The manuscript of survival – part 332

As many of you have ascertained already, things are certainly starting to heat up this summer, and we do mean that in every sense of the word. Much is swirling around you all in the form of not only energetic emissions, but also the outcome from all of these injections of light. For the light never comes empty handed as it were, as it will always have a profound effect on all that it touches on its way. So too this time, as has been amply proven already.

We gather you will all have been profoundly touched by these energetic emissions already, and much has once again been brought up to the surface. Not only in you, but in people around you as well. And even if you have all by now been thouroughly exposed to the effects of all of this and you will in some ways have gotten used to it, it will still be hard to keep your focus and indeed your balance throughout these periods of upheaval. For that is truly what so much of this will be seen as, and as we have already touched upon, it can in many ways be described as a period of chaos, but as a creative chaos. For there is indeed a distinction between what many will perceive as chaotic upheavals, and what is actually underneath it all. For the temptation to view this as a form of breakdown or destruction may be strong, but remember, this is not about destruction, this is all about rebuilding.

But as we have talked about over and over again, mankind has been reprogrammed to view any form of change as something to be avoided, and as such, a lot of fear is already starting to emerge. And we do not think we are far off the mark if we venture to guess that this fear is something you have all been exposed to in one way or the other over this last period. Again, it is always important to remember that as you have all become so open by now by connecting to not only yourselves but also to this infinite grid, you will pick up signals in a way that is much more powerful than before. In other words, even the subtlest of hints can be construed as an alarm going off somewhere, so we do urge you all to remember to step back a little every time you sense this feeling of alarm going off within. For you are in most cases merely picking up a message being exuded from the collective, and even if you can literally feel it within your body, it is not something that actually belongs to you. You are merely picking up other people’s distress signals, but they can be easily be misconstrued as your own.

So again we say, keep breathing and stay focused, and try to disconnect yourself a little bit from all of the emotions swirling around you. We know it is not easy at times, for it can be more than a little overpowering, so we do urge you to seek refuge with your fellow men whenever you can. The best cure for all of these energetic upheavals is as always to seek within, and even more important, remember to connect with this grid of souls that you are all a part of. It can be difficult to do so in the heat of it all, but that is when you all need it the most. The waters of this Pond will quench any thirst and any burning heat of fear, so make sure that you seek refuge here whenever you feel the need to do so. And no, this is not running away from anything, this is merely a way of seeking shelter from the scalding outpouring of old dross that will ensue from so many others out there who are still standing fully exposed under the fierce midday sun. But you have found your refuge, and you have all been instrumental in setting it up by allowing yourselves to become ONE with these soothing energies. So never resist the urge to gather here in any way you can. It will not only bring you solace, but it will be of immense help to all of those still feeling trapped out in the searing heat of change.

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  1. Dearest JayJay, I may not be fluent in words today but know that I too am sending love and support to you and your “girls.” Vive is one strong young girl to be faced with all this, may you find the courage to continue in strength with her. If that strength has a stream of cleansing tears flowing through it all the better! I haven’t had time to know you as many others here have but I do know that you reached out a helping hand to me. May that love be multiplied back to you, Vive, Lara and Hellen over and over.

    I had an interesting unique introduction with Archangel Raphael. Know that he will meet any of you through a beloved stuffed teddy or other loved ‘stuffy.’ If Vive has such a ‘friend’ invite Raphael to visit her through the hugs etc. I went several years before understanding why a big white teddy (Raffle) that I had was so special. (I am leaving him with my daughter and grandchildren when I leave Canada… trusting that their hurt will be healed through bear hugs!) I didn’t plan on sharing this but I will leave it just in case it resonates with your family in some way. It doesn’t sound overly “spiritual” but such is my life! May your cloud of fear part as you step bravely through it and evaporate into beautiful healing energy for all!

    1. Dear Nancee, your words are very fluent and they really touch my heart.
      Vive does have a stuffy friend, actually there are two: identical blue (flat) bunnies made by her grandmother when Vive was still a baby. She puts them on her pillow to sleep on every night. Her grandmother died when Vive was one year old (lungcancer). We were told by a medium that the energy of her grandmother is in these bunnies. I will call on Raphael as you suggested. You know, one year ago I was just beginning to explore the possibility the existence of Angels, and now it’s all so natural to me. It’s really amazing what this ascencion process is all about. I feel your Love and also still your hesitation towards moving, but when you follow the truth of your heart, there can be no doubt.
      Love you Nancee, my Love to you,

      1. JayJay look at you… going through such a challenging time yet spreading love and sunshine. I realized after I hit send that somehow my flow of words did come through after all… isn’t life like that? I couldn’t feel my connection with words but I really wanted to reply to you. It was after I started my ‘action’ that the flow arrived. May this lovely channel that you keep open here at the pond be a direct healing channel for Vive and your family. May Raphael join Vive’s grandma’s energies… or keep your eyes open for another ‘medium’ he may want to use. Although I have always believed in angels Raphael is the first one that I have really embraced in my life.

        My hesitation to moving grows dimmer daily now. The fears are transmuting. I read the link that Alex/Les directed me to and was surprised to discover that my shadow side… my ‘dark moon’ fears change!! No wonder I hit such resistance. My b/f’s is so fitting for what to for what we were clashing about. Now we can see light at the end of our tunnel. Much love to you JayJay

  2. JayJay – I send Vive, you and your family all my love and understanding. I´v been through chemotherapy and surgery for cancer too, and know that miracles still happen 🙂

    Lots of love to your family,


  3. Dear family of Light,

    I call on you for help. Two years ago our oldest daughter Vive has been treated for bonecancer in her lower left leg. Her leg was partially amputated below her knee. Today, on an X-ray they found a strange texture in de bone below her knee (with a swelling showing on her leg). It could be an infection or, again, cancer. We won’t know untill next thursday. This tuesday they will take an MRI-scan.

    I hope you can send us your Light, especially for Vive (13) and het sister Lara (10), also my wife Hellen.

    I love you all,

    1. Dearest, most cherished JJ,

      I pray Compassion, and Gentleness, and Hope, and Love, and HEALING and Peace over you, Hellen, Vive, and Lara. May every tear you shed be carefully caught by Angels of Mercy to take to the Lake of Waters where all Brothers and Sisters tears have been taken to with Great Care. May you feel the Presence of Divinity as you traverse such a diffcult course set before you. May you know GOD walks with you and your family every step of the way!

      I AM with you, JayJay, for I AM Love.

