The manuscript of survival – part 334

You are tired and perhaps more than a little flustered we gather, as you have all been through a rather intense few days. Let us just give you all a little heads up as to what went down on Sunday during the Gathering, as we think you will all find some comfort in knowing that the energies you provided to the rest of humanity will be very much welcome indeed. For you have all been working so hard on behalf of us all, and as we mentioned, what you help bring down to Earth is something that will be of immense importance not just to all persons residing there, but also to All of Creation. We know this might elicit some frowns of disbelief, but as the old saying goes as above, so below, and indeed vice versa. For nothing that exists anywhere in this universe and beyond exists as a solitary island, and even if you many times will feel like you are stranded on a small orb slowly drifting out there in the pitch black darkness of space, you are not lost or alone no matter how lonesome you will feel at times.

For you are all so deeply connected, not just to each other, but also to the rest of Creation, so every step you take will have some effect on the whole. And you are making so much progress for us all by the way that you are acting as these transmitters of light on this little blue marble of a planet. For this small island in this vast ocean of space plays a major role in everything, and as we have talked about earlier, much interest is invested in the rebirth of this creation.

For the birth of this planet way back was only the beginning of a very, very long journey. A journey not only for mankind, but also for every civilization that at some point has had their emissares on the surface of this planet. For as you know very well by now, mankind is not an isolated creation in a lifeless ocean. No, mankind is simply one very special creation amongst a sea of other intelligent lifeforms that exists in every corner of this unending grid of light. You have yet to see these other fellow beings, and even if many of you have found a way to communicate across the borders as it were, you are still very much left feeling as if you are in fact all alone in this biosphere.

But again, you are not alone, and you never have been, and you all carry the seeds from home that have now been watered and have started to grow within. And so, you will feel the calling from the outside, and you will know deep within that even if you do have a human outside, you also harbour much wisdom and intelligence within that originates from a very different place. And so, what you all do while you are playing your human part is actually much more imporant than just the effects it has on the so-called human society. For what you help bring down to this planet by your willingness to be these living conveyors of light will help us all reach even further and higher than ever before. For you are not only saving yourselves by lifting your own level of vibration to new heights again and again, you are also lifting so many others along with you. Your fellow men, of course, but also the rest of us, as you are putting the finishing touches to an endeavor no one have seen the likes of. So as you learn, we also see new truths emerging, and we can use that to refuel your flight even more so.

This will sound that we are in some ways walking just as blindfolded as you on this journey, but nothing could be further from the truth. For we do know what we are doing here as we stand by your side every step of the way. But what happens when the plan is put into action as it were is also a revelation to us. For you are indeed pushing the limits in so many ways, you are educating us alongside with yourselves, and as such, this endeavor is increasing in effect and in magnitude daily.

So let us just return shortly to what you have just been through, for that was indeed a perfect example in point. We gather that for many, the actual event may not have been as gratifying as you might have hoped for in the way of clarity or information during the time you connected, but do not let that lure you into thinking that you did not ”succeed” in your efforts to connect. For as we said, you do not have to DO something, all you have to do is BE, and that is something you can not help but BE. In other words, you are already working up a storm by the very fact that you have surrendered yourself to this energetic grid a long time ago, and as such, your endeavors will be fully on par with those that can report many interesting insights from their own sojourn into this space beyond space. For you have all been to the same place as you have all been connected to the same grid, and so, your contribution will be no less valuable than the ones who can give a detailed report of all that took place while they took the same journey as you did. For you all went home, to put it in another way, and what you helped to bring back down to Earth with you, is in no way determined by your own image of it. For you have all become super conductors by now, and the amount of energy that was pulsed out from each and every one of you and into the Earth grid was by no means puny.

We know this will perhaps bring little consolation to those who felt they missed out on something, but again, perception is not reality, as what we saw during all of this was nothing short of breathtaking. It was as if a fire slowly started to spread all over your globe, as one by one you all opened yourselves up to act as amplifiers for what you managed to take in from the collective grid. And what you poured out from your hearts has already started to touch millions of other hearts, and one by one these waves of living light will start to dissolve even the hardest of resistance.

So once again we thank you all for the beautiful work you do, and know that you are bringing mankind and indeed the rest of Creation a very big step forwards by the very fact that you wake up every day, living and breathing the very light that you help to deliver to everyone else around you.

