The manuscript of survival – part 329

We would like to delve a little further into the recent energetic upgrades you have all been through. And, as we mentioned earlier, these missives of information are not only affecting you, but they will continue to affect everyone around you in one way or the other. As you are all well versed in these phenomena by now, you are all very familiar with the effects this will have on your physical setup, in the way of nausea, aches and pains. For some, this will seem to have intensified lately, while for others, these waves seem to subside as fast as they arrive. However, there might be a way to lessen your symptoms somewhat. But in order for us to explain this, we need to go back to the actual effect of all of these missives, and the reason for them being beamed into you in the first place.

For as you know, they are not set up in order to make you feel weak and unable to function, but to many, this will seem to be the only effect they have, and so all of this will be looked upon as nothing more than a nuisance and a bother. However, underneath all of this creaking and groaning from your body, there is something far more interesting going on. But again, the symptoms from it will mask this very well unless you are able to tune into the inner layer as it were, and disregard all of these signals of distress. For even if your body will sound and feel like it is very perturbed and even irritated, it is in fact going full steam ahead with these waves of informational energy, and it is doing its best to keep going ahead evey time it gets some new ”orders” from this information. For this is not only about ”retuning”, this is in fact all about ”rebuilding” yourself, and much of this work is going on in your neural pathways. For the whole command structure to call it that, or rather, your communication structure, is what is getting a huge tune up these days, and as such, the usual pathways of information that you already have within are apt to be more than a little confused, hence, the syptoms of irritation and distress.

Let us explain. As you know, the physical body you inhabit is a very complex structure indeed, and not even your scientists have figured out a way to completely explain every process that is going on within you in detail. For this whole structure is infinitely more complex than any structure you yourselves have constructed, and even the most advanced kind of your computers is no match for the intelligence you have in just one single cell of your body. For just within that single cell, there is so much information stored and so many complex processes going on at all times, it is enough to keep many a scientists busy trying to figure it all out. And in between them, the billions of cells in your body have so many stories to tell, not only about each and every individual, but most of all about the way they all talk to each other. For remember, there is a huge conversation going on within you each and every day, as not one single cell in your body is working alone. They are all a part of this immense fine-tuned orchestra, and they need to connect so that they can stay fine-tuned at all times, no matter what external circumstances that might arise. For remember, you live a very complex life in a very complex world, and as such, the signals that enter your body in so many ways will all add their voice to this internal choir. So yes, you are walking around within something that is truly a marvel, and now, this marvel will only increase as your body is going through such a metamorphosis it will be hard to comprehend.

You have perhaps all heard about how a human brain uses only a small percentage of its capacity. Well, not only is your brain starting to unfold its full abilities now, but also the rest of your body. And what this will entail, is this; you are not only becoming more ”intelligent” in your mental capacity, as in being able to access fields of knowledge and feats of abilities hidden up until now, now your phsyical body will start to do the same. In other words, this inner dialogue will incrase in not only speed, but also in complexity to a level that far surpasses the old one. And what will this mean? This will simply mean that your body will be far, far better to respond and adjust to anything that might arise, and it will in effect become super adept at fixing itself and at keeping itself in ”ship shape” as they say, in a manner that far surpasses the mode it has been in up until now.

In addition, the more immaterial part of you, that is the YOU that inhabits this outer physical layer, will become capable of literally having a conversation with this physical layer in way that simply was not possible before. Remember, the two of you are literally a ”match made in heaven” as we have talked about earlier, and now, you will be able to start to understand what we mean by that. For as the higher aspects of you have now started to literally ”move in ” to this physical body, the two of you need to get to know each other, and so, you have to start to have a conversation. And what do we mean by that? We literally mean that YOU have to start to talk to your body, and your body will also have to learn to listen to you. Remember, we have talked much about the importance of heeding the signals your body is giving you, but now, your body also needs to start to listen to your wisdom.

We hasten to add that this does not in any way mean that you must completely disregard any signals of distress your body is giving you. No, what we mean by this is that you need to talk to your body about it. And yes, we do mean that in a very literal way. For remember, your body is also very new to this, as it has been used to function in the same way forever. But now, when so many new pathways and possibilites start to open, they can be easy to overlook, also for your body. So that is why we describe this as a teamwork to be carried out both by YOU and by your body, and in order for this to start to take place, the two of you need to start to communicate even more.