      I Love you!, 🌹 ⭐ 🌈 💖

      1. Dear lovely Amy,
        Thank you for being here and sending your beautiful Light.
        I only just saw your own message you send earlier today. I send my Light right back to you and your loved ones. I don’t think you should see emotions as a bad thing, but I guess you already found this out yourself as you experienced them. I would also like to say that I too was hurt, here at the Pond. I can’t conceive as to how this is possible, at this beautiful place of Love, but I suppose there is a message in everything we experience. So I too withdrew from the Pond for a while, only to find you gone as well.
        Anyway, I so dread the outcome of the MRI of my daughter. I don’t think I can take another year of chemotreatment on my little girl. We already had one year of hell going through this. Going back to hell for a second time around…
        Love you Amy,
        All my Love and all my Light to you,
        XOXOXO JayJay

        1. Angels are catching my tears as they flow for you and your family. I am covered in goosebumps as you said to think about going to hell for a second time……..oh Dear God, that is the place exactly that I have been facing. I will be praying and praying some more that Vive is cancer free! Try TRY to remember that fear is fear itself. When your stomach is lurching and the terror is gripping your bowels, dive through that fear and say NO! I will NOT allow you to take me down! Oh, JayJay, some of us are truly walking through fires right now………I have no more words……..just feel my Heart………..

          I LOVE YOU! I AM-ME (smile)

        2. JJ, just to clarify. I don’t see “wrong” in emotions at all. Some on the “spiritual path” deem emotions as 3D and not of Higher Principals. Who me, the Queen of Emotions who cries at the drop of a hat?

          No, the lesson for all of us to learn is not to get “stuck” in any emotions that leads to dis-balance. The goal I shoot for is to be in a “humming JOY” just BEing, flowing, centered. It’s those occassions that evoke deep emotions that some of our biggest lessons develop out of. The whole “trick” is to steer the Heart back to flow.

          JJ, I FEEL deeply. Sometimes too much, and it is then I must get involved in a book or a craft just to “zone” out. I was the one “criticized” for experiencing grief over the loss of my two boys. If we “hum” all the time, how do we embrace fully the human experience? And how just how do we stem tears that are so hot that they feel they could boil an egg? Uh uh. I let my tears fall. It is healthy.

          I am truly sorry you also got hurt. Especially here. I hold your hand and encourage you to let go of the hurt, leaving it behind you. I have. “What goes around comes around”. It is the “wheel of life”.

          XXOO Amy

          1. Yes, I already let it go. It’s all right.

            Feeling, humming, being.. I just don’t know anymore. I AM, that’s it.
            We’ll see what happens…

            1. I know what you mean, Jay. I don’t seem to know anymore. Life has been so rocky lately it is a miracle I come to the end of each day still breathing.

              Candles, incense and prayer for you and your family all going here!

    2. JayJay, this is for you….

      “It is the LORD who goes before you; he will be with you, he will not fail you or forsake you; do not fear or be dismayed.” Deut: 31:8 RSV

    3. JayJay,
      I am praying for Archangel Raphael, the Healer, to come to your families aid right now. Also for angels of comfort, grace, and courage to support you all during this time. May you all feel surrounded by light and love.
      With much love,

      1. Thank you Les! I feel strenghtened, it is very strange.
        Love your Light.
        Love you,

    4. Dear JJ, I am so sorry to hear about the tuff period of your life you and your family are going through. I am sending you all my positive energy and prayers. At the end I would recomend to you please, try to find on google all that is writen about Dr Grabovoi and Dr Arkady Petrov and find their books in which is explaned theirs method of healing. Some of them are shortly explaned on some youtube videos also. Hugs to you and your family. Sonja

      1. Dear Sonja, do you have any experience with the method you describe? I see a lot on the Internet, but can’t find anything about what action to take to make this work.
        Love JayJay

        1. Dear JJ, unfortunately I don’t have any experiences with this method, still, because I heard about it very ricently. I found three of his books and now I intend to start learning about the method more precisely. The books could be found on, but if you like I could send you mine if you tell me your adress. Each of the books that I have is aproximately 60-70 pages. The title of the first book is “Introcuction to the methods of Grigori Grabovoi”, 2- “Methods of healing trough the application of counsciousness” and 3- “Concentration excercises”. There are few more books from Dr Grabovoi and Dr Petrov, but the named ones are enough to begin the practice. As I have heard the results are extraordinary, but unfortunately I was too late in the case of my sister. She died three years before from lung cancer and I fond this books recently. I also found the book “The one minute cure – the sicret to healing virtually all deseases” by Madison Cavanaugh”about the usage of Hydrogen Peroxide as a cancer cure and heard from a friend of mine who work as microbiologist in the city hospital that it really works.
          One thing that I witnessed was the extraordinary effect of Zeolite (Detoxamin). It helps very much detoxing the body (because free radicals in the body with cancer produce huge amount of toxins) and I had given it to my sister few weeks before she died.She felt a big relief only few days after taking it, the pain dissapeared, but it was also too late…I should have found it at least few months earlier. Besides all that I mentioned before, very important also is: 1- C TO start cleansing the body,as soon as posible, at least during 3-5 days from all toxins (detoxing the feet and the whole body – read about that on web page of Dr Hulda Clarc or search on google about the various methods of detoxication), 2-Change all the diet by eating only raw food rich in antioxidants (Pomegranate, Peanapple, all the berries: bluberries, blackberries…use especially curcumin/turmeric to read more about this go on the web, food reach in C-vitamin, all B-vitamins especially B-17 which could be found in appricot seed (read more about this here:, magnesium, calcium and D3 vitamin…leave aside all sweets and food with meat, even honey…propolis could be of help…make at home kefir !!! Kefir is used by the people who live in Kaukas in Russia. It is rich with calcium and is a kind of very useful fungus who is used as a cure of many diseases and cancer is among them. I make kefir for miself and I have appricot sead and I can send you the last one. Wishing you and your lettle daughter much courage in this epic battle, I am sending all my love and positive toughts. Sonja

          1. Dearest Sonja, the wealth of information you have given here is truly a treasure. I am going to print this out somehow to keep hard copied. I am familiar with some of what you write here, but not all of it.

            I really just want to reach out to you to say, you were not too late with your sister. I can feel the torment and pain in your words. Your sister evidently had a soul contract to ascend when she did. In so doing, it put more “fire” and “passion” in your heart to pursue healing modalities.

            I pray Peace for you.

            BIG (((HUGS))), Amy

            1. Dearest Amy, you are write that was it – prenatal contract. I have fallen in such a deep depresion after she had gone that I barely stayed alive. I have been so sorry I never liked to read about this decease before my sister got ill… After she gone I give word to myself to get know everything I can about the same, so I could help to somebody else who know less. It will be such a joy for me to hear that all this knowldge I gained for last three years has helped somebody to be cured. Thank you my dear for your warm words and hugs. My hugs and kisses are on the way to you 🙂 Be blessed. Sonja

              1. Oh, Sonja, the tears in my eyes for you……. I know it is NOT the same (to me it is) for many, but two of my special needs boy cats had to be put to sleep. The depression I suffered as a result made me want to die. I wanted to carve my heart out with a knife just to get the pain out of me. The pain in my heart and soul was all encompassing, and if it were not for the remaining special needs cats I care for, I really think I would have given up and died. So I KNOW and understand the agony one goes through…..the guilt, the regrets, the thousands of “what if I had done……..?????” and so on, the inner torture IF ONLY……..and on and on. I HEARD this in your words and I really wish I could HUG you, and somehow wave a magic wand to bring you PEACE.

