The manuscript of survival – part 333

As the days go by and you are all exposed to the increased velocity of the incoming energies, you will find how door after door seem to be flung open. Some of these doors are doors that have been hidden from view within, while other doors are more out in the open, and these doors concern things not associated to you, but to the world at large. So again we say the time for change is indeed in full swing, and you will all be touched by this in some way. For as the velocity increases, the perceived ferocity of all of this will for many also become apparent. And we do not mean this in any negative way, rather as in a force of nature that is relentless once it has started to march towards completion. For as we have touched upon earlier, the light cannot be stopped now, and no matter how hard one tries to bar the door, the lock has been opened and there is no way to hold back the changes that come a-knocking now.

Many will be able to testify to this already, as it takes courage to stand up in the storm force winds of change that are making their mark on so much now. And courage is something you have all shown yourselves to have in abundance. Of course, at times the courage may seem to have gone into hiding, but underneath all of this hue and cry you will all be able to find a way to connect with that ironclad core of steel that you have as support now. For you are no longer like those who have build their house on sand. You have torn down the old flimsy structures you used as supports, and you have changed them with girders of stuff that is stronger than steel, and as such, you will know that nothing can topple you now.

Still, there will be instances when you also migh feel less than secure in this knowledge, and as always, reaching out to others like you will be of great help. For you need to remind yourselves that you are no longer the same person you used to be. You have changed so much during these last months, it is as if you have almost changed identity completely. On the outside, nothing much will have changed, but we venture to guess you have all gotten to know the real you a far bit better over the course of the last weeks. And this will only continue, and you will get even more familiar with the real you over the next couple of days. So make sure to take time to do just that, no matter what these days and nights will bring, for it is important not to lose sight of the core issue here. For you are first and foremost on a mission to reconnect with every layer that you have collected within this outer human layer, and they might be more than you are currently aware of.

So do not get too distracted by any outside, or indeed internal hullabaloo, lest you should lose track of your path to full reconnection. It may seem that you have finished this journey, but we think you will find that whenever you have completed another level of this exploration game, you can feel sure that there are even more treasures to unearth. For this is indeed a treasure hunt for all intents and purposes, and what you will find, will not only bring you much joy, it will also be of immense help to this whole planet. So seek, and ye shall find, and what you find will be more precious to you than all the riches the richest amongst you have amassed in any other way. For it is all within, but it is larger than expected, so get ready to be blown away by the magnitude of it all.

74 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 333

  1. Big sunspots and… earth at aphelion, today. Yes, at aphelion 🙂

    “Today, you are farther from the sun than usual. Earth’s orbit around the sun is not a perfect circle, it’s an ellipse, and on July 5th, Earth is at the most distant end of the curve. Astronomers call this “aphelion.” When we are at aphelion, the sun appears smaller in the sky (by 1.7%)” –

    The more energy coming in, the less energy I have… I feel at aphelion too…

    1. Hmmmm………if my heart wasn’t beating, I would swear I seem dead today. More horizontal today then vertical. Thanks, Dominique. I thought the way I was feeling today, there were major sun flares. I’m right with you at aphelion.

      1. The supermoon was worse but this aphelion causes an internal hullabaloo too 🙂

        When we are at aphelion, I appear smaller outside, or I don’t appear at all as I am more horizontal during the day too. Eyes fully open during the night, like owls lol

      1. It’s very wet and rainy here. Unusual. We cannot even get the grass cut in the back yard. You walk and it goes “squish” and you end up walking in mud. I saw a flock of birds today, getting ready to migrate South. HUH? Already??? That is very odd. It’s too early for birds to be leaving already. It’s only July.

          1. 😀 Since last year we have been leaving time for the no-time or a time-untime zone. As time is not linear, we decided from a future panoramic point of view what to do in the past and we did it. And now, as we are still used and programmed to think on a past-present-future linear way, we wonder what we decided in the future or, if we know the answer, how to reach the point again (the absolute answer from a multidimensional perspective is that we never left). The only information we have comes from our memory of the past, and our visions, perceptions in our own fractal universes. As each thought and action changes the past simultaneously – including all the past or parallel lives, we lose memory of time, space and events.