99 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 334

  1. My Love to all my beautiful Sisters and Brothers at the pond. Thank you Aisha and CC for another wonderful missive.

    1. Hi Wilbur ! you do seem more allusive these days…..& I know you (as well as I) have been part of this since the early beginnings…..hope you are well !!!……Hugs ! …Bev~

  2. Hi all,
    I want to share my experience on Sunday. Leslie and all the others who are interested in Dr. Leslie’s work:

    I put the kids to bed. I took a shower. Was ready 22.01. I said “I am coming but coming a bit late”. I knew it would not matter. I saw you all sitting around a pond or a lake. I was welcomed. It was a night but not too dark yet. I immediately knew that I need to take a swim in the pond. I was in the pond surrounded by you and your love and kindness. By very strong intent, I washed away all the suffering, pain and the rest of the family karma from my lineage of women (I was half meditative space but doing this by concious mind intention too). When that was done I felt that I cannot continue anymore. I went to bed. I slept tight. The next day I woke up (to the alarm) it was like never before. I could hardly walk as if I was sleepwalking. My legs were “out of iron”. Very odd feeling.

    On Monday evening I had a session with Dr. Leslie ( It was wonderful. We had a conversation, an energy reading and a channeling. My ancestors, those women, came to give me their message. They celebrated my work. They have been preparing for this moment in their lifetime and I am the one bringing it to the material world now. This has always been my mission – to transform victimhood to joy and love. They thanked me, send their love and support.
    Dr. Leslie also confirmed that it was very good that I did the cleaning with water. Water is THE element now for healing.

    Love, Lara

    1. Thank you Lara for this ! You bring up a great topic regarding the healing of the lineage of women, ‘the divine feminine energy’ as this parcel of time now & in the next few months is focusing on this & ‘Yes’ much of this healing will be thru ‘Water’…some will experience as harsh, destructive & others soft, flowing & rejuvenating….depends on each soul’s energy & vibration, & where you live in regards to the energy signature of the land. Have you read anything about ‘Black Moon Lilith’ ? She is a very important part in what is transpiring right now….she is returning to set harmony, balance & to restore the rightful place of the feminine energy as it was always intended to be !……have a glorious day dear Lara !……….Bev~

  3. Splish splash splosh, back in the pond again.

    A little while since I stopped by but I feel compelled to take this short time I have ‘online’ to share my recent breakthroughs.

    I ascended my awareness into higher consciousness which over spilled and freaked some people out. I should have stayed in the pond but I got dragged into the external and ended up with the Police at my door!

    Living under the radar in a foreign land, that can be a disastrous thing to happen to somebody but fortunately a knowledge in Law and understanding of quantum mechanics sailed me through that one no problem.

    It massively affected my path though and I have now found myself in a place of spiritual study and healing. I am learning a technique called Body Talk, along with Mind scape, fast aid and a whole host of energy healing, astral travel manifestation sciences.

    For the first time in my life I am actually surrounded by people I can relate to and grow and learn with. Its fascinating to say the least and I am shifting huge energetic patterns from my life.

    I would say by the next gather at the Pond I will be fully conscious of my Astral self, I am looking forward to being able to travel the world from my tent!

    I am finding myself able to eat foods I have not been able to handle for years, and do more physical work in a day than what I have done in a week in recent times.

    I feel as though I came out of the other side of the upgrade with flying colors, thanks in a large part to the love and light of the pond!

    Peace to all!

    1. Dear Iain, so good to see your light here again 🙂 And what a beautiful example of how something that seems disastrous turns out to be a blessing! I hope you will continue to share what you learn on the next step of your journey.
      Much love from me, Aisha

  4. Sometimes lately I have woken in the night feeling _very_ good. I usually wake up two three times during the night nowadays.

    Last night I woke up three times, feeling _very_ good each time. And I realized what it is. The light / love / energy that comes throught me. I could really feel it flowing, coming in from the top of my head down through my legs to the center of Gaia.

    And it felt soo good…

    I AM the Pond – and so are you

  5. I don’t think I ever heard this song before a little while ago. I don’t find them; I’m led to them ???go figure!

    1. I lived in Florida for five years. I use to go to Key West to stay for awhile. The people there call it the end of the world place. Its the warmest place in north America in the winter. many young and old people that have nothing go there to stay warm and enjoy the ocean. Its a place like no other that I know of. North of there is Miami where many rich people go to retire.They call it elephant walk. Where old people go to die. Meeting and talking to some of these people taught me a lot about life. The good things and the bad. Some of the smartest people I have ever meet were homeless. I had a place in northern Florida that was on the St. Johns river. It was a very beautiful place. I use to take some of the homeless there to let them rest and regain their focus for life. Some did this and some had given up on life and wanted no more of it. To me there is no greater thing than to help some of these people find a new life and a way to live.