And this brings us back to where we started, namely the physical manifestations from all of these energetic downloads in the form of symptoms that will arise. Remember, the body has in many ways been programmed to react in a certain way to stimuli, and it will continue to do so even when the opportunity arises to react in a brand new way. For that is how this physical vehicle has been set up. In order to optimize the output, it has learned to make use of patterns, as in setting up a sequence of actions that will be followed automatically every time something is instigated, either by will or as a rule. In other words, your body will conserve energy by setting up loops that will come into effect every time a similar situation arises. That is how you ”learn” the things you do in your life, like walking, talking, writing – anything that is habitual. It is a set pattern, and the same setup of cells are set into motion automatically.  But now, you have all been given access to a whole new set of possibilities, so you and your body must in effect ”retrain” yourselves to respond in a new way. We do not mean that you need to start from scratch as it were in everything, but you must realize that this means that there are many set patterns within your body that needs to be reassessed. And to start with the easiest one, we suggest you start with the notion that every time the energies increases, your body will ”need” to react in a certain way, whether that be with headaches, back aches, nausea or what have you.

It might sound complicated, but we suggest you do it the easy way by literally TALKING to your body. You might choose to do this silently, or you might choose to say it out loud, but what we suggest you do, is simply to start having a conversation with your body. And no, it is not in the form of criticism or rebuke, that is not a good idea. Remember, your body only wants what is good for you, and we do mean that in every sense of the word. Your body is doing all it can to protect the YOU within, and as such, every action it takes is taken with a good intention. The effects it will have may not always be positive, as you all know. However, now the time has come for you to ”sit down with your body” and give it some pep talk. It might sound strange, ridiculous even, but trust us, it will have some rather interesting effects.

Remember, the body is your ally, not your enemy, so even if the signals it is sending out may be more than a little irritating, even debilitating for some, it is no good to attack it for it. Rather, you must show it you understand the reason for it, perhaps even thank it for all it has done for you. After all, it is the only reason you can even be here in the first place, for without this physical body, you would not be able to be here and do the work that you do. So try to do this, even if it might seem silly, and see what happens. For now, you can tell your body that it can ”let down the guard ”a little bit. It does not need to go all crazy on you every time it senses a change in the energies, and you can tell it just that.

Again, this is not about disregarding all signals of distress that may arise, for not all of them are related to this ”energetic distress”, so always remember to pay attention to what your body is trying to tell you. But the lesson for today is this: the next time your body starts to ring the ”energetic alarmbells”, just talk to it and tell it that it does not need to do this any more. It can relax a little bit, and even if ”things” feel strange and unusual to the body because all of these new ”pathways” opening up, it does not need to be afraid. It is safe, and YOU are safe, and together, the two of you will become infinitely stronger than ever before. For not only will YOU become the one you truly are, your body is also evolving into something even more intelligent and capable than before. So again we say, you are truly a match made in heaven, and now, the time has come to start to play the new game of BEing one also with your physical body.

78 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 329

  1. Hello fellow ponders.

    It is time for me to share my latest song and I would like to set it up a little. This one came to me during the ‘face to face’ exercise between us and our HS, about ‘who we are’. At that time, there was a debate going about weather we exist or not as an ‘observer’, if there is an ‘I Am’ inside of us. Personally, I would be sad to learn there is ‘nobody’ experiencing the miracles of life, and frankly, I thought this reasoning lacked a certain ‘common sense’, and so, this ‘ambiance’ gave birth to this song. My intent was for this message to be heard by everyone on earth because it applies to anybody. If only people would stop and apply a little common sense to the situation, they might wake up. This is my way to carry my voice.

    I read on Steve Vai’s site that being inspired to write music is like finding a special radio station the universe created just for you for the songs you would like to hear but don’t exist in your world. I believe I am getting close to this. For this one, while working on my connexion with my HS, I asked to be surprised and inspired, and I am quite pleased by the result. This song was not on the menu, but they hooked me on an old riff I had forgotten, and got me to swirl around it. They gave me the ideas and melodies, I just put them together, not knowing WTH I was doing, and in the end, it sounds like ‘me’. Synchronistically, it ended on precisely 4,9,666. This is a great gift I am so thankful to the universe for. I guess it could be perceived as some type of channelling. I include the lyrics to prevent misunderstanding of the meaning, as it happened in this following video: (parody alert)

    I hope you will like it. This one is a little heavy, a bit of rock influence from the 70s, and of course, ending on a silly note, just like a Fool. (use of headset recommended)


