The manuscript of survival – part 328

As you have all passed through an intense weekend filled with much energetic chatter, we advise you all to try to stay focused in order to better be able to assimilate it all. In other words, do not push yourselves unnecessarily in any direction, as what you need most of all now, is to avoid exerting yourselves in any way. And when you do feel the urge to ”get up and go” as it were, and you are filled with an intense longing to see past the horizon, know that this will not serve you in any way at the moment. So again, patience is the word for today, and you will all benefit greatly if you take that advice to heart.

For this has not been an ordinary weekend, and what you have been through will make its mark on you in so many ways, so for now, it is better to keep a low profile as it were and to try to give yourself as much care as you need. Again it is your physical body who has taken the brunt of all of this, so heed the advice it gives you now. This will not be news to anyone, but we do know from experience that it bears repeating as you have a tendency to try to get a little bit ahead of yourselves unless we remind you to just slow down and BE.

So put your feet up, to use an image you are all familiar with, and try to tune into your core and feel the exitement building there. For you have all taken a giant step closer to what you will all see as the great unveiling of your innermost secrets, and this time, the secrets we refer to are not of the kind many of you have been struggling with lately. No, what we refer to are the secrets of your powers, not of your former ”weaknesses” or perceived setbacks.

So keep calm and carry on, as the old adage says, and know that you are all moving forward at warp speed, even if you will feel a little bit like washed up in a backwater from time to time. Remember, you are moving down into your physical body, and as such, your higher aspects need time to adjust to this new situation of being a part of a human being inside a human body, so confusion may ensue from time to time. Do not fret dear ones, you will soon learn to adapt better to these circumstances, and then, you will all be asked to start to explore your own inherent powers more and more as this summer progresses. But for now, rest and recreation will be the best way to go.

83 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 328

  1. Earthing seems to be a big theme – I keep getting called to stand on the grass in bare feet for a while each day (summer here now so that’s cool) -feels good and releasing.

    Which reminds me I was pondering the Pond (no pun intended) the other day in meditative state and immediately I was given the image of hundreds/probably thousands of dyson vacuum cleaners. I smiled…

    Folks in your hoovering up of energies from around the planet remember that some of the debris or stuff is not yours and remember to empty the dust compartment! (Release/heal/transmute without feeling any attachment) …

    The solstice/supermoon energies have been profound here for sure – mega downloads…

    Much love to all,

    Joyfully, Philip 🙂

    1. Good one, Philip. (And comical image. Haha.) Thank you!
      Lots of Love to you my dear brother,

    2. Dear Philip, thank you for sharing this! Mega (down)loads indeed 😉 I can also attest to the urge to earth myself as much as possible. No barefoot walking here yet, too cold and too wet, but thankfully my vegetable plot gives me a chance to at least get my hands dirty.
      Love and light from me, Aisha

      1. You’re welcome Aisha!

        I guess its a good bit cooler in Norway… we seem to be getting bits of summer here and its Wimbledon… so that is good going!!

        I even picked some Elderflower today to make some cordial – so hopefully that will turn out OK.

        Bet the veggies from your plot are nice.

        Joyfully, Philip 🙂

    1. Life signs… weak… do …n’t know… can’t …hold… on …may …be …can… … … … …Wait …ye …es! …feel I …feel I can …adjust …ing …ehhh …better …Oh …pain …but …yes.
      Ah…ah…ah …Stable! …Re… port late …er.
      ~Bi …ill …lllllll …ly

      1. Dear Billy, I hoped you have read part 329 of the manuscript by now, and that it have helped you in some way. Give yourself a big hug and keep shining 😉
        Much love from me, Aisha

        1. Thank you, Aisha. No worries at all, dear. I’m afraid that I was just trying to add a little of my whacky humour to Stephan’s Star Trek post above mine! I am doing just FINE, actually. Sorry if I was a bit obscure in my jest. Will be, as always, reading with anticipation MOS #329 shortly. Not quite got to it yet.
          Many thanks!
          With Love and good spirits,

      2. Nice sync there Billy, You even got our fantastic Pond Captain worried there for a split second, beam Billy Bright directly to sick bay 🙂 The Voyager series is top shelf Star Trek’vice not only because they got a female Captain that is determined to get everybody home save…
        Live long and prosper