      Bless All

  6. As of today, I feel a distinct shift. For years I walked, felt, ate, drank, created Love. Then……

    Pulled to the underground of Shadow where much work was to be done.

    Now, I again am feeling the Currents of Love, this time oh so much stronger and vibrant.

    Oh yes, Love is what truly makes OUR world go round!!!!

    Thank you, Aisha, for this beautiful missive! Much appreciation and LOVE!

    From my Heart to your Heart,
    🌷 Amy🌷 (😇) 😀

    1. Yes! The definition of ‘Our’ Love cannot be found in ANY dictionary.
      It is truly beyond description!

  7. Hello, I know the love unconditional and wisdoms of Divine Presence is , o necessary. Aisha, I will like, it’s posible, share in my page your work. My page is La Fortaleza de Madre Padre Creador. We was work with the same about october 2012 (circuit of lights and pillar of lights). Your work is so special for me, thank.

    1. Dear Alicia, welcome to this circle of love and light! Please feel free to share these messages on your pages. Thank you for helping to spread the light, dear sister!
      Much love from me, Aisha

  8. We’re on this plane to add righteousness, virtue – according to our own individual ethics and with no jugement – to the originel innoncence. Because innocence can be easily cheated.

    Love is not enough. Knowledge and love are Light. Both sides of the same coin..

  9. LOL oh universe you play with me! I put up a huge post filled with fun stuff and poof…….and so it is–sending much love and resonating strongly with this message! Hugs! Alex

    1. Dear sister – I’ve found it, it had been marked as spam for some reason, but now I have “un-spammed” it for you. It was a good one too 😉
      Much love from me, Aisha

  10. Ahhhhhhh!!!! Yeah baby! 🙂 Here is what I know. I know that Being love changes things in your reality. I know that being and sharing love changes things in other’s reality. I know that consciously sending love and sharing it with all that IS is changing all that is…I think CC is sharing here that while they “theoretically” knew what was going to happen when we consciously shared our love–the outcome has FAR exceeded what they expected.

    Truth is folks…we are all creating this as we go along. All the foretelling in the world can’t stand up in the face of this MASSIVE wave of love which surfs through the universe and touches all. ALL….we are finally becoming the Beings that our mother and father God source had envisioned and thought was good and sent to be honed here and now out of sleep we stretch and yawn and spread our wings and from their point of view–it is nothing short of the Big Bang miraculous!

    whoot whoot–keep on shining the light brothers and sisters–keep on being love to yourself and to others! Aint no stoppin us now! We’re on the move! 🙂 Hugs! Alex

  11. The quantum is so small, even Plank had to take glasses to find it.
    Maybe a sudden flare could hit a Buckyball and kicks it out of the
    bubble chamber. Then Ashtar does a cross return and we are in the tie-break again. 15 Love. Advantage Fuller.

      1. Ha! So after I Googled, Planck, Buckyballs, and bubble chamber, I saw the humor in what you and Mich were sayin’ and laughed out loud… but I imagine some of the humor still went right over my head! Ha!

        1. Sally, sometimes I am laughing so hard at what both Mich and Dominique say yet I know some I still am missing! I am giggling as I write this! LOL

        2. Last year, my hyperspace family talked to me about buckyballs and tesseracts (I didn’t know those words). When I woke up, I wondered “waaazaaaa ?”… 🙂

              1. Dom! My GOD! You have a Super Brain. I confess, Much of the information went um flying right over my head, but! mathematics NOT chemistry fascinates me and I did extremely well in it. DUH! Should have (oh oh there is that should word!) stuck with the math especially geometry and trig.

                Fascinating read! What I did understand……..Thank you!

                The THOUGHT to pursue math (again) just yesterday flashed in Mind. It will be fun to see where this leads me. My interest in Life is returning after feeling more or less dead for many years…….It’s all inclusive in the package called LIFE. (Smile)

                1. I think it had to do with imaginal cells and the developement of the crystaline body, an extension through “quantum information packs” from the pineal gland. Last year, dreams were full of geometry and Egyptian mythology 🙂

                  1. That, Dominique, brings great relief to me, for my “super brain” has been turned off for longer then I care to admit. This (again) love to learn is back and I am reading actually interpreting what I am reading. Oh for the JOY of having a working brain again. And yes, this time around, I am comprehending more and on a deeper level. I missed the entire Egyptian mythology last year. My brain was disconnected. (smile)

    1. “can’t”, “don’t”, “nothing”… “the bail-out is not for you” :), etc. negative language, semantics… Dark music… Inspired by… ? (archons ?)