            When we add the point of singularity and the hyperdimensional fusion, we get the ansmer, we can drink a glass of water and ask the Self about the origin of headaches 🙂

  2. Amy,

    I SO agree with you. There are many so-called “innocent examples” of changes. There is an actor – a comedian – I think his names is Jim Carrey and he announced that he is withdrawing from films which are violent because he is becoming enlightened. What about the amazing colors of the flowers this year? The sky is the clearest I have ever seen – even in the usual hazy July sun. Little things that most people don’t notice.

    Thanks and love,


    1. Susan, thank you for mentioning COLORS. Yes! The colors of the flowers this year are stunning and the smells are so sweet and fragrant. The sky yes! so blue! Just yesterday, the “reality” around me did not match with the sky. I felt humidity and such heat that I was perspiring profusely, yet in looking up, I see a deep blue sky. As in one you would see on a low humidity day. When it is humid here, the sky is hazy. So in seeing the clear deep blue sky and “feeling” humidity, just did not match. I know I was seeing two different dimensions at once, which makes sense to me, because I know the dimensions are bleeding through one another.

      In attempting to attain pictures with my camera regarding the stunning colors, I am seeing that the colors, as in depth and deep tones, are not being picked up by my camera. Again, what I am seeing and my camera is “seeing” are two different realities.

      The greens have picked up more yellow and my cats who have black fur I am seeing tones of red in the fur, never before seen. Truly amazing. There are times when the light is just so, that I feel like I am living in Wonder Land. Surreal. I also am feeling the consciousness of plants, flowers, birds, animals……yes, even insects. Just incredible.

      This truly is a tremendously exciting time to be living in, if not downright magical. Confusing and “difficult” at times, oh yes, but when those periods of initiations are over, the merging with All That Is is even deeper then formerly experienced. Incredible!!

      Love, Amy

    2. Dear Susan, I have clearly noticed what you’re saying about the colours of the flowers and the clearness of the sky. I also notice an abundance of Angel Feathers in the sky! Gaia is clearing herself and the angels are showing their joy!
      Love, JayJay

      I love Jim Carrey and I don’t watch movies with violence anymore.

  3. Alex,

    Thanks again for the help yesterday. I don’t quite yet understand how the connection was made but I felt your energy. I suppose it is the “grid” that the CC’s spoke about so often. Like a telepathic phone network? I must have put out a “call” and you responded. This was also a learning experience for me because I am slowly learning that its o.k. to ask for assistance when I need it and not feel that I have to apologize for weakness.
    The wave must have been especially strong in my area because scores of people I know had the exact same symptoms.

    With great love,


    1. Susan, I just wanted to confirm to you that i have consciously been sending out love and light and support to all beings on the planet and in the multiverse, but every single night part of my communication to my soul team is to send love and light especially to all my friends and family and you are included in that-I do connect directly also to the golden grid and the pond and you certainly could have picked me up there, but I feel the connection is more direct as I had intended to send to each and every one of you love and light for this process to use as needed, directed by our higher beings and soul teams. I am pleased you were able to gain something from this and I am also happy you shared it so that others can see how to “rely on the group” or individuals in time of need. I also wanted to stress to you something I have learned–it is not weak to ask for assistance in any way–it is STRONG because in showing you are vulnerable, but loving yourself, you show others that there is help available and they are deserving of help. I can’t tell you how many times I have been down or in a healing crisis and others here and in my life and in the “heavens” have assisted me…proud of you girl! Proud of all of us! Hugs and much love back–alex

  4. Lo and behold! We have the 333th message! Pay attention to the angels’ message for you everybody. I eagerly await the 444th, 555th, 666th, 777th, etc messages :). I wonder how far these messages would continue. I’d certainly like to see the 11111th message, LOL, an extreeeeeemly harmonic moment.

  5. For those of us who need a “lift” today! I was given a Gift to help me adjust my focus to that of Peace. And this I share with you.

    I was standing in my kitchen looking out and I saw a young buck come into our back yard to eat the birdseed. Now to my knowledge, a buck does not come out into the open, especially a human’s backyard.

    Calmly sitting in the grass were two of our cats, Cookie and Cuddles, unpreturbed that this huge creature was only feet from them. The buck just quietly continued to eat the seeds.

    Along comes Rocky and he deliberately walked right up to this buck, and went NOSE TO NOSE with him, smelling him! I would not have believed this if I didn’t see this with my own eyes. My jaw dropped. They smelled one another and then Rocky just continued on his walk, while the buck then went right back to eating the seeds.

    No big deal, right? You have to be kidding!

