The manuscript of survival – part 323

You have started to face yourselves now dear ones, and even if some of you are rather hesitant to do so, the signals you will get back from yourself when you really dare to fully open your eyes will be so powerful, they may literally take your breath away. For with this realization comes also a deeper insight into all that you are and all that you do, and you start to see yourself in a very different light from before. For some, the very idea that everything you had once taken for granted seems now to be little more than wisps of fantasy will seem almost too much to bear at times, while for others, it will be like tasting the sweet taste of freedom for the very first time.

For the one you will see when you truly find the courage to dig deep enough within, is someone that will be radically different from the one that you see when you just look at the outside you, the one you have identified as ”myself” for the whole of your lifetime here. And so, the gap between them may seem almost overwhelmingly large, and you can all in some ways experience a sort of identity crisis. For who you are is something that have in many ways been a set part of yourself forever, but now, when you have to start all over again in many aspects, it will be a time of chaos and uncertainty for many.

Remember, this realization will bring with it so many profound changes in your life, as you will literally start to see everything through new eyes. So please reach out for someone if you need that to steady yourself, lest you should lose your balance too much. This can be challenging in so many ways, and finding your new standing point will take some time to adjust to. It will be a little bit like standing on a bus that suddenly hits an unexpected bump in the road, and you will all in some ways be tossed about for a while before everything settles down.

So take the time you need, there is no use in rushing this process in any way. For you need time to really, really fathom what all of this will entail, not only for you, but for everyone around you as well. For once you have gotten the first glimpse of the real you, it cannot be forgotten. But it can seem to fade away at times, as you go about your daily life and everything seems to be exactly the same as it was before that first and almost earth shattering encounter. So take it slow, and give yourself all the time you need to readjust to this. And again, reach out for others to help you to balance yourself and find the equilibrium that you soo seek. But do not be afraid of losing your balance a little now and then. For this is all about daring to let go of the old fear of losing control and settling into a much more unpredictable way of living. Again we say go explore, for even if you are moving into yourself, you are also moving into what in many ways can be defined as ”unknown territory”. Just remember, there are no dangers lurking under the surface here, there is only love, so do not be afraid to go and see what you will find behind that first curve in the road ahead.

128 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 323

  1. Hello fellow ponders.

    I wanted to share with you how our latest exploration into ‘who we are’ went for me. It manifested as a song, as a conversation between my HS and me, and it is a little bit of an ass kicking, but with a lot of Love of course, as always. I got to learn another part of me and I believe I have moved a step up in my music writing, as this song was the best one I did so far. I only have the drums and voices yet, but I think you will like it. You won’t be hearing it for another 2 weeks because I had to order a special gadget for a sound effect. But I thought I’d give you the lyrics first, in the meantime.

    Common sense
    We gave you sight in the best of times,
    We got along to raise the vibes,
    We have lovely eyes…yes? 😉 😉
    Please be nice to the ones you like,
    Being Love, hanging on, making friends,
    We have to Live it to feel them.
    Don’t be shy to show your light,
    Don’t you know we have tickets for Paradise,
    We have to ride in the ball of change.
    I’m sure you see it too,
    Down inside I’m just like you,
    Hear me sigh…..
    Please join me higher…yes?
    Don’t be lost in the dream machine,
    God knows when we’ll make it to freedom,
    We have to learn how to live in NOW.
    Isn’t ‘change’ on the path of wisdom?
    We have to wake up to Love, and dreaming in bliss!
    We have to make it to Shambala.
    Golden change of Life,
    Golden change, big change of Lights,
    Golden change of….pace…yyyyesssss
    ( solo )
    Golden change of Life,
    Golden change of Love…yeah!
    Don’t you become like Tweedledum,
    Give in to common sense.
    Don’t play dumb and ‘Be’ your light,
    And take your place….on stage!
    Open up and ‘Be’ your light now,
    Give in to common sense.
    Don’t be shy and show your light now,
    Give in to common sense.
    Don’t play dumb and seize this light now,
    Give in to common sense,
    Give in to common sense!


