The manuscript of survival – part 326 solstice message

As you are perhaps aware of, tomorrow (June 21) is another pivotal day for your planet. For once again the sun will make another announcement in her perpetual journey around your globe. Or rather, it is not the sun, but your planet who will reach an apex of her yearly travels around your shining sister, and as such, you will reach what is referred to as the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere. And then, you will all be able to savour the longest day of the year, before the balance starts to tip the other way, and the days will once again start to shorten. Of course, for those of you living on the opposite end of this beautiful planet, you will be able to savour the thought that it is your turn to look forward to the lengthening of the days from then on.

And why do mention this in length? Because dear ones, tomorrow is also a day that energetically has been marked off in your calendars. Again, this will serve as a focal point for so many, and even if the date in itself does not carry much significance, the very fact that the sun is playing a major part in all of your minds tomorrow will also serve to open you all up to the benevolent energies that will flow down on you all on that day. For the solstice has always been considered as a major power node for humanity, all the way back to the very first beings, as the subtleties of the changing light have always signaled to the human body. So we ask you all to be aware of this outside influence tomorrow, perhaps a little bit more than usual.

You have spent the last period very much by going within and connecting with your center, so tomorrow we ask you all to make sure not to forget to connect without. In other words, as you sit down in silence in whatever mode you choose, make sure that you do open up to the magnificence that surrounds you on all sides in the form of this energetic grid that is pulsing with life as it holds you safely in its embrace. And as tomorrow is such a powerful part of your ingrained consciousness, it will be utilized to expand this connection even further. So again we say, make sure that you take time to celebrate your efforts by sitting down and opening up for these celestial blessings that will rain down on you all on the day of the solstice, a day of celebration and ceremony all over your globe. We know you will all feel how you are a part of something that not only spans your globe, but that is intricately linked much further afield, even further than your shining sister, the great Sun. So thank her, and thank yourselves, and thank All of creation, as you are all an intrinsic part of this wonderful web of life that suffuses every part of you and everything that you see around you.

We thank you all for what you bring to this grid, and tomorrow, we want you all to open up to the gifts that will be given through the benevolent rays of your friendly neighbour, the sun.

135 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 326 solstice message

  1. Hello Ponders!

    I have been busy taking care of two of my grandchildren this week, two wonderful 5 and 6 year angels who came by air to give me love, laugh, cry – yes all emotions you can think of.

    It has been the most wonderful week you can ever imagine. We have made schampoo of birch leaves, hair gel from linseed, picked stones by the lake, they were bathing with clothes on first day (really cold!!! and yes – didn´t mean to ;)). We have talked about how really hard it is to be away from parents when going to sleep, and the victory when making it. Healing them, loving them – my heart is overflowing 🙂

    I really realize that you never know where/who your healers are and when the come. Now I know!!! I also know the healing I got from my brother and his friend who came by talking and joking so I laughed so much that I cannot remember when I did last time. And the day before solstice my best friend took care of my grand children so I was able to go and get my second massage to open up my closed muscles and have a return to the hospital.

    I had the intention to celebrate the solstice in one way or the other yesterday, but as soon as I have more energy I behave like I have done all my life; just doing this and just doing that before…. But I was there in my mind and I had a wonderful evening with my best friends.

    I can say that I have really been exhausted these days, but I am so happy and grateful for what I have got and been through and it feels that now most struggles are over. Hope you can feel the same.

    Much love to you all my friends and enjoy the summer!

    P.S. I taught my grandhildren “This little light of mine” and “Take the shackles of my feet so I can dance” 😉 D.S.

    1. What a Wonderful time for you, Birgitta! I was wondering where you were.
      Now I know!
      Lots of Love,

  2. To my dear brother and sisters at this magnificent Pond

    I had my little Solstice ceremony, a little candlelight and some object that are precious to me.

    I had a visit from a most welcome guest, I sense him as being of meso-american descent.

    What I want to address here on behalf of my guest, amongst You my brother and sisters of the Pond is the issue of the relationship between the new age movement people and the more indigenous moved people.

    This is a Heart-matter to me because it reflect back on what has happened in Scandinavia with the introduction of Christianity.

    There is a division of reality between the way meso-american people and the newcommers to the land view upon history. The history-books are mostly written in a setting that is the setting of the Christian teachings. So therefore the actions that were deemed necessary to reduce the indigenous population have been overlooked or even denied on the level of the University’s and from there flowing further down in the School-systems.

    This means that what You generally are tought in the schools is a misrepresentation of what actually came to pass. So by passing on common knowledge You can unknowingly be insulting these people.

    These people whom I speak of are representatives of great civilisations, who knew due to their calender systems, that when the conquistadores we’re coming there would follow a period they called the 9 hells, this period ended 1987 and with an intermediary period of 2 times 13 years we are now in the Year of the new Sun.

    These people lived the paradise we here seek, some of them still do untouched by the western culture. So please take a moment and look though their Eyes and see what they see. And see what they have forgiven the west in order for this option of multiple free worlds to come to pass.