    Then this buck decides to leave and in the leaving, goes right up to Cuddles and went NOSE TO NOSE with him! Neither one of them freaked. You have to picture this…….a small cat very close to the ground with this huge young buck towering over him, and no one is freaking out.

    The buck then continues to leave and Cuddles ran to the house to tell me of his adventure. And I smiled and I laughed. To help me even further, a hummingbird just came to my backdoor and immediately I felt JOY!

    Hoping this small story helps to brighten your day!

    I also consider the animals to be our teachers. If the animals are beginning to coexist peacefully, then there is hope for humans. And so it is!

        1. A buck is a MALE deer. A deer with a stack. I have seen two male deer (bucks) one with a budding on its head with the horns or stack just coming in and another about one year older that has about 3 -4 inches of horns on his head. Is that clearer, Mich? Male deer as far as I know avoid the open areas. And in all the years I have been tending to the animals, I have only seen a male deer ONCE and that was very briefly. These two bucks are just casually hanging around in our backyard like it is no big deal.

          1. Wld animals can give us many unexpected lifts of joy. I have lived with these precious creatures of Almighty’s creation all my life, on a isolated ranch with many many deer and in a small town where deer even bucks are not infrequent visitors. Only yesterday a doe and I surprised each other behind a weeping willow in my back garden with my dog and the neighbors’ dogs just observing. We acknowledged each other and continued on with our activities.

            What is so interesting in is how we greeted each other with no fear like the buck dear and cats in your back yard. This happens more in the animal world than most people realize. Buck deer are not uncommon here day or night, even trotting thru the park in the middle of children, adults and dogs playing. It’s not that unusual for bucks and dogs to sniff each other out. It’s all about no fear and mutual respect. Even love enters here. My family once had a cat who brought in abandoned bunnies to nest with her kittens.

            Animal bravery can be amazing? This same cat killed a weasel who threatened her domain. She jumped on the back of a German Shepard dog which attacked our Blue Heeler Ranch Dog. She literately ran that dog into the neighbor’s truck. Another of our dogs bit the head off of a rattlesnake threatening one of our sons.

            We have had wild pets from abandoned owls to bobcats (a native North American wild animal larger than houscats but smaller than cougars and not usually domesticated. They have all been respectful of our family and the myraid of other domestic and wild animals in our care. You see LOVE is everywhere!

            LOVE with no fear and lots of respect,
            Forest Joy

            1. Why I said I was astonished by the appearance of the two bucks is because we live in a populated area. Environment makes all the difference in the world. You are so fortunate to experience Nature as you do!

              BIG (((HUGS)))

              1. More astonishments will be coming as our world gains more balance. In this brave new world humans and animals along with all the spirits of creation will no doubt interact freely with each other.
                Yes, fortune has smiled on me in this incredible environment in a quiet section of planet Earth. That same fortune awaits you and all. You too have a very special spot of paradise. The wild creatures know you have made it a safe place with no fear and lots of love. Such hard but gentle work with many tears and smiles is indeed a wonder to behold. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!
                Forest Joy

                1. I see a kindred soul in you, my sister. It takes a “gentle yet strong one” to understand the beauty and intelligence of not only animals, but all of Nature as well. My trees were so alive yesterday, I expected them to begin moving as in our way of walking. Truly amazing what I am seeing, as you are. Twent-four years ago I dedicated this acre of ours to Mother when it contained but weeds and a few trees here and there. Today a bird and animal sanctuary have arisen out of almost nothing. I planted only the formal gardens. Mother did all the rest. Truly miraculous!!! There is an actual forest that has begun to take form. I still shake my head in wonder when I think back at the barren land that was here.

                  Oh, yes I am enjoying!

                  Love, Amy

                  1. Dear Kindred Soul,
                    I have been gone all day and am just able to respond to you, so I don’t know if you will check back here or not. You are Pink Rose, mistress of the living forest. Yes, I too have noticed such a vibrancy. And yes perhaps we are kindred spirits as I too am in the medical field, a so called “alternative medicine”. My oh my have I found some very interesting and strange cases these last few years. There are so many changes happening on so many levels. Well, may God continue to shine blessings upon you and your garden of paradise. Gaia must be so delighted.
                    Forest Joy

                    1. I love you two beautiful souls, I too have a great Love for Mother Nature.
                      Love to you both!

  6. I look forward to Sunday. Who am I now? Someone else? I am more aggressive and down with the nerves than ever. Where is the advantage of being a trailblazer. Bring it on you or me I don´t care.
    The show goes on.

