The manuscript of survival – part 327

As you all have noticed, the reverberations from yesterday’s show of strength are still pulsing through you, and it will contiune to do so for quite a while yet. These are powerful energies of change dear ones, and as such, much will be pushed up in their wake. We do not necessarily refer to personal lessons this time, although they will still surface in those of you where it is deemed as necessary, but what we refer to, will be more noticeable in the outside world.

Again, mankind have been ingrained with a deep fear of change in many ways, and as such, these changes will instill fear in many that have yet to see the benefits from such a change. In other words, things will be pushed out by the light and into the light, and they will be hard to ignore, even by those in power. So expect this to be a summer with much noise in many ways, but also know that you will hear much jubilation mixed in between the choruses of anger and frustration that will continue to erupt.

For it is indeed time for change on so many levels now, and this time, the tide of change cannot be stopped, no matter how much fear those in charge of keeping up status quo will try to instill in those that surround them. For they will indeed find that the fear they have trusted as their ally is no longer the same powerful friend it used to be. Rather, it will turn out to be a shadow of its former self, and as such, no match for the light that is starting to suffuse so many of your fellow men and women all over the globe. So watch in amazement as one by one they will shake off their old companion, the fear, and start to embrace their own powers in so many ways. This will be a summer of discontent, but it will turn out to be the summer that will begin to show you all just how much power the populace has within. And as you have watched yourselves grow immensely these last few weeks, you will start to see the same things happen in people all around you. For you have marked a path for them to follow, and we think you will all be astounded by the number of people already starting to follow in your wake.

So again we must thank you all for the work that you do, and now, you will all start to get many, many confirmations of the necessity of being a pathfinder. For you will all rejoice in the knowledge that without you, the pioneers, there would be no marked trails for the multitude that suddenly find a strong urge to break out from the old confines and seek their fortunes in a world less restricted than the old one. For the fear is flagging, and the light is growing stronger, and so, the match has been declared as well and truly decided. For now, you will all feel the heightened rush of excitement as you look around you and see the prison walls collapse in place after place. For the truth will break free from these old walls, and the truth will set everyone free with it. So expect much noise, as we said, but expect to hear how the anger will subside into shouts of elation as one by one, your fellow men will start to see the same truth as you.

148 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 327

  1. Thanks Alex & Billy! We are sure one great team here at the pond. And the sincerity everyone has here is probably the light that shines brighter than the process itself! So god I wish all of us full cup of freedom!

        1. I mean do you recognize my voice! C’mon James we were neighbors!!! :))) u like LA right?! :)))

        1. Hello Nick!
          Don’t worry… I don’t freak out that easily, maestro. Hehe. As much as I would LIKE to resonate here… no sorry, not really. I thought you were making a reference to the Book of James in the Bible at first, about cups running over or the like. But somehow I don’t think that’s actually what you’re trying to get at. Are you seeing some aspect (perhaps of you) reflected back in me? Some past life thing you feel?
          Sorry, but I feel nothing along these lines. I do love Hollywood, as a film-making Super-Power. I am of course an absolute Film Nut and afficianado. But I feel no further affinity with LA other than that.
          But, whatever it is, my man, please don’t feel you’re bothering me with it. I Love you!

          1. Yeah I felt like we had a mutual past lifetime for a second. You reminded of an actor 🙂 anyway let me know if anything comes along lol

            1. Will do, Nick. It is not impossible, that’s for sure. (I don’t see such things clearly as yet… so… who knows?)

  2. I am happy to hear so many of you are in the bright light.
    I’ve been in the darkest shadows.

    There is indeed an opposing force to our progression. I’m under attack.
    As the prison walls begin to fall something is manipulating the gravity so that the walls fall on me. Or am I just the garbage can, someplace to put the junk.
    thoughts of failure and worthlessness are invading my mind. well trying to. I know it is only energy being directed my way. Even though it tastes bitter I will absorb it and turn it around
    Be aware, my friends, of the opposing force which wants you to stay in the self-pity. Those kinds of thoughts are coming from outside of yourself.
    the battle is raging