                I think you are doing an amazing job of educating yourself and spreading the news that traditional medicine is not the way to go in most cases. I am SO proud of you for what you are doing. May the Angels bring you Peace of Mind and Heart and Soul and know really KNOW your Sister is in Paradise.

                I truly am sorry for your great loss. Yet, within that loss you have gained so much WISDOM.

                I LOVE you!!!!! Your Sister in NY State (USA), Amy

          2. Dear Sonja,

            You are a true treasure! Thank you so much for all this wonderful information. The only thing I use a lot is Curcumin, and I buy a lot of “bio-food”. It is hard to give Vive anything raw though, as she is 13 and not very fond of vegetables (exept tomatoes and avocado).
            Detoxification makes a lot of sence though, I will certainly look into it and also into the other things you mentioned.

            Sending me things will not be so easy I think since we live in Holland. I have found a site on which to buy the appricot seeds, and the books you mentioned I’m sure will be for sale here as well.

            So thank you dear angel for sharing!
            Love youuuu sooooo!
            Big hugs,

            1. JayJay, Luv, be careful with seeds. Our intestinal tract is not a smooth lining, but has a lot of crevasses and nooks and crannies. A friend on mine just recently is experiencing much pain because she ate too many seeds and they got caught in the lining of her intestial tract. I would highly recommend if you decide on seeds to make sure your daughhter has plenty of fiber and water in her diet as well.

              Everything in moderation is a good thing. I’m just passing along this information to you so that you are aware even something that is good can cause problems.

              Sending you my Love and Prayers, Amy

            2. Dear JJ, Holland is not so far from the place I live, only 2 hours flight 🙂 So, ask what you wish I will do everything I could, it is really not hard for me-just opposite. One more thing – I also was late for the information I’ve got two weeks before my sister died and it was about the doctor from China who works and lives in Berlin. A friend of mine who also lives in Berlin told me that this doctor cures cancer only with some roots. If you need more informations about her I could find them soon. Also, I have reed in Rudolf Steiners books that in this case bone cancer injections of ivy extract (Viscum Album) helps. You could read about this injections on google.
              Also, I saw recently with my own eyes how a friend of mine firstly cured herself more years ago, after few years she cured her husband from lung cancer and at the end she cured her brother from bone cancer, only with her own bioenergy. This friend of mine became very ill (from brain tumor) more than 15 years ago and it forced her to educate herself in various alternative techniques (Reiki and other) although she worked as ecconomist. Even doctors didn’t expected that she will survive,she cured herself completely. After years she became successful in curing patients giving them energy through her hands. With this technique, last year she has cured her brother who has beend diagnosed with bone cancer and has been in bed for months. Her hands became so sensitive that it is amazing how accurate she is giving diagnoses for various illnesess. Again I was too late when I asked her for help in my sister’s case, because unfortunately my sister was doctor and I thought she knows what she is doing while she was going from hospital to hospital after she noticed that something is wrong with her…she died after 3-4 months after taking Tarceva.This “cure” has sealed her destiny for good-it made her complication – errased her lung pleura. Please, JJ do not hesitate to ask whatever else is needed if you think will be of help to Veve. Countless hugs to her and to you dear brother. Sonja

            3. Dear JJ, if Vive is not fond of taking row food it doesn’t matter if she is taking juices of celery, carrots and other. She could get proteins from almonds (not more than 9 a day), wild bird seed, qinoa, lentils, beans…I forgot to mention – leave bananas aside. It would be nice if Vive could drink only clean and fresh water from some spring in the forrest, because such kind of water is magnetised naturally. Bottled water is dead water. If you could not find spring water than she could drink magnetised water (find on google about Energetix magnet sticks for drinking water and magnet therapy…I use all this Energetix products and sell them in the same time ) or she could take structured water. See on you tube how to make structured water or buy a filter from the internet – search Dr Korotkov filters for drinking water. She has to drink at least 2 lit. wather a day. Alkaline food and alkalized water is the greatest cure in case of this desease. Desease starts because of many causes and among them are: acid food intake, deficit of D3 (lack of sunning and grounding-walking on the ground barefoot…this is the greatest antioxidant), low level of ferrum in the blood or bones, stress, depression, getting toxins through the food and drinking, etc…Keep praying for Vive and all you r family. Sonja

    5. Dear brother, I send my love and light to you and to your family. May you find comfort and healing in the love that pours out from this Pond and surrounds you on all sides, and may your fears dissolve as you hopefully get good news after the tests on tuesday.
      With much love from me, Aisha

    6. Long lasting contentment, deep seated comfort, inner strength, playful smiles, and a bonding beyond belief sent to You, Hellen, Vive, and Lara, during this experience.
      My husband and I have both had cancer and have gone through rigorous chemotherapy treatments, so I have been caretaker AND patient. I must say, it’s almost harder to watch someone go through chemo than do it yourself. So I definitely understand the hell you’re talking about.
      Just know that with the Love and support from the Pond and Beyond, that you are comforted.
      This Sunday at the Gathering, feel the extra Love and Peace sent your way.
      You are a strong person JayJay….. Feel It!!! 🙂

      1. Thank you Sally, thank you for reminding me about the Gathering. I shall be there.
        Love, JayJay

  4. I sent two replies above under my original post but decided to enter a group thank you to the rest to let you know how grateful I am for the support I feel. Knowing that the people here were sending love and prayers two days ago I was able to stabilize enough to help with a huge shift my boyfriend seems to have gone through since. Now I will face the sudden unexpected fears that I am feeling. Second guessing choices is not always wise, especially when synchronicity has played a huge role in the choices. (Billy thank you for your heart felt words… I have often, over the years, been thanked for ‘wise words’ and really hope that ‘she’ rides with me now.) I honestly hope that one day soon I will be able to give back to all of you instead of sitting in this place of asking for help. Thank you for your continued support. I send much love.

  5. I appreciate your understanding.Constant provocation and trouble have brought me here to your shining swimming pond.
    love peace,dance,joy,harmony,balance.

  6. To my dearest friends who sit on the lily pads,

    For those of you who have expressed that I have been missed, I have missed you as well. When I left here weeks ago, an atomic bomb went off in my life, and it was all I could do to not get blown to smithereens.

    Before the new can come in, the old must dissolve………

    I found out the hard way, that people who I considered friends here at the POND, were not. I learned I was only being used for what I could give them, and not too much more then that. I don’t care what octave you are presently standing in, that hurts. And because it hurt, I had to find out why. So I went within.

    My Father. Every time I speak to him on the phone his voice is getting weaker. The end draws ever nearer.

    Thirteen days ago, I had to make the excruciating decision to put down two, not one, but two of my special needs boys. For 9 years I did everything I knew to bring these boys heath and quality of life, and when I began to see a decline in their quality of life, no matter what I did, I knew I had to Walk the Path of Compassion. Quan Yin appeared to me twice to assist me with this impossible decision.