    1. Mich, maybe if we (((HUG))) each other and [slap] each other on the back to encourage each of us today, maybe we can get through this day with a bit of a lighter 💖.

      I don’t know about you, but I am truly walking away from the “labels” that put me in a “box” and I am just allowing me to be me, whoever that may be, whatever comes my way.

      Hang in there! Every day I must choose, do I choose to feel my heart breaking, or do I choose to push through, go Higher, and feel peace? Tough to do when these eyes of mine just don’t stop shedding waters of late.

      Love, Amy

      1. Being sad is such a tough lesson. Being what you must, too.
        Thank you for your words and encouragment. In the end we are already stronger than we comprehend. Together we will make it. (((hugs)))

  7. Alex,

    My love bug. You will not believe this but you must have connected with me yesterday. I was absolutely on all four paws – a very strong wave of energy and I felt I needed someone to get me off the bathroom floor. (Yes, it was strong nausea.) So, the Pond is working. Remember what I said a few weeks ago…. when one of us is down, the others pull him/her by the collar and across the finishing line. Thank you. I may take you up on another hug….or two.

    Now, a short update from the Sirian team here. First of all, they send their love to all of you. Two important things:
    1. There have been rumors in the internet (through hacked channels) of all kinds of impending doom – disasters, nuclear war and the worst of all in my opinion is that the “plan” has been postponed until “mankind is ready.”
    No to all of the above. There are still pockets of human and non-human negatives which are planting these rumors as a last “card” in the pack as I was shown. It won’t work but they have succeeded in scaring quite a few people. Again – NOT true.
    2. The energies we feel are a type of energetic sickness. It has nothing to do with your issues. It is simply a reaction to outside stimuli. Again, massive Light in coming in and the few remaining pockets of negativity are kicking in their heals like stubborn 2 year olds. This clash is what you feel. Ain’t gonna work. Just like the temper tantrum in the supermarket, the toddler is going to have to leave eventually – and without the candy. It may take a few days or a few weeks but they WILL go. And that will be that. It is not serious I was reassured. I don’t think its going to be fun for a few weeks but I do see the end to this very long cleaning process.

    If there is a wave of energy that is hard, drink a lot of water. Bathe in it. Swim in it. Surround yourself with people and pets and anything else that will bring love and comfort.

    I must admit that I was feeling so ill yesterday that I didn’t think I would have the strength or courage to go on. And then, I realized that I had work to do. To get the word out there what’s really happening. No beating around the bush.

    Love to all of my friends,


    1. Aw sweet susan, my brown eyed girl! LOVE the energy in your picture and especially the windows to your soul. I am so glad that you found comfort in my energy! I have very much been simply sending out tons of love and healing energy to all, embracing the earth and her children daily and in every moment it comes into my consciousness….ahhh the blessed Nausea! Ugh lol the purging and bringing up of all things no longer needed–its a trip isn’t it?

      I very much resonate with what you shared with us…like that one drunk crazy friend who wont leave the party! 😉 Simply going with the flow of it and yes embracing our elemental water with all my heart!

      Big big hugs girl and loving you right back! 🙂 Alex

  8. Thank you Aisha, for turning me on to Lee Harris. I have watched his last two ‘Energy Forecast’ videos and they are very enlightening. His calming persona makes you feel at ease… very nice.

    Thank you CC’s, for Part 333. Not only are those numbers very cool, but so are the last two sentences of the missive: ‘So seek, and ye shall find, and what you find will be more precious to you than all the richest amongst you have amassed in any other way. For it is all within, but it is larger than expected, so get ready to be blown away by the magnitude of it all.’

    Not only did these words excite me, but they hit me hard… so I started seeking deep within myself, as deep as I could go w/o fear, and then I came upon darkness… I stopped at once… At that point I started talking to Myself and was told that ’I could go to the Void and back, anytime I wanted.’ Well, I wasn’t sure I wanted to go to the Void! I’ve been conditioned to think voids were ’bad’. But I kept getting, ‘go to the Void and back anytime you want’. Hmmm. Sooo…

    I decided to stop thinking about it and do some chores. Of course, I couldn’t get into doing anything else but thinking, so I went back to talking to Myself and was told, ‘all Creation is there’. (wha‘?!) ‘all Creation is there’.

