The manuscript of survival – part 330

You have by now started to source into more and more information, dear ones. Not only from your own physical body, but also further afield. For some, these revelations have been very interesting indeed, but for others, they have not yet registered on their radar so to speak.

Let us explain. As we have talked about earlier, as you have all managed to lessen your load so much from all of the old dross that literally used to clog up your channels, now the time for input has finally arrived. In other words, things will start to seep into your consciousness now, even information regarding subjects you had no idea you had any knowledge about at all. Things will start to pop up on the horizon, and once again, it will be a little bit like finding an unexpected piece to a puzzle in a very unexpected place. Of course at first, much of this will seem to be random bits of information without any clear definition to it, but it will come. For remember, it is perhaps not meant to be that you are the one that will get the complete picture.

For this is indeed also a lesson in connecting, and this time it will be all about connecting the dots regarding information. For you will discover something that might fill in the gap in someone else’s “story” as it were, and vice versa. In other words, the treasure hunt has just started, and now, we venture to guess you will all start to find some very interesting bits and pieces of information surfacing up into your daily lives. They may come in the form of an image, a tune, some words or other forms of description. So again, keep your eyes, ears and yes – mind open, and see what you will “stumble across”. And do not forget to share it with others, as your little seemingly innocuous piece might be the one crucial missing part in someone else’s hugely important structure.

66 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 330

    1. That was the case for me too with the cigarettes. And I definitely feel like you do. All I got to say is your love to yourself or bond to who you are, is incomprehensible to anything or anybody in all of creation. That’s the strongest, unbreakable bond you can ever have. If somebody sees that bond between you and you that means they understand you, otherwise it’s all relative to where a person stands on his/her path. Do whatever makes you feel good towards yourself, you can never go wrong with that one. Deep sincere love to you!

    2. I think any addiction can quickly become like a trusted friend. You can usually count on this “friend” for what it always brings to your experience, however good that may or may not ultimately be for you. Amongst various other addictions I’ve experienced and overcome in my life, I also smoked cigarettes for 7 years when I was much younger so do have some idea of what it’s like. I think they are probably one of least destructive (though not necessarily on health) and quietly comforting of any of my addictive experiences through the years, especially because they don’t tend to really change behavior or compel radical action, but simply tend to give a sense of comfort and completion in the moment, however fleeting.
      It bears remembering, however, that whatever the habit, it is the addiction itself which artificially creates the imagined NEED for whatever it is to be done in order to provide that soothing sense of comfort and companionship. Conversely, the craving for it — which can turn into a screaming madman/woman of burning desire — if not indulged in a timely fashion. It is not in any way natural, but once indulged to full extent (especially by the highly addictive personality like the one I discovered in me), these things can be EXCEEDINGLY difficult to get free of. (Cigarette smoking was easily the hardest single addiction I ever felt the need to break myself of.) As you probably noticed, unless and until you are REALLY ready to tackle leaving this thing behind full-force (if one even wants to) with undying commitment to freedom from it, there’s simply no point worrying about it (not saying that you are) or viewing it as something inhibiting or detrimental. But, then again, maybe it’s something quite part-time for you (like it certainly wasn’t for me), in which case perhaps something less of a stumbling stone.
      An interesting question to me might be: if one does want, let’s say, to quit such a thing… exactly when is the best “time” in one’s journey to try and undertake this very difficult and further challenging thing? I don’t really know the answer to this.

      1. The answer to your question really is billy–when the time is right–all and I mean all, and people simply do not get this–unfolds in divine timing–EVERYTHING happens when it should and when all the cosmic aspects and human aspects are in alignment, anything can be accepted OR released with ease and love–this is the reason why so many speak about getting into the flow–when in the flow of allowing–things appear as they should and disappear as they should–no need for will power or guilt or any silly 3D mental construct….hugs!