    So, on the Summer Solstice, Benjamin and Tigger went to the Rainbow Bridge, side by side, brothers in Love. I have since been reeling, going to such depths of grief I cannot describe here, and doing all I can to help assist my other cats through the grieving process. At first, I didn’t think two would pull through. My husband as well is reeling and has added “guilt” about all this that he and he alone must resolve.

    Pupma, if you are reading this, you of all, understand the agonies I am walking. You know.

    One of the so-called friends thought it was funny that I “lost track of my cats” while posting here. That’s another reason why I stopped posting. I was so deep in denial about what I had to do, and now I regret the time lost with these boys because of the time I spent here.

    My husband. He woke up. And in the waking up he is vacillating between shock at what he has become, rage at what he has done or rather not done, weeping, despair, and then the crest where he talks about what he now “sees”. I am hanging on to a tiger’s tail trying to keep balance in this home especially now, that we all are in grieving.

    Both my husband and I are digging out the basement, throwing out stuff that we thought we would hang on to for the rest of our lives. Example: He is throwing out all his fly fishing supplies and equipment because he now knows fish have consciousness and are not meant to be on the receiving end of a sharp hook. Thousands of dollars worth of stuff in the garbage. He is though selling his rods and signed fly fishing books and certain fly tying tools on eBay but the rest, in the garbage.

    So, you now all know what has been transpiring and why I have been so quiet. This “new age thinking” that emotions are not to be experienced is a bunch of hog wash, for it is in the depths, it is in the valleys, that our most treasured pearls of wisdom and of learning are found. This philosophy of not showing emotion is being spiritual, is a lie straight from the dark. The challenge in the emotion is not to get stuck in it, but to rise above it to see from the Higher Perspective and to gain understanding. BUT! To stuff or to ignore emotions, IF that is what you are doing, that will catch up to you. We are in the 3D classroom to learn AND to anchor the higher frequencies.

    So in closing, I have been up to my eyebrows in both the inner realms and the outer as well. I have come to the crossroads of stepping into New Life, the Unknown, leaving all I knew, or what I had come to know as life, behind me. If that doesn’t bring fear factors to the surface I don’t know what will. My alchemy has been changing the fear into adventure, learning to walk forward in excitement and anticipation of what is to come. No dread.

    From my Heart to your Heart,
    Amy who says a special thank you to JJ

    1. Dear sister of the light, I embrace you and thank you for what you bring to this space. It is so good to see your light here again.
      With love and gratitude from me, Aisha

      1. I bow to thee, my Sister of Forevermore! Thank you for welcoming me back!

        Love, Amy

      2. Dearest Aisha, today’s missive is trully amaaazing. It hit the core of my heart. I connected with it almost immediatelly. Your ability to interpret CCs words so accurate and share them with us is real treasure to me. Countles hugs and blessings to you and to Our Sonstant Companions. Sonja

        1. Dear Sonja, many hugs and much love back to you, shining sister! Thank you for BEing here and sharing all that you are with us all 🙂
          Love and light from me, Aisha

    2. Dear Pink Rose,
      You have walked a trail for the brave of heart. May you now walk the road of beauty. Much love is with you.
      Forest Joy

        1. Thank you, Pink Rose of Love.

          Your past missives have given me faith and hope. When I doubted the suffering would never end, there you were telling us of your trials and showing us there was light at the end of the tunnel. And for the most part my decades old physical suffering has vamoosed and the light at tunnels’ end is indeed beautiful. I know your beauty fills the soul with joy.

          Love and Beauty to You!
          Forest Joy

          1. Tears in these weary eyes of mine for the kindness and love you show me. May GOD bless you!!!

            Love, 💖 🌟 👼 😇 💖

    3. Welcome back again 🙂 I really wondered what happened to you – and many other friends at this Pond. I also realize that I´m not the only one being hurt here but I really hope that´s not the reason for not signing up. For me it was a storm in a teacup and it won´t ever let me down.

      This Pond is an amazing Pond of love and light and together we have made it a healing source for all of us and everyone who will take note of it. Thank you Aisha and CCs.



      1. Big (((HUGS))), Birgitta! Thank you for your kindness extended to me!!!!!

        Love, Your Sister Amy

    4. Thank you dear sister from the bottom of my heart. Now, after finding this Pond I am so happy to know that I also found so many sisters and brothers giving me their unconditional love which is warming my heart. Huging you tight. Sonja

  7. There is no beginning. There is no end. There is only change,.
    Fled into the silence of Pondistan. My girl is wearing her violet T-shirt,
    will say she is frustrated at the socio-sexual circuit. Yesterday we had a norwegian film with a girl and a wolf. Then disco, gangnam style.
    So many poor people in Germany. While others buy a new Maserati,
    when the ashtrey is full.
    happy fourth of July, anyway.

  8. Dear Aisha:
    Oh what a week it’s been for you and your family. But with obvious purpose and good news to go with it. Hopefully the good news and blessings continue for you and your Dad in this current situation. Wishing you and your family the very best during your trip home to be with them all…
    Lots of Love,

    1. Dear Billy, thank you for sharing your love with me and my family – and the rest of this Pond! I am glad to report that the news are good, and that my father is more or less “back to normal”. It has been – and continues to be – a lesson in love for the whole family, and the support we have received here is a blessing for us all. Thank you! 🙂
      With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

  9. Where did everyone go?
    they are diving
    exploring the depths of the pond.
    jump in
    join us
    be the water

    1. Dear Otmn – thank you for this reminder! We are all being invited to go deeper than ever before, and it helps us all to know that we are not alone no matter how murky and dark the waters may seem at times.
      Much love from me, Aisha

    1. Asking the same question! Perhaps this is the answer: “…things are certainly starting to heat up this summer…” 😉

      For myself I can say that I´ve had some hard days, specially today when I´ve been more weird than usual. Have been sitting on a stone by the water releasing whatever it was and tonight I had to ask some friends to help me release more of whatever it is blocking my may. Is this stuff never ending?

      Love you all,


      1. Birgitta I asked someone the exact same question today – when’s all this craziness going to end!? I’m more than ready – I take my sanity very seriously!


    2. Hm..just tried posting something and it didn’t go through, maybe others are having the same issue…let’s see if this works.

        1. Thanks….how weird…it works here but I’ve now tried replying to Nick twice and it hasn’t gone through!! Argh!

    3. Dear Crazywolf, Leslie, Birgitta – I’ve just read Lee Harris’ July update. Perhaps you can find something that resonates with you there also:

      Here’s an excerpt:
      “There’s a lot going on right now energetically. There has been a lot going on for many weeks ,and there will be no sign of letup throughout this summer.

      Energy waves that are pulsing everybody are pushing people into all sorts of areas in themselves. The opportunity is expansion, but sometimes the story that accompanies what precedes your expansion is difficulty, fear and extreme fear has come up for people in the last few weeks at a whole new level.