    Well, my brain needed calming before I went back to meditating, so I looked up the word void. Sure enough the synonyms were ‘empty’ , ‘null’, etc. But the word ‘null’ kept staring at me. Then I remembered Sunshine had given me a link to visit regarding a dream I had. The link is about ‘nulls and nodes’. Sunshine if you’re here… thank you so much.! He gave the definition of null as a place where there is an absence of the Crystalline Grid of human consciousness…. so there is only Gaia Energy, Pure Creative Energy! I’m not sure I understand it all, but it was enough for my brain to allow me to feel safe in continuing the journey to the Void… but I can’t do it now! Figures. I was there and I let my brain stop me. Oh well, I had a taste of it and if any of you have been there and done that, I’d love a few tips! I’m a newbie. ”

    Anyway, the CC’s were right… it IS all within and WAY larger than expected… aaaaannndd “first and foremost we are on a mission to reconnect with every layer that we have collected within our outer human layer”.

    I’m ready!!! Let’s do this, guys!!! Sorry if I sound a bit like a cheerleader, but this stuff is truly life changing, and I’m ready for a change, aren’t you?! Ha, okay, I’m done… Thank you.

    Love to all you Ponders and Ponderers. We can do this together! Ok, ok, NOW I’m done.
    Don’t forget the Gathering on Sunday. . . Done.

    1. Hi Sally,
      May I just add to your message that you are more on the mark to finding the answer than you may realize ! & being a ‘newbie’ is a wonderful term as in fact within these changing & challenging energies we are All ‘newbies’ ! I always said that stepping into ‘the unknown’ is only as scary & as complicated as we want it to be….. & the recent message from Kryon ‘the recalibration of self’ really expands on this & also addresses your quiry on ‘void-null’….so I do hope you find this post from Kryon helpful ! WE need to recalibrate our understanding of ‘darkness-null-void’ as it simply just is, there as an element of polarity to the Light in our 3 dimensional existence…it really has no power unless we choose to give it power (scary & as complicated as we want it to be) The power & strength always lies within us ‘to manifest’ to make it real ! We have more power over the physical elements than we realize. Simply take a moment & reflect on any evil or suffering within the world, or within your life….& you will see that it is All being powered by human form. Many see these things as a curse, but in fact it is part of the gift of ‘Free Will & Choice’….but it is so very sad that so many people have made this kind of choice, that’s why it’s so very important for us to be steadfast in our choice in the Light & make it Shine-Shine-Shine ! Our own Light adds to the collectively growing Light energy that is over-powering the weeds of this world ! Have a Sun-Light filled day my friend !………..Bev~

      1. Hi Bev!
        Thank you for reminding me to Be Me. And Me is who I need to follow now, not my brain or my conditioning. As I think back, when I came upon the Void, ‘ME’ was actually ready to trek on with ease, but my intellect put up the red flag that instigated the ‘outside’ research… and with that being my comfort zone, I acquiesced.
        I am learning to understand the power I/we have. I see that if I truly believe who I am, fear is only something I’m making up. Wow. No more reluctantly following my mind just because that’s what I’ve always done before. My mind and I will now be running excitedly to catch up with ‘ME’!
        Sounds like Kryon’s ‘recalibration of self’ is in order. Thank you.
        ‘Inside’ is where it’s at!
        Let us Shine on, wherever we may go!

        Much respect for you.

    2. Hi, Sally,

      I’m pondering your thoughts on the void — as being pure Gaia energy. Now, as I understand it, Gaia is our earth, one planet. The Void I thought was the source of ALL creation, so I can imagine Mother / Goddess (the OM sound?) emanating from the Void?

      Anyway, I’m at kindergarten level.

      1. Hi Shannon!
        Yes, I’m with you. I’m also pondering on… well… everything!
        Here’s the definition of null according to Kryon: ‘When the Crystalline Grid overlaps with the Gaia Grid you get a null. A null is a place where there is an absence of the Crystalline Grid. A null or void may feel wonderful but it’s too overwhelming to be in for long periods of time. It represents pure creative energy’. That’s all I needed to read at the time. My excitement took over and I could no longer focus on the rest of the explanation. In fact, that’s the first time I’ve ever read anything from Kryon. I never heard of him/her until someone shared a link here at the Pond. (I also shared the link above. If you wish to read more, click on announcements. The first column that comes up explains ‘nulls and nodes’. )
        Yes, I too, am at kindergarten level. Although that would be a graduation for me… at times I feel as a baby crawling on the floor looking for something, anything to help pull Myself up. But then I also feel as if I will skip the walking phase and jump right in to flying! These are crazy times, nothing and everything makes sense.
        Thank you for your reply. I hugely appreciate any comments made here at the Pond.
        We can do this!