        1. Yes, I’m a Trekkie too, Stephan. TNG remains my favourite, but that kick-ass Captain Catherine Janeway sure keeps ’em in line and heading in the right direction, doesn’t she. Heading for HOME!
          Cheers mate! and Love,

  2. Aisha darling thank you for that Karen Bishop article! )))) I swear to god at some point we all gonna understand each other without typing! It’s like we all had the same teacher lol “metaphorically speaking” I had a dream recently that we all had encyclopedia looking hardcover books with the title saying “How to ground into Earth” and picture of Earth on it. We all were in a bohemian art room space. Everybody’s casually on the carpet checking out the new books. Looks like a lot of our time is meant to be spent in space for earthing on a daily basis for it relieves us from stress as fast as fire burns the newspaper. It’s weird though everybody’s earthing all the time here why the book?! Maybe it’s some kind of a new extraordinary way we are able to earth now. I think it’s somehow connected to how current Lemurians do it at this current Gaia state, even though they practically live under earth. Hmmm… It’s like a button push…

    1. Most likely the personal book of dreams, of the imaginal life behind the veil.

      In the heart of the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand
      Men will be able to go down under the waters
      Their bodies will be new and they will be fish
      And some will fly high, higher than the birds
      As if stones don’t fall.
      They will communicate with each other
      For their minds will be so greatly open that they will receive all messages
      ***And dreams will be shared*** 😉
      And they will live as long as the oldest of men
      The one of whom the Holy Books speak.

    2. Dear Golden Eagle, dear Dominique – thank you for sharing this! I do hope we can start to communicate in a much faster and more reliable way too! My fingers are just too slow, and my computer is just to rebellious 😉
      Much love from me, Aisha

  3. a follow up on my comment about
    “the brighter the light, the darker the shadows”
    I had a 3:30 AM realization that that statement is only true if the light only comes from one direction.
    When the light comes from many sources there is nowhere for the shadows to hide. What hides in my shadows must be lighted by another’s lamp.
    aahh, cool, now I can relax and stop chasing after the shadows.

    1. Wow! So profound and so true! The thing few realize, but we are all realizing this in the pond and some have always known this after they released their doubt is that WE are an unlimited source of love and light energy all by ourselves! When we TRULY step into our soul self and all the dirt has been cleansed off our lenses, we will become the shining beacons of light that will penetrate all darkness forever! The light coming into us now is helping with our recognition of “soul self” and the loving light energy coming from Sophia-Gaia our blessed earth mother is helping our bodies to attune and support us while we gain strength and learn about our own light–then, like millions of fireflies on a dark night, we will join together and create a light brighter than the most sun shiny day! Whoot whooooot! 🙂 Alex

  4. this is cool and all but i feel like ive been fucking laying around for the past 6 months fighting off nightmares and trying to console myself. i need some adventures. i’m grateful for these inner adventures. honestly i will be healing myself for my entire life, it will always be apart of the routine. i’m ready to focus on living life, truly living life and getting that right. i want to unite the divine feminine and masculine within myself. TOTAL self love and self appreciation. i know my wings are weak but i’m ready to fly. i’m ready to let go of the past AND the future and just be in the now. now now now!!!

  5. Holy smoke, I was in the perma garden today, when all of a sudden one of my chakras broke into pieces. Good Lord, it rolled under the cucumbers and
    on my knees, I saw it was still turning. I stepped inside myself and watched the other half was in the etheric body, but it made a terrible noise, like a router from hell, it blinked 1820 times a second. I and I immeadetly lighted all of my unused 25 packages of inscense sticks and hit the leftover 24 meditation bowls at once. I chanted like a mad beaver. I prayed for all animal totems I remembered. I liked all crystals and salt lamps.
    I melted into higher consciousness and you won´t believe it, guess what, yes, behind a maple tree appeared – Wil. Of course, he was in a Pick-up and had a document in his hands. That´s him, always there when you need him. Thank Bob, he had an instant quantum Reiki light pen at hand and fixed the whole mess by unplugging the 5 th dimension and replugged it into the second. Synchronicity you may say, but hey, we know better. The document had the title: The six agreement plus thirteen extra prophecies. Wil touched my hair, because there was an angel in it. Engage.

    If you like you can suffer for me, in silence, for twenty seconds of absence in my plexus solaris connection, if not, carry on with what you have done before.
    Thank you.
    I hope from now on to send more conservative messages.
    maybe not.