    Common sense
    We brought you light thru the worst of times,
    We came along to raise the vibes,
    We have lovely eyes…yes? 😉 😉
    Please be nice to the ones you cross in your life,
    Being Love, hanging out and making friends,
    We have to give in to feel them.
    Don’t be shy to show your light,
    Don’t you know we have tickets to Paradise,
    We have to ride in the ball of change.
    Can’t you feel it too?
    Down inside I’m just like you,
    Hear me sigh…..
    Please join me higher…yes?
    Don’t be lost in the dream machine,
    God knows when we’ll make it to freedom,
    We have to learn how to live in NOW.
    Isn’t ‘change’ on the path of wisdom?
    We have to make it to Peace, and dreaming in bliss!
    We have to make it to Shambala.
    Golden change of Life,
    Golden change, big change of Lights,
    Golden change of pace yyyyess!
    ( solo )
    Golden change of Life,
    Golden change of Love…yeah!
    Don’t you become like Tweedledum,
    Give in to common sense.
    Don’t play dumb and ‘Be’ yourself,
    And take your place….on stage!
    Open up and ‘Be’ yourself now,
    Give in to common sense.
    Don’t be shy and show your light now,
    Give in to common sense.
    Don’t play dumb and seize this right now,
    Give in to common sense,
    Give in to common sense!
    Woof! Woof!!

    1. Greetings Dear Nayon!
      I just listened to and enjoyed your latest song. Thank you! Very nice upgrade of the lyric as well. Good guitar-work, my friend. Enjoyed it all around.
      Been listening to a little David Bowie, have we? now or in the past? (Hehe. You know that I have, for sure.) Like you say, a little 70s influence — just fine with me. Good job! Thanks for sharing.
      With much Love and best wishes,

      1. Thanks Billy. Yes to Bowie and many more. Truely one of the best decades of my life. I just realised yesterday that the MP3 I can put on the net pales in comparison with the sound quality I get from my mixing equipment. I get a lot of kicks from modern musical gizmos. A few years back, it would have cost hundreds of thousand dollars to acess all those sounds.

  2. Thank you for this Message, Aisha. Interesting stuff for sure! I will try it.
    Lots of Love,

    1. Dear Billy, I am looking forward to hearing about what you will experience when you try to do the “body talk”. I have had some mixed results, but it has been very encouraging also.
      Much love from me, Aisha

    1. Here’s a little more on understanding matter
      “What is compelling about Fractal Geometry is not only the aesthetic beauty of the images it creates, but also its universal application. In the book ‘Exploring Chaos’, Mandelbrot says, “Fractal Geometry plays two roles. It is the geometry of deterministic chaos and it can also describe geometry of mountains, clouds, and galaxies.” Although it is not widely known, the basic traits of a fractal can be applied to all aspects of life, because life exists in the form of a fractal abstraction.”

      1. Otmn
        I saw a show on public TV about 5 years ago (and could never find it again, even by looking on the internet). It basically stated that for years scientists have been arguing if the universe is “chaos theory” or totally geometric and precise. What I got from the show, which I think was titled “The Mandelbrot Set” was that – IT IS BOTH – AT THE SAME TIME.

        The Mandelbrot fractal geometry re-occurs over and over again in trees, their limbs, their leaves. Airial views from space show the same patterns in rivers and basically everything. On a micro view it seems to humans that everything is different, but from a macro view, everything is the same. It’s so cool!


          1. Billy
            Thank you – thank you – thank you.
            Yes, this is exactly what I remember. Now I can save it on my computer and not lose it again.

            I am going to watch this “a few times” today.


      2. Dominique and Otmn – thank you both for bringing this to our attention! I have just received another message from the CCs that I will post later today reminding us of the importance of sharing insights and information now.
        Much love from me, Aisha

  3. Attila and Aisha

    Interesting information from both of you. I thought you might like to see something. Go to – they have a “time machine” that you can punch in the date at the top. Look at May 29 or 30, 2013. Same thing happened last month with a huge coronal hole. About two days later on June 1 or 2 I felt very naucious like I was going to throw up. The CCs also had their missives refer to these energies in that time. You might want to refer back to them because I think we are going to get another round this weekend.

    I think the sun just had a complete rotation and it sure looks like the same one from last month.

    Aisha and CCs – Thanks as always.