    In’lakesh, may love and light shine upon You

    1. Thank you Stephanfreyja for sharing this.

      About 10 years ago I listened to two wonderful indians coming up here to northern Sweden, each one at separate times: Medicine Story and Rainbow Eagle. They spread so much wisdom and knowledge and I remember Rainbow Eagle saying: Now mankind has come to the 9th and last “lifecycle” (can ´t find the right word… ) and now we have to choose: live in accordance with nature – or not. Great people to listen to!!!

      I made my choice 🙂

              1. Beautiful, Birgitta! Awesome! Thank you. And I could really relate to that image of the huge heart of stone being hauled up the mountainside… hahaha… Oh my God what an image! How difficult that has been. But no more, dears! I am so happy about this.

      1. Dear Birgitta, You are so right the choice is an easy one. I meet Medicin Story back in 2003/2004 at an event in Christiania in Copenhagen. He had this mildness combined with authority You read about. He has done a lot of good in Scandinavia.


    2. Dear brother, thank you so much for sharing this! To quote from The manuscript, part 51: “Think of all of the indigenous peoples, persecuted through the ages because they still held on to the teachings given them by their ancients. It was not only for the gold and riches they might be in possession of that they were in many cases obliterated, it was most of all to eradicate this deep well of knowledge once and for all. But they were not successful in this, and now these glimmers of ancient wisdom is indeed starting to seep through in so many of you. Never forget to send a prayer of thanks to all of those before you that managed to keep this little flame alive throughout the darkest of times. ”
      Much love from me, Aisha

      1. Dear Aisha
        I think this message was for me to post here in order to be cleared out by the light here from You all I guess, I have felt so full of peace after this posting.

        The wound in me has to do with the declaration, among other things, asking people of non-Lakota descent to return their Chanupa’s by Arvol Lookinghorse back in 2003. This war eventually led to my parting from Sonne Reyna at a Ceremony in Malaga, Spain in 2004. We had discussed this in relation to my attending Sweat Lodges held in the traditional Lakota way in Denmark at a Danish group near where I lived at that time in Aarhus, and I asked Sonne whether the rules applyed to me as a member of his tribe. He did not answer directly but indirectly it he said that when rules passed down to the tribal system it would be wise to listen carefully. So I interpret that as I had to follow the rules, so I adhered to that and did not attend the Danish sweatlodges for a while, then one day I was invited directly to come early and help preparing the lodge, so I decided to go and tell my Danish friend why I had been avoiding the lodges lately. Then something magic happened as I came to this beautiful place and was about to tell why I had come. I entered the flower world (the colors became more radiant and my senses deepened) and a red Firefly sat on my hand for several minutes connecting with me and I just knew that it was all fine to attend the lodge, so without saying nothing I helpt preparing the lodge. After telling this to Sonne I felt more and more distanced from him. Then later, at a Ceremony In Malaga December 2004 I felt this distance very much, so before entering the lodge, at the offering of my blood with the Chanupa at my chest. I asked the powers for a solution to this problem. On the one hand I loved this man from whom I had learned so much, on the other there were these tribal problems that I felt did not apply to me. Now while tending the fire for 4 days I got from the sacred fire 4 additional power animals, they just showed up in the fire one by one acknowledging themselves. And as the time came where we would go pick up the people on Vision Quest and they all were safe back standing in a circle round the fire, the Chief handed me the Chanupa to hold while he instructed the people, and I found myself in the flower world and heard a female voice telling me “Use what You have learned from the fire and make Your and make your own protocol”. From thereon Sonne and my ways parted gradually. So dear Aisha You see to me this was a huge clearing and I am so gratefull to be able to do so here at this wonderful pond.


        1. Dear brother of the light! It is not always easy to learn to walk our own path, not someone else’s. You have had a long journey my friend, and I thank you for sharing your story with us. I am so glad your path has taken you to this Pond, and that you have received so much in return for what you have given us all by sharing your light and love here. Much love from me, Aisha

    3. Thank you for this Stephan — and Birgitta, Dominique and Aisha for additionals. I imagine you have read or studied Ken Carey’s great channeled work, “Return of the Bird Tribes”? If not, then I humbly suggest that you simply “must” if this path and its trajectory of Native wisdom and spirit are of great interest. (Actually, all 4 of his now classic channeled books are significant — some of the most important and seminal channeled teachings of the late 70s to 80s heralding the quickly coming New Age, starting with his “The Starseed Transmissions” published in 1979.) I have re-studied the set about 4 times since 1995, of course more relevant understanding coming each time.
      Of all of them, Return of the Bird Tribes was of least interest to me (I could hardly get through it, interestingly enough) until this last, probably final, study of them in Nov.- Dec. 2012. I finally THEN, for the first time, “got” Return of the Bird Tribes — and boy did I get it! Profound revelations of the Native spirit, the paths of all of our racial development, our true relationship to the natural elements and our dear Earth Mother, simply blessed the Socks Off me! — deepening my world ten-fold — all focused for me during the time of the 21-12-12… and I haven’t been the same since — haha — obviously a good thing.
      The greatest interest in this clearly channeled book for most here could likely be in its report of the path of early Native history, spirituality and cultural development here in the Western Hemisphere (where no written history was recorded), from the beginning of time unto these very days, the fulfillment of all things hoped for — told in both an allegorical and, I believe, literal fashion. Powerful stuff!
      Love and sacred blessings to All,

      1. Dear Billy, I have not read these books You speak of, but from Your description they must transmit profound knowledge, thank You for pointing them out.