      If you think about how we work as energy systems, what happens is if we have an opening in our heart or in our mind, it immediately starts affecting all of the other areas. This is why we’re never a finished canvas. The shamans talk about life as a journey on a spiral path and the Z’s have often spoken to me about the energy of the spiral within all of us.

      So sometimes you don’t feel like you’re at the top of yourself or your higher self, but what tends to be happening in those moments is that you’re simply going elsewhere in yourself, into an area of you that is perhaps a little tighter. And it’s often in response to an opening that you have just had or are having.

      So this is where the mind’s ‘self-talk’ around judgment or around assessment becomes very, very benign the more you open up. It’s the gift of opening up, because it helps you see so clearly the minds limited thought patterns – which I know I’ve talked a lot about the last few months. But this opening energy is why many of you will be entering into mental confusion right now. The mind cannot grasp this new way of being as it is unlike the past, where we used the external structures in our world as a way of experiencing things.”

      Much love from me, Aisha

  10. Dear friends, love ones 🙂

    First of all, Aisha I feel huge love for you and for your family. What an powerfull experience you all have gone through. I am glad to hear everything is already better with your dad. Hope you can spend as much time as you can with him and your family!

    I sure feel like I would be soon burst to fly, I have grown… And I cant say that I have grown taller or larger or wiser or older… It feels that I have just grown! Expanded would be maybe better word 🙂

    I have learn so much already, but it seems that now “they” want me to learn faster that I could start using my new skills as soon as possible 🙂 Its just so hard to learn so much so fast!

    So instead of surfing in internet trying to find an answer to my never ending questions like ” why sun is yellow?” I try to turn to you and seek the answer from your knowledge 🙂 Let me explain…

    I have felt in my body, during the healing sessions, the cold and warm feelings and have learned that it is all about masculine and feminine energy that are healing our body, but can you tell me why sometimes you experience warm masculine energy and then other times you feel cold feminine energy? I would love to learn deeper meaning of these 🙂

    Thank you already in advance for your knowledge!

    With love, Reija 🙂

    1. Dear Reija – thank you for shining your light here, and thank you for sharing your love with my family 🙂
      With love and gratitude from me, Aisha

  11. cc—“Again, it is always important to remember that as you have all become so open by now by connecting to not only yourselves but also to this infinite grid, you will pick up signals in a way that is much more powerful than before. In other words, even the subtlest of hints can be construed as an alarm going off somewhere, so we do urge you all to remember to step back a little every time you sense this feeling of alarm going off within. For you are in most cases merely picking up a message being exuded from the collective, and even if you can literally feel it within your body, it is not something that actually belongs to you. You are merely picking up other people’s distress signals, but they can be easily be misconstrued as your own.”

    It’s noon at the cuckoo clock store =- grin
    As a sat next to my frog pond I noticed that some of the early hatch have back legs, and yet there are some much less developed from a later hatch.
    I pondered, does a tadpole know what a frog is? Maybe they start to realize the world is changing when they sprout legs, they will know more when the front legs appear, and then the jaw develops and the tail shrinks, the colors change and it’s a frog,
    and then I pondered;
    Does a frog remember, does it know what a tadpole is?
    This runs parallel to the butterflies
    and everything else in this fractal of life.
    When we live like nature intended, then there is no way out, but to succeed.
    The caterpillar is going to transform,
    the tadpole and us.

    Jess, Amy, I open myself to you two in order to send some power your way.

    1. Thanks for that perspective Otmn. Sometimes I do wonder what on earth I’m “becoming” – sure can’t see it clearly from where I am now. I thought I was thoroughly cooked many years ago, lol. Hope your back is feeling good these days.

  12. Brothers & Sisters of the Pond these channelings is a game. I just finished it. It’s only true if you give your power away with your thoughts yo these predictions. Remember Aisha posted the story about the butterfly. The dead cells and imaginal cells. CCs are eager for us to realize this and finally embody that power. It’s all thoughts that create reality, so no upheavals unless you give in to the accustomed emotion of upheavals. Aisha darling we did it! Everybody’s imaginal cells new immune cells made of unconditional love, great intelligence, self loving, self healing, self integrating new cells of the butterfly taking over. No more old you, old thinking of upheavals or suffering, it’s over. Your heart does it all. Listen to it, it’s got a voice. A lot of what they said is of great knowledge but CCs are eager for us to discern the messages and define our own experience in the image(imaginal cells) of who we see ourselves to be. This is a voyage that is beautiful where you are what you want to be or where you want to be. It’s just all thoughts of the old cells of caterpillar. Now connect to your heart and see what the feeling or voice tells you. It’s not hard guys! 🙂

    1. Well my friend, it sure sounds like you had a good day 🙂 I’m very happy for you!

      Do you have any further thoughts on connecting to the heart? Also curious as to how you know when “it’s over”?


      1. I’d say the key to this one is to love yourself by the scale of measurement that is called “No Measurement On this One!” 🙂 Its a feeling that I experienced like a body breath with my heart and it’s a consciousness that makes you aware of yourself as a whole. Phillip’s spheres of light in my experience reminds me of that self loving, self healing, self whatever resonates with you consciousness that is your whole body is. Your body and that consciousness is fully there. The negative thought is just a projector of the subjective and repetitive pattern in the different shell of circumstances = perception on reality through the glass of that pattern (déjà vu in the mask lol). It comes up repetitively because it seeks completion. But it’s the emotion behind it that wants to be recognized that’s when pattern is freed by the realization of your heart-body consciousness that is fully you are. And that emotion is just a realization of Love that you are. Whatever the negative pattern or thought or whatever it is, it’s always non-existent in your heart-body consciousness. That consciousness is there with you right now it’s beautiful. It’s what I see in your avatar. I can feel it. And you can too 🙂 it’s like reminiscing of great times you had in your life. It’s that feeling you were there.

      2. It was always over as long as you remember who you are! You are Love!!! I don’t know how to put it in words it’s like the butterfly was always a butterfly. Her imaginal cells don’t remember the memories of caterpillar. You have the imaginal cells, you are the imaginal cell. You are the butterfly and always have been the rest is just gone. It’s like it was never there and it wasn’t 🙂 feel these words with the part of you that knows what I’m talking about 😉 Leslie honey you know it!

        1. Awww…thank you so much! You are a real sweetheart! I do know what you’re talking about…I always know it theoretically, and sometimes I am able to feel it but then the feeling goes away and I feel lousy all over again. It ebbs and flows and I suppose one day will just stay for good! It does get frustrating when I know I’ve got the Ruby Slippers on but can’t seem to get them to work!
          I get what you mean about the emotion repeating until it is recognized as well. All our parts want unconditional love and validation…and they deserve no less.
          When you say “a body breath” – I think I know what you mean though when I felt it, it had a different purpose. About 10 years ago I felt something like a breeze go through me, and at that moment I knew I was going to have my 2nd son and name him Michael after the Archangel. All in a split second. I was 38 at the time so it was kind of a long shot but I just knew for sure, and I was right. It was such a beautiful moment that I’ll never forget. Would sure love to have more of those! (Not kids, lol!)