    1. Manuscript #318 – June 4, 2013

      I just re-read it. Get ready to “stay centered and breath” – “AND” talk to your body. Geeeze, this is starting to get fun!



    2. Dear Jeff, you are not alone in feeling the effects from what our “friendly neighbour the sun” emits! Whenever I feel a particular intense “inner physical turmoil” I always check out, and I usually see a “storm in progress” alert there.
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  4. Dear Aisha! First of all, thanks to “The manuscript of survival ..” writings. We spoke long ago. Now I am writing to you because I found two interesting things on the net, you’re going to interpret all. One of a crop circle is (25.06.2013.) Across England. I read it out of this, it is an hourglass, which is almost every grain of sand flashed, “close to the time for something!” The Hungarian language is an ancient, ancient cuneiform sign that the big D corresponds to the picture “cross” symbol, the other sign I have not found an appropriate interpretation. Another thing is that the surface of the sun is a huge hole, out of which the solar wind for the weekend to reach the planet Earth!
    What do you know about it? This will be something “big thing” that might radically change our lives? Love and Light be with you! Regards. Attila!

    1. Dear Attila, thank you for sharing this! I do not have any detailed information about any of it, but I do know that what happens on the sun is very much part of the process we are all going through down here on Earth. And yes, there are many signs around us pointing in the direction that “something” is going on, and we can certainly feel that within our bodies!
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  5. EXCELLENT information and advice. I am SO glad I learned this ‘body talk’ many years ago as an athlete, and continued to refine and enhance my communication with my body more deeply into the smallest nuances of health and well-being — because it WORKS! Because of this skill, I have NOT had even a small percentage of those ‘ascension symptoms’ most people suffer from. Almost zero of the ‘negative’ ones. I write this not to toot my own horn, no — but to give all you readers direct testimonial as to its efficacy. Remember ‘mind over matter’? Well, it’s true. Better yet, Conscious Energy over matter. YOU (Spirit, Soul, Eternal Essence) are the one in control of your body — not the other way around. I hope you all not only ‘get’ this, but are wildly successful in putting it into practice. It will REALLY help you get through this intense process MUCH more smoothly, believe me. Fare thee well, fellow ascending humans!

  6. so happy to read this message! this is the point i’ve been waiting for / working toward

    i’m pushing through a head cold right now and i’m still walking like i’m 20 years older than i am, but in the last couple days my brain feels “settled” in a new way … maybe it’s related to the high-pitched “pings” that started up again last week after months of silence

    but my usual brain-chatter has dimmed to more of a low hum, like we’ve come through the lobby and people are starting to take their seats. the lights are still on, the overture hasn’t yet begun … but i feel ready, and i strongly sense a readiness in others, here in my vicinity and all around the world.

    let’s start the show 🙂

    thank you aisha & CCs
    love you all

    1. Dear Dave, I love your image of the expectation before the show 🙂 I feel it myself, there is definitely “something” in the air now. And you are certainly not the only one who has been feeling somewhat older than your actual age lately 😉
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  7. This is by far the longest missive given by the constant compagnions.
    They said the new “set” of possibilities will be used also in the body. This will not go without friction. Seems that this other one in us is taking control. Now it has been strange to talk to plants. To literally talk to my toes for example is another level of communication. I ´ll do my best and give it a try. It is clever to come back to what these energies really effect or do with us. Yes life and the actual communication is very, very complex and one has to insist on results or the situation slips away. Too many people in the game at once.
    The two of you. What does this really mean?
    Ok Body/Buddy – go to bed now. You have done very well today.
    CU pondarians

    1. Dear Michilyn, I hope the two of you had a restful night! As you say, learning new skills is always a challenge, but I have a feeling you and your body are very good at trying out new things together in your work.
      Much love from me, Aisha

  8. Aisha, this is one of the best messages I’ve ever read, thank you so much! INTENSE energy these days, that’s for sure…there’s a lot of crazy action in the sky, and our bodies are mirroring. I watched a very interesting documentary yesterday about this very idea of communication, but the “subjects” were plants instead of human cells or the physical body/Immaterial body…as always, the CC and your message coincide so beautifully with what my consciousness has been communicating to me already 🙂
    Love & Blessings,

    1. Dear sister, thank you for sharing this, and thank you for the confirmation. I love the fact that even when my body hits the “take it sloooow” period, this kind of information always gives me a huge boost.
      Love and light from me, Aisha

