The manuscript of survival – part 325

Liberation is at hand dear ones, as one by one you will step into the divine truth that is YOU. We know this will be small consolation for all of those struggling in the depths of despair, seemingly unable to free themselves from a veritable morass of old drama and dross. But as many have testified to already, suddenly it will be like when the sun’s rays pierces through the darkest and densest of clouds, and just like that, the raging storm dissipates, and you will see a brand new world standing before you. And the reason for this, is that you will see a brand new YOU standing within you, a you that has shed every last vestige of the old and contaminated skin that was restricting your every move. And you will laugh in joy at the ease of it all, for when the last piece of the puzzle clicks into place, it will transform the whole image into something that is so far removed from your old image of yourself you will find yourself laughing with relief.

For then you will see every battle and all the struggle for what it really was, just a step on the path towards enlightenment. Not as a punishment in any way, for that is what it feels like when you are still stuck within this old skin of third density awareness. And remember, the reason that this skin feels even more itchy and uncomfortable and even downright painful at the moment, is that the YOU you carry inside has started to grow at a rapid rate. And so, the old confines will feel more and more like a security prison, where you are locked into a space that becomes ever more claustrophobic by the day.

So again we say breathe, and even if your space by this time might feel so restricted it is as if you can hardly draw your breath at all, we still urge you to try to go beyond this feeling of asphyxiation and try to connect with that space you have already cleared within. For if you do that, if you do connect within, you will all find at least one small pocket of expansion where you can catch your breath. And again we say, that is also the only way to break through this dense outer layer. Not by using yourself as a ramrod, bashing yourself again and again against this brick wall of drama and turmoil. No, it is only by going within and connecting with this liberated space you do have inside that you can make that thick outer armour literally crumble to dust. This will not be easy, for your very instincts will tell you to break free by tearing at the wall. But try to fight that instinct by not fighting it, but by sitting down and surrender to yourself, the true self that is at ease already within you.

We know our messages will seem to be repetitious at the moment, but we see where so many of you are at this stage. For you literally on the verge of breaking through by doing just what we have told you to do. So stop the fight that will only serve to leave you even more bloody and ravaged, and surrender to the wisdom of your own Self that you carry within. And then, you will once more be able to bear witness to the truth that when you do, the sun will come out and you too will start to shine away the stormclouds that seems to have stationed themselves permanently around your very being.

118 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 325

  1. I would like to share with you just a little example of how things ARE moving. Last night, there was a large celebration in Jerusalem of the 90th birthday of the President of Israel, Shimon Peres. For those of you who haven’t seen him, the man is amazing. Still gets up every day to work. A recipient of more peace prizes than I can count. There were many dignitaries at the ceremony including his good friend Bill Clinton who quipped that Peres is the only one still around who remembers King David… The audience was from the full spectrum of politics including Bibi Netanyahu, the Prime Minister. Peres and Netanyahu are like fire and water. Last night, however, everything was put aside and the two men embraced. When Peres spoke about being ONE, I literally gasped. It was if the speech was prompted by our CC’s. Then Barbra Streisand sang a prayer of unity and protection. There wasn’t a dry eye in the audience. I could FEEL the souls of millions of people watching this on t.v. Not something that was staged or forced or scripted but a true, deep elevation. I do not believe this would have been possible even a few years ago. An amazing and uplifting experience. I do not know if this is on U-Tube, but if it is, I encourage you to see Peres’ speech. And yes, Aisha – he is one of your planetary tribe.

    In other news, there has been another wave of earth cleaning. So the dizziness and other physical symptoms are part of the package. Necessary but annoying. I have been told again and again that they hope to “wrap this up” soon. Drinking a lot of water helps. I have been seeing a lot of sparks in the air this week. It reminds me of the old Pac Man game when the little monsters eat the grime. I feel things are moving rapidly. I sense the teams are quite excited and anxious to get the party going but at the same time need to go at an even pace in order not to overload us. I can tell you that many people who were not “connected” in the past are starting to feel things.

    One other thing you should be aware of in this transitional period…. There are quite a lot of breakups happening. Couples getting divorces after 20 or 30 years of marriage; partners in business dissolving companies…. There are also many cases of sudden urges to travel or move house. I’m seeing nesting behavior as well. This is like pregnant women getting the urge to clean and prepare their homes in advance of childbirth. I take all of these as positive signs (as painful as they can be) of movement.