    1. First of all, I can’t believe I watched this whole thing.
      But, toward the end I realized
      it was a nice distraction.
      Lots’a funny cowboy action.
      Happy trails to you….. until we meet again.

        1. Hahahahaha – I love you Otmn for saying that 🙂

          Now I have learned two useful locutions here at the Pond. I´m in a learning process every day 🙂

          Oh – the second one? Spitting cobra 😉

          Here we go!

          Love you all!

  3. Has anyone noticed the changes and the effects of the energy on people around you, like in your personal life? Its amazing to witness not only how this is affecting me, but those around me and close to me that might not necessarily know what i know in the way that i know it (but of course they have their own knowledge from their Higher Selves that guides me when i need it most to. the connections between everyone and everything is becoming so clear , i dont know how else to say it. I definitely notice a change *in the world* not just in myself. its quite amazing.

  4. OY! Sorry. One more thing….
    During transitional periods, use discretion when reading stuff on the internet.
    I do see a drastic reduction in the amount of channeled crap but it is still not entirely clear. When you read it, FEEL it. If it feels good, than it is probably true. If you feel unsettled or nervous, it is probably coming from dubious sources. Either the channeled line was hacked or the channeler is writing his own agenda. When channeling, it is the same. If the information coming through is not clear or contradicts itself – hang up! Again – this is getting a lot better and should sort out soon. Susan – again….

    1. Hi Susan. I just wanna say thank you for this information. I was in the process of writing a comment when I canceled out and came back to the Pond and caught your replies. I’m glad I did.
      I am so unfocused today. Very unsettled. I feel love, heartbreak, happiness and sadness. My senses are heightened but my reactions are slow and dull. It’s actually taken me about 45 minutes to get these few sentences out and I do hope they make sense!
      After reading your thoughts, I am reminded this is a transitional period and the energies feel increasingly intense and I just need to chill. I’m feeling every Thing and every Body! Holy Toledo, here I am crying out for a break and I’m the only one that can give it to me! So I will get off line, literally and figuratively, or ‘hang-up’ as you said, (ha).
      Thank you very much. I’m breathing better already.

      1. I’m with you on this Sally. I feel the need to ‘hang up’ too, maybe not the way mean.
        I’m so tired of my old ‘self’, so I want to disconnect from it. I’m going within and unplug the 3D-me!
        Love, JayJay

      2. Sally word perfect, i feel exactly the same, dont worry though it is only for a short time that we will feel this way, so try and enjoy the ride beautiful one! 🙂 Surrender and breathe x

  5. P.S.

    Just to remind you. During energy waves, the guides go on “low communication” mode. Even “off line.” This means, they are still there but keep channeling to a minimum in order to allow the teams to work. Yes, you can still meditate – to relax and send your love. However, during the real intense downloads and/or operations, it is best to just “be.” Not to tax the brain too much. This is when the ice cream and junky movies come in hand. S.

    1. What is happening here on earth is happening above as well, so i send love and light to our faithfull guides as well 🙂 Beautiful day, feeling bathed in love and light. Thank you beautiful souls who come to this pond, we are sooo lucky to have each other, what a blessing to feel the love, wisdom advice and generosity of kindess and spirit. Love you guys xx

    2. Susan, thank you so much of this low comminication mode as we just talked about this with my mother in law, she wondering why she seems to lost all her connections couple of days ago 🙂 She will be happy to hear that something “bigger” is going on around her now 🙂 Love you!!

      1. I ment than you for the information about low communication mode 🙂 My inner speech goes far more faster forward than my writing 🙂 I have started to miss out words in sentences 🙂

        1. Same here 🙂 Writing – and talking – is labeling, and people interprete labels / words differently. Shapes and colors go faster. Or Direct perception, the “knowing”.

  6. Hello my darlings:

    Re: the horseshoe crabs. I remember when I was very little, being in Ocean City, Maryland in the U.S. and playing with them. They were all over the place on the Boardwalk and I thought they were so neat. Carrying their houses on their backs.

    Alex: I went to the University of Vermont for part of my education. Back then, there was a little ice-cream shack on campus in the 1970’s which used the surplus milk from the school of agriculture. It was run by a curly headed hippy looking guy. Need I say more? It was the beginning of a love affair with natural ice-cream.