    1. Otmn same thing is with me. My take on this is. There are always some shadows flying around anywhere you go but only if there is a shadow that is inside of me that recognizes it. As I shed some layers I’ve observed that my perspective or even better perception has shifted where former shadows don’t exist. But boy oh boy the more shedding I do the more pathological patterns I see. Too bad it doesn’t feel like a movie when it happens. And what’s more interesting is that if I neglect or identify them as they are not mine the more I become them. While trying to see from higher perspective its like they are programmed to bring you down, sabotage you, make you self doubt. And they come at you as a group of issues, never alone; how symbolic huh 🙂 the more I identify them the more I say to myself. I’m f***ed, I was fucked the day I was born (I realized it with the most organic smile on earth p.s I do it often lol), cuz it all makes sense as puzzle makes the big picture and it’s a lot of work, a lot of work even with the high speeds. So anyway it’s so relieving to say this because it’s like it’s almost impossible to say that to regular folks, even though people say it all the time, but they are releasing negative energy through complaining and then they feel better and that’s good, but when you really get it, like Einstein got it, you’re like “nooooo way”! Cuz I suppress that emotion, otherwise I’d be in a mental hospital lol I’m serious! If anybody feels like that too I’m happy we shared a positive emotion together! 🙂 Anyway I figured that My Ego is a seeker of knowledge or knowing to make sense of itself in positive light, or at least be comfortable in my own skin. Because of such distortion since forever lol I gained a lot of spiritual knowledge to eventually throw it up with the rest of the shadows, it gets ugly lol and it’s like what the hell am I doing among people when I have to detach and would be happy too (cuz some of them still hold my shadows on the strings heh) from my family, friends, acquaintances practically everybody I knew and loyally committed to, so that I can be free-self! It all sounds Yummy to me but the reality is much more intelligent than that, reality makes you detach from yourself to not be attached to anybody or anything that reminds you of your shadows and of course with time things happen by themselves, all of a sudden with the shadows gone the keepers are too(so it’s like those people changed and are different now but even so more you are, for you perceive them to be different). But everybody evolves around you or (on earth) at expense of your pain. You can take honor in that when you’re in a good mood and you can blame them or yourself when you’re in a very bad mood, but again the reality is much more intelligent. It will work you up to no matter what to embrace everything and it will even wait for you to heal to get you again from another angle. Now that’s all subjective and relatively different for everybody’s perception, but I gotta say what could be more clear when you can touch those issues with your hand in your body. And we all can at some point when we need to, touch them even though they are more etheric but how amazingly they are connected to the physical body and cause health imbalance. I just wanna say it’s amazing when you can count all of them, feel them physically, relate to them in terms of emotional experiences if you’d like to. These energetic pockets are the different perceptions on reality we have, the pockets with subjective history we perceive from one reality to another, from one pocket to another, until the swings subside into this oneness flow of pure energy in form of positive charged immune emotion and amazing joyful connectedness with all the organs inside of you and you are breathing with the whole body, I dream of that all the time, the body made of blue water. A waterfall where the rainbows are bright and clear. Oh man! Those are the wings of an indigo blue butterfly. I live alone and I thought it’d be good to share as if I’m at home at that magical pond where everybody knows what’s up lol

    2. Big hugs to you guys–as a pain transmuter and wound healer I can understand exactly what you are speaking of and I wanted to send you both a big hug and say how very wonderful it is that we have this ability to share our feelings and situations with people who GET IT…what a JOY even that is when you are sitting in shit that is not yours from present, but either yours from past or others shit. Sorry to swear but really is there any better word for it? Heather Meek shared something with me today that we tend to forget as we go about the serious work of processing–lightness of being, even if it is mindless laughter or looking at cute kitty pictures can shift the energy tremendously–This past weekend I disengaged from active forward motion and just sat with so much, planning on simply surfing the energy–well wouldn’t you know it, two very significant things came up related to my personal life, but not me specifically that HAD to have attention and healing, and so back into service I went, glad that I had spent time with my guardian trees at the time of solstice and doing ceremony and with the moon. The most important things I have found are to be gentle with one’s self, drink plenty of water, sleep well if possible and if not, rest or meditate whenever you can, connect with nature and allow sunlight to hit your retinas and skin daily. I cannot understate the wonderful effects of simply slipping into the ponds deep blue waters or the golden grid surrounding it–like a hammock–nor the wonderful effects of clearing provided by Philip Wades gifting of the Spheres of Light…Again, big hugs to you both brothers and peace be with you always. Alex

    3. Nick and Otmn:
      I just want to THANK YOU guys for the work that you do. It sounds like it can be real Crap duty. I don’t pretend to understand what exactly it is or entails, but am convinced it is of great assistance to us All as well as yourselves. For of course we really are One in truth, aren’t we. That is no lie.
      Love and best wishes,



    “Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword” (Matthew 10:34).

    This passage seems to conflict with everything we learn about Jesus both in Unity and mainstream Christianity, especially around Christmastime.

    You’re not alone in feeling that this statement seems antithetical to the entire tone of Jesus’ message and ministry. But really all four Gospels record Jesus as going to great lengths to make it clear that his is not an easy path, and that holding firmly to spiritual truth will generate an equally firm resistance from the fear-based collective consciousness that seeks to hold us back. The underlying metaphysical truth, I think, is simply that choices have consequences—both in positive and negative ways. The brighter the light, the darker the shadows. In choosing to see life differently—to embrace our true Oneness with God instead of accepting old beliefs of separation, guilt, shame and suffering—we will arouse the opposition, not only of others who believe differently, but of those old thoughts in our own consciousness that will strive to maintain their control over us.

    The good news that Jesus Christ taught and demonstrated is so joyful, creative and loving that it might seem simply inevitable that everyone will want to embrace it. And the transformation within us as we open our hearts and minds to that good news is so dramatic that it might seem no resistance could even be possible. Jesus realizes that we need to be vigilant—not so that we can attack others, but so that we can defend our newfound spiritual empowerment against the shadows that feel threatened by it.

    So the path to the kingdom of heaven—the path of Christ consciousness—will not always feel peaceful. But we can be certain that whatever strength we need to maintain our focus will be available as we need it.


    Rev. Ed

    1. Michilin! Wow! How cool and appropriate! THANK YOU! Isn’t that something? Our Pond on film, in Thoreau’s great words. Very good, man!

  4. Hello People of the Pond – I’ve had a bit of an absence from dropping my laptop as well as having a lot of things on and will continue to do so.

    The issue of clearing ‘our stuff’ comes up a lot here and I’ve shared Spheres Of Light here a lot and I know many of you have embraced it with verve! Alex, Leslie, Heather, Carl, Brianna, Elle, Phoenix to name only a few…

    One thing I’ve also mentioned is the Lighten-ing conductor process that came to me for which there is a blog on the Spheres Of Light site.

    Well I can take that a bit further for you now… for last week I did another of my live talks/experiences of Spheres Of Light in Manchester, UK and the people who ran the event (Mastery Path) recorded the whole talk. So far they’ve uploaded a short clip 3.5 minutes of me talking specifically about this process which you can use when engaged with Spheres Of Light. It has helped many people get through their ‘stuff’ quicker than usual.