    1. Dear Nayon, I really like this. I can’t wait to hear it with music too. You’ve made a really important point about common sense, which is so much missing in alot of new age stuff. It’s like your soul can speak to you through your common sense and make new ideas and things seem so obvious. Thank you Nayon, alot of love to you, Gail xxx

  2. such “Strange Days”, one of me was cringing in terror from one of me and I still don’t know how many are there of me, anyway.
    yeah, right I wish I could wrap words around it.
    I guess, all I can say is:

    1. I ‘saw’ you on Thursday
      And we danced with glee
      As the hands of the clock
      Then reversed its rotation
      Picking up speed
      Spinning rapidly backwards
      Oh, about forty years
      I watched with joy
      The amazement in your eyes
      As an old man
      Became young again
      …and good looking too!
      With sandy hair
      And a crown of gold

      My, how you have grown!
      I think so!
      Feeling younger yet, my prince?
      But you’re still in charge of the tadpoles 😉

    2. Otmn: Standing with you for true clarity, release, and soul freedom of the most Magnificent proportions. I think you’ll enjoy the new MOS message #324.
      With Love,
      from Billy

  3. I love the way they trick us into deeper diggings. But it’s better to be informed of that, than to be hit with the blow not knowing why it took place.

    1. Ooh, a Peach! Welcome home gorgeous!
      And jade too – I was just reading yesterday about the wonderful healing qualities of emerald, jade and malachite & thinking that it would be a good idea for me to find a lovely specimen to aid my healing work 😉
      Ain’t life grand?
      ❤ Warm, welcoming Love & hugs for you, southern sister! ❤

  4. I want to sent all my love and compassion to you all around the Pond – especially you who don´t feel so good today.

    Today I feel like a damp cloth after having a huge release of blocking/s/ yesterday at the hospital, making a minor surgical procedure to get rid off some small humps, something that I have done several times during the last decades. Absolutely nothing to worry about and the procedure was well done with lovely healthcare professionals.

    When waiting for my turn I prayed for the whole process, for the healthcare professionals, and even the whole hospital and all within, and during the operation I was breathing in light through my whole body and prayed that those humps would be gone forever.

    At the end I started to cry so hard that I could hardly stop and I was exhausted all afternoon – and even today. I think here was a huge release leaving me, and I felt so relieved though exhausted afterwards.

    As I think that those humps in our bodies are “made of” feelings, sorrow etc it was like when extracting them, the blockiing also released. Could that be possible?

    Lots of love to all of you!

    1. Lots of Loving Good Healing stuff to you, dear Birgitta.
      Thank you for being here and sharing a part of you with us!

    2. ‘As I think that those humps in our bodies are “made of” feelings, sorrow etc it was like when extracting them, the blockiing also released. Could that be possible?’

      Definitely, yes. And after a major release we often feel like a ‘damp cloth’ because we are in a new space which is unencumbered by the old blockages. So sometimes this causes a short shut-down while we integrate the new feelings and get used to NOT having the blockages in our way. It’s a bit paradoxical, because you’d think, ‘blockage gone….I should feel great!’ But I’ve always found there is a sort of peace that goes with the release, even though we feel tired or grumpy or weepy or whatever.

      Sending my love and compassion, along with Birgitta’s, to all who could do with a lift. So much Love, Gail xxx

      1. Thank you Gail! I am so glad that you could confirm this could happen. Indeed there was a very huge release – I am hardly able to do anything at all today. My brain is almost out of service, but I hope for a recovery tomorrow when my grandchildren will visit me 🙂

        Much love to you


    1. Billy,
      Here’s my hand offered in love. Touch and hold on to this and to all the beautiful hands here at Aisha’s Pond. Together we will lift you up.
      Forest Joy

      1. My Dear Forest Joy:

        My heartfelt gratitude to you for your loving hand offered with such kindness. I am very happy to have and to hold it in the love and support with which it is meant. And what a lovely name you have to go with it. Thank you!

        I eventually just went to bed for what turned out to be about a 4 hour evening nap — Friday night here, local time — haha — particular days and times for such things having become quite meaningless over recent months. As I drifted in and out of sleep during this time, I noted a good deal of heavy-duty processing going on. Always a good sign — makes me feel and know more of the approaching Reality, reminding me that I am actually “getting somewhere” (if one may call it that) even in the face of… whatever.
        It would be during this time that your (and the others’) message(s) came in. And I’m quite sure I received them all securely in the spirit, for my great benefit, during my little rest here.

        I feel soooooo much better now. Like night and day.
        Thanks a million for this! Shine on, dear one!