    About responding to the cleaning: Although you think this is new, it isn’t. It started 2 years and 3 months ago. It was far, far worse when it first began.
    Its just that most of you are open and are more aware of it now. The Federation is doing the cleaning. It isn’t our job. What we can do is keep our vibrations up. When we do so, we remove the food/fuel of any lower vibrational energies. From what I have been told repeated times is that this is almost over; we are safe and protected. The game is over. Humans will not have to worry anymore about nasty critters. Most of them have been deported. Others have been neutralized or are in custody. I am extremely sensitive (!!!) to energies and this is the first time, I have ever been able to sleep soundly while operations are going on. We’ve been instructed to rest more and drink a lot of water (or bathe in it) which neutralizes the energies.
    For me – the best and most effective ways to ease the energy effects are:
    1. Support. This is why we have the Pond and of course our guides.
    2. Information. When you know what it is, you aren’t frightened.
    3. Water.
    4. Rest alternating with exercise such as walking in the fresh air.
    5. Energetic treatments which balance the chakras – yoga, tai chi, acupuncture, massage, meditation….
    6. Give into the cravings. My partner (a naturopathic doctor) and I both agree that humans need to listen to their instincts. Last winter it was ginger and garlic (both anti-virals.) Now it is sugar. I know – its not all that great for us but sometimes, we need some extra energy.

    Love, Susan

      1. Sorry Susan, this reply was not meant for your message. Which I love by the Way, since I was a bit unsettled by the fact that I thought that I was doing something wrong with the energies that I was sending out to assist in clearing. I’m a bit confused, since I wasn’t aware that some of the messages on the internet could be misinformation. I admit that some of the channelings on the internet contain information that stir up fear, and indeed that doesn’t feel right to me. I guess I should learn to trust my instincts more and trust myself on these matters. I don’t find that easy though, since I think that all these channelings are from the same Source. I guess they are not, very confusing! I don’t like confusion, I need purity and Love.
        Ahh, this should be a day of celabration, but I seems that everything I do or any suggestions I make are totally wrong.

        1. Yes, just relax down a bit JayJay. No worries, mate! No worries. Yes, there’s a TON of miscellaneous stuff out there. Quite a lot seems crap to me, of different asgendas. Some is good. Some is more for you (for example), some more maybe for me. But don’t worry about that right now. Just keep it selective with only what you KNOW fits-sits well with you, or feed on nothing at all today, tomorrow, or the next day. But don’t fret about it. Consider just sitting talking to your guides today. In toital relax mode. Accept and receive whatever comes for processing, even if not known. A little Peace goes a long way. Read some rcent past Smallman blog entries, if you feel you need good clean insights to feed on, in my opinion. I find them Personally very akin with the CCs material, of purely Divine Purpose and Loving-kindness. As pure and on the path of Grace as we could hope for. Or don’t do ANYTHING at all but gentle ordinary tasks in prehaps a gentle contemplative way. Drink in what the universe has for you today, no mediator required. All is well, man. All is very well.
          Love from

          1. Yes, no mediator required. Real “leaders” (if there is any) of a new world are and will remain unknown, and have nothing to sell.

            But the real leader is your soul, as you have always been and will always be a multidimensional being.

        2. Jayjay i sometimes become overwhelmed by the different messages and comments, then i become confused. What we must remember is that we have our own inner guidance and intuition and it is always there for us if we make the time to listen. Imagine that you are the only human being living on the planet without any influence from others, you would find your own way through life, by using that beautiful, honest, clear and trustworthy inner wisdom. When you are unsure, step back from it all and go within, that is were all of your answers are.

          You and God are inseperable and only you and God know what is true and right for you, no other person on the planet does, but you. Be your own best friend and fall in love with yourself lovely one. I always find it most beneficial to myself and those around me near and far if i connect to the heart through confusing and energetically challenging times. Connecting to truth is the only way, all else is temporary but still wonderfully magic at the same time. So much love to you x

          1. Dear Sue,

            Thank you for your support! I guess it’s my 3D-voice telling me that I’m doing something wrong. Like today I feel that I should be joyful and when I’m not I get all upset with myself, because I must be doing something wrong. I’m still stuck in the old behavioural/thought patterns.

            The truth is, I just found out, very simple. I’m just plain old tired. This energyboost today has left me downright tired. So tired, I can’t even think of celebrating anymore. But I had a beautiful experiance today. I felt a joy today that just came from within and that I cherish.