    I am hoping they will load the full talk on Spheres Of Light at some point and when they do I will let you know. I will put on the Spheres Of Light site when I can – since its ‘their recording’ I am in their hands as it were.

    I share the gift Spheres Of Light and this process with you People of the Pond – much love and enjoy – Joyfully, Philip 🙂

    1. Thank you so much of this information as the upsetting feeling still take over me thoughts time to time. This is great I will try it next time! The thing I have been asked to start to do more is also ” ask “. Meaning that now it has come for time to ask help from light workers behind the curtain and they are more than happy to help if you just ASK advice from them 🙂

        1. Philips I tried the pillars of light! It’s great! It reminds me of who I am as the heart center takes over the mind. What a great feeling, like the Golden grid energy but in charged bubbles. Heart frequency is always nice, it’s so peaceful and content as an undiscovered island. Thank you for this! I’m gonna do them to center myself in difficult situations!

          1. Hi Nick, it brings me joy to hear you’ve tried Spheres Of Light. The more you engage the more you stay in that heart centred space all the time… it makes the journey easier… and it you get stuck at any point have a look at that short video clip I posted it shows you how you can use SOL to clear it quickly!!

            Joyfully, Philip 🙂

    2. Dear Philip, thank you so much for sharing this! How wonderful to be able to see you and hear you as well 🙂
      With love and gratitude from me, Aisha

    3. Dear Phillip, tried these sphreres by downloading the guided mp3 file on Your website. I am amazed of the immediate and powerfull effect, just what I needed 🙂 Thank You so much

      1. So glad to hear you tried it Stephan. Yes the immediacy and power is one of its great gifts…. its there for whenever you wish now… and the more you engage the more it becomes a constant companion to coin a phrase – ha, ha 😀

        Joyfully, Philip 😀

  5. Dearest Brothers and Sisters,
    I feel deep Love and Gratitude for All of You.
    For a few days now, I have been unable to relax, sleep or even focus. I have been very unsettled, feeling sort of ’electrified’. Very ‘out of sorts’ and uncomfortable. I was even wondering if I would be able to sleep in order to dream for our ’remembering‘. But I did. I didn’t have the “dream” that ‘I’ wanted to have, but I did have one I want to share with you.
    I was walking in the woods when I remembered I needed to ‘go to school’. At that time a building appeared and I walked in. There was only one room and only a handful of people sitting at the desks. I sure wish I could remember their faces. Curiously enough, the ‘Teacher’ seemed to have no form at all. I don’t remember any shape or density from this teacher that gave us our assignment. But we were given a sheet of paper that had a mathematical story problem on it. It was a long ‘story’. Throughout the words were blanks that we were to fill in with numbers. The numbers then were to be multiplied and divided and added and subtracted to reach a few final numbers (answers) that were to be applied to a globe of the Earth.
    When I was given my Globe, I realized the only way I could see what was on the globe was to use a light that was attached to the top of the globe itself. It only lit up a very small part of the surface.
    I woke up at that point wondering why I couldn’t see the parts of the Earth very well, and remembering I spent a lot of time trying to ‘put’ the numbers where they belonged. I don’t remember the numbers, but I did know the numbers I had would fit in there somewhere, I just couldn’t see that well.
    Feels good sharing this with You, and possibly getting an opinion on this experience.
    My heart is bursting with Love for You.
    THANK GOD my body has calmed down a bit and I am not feeling as ‘charged’ or ‘scattered‘. I will learn to accept and roll through these ’high pressure’ periods. I’m sure there are more to come!
    I appreciate all of You.
    Sending you a Universe of Love and warm embraces.

    1. Sally, I’ve had what could be described as an electrified feeling quite a few times recently somehow feels like I resonating with the earth and some higher frequency. Quite an unusual one as I am an experienced energy worker but not one to worry about it feels like a good thing to me.

      Interesting dream. I’ve followed my own for years. This one has a nice feel to it. The best interpreter of a dream is the experiencer. However these things come to me… see if they feel right – if so great – if not just leave them.

      The school given the context seems likely to be a school of light that the ccs have referred to in the past. You were after all solving problems connected with the earth. Interesting the teacher had no form – I’ve had that a few times and the only way I could describe it was a higher consciousness! Perhaps the point of light on the globe was you – your light! Other people in this pond could be other lights putting their own numbers in to solve the puzzle. The numbers you have will fit in somewhere for you are an intrinsic part of the ‘puzzle’ we all are… All the ‘numbers’ together create the whole… perhaps…

      Take what works leave the rest, Philip !! 🙂

      1. Philip, what you say makes so much sense to me,,,, light school, connecting with and learning new things about Earth, the light being my light and in general adding my piece of the puzzle to enlarge the picture. This helps me immensely! I needed to be reminded I am a ‘part’ of the whole and that I am not alone in trying to figure this stuff out. Geez.
        I felt a ton of bricks being lifted off my chest as I read your comment.
        I will definitely view your video below and look more into the Spheres of Light as I am new to being a light worker or energy worker, or whatever it is I am, I’m still working on that! And although I have gotten rid of LOTS of stuff, there is a bit more that needs processed.
        Thank you very much.

        1. Well I am delighted to hear that ton of bricks has lifted – must have been kind of difficult to breathe!!!! 😀

          Do have a look at the video – it really does help!