    And lastly – Aisha, our pond mother – this is for you. Remember you keep telling me not to be stubborn and listen to the camp counselors. They told me to rest this summer. Not to over-do and not to go hosting all kinds of meetings and dinners as I usually do. And of course I ignored them. I invited all the girls to a Friday afternoon get together. “Out of the blue,” every single one called to cancel for a variety of reasons and no one could explain why they just “had to cancel.” SO, my dear Aisha, the CC’s are putting me promptly to bed – all nicely tucked in – and I should be grateful that the little lesson didn’t end in anything worse. And you can tell the CC’s -The Constant Companions that my new name for them is the Camp Counselors.

    Boy, do I love you all…. really I do.


    1. Love this newsflash Susan! I don’t watch the news anymore, because it usaully hurts too much. However not all the news is bad!
      My love to you,

    2. Thanks Susan! I was able to find Peres’ speech and it was beautiful!

      Well, the earth clearing, that makes sense as I am having physical symptoms again for the first time in awhile. I hope they pass quickly as I am going on a much needed vacation soon!!

      As for relaxing…I don’t know about others, but I have a tough time with this when my body seems to feel it needs to be on “high alert” all the time with all the incoming, and outgoing, energies, emotions, etc. I have no doubt it’s the best way through this, but it’s a tough one for those of us who may be a teeny bit stubborn or like to be in control! I guess we’re both going to have to keep working on that one!

      Love you!!

    3. Hello Dear Susan:
      Thank you so much for this update. Significant! And I do always enjoy your posts, gaining LOTS of very good things from you/them.
      Many thanks, with lots of Love and best wishes,

    4. Suesuebee…I have to giggle, even though it is sometimes a pain in the butt when spirit puts the kibosh on our plans. This happens to me every once in a while and lately I have been able to flow with it. I am also so happy to hear of the joyous celebration in your country and the feelings of unity around two powerful beings who have been in opposition. Those in power are in the deepest of the density in 3D and to see shifts there–simply amazing! I too sensed some “housecleaning” before the solstice coming up on friday and I did a ton of gardening today and I know I am gonna really FEEEEEL it but that’s ok–being close to the earth helps so very much. Leslie–I hear you on the high alert of the body–I am constantly reminding myself to relax and untense…its like we are literally on a rollercoaster of energy and our bodies are responding JUST like that! LOL So, the new word of the day or the week is CHILLLLLLL! 🙂 Alex

      1. ~Alex I just want to say I read every one of your comments and they help me soooo much, you are a great gift to us all and you are very real as well being a very bright light, living in truth and love. Thank you beautiful one x

    5. Dear Susan! Thank you so much for sharing this! I read a transcript of Pere’s speech, and it was a powerful one indeed. Light is breaking through the surface in all sorts of ways, and it will affect everyone whether they are aware of it or not. And yes, it can manifest in unexpected ways as you mention Susan, in break ups and terminations of relationships, in relocations and reunions. For now, more and more are guided by a voice inside that tells them to start to follow their own path now, no matter what it takes. Change is in the air, and I am convinced that this will be an interesting summer, and even if it may look chaotic on the surface, it will truly be a summer of love! Here is an inspiring message for us all (thank you for guiding me to it, Kade!)

      Love and light, Aisha

  2. I would like to ask you Aisha, and all who read your blog to meditate on sending LOVE to those who are going to the streets in demonstrations in Brazil.
    Thank you, Silvia

    1. Dear Silvia, The Light as it is goes to where it is needed. It is needed and working everywhere. But of course I just send my light especially to Brazil. I’ll send my light anywhere you ask!
      My Love and Light to you and the people of Brazil

  3. Dear loved ones, I woke uo this morning with a terrible dream. In it I came home and my wife told me that our oldest daughter had died. She had to be sacrificed. I just couldn’t believe it. I still can’t believe I had such a terrible dream.

