gentle on yourself, Sally. Slow and easy. I am dealing right now with a husband (very engineering minded) who is at this moment waking up and is in horror of what “life” is. He is crying and so overwhelmed, not able to understand how he got where he is, because he is realizing this is NOT him. He has his entire life rationalized, excused, logicized, …… and now his heart, being broken with our two losses, he is reeling as the “seeing” is unfolding.

          So, yeah, Sally, easy on you. OK???? I too am an empath but lately, and I hope I bring HOPE to you, I realize what is mine and what is not. It has suddenly become easy to differenciate (hmmmmmm…..I don’t think that is spelled right. My spell check for some reason is not working).. And what is not mine, I transmute to LOVE immediately and thank GOD that I have been able to see this as what IS. Instead of fearing “what is out there” now I feel more connected to ALL, inclusive of people, and know beyond a doubt that I have the Power to say to something “go” and it goes.

          My husband just turned 62. He has worked since he was 7 years old. He is seeing WTF did I do???? And WHY???? VERY hard place to be! I have lots of hugs and lots of encouragement for him. He is one of those who fought Love and now Love has him by the “tail” and will not let go.

          BIG (((HUGS))), my sister Sally! LISTEN to YOU as to how YOUR process is to unfold. Everyone’s is unique! And yes, I am still processing and still learning. I will be the last to tell you I know all. HA! The more I know, the less I realize I know. LOL

          Love, Amy

          1. It’s a great and terrible thing happening to us now. I feel much compassion for you and your husband… It’s wonderful to hear he has awakened but, yes, the guilt from the ‘past’ can be overwhelming. He is very lucky to have you as a comforter. I think he now sees that. I feel he loves you now more than ever… Soon, I see you smiling at each other with a deeper, different ‘knowing’.
            My husband too, has an engineering mind.. He worked as a mechanical engineer from the ages of 20 to 53… he is now 54… could not/would not relate to me and my outlook on life. He got way into alcohol to hide from himself and me… it worked. He lost himself to the point of a mental breakdown… spent some time in the hospital. Even upon release he still had to drink to deny himself, until his body broke down too… but now he is alcohol free and beginning to ‘feel’ emotions again.
            He also lost me, as I don’t feel the romantic love for him I once did, but I am willing to stick around to get to know him again while I am getting to know myself.
            I know this is all happening for a reason and while I am grateful I am also asking, ‘wtf!’
            Amy you HAVE given me hope… I thank you so much for sharing. I don’t share in my ‘real’ life and talking with you has been great practice and great therapy for me. I’m misty – eyed now.. you and this Pond mean so much to me.
            I feel so much love for you and your husband and your kitties. We are all in good hands.
            I’m chillin’ & willin’!

            1. Oh, Sally! (((HUGS))) I am “led” to share aspects of my life because I believe many here can see reflections of their own life, (at least that is my hope) in my words, and in so doing, I inadvertantly make some think or see more clearly. I have a far from the perfect life, and I will be the first to say so, yet it is in my perception of what I choose to focus on that makes all the difference.

              Yes, Luv, my husband and I have been through more hells then I care to share. But, I am continually guided to stay and now I am seeing why. My husband turned to pills, that a doctor was more then willing to give him, so I was living with a “dead man” for many years. I have fallen out of love as well, and I have no expectations of that happening again. If it does. It does. If not. Not.

              I have fallen in love with myself and all expressions of Nature. I am not looking for love outside of myself, and if it does happen, I would honestly be the happiest woman alive. I am happy now, don’t get me wrong in the least. But to be able to share my “life” as I have come to know it, away from the insanity of this world, would be wonderful. I must say, that with this tragedy we suffered lately, my husband’s heart is “seeing” and the derision I was on the receiving end so much, is no longer seen. Nice.

              There are reasons for everything. It would be so absolutely wonderful if all of us who have fallen out of love, find that love again. Maybe in the falling in love with ourselves, we start attracting that love to us, by just BEing us. Nice thought. (smile)

              It is freeing to say some of the words that have been damned up for so long. That takes great strength of character to go against the grain and admit, nope, my life is not perfect and hasn’t been for a while. In the sharing, healing takes place. I really do believe this to be true. And then once the sharing takes place, movement is felt and we can move forward, leaving what once was a festering sore, behind us, knowing deep within our hearts, it is healed and we have changed history for all time.

              I Love you, Sally! Keep on keeping on. You know you have one sister in this world who has very real struggles, and who is so determined to bring ALL in her life to LOVE. And only Love!

              BIG (((HUGS))), Amy

              1. OH *SIGH*… Me Three…
                just too pooped to even put it in words anymore. So Thank-You to you both for sharing. Group HUG!

                1. KaLea, (tears)……..(big lump in throat)…… I Love you, Sister! Don’t give up and no matter how tough it gets, listen to your Heart so you know what to do. I know the feeling well…….just so tired of this **it and how it drains one of energy.