    1. Big hugs Michlin, Glad you were able to engage with a being who loved you back into alignment! Last night I had two major downloads where I watched the neurons in my brain transform from single straight connections to these almost feather like filaments that connected to many other filaments so that instead of linear connections there were exponential connections–the ability to think multi-dimensionally I feel is coming online…So yep, I feel ya when you say that you have been working over time on this thing! Big hugs!

  6. Maybe we are still living the effects of the supermoon too. I noticed the same effects right before, during and after the previous one. A 3-day window before and after.

    There are two important steps on the ascension ladder : the bed and the bathroom 🙂

    1. Hahaha, Dominique! Very entertaining (even if unfortunately accurate) thought.
      Love and Gratitude,

  7. When there is a differenciation of species, changes often start in the bones, the neck and the neural pathways around the pineal gland. Maybe we’re living the development of a specific cryptochrome in sync with the probable future incoming gamma rays, X-rays, and radio frequencies from the center of the galaxy. There could be a sudden DNA change in all reigns, anyway.

  8. So very funny how as I open up to allowing my life to just flow, I do the right things? LOL today I had woken up mentally wanting to get a lot of stuff done, but looking back now, I rested, I spent time wandering in my garden and connecting with the natural spirits, I spent time cuddling with my daughter and watching a movie and then spent hours talking to a dear friend and now its time to make dinner and all I have done is stuff that has brought me JOY instead of doing things for the sake of accomplishment which is supposed to bring us peace, which it never does cause simply BEing is all the peace we need! So, since dinner is already made and it finally cooled off I will go sit and watch the clouds go by! Hugging you all~! 🙂 Alex

    1. So true, Alex! It can take some time to reprogram ourselves from this “I just have to do this” and “I must get this done”- mindset. But when we do, it is like everything just runs along so smoothly, and it feels like we have even more time on our hands to get the necessary tasks accomplished AND enjoy ourselves at the same time.
      Big hug from me, Aisha

  9. WOW! Does this message hit the Spot or WHAT!?? Thank you Aisha and the CC’s! I read it earlier this morning, and after an energy-packed weekend the likes of which I don’t think we’ve ever experienced… I spent the rest of the day just lying there resting on my Earthing bed — peacefully grounded into the Earth Mother — gradually filling up like a giant swimming pool of Love! Oh what a treat! Digesting, reconciling, assimilating the almost scorching raw energies of a weekend from outer space into a morning at the oasis. I felt Paradise rising from within for much of the day. Only a little smiling taste of what’s still to come.
    Lots of Love dear friends, and joyful wishes,

  10. Thank you Aisha! I´m very grateful for all this, both the important messages to make me understand what is happening, and the energy, it´s really amazing!! Thank you!

    1. Dear Janis, we are ONE in every sense of the word, flowing together towards that state of eternal BEing and KNOWING that will come to us all.
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  11. For most of my life I have been a go, go, go person. The one who would jump in to help, the one who would see a problem and step in to fix it, etc. I have been gradually chilling out over a number of years. So, it just amazes me and I feel very blessed about this weekend — just “happens” I am out of town with just my one daughter, went to a family reunion with a part of my family I don’t see too often, but they are the nicest, kindest, happiest people. What a blessing! At the same time, we are staying with my niece and her husband (other side of the family) and spending time with them has been equally “nourishing”. We made our trip longer than we had to, so there is plenty of time and no rushing. When I realized all that was going on just at the same time, wow, that was cool. I do still have a deep, primary challenge going on that I am still working on, but for much of life, it feels like I’ve “made it”. Bit by bit, we get there. This just gives me faith to let go of even the most difficult things to let go of. Such a process. Hang in there everybody!!

    1. So glad you had a wonderful nourishing and relaxing experience to bring you through the solstice and know that you are well supported in continuing to do the work on your process…the light and energy of NOW is here to help us all do the work with LOVE and caring for ourselves…it is wonderful, forgiving and freeing energy that is unconditional and allows us to release things in an observer mode sitting in the center of our hearts and the more we release, the more room there is in our hearts for LOVE for ourselves, others and the entire planet…its amazing and I feel so blessed to be a part of it! 🙂 Alex

  12. Feeling tyred and having headaches from time to time….
    But inside feeling great and will wait peacefully….
    Love and light to all