    1. Dear brother, you are allowing yourself to release so much of what you have carried within. This is another reminder of how powerful you are becoming, for what surfaces in us all now are the things we have been hiding away in the deepest places because we have not been strong enough to re-view them. For this is exactly that, a re-view as the CCs told us, when this old imprint finally releases from you and dissipates.
      Much love and a big hug from me, Aisha

      1. Dear Aisha, thank you for this insight. It is perfect. I understand.
        What happened to our daughter seemed like a dark nightmare. I see that now.
        Love, JayJay

  4. Dear Aisha , Constant Companions , Sisters & Brothers ,I am so grateful. Thank you to all the Benevolent’s watching over us. I can hardly wait.

  5. I SEE The Promised Land. I Am at the mountain top. It’s all there all bright beautiful and shining. We are all there, all the beautiful beings, all under the rainbow. Oh the joy! Look! Look! Feel! It will come to you! It will!
    Forest Joy

    1. Oh there’s that sparkling light of Forest Joy again… and this time with a Message! How nice!!

  6. Sometimes I think I’d rather be dead! Lol well hopefully it’s in the form of resurrection.
    Alex by the way I figured out that people pull our strings (petty tyrants like Castaneda calls them) are in karmic connection with our shadow selves from the past lifetimes. All the 12 signs, all the 12 core issues should be in complete healed form within us like the 12 layers of DNA. It’s true that our core issue of this lifetime is one thing, another thing is 11 other core issues are hiding behind the current one or holding on to it so to speak. So as we release heal and complete our 11 core issues during Black Moons and with help of specific karmic individuals or with help of painful memory of them, we realize that our life gets better and better as our centric current core issue gets smaller. It’s like we are a conglomerate of personality of all 12 signs. We might be working on one but as we go deeper we are working on all of them.

    1. Golden Eagle, yes, I completely agree that we have the ability and I would say, as wayshowers and holders of the light to work all our issues from the beginning of earth school and beyond. I have been walking this path for a long time and no matter how deep we go at this point, some other shadow level can and will present itself. I feel much gratitude when this occurs because I know how to get on with it and release with love. What a blessing to know we can do this and we are strong enough and as we do it we transmute so much for all other beings on the earth and beyond! 🙂 alex

    2. Have you found that when you start to heal one issue/part, you automatically begin to heal other ones, or they at least start to “surface” for healing? Sort of like a domino effect? Or maybe more pieces of the puzzle becoming visible? It would make sense as everything in the personality intersects at some point; I don’t think you can affect one part without it rippling through the others.
      I agree that we are conglomerates of all the signs as we bring past life stuff with us from each sign – hopefully with many lessons already well learned! Very interesting thought about the 12 signs and 12 DNA strands….
      As for past life encounters – boy I wish I’d known more about how to deal with the tough ones when I was younger, lol! As long as I can remember, I’d get a certain feeling about someone if they were from a past life, but didn’t understand that there may be a lesson involved, or anything about how to determine the best way to handle the relationship – I learned the hard way I guess. But the flip side is there are also a lot of past life friends who are here to help. I’ve found that a lot recently. I hope you are also finding those “helpers”!


      1. Hey Les! Definitely a Domino Effect in place. If the 12 layer of DNA is a shape of flower of life and flower of life is a structure of consciousness then it’s possible to assume that Earth has a flower of life structure too and 12 phases of the moon would be the projections as it flips from strand to another in relation to the sun. Interesting stuff indeed. Hopefully we and Earth get more comfortable in this process of projecting our selves.
        Love, Nick 🙂

        1. Yeah, dominos falling all over the place for me too. And it will make you hold on to your sanity for dear life!
          What you say about the Flower of Life, the moon, the DNA…yes it all fits so well with “As above, so below”. Sacred Geometry is very fascinating and personal to me.
          Being more comfortable in the process, wouldn’t that be nice? Astrologically I’m just about at my Chiron return so it’s time for everything to come up for healing. “So I got that goin’ for me…which is nice.” 🙂 (Sorry, I’m a quote addict)