        WIth much Love and warm Greetings to you,

    2. (((HUGS))) Billy and Persephone…this is one wild ride, but we are in it together! We can all relate to these things you express, and the cool thing is that when some of us are “down”, others are “up”, so the balance is held even if it seems not to be. Being able to come here when I feel lost, bedraggled, numb, angry, or sad is a true blessing, there are always sooo many etheric arms ready to hug me and hold me up to the light. May you both be blessed with the knowing that you are Loved and nurtured here…your wings are being healed as I speak these words, and in no time you’ll be flying again, my Dear friends!
      Love & Big Hugs,
      Maggie 🙂

      1. Dear Maggie! This is so true! For what we have created here, is a web of light that is so strong, it will last forever, and it is so wide, it contains us all. And, as the CCs said, there is no danger of anyone falling through it, for we are all so strongly connected to this web. We anchored these energies as individuals, but through this web that has been weaved by our individual strands of light, this powerful grid has been set up that will supply us with all the “power” we need to fulfill our task of recreating not only ourselves, but also this beautiful planet.

        But there is an ebb and flow in this grid, and when someone feel like they are at the lowest of low, there are always enough of us at high tide. And so the balance is perfect, as we who feel the energies lifting us up can stand as powerful supporters for those who struggle at the same time. For we are indeed ONE, now and forever, and we are a part of something that is alive and growing every minute, every second.

        So if you feel low, just lean back and let yourself fall into this ever lasting web of love and light that will break your fall. For there are a thousand arms and hearts standing ready to receive you when you need a rest. And remember, even if the tides have retreated and left you staring at the muddy bottom of yourself, it will soon come in again and lift you higher than you have ever been. For you must not think that the muddy bottom is who you truly are. It is just the deep, rich soil that serves as your anchor here on this planet.

        And so the ebb and flow keeps lifting us all higher, until we are all forever floating in this tranquil sea of love. At times, it feels like this have been going on forever, but now, I sense that we are reaching a turning point, where even the lowest of tides will not serve to drag any of us down ever again. So just reach out, and you will feel the assurance of your brothers and sisters standing ready to keep you steady when you fear you are falling through the cracks. We will all lose our balance in this process, but we will never fall away from this safety net of love that we have helped to create.

        With love and gratitude from me, Aisha

          1. Dear sister, lean on me! Today I feel as strong as the mountains in my country, and I feel like I am floating in an endless sea of love, so I stand here with wide open arms, ready to embrace everyone who needs an extra big hug today 🙂
            Much love from me, Aisha

        1. Dear Aisha and Birgitta and Nick and All:

          Thank you sooooo much for your wise words and your Loving support. It means A LOT to me!!

          My heart is Warmed! And I’m SO happy to be here!

          With Much Love, Brothers and Sisters,
          ~Brother Billy with the mended Heart

        2. Thanks so much Aisha, and to all who offer support. The past few days have been rough for me too, and it gets really frustrating. This path sure isn’t linear is it…..I guess that would be too easy.

          Love to all,

        3. So reassuring Maggie and Aisha! I literally fell down yesterday, and today again (losing my balance).
          However I just went into meditation and I let myself fall into the pool of Love that is our Pond. I came out feeling refreshed and lifted, loved and strong.
          So thank you everyone in the Pond for lifting me up again! Of course I am ALWAYS here for each and everyONE of you! Big familyHUG!
          Love all of you!

      2. Oh Maggie… you are such a Dear! Thank you for your kind words and support… and for this beautiful McCartney song! It means MUCH MORE to me, and perhaps ever shall, now that You have played it for me (and Persephone). Persephone, I hope you are feeling better too, dear. I would probably have said nothing — except I saw your note of feeling numb, and thought: yeah, OK, I’ll say something. And just look at the Love it has brought us. Thank you too, dear, for communicating. It turned out to be so valuable for me (for us all). Please feel so very much loved and supported and feeling better too!
        (Maggie, please see above message to Forest Joy for more.)
        With lots and lots of Love to you (and All),

    3. ❤Billy❤ If ever you need someone to talk to, I’m here for you always. Call or email me (Skype too)- just click my ‘avatar’ for my contact info…After weeks of disconnection, communication with my higher self is resuming. I’ve received some profound insight/information that involves you and several others here…many seeds are beginning to germinate, love. Hold that dream of yours with unwavering Faith, excited expectation and gratitude, for your dream IS in process of fulfillment! I have glimpsed a potential opportunity and will be working on it 😉
      Xoxo, Billy Bright of Glittering Light

      1. Dear, Dear Sparkling Jess!

        You are just about the COOLEST Sister a guy could ever hope for! Who wouldn’t want to be a friend of yours! (I know, I know… you’re probably gonna tell me there might be one or two, for whatever reason… but I think we both know, they just don’t understand what the heck it actually is they are Missin’ here! LOTS!!). THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your exciting words of encouragement. My day has REALLY not turned out so bad, after all! Yayy! (If you want to hear a little more about this crazy but wonderful day of mine, please see my messages to Forest Joy and Maggie above.)