          With much love,

        2. Nick my replies to you are not posting for some reason (though now that I’ve said that this one probably will…) I’m going to send you a friend request over on wishmagnet if that’s ok!

          1. Dear sister! For some reason, your comments have been stopped by the spam-filter. I hope it will stop misbehaving now 😉
            Love and light from me, Aisha

            1. Thanks Aisha – apparently it has posted now, after being in some cyber dimensional time warp all night, lol! Wonder if the second version I tried to post will come up at some point – then I will look like a complete lunatic! But I’m sure the folks here will give me a pass on that 🙂

  13. Aaaahhhh==we come out of Pluto-Sun opposition today and that stronnnnnnggggg headbutting and negativity is gonna ease up quite a bit, but the old mercury retrograde sends us into self evaluation and more floats to the surface for release in those who have stuff still buried.

    As a student of nature, I have long known of the cycles of life. Without chaos and destruction (welcome Kali) there can be no cycle of decomposition, release of nutrients/energies and rebirth. The crumbling and chaos of now must be welcomed with open arms and we are so lucky to have conscious awareness of this process and can flow with it!

    Very much going to add a dip in the pond to my daily summer activites! Big hugs all! Alex

  14. I like to be invited to reconnect to this pond. Amazing that immeadetly someone turns up who has experiences with Venezuela, when needed. To speak of my parents: they are 190 years old, (together) and they have booked a trip to Oslo with the ship. After a sunny day doing acrobatics with young adults, my girl,the dog and me go with our bycicles to the beach of the North Sea. wish you all love, peace and spagetti.

  15. Aisha,

    As always, I send my love and appreciation to you knowing that you have built this Pond through much effort, and the Pond is now within all of us. Even in the most trying of times, this is a great comfort. I wish never to forget this.

    1. Dear sister, thank you! Yes, we all have the Pond within now, and we have all been instrumental in making this happen. This is such a labour of love we have carried out here, and now, we can never be “disconnected” from this loving grid no matter how far out we stretch these filaments of light. We may think we have “lost connection”, but the truth is we will never “fall through the cracks” as the CCs say.
      Much love from me, Aisha

  16. Thank you Aisha and the CC’s. About an hour ago, I was doing just that: sitting down at a quiet place by the water. I was all alone and it was just perfect.
    I feel really weird today, it feels like the quiet before something important is going to happen. Something big, but I don’t know what.
    So I’ll just lay low at the Pond right now. I don’t even feel really connected to the Pond. I don’t feel much at all. It is very strange.
    Love to you all,

    1. Dear JayJay, you describe a very familiar feeling. It sounds like you have shifted to a higher frequency of energy. When that occurs, it very often feels like you are disconnected from everything, or like you are in a void. So this is a good sign my friend, no need to worry. Doing what you do, just BEing with yourself, is the best you can do at the moment. You will soon start to feel how everything starts to flow back into you 🙂 And yes, I do agree with this feeling of there being “something” in the air.
      Much love to you! Aisha

      1. Dear Aisha and JayJay – thank you for your comments. I feel exactly like you do JayJay – walking around, disconnected – yes, doing almost nothing, cannot decide what to do, though I know I must prepare for a journey to Estonia on Friday. I also feel like something is going to happen but don´t know what. Maybe I´m a little impatient with my caterpillar 😉 because I really want to fly now.

        When I read your message Aisha I suddenly realized that my stay is predetermined to be with that family in Estonia on Sunday, and I hope to be able to bring a lot of love to them. I will surely take them to the Pond 🙂

        Lots of love to you all!


        1. Dear sister, I wish you a wonderful trip! Yes, I think we are supposed to help to spread the love gathered here even wider and further now 🙂
          Much love from me, Aisha

        2. Thank you Aisha and Birgitta for your loving support. It makes me feel the connection with the Pond again. The Love, oh the Love…
          My love to you both,

    2. Hi JayJay, I’m also in the void space today. I’m getting more used to it…when I first started having times like this it would kind of freak me out as I’m more used to being active and highly focused. But today I’m also laying low…going to read, maybe play guitar, and just let whatever energy needs to release or integrate do it’s thing. Hoping this one passes quickly though….

      1. Right there with you Les…and what a blessing it is that we KNOW the process at this point and can flow with it–the more we go through it the more we can allow it! Toes in the pond right now! 🙂 Alex

        1. Yes, we Know. That’s right. It feels all right. Strange, but right.
          Peaceful somehow, but expectation underneath it.

      2. Love to you Les, I wish I could play the guitar… Instead I did some cooking. I put on some music, and an amazing prawn-couscous dish came out.

  17. Three to five years ago I lost both of my parents. They were blessed in so many ways but their last months were hard. I can not believe the many things that I learned during that time. The lessons were the most beautiful ever. Compassion to a level I never knew existed. Their weakness brought so much out of everyone around them.

    I just have to say – people who work in nursing homes, hospice workers, people who give in home care – ARE ANGELS! All of them!

    The beauty of seeing my Dad so dedicated to my Mom. Truly inspiring moments to behold. Aisha – cherish them, they will stay with you and they will change you forever – and really help you to grow in a beautiful way.

    I send my blessings to your whole family.



    1. Dear Jeff, thank you so much for sharing these beautiful words! This has already given me so much. Not only so many opportunities to tell my father and the rest of my family how much I love them, but also a profound insight into the everlasting soul that hides within our frail human body. I SEE my father, not just his aged body, and that is a wonderful gift. And I see the beauty of our lives, of the lessons we have given each other, and the truth is that every moment has been important, both the joyful ones and the painful ones. Many blessings to you, dear Jeff!
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  18. ‘Dear Aisha, we love you and are with you and thank you for the gift you give so that we may all be part of this Pond. Love, Jean

  19. I remember during planetary great cross this dream where I stepped out of the shadows and all the clothes, skin and bones were burned and blown away by the sun. Nice little sun 🙂

  20. Dear Aisha!

    My heart overflows with love for you, your father, and your family. I am so glad that your father recovered and that you can stay with him for a while. Take the time you need – we can wait for you – at the Pond.

    Blessings to all of you,


    1. Thank you dear sister! I know it is not by accident that I will be with my parents when we have the next Gathering this Sunday. I think it will be a manifestation of love for us all, and together this family of light will help to send that love out to all those around us.
      Much love from me, Aisha

  21. I just climbed out of bed after a full night of not sleeping. I am supposed to be leaving for Ecuador in Sept with my b/f… we haven’t known each other very long and the whole plan to leave my country (Canada) has been based on a two month relationship… talk about fear showing up. I have held strong through my move, re-homing my beloved pet, my mother’s death and helping my boyfriend vacate his quickly sold (cluttered) house. I can not explain well, but his house sold (not on the market yet) almost the moment I told him I would go with him. A one day seat sale (plane) became available the day the offer came in. All signs are there supporting both this union and trip, or so I’ve felt. But we fight… so many buttons going off and I’m worn down from talking him back from the brink over and over. I am not some young kid and leave behind two grown children and four grandchildren if I go. I let go of almost everything I own and my other belongings are to be moved into the travel container this week. I am so discouraged this morning with our fights… I honestly don’t believe many of them are even about me for his stuff is rising up to be cleared (and of course some of my own). I don’t have anyone I feel I can share my despair with as my friend I usually share with is facing cancer right now. So I saw this morning’s message. I am new to most of you and have only posted once. I have been visiting here for many months. I simply cry, “Please help.” I am strong but today I question my choices and that weakens me. “He” will soon wake up and I don’t know where his mood will be and I question whether I can stretch further today to help. So with running down my face I ask for your loving support and also thank you for it. Aisha I’m glad that your father is doing better and thank you for your message during this time encouraging us not to be afraid to come here for comfort. Thank you to the CC’s for their love.