          1. I love how science and nature and spirit are all coming together—none of it “worked” without the other but had been separated…again wonder why? lol I like to think of the domino effect or of clearing and cleaning one issue and another presenting itself like this…if you put a penny into a glass of water–it sinks to the bottom, but if you add it to a glass of tonic water or soda, you are adding carbonation (think love and light)…at first only a few bubbles cling to the penny, but eventually tons of bubbles cling to the penny and guess what? it begins to rise! So, we are adding light and energy to our beings, both spiritual and physical. We are decompressing–losing density on the physical side and on the spiritual side and so, the grip on things like wounds and scars and old karma gets loosened and with enough love and light–they slide to the top (into consciousness from subconsciousness) and we can observe them and release them like tons of bubbles from our lives forever….cool beans! 🙂 and golden eagle–just go with the flow and trust yourself…if you feel unbalanced take a break from consciously spinning your energy up and just connect with nature, water and drink in the sun and the moon–let the kingdoms do some of the work for you! Hugs! Alex

            1. I love this analogy!
              I’ve felt these “bubbles” during meditation sometimes…very interesting! I also like what you said about balancing the “doing” and the “allowing”, I think that’s really important for all of us to remember!

    3. It’s been a super stressful week for me with two of my animals being under the weather, so I haven’t had the time I wish I had to be here with you all, but I am here in spirit, always. I thought of you all yesterday as I stood in a sudden and very intense sun shower…I could hear my neighbors and their kids shrieking happily as they ran for cover, but I couldn’t move if my life depended on it, I even lifted my face to the sky as the rain pelted down on me with beautiful, golden fury. It was absolutely magical…and the best part is that when it was over, who flew past my gaze but a perfect little yellow butterfly…Bagalamuhki 🙂 !
      Love & Blessings to All,

      1. Oh joy Mags! I LOVE to connect with the sky through rain–I can feel the blessed cleansing and energy of the rain come into me! And oh my beloved Bagalamukhi! I am seeing her everywhere right now–she is so good to help with cleansing and releasing all things negative–especially negative thought forms and things that no longer serve us! Just ask for help and she is there-especially during this lunar month! 🙂 I hope your fur babies feel better…havent seen rosie (pinkrose) in a while, hope she is ok too and nohmad–anyone know whats up? sending them both love…alex

        1. Thanks Alex! Yes, thankfully everyone is on the mend now! I just have to get through Friday when I take Lotus in for a dental…not happy about having to put her through it, but it has to be done 😦 .

          Rain is usually such a rarity here, it always has a magical quality when it happens, but this was incredible…the sun was blazing at full-blast AND it was raining hard at the same time…so freakin’ awesome! Yep…the beautiful Bagalamuhki certainly IS everywhere, and I am definitely not shy about asking for her assistance! Not sure where Lady Pink is at, I wrote her yesterday but haven’t heard back yet…sending Love to her as well as all the others who are “here but not here” these days!

    4. Wise brother, thank you again for sharing your journey and your insights with us all. You bring much light to this Pond, and your perspective is as always befitting your name.
      Much love from me, Aisha

      1. Aisha thank you for all the messages you bring to keep us on the right route. It’s been pretty nuts and I don’t know which month was more nuts lol they are all nuts! Hopefully you got all the time to rest or at least that’s what I wish you 🙂

  7. Thank you Dear Aisha as always….& I think it’s such a wonderful thing you are doing in helping so many to Love themselves again, believe in themselves again & helping them to be inspired to connect with the Light of Creation where All will find the LOve, the Peace & Blessed Harmony that they long for ! I do hope your internet issues will be short lived, & solved quickly ! Have a glorious day !!!…………Hugs, Bev~

  8. Dear Alex,

    You made me smile with your lovely message. Pixie? LOL! That description is for the Lyrans amongst us. We human-Sirians are the care-givers and the social workers. We will work ourselves to the bone to serve others…You are absolutely correct that there comes a time when we have to learn how to cut those ribbons of over-responsibility.

    What I love about the Pond and what makes it work is that we balance each other. One brings humor, the other brings comfort. When one is exhausted, her Pond-mates takes her by the collar to a resting place. When someone loses confidence and needs information, a colleague provides it. The CC’s are the camp counselors but we are all the bunk mates and I can’t think of a more wonderful group! I am hopeful that one day we will all truly meet in person at that hotel in Norway I saw in my dream last month.

    Love, Susan

    1. I would love that Susan, I too dream of going to Norway.
      I so resonate with what you say about the Pond.

      I so resonate with all the comments today. I feel ME growing inside, it’s an amazing sensation.