  1. I have issues surrounding intimacy. I don’t know where else to talk about this so i’m plopping it here. As you can probably tell I dont really say much around here though I do try to speak. I have all these videos that I created talking about the shadow work and light work that i’m doing and I put them on youtube and they get good reviews and then I pull them back off because its like, damn, this is kinda intimate. People are gonna know that i’m not happy all the time, or i’m not perfect, and they’ll judge me as weak. I want so badly to be vulnerable and I can be sometimes, but its just such a huge hurdle for me. I’m alone most of the time, and i hate that, but when someone calls on the phone i’d rather not talk to them, cuz then i’d have to open up about my problems and they wont listen anyway cuz everyones got their own problems. I want to have deep bonds with people and even have intimate relationships, but i’m very very scared and i’m not sure where the fear is coming from or even why i’m even thinking about it now. i mean i’ve always been aware of it but i feel like shit, what do i *do* about it? How do i accept that making yourself vulnerable is dangerous but it can also be intensely satisfying and it can even HELP other people? i need to get over myself i realize and just forget myself. i wish i could do this. anyway thanks for letting me vent.

    1. I just started reading a book called “Daring Greatly” by Brene Brown and it’s all about intimacy and vulnerability. I loved the first couple of chapters but can’t review it totally yet; a friend of mine called it a “game-changer” for her though. Brown also has a website, and videos on youtube. It’s a more common issue than you think – you are not alone! There are a lot of people pretending out there….
      It’s a great subject, thank you for bringing it up.

    2. I’d love a nice romance without definitions & procedures lol like a little playful scenario with a spark of flirtatious connection of a classy set up; BAM I love the timing! Heh It’s all just waiting around the corner for the most genuine impact, so I say the one who goes all in life gets the most chic upshot for all he/she knows in this uneasy journeus πŸ˜‰

    3. There can be several causes. From childhood, with members of the family who have two hearts – one heart in front of others, and another one on their back, when the words don’t follow their real thoughts, and there’s betrayal. Usually, jealousy is involved when someone notices creative abilities or unusal experiences in someone else. Then, the individual, from his childhood, does not feel safe and can hardly relate to others.

      Another cause is simply : “words”. Words are labels and have a different meaning for each individual. That’s the main root of misunderstanding between people.

    4. Hello Dear Persephone:

      I feel well on my way (maybe not quite all the way “there” yet) to significant freedom in some of the areas you are indicating here, dear. This occuring very, very recently on my otherwise years and years long journey. And of course the Answer is always LOVE, no matter what the question. Easy to say, I know, but in this case of mine it has turned out to be even more practical in the end than I dared hope. Let me explain.
      I see that Leslie has recommended a book for you — and I’m sure if she recommends it, it will have strong value, plus sounding very relevant to the issues you bring up. I know this could turn into a few of us “recommending” our own special help for you that served US so well… and too many of these will not likely be helpful at all, for there is no shortage of “good” stuff out there to read for whatever ails you.
      So, at risk of doing just that, haha, I still must share with you (perhaps you have already read it from me — in which case please let me then simply re-emphasize) about what a breakthrough it has been for me to discover, in a highly practical way, what a profound barrier(s) that trapped emotions (held deeply and firmly inside myself from childhood) have been to my ultimate spiritual and emotional freedom. Powerful and effective barriers to Love, when you boil it all down. To the giving and receiving of divine Love, the only lack that there actually is — in every case, in each and any of us, with whatever particular details, circumstances or resulting imbalances or disabilities attending it; the only true answer to debilitation of any kind, it seems to me.
      In your case, you are citing intimacy issues. In my own case, my inability to really love people in general (I don’t know if these are in any way different — though I have always felt very able to be really quite intimate with very selected individuals) which has sverely impeded me from advancing spiritually — and this after 25+ years of progressive Work in the spirit.
      Extensive, long-term work on these sorts of things or not, the MAJOR emotional barriers still remained firmly in place beneath it all — practicing ALL the Good stuff regarding ALL the right people over the years as I may! (and of course I accomplished many good things through these endeavors as well).
      But it wasn’t until I read the book, The Emotion Code (yes, there are other related “approaches” with similar themes, but it’s the one that got through to me) that I really started to GET this, to get a clear picture of it. Oh, I KNEW there was something(s) blocking me, and I didn’t doubt it was emotional/psychological, related to my childhood and subsequent traumatic challenges in life. But it seemed to take grasping the clear picture of it (potentially understanding its mechanics) and just how I literally, but subconsciously, CONSTUCTED THE MOST CENTRAL ELEMENTS OF THIS MYSELF before I could get true freedom from it.
      The bulk of the book addresses trapped emotions in general held within various organs of the body, and goes on and on with success story after success story (an element which I found annoying and tedious, haha, as such endless glowing testimonials seem like such bullshit to me, obviously ignoring the cases that didn’t go quite so well!). But hey, it’s the underlying principles here which are so important to understand.
      And most important of all, for me, was the section on the almost indestructible Heart-Wall we often constuct for ourselves (subconsciously) during tender childhood years in order to protect our poor little Heart from truama — whether that be via a single serious event, or severe long-term traumatic history of many possible kinds.
      The result? GREAT IMPEDIMENT to the giving and receiving of Love, in whatever particular (or all) area(s) of life.
      Since gaining release from a seriously sturdy and stubbornly stoney Heart-Wall I clearly constructed for myself during childhood, I have been experiencing remarkably obvious and gradually growing freedom to Love ever since.
      There is a summary of the Heart-Wall concept here, but covered more fully in the book:

      An angle to consider anyway, dear Persephone.

      Offered with lots of Love from your brother,

      1. Hey Billy I checked out the book and the website – very interesting! It’s definitely theoretically in accordance with what I do in qigong/acupuncture as well as the type of therapy I do (called Internal Family Systems). I’m going to have to add it to my ever growing list of books to read, thanks!
        See ya’ll tonight!


        1. Oh that’s a great idea, Leslie. I mean potentially adding it to your current understanding/practice/methodology. For I feel it’s the underlying concepts and mechanics of trapped emotions and Heart-Wall release which are what’s important here. The actual method of release less so. That’s what I found with my sessions anyway. Though Nelson (Emotion Code author) uses body-talk confirmation and magnets, my psychic inner-healer lady doesn’t use anything physical (except body movements at times), and I believe the result for me was the same.
          Sending you Love and Good wishes,

          1. I agree, it’s the trapped energy that causes the problems. Then when something tries to flow, it hits up against these old walls and either gets stuck in a rut, or ricochets around, etc. I picture us kind of like big pinball machines with our own unique pathways of hurtling energy balls (which would be emotions) through us. Only now we’re removing the blocks so that all can flow smoothly. I never fathomed I had so many blocks until this all started! Anyway, yes there are many methods that will work and everyone is different, but I like to have a full arsenal at my disposal, lol, so am always open to learning!
            Much love,

            P.S. I hope I was at the party last night – had just got back from vacation and slept like a rock. If there was a rock there, it was me, πŸ™‚

      2. Hi Billy,
        You mentioned this method previously. It sparked some interest for me so I investigated, poked around and obtained the book. I gave it a try and I do have to say it has helped to dust out some of those hidden corners I didnt realized where there.

        1. You’re welcome, KaLea! Glad it could be of use to you. Was a crucial missing piece of the puzzle for me for sure.
          Love and best wishes,

      3. Billy, I took a look at that book online and it sounds really interesting! Got very good reviews on Amazon, lol, that does it for me! Will add it to my list….thanks for mentioning it!

        See y’all later!


        1. Hi Leslie!
          Yes, trapped emotions seem to be a more widespread phenomenon/impediment than many may think, if we’re to believe the author and his experience. Maybe it’s a matter of degree or amount of these little (or big) buggers which can stand in our way. Dunno. In any case, hope you get something very good out of it.
          And Yeah, hope to SEE YOU after midnight in the misty moonlight of the Power Pond for some healin’ good times!
          Much Love,

    5. thank you very much for sharing ‘iloveusercomments’.

      until a few years ago, i thought i was the only one in a very similar situation too.
      well, until i discovered that there are many people, actually even in (quasi) intimate relationships, feeling worse and more alone than me! (i was shocked)

      i’ve noticed that this feeling of loneliness is not dependent on me being together with one or more people, even though this is a basic human need.
      i’ve found that this is directly related to the relationship i have with myself.

      so if i spend more time and energy on myself, examining myself and contemplating,
      preferably with the help from other people, who,
      perhaps are actually trained in particularly areas,
      i find myself to be more in tune with myself
      and effectively feeling less disconnected from other people
      and strangely enough even attracting people just by being tuned into myself.
      i even often get scared witnessing the power of attraction i have! πŸ™‚

      when i’m not tuned in, i experience what i would call ‘the twilight zone’
      where i seem to be a separate unit from everyone else,
      and everyone seems to be living inside their own world (mind).

      i experience this time as the time of ‘personal disclosure’; where all unresolved issues are gently (and not-so-gently) encouraged to jump out of the closet (or ‘personal enclosure’).