      The most inspired, in “Dead man” :

      1. This world sucks. Dark is the world in Bangldesh, when the fire doors are closed in your favourite Shirt factory. Or in Lampedusa. Ther´s a bail out coming, but it´s not for France.

    2. I love all of Neil’s songs. I have a friend and his brother that I use to live with that could play and sing all his songs.

    1. Just some things about different kinds of flares.

      Magnetars are characterized by their extremely powerful magnetic fields of 108-1011 tesla.[5] These magnetic fields are hundreds of millions of times stronger than any man-made magnet,[6] and quadrillions of times more powerful than the field surrounding Earth.[7] Earth has a geomagnetic field of 30–60 microteslas, and a neodymium-based, rare-earth magnet has a field of about 1 tesla, with a magnetic energy density of 4.0×105 J/m3. A magnetar’s 1010 tesla field, by contrast, has an energy density of 4.0×1025 J/m3, with an E/c2 mass density >104 times that of lead. The magnetic field of a magnetar would be lethal even at a distance of 1000 km due to the strong magnetic field distorting the electron clouds of the subject’s constituent atoms, rendering the chemistry of life impossible.[8] At a distance halfway to the moon, a magnetar could strip information from the magnetic stripes of all credit cards on Earth.[9] As of 2010, they are the most magnetic objects ever detected in the universe.

      Resonant cavities support electromagnetic standing waves that oscillate at well-defined frequencies determined by the Maxwell equations and the geometry of the cavity. The Lorentz-violating modifications to the Maxwell equations lead to tiny shifts in the resonant frequencies. Experimenters search for these tiny shifts by comparing two or more cavities at different orientations. Since rotation-symmetry violation is a form of Lorentz violation, the resonant frequencies may depend on the orientation of the cavity. So, two cavities with different orientations may give different frequencies even if they are otherwise identical. A typical experiment compares the frequencies of two identical cavities oriented at right angles in the laboratory. To distinguish between frequency differences of more conventional origins, such as small defects in the cavities, and Lorentz violation, the cavities are typically placed on a turntable and rotated in the laboratory. The orientation dependence from Lorentz violation would cause the frequency difference to change as the cavities rotate.

      What this last one means is everyone would be affected, but everyone is different so each would be affected in a different way. There are many different types of flares. All affect earth and beings in a different way. Some could be good some could cook everything. Some could just knock all power on earth and fry your mind. To many different kids to talk about here.

  12. Although I completely forgot about this on a conscious level, energetically I know I was there and yes it was AWESOME – Heaven on Earth!. Gave me much fuel to continue. Thank you all my Brothers and Sisters of Light 🙂

    1. Thank you for BEIng a part of this! As you say, we are all so connected now, we are doing our part even when we think we “forget” it 😉
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  13. I had a dream about the energy that lives in my

    body.The energy or soul that lives within this body is just a piece of all the energy of this galaxy. It is all of the same thing. It just comes in different forms. This energy is in this body to

    help the physical body as we know it to rise and

    learn to comunicate with this energy. It wants the

    body of mankind to rise up as a equal to this

    energy to join the energy of all the galaxy and

    become aware of the bodies true self. I have found

    that the round balls of light orbs are a form of energy that if it were to manifist to its true form could be as big as a city with thousands of beings. The light chambers in these orbs have many light forms of energy that wish to help mankind rise up to his true form in his physical body and be aware of how to work with this energy in a peaceful and loving way.
    This energy is all tied together. We are all

    part of the same thing. Our bodies are a form of

    this energy that has to become conscious of its

    true self. To have the phyiscal body become aware

    of this and learn to use it will be one of the

    greatest things that has ever happened. The cycle

    that our universe is going through will last about

    50,000 years. The earth must be protected until

    this process is finished and mankinds body becomes

    a conscious part of this energy. The more aware of

    this we make these physical bodies the faster this

    will happen. My body may not live to see this

    finished, but the light that lives in this body

    will see it happen.