      Love, Light and Joyfulness,

    2. Suesuebeeee… absolutely beautiful and so true vision of this pond and all us campers! I too feel we will all truly meet in the enlightened flesh at some wonderful future time and we will all be so giddy we will dance and laugh and cry like children frolicking on a warm summer night chasing fireflies!

    3. Dear Susan, what a perfect description of this Pond! I am already dancing giddily around in anticipation of the day when we will all be doing the same together somewhere on this beautiful planet 🙂
      Love, light and joy from me, Aisha

  9. I have been following this blog for many months now and reading the Responses for about three. Two months ago my life started the outward shift so rapid it literally has my head spinning at times. I made my choice to go to Ecuador (from Canada) with my partner, re-homed my wonderful companion (ferret), buried my mom who I’ve been spending my time with for two years, moved out of my home and am just finishing my last 72 hour shift. There are some legal hoops that can possibly cause hassles so I decided to show myself on this site and ask (not an easy thing for me) for support from you all in the coming weeks. (Leave for Ecuador Sept 17th.) This has been an amazing time and things fall into place even before I ask. I am so grateful for the messages here and the comments from all of you. They have helped ground me during the tumultuous times!

    1. Dear Nancee, welcome to this Pond! Thank you for bringing your light here, and for reaching out to this family of light. We are ONE, and I know you will find much help from your brothers and sisters here.
      Much love from me, Aisha

    2. Dear Nancee, without saying you have my support, my love, my light.
      I love Canadians anyway, some of the kindest people on earth!
      Much happyness in Beautiful Ecuador for you and your partner!
      Love, JayJay

    3. Greetings Nancee!
      Welcome… and I think you can be sure your request for support is perfectly appropriate with the brothers and sisters here.
      I stand with you in loving support of this great transition of yours, timed it seems to coincide with the even greater transition of us all into New Life.
      With Love and best wishes for your greatest fulfillment,

    4. Hello Nancee,
      Much good luck on your move, I know you will receive all the support and nurture you need when you connect to this Pond.
      I did ,if you read my earlier post,and can categorically say that it WORKS.
      Never forget to connect here, there is so much love and support between us lightworkers. And it took me a long time to think that I was one of the trusty volunteers.
      Namaste Phil.

    5. Oh Nancee! You are so loved and supported.
      I believe you will ‘spin’ through these next couple’a months with flying colors. Literally!
      I see beautiful colors spinning around you as we speak, ‘look’ for them and feel them. They are you, YOU are beautiful.
      And take those legal hoops and spin them around your waist like a ‘hula hoop’! You can handle as many as they throw at you, and more.
      You have always been a Giver of Love. Now the Love comes back to you ten-fold (actually, infinity-fold!) because you have immersed yourself in ‘Pond Love’! There’s nothin’ else like it.
      From my Heart,

      1. Ride Sally Ride! You Go Girl!! What a wonderful new addition to the Pond you are! May I ride with you?
        Love and Happiness at your arrival,

        1. ‘All I wanna’ do is ride around, oh yeah’!
          Right on Billy Bright! I love your name, by the way, it fits you perfectly.
          Thank you for the welcome. I love this place. It helped me, ‘put my bad feet on the ground’!
          We just might ride around one of these days. If I remember right you’re in British Columbia? Yeah? Well, I’m just right here in little ol’ Oregon. So ya neeeevvveeerrrr know!
          ‘When’a the moon hits-a your eye like a big-a pizza pie, that’s amore’! I like Dean Martin too. When I do road trips I always have one-a his cd’s on board.
          I’m actually old enough to remember the Dean Martin Variety Show with the Gold Diggers. He was so cool. So smooth. Yeah, love him.