        1. When you said nulls and nodes, something inside my mind stirred, Sally. That is very helpful – Kryon is easier to understand than so many other teachers. Yes, we are making this happen, and maybe we are fluctuating in our levels of mastery all the time. Sometimes pre-school, sometimes middle school. I’d like to think that, anyway!

  9. Thank you, Lady Aisha. This missive as always speaks truth. I am so grateful for these words.

    With Love,

    1. Amy
      I love you so much. Thank you for being here for me again. I’ve missed you. I’m ready to be “blown away by the magnitude of it all”. I hope you are too sweetheart.


      1. Jeff, I love you more. I was pulled to an incredibly difficult journey which needed my entire focus and energy. I am so ready to be blown away by the magnitude of it all, so ready, you don’t know.

        Thinking of Jesus who turned water into wine, I am turning my sorrow into JOY. The works he did I can do too, and more. I too am an alchemist.

        (I posted the reasons why my focus was needed on missive 332, if you would like to understand my absence).

        I know you have done the “work” and still are, Jeff, and I know some of us as well are so ready to embrace the New. There still seems to be a lot of clearing out to be done, so that this New can manifest.

        Bless you for the welcome! It meant the world to me, as you do!

        Love, Amy

        1. Amy
          Thanks for replying to me. I went back and read your comment on missive 332 and am glad to know that you and hubby are so strong and aware (in your weak moments). We all have them. You have such a great understanding of how to – Give yourself time. Let yourself feel the emotions completely. Look to what is there to learn from. Move on with greater awareness and love.

          Good for you sweetheart. I am sorry for your loss though. I think it’s something we have experienced all our lives, except now we feel the connection more and see the God in everything. Bless you as always (hubby too).


  10. Oh I am just giggling at the synchronicities here! I had a visual of being a boat with a huge colorful sail up and going with the powerful winds down wind and surfing on the energy and feeling this immense surge forward but remaining in calm totality as I was utilizing the wind energy to take me exactly where my soul wanted to go….to struggle is to go against the souls desires–practicing allowing and letting go and release into the flow are key my friends!

    I was telling my dear friend Carl the other day that I feel as if I am playing house when I was a little girl. Doing all the things of the home but it is all pretend LOL…I am also pondering the meaning of True Freedom here in America on this Independence day and sending love and light to a space where we are all truly free and divine sovereign beings in both the spiritual and physical sense and as Philip so aptly put it at the beginning of the new moon in june, love and light to us all to create lives that are masterpieces of true joy! 🙂 Alex

  11. “333” a powerful number ! Thank You dear Aisha for this enlightening message ! There seems to be lots of truth radiating from the channelling Lightworkers these days, & this, I think speaks strongly that the New Earth is forging ahead in the making. Our Hearts are speaking clearly of The living transformational energies coming together & growing stronger ! & it’s so true that the learning & acquiring of knowledge indeed will continue, we will seek & we will want to know more about ‘Truth’, about ourselves ! as we continue on the path of ‘Remembering’ we are also ‘Expanding’ & we will continue to do so, all part of our Ascension process ! The recent post by Kryon is also very enlightening….Here’s a small clip at the end of his message ….
    “” The recalibration of the Lightworker is described as the Lightworker discovering their real light, the light of the creator. They are discovering that it belongs there, that this is their time, and that they can turn it on. The darkness will have no chance of existing anywhere around them as long as they illuminate themselves with compassion and patience.Let divinity shine through each of you as you walk on this planet and understand these things, for they are imminent.Do you want to know why you came? This is why you came. It’s not to do, but rather it’s to be. It’s to be light where darkness used to be.”””
    Have a Beaming Light Filled Day Everyone ~……..Bev ~

    1. Thanks for including the clip from Kryon. We’re tired, we’re impatient, and we’re also excited and feeling something powerful in the air. It is so encouraging to have reminders to keep us going on the last stretch. Namaste

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