          Liked that Kryon info too…

          Joyfully, Philip 😀

    2. Hello Dear Sally:

      AWESOME DREAM, Girl! Thank you so much for being there and sharing it. I don’t really have any specific observations or interpretations on it beyond the obvious, and what Philip had to offer additionally. But cool dream, man! I don’t really know just how all this stuff works, but I imagine by having such a dream, there will be important matching work and/or processing accomplished to go along with it. Would make sense to me!
      See my post above on my little evening. I think you’ll see that I can SO relate to your energetic discomforts, dear.
      Sending you Much Love!

      1. Hi Billy! It really was a cool dream. I’m still thinking about it. It’s gonna be one’a those that don’t go away until I get it and then apply it.
        I don’t know exactly how this stuff works either, but maybe I’ll get another clue next Saturday. Sure would be nice!
        Ha, I can’t wait to read about your ‘little evening’ but at the same time, I’m bummin’ that you also feel discomfort. This too shall pass?… hmmm, yeah right!
        Thank you Billy.
        Big smiles to you.

    3. Sally I have to share this information with you as your dream reminded so much of a text I recently read. Its all about the nodes and nulls on earth and can be read from the site of go to general announcements and its the first column there 🙂 It tells about these special portals around the earth being 12 of them and as those 12 have pairs, it makes 24 portals and its like positive and negative charge together ( go and read, I not so good explaining this) that are opposite forces. And only one pair is known. They know all the 24 places on earth, but not yet have the knowledge which are pairs together… This store reminds me of your dream, so maybe you were actually “at school” to lear the orders of these places on earth!! Amazing, ha 🙂

        1. Sunshine, wow! This sounds so interesting. I’m really excited!
          I will absolutely go to the site and read all about it.
          I think this information will, at least, give me a starting place in figuring out the details.
          And you know what? I agree with you, I think I was actually ’at school’ learning some real stuff! So cool!
          Thank you so much.

    4. I could envy you Sally for that kind of dream. If I ever dream (though I know I do) I don´t remember it when waking up. Amazing dream 🙂


      1. Birgitta, it’s not that often that I remember a dream in such detail. I never used to remember anything. But what I do now is, as SOON as I wake up I write down whatever comes to me. I have paper and pencil next to where I sleep and before I even open my eyes I start writing. I can’t always read what I write,,,,, but usually I can.
        But I think this dream is special, because I remembered it without looking at my notes!

  6. Aisha, just in case you are puzzled you will probably see several comments awaiting moderation from me. That’s probably because I dropped my computer about a week ago and naturally it was a bit poorly ’til I had the hard drive replaced so have had to refill in my details!!

    Will await the moderation before posting again so that I am up to speed again. Have some nice things to share!

    Much love to all in the Pond! ❤ Joyfully, Philip

  7. Oh, to hear the wisper that kept me going, many times, is my gift for the day.
    And anew it will be, indeed. I think we might want popcorn and a pop, for this is going to be the best show ever.

    Love, Mark.

  8. Hello Angels, Angels of Love, of Light, of Hope, of Faith, you are the bravest of the brave. You are my Brothers and Sisters, my Mothers and Fathers, you are All That Is. We came from all of creation to be here, in this time, to shine our Light.

    I Love you all so very much. Each and every time I fell down, you picked me up. Each time I lost my light, you gave me yours. You are Love, We are Love, Love Is, Forever.

    It is with honor that I am welcome in the waters of this pond, for in this pond there is a new future, one that has no secrets, a pond of truth, of love, of kindness. A pond that loves all, forgives all, and is thankfull, for just being free. For freedom is what we will have, my Loves, welcome Home.


    1. Oh mark, that was beautiful….but I must whisper in your ear, so come close and hear the truth….you never, ever, ever lost your light, nor did it dim, it has always been there, from the beginning of time until eternity wanes….you simply turned your head and heart away for the briefest of moments…so you could turn back and experience it anew….

      Much love! Alex

      1. Alex, beautiful sister! I thank you from my soul for the light and love you so freely share here in this space and in this world. I love you!

    2. Mark, dear brother of light! I embrace you with joy as we together start a new day in this beautiful Pond of light, knowing that what we find here will spread out until it covers our whole planet.
      With love and gratitude from me, Aisha

    3. Thank you for sharing your Love with us, Mark. A beautiful message.
      Sending you lots of Love also, my brother,

  9. Just a reminder for tonight’s (Saturday)
    MINI POND GET-TOGETHER at sleep-time.
    Everyone invited! (see MOS#326 comments for details)
    Lots and Lots of Love,

    1. Good morning Ponders, it seems that I am first again to share my feelings about the get together last night. Although I have to say that I actually slept so well that I cant say I remember seeing any dream. I hope I attended anyway as I prepared myself so well 🙂 We practise with crystals whole day, ate so well and had the best weather ever. Then evening we collected the herbs from the nature and have a very cleansing herb sauna. Then when I went to bed I took my leader crystal with me and asked it to clear my physical body and aura for me to be able to attend to this meeting of ours. Asked protection from my higher self and guardians and asked to remember the meeting. But I slept so well and deep that I do not remember anything 🙂 Lots lf love!!

    2. Thank you Billy for your invitation to the mini-gathering! I don´t remember anything though I asked for it, but that doesn´t mean nothing happened and that I was not there 😉 Thank you anyway.

      Earlier in the evening I took part of a meditation for Mother Earth. I took her up to our Pond and we surrounded and washed her in that lovely Pond of light and there was a lot of healing around us all, very powerful indeed.