          1. Oh, Fantastic! Another Dean Martin fan! (I guess you read my little “homage” — hehe.) I remember Dean Martin and the Golddiggers on TV too, you know. Liked it as much as a kid could, I think… but ignored him for many decades after. Hadn’t “gotten” him yet as an adult at all. Through most of my music-loving years of ever expanding and deepening taste, he was still just some boring old crooner my folks liked. Hahaha. Little did I understand! He was definitely an acquired taste for me, nevertheless blessed by this epiphany about 10 years ago.
            Yes, do I date myself as well, dear? My gravatar photo is 6 years old now (not that I was trying to appear younger — haha — just that it’s the right photo). I’m currently 55… and expecting to be about 30-ish really relatively soon! Should be fun (the understatement of the Century!) “And the times, they are a-cha-an-gin’…”
            Much Love and truly Best Wishes, dear Sally,

    6. Ask and it is freely and lovingly given Nancee–following your heart is the key to this whole process! You are a living example of that! Blessings on you and your wonderful new life in Equador! Much love-alex

  10. Hi, you wonderful people! I give my personal testimony to this very REAL actuality: ‘it will be like when the sun’s rays pierces through the darkest and densest of clouds, and just like that, the raging storm dissipates, and you will see a brand new world standing before you.’ I ‘arrived’ at this place, as a permananet new ‘residence’, several weeks ago (the initial glimpses of it several months ago actually). It is DIVINE!!! Literally, lol 🙂 And what the CC’s say is absolutely true: You shall probably not only laugh at all your past ‘sorrow and strife’, but may actually CRY — but with tears of joy and bliss and appreciation for the Reality that we ARE, and can NOW experience fully! Like I’ve done, more than twice. Hope to see you all ‘there’ very, very soon.

  11. Hello beautiful beings of light….this message brought up a very strong visual for me that I wanted to share with you all.

    Do you remember in the winter or very early spring that sometimes our mothers would bring in plant bulbs like jonquils or amaryllis and because there is warmth and light they will grow and bloom. I always felt that this was so cruel to the living creature that was the bulb to be woken up out of sleep and not given soil, but only water and then after they bloomed they were thrown away. Pushing life to emerge before its time leaves it vulnerable and it is never as fully present as it would have been had we allowed it its life course.

    We on the other hand, are like beautiful wild flower buds. We have thick outter skins (leaves) that protect our delicate new selves, but the beauty, lightness and amazing quality of our petals, when exposed to the sun, the rhythms of the moon and the stars and the gentle rains will burst open and overnight they will unfurl into the most miraculously magical and divine flowers of all time. As a gardener, I await the blooming of different flowers and wild plants in my space of love. Some flower only for a day, but I know they will return next year. Others flower for longer and the bees and the butterflies dance with joy to surround them and drink of their sweet nectar.

    Realize this dear friends–really realize this–we are ETERNAL flowers, that will bloom and never fade–that will each be a continual source of blissful love and light and a deep well of sweet nurturing nectar for all around us–for our blessed mother Sophia-Gaia, for the divine Mother and Father, for the Sun and the Moon and for all beings on earth and in the multi-verse. Feel that….flow with that…and allow the time necessary to burst forth into the true, timeless beauty of who you really are….

    Loving you all! 🙂 Alex

    1. Hi Alex….this is so beautifully said & as a gardener also, I understand. The complete process of awakening is so wonderfully understood when we take a moment to compare it with the perfection & beauty of nature & all it’s processes in the realm of creation ! Even the simplest life forms, like the Bees & Butterflies understand & we can learn so much from them & All of nature’s creatures. I often think of the Buddha in how he understood this too. He would hold a lotus flower & ask the people to clear their minds & gaze upon it’s beauty & peacefully allow oneself to connect to it’s essence. Many did not understand then, nor do many understand now….a shame really, as much that exists in the form of paradise, of the Love & Beauty of Nature, of Mother-Earth is here now ! & in fact has been since ancient times. The Buddha is often depicted with one hand up & one hand down & this also has far greater meaning then most know. It is a sacred link of trinity union between Creator, our soul self, & Mother-Earth. There is great energy that flows from the palms of our hands (healing hands when we choose to make the link) It actually goes back to the time of Isis (the goddess of Egypt) If you are interested you can look up ‘The knot of Isis’……
      Dear Alex ~ may your Heart be filled & your mind surrounded with bountiful gardens in bloom !…………….Hugs, Bev~

      1. Aw bev! What an awesome message and expansion of where I was walking along the garden path. I have to giggle at the palms, I often imagine the beautiful eyes opening in the palms of my hands and soles of my feet as I engage with energy of others and with nature. Yes, I am familiar with the pose you indicated related to as above, so below and within….It is raining here and everyone is scurrying to take cover, and I am out there, seeing the beauty of the raindrops glistening on the flowers! 🙂 hugs and enjoy your bountiful garden as well! alex

    2. Beautifully-said, Alex…and so very true! I love watching my garden, every stage that happens is exciting, and the sense of awe never leaves, no matter how many seeds I’ve sown over the years. (((HUGS)))!