                  My determined focus lies on those things that make me smile and happy. Easier said then done sometimes. Just hang on and KNOW you are not alone!

                  WE are ONE in Heart, Soul, and MInd! Your Sister, Amy

                2. KaLea, let’s have a heart to heart chat. OK?

                  I want to share with you what I do.

                  Firstly, I don’t dwell on the “negatives” in my life for in doing so, I will only pull or attract more of such said energy to me. I focus as I said on those things in my life that I like that resonate with me. No matter how seemingly trivial or small to anyone else those things I choose to focus on, that is what I focus on. That is my choice.

                  I also lately have come to a firm decision I will not live like this (as I am with who I am and what I have) for the rest of my life. I realize that circumstances (some) at this present time are not to be changed, but for me to learn to change my attitude towards those circumstances, rising above the lower emotions and electing a Higher Perspective. (for my own growth process)

                  I have begun to change those things I can. And in order to bring in the change I desire, sometimes those things that I can change, come with a very high price tag. It boils down to, do I have the courage to walk through the changes, or do I continue to exist in a miserable environment?

                  In my Heart of hearts, I carry a Secret. And that Secret is my Desire of what I want my Life to BE. What I want ME to BE. I feel that Truth, and I carry it in my Heart at all times, becoming One with it, no matter what I see in the physical. And again I begin to make the changes necessary to carry me closer to attaining that Secret. To give an example of this……I have begun to clean out, throw out, organize in all the areas of my home that “stuff” has collected. In other words I am makng room for the NEW to come in. As without, so within.

                  I believe in myself, and I am learning Who I AM and how awesome I AM. I really am falling in love with me. Let’s face it, if I don’t do this, how will I ever bring to myself my Dream of who I want to be with?

                  And all my Secrets, all my Dreams are always open-ended. GOD’s Mind is open ended……It is always creating and expanding. So too this Universe. So I resemble that which I AM and keep all my Dreams open ended, not putting any labels on them, not putting any conditions on them, just stating exactly what I want in my life.

                  I did this last night, in fact, as I sat out in my backyard after the sun had gone down. I stated something very important to me, outloud, and when I did heat lightning flashed. The one and only time…….hmmmmm…….So yes I was heard.

                  Even if I don’t see my dreams manifest, I will not give up. I have also learned to think thoughts that will not undo what I am dreaming. When I catch myself grumbling in my thoughts, or stinking thinking is happening, I pull myself up short and manually say NO! and change the channel. I am speaking like this is a piece of cake. No it is not. Sometimes it just isn’t possible and the hot words come tumbling out, or the hot tears, and this too is good, for it is a release. I am done with stuffing, oh believe me.

                  I hope my thoughts help you with your life. I always have to remind myself nothing is by accident, so if this is true, and the fact that I have created my environment as well, um, gee, how in the world did I get here and what in the world can I do to change what I don’t like in my life. I have spent many many years, changing my thinking, changing myself, improving me, and I encourage you to do that very thing, no matter what it takes. I AM remembering I AM THAT I AM……..

                  In closing, I keep very uplifting books close by and I do read them. I read life enhancing Words so that they take seed in me, and grow. My One and Only Source for change is GOD…….my HS.

                  I do Love you so. ALL things are possible with LOVE, LIGHT, and LIFE. ALL.

                  BIG (((HUGS))), Amy

                  1. Thank-you Amy… I have written and rewritten a response all morning long… Bottom line, simply said – I so GET what you are saying…

                    1. You are SO welcome! It warms my heart you “GET” what I am saying. With how life is accelerating, you should Master all in your life that you want to.

                      BIG (((HUGS))) and I LOVE YOU, Amy

                3. Oh KaLea! Too funny… I was just responding to Amy again when I saw your group hug!
                  Good idea…thanks!! It was very much needed.

              2. Oh Amy! You said everything so beautifully. Amazing… (Amy-zing!)
                I absolutely relate to every thought you laid out.
                I will keep on truckin’ ….. for this is truly, just the beginning!
                Mega mucho Love to you,

      1. Nice, Otmn! Thank you for posting this! I seem to be walking into this realm of realization right now. It’s amazing, life changing, and in every sense of the word, so freeing!

        I wouldn’t be surprised if I begin to see the geometric lattices or matrix connected to everything. That is how connected I feel. 💖

  3. What is nice, that late this afternoon I heard a crow high up in a tree. I looked up and wondered why it had called. At that same time I remembered that ‘crows show the way”, and then, behind the crow I saw the sun braking through the clouds. I saw the outline of the sun, like it was the moon, you know. And then the sun started shining brightly, and I was saying to the crow: ‘yes, I see the LIGHT, yes I can see it!” It was one of those amazing moments…

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