      Very useful this Pond – I use it for all and sundry 😉

      Lots of love to you,


      1. Dear sister, thank you for sharing this beautiful vision! It is an important reminder of how to use the powerful energies we are all a part of here. As the CCs told us, the more we “drink” of them, the more energies come in, and as you and many others have shown us already, these energies are for the benefit of this whole planet and everyone on her.
        Much love from me, Aisha

      2. Hey lovely ladies, I too intended to visit the pond, but lately my sleep has been so deep that I don’t remember anything, but I was there in spirit! Hugs!

      3. Hello Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Pond:

        Thanks to all who joined us last night for our Mini Get-together, and for all feedback great and small. I think you can be sure that any who intended to be there, were… whether there were recollections or not.

        Any other feedback also most welcome.

        “Very useful this Pond – I use it for all and sundry.” Haha, Birgitta, this thought is funny — and so lovely!

        Alex… Yes, of course… it’s almost certain that you were “there in spirit,” right? Hehe.

        As for me, I cannot sleep longer than 3-4 hours at a time on any day or night due to transformational stuff going on for AGES now. Years really. But more intensely in the last 9-10 months. (This is NOT my preference, you can be sure! for it forces me to have to sleep twice a day and feel exhausted from sleep deprivation a lot of the time — except maybe for the first few hours after waking.) It’s also a case of the energies running so high that if I do wake up, well that’s it. There’s no getting back to sleep no matter how excruciatingly tired my body may feel.

        So last night, I could feel the group energy there when I turned my attention to it about my mid-evening (although not so easy to feel the difference with the MASSIVE energy dump of this whole powerhouse of a weekend!) That point would be about the middle of the night, European time. When I went to bed myself around midnight, I did fall asleep pretty soon. But I suddenly POPPED wide awake in about 2 hours, to find the most amazing and intense processing going on in my sleeping brain and body! Wow. Probably the deepest and most intense episode of such stuff I have ever experienced. In fact, my jaw was clenched under the somewhat rigorous program of some sort clearly going on in me. As I relaxed a little, I observed and let it flow. And flow it did. As usual, I don’t tend to see specific imagery or get specific impressions or ideas. It seems more a matter of powerful light energies and transformation going on — probably with subconscious information downloading, but I can rarely be sure of that. And it was mostly all like this as I allowed it just to proceed. OK. Bring it on! It lasted for some time, and I probably could have lain there for an additional hour or two beyond what I did — but, after awhile the novelty tends to wear off a bit if you know what I mean! Haha.

        The couple of differences this time (besides the tremendous intensity) was that there WERE some sections of still imagery vaguely fluttering by for some of it, there and gone in a moment or two. Too many, and mostly (but not all) too vague or too faded to recognize or remember. The other thing was that I was especially aware at times of what is usually a very subconscious barrier: the Fear of my Divine Identity — the thing that is of course one of our greatest single barriers to fully parting the veil, fully relaxing our grip on human ego identity, and ultimately entering into the Fullness of Who we REALLY are. I have seen or felt this fear before, but by far most often it remains much more on a subconscious level than I perceived it here.

        Anyway… that’s about it from me. Onwards we go! (with two miserable hours of sleep last night! Hahaha.) Hi-HO, hi-HO.

        By the way, Nohmad says he’s still waiting to hear from some who really might consider contacting him. Birgitta? Or any others:

        1. Billy!

          I can hardly imagine not being able to sleep more than a couple of hours for so long time. About 9 years ago I woke up every other hour during a year, and it ended in panic disorder. So – how can you manage?

          You really had a rocking time at the mini-gatherng 😉 Can hardly believe it as I have never had such an experience. But we are all different and I really love to take note of all different experiences here.

          Finally I kindly ask you to keep this Pond clean and confident for me. No interchange, please.

          With love and respect,


          1. Dear Birgitta:

            How do I manage my short sleep possibilities? (Actually it’s usually about 3-4 hours at a time, rather than the super-miserable 2 hours of last night. A “special” occasion.)
            A couple of things:
            1. I think quite a few on here have a very similar experience — they call it the 3 am Club. A number of folks making this energetic shift seem to wake up around that time in the night, as I have been hearing often enough — and, assuming an approx. 11 pm bedtime, that would be about 3-4 hours till waking. What I don’t know is whether they can get back to sleep after that or not. I generally CANNOT. So I just get up and go about whatever activity I feel up to and then go back to bed a second time much later in the day, for hopefully another 3-4 hours of sleeptime. It soon can become almost no regularity at all: just go to bed when I’m so fatigued I know I’m going to be able to GET to sleep, and that tends to work out to about twice a day. Thankfully (I guess — else I simply COULDN’T survive) my non-schedule can allow for this. The 3 am Club assumes a certain amount of regularity, I’m thinking.
            2. I have no choice. There just is nothing I can do about this that I know of — except PART THE FREAKING VEIL which keeps me in limitation (hehe) and move into the Divine Human state that I know is coming, of course. Then, who needs sleep anyway?

            Regarding your last bit, I was only passing along a message I was asked to. Glad to know you got it. No need therefore to repeat it.

            Cheers and Love and Best Wishes, Birgitta!

    3. Hi ponder gatherers, I don’t recall so much, I think I slept through it all, but it seems the Pond is with me most of the time in my wake state as that feeling in my heart I have come to treasure so much, as I have You all.

      1. Cool Stephan! Thanks for whatever feedback. It’s All Good.
        Lots of Love to you, my brother,

  10. Yes. Thank you, Aisha. We can see and feel this rumbling into manifestation already. Turkey. Brasil. And more. Love and good wishes to All, in the Light of burgeoning fulfillment,

      1. I still have them, otherwise I’d be in oneness and flowing at my full spectrum. It’s not that many of them though, so the spiral is flowing in a swingy motion.