      1. Maggie, I watched the whole program last night and it was such a powerful reminder of the intelligence that surrounds us on all sides – or rather, the intelligence that we are a part of 🙂
        Love and light from me, Aisha

  9. giggling here and shaking my head yes….just 2 days ago I had a complete neurological reworking and expansion from the linear nerve pathways to the multi-verse or as you put it Dominque, neurodiversity. As a biologist, I always saw the cell as a small universe within the body and each universe is unique and each universe can communicate with the others…I very much thank my body for its process here at this time and in all times–it is simply a marvel and i am blessed to have it–I very much talk to my body at all times and the more loving the conversation, the more miracles occur! Hugs all! Alex

    1. “As a biologist, I always saw the cell as a small universe within the body and each universe is unique and each universe can communicate with the others…”

      Yes, and with the outside world : events, synchronicities, etc. It’s really fantastic when the communication is engaged between the cells and our brain. A marvel. When they see that we record and understand the meaning of all the metalogical stories they have to say, they are happy and they bring more and more stories.. 😀

      The rewiring from the linear nerve pathways to neurodiversity start in the neck. From one main “cable” to 3, maybe 5. They lead to a new network around (and the expansion of) the pineal gland and probably to the development of a cryptochrome (or similar).

      1. Alex, Dominique – thank you for sharing this! I have had two amazing “journeys” within the last week, when I witnessed this retuning and communication taking place on a cellular level. Wow! I’m looking forward to the next trip 😉
        Much love from me, Aisha

        1. And the next trip is the communication with plants and matter itself.

          Many, many trips per day ! 🙂 And we need no technology, no tool (no sound, no meditation, no prayer, no herb, nothing) to enjoy the ride(s). Love -D-

  10. Oh Geez! So informative,,,,, so exciting.
    I love the idea that our brains AND our bodies are starting to be fully utilized! The suggestion of talking about this with each other seems a FABULOUS way to minimize the stress and move forward, very quickly,
    Can’t wait to do this and get rid of all the outside conditioning and manipulation to become what we were created to be. Yahoo!
    Doing somersaults and cartwheels! Well…. in my mind : )
    Thank you,

  11. I am grateful to my body, that even I treated my body miserably I became pregnant and I got a lovely child. I was sick at a young age anorexia. I admire the toughness of my body and how it is able to adapt to the situation, but I do not really ever talked about it.

    1. Oh, Marit, our bodies are SOOOO amazing. They have shown us time and again that they can overcome so much adversity imposed upon them, by outside influences and by us ourselves. When we actively thank them and appreciate them, they talk back to us. Not always in a word-like conversation, but they do talk. How fantastic that you have a lovely child. Your gift from your body and soul.

      Love to you and your dear child, Gail xx

      1. Dear Maarit and Gail – our bodies have always been there for us, no matter how little we have appreciated it in our earlier days. It feels good to be able to thank it for all it has done and will do for us now 🙂
        Love and light from me, Aisha

  12. Wau, thank you so much Aisha and CC! I actually learned to appreciate my physical body already couple of years ago, when I had to study neuropsychology and I was amazed how much work our bodies do for us to be able to be alive and feeling well. Ever since I have thanked my body for its job well done and have a new respect toward it concerning food and rest and self-pamper and so 🙂 But never have actually tried to get into conversation with my body, so thank you for this new viewpoint! Wish I would have learned that already earlier when I was younger and had such a restless life, but I am glad I know it now 🙂

    1. Dear Sunshine, neuropsychology sounds very exciting! I have this hunger for more knowledge, and I think we are all on the brink of being educated far beyond what any of us could have hoped for 🙂 The body is an amazing creation, and I am already starting to “see” so much of what is going on inside of us. And as you say, the more we learn, the more we appreciate what our bodies are doing for us.
      Love and light from me, Aisha

      1. I know I have the hunger for more knowledge too, but as studying through the psychology it seems so out dated.. I mean many occasions it only includes physical body and the mind aspects, never goes any deaper. Although it might be also that I in the beginning of my studies, but still. One thought that has come to my mind as I’ve been wondering why I am so keen on entering university and academic field is that although it sometimes feels so stiff and old school, maybe I would be able to make a difference with my finals? To open doors little bit? As they have concluded in their research that human kind has faced its end in developing further, meaning life time and so, I think strongly that we are just about to turn our development to find new abilities of our conciousness and that what we call collective mind or heart. This is what they should study too in academic world. And its not too hard to prove anyways as people have proofs already, as here in the pond, how else you could explain people seeing same thing during the meditation living in different corners of the world. This is my dream, make people understand more about themselves and the power within them. How lucky I feel that I have found mine 🙂

        Love you all!!