    Hello Dear Friends:

    Please come join us Saturday night during sleep-time for mutual blessings and to enjoy ourselves as a family of Light.

    Everyone is invited! – you may even bring friends too

    Set the intention to be here at the Pond before going to bed β€” and your own Team will do the rest, you can be sure! You will be visiting with your brothers and sisters here at the Pond during your dream-time.

    Hints: Be fearless and sleep well-relaxed. Ask your Higher Self to help you remember everything the next day. If you have unresolved stuff going on inside your heart, ask before sleeping for it all to be resolved and removed. Ask for the channel with your Higher Self to be opened. Ask for balance in your life. Ask for your process to be improved. Trust in the power of Heaven, Who loves us all without measure.

    Don’t be concerned about precise sleep-times or time-zones. Just set the intention to join us before bed, and you will be there. Your own Entourage of Light (your team of guides) will make sure of it.

    Hope to see you Saturday Night!

    1. Yes, I would put it as:
      All my subconscious grips and their constant camouflage are coming to the surface, not just for me, but for all to see.
      At first I was surprised, stunned and apprehensive.
      Now I’m flabbergasted and terrified when experiencing our collective power of true inner disclosure,
      since my choice of unveiling all of my hidden traits seems to have an exponentially beneficial effect on all people who I come into contact with!

      Below I’ve placed some video links to more channeled support that may be of help to you, as it has been of great support to me, especially during today’s wave of seemingly volatile energies.
      ( expanded time part 1 )
      ( expanded time part 2 )
      ( guided activation meditation )

    2. Unbelievable!!! The words can never describe what we are going through! The words are too flat, too peaceful to tell the story! Thank god Earth has it’s own consciousness!

    3. I did that a lot this week, had to work really hard at moving away from those thoughts. On the advice of a spiritual coach, I first “thanked” the negative thought for showing me the direction I didn’t want my thoughts to take, then tried to move them to something more positive and loving/compassionate. Really hoping this all just comes naturally one day very soon…it can get to be a lot of work!

        1. Exactly, it’s “negative thought-ectomy”, lol. Thankfully today was much more positive here, hope yours was as well.

  3. As always Aisha Baby and the CC you are spot on. Finding that in deep loving conversation with others someone will bring up a concept and the other fills in the blanks, as if they are finishing the other beings thought. its so cool and this is what unity consciousness is all about! πŸ™‚ Ask and it is Given! Just be open to receiving the information and going with the flow of it–this is not something to PUSH, its something to open to! Love you all! πŸ™‚ Alex

  4. yes loads of NEW things are happening to me too insights images thoughts ideas creative intentions all sorts of things..popping up constantly and fast too..yes it shows up I feel the change I see it hear it experience it all the time in the manner people act and speak and express themselves in diffferent ways..YES TO THIS YES YES YES GRATITUDE HARMONY PEACE LOVE LIGHT AND MOS TOF ALL joy joy joy

  5. On the topic of comparing notes and sharing info, I read from someone in Brazil this morning that they also experience a lot of rain at this moment. Here in north-east America it is the same, almost every day. I read a few months back that the ascension moment would take place during a particulary wet phase of Gaia cleansing herself. I know we all fish for some clues for things to finally manifest, but how is the status of the rain in your parts of the world?

    1. Raining here in the Netherlands for a few days now. When it doesn’t rain and we can see the sky, the sky is really blue. It’s a bright, clean, blue sky. Just like you would see in the mountains. This is very unusual for this part of the world as normally the sky is just faintly blue, not the deep blue we have lately.