      1. Yeah like real energetically dense pockets that are connected to solar plexus chakra. They make the flow of energy in the body slightly conditional.

        1. Do you have anyone to help you get those blocks moving? My acupuncturist helps me with Qigong. Sometimes it can help to visualize kind of poking holes in the block and “letting the steam out”. Mine have been mainly in that chakra as well. It definitely impedes the energy flow since it’s in the middle! Sometimes also you can release the energy but it takes awhile for it to actually get out of your auric field, and it feels uncomfortable, but it’s just a matter of time for it to dissipate. I also highly recommend using the Spheres of Light – our Philip Wade here has a website which can help. I think the energies lately are pushing very hard for us to release, but sometimes parts of us would rather take it a bit slower!


          1. I agree with Les on this about the Orbs, they are amazing and Philip presents them with such personal integrity and love. He has a wonderful clearing process that I have employed when pain or emotional issues surface.

            Nick I wasn’t clear about what you meant by energy pockets–if you say you are feeling density around the solar plexus, is it above or below your xiphoid process on the bottom of your sternum. Very few share that this is actually the lower heart chakra and the center of guilt in the body. Here we store up all the guilt we feel related to karmic issues, how we reject ourselves and refuse to give ourselves love and how others reject us and we feel badly about it…this area can cause some serious feelings of pain and stuckness. You can certainly use the spheres with this, and there is no need to revisit any feelings as they come up for cleansing, simply observe and allow…if it is exactly at the solar plexus, know that many are being activated in this area at the moment because of the intense incoming energies–the body gets into physical stress and fight and flight mode is activated. Doing some gentle massage in the area and some slow breathing can help ease the feeling, or you can simply choose to open up the solar plexus chakra and sit with your power and get comfortable with it–its strong and immense and we have been taught to fear our own power–sit with it–feel it–welcome it–know it is YOU…


            1. Thank you Alex – and Leslie – for your your love and extensive knowledge. I´m impressed. It really is a privilegie to join you all here at the Pond. Love you all!


            2. Golden Eagle, Leslie, Alex – thank you for bringing this up to the light! I want to add these words to yours, they are from Nelson Mandela, and I think it fits in perfectly with what Alex writes about the effects these intense energies can have:
              “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”
              With much love from me, Aisha

              1. Thank you Aisha for that reminder – it makes me cry. I had those words of Nelson Mandela on my homepage. Yes – allow you all to shine – shine the light.

                With so much love to you Aisha and all Ponders


              2. I love that quote Aisha its one of my favourites of all time and I refer to it often… though may I just note that although frequently attributed to Nelson Mandela – he actually was quoting Marianne Williamson the original author of the words in her book “A Return to Love” – which is based on the book A course in Miracles. I believe at one point they put a disclaimer on his website saying it was not him as so many were attributing it to him!

                The quotes power is phenomenal in my experience and bears deep exploration for it speaks a deep truth… and so relevant to where we are now!

                Much love, Philip 🙂

          2. Thanks Les! I did some poking and spinning visually too :). While I take care of one of them others get in the way in form of negative thoughts. It takes up a lot of energy to really penetrate them. A little by little it comes out, but the bastards are fixed up in there lol it’s either removing them manually or allowing life to surface it for you and one lesson (energetic pocket) can be long as 2 weeks or four to be taken care of, depending on resistance. Your insights are very helpful Les! I’ll let you and Philip know how the sphere of light went down for me thanks! 🙂
            Much Love!!!

            1. Hi Nick, great to hear you are giving Spheres Of Light a go. The process Alex refers to is called the Lighten-ing Conductor which I know I have mentioned here before and there is a blog on that site of the same name which describes it greater detail. But in essence when engaged with Spheres Of Light and in ‘observer’ mode do this:

              Ask for Release



              Offer gratitude

              and finally say So it is

              Do NOT become the stuck energy but observe it and let it flow.

              I will post separately here a short video clip on You Tube of me talking about this process so that every can access it! Joyfully, Philip 🙂

    1. In my new path of crystal healing I have found that crystals are very powerful healers when placed on chakras. For solar plexus you can use sunstone or citrine and ask them to give their pure healing energies to you to use. Then visualize the light stream from the stone, that will grow bigger and bigger, reaching your solar plexus chakra and filling it with pure healing light. This will also open and clean your chakra. The best part in this is that if you dont have the stone, just find the picture of stone from the internet and remorise how it looks and then visualize the stone either on your skin above the solar plexus or inside of your skin into the heart of that chakra. Its very powerful experience and will release all unwanted matters from your chakra. Hope you find the best way to open up your chakras! With love Reija

      1. Reija! This is indeed true and oh so cool. I have long worked with crystals and recommend the books by Melody, Love is in the Earth as a reference to all things mineral–her knowledge is astounding! Crystals are definitely coming alive even more so than they had been previously. Folks forget that they are sentient beings with their own universe of light energy held within. You will love this–at christmas my daughter got me a large quartz point and when I was unwrapping it a feeling came over me of SUCH love that as soon as I saw it made tears literally shoot from my eyes–this crystal was rejoicing to be with me, as if I was its long lost mother! I have heard of others finding crystals that they used in previous lifetimes and I would not doubt that this is the case. Blessings on you and your new role with the mineral kingdoms! 🙂 Alex

        1. Thanks Alex, I so understand your amazement for the power of that crystal. I just purchased my own quarts pointer and we have started our ” getting to know each others” – period 🙂 the energies are overwhelming! And I cant wait to learn more 🙂

  11. Your message was so heartening today, dear Aisha & CCs. I blog for a newspaper and can say without doubt that fear still exists in many in the U.S. Government. Oy! Especially when it comes to the rights of women!