            Love to you Sue ,and love to all you lovely ones in and around the Pond

            1. You are not doing anything my darling, you are on the path of light. I am so happy that you had a beautiful experience to today and that love and light shone down onto and through you, because you are love and ight Jayjay. I feel the same as you this evening, if it is any consolation, by spirit wants to celebrate and be joyous, but i feel very tired and have a sore throat. Rest my lovely and rest well, i thank you for everything you are doing for the ‘whole’. love and hugs Jayjay. Rest in the knowlegde that you are doing everything that you possibly can even at times you feel otherwise. You are a shining star Jayjay x

            2. Dear JayJay! Much love to you dear brother, and thank you again for sharing Aluna’s words. As you can see, it was a wonderful way to open us all up for another lesson, and a way to help us become even more aware of how this process works and how we react to it. Remember that sometimes we feel the urge to do something, but it can be for a very different reason than what we thought ourselves. I know it can be difficult to let go of the concepts of “right” and “wrong”, but this is once again a perfect opportunity to see it all from a higher perspective.
              Much love from me, Aisha

  7. Dear Aisha, Thank you for this message from the CC’s. It feels very powerful to connect with nature, with the sun, as well as with our inner self/soul on this Solstice day. The CC’s speak of us being bathed in benevolent energies by ‘opening up for these celestial blessings that will rain down on you all,’ and recommend that we ‘open up to the magnificence that surrounds you on all sides in the form of this energetic grid that is pulsing with life as it holds you safely in its embrace.’ Beautiful and powerful.

    I am very wary, however, of linking up with the Love-a-thon, as I feel it is energetically CONTRARY to the advice we are being given by our own CC’s (no disrespect, JayJay.) The Love-a-thon stated motivation is to heal/empower the universe by neutralising dark energies. The CC’s say absolutely nothing about this. Flooding, sending our energy, love and focus elsewhere is very much NOT the same as CONNECTING with what is around us and opening up.

    Ascension of the Individual, Earth, Universe and Beyond is about consciousness. If we hold a consciousness that it all needs fixing (and it NEEDS US to do it….Ego red warning light……) we are in a lack-consciousness. If we connect with and open up, as specifically recommended by the CC’s, we are in a completeness-consciousness (nothing to fix, no ego) just connection, appreciation and joy. We are in touch with this….in all our comments yesterday there is so much talk of festival, joy, celebration…..not a job to do!!!

    I know it’s subtle, but I urge us ponders to listen to the ACTUAL ADVICE given by our trusted CC’s and follow it, undiluted by the ideas of others. If we feel unsure about this, feel into our own souls. I did and this is what she said, and asked me to share it with us all.

    In deepest appreciation of who and what we all are,

    Love and Light, Gail

      1. Dear Dominique…Ah, well..gotta love the rain!!! Try this song, replacing the word girl with soul!!

        1. Raining here too (Amsterdam), so thank you for the sunshine Gail.
          Actually, my heart’s been shining all day, but you lifted it up even furher!
          Love, JayJay

    1. Dear Gail! Thank you for sharing this! As always, it is important to follow our inner guidance and to be very conscious about what resonates with us and what feels “wrong”. I think you will all find that the energies present today will be make things very clear for you, as they are extremely powerful in every sense of the word. So celebrate yourselves and the sun, and trust that you will be guided through this day as you allow yourself to receive these heavenly gifts of light and love.
      With much love from me, Aisha

    2. Dear Gail, you are right. The energies are very strong today. I connected and was very deeply connected. I see no right or wrong, sending out my energy, but perhaps you’re right in the sense that it isn’t a necessity to do so. The Light will find it’s own way in healing. This kind of relieves me, as when I feel like I don’t HAVE to do a certain thing, I can also never get it wrong. therefore: no pressure. Love this!
      All is right and perfect!
      Love you Gail, sooooo much! I’m sooooo enjoying this day!

          1. My partner has been extremely sleepy already for two days, barely keeping awake and its been so funny to observe beside him. I have had sleepy moments too, but he sure is given huge amounts of energy 🙂 My heart is full of love and I am so happy to see he is receiving the energies too although he is not so up dated with the information as I am 🙂

            With love and many colours!

  8. That just great, Aisha. I woke up this morning 8:05 in finnish time, without an alarm clock. I went out with my dog in the forest too. I’m pretty bad all kind of ceremonies. So I just listened to sounds of the forest and I just was for a while.

  9. Dear friends! I just came back from doing my solstice ceremony in the forest near my home. We have been warned about severe weather conditions later on today here in Oslo, so I decided to get up early and do my ceremony at the “official” solstice time which was 07:04 local time. I packed my crystal, singing bowl and incense and hiked up to a spot overlooking Oslo and the fjord around it. It was a very powerful experience, the energies where so intense my whole body was shaking, and I still feel them reverberating through me. This is an incredibly powerful day, and I hope it will be a beautiful and memorable day for you all. See you later today at our solstice party at the Pond!
    Much love and light from me, Aisha

  10. i mean support , thankyou i am truly appreciative and have much gratitude xoxoxox love to all :)just wanted to add, that i am proud of you all and it is great to know i truly am not alone, that we have all been through the same process together xox thankyou 🙂

    1. Thank you for your tears kylie. They are tears of Love that fall into the Pond then wash over Us with warmth and kindness. They are very comforting. Thank you Tender One.
      Love Sally

  11. thankyou my friends, thankyou aisha for everything, tears fall, but they are tears of joy,tears of all sorts, i am glad that im not the only one that has felt dizzy lol, thankyou for the tip of green emerald, love and light my family, love you all with all my heart xoxoxox and i look forward to joining with you all in this wonderfull time. thankyou for all the suppott 🙂

  12. I woke up with a big scratch on my head, another on my neck and a big bruise on my leg. For several days my body has been sitting like a lump while I totally space out. I’m grateful I can’t remember, but there is a battle raging (over there)
    So, I’ll let others speak.