        Talk to you soon! (Of COURSE I’ll email you!)

        With Lots and Lots of Love and other Good Stuff,

        PS… Don’t forget about Nohmad’s Mini Get-together tonight.
        When: Your sleeptime, Saturday June 15
        Where: the Love Pond

        Love to you too, Nick. Thank you, Bro’!

          1. Amy Dear! You’re Back!! I MISSED You! Another SO Wonderful Sister. And I treasure you! (I know, like you have said, if you’re not here you are processing things on your own. So I’m very sure you’ve been doing this. I do hope it has gone well.
            There is also an email to you, dear, which is coming. I want to tell you (talk to you) a bit about how I’ve been enjoying Lisa Gawlas’ stuff since you referred us to one item of it. I was a bit surprised there as previously I hadn’t thought there was much there for me. But it seems there sure is/was!

            1. Ah, my Bro Billy! I’ve been out in my gardens enjoying to the nth degree the wonder all around me. The rain has been so bad we have become a “swamp” yet I managed to be out mud and all. (and we had two days of relief from rain so sun sun sun this day AND no chemtrails!) Hehehehehehehehe…….Sure do wish I could post my roses here for they in themselves have healing and fairies galore!

              And yes, processing but in a very GOOD way! I AM ALIVE! After going through months of travail and “digging in the dirt”.

              Thank you for missing me. I have missed you as well, that glorious smile of yours! And that handsome face, oh my, your light is so bright you bring tears in my eyes.

              Sending you Rays of Love even though I have Mother’s dirt beneath my nails as I type this to you!

              BIG (((HUGS))), Amy full of SUN

            2. PS Yes, I do LOVE LOVE LOVE Lisa! What she writes is tremendous and I can SO relate to it!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE her honesty, humor and intelligence, in the way she figures things out…….way kewl…………

  5. Each and every one of us is a gift. I love us all so much. God loves us, I love us, everthing that is loves us. Welcome Home, Angels.

    I just had to repost this…

    Dear Friends, Miracles do happen!

    I hope you enjoy reading this a much as I did, a great way to start of the day!

    If I may add, it is also the best to end this day as it started, in love of what we are. We are our Father and Mothers gift to All.

    Love, Mark

    1. Hey Otmn:
      I enjoyed this other rendition too of the Little Light song by the Boss and friends. Love a brass and wind section! Cheers!

  6. A magic change can happen within a nanosecond. One individual is enough to create a universal change.

    In the meantime, we’re all feeding it with the necessary information / energy.

    The caterpillar does not know it will be a butterfly. A leap is a leap. It is not linear.

    Because life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get. That’s what Mamma (Mother Nature) said… 🙂

  7. Thank you so much dearest brothers and sisters , one day we will all rejoice that are mission here is done and we can go back to being angels . We can go back to service to others with our whole hearts . Peace be with you all ! …..roew

  8. Thank you Aisha, for holding our hands as we start to dig even deeper now. The mirror exercise didn’t seem to “work” when I tried it, but last night in part of my dream, I passed a mirror, and as I caught a glimpse of my passing self, I saw something much different than my usual reflection. I was different completely, but what stuck out most was my eyes. I have fairly bright blue eyes already, but these eyes I saw were BRIGHT…flaming, even! I thought “WOW, is that really ME?!” I saw magic in my very essence, and if I hadn’t known it was a mirror I was passing, I would have thought I caught a glimpse of some bright-eyed magical being outside of myself. The rest of my dream was oddly dark…I literally dreamed of a dark horse! It was a baby, though, a male, and he was sick. He was curled up on my bed, and I was tending to him, loving him, and just trying to keep him comfortable as one of my Beloved’s little dogs (the chubby one named Gaia 🙂 ) frolicked around him, trying to engage him in play and cheer him up. Interesting…the “dark horse” is being nurtured and accepted rather than being put down. Like our egos? I’m with Alex on that subject…ALL my aspects are coming with me to the cosmic party!