    But, as usual, Aisha, you put it best: “…they will indeed find that the fear they have trusted as their ally is no longer the same powerful friend it used to be.”

    I can agree with that wholeheartedly. Americans, and American women especially, are “waking up” to our rights being taken away and are organizing, raising money for good candidates and fighting back. I keep blogging the truth of what legislation is being passed on the House and many states in our country and keep advocating that women Stand up! Show up! And VOTE! in all upcoming elections. Grrrr

    It will be miraculous and happiness long time coming when “good” and “freedom for all” eliminates “corruption” and “fear.” I know we have a ways to go but I SEE the enlightened civilization we’re going to be and likely are on some plane of consciousness I cannot yet access.

    Just reporting from the front lines of the flow of information. Happy Solstice and Happy Super Moon tonight blessed light-workers in Aisha’s Light Pond!!

    With hope, faith, love and light, xoxoxo Kat 😉

  12. Ah dear brothers and sisters! The solstice has been a JOY for me! Tonight with the full moon I will dance again! Thank you for this lovely message Aisha baby and the CC! (sounds like a rock group! 🙂 I see here where we can all be of such service, to simply Flow the love for a comfortable transition for the highest good of all where ever possible. I am much heartened by people standing up for themselves and showing their love and their power. I am behind them 100% energetically for the good of all..our WORK here is to simply continue with our grid work and lay the supports and cut the paths for the future that will unfold into such beauty and majesty that it will take everyone’s breath away! Big hugs folks! MUCH love from me…Alex

    1. So true, Alex! Thank you again for sharing your words and your energy! It chases away the grey clouds both on the outside and the inside 🙂
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  13. It is going to be a rough summer. Like in the last year of the snake (2001, Odyssey) things might change drastically. Everyone wants to escape poverty and regain freedom to say no again. Being a real Berliner I can tell you something about walls. Usefull only for art but never for separation. May they all fall. Finally the old army of freaks becomes recognized as trail blazer, pathfinder, wayshower. Come on. Follow me. We have “suffered for our sanity” and you can do too. Here something you can put on your signs during the next demonstration: Individual emancipation.
    Personal autonomy. Basic democracy. Socialisation. Basic income. Lifelong work time. Time to live our wishes and needs.
    Me myself here the vacations are starting. The submarine starts to bring joy to the children once more. Two big tents, a dog, a rope, a trapeze. I will relax into change as much as possible and let the creator handle the details.

    1. Michlin–I am so intrigued by your circus talk-for a moment when I read your words, I was there in a big field of grass and it was HOT and I felt you relaxing into it–I would love to read more of your story of the circus!

    2. Oh Michilin, where do I begin. Every word you wrote touched me, each, in a different way. All profound. And my heart shook it’s head in disbelief when I listened to the song…. Holy ‘I can’t take it no’mo’ I’m down on my knees already!’ Batman. Just amazing!!! I will put that song at the top of my list of favorites and listen to it again and again.

  14. Cara Aisha,
    in Italia, ed in molta parte dell’Europa, la crisi economica sta creando un effetto collaterale molto importante: la solidarietà, la generosità e l’amore di tantissime persone ad aiutare i popoli a capire come questa sia una crisi guidata, voluta per rendere schiavi i Popoli della Terra.
    Ma, come anche oggi dicono i cari Compagni Costanti, la rabbia e la paura, le grida di disperazione che infiammeranno l’estate si trasformeranno in grida di gioia perché finalmente sempre più persone si risveglieranno alla speranza e smaschereranno gli inganni delle catene dell’economia che ti tengono prigionieri.
    Anch’io nel mio piccolo lavoro molto per la diffusione dei meccanismi dell’economia che ci vuole schiavi e le migliaia di amici che ho al fianco provengono quasi tutte da esperienze spirituali ….. 🙂 ……
    Ecco perché, nella mia personale vita, trovo i tuoi messaggi così veritieri, soprattutto quando ci parlano degli eventi sociali o della futura scienza, come quelli dell’Apprendista …. che aspetto continuino per la magnificienza delle visioni che aprono sulle possibilità di rinascita ambientale della nostra amata Terra, e quindi del Paradiso da vivere qui, tutti insieme!
    Ti abbraccio con tanto amore e riconoscenza.

    1. Cara Maria Adele,
      Grazie mille per la condivisione di questo! Siamo in piedi insieme ora, e ci sentiamo la luce che irradia da noi e al resto del mondo, contribuendo ad alimentare la scintilla di speranza in tanti altri. Grazie per essere una parte di questo, cara sorella!
      Amore e luce da me, Aisha

      Dear Maria Adele,
      Thank you so much for sharing this! We are standing together now, and we feel the light radiating from us and out to the rest of the world, helping to feed the spark of hope in so many others. Thank you for being a part of this, dear sister!
      Love and light from me, Aisha

    1. Hello lovely Janis. I trust that little heart I saw from you yesterday signified receipt of my message to you over at John’s? I also took that opportunity to review your outstanding collection of photos, graphics and animations at your site, dear one. Really Beautiful and Amazing! Thank you so much for collecting and sharing all of those!
      Lots of Love,

      1. Awww…thank you so much, Billy…so glad you stopped by! I did not receive your reply message from John’s site…maybe I overlooked an email notification…??? But that little ♥ was a vague way of saying that I liked that Saturday night meeting idea…wasn’t that your idea? Anyway, I always appreciate your comments here and now I’m going to go look for any notifications from John’s site! 😀 ♥!

