The manuscript of survival – part 321

Dear ones, you have struggled and toiled for a very long time now, and for many of you, not only your patience but the very fabric of your being seems to be stretched to the very limit. You have surrendered yourself to this process wholeheartedly, and you have surrendered to the light, both on theContinue reading “The manuscript of survival – part 321”

The manuscript of survival – part 320

As the days and nights continue to shift and expand, many of you will have trouble following suit. You see, nothing is ever certain now, not even the speed of light or even the length of an hour, much less a second. Flux is the only word to describe this process, as the natural limitsContinue reading “The manuscript of survival – part 320”

The manuscript of survival – part 319

All the stops have come out now, and the flux of energy swirling on the outside and indeed inside of you will make it rather difficult to stay in balance now. As we have discussed earlier, the necessity of removing any obstacles from your channel was a highly important one, as otherwise, your connection toContinue reading “The manuscript of survival – part 319”

The manuscript of survival – part 318

As you have already noticed, the passage of the light through your entire body was nothing if not profound, and it has left many of you feeling as if floundering in its wake. Do not fret dear ones, as all of this is only proof positive that you did indeed allow these healing powers fromContinue reading “The manuscript of survival – part 318”

Welcome to the second Gathering around the Pond, Sunday June 2.

Dear friends! Last night, I had such a wonderful vision. I saw myself finally opening up my heart by reaching inside my chest, and lifting out my heart. I held it in my hands, and then I released it into the air, and it flew up like a bird. But then, it changed into thisContinue reading “Welcome to the second Gathering around the Pond, Sunday June 2.”