    I see things everyday around the world and use to ask myself how do I know of this before I see it online or on tv. I read things I know about that I have never read about or seen before. This always made me wonder when I was younger. I had a uncle that told me about this knowledge when I was young. I have found that we all share a universial knowledge that is a form of energy that flows through all of us. You just have to become aware of it and learn to tap into this knowledge. Everything that has ever been done is in this knowledge. All you have to do is ask the right questions to get the answers you seek. This question is called intent by some. The more pure your intent the better this works. You send out this intent it is recieved by the sorce of this knowledge. This knowledge is a source of energy that is everywhere. Then the answer is sent back to you in a form you can understand with your thought process. This can be called cause and effect. This can be used when you send out a prayer to help someone. Your cause is your intent the effect is if the person you are sending it to accepts it or rejects it. You can send out to the whole world or even the whole galaxy. All causes have a effect whether you know it or not. Many know about some of the things I talk about. I just hope what little I write may help someone in need.

    Blessings to All

    1. Big hugs Ray and thanks for sharing with us who you BE and what you are experiencing! I too share some of the same wonder that you express related to the energy as I have always felt it to be an alive thing and constantly interacting with us. What a joy it was to finally realize this was accessible to all Beings! Every day I send out love and light and a big hug to this world and all its kingdoms and also to the multiverses to use it as they wish–I believe that OUR love mixed with this light makes it an even more potent energy and the things it can do are even astounding those “in the know” 🙂
      Much love my friend–alex

    2. Dear Ray, you explaned this well and very accurate. The same process has been revealed to me throught the time after asking right questions, as you mentioned. It was interesting to hear about the same once again, but this time experienced from sombody else. Countless blessings to you and to all other dear souls who dwelve on this Pond.

    3. Thank you Ray.
      The information about the ‘energy orbs’ finally allows me to put the pieces of a puzzle together that I’ve been struggling with for quite some time. It’s even helped me find pieces I forgot I had.
      I Love it when something starts to come together… when answers are given…
      I also understand more about intent… your description really helped.

    4. Hi Ray, I tried to find some scientific explanation about what you tried to explain (which I experienced for myself, but couldn’t explain accurately) and I found a little booklet about Scalar Waves by Nicole Loeffler /
      In this text the author explanes how “scalar energy constitute a bridge – or a tunnel – between an other dimensional realm outside our space time continuum, and our physical world. The bridge’s entry point into our reality can be guided from the faster-than light dimension towards the individual through focused intention.” At the end author says: “I believe, though, that my focused intention to find an answer to my question guided me to the book and the specific page of the quote. In my interpretation, this transmission of intent was facilitated by the scalar wave “bridge” into the “akashic field”, where all the answer lie. I am coming to the conclusion that the quest to define scalar energy scientifically is impossible at the moment, as science itself is still debating it.”

      1. Yes you are right about science it can’t see small enough or far enough yet to get past this with their theories . They will pass this one day soon. Most theories are just that a theory. Most are proven wrong or only half truths as time goes on.

  14. Reality is not perception and vice versa. Chakka.
    The spectrum is much broader. The universe not empty.
    We are not alone. On the other hand humanity, religion and others thought for a very long tome that the earth was something unique and special. This is not the soup of the day, le plat du jour for the scientific community. Haven´t they told us this is just a standard sun in an unimportant part of all the universes they pretend, theoretically. However, there are no enemies, right? I am glad that the family from the invisible landscapes has a plan and is working hard to put the last cream on the cake for the party of all parties.While even they have to taste it. The future is certain, we have worked it out. This all has a new quality. A united effort to change this blue marble into it´s pristine intended version.
    Forever glad for your heavenly support, compagneros.

        1. Well, as you well know, a prison both distorts and magnifies. Which lens is your black cat lookong through? 😼

          1. Bastet, guardian of the temples, protects humanity in general, and allows to look above the wall. We can see her in dreams, though it is rare. She is part of the family from the invisible landscapes.

            1. OH! Dear God! I had meant to write PRISM and instead I wrote prison. Oopsie! Freudian slip? Now I have to Google Bastet. I only have my nose in two books right now……Hehehehehehe Two VERY challenging books! OK. On I go with this adventure…….I am having FUN! 😽 👯 💭 🎶🎵🎶

            2. …..Giggling……Cat Goddess……Way cool in my opinion……now on to read about Her!

            3. Still reading……but I wanted to come back here to thank you for the ping pong game we had this day. it helped me immensely, more then you know. Cats, speaking of, as in mine, are truly suffering the recent loss of two of their beloved brothers. It has been quite stressful for me to see this, and at the same time, pull my hair out trying to help them recover. 💞💞💞 Thank you, Dominique!