    Skeleton Woman [The Life/Death/Life Nature]

    “To love another is not enough, to be “not an impediment” in the life of the other is not enough. It is not enough to be “supportive” and “there for them” and all the rest. The goal is to be knowledgeable about the ways of life and death, in one’s own life and in panorama. And the only way to be a knowing man is to go to school in the bones of Skeleton Woman. She is waiting for the signal of deep feeling, the one tear that says, “I admit the wound.” ”

    FULL MOON “SuperMoon” in Capricorn is occurring two days after the Solstice! We must keep on truckin >>> developing our Inner Strength >>>Feeling our truth >>>and expanding our perceptions. Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from the most tapped in readers of the planetary bodies…

    I gotta go. Now is a time for DOING something.

  13. Hello you all, I so love all of your writings!! I think the energies have started coming already as I have been feeling sooooo dizzy for whole day and have done lot of work grounding myself during the day 🙂 But beside dizziness, I have felt this huge happiness urging from deep inside of me, as my energy body would be thrilled and waiting to attend to some huge festival!

    Today I was sitting in my bed my partner sleeping beside me (taking a nap) and I was reading books about the crystals. Then I picked up one into my hands and ou my god how powerful energies I felt! So I am really looking forward to all these extra new energies which are heading our way. Also as I went through pages about different crystals and feeling heavy dizziness, I turned the page of new stone and all the dizziness stopped right there and after reading the page and after moving to next page the dizzy feeling started again. The energy change was so obvious that I had to look up that page again and it was all about stone of green emerald. Maybe I should get one as the effect in my body was so strong 🙂

    But we sure will have powerful days ahead of us, especially here in northern countries where it will be nightless night with the sun light all around the clock. Its magical and I would love to share it with you all who cannot experience it. Love you all and have a great fest during the weekend! I sure will enjoy it with open heart as it seems that it cannot be closed anymore 🙂

    Let the colours of my heart to join yours in this important event!! 🙂

      1. I love that image ” Festival of lights” and yes it sure is for all of the creatures on planet.

        The huge light waves woked me up today. I felt the energies flying through me. My hand was laying in my partners chest upon his heart and I felt this ice cold energy running through my hand to his heart and then connecting our hearts with this new light energy. What an start for the day 🙂

        Love you all!!

  14. Hello lovely beings of light! I am very excited for the solstice and so happy to hear that the CC are in on the party! I was thinking what ritual I would perform and a few came to mind and then I mentioned to my daughter that it was the solstice and she immediately said, OH is the moon full? I said, not sure but close and so she said–we need to go to the beach and witness the mating of the horseshoe crabs…these are ancient beings who have been on this planet since the beginning and honoring their procreation is the perfect thing to do–along with putting our feet into the holy salted water of the ocean…will also burn sacred herbs here and sit with my guardian trees and most likely dance in the moonlight–naked or otherwise! LOL I am already feeling with excitement a building of the energy towards this power node and I will certainly open up fully to accepting the love and energy of our blessed mother Sophia-Gaia and our wonderful sun! Hugs all! 🙂 Alex…p.s. mags, I made cheese last week–raw milk mozzarella and ricotta and we had some on home made pizza last night–divine! I can conjure some of that up for the solstice party! 🙂

    1. I so miss the ocean! I love the desert too, but there’s nothing quite like the ocean and the full moon together…I’d probably want to dance naked in the moonlight too, but I have elderly neighbors who are quite nosy, and I wouldn’t want to give anyone a heart attack, hahaha 😉 !

    2. Dear Alex,
      Say hello to the horseshoe crabs for me. I love these ancient beings (never seen them)!

      Yesterday evening, while dusk was settling in, I stood in my garden watching the swifts flying overhead. Just loved to see them fly!

      Love and Light,

  15. Greeting Brothers and Sisters of Light, Love, Hope, and Faith. You are the bravest Angels who have ever lived. It is once again my honor to be a part of such a wonderful group. This weekend will be like no other we have ever seen, at least so far. A summer solstice, a strawberry moon, it just does not get any better than this.

    So my felllow ponders, enjoy the ride. Oh, I forgot I set up that avatar. That’s my dog Trip, he loves you all too. And if your wondering about the strange name I picked, it’s only my name spelled backwards…

    I love you all.

    Your brother, Mark.