      1. Beautiful family of light, what a wonderful garden of love this is! I see us all growing and expanding, drinking in the blessed waters of wisdom as we face the light and welcome another day 🙂
        Love, light and joy from me, Aisha

  12. Dear Aisha, this is truly a manuscript of survival. I totally resonate with each new message! I’m stepping away from the drama, and already I can feel some Light shining through. Thank you for all you do!
    Love to you and all in the Pond

  13. I am at my truth and see things clearly thank you aisha one day I would like to see you face to face and feel your wonderful energy I appreciate your relentless work at getting messages out for all of us freedom….

    1. Beloved sister, nothing would bring me more joy than for all of us to meet face to face one day. Until then, I embrace you in my heart and I thank you for sharing your journey with me and everyone else here at the Pond.
      With love and gratitude from me, Aisha

  14. “Liberation is at hand dear ones”
    This is welcome news – had some strange clearings ( or is it acceptance of how I really am ? ) lately. Thought I was taking a break from all this ( the Pond/commenting etc. ) but the light/process will not stop even when you think you have blocked it so to speak.
    The reason the word liberation resonates today is some welcome news.
    Some of you may remember that I asked for Pond help about a month ago to do with a friend who had been put into an induced coma due to a head injury.
    Well, we can rejoice. It worked , Grant is back in England walking and talking though has some rehab to do.Discharged from hospital,so 90% there.
    I humbly thank all who joined with me in sending our light and love.Names too many to even remember but I know we ALL did it!
    Love,Light and thanks again, Phil.

    1. Phil, absolutely thrilled to hear about your friend. I can tell you with strong confirmation when folks in here FOCUS their intent miracles happen. this isn’t just silly mumbo jumbo it is a fact and getting stronger and stronger…also, remember that once you have connected here you carry the energetic signature of the pond with you–you can choose to not visit this internet site but your soul will always visit the energy of the pond….to nurture you and bring you love and light…hugs…alex

      1. Dear Phil, dear Alex, thank you both for what you share here! What a powerful reminder of the real reason for all of the hard work we do on ourselves. It is not just for us, but for the benefit of ALL. And as you say Alex, the energetic signature we have helped to anchor here at the Pond is something we carry with us for always. It is also something that we take out into the world every time we connect with others.
        With much joy, gratitude and love from me, Aisha

        1. Dear Alex and Aisha,
          Thank you for your kind words,Alex your messages are “essence” as we say here in England.
          I do certainly feel that if I don`t sit down and meditate it`s no bad thing because I am connected here every day,every way, 24/7. It`s a feeling and confirmation I carry with me at ALL times.
          Thanks for your comment brother Billy.
          Signing off with a huge group hug Phil.

          1. LOL Phil! So true about the meditation! I love to connect with source in every moment possible, I don’t need to blank my mind out to do that–simply sitting in nature or consciously “leaning back” into the golden grid surrounding the pond and our wonderful mother Sophia-Gaia and I am THERE! 🙂 I asked for more group hugs above and here I got another one! Wonderful! Alex

  15. Hi Aisha, I am so grateful for recieving these messages, they have been so helpful for me the last months. The resonance of what is written each time is amazing. I just wanted you to know this. Much love and many blessings. Em

  16. Good evening (here anyway!) my dear Ponders,

    I sense a more feminine energy in the past two postings. Mayhaps (LOL :))
    this is to “soften” us a bit and get us to lay back a bit. This is very good advice.

    Sometimes we don’t quite get the relevance of the messages and then we start noticing things. I am someone who is very punctual and by the clock. The past week, I have taken off my watch and forgotten it – at friends, at the gym, at the clinic…. something that is totally out of character. Remember the posting on time? Fought that one tooth and nail and then started “forgetting” my watches!

    Notice how you are thinking about someone and suddenly they call or write? Notice the food cravings or food aversions?