      1. JayJay, my brother! HELLO! I’ve been wondering where you’ve gotten off to!? (perhaps just a quieter time you’ve chosen to be in.) Good to see you, in any case!
        Lots of Love form your Bro’,

        PS… Nayon: I would say it has been an unusually CLOUDY late spring and early summer here in the NW of North America so far. (Today we see glorious sunshine for the first time in a number of days.) No inordinate amount of RAIN, however. This IS The Rain Coast, as you may or may not know. It rains ALL THE TIME here in the NW (as any of you Washingtone state and possibly Oregonians know). Just that by May-June of each year, we usuall see much more Sun. In fact, the summertime in Vancouver area is on overall simply IDEALIC of any climate I have ever lived. Once again, it has been quite a bit more cloudy than usual for this time of the year.

        1. Thanks to both of you. Over here we’ve received at least double the usual of rain, and it’s been pertty cold to mild so far. Farmers are complaining, the season is late and the fields are too wet to access with heavy equipment. As I was watching the floods happening in many places, like the huge one in Calgary, I though it could have been an indication of ‘something’ happening. I hear they expect record highs for the west coast next week, I hope you Billy will be OK.

          1. Nayon:

            Anything mentioned about being burned down rather than rain. Here in the Sedona area the skies are filled with the smoke from the fire over the mountain near Prescott AZ. We have had bright red sun during sunsets lately, enough to stop traffic on the highway because of all the tourists & locals taking pictures. Breathtaking truly.

            We are in record heat out here in Arizona, 120 today? You have any news about being burned down?

            May I request, of everyone friend at this wondrous pond, please say prayers for the families of our 19 firefighters whom the fire took out yesterday evening. Also, prayers to all animal rescuer workers in this area, we can use your support and prayers. Thank you all.

  6. I am a holder of the light and knowledge from the plaieades.Everyday more info enters my mind and I embrace it as it helps so many around me .I am sad though as I still not found one for my husband who seems to drown in darkness. He cheated on me this week and is poorly endulging in his guilt .I was going to speak to him but my guide said it was part of his past and I am not the cause of his infedelity .So I can only pray he find the light as there will be a new guide waiting for him which is stronger than I .I am very proud to share this knowledge of one as it glows in all of its beauty ,I still though have a hard time with my 3rd eye as I am surrounded by a very controlling possesive ,jelous and dark entity which watces my every move and drains me when I glow as it annoys him. That is why I stay on the neutral for him so I can send my light on the computer to others ,look at my words on Facebook and feel the energy ,it is wonderfull and so so strong .I am proud of this knowledge and accept the taskahead with a smile as I love to share this with all .If anyone who is as strong as I have a clue to help me with the next level please add me Facebook as I need help on this part of my 3 rd eye .I can hear and feel and know ,all I have left to do is sight of other reality ,the real one .Thank you nadia mazza

    1. Mazza, now is the time to declare your sovereignty as a divine being…call on Baglamukhi to release all negative energy–get your vibe up and then sTAY there…other beings cant reach you there…as for your husband, it is his path and nothing at all reflected back on you–many are going through revisiting their deepest scars…send love.

    2. Dear Mazza, please realize that love has no levels….The heart of all spritual teaching is simple.Be love.Be peace.Be compassion.Be JOY.And you true being of love.Do you need a certificate for what you are and what you do?? Think about it….and just be the way you are.Things unfold itself on the journey of life.Wish you happy moments ahead…

  7. Opening our Hearts to Love & Light will also greatly help with understanding and respecting each other. One day soon, we will have perfect and clear communication with everyone in our Universe. Namaste to All.

  8. Yes, yes, this is exactly what is going on!!! I wrote a blog post about it yesterday, just one little piece of the puzzle, but a piece that gave me an AHA! moment and I shared, hopefully connecting and healing for others…..

    I have had an ongoing “conversation – lite” with the guy I wrote about. I respect him, but we come from very different viewpoints. So I sometimes gently challenge his posts on FB by asking a question or posting an article with a different view. I don’t push too hard, it’s just “when the spirit moves me” I will write something. So our conversation recently has been about what the Bible actually says about homosexuality, judgment, loving all people, etc. It has been a respectful conversation but he hasn’t changed his view at all, which is totally ok.