    1. Oh! Okay! I finally got it. Geez, I thought Trip’s name was your name backwards?? Couldn’t figure that one out…. Pirt?! Now I see you meant kramdranrab, cool. And btw I agree with you, it truly is an honor to be part of Aisha’s Pond. Like I told someone yesterday, there’s no place else like it.
      Pond Love to You and Trip,

    2. Dear Mark and Trip, big hug to you both! I am looking forward to what we will all experience together this weekend! It will be the start of our summer of love here at the Pond 🙂
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  16. Thank you Aisha! I think I already “peeked in” on the preparations for our solstice celebration while in dreamland last night! 😀 You were preparing all kinds of things for everyone (I think you were making cheese?) and talking happily about how lovely it will be for everyone to experience all the organic food and the natural lifestyle for a few days. Then at another point, I was sitting with someone (for some reason I think it was JayJay) and there was a stunning older woman making us fresh blueberry tea and teaching us all these crazy mudras I’ve never seen before. It was so cool…let the celebrations begin!!!

    Love & Blessings,

    1. Dear Maggie! I am so looking forward to our solstice party! But as you can see from my reply to Susan, I might just bring some chocolate instead, but I promise to make sure it is organic 😉
      Lots of love from me, Aisha

    2. Dear Maggie, partytime, yes! I’m soooo into this party. Let there be dancing too! I think I will dance, and dance, and dance! Oh, such Joy!
      Love you!

      1. Wow, I’m realy on a high wave! I love it, I’m shining!
        Love, Love, Love to all!
        Shine, shine, shine!

  17. The wonderful Midsummer when the day is long and the night is short. A time when is burned great Midsummer bonfires and the elves are hiding their treasures… So the very very old people say. 🙂

    Love Maarit

    1. Dear Maarit! I hope you get to experience the loooong summer night in beautiful weather! Much love from me to you, dear sister of the north!

  18. Just checking in to say Praise and Blessings to everyOne. To Aisha and the CC’s muchos gracias por usted ayudar. Love and blessings.

  19. Oh yes indeed. The waves are in full force today. Somehow, this feels different though. As if we are riding the waves – kind of like surfing – instead of battling them head on. I would like to introduce you to two good friends – Ben and Jerry who are excellent companions in times like this. I recommend the chocolate version.


    1. Or you could just go for the “one whole shopping bag full of chocolate, chips and jelly babies”, it works magic when you are riding these waves as well I find 😉 The body seems a lot let interested in salads these days, I must say!
      Love from me, Aisha

      1. Chocolate! Did someone mention chocolate? I can’t seem to get enough of it. I found the most yummy (to die for) double chocolate walnut brownies. Or should I say they found me. haha
        Glad to see that others are also having the same cravings.
        Love light and chocolate to ALL,

    2. Oh my Goddess Susan, your blooming so beautifully! I LOVE this funny open side of you! LMAO ben and jerry! I also concur that we are surfing this time as long as we stay centered in our hearts and grounded and at peace knowing our teams are with us and will get us to where we are meant to go–its amazing! Hugs and I have been to the ben and jerry’s factory in vermont and they have this cute little grave yard where they “retire” and bury old flavors that didn’t make it–one is peanut butter and jelly, I can’t remember the others but they are all funny! Hugs! alex

  20. Found on Kabuki. It reminds me of Laviolette.

    “The current Consciousness Shifts correspond to a super-massive Galactic Synchronization Plasma Ray originating from Sagittarius A – reaching us through our Sun. Its ongoing influence on us will be ending by mid-2013. Humanity and planet Earth is being upgraded at this very moment!”

    Gamma rays, X-rays, radio waves this summer ? A DNA leap ? All-in-one 😀

    High frequencies in the ears these days…


    Hello Dear Friends:
    A few of us would like to join together every Saturday night during sleep-time for mutual blessings and to enjoy ourselves as a family of Light.

    Everyone is invited! – you may even bring friends too

    Set the intention to be here at the Pond before going to bed — and your own Team will do the rest, you can be sure! You will be visiting with your brothers and sisters here at the Pond during your dream-time.

    Hints: Be fearless and sleep well-relaxed. Ask your Higher Self to help you remember everything the next day. If you have unresolved stuff going on inside your heart, ask before sleeping for it all to be resolved. Ask for the channel with your Higher Self to be opened. Ask for balance in your life. Ask for your process to be improved. Trust in the power of Heaven, Who loves us all without measure.

    Don’t be concerned about precise sleep-times or time-zones. Just set the intention to join us before bed, and you will be there. Your Entourage of Light (your own team of guides) will make sure of it.

    Hope to see you there any or every Saturday Night you’d like to attend!


    1. Hey Billy-shine-Bright!

      Good plan, my man! Saturday night it is! (I could use this every night).

      Love the hints too, I’ll be sure to try them out! I sure could use some good old balance in my life!

      Love and Light!

      1. Dear Billy,
        This morning I woke up with a nice dream. In it we were children holding big clay vases with colourful ribbons around them. We were all collecting Love in them.
        Love you,

        1. Hey JayJay!
          Hmm… collecting love in clay jars (vases), hey? Loving that symbolism, man. Cool dream! Thanks for sharing it!
          Let us continue to collect (and share) sooo much Love in those that the vases ultimately dissolve into Light! Won’t that just be the coolest?
          Love, from Billy

          1. Yeh man!
            My guess is that the vases are our bodies filled/filling with Love.
            Love and Light,

            1. Yes, the “clay jars” variation of your words/dream is a classic Biblical reference — used by Paul in the New Testament — indeed, to the body.