    My lesson for the past two weeks was to let go of “stuck patterns” and “behavioral conditioning.” Being the stubborn being I am, I ignored that piece of advice until I started getting burning sensations in the solar plexis chakra. Went for acupuncture and the doctor “out of the blue” said there was a “clog” due to holding onto patterns! HAH!

    So, the bottom line is that even if there is a delayed reaction, most of the time, the advice we get comes to fruitation (is that a word in English?!)

    I think our goal this summer is to lighten up a bit. To play more. Eat chocolate. Watch silly movies. We’ve worked SO hard and have been through SO much. It’s time to actually enjoy ourselves!

    Love, Susan

    1. Susan, my dear girl, I read your post and it brought joy to my heart because I see you opening up and getting lighter and lighter. You have so many gifts and so much knowledge and you have been so very serious and straightforward about it, but I knew there was a little fairy girl in there, inside of you and I am so happy to see her coming out. So Dance, eat chocolates! forget about your watch and just BE! You and I both know your guides will tell you if you need to attend to something important and they always will, so probably for the first time in a long time, just be the blessed magical pixie that is Susan and enjoy yourself! And the word is Fruition—which means to bear fruit or come to its obvious conclusion. HUGE hugs to you girl! 🙂 Alex

      1. Hello girls! Yes, it is definitely time to “lighten up” in every sense of the word 🙂 We are closely guided as you say Alex, so we do not need to worry about missing out on any important lessons. The only thing we can miss out on, is the joy of BEing ALIVE. We do work hard, but we must remember to savour our presence on this beautiful planet every day. And most of all, to celebrate the fact that we are here in the company of so many amazing, wonderful brothers and sisters. Group hug!
        Love and light from me, Aisha

    2. Chocolate and movies…sounds perfect , Susan!
      I stopped wearing watches a long time ago because I would always either break them or lose them…apparently someone was trying to tell me something, LOL! 😉

      1. I had an interesting “watch” experience…I always, always wore a watch until I lost it this past November (before I knew what on earth was going on with me). I went to 2 different stores to buy a new one but they couldn’t get the links out (I have tiny wrists) and I got totally frustrated and went home watchless. That’s when I started having to look at all the digital stuff around (my stove, phone, etc.) and started seeing the 111,1111, etc. All this stuff that only makes sense in retrospect….!

        1. SQUEEEE!!!! Les! Oh my goodness me I never realized that you certainly wouldn’t notice 111 or 1111 on a regular clock–you ‘d think–oh its 10 after! Good point! 🙂

          1. Yep – I would have never noticed the numbers otherwise! But boy was I angry that day I couldn’t get my new watch – I definitely didn’t view it as Divine Intervention! Xoxo

        2. The digital synchronicities is a part and parcel of people who experience “ALL THAT IS”(digital stuff).I have come across all the probalbilities of synchronicities and finally One’s.At this moment only thought I had is
          “This too will pass”….and yes it all has passed.I felt its the total refurbishment of being.Its good to be a livly person living in the moment.

            1. I was wondered the way spirit taught me the life lessons.Most of the time I had the experiences before and an explanation through your webpage in written format the next day consecutive day.(It was like I’m reading my own experience/reflection in a written format).All these experiences taught me to live in the moment lively(NOW) waking from the dream life.There were hinderences at work/life but everything was taken care.Bottom line was to wake me up from the sleep and make me a better human being.You were one of the channel where I received messages/teachings. Thank you Aisha for all you do for humanity.

  17. Bless you and love you, Aisha, for this message this morning which speaks to exactly what I am experiencing. How thankful I am for you, beyond words, to go out of your way to see that this message came through despite the fact you lost your internet. HOlding your hand this moment and knowing all will be restored both inner and outer. This message today was a saving grace for me and I am sure for all of us. I love you, Aisha, Jean

  18. I am on top of the dark embrasing it loving it to become one with it and 2getter we become ME a big shining light with a golden heart…. LOVE AND LIGHT thank you AISHA kissssss

  19. Dear friends! I have lost my internet-connection at home, and I do not know when they will be able to fix the cable that someone “accidentally” dug through earlier today. I had to rely on a friend to get this message posted, so I hope I will be back online tomorrow at the latest.
    Love and light from me, Aisha

    1. It may be the sign of a transition between two periods / connections. Who knows ? That’s what a dream showed last night. Love – D –

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