    1. Dear Nancee I am sending you the loving support of Spheres Of Light to you and your partner… for the highest good in this situation.


      for this open source resource you can call on at any time just by your INTENTION alone.

      Many here have benefitted from its power beyond words and it will help guide you.

      I am heading off to the United States shortly to share it with my distressed brother in his loss of his partner. Indeed it is already working.

      Much love to you Philip

    2. My love and support to you dear Nancee. As CCs have told us do not be afraid of anything. But, if you are not so sure of what to do next, maybe most appropriate would be to postpone the trip if it is possible ?! Warm hugs.

    3. Dear Nancee, I remember you commenting before. So good of you to call here for help. You and your boyfriend have my full support and love in whatever you do. I say step back and don’t force anything. Just let it evolve.
      Love and Light,

    4. Dear Nancee, thank you for giving us all this opportunity to reach out to you! I send you a warm embrace and my love, and I know you will find the strength you need to take you through this challenge.
      Love and light from me, Aisha

    5. Nancee,

      Moving like you are is quite a shock. I moved to Ecuador a little less than two years ago. Just packed two bags and came by myself knowing no Spanish. I am telling you this because my experience might give you some insight and some hope. The move has been difficult because I have been very sick the whole time I have been here. In fact, I may be forced to return to the U.S., but I hope not. Both life, and the people here are extraordinary. If you are drawn to the love you find here at the Pond, no doubt you will be drawn to the culture in Ecuador. It may have many of the disadvantages of a third-world country, but is full of love and respect not often seen in North American cultures. But, naturally, you will have to meet Ecuadorians on their cultural level.

      Where ever you go, you will most likely will find an expat community there (especially in Cuenca). Be careful to not let the comfort of being around other expats keep you from adjusting to an “Ecuadoran view.” There is much to be gained from this and I am sure you will accomplish this with grace and good will. If you are meant to be here, synchronicity will follow you like an eager puppy dog. Feed it as often as you can.

      I wish you happiness. I know how much courage it takes to make such a leap. But I also know how much can be gained from this effort. My heart is full of joy for you.

      1. Thank you for your encouraging story. My move is intended for a small village in Vilcabamba. My choice to go was never really a conscious one so much as an immediate knowing that I would go. So much synchronicity followed and brought me to today. There was no time for fear to enter until now when I realized that to take up residency in Ecuador I need to marry (as I lack the amount of money needed to buy land. My boyfriend has land already.) He and I were under so much stress during moving that our new relationship was hit hard.

        I have never accepted fear in my life yet here it is waking me up in the middle of the night taunting me. My heart is always such that I’d desire to adapt to the way of any country I moved to. My fears and challenges arise in connection to my relationship that has become as tumultuous as the ocean. Yesterday the calm arrived. I am so grateful for the support that has been given me from those here at the pond. Fear has no respect for dreams or courage. As I turn around face to face with fear I silently reach out once again for the support of others who understand. I’m not sure when I last felt it this strongly or when I last felt so weak and drained after giving so many hours helping my b/f see clear of his fears while feeling the loss of my dear pet and mom. I just long for a fresh confirmation this weekend that I am following my heart’s path!

    6. Dear Nancee, I remember your posting from before as well and I send you a big hug in your confusion. I know linear time is short for you right now, but I would suggest you go and read the Oracle reports daily and also if you wish to do deeper work, on that site, go to books and look up the book on the black moon )(its free) look up your black moon and your partner’s black moon (go to the back look at birth dates, find your black moon and then look in the book to find the details)…you may find that the issues you are dealing with are simply part of this original scar and you are then able to consciously work this process with more understanding.

      I would also say, it would help you to sit in nature and get really clear on how much of what is happening is for your soul and of your will and not something for another. This is the most difficult time in history because we are being called to cast aside all karmic ties and simply allow the free flow of our individual soveriegn paths–if you are doing this in order to “help” him, then you are not following your free will path. Get clear on your path==push all the mental questions aside and simply place yourself in ecquador, with this Being and imagine your life playing out there–if THAT brings your heart joy, wonderful–you will find the strength to accomplish what you need to do–if it does not bring your heart joy–alter the path–YOU are the co-creator of your life experience….remember that.

      BIG hugs! alex

      1. Hi Alex, I have been drawn to your comments here on a number of occasions and want to thank you for your message. I don’t understand where to go for the Oracle Reports and hope you find this message and reply quickly. The ‘dark moon’ is arriving on Monday morning here and is a possible date that I chose for the unplanned marriage that will secure my stay in Ecuador… and the root of my current fears. The moon and I have also had a long and tumultuous relationship until I finally started to understand her message.

        I haven’t yet been able to clear the clutter and have rarely been successful looking ahead. I have been taking time to sit outdoors on the grass. I’m cat sitting at my daughter’s this week, surrounded by pine and fir trees. My b/f returns to another town today to work on packing the rest of the shipping container. He seems to have had a huge break through yesterday. I have no doubt that I have been assisting him greatly in clearing his own ‘stuff.’ At a physically weak moment perhaps some of his fear managed to latch onto me. (Please read my reply above that I just posted to another as well.) As I type this a squirrel is running along the fence top. After having a monarch butterfly sit on my finger during my last work shift I have been constantly aware of them flying by almost every time I look out the window. I look forward to knowing how to find the information you encouraged me to look at.

        1. Hi Nancee,
          You can find the Oracle Report at – it is also a site you can “like” on Facebook. Your Black Moon has to do with when you were born. There is a booklet available for free on the OR site, you can download it and scroll to the back to find what your Black Moon is. I hope this helps!

          1. Les thanks so much for taking time to send me the link. I just posted under Alex’s message to me if you’d like to read it. I am gratefully reading and loving the information… I’ve never really run across a clear understanding of the “shadow side” before but have been open to seeing ‘darkness’ more clearly for the last two years and understanding its gift to us. I look forward to the pages ahead!