    2. Hi Billy, and thank you! I agree with JayJay – love the hints.
      Will definitely be there – I may even show up early…rough week!


    3. Hi Billy B,
      What a wonderfully written invitation… I’ll be there.
      And I have to copycat JayJay and Leslie, the hints are helpful.
      Thank you.

    4. Yes count me in too, and my mother in law. It seems we are flying together through this awakening experience 🙂 See you all then!! Lots of love!! 🙂

  22. Wonderful Aisha, thank you!

    I hit rockbottom last night and again this morning, but eventually, gradually I scrambled back up today. Feeling OK now.

    I got an email-message today from Aluna Joy. I thought it to be a great opportunity to make a group-effort in order to assist the ascencion proces.
    She suggested:

    The good news is . . . there is a window of great opportunity with a tremendous acceleration of the light force on June 20 – 21, (Solstice) through June 23 (largest full moon of the year). Would you like to put that light of yours to work? If so, please share this message with your networks ASAP.

    The PROPOSAL . . .
    To FLOOD the 4th through 8th Dimensions with a tremendous amount of LOVE, COMPASION, HARMONY, BALANCE and PEACE.

    We are inviting you to partake and contribute in a FOUR DAY massive wave of illuminated heart energy to counter act and neutralize any mischievous, murky and mis-qualified energy that has reached the 4th through 8th dimensions. This is a massive 4 day GLOBAL LOVE-a-LUTION, beginning on Friday, June 20-21, (Solstice) through June 23rd (the largest full moon of the year). Do this as often as your time permits during this time. This will create a 96 hour “Evolution of LOVE” through-out the 4th through 8th dimensions. This is a unified and collective clean-up process fueled by Earth’s best and brightest light workers (P.S. That is YOU!). This will help assist our enlightened Star Families and the Planetary Divine Councils of Light in this clean up effort.

    Remember this is not a battle of light over darkness. War and conflict is the way of the old world and that of duality. The focus is to project your LIGHT and HEART into the 4th through 8th dimensions, thus transforming, any and all negative infiltration of mis-qualified energy from the 3D and off-planet influences. The Star Elders shared that this 4 day time period will be a very potent time with a great window of opportunity for this work to be done. Also in the last part of July, during some very powerful Grand Trines, there will be yet another great opportunity to lend a hand to our divine, extraterrestrial soul family.

    P.S. We apologize for not giving you more time to plan these important days with your network and soul families, but we are living and doing this work in a moment to moment basis. Raphael and I will be broadcasting our bit of love to the upper dimensions on Mount Shasta for a good amount of time in these 96 hours. Now we know why we were called here! Blessings and LOVE to our amazing soul family.

    Copyright – Aluna Joy Yaxkin –

    So, what do you think?

    Also it might be nice to have a mini-gathering on the 21st of June, say around 12:00 London time? I feel it would be a perfect day for it!

    Love you all! See you in the Pond!
    Love and light, JayJay

    1. Dear brother! The roller coaster is still barreling ahead at full speed. I am glad you can find the time to breathe and share with us in between the unexpected twists and turns! And thank you for sharing Aluna’s message, it is an important reminder to connect “without” as The CCs said in today’s message. In other words, to consciously connect with the grid on these powerful days and be a part of this LOVE-a-LUTION (I love that word!) of energies. I was tplanning to dip into the Pond for my solstice meditation also, but I do not know exactly when I get the time to do so tomorrow. But time is really not important, so let’s just agree to have a wonderful solstice celebration at the Pond 🙂
      Much love from me, Aisha

      1. Dear Sister Aisha,

        Yes, I see and agree. Time is not of the essence. We are all connected all the time anyway!

        I just meditated and felt how beautiful we are all connected with the Pond and all there is. I let my Light and Love shine to All, and let myself receive the Light and Love at the same ‘time’.
        I felt One, One is All, All is One.

        I allow myself to SHINE! I AM ONE.

        Love to you, and/is Love to All

  23. Oh, surely it will be a wonderful day. I am ready to receive as much as I can in Loving acceptance of everything our dear Sun and glorious energetic grid have for each of us on that day.

    Thank you Aisha for another great message preparing us to receive what may be significant new blessings on this day of the Summer Solstice, June 21! BRING IT ON!!

    With much Love and best wishes,

    1. “Bring it on” is apparently what Mother Nature is thinking also, for there’s a severe weather warning for Oslo tomorrow afternoon. She’s preparing a thorough cleansing it seems, so I think I will skip my planned singing bowl ceremony in the forest overlooking Oslo and stay indoors instead. Heavy rain and thunderstorms are better seen from the comfort of my living room than from under a tree high on a hill 😉
      Wishing you all a beautiful solstice!
      Much love from me, Aisha

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