              1. I love animals and I feel sorry for your cats. I don’t want pets anymore, I am so sad when they leave. But.. they visit me in dreams.. Sometimes they talk too.

                You wrote “prison” instead of “prism” because you had seen the “Shawshank redemption” clip with “Sull’aria” (le nozze di figaro) below 🙂

                About Bastet and the black cat : another meaning could be that the black cat sometimes intervene and suggest a little lie in order to avoid false accusations and / or guilt, in childhood.

                1. Hmmmmmmm…….thank you, Dominique. (I am really laughing because I did not see the Shawshank Redemption.) Unbelievable. More to discover………I love what you wrote here about childhood…….smiling……Bastet and I seem to know one another…….

                  When I am finished with what I have with the animals, that is it. This is too hard on the heart when they leave. Bless you for understanding.

  15. Thank you, Aisha, for adding another amazing part to the marvelous Manuscript of Survival.
    I love the fact that we are all ‘super conductors’, emitting light, sound, color, energy, vibrations, or just whatever is needed at any given time, especially Love! 🙂

    1. Thank You Dear Sally !….True we are All conducting & expanding with the divine dance of Living Light, Sound, Color, Energy & Vibration from 3D to 5D & beyond ! Through our profound Love & Strong intention it is happening beneath the surface, & soon we shall All see it through our own eyes ! It’s what we are now here for…to correct & heal All the destructive, negative energies & wounds of the past…….keep shining your Light brilliantly my Friend !……….Hugs ! Bev~

      1. “to correct & heal All the destructive, negative energies & wounds of the past”. Thank you for reminding me that that’s what’s what (lol)!
        Love you Bevs!

    2. Sure you are. The information goes through a kind of zero point – mini black holes inside our own cells. Instantaneous communication throughout the whole universe(s). No electro-megnetic frequency needed. None can (nor may) control what we receive / emit 🙂

        1. Sally, Bev, Dominique – thank you all for sharing this! It resonates very much with what I “see” also. And yes, this is energetic information that cannot be misused is any way, for it comes with a protection (or “bullshit detector” as the CCs so aptly describes it) that comes into action if anyone tries to manipulate with it.
          Much love from me, Aisha

          1. Yes, “bullshit detector” and faster than all netbooks, i-phones, i-pods, i-pads, i-cyborgs and i-teddy bears interconnected 🙂

                  1. I think so. Or from the right side of the brain… or the right side of the DNA. Maybe the “carbon-copy” RNA is not a “carbon-copy”…

                    You’re never alone, never… They are so funny, so lovely… 🙂

                    1. Without contrast, without “shadow” there would not be form, and without “Shadow” our most precious Lessons would not be known. It is from this very “shadow” that “dry humor” develops. 😉

  16. “” It was as if a fire slowly started to spread all over your globe, as one by one you all opened yourselves up to act as amplifiers “”….this is a wonderful description for the energy of the gathering ! Thank You dear Aisha & CC’s ! I was gently gliding on top off a mirror as we paddled our canoe on a sunny & beautiful calm Sunday morning….’as above ~ so below’ as the blue sky shone above & beneath us….this is always the most divine feeling of the celestial realm for me, a sensation I can touch in the Now & a stretching panorama of Mother Earth’s beauty of Water & of Land…All her living Greenery & the precious creatures that makes their home upon her ! Soothing & tranquil on the surface with the complimentary soft flowing dance of ‘Wings’ above preformed eloquently by dragon flies, song birds, eagles & ospreys….even the fish were happy to make their attempt to fly & join the dance ! A Beaming Shining Day to be wrapped in the luxury & splendor of All that Mother-Earth is & freely provides to us ! Indeed the influx of energies do take their toll….but Mother-Earth is sooooo Worth it !!!
    By Water…By Fire…the New Earth Codes are flowing, are growing & penetrating the surface of All Life, of All things….& through our soul focused energy & intention…with our shining Hearts of LOve & Compassion, we are building the foundation for the Transformed-Healed-Mother-Earth ! Keep Shining your Heart Lights Dear Friends !………..Bev~

    1. Dear Bev – so beautiful!!! You make it all come alive 🙂 I agree with you, Mother Nature is sooo worth it! I am back home again from visiting my parents who live on the coast, and even if I live on the edge of the forest, I have to say I miss the sea already. The energies I felt when I sat down by the water were so powerful, but so soothing.
      Love and light from me, Aisha

    2. Oh bev as one earth child to another I say this to you with all reverence and esteem–YOU WICKED ROCK! 🙂 I was there with you! thanks! alex

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