  13. The human body is truly a work of art. The problem with the human body is it gets old and dies. I have a friend that has several degrees in physics one is a phd. I gave him a quest one time to try to prove when the body dies if it can retain the bodies codes in the energy that leaves the body when it dies. The energy that lives in the body never die. As long as the body depends on food as we know it will always die. We can live and try to teach the body to depend on the energy that lives in our body to live on a different kind of energy that never dies. This can make the body live forever with the healing ways of this energy that lives within all of us. This could lead to a true oneness of body and soul. I don’t know how long this may take the body to achieve this. I guess it would be how much we can learn about the energy that lives within our bodies and how to work with it. When the body dies and if the energy can retain the bodies codes to keep the body form as a spirit form would be great to.

    I have seen some writing of times past that this can be done. That all your memories can be retained of your past life. But this type of death lets the spirit chose another body to live in after the old body dies. There isn’t a lot of writings about this. Some writings about this are still hidden from man. But this was well known in times past. In times past it was a way of life that was taught to some. I think the body is getting closer to becoming one with the soul that lives within each of us. Maybe one day the two will join while the body is still alive and become one. I would love to see the explosion of the two joining together.

    Bless All

    1. ‘I think the body is getting closer to becoming one with the soul that lives within each of us. Maybe one day the two will join while the body is still alive and become one. I would love to see the explosion of the two joining together.’

      Dear Ray, this describes EXACTLY what I forsee as happening, certainly for myself and many others. I feel my soul filling up my body more and more and integrating with what I used to think was ‘me.’ And of course, alot of what I used to think was ‘me’ actually wasn’t me at all!! So, to move to the point where ALL that is not ‘me’ is gone so soul can fully install herself.

      Loving you, Gail xxx

      1. Idem. This is what I foresee as happening in a not so distant future too. It seems that each human being has been living a test since the end of 2011 but faster and faster now.

  14. An important message, well inspired by the CC’s and posted by our beloved Aïsha.

    “the billions of cells in your body have so many stories to tell, not only about each and every individual, but most of all about the way they all talk to each other. For remember, there is a huge conversation going on within you each and every day” oooh yeeeess ! It’s always very instructive and very, very funny 😀 Endless stories.. lol

    “the signals that enter your body in so many ways will all add their voice to this internal choir”. We “eat” through our 5 senses and more.

    It is impossible (however, I tried..) to explain neurodiversity to linear and serious people of the pac-man world, but that’s the way it works and it’s fun 🙂

  15. I look forward to your channel everytime you send it out. Thank you so much for allowing yourself to be used as a vessel, because just personally you help me out so much. I have a great deal of love in respect for what you do because it is simply beautiful and it really is changing the world. The message today was fantastic and exactly what we needed to hear. Thanks again!

    1. Dear Isis, thank you for your kind words and thank you for bringing your light to this Pond and to this circle of love!
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  16. Thank you, my dear Aisha. It’s so funny (and also a relief… ) to see we’re always in such perfect sync. In fact, I’ve began talking amorously to my body yesterday, with a love and intimacy I’d never felt before. Much Love and a thousand Blessings to you, my dear friend.

    1. Many blessings back to you, dear sister! It is of great help to me to get these confirmations here also, for even if I find much that resonates in the messages I receive from the CCs, I am very glad that they can be of help to others as well 🙂
      Much love from me, Aisha

  17. I restarted a conversation a week before the solstice -It was amazing what resulted! Thank you ❤ and thank you for the reminder 🙂

    1. Dear sister, it does feel strange at first. But I tried it this morning, and it actually worked! I’m going to try the same thing with my computer, for it is ceratinly acting crazy today 😉
      Much love from me, Aisha

      1. My beloved guige AA Michael told me just some mins ago that it works for me too, I have talked lovingly with it to release and remove all the energies that gets free with clearing and removing blocks from my memories. I am curious but trust him. In reflecting your message, it makes sense because all is energy a computer too. Love you, Isabel ❤ ❤

      2. Aisha i am looking forward to reading the post tomorrow, i am too tired to appreciate it tonight. On a note regarding your computer, mercury went retrograde today for 3 weeks, so this could be part of your computer problem. Good night lovely x

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