        1. Hi Janis:
          It was just a message over there I posted in response to your greeting given at John’s site, but it was late back to you b/c I don’t follow the comments there. Just wanted to make sure you got it. Go to the one several days back where you said Hello to me in the comments.
          Ah, I see. The heart was a spontaneous one! Haha. Glad you liked the idea of the Mini Pond Get-togethers. I posted it, but not my original idea. Loving them, though!
          Lots of Love,

          1. YAY…I found it, Billy, and commented to you there but my comment is ‘awaiting moderation”.I don’t usually follow the comments there either! Aisha’s site is my favorite and most regular site to check in with…♥♥♥!

    1. Oh tom I do so LOVE this song! That hummingbird also spoke to me as I see my egoself/child converted from a beautiful black bird into a rainbow hummingbird! Huge hugs and yep, i feel the same way!

        1. Also dear Birgitta, though Michael yet may answer, I suspect it is an English confusion above. He probably means the past love of his life — meaning a past sweetheart.

    2. Ahhhh, beautiful! Thank you, Birgitta. This song of highest inspiration has ALWAYS lifted me to a higher level of heart-felt being since ever I first heard it back in the early 70s. It’s as fresh and heavenly today as it was then, and will always be. And accompanying images… Awesome!

  15. Yesterday was wonderful. For me I envisioned my involvement in my friend’s healing with cancer and gave him a gift in seeing it also. Later I went outside and a monarch butterfly climbed onto my finger and sat with me a while before I had to put her back; she promptly flew away! Today I leave my town for the next level of preparation for our trip to Eucudor. Sad goodbyes and paperwork will soon give way to this new physical ‘world.’ I will continue to read this site and be encouraged by this pond. I know that you’ve all become a support for me over the months as I watched from afar. Aisha I look forward to the messages you receive and am so grateful for those who speak with you! Thank you to all those who welcomed me. It meant a lot :).

    1. Dear Nancee, thank you for this beautiful message of love and hope! I wish you all the best for the next part of your journey, and I know the Pond is as much a part of you as you are a part of the Pond.
      Love and light from me, Aisha

    2. Dear Nancee:
      I wish you fair weather and smooth sailing as you make final preparations for your big move, my fellow Canadian adventurer! Go well, and be exceedingly blessed!

  16. Thank you Aisha and CCs for that lovely message! I now feel so strong, happy and determined to take a long hot summer as lightworker and pathfinder, feel that nothing can stop me and knowing you are all here to push me if I stumble. You really raise me up friends!

    Love you!

  17. Having been away for a while living the most wonderful experiences ever …. is a pleasure to come back home and still feeling the love that is professed here and how cozy it feels …. I find it difficult to catch up with all this messages, but I want you to know that you have come with me on my pilgrimage …. while I’ve missed you all.
    So much love to all my friends here
    Love, Emma

    1. Dear sister! It is so good to feel your loving energy here again, and I am so glad to hear that you have had a wonderful time 🙂 Welcome back to the Pond, Emma, and as you say, we are with you even when you are not here.
      Much love from me, Aisha

      1. Hi Janis my love ….
        Thank you very much, I have not had time to miss you … because I’ve worn all my energy on display it on the road, but mostly because ye have been with me, you have helped me in the most difficult moments. This is what has to be part of a team, that although you do not want, you participate likewise.
        I love you so much Janis.

    2. Emmababy!!!! Big hugs girl! We missed you in presence but knew your energy was still here with us! Do tell on the wonderful experiences as I think in the telling of amazing stories we are all uplifted! Raising a glass of solstice wine to you sister! Put on your dancing shoes and join us in the moonlight! Alex

      1. Alex, honey
        I’ve been walking and walking …. I do not know if you’ve heard of the Camino de Santiago. As simple as walking …. tired but so comforting, you realize that nothing is necessary, walk in life is enough, only problem is that loads in your “backpack” which after all is the indispensable
        The atmosphere, the energy, the people, the love of nature unfolds and people found there is indescribable ….. each with their ailments, their weaknesses, their age ….
        It’s a tough experience, but with a perpetual smile in the mouth, it is wonderful … the people who are waking up in the way is indescribable ….
        The path can not count Alex, the way you have to live. I tried to summarize, but does not reflect reality. I would love to advise the film “The Way” which can give an idea of ​​what I’m talking about. Although each path is very personal, everyone has a reason to do it and at the end for everyone is the same ….
        I love you Alex, thanks for worrying about me

        1. Ahhhhhh, so wonderful Emma baby! Sounds like a blessed pilgrimage! I can feel your connection to nature and the beautiful crystalline grid has been strengthened! You are always in my heart sweetgirl! 🙂 Keep strongly walking your path, which is the gift you share with this blessed world! Alex

          1. Hi Emma/Alex! Emma – is the the walk that is featured in Paulo Coehlo’s book – The Road to Santiago? If it was I can see why it was/is so profound for you!! Joyfully, Philip 🙂

              1. I sensed it had to be – was interested to make sure. All I can say is wow and congratulations. For I know what a profound experience it was for Coehlo… wonderful Emma Philip 🙂

    3. Hello Emma, dear!
      from one of the newbies come out to play while you were away…
      Much Love and best wishes,
      ~Billy Bright

      1. Hi Billy
        New never the less important ….
        The “new generation” always outperform the old ones;)
        A great pleasure to know that the best souls keep the love here that you can feel even without being present.
        You are very special Billy
        Much love to you.

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