    But my insight into his soul journey is a perspective I wanted to share — if people on both sides of this (or any) issue can look at it with “love eyes”, seeing the bigger picture without having to take sides or make someone wrong, then how interesting to see how a soul could choose to incarnate into a challenging “set-up” and see what happens!! I wonder (with no attachment to whether I am right or wrong) if this guy was a slaveowner in a previous life, and came back as a black man helping the black community move forward, just to have that experience. Then, up pops an issue of people who are considered “different” and hmmmm, how will you handle it? It’s so cool to see this, when you are able to let go of the right and wrong judgments. At the level of his soul, he has now been able to experience and feel what those who perpetuated racism must have felt.

    Anyway, the blog post is here.

    I have a bunch of friends who have been celebrating the progress of equal rights for the LGBT community, and I hope that sharing this with them will help them see this with “love eyes” as well. We are all just doing the best we can with what we have, and when we can let go of our attachment to “good guyd” vs. “bad guys” we can see so much more!!


    1. Beautiful Meg. The energy of this month is also overlighted by Baglamukhi the mahavidya who is all about burning through illusions and removing any negative energy–many people will be “seeing the light” and it is marvelous tho scary for them. My heart feelings on this is it is a challenge related to allowing other’s their path, especially when their behavior does not affect ME in the slightest! Accepting all experience as valid and serving the All that is is the lesson of ascension…big hugs and keep doing what you are doing! πŸ™‚ Alex

  9. If you pay attention to the environment, the environment talks. Plants and things have a lot to say. BTW That’s the feminine aspect of creation too lol. You will be overwhelmed by their stories πŸ˜€

    1. Dominique, as a tree whisperer who is deeply connected to our mother Sophia-Gaia, I completely agree with you. I was driving today and my eye was drawn to different things at the stop lights like a dragonfly or two colors of flowers intertwining and the feeling of gratitude and love for having the vision for nature overwhelmed my heart with love and tears of joy–I am so happy that i can SEE and Hear Gaia breathe!

      1. Alex, usually, I’m in a “dolphin-state” only when I sleep. However, things have changed since the spring of 2012 and they are changing faster and faster now. I feel myself more often in several dimensions during the day as well, in conscious states. It is not easy to manage (especially with people exclusively stuck to 3D – they are actors, no ? It’s Truman Show, really ? lol), though I am able to understand and rationalize all what I live.

        My experiences are less direct than yours as I see all the symphony when I close my eyes. So there is a delay. But the slight difference between both states has shortened.

        1. I was sharing with a friend who is gifted with different skills than I that its amazing how people feel that if one person is experiencing something that everyone should as well. Maybe in the future we will all have access to every possible gift and state, but for right now–we are supposed to be unique and different puzzle pieces working in our own divine way–how would a bunch of exactly the same puzzle pieces fit together? they couldn’t! So, enjoy the state you are in–know it is divinely unfolding as it should and explore the depths of it in the NOW moment…I am drawn to share this strongly.

          WE need to sit where we are and explore and feel gratitude for THIS moment–not simply saying well this is all well and good but I want to be THERE…it is in the feeling and enjoying of THIS moment and the gratitude for the path we have walked to get HERE that the future flows TO US–to grasp at it, simply pushes it further away…


  10. Here the summer holidays have already started. We have now three solar panels on our van. Although no sun and temperature has been higher on christmas eve, all is ready for operation kids amusement. The piece of the puzzle today was the place my friend hided the cash to pay the guy who installed the solar device. Intuition? Peace puzzler? The Puzzlelitzer Price? I offer this as a remote search service, in case you lost a billion or two.

  11. YES, how powerful tool is the shared knowledge! I’m just on my way to one night angel retreat and I’m looking forward to these new experiences. We will practise intuition and try channelings and of course crystals will also play a huge part. So exciting πŸ™‚ Have a great weekend to all of you!!

    Ps. Keeping fluorite and apatite stones in my hands, I was released from huge back pain! Just to share one experience πŸ™‚ And this bodily change occured in 20 minutes!

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