    1. Much love back to you, dear Bianka! Yes, underneath the physical fatigue on the surface I feel a deep ocean of certainty, strength and peacefulness 🙂

  13. Yes, the right message.

    While in the Pac-man world (work, buy, consume, eat, TV, cellphone blah, sleep, work, buy again, etc.), nothing seems to indicate a deep change, there are people who are forced to stay focused on their bed 🙂

    1. Dear Dominique, sometimes I feel like that person standing completely still in those time-lapse movies where everyone else are whizzing past at top speed 😉
      Much love from me, Aisha

      1. 🙂 Dear Aïsha, when everything is speeding up, we have to slow down and observe the panoramic view from a standstill point. That’s the definition of 5D in accordance with the prophecies. Love -D-

  14. Yes, to rest is the word for my day today. I had all these nice plans for today and I started well. I got into the lunch time and then I started to feel pains all over my body and heavy tiredness 🙂 I went to bed and had a nice two hour nap 🙂 And all pain and tired feelings were washed away. I have learned to listen my body and to respect its needs. Lucky I had my day off from work 🙂 So thank you Aisha and CC again for your wise words 🙂

    1. Dear Reija, I send you a big hug from me, and I think I’ll join you for a nap later on today 😉 It feels like it is going to be another sloooow day..
      Love and light from me, Aisha

      1. The pains got worse today at work, I barely could walk back home. All my joints are burning and aching and my back is worse than ever. So I head straight to bed where I still am laying with my hot pillows under my back and neck. It feels like something major is happening in my legs too, I have never experienced such a burn in my hips and knees and angles… Hopefully this does not take long 🙂 Great to hear that this is mutual experience and I’m not alone with this! With love and support!

  15. Dear Aisha,
    Much Gratitude for this very important message.
    Thank you CC’s for the reminder to ‘be patient and tune in on the core‘, and let the ‘unveiling of our innermost secrets’ continue.
    So beautiful.
    If I only had the words…..

  16. so is vomiting, weakness all part of this? I HAVE to WORK, I own my own travel agency and I am swamped. Sadface. It’s hard to work in between getting sick, feeling weak, nausea nausea nausea, tired of feeling sick!!!

    1. make sure you’re drinking plenty of green tea and water. cut out the animals products for a while

    2. Dear hopeinri:
      Have you seen a doctor about any of this? Such outright nausea and vomiting is not a typical symptom at all, as far as I know — weakness and fatigue, yes. But friends please correct me if I’m wrong.
      Love and best wishes,

    3. Dear Hopeinri, welcome to this Pond! I hope your symptoms will ease off, and that you will find it easier to BE in this process. I have some long bouts of nausea and fatigue at times as well, but not as intense as you. Wish I had some helpful hints here, but all I can do is to send you my love.

    4. Literal dropping of density followed by new diet and fresh water is what I need too. Did a liver detox recently, feeling better but man can’t get off the pastry still! Some kind of an emotional attachment of fullfillment to childhood’s joy of chocolate, pastry and all that jazz. Hope you feel better hopeinri!!! By the power of intent I ask Gaia to envelope your lungs with fresh air to ease off your thyroid from all that cataclysmic back and forth!

  17. Ooo yes! Felt the exitement all right. I forced my knee yesterday and Im lying on my couch with my legs up feelin like a truck ran over me. Thanks Aisha for the confirmation! Without my knee stopping me I would have raced in a direction which I cant now. Feels so much better knowing there must be a purpose to be forced on the couch almost all day. Thank you, love you!

    1. Hey…same here. Weird pains around the knees and ankles, some nausea and fatigue as described by others. I was going for a walk this morning but I settled for the park bench in front of the house instead. I have read on other sites that more are reporting those symptoms over the last few days. I have very erratic sleeping patterns and I see a lot of people in my dream, as in ‘the illusion’, I seldom see anybody. Last thursday I felt my body vibrate like never before. To quote Tom Petty; ‘You take it on faith, you take it on Heart, the waiting is the hardest part’.

    2. Dear Esther and Nayon, you are not alone in feeling this! I keep hearing the songphrase “Slow down, you move to fast” over and over in my head these days… I rest a lot, go for slow walks in the forest and just sit and watch Mother Nature in all of her beauty. And I agree with you on the vibrations too, Nayon. It feels like my bones are rattling inside my body at times. I send you a hig hug and lots of love from me, Aisha

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