      2. Thank you, thank you… Leslie sent me the link and I’m only on page 20 and going yes, yes, yes… this is exactly what my b/f (and probably me but I haven’t hit that spot yet) is going through. It’s such a relief to know that this can be looked at and understood. Hopefully he will take time to read as well but for me to understand right now is key to my getting out of fear mode. I really liked the part that said making a decision while in fear may not be wise. I’m grateful for the support here that helped stabilize me to hold on. Today life is regaining its balance and the fear is receding (or transmuting!) and my choices once again seem attainable. I’m not jumping for joy yet but I’m smiling within.

    7. I was six months in Ecuador. The cities are just the same as every city in the world. Beware of an English speaking young man who is very kind and helpful in showing you how to get around. If he stands to close or touches you, he’s going to pick your pocket. I was friends with his American brother-in-law, so I was given demonstrations. He went over to some tourists, talked to them for a bit; then soon came back with a wallet.
      In the small towns the people are very curious, I had groups of children coming with me all over town, just to watch me I guess? It was sweet. Some guys got into an argument over which one was going to have me over for dinner. If you stay in one place for awhile, they will start to show you how they really live. We ate fish that were beautiful, they would go for hundreds in an American pet store. tasted good too. They may even show you things a drive through tourist will never know.
      btw, the Incan’s are alive and well. They still have their own language and there are restricted areas where only the Inca may enter. They tend to be afraid of white folk.
      And those Colorado Indians who rub clay all over their heads when they come into civilization. They look like they are wearing clay pot from a distance, but it was layered on their heads. At the time, I thought they were doing “weird stuff” Now as I am writing this it occurs to me that they were protecting themselves from negative energy.
      Your fork in the road will change the rest of your life, cool

    8. Hi Nancee:
      Actually, the only things I could say to you for advice after hearing your further info on the scenario under consideration (obviously far more than “consideration” — the ball is rapidly rolling here!) would only be coming from my natural mind, so I’m not going to say them. But just from this, perhaps you can imagine it wouldn’t be encouraging to just go AHEAD with it even in the face of serious misgivings. In the spiritual, I have no idea what you should do.
      But, in any case, I really am wishing you the best, dear! Please be WISE. This is a HUGE DEAL for you. For anyone! It can BE postponed and still come to fruition if meant to be so. The alternate scenario would NOT BE SO PRETTY, I think I can assure you.
      With Love from

  22. Dear friends!
    I can certainly agree that things have ”heated up” these last few days. My parents live a few hour’s travel from Oslo, but they came here last week to spend some days with the rest of the family. It was a supposed to be a family celebration, but during the weekend, my father got ill and had to be rushed to the hospital. We feared the worst, but thankfully he is almost fully recovered already and it seems he will be back home again very soon. So what started out as a family gathering evolved into something very special for us all, and the very fact that it happened when we were all together is something we have given thanks for again and again. It has given us all an opportunity to connect on a much deeper level than before, so it has truly been a blessing in disguise.

    It has also given me an opportunity to connect my father and my family to the Pond energy, and the outpouring of love we received was just overwhelming. Dear friends, the energy we have created here is something that is so powerful I cannot even begin to describe the feeling it was to be immersed in that love. Thank you all! And it is so true what the CCs say that we have to remember to seek solace and shelter here. For I have to admit when I was in the middle of the most intense part of this ordeal, connecting with the Pond energy was the last thing on my mind. So let us keep reminding each other to come here and connect no matter how much ”heat” we will feel in the times ahead.

    My father has been transferred to a hospital near his home, and tomorrow my sister and I leave for a long planned visit to our parents. Again the timing cannot be a coincidence, for this gives us an opportunity to be there and help when he gets home from the hospital. I see this as another gift from the Universe, and I have to say that this summer has already become a summer of love. A dramatic one, but a beautiful one none the less.

    With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

    1. Aisha – what a blessing that you could all be there for your father in is hour of most need… a gift from the Universe for you to all be there indeed.

      I head off to the United States tomorrow to help out my brother and I know that all though he has suffered this loss of his partner in the physical it will also be a time of deep healing… I will most surely be drawing on the energies of this blessed pond for my brother and all involved including myself.

      Much love to you all here Philip 🙂

    2. Thank you dear Aisha for sharing with us the happy and sometimes not so hapy moments of your life. I’ll pray for your father’s health and quick recovery. Have a nice time together.
      I am so happy that I had an unique opportunity to find you and all these brothers&sisters who dwelve on this Pond. Also big thanks to CCs for
      keeping us in touch.So happy to be a part of all this. Love,love, much love to all.

      1. Dear Philip and Sonja – love, love, much love to you both! Thank you for being a part of my life, and thank you for letting me be a part of yours! I send an extra dose of love and light to you and your brother, dear Philip!

    3. Aisha, thank you so much for sharing with us all and helping us keep perspective. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I agree there were no coincidences involved, you all were meant to be together at this time. May it be a time of strengthening, comfort, and healing for your whole family.
      With much love,

      1. Dear Leslie, thank you so much! It feels good to see how this beautiful family of light and our “real” families are starting merge as we share our stories here. It really helps to bring healing to so many others beside the ones who are currently present at the Pond.
        Much love from me, Aisha

    4. Dearest sister, sending love and my own brand of healiing light to your Papa as he recovers and grows stronger. I instantly felt that everything unfolded perfectly and part of the plan was exactly your being able to open up to the pond energy and open him and your family up to it as well. Simply another blessed example of the miraculous amount of love and healing and bliss that is available for us here in our pond! Blessings on your trip with Sara and give your Papa a big hug from all of us! Alex

    5. Hej Aisha!

      Trodde först att bloggen kom från någon i USA men där hade jag fel 🙂

      Har följt bloggen nu ett bra tag och känner igen mycket av det som har skrivits.
      Bland annat har jag tydligt känt av de “energitoppar” som kommer (nu senast under Midsommaren), dvs att man får en känsla av speciell trötthet som drabbar hela kroppen just vid det tillfället. Samtidigt är man inte trött heller utan energierna snarare rensar ut gammal smuts som har ansamlats under alla dessa år.

      Har för cirka två månader sedan genomgått Munay ki-ritualerna (
      Dessa är nio stycken ritualer som härstammar från Maya/Inkaindianerna och som ska hjälpa oss att rensa ut gammalt skräp, se energin i vår natur, göra oss av med onda andar och göra oss till ljusvarelser:

      “The Rites of the Munay-Ki transform and upgrade
      your luminous energy field. They are energetic
      transmissions that heal the wounds of the
      past-your karmic & genetic inheritance.
      They re-inform your DNA, enabling you
      to grow a new body-one that ages, heals,
      and dies differently. The Munay-Ki
      is your invitation to dream an entire
      new world into being.”

      De sista två ritualerna “laddar ned” nya koder (programvara) i in vår kropp och blev tillgänglig först för bara några år sedan då dessa visa indianer visste att den nya tiden var på väg och människan var redo att få dem.

      Nästa gång kanske jag ska skriva på engelska så att alla andra också förstår 🙂

      Ha det bra!

      /Anders from Sweden

    6. Blessings and {{{hugs}}}. Enjoy the additional time with the family. So glad to read about how your father is doing. 🙂

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