    With Love & Gratitude,

    1. Maggie, I so agree with your take on the “dark horse”. We must embrace all that we are, and see ourselves clearly from all angles. The “shadow parts” of us needs to be acknowledged and loved in order for us to become whole. We cannot push anything away and “put it down” now, and so it all comes up for us to SEE it. And it does not come alone, it comes in the company of our own bright-eyed magical being 🙂
      Much love from me, Aisha

    2. Dearrest Maggie, I am no expert, but the black horse represent your wild side that was propably tame very early in your live. You are healing it now, because you need it to be in balance, and your wild side makes your life more interesting something, making us take action that are not analyse before acting. Taking risk without thinking, following your heart. Your dog is happy, I think he can’t wait for your you to be a llittle wilder! 🙂
      About your bright eyes, it’s so similar to my own experience, except that I was awake and I took me by surprise (see my earlier post if you want). Yesterday, I also “felt” without any doubt that I came from Srius. it’s coming to us, and it will find a way to get througt and let us know what we need to know in the right time.
      With Love and Light
      Love and light from me

      1. Oh that’s a beautiful post, dear Joyjovy! Much for our lovely Maggie, but I sure got a lot out of it too. Thank you!
        Lots of Love,

        1. Dear Billy,
          Don’t matter where you come from in the wolrd, most of us had a very rigid education on what was good or bad, to control us. We all understand the need for rules, but It kills our spontaneity. We need to be these little kids again, that run free and laught until their belly hurts. We need our wild side to take it’s right place in balance. Their is not enought joy in our daily life, and a lot of us are like zombies, without fun and laughter.
          If Maggie is healing, she is also doing it for all of us…I need it, we all need it! 🙂
          Love and light

          1. You SAID it! Absolutely! I can hardly wait for that awe-inspired, awe-inspiring, free-flowing Divine Spontaneity! Inching toward it. Can almost taste it. Ain’t it Grand!

              1. flying is good
                children are good
                fun is good
                it all sounds good, Carolyn

                I’m test-running tonight….do join me

                much love, Gail xxx

      2. That makes a lot of sense to me, Joyjovy…I do have a serious wild streak in me, and I have consciously “tamed” it to an extent, but it’s still very much there. Hmmm…this definitely has me thinking…maybe my wildness doesn’t want to be “tamed”, but wants to express itself in a different way than before…which is a good thing, because I really wouldn’t want to revisit the kind of “wild” I was before I calmed down…eegads! Hahaha!

        1. 😀 It’s all about balancing your energies and the way you express it, you have experience and help now, you will know how to do it.

          1. This is beautiful, Jess…thank you!
            U-huh…I know you’ve got that wild thing too…I can see it twinkling in those lovely Elfin eyes of yours! 😉

  9. I’m wondering how many of us knew what was going on as small children. I remember having “imaginary friends,” being told I would have an important job when I got to be a “big adult” and I especially remember “knowing” that I was in this “foreign body.” I had to shut down around 6 or 7 because I knew that I would be in big trouble if I didn’t. So, maybe we just forgot or repressed what we knew when we were kids. I am thankful that things are so much more out in the open today.

    Love, Susan

    1. Interesting you should bring this up, Susan…my mom and I were just talking recently about how I used to insist as a child that I was not human…I told her I was from another planet, and that my “other mother” is also on this planet but she lives in Spain. I even had a language, which everyone thought was “adorable”…I couldn’t begin to speak it now, but I do remember saying these things and meaning them.

    2. I had a place to go as a child that kept me safe and peaceful. It was a cave deep in the earth with totem animals and herbs and I was a grown up medicine woman…I knew very early that healing was my path and no matter what happened in my life, that secret life made me calm and brought me peace. Hugs to all my little children friends who knew they had a bigger path…alex

  10. Dear friends and family, I have to share you my story as this text strikes straight to my heart… again 🙂

    I work as a breakfast waiter in a busy hotel, usually having around 250 guests coming to breakfast. During winter we had these candles in each table and every morning when I went to light those candles in each table I said myself silently ” Let the light of this candle light up hearts of those people who will sit around the table and make their days perfect.”

    This was maybe more like something for me to feel more happy at work ( I had some problems with some colleagues) and just did it as it made me feel happy.

    Well as I have started to get more interested about the crystals and as it seems that my dreams during the night are telling me stories, I have to share what I saw last night in my dreams.

    I worked at the breakfast room as always, but this time as I was preparing tables for customers I laid crystals in each table and by touching the crystal I made it glow so bright 🙂

    This dream made me realize that I might have actually done already lot of healing work although I havent thought about it that way. So many people sit in those tables during a week, month or even a year and even though I have seen my work as heavy, rushing around kind of work, I know realize that I might have given some light to people unknowingly 🙂 Suddenly I feel like I have done something very important 🙂

    And I do have felt that there is a reason why I want to stay in this job for a moment although I havent know what the reason is… well know I do 🙂

    So yes, I am starting to realize already who I am and why I am here and why it is important that I am here ( in a world I mean) 🙂

    A big hug to you all !!

    1. It’s so lovely when you realise how you have ALREADY been doing this for years. Helps to realise that we are already what we want to be….just a matter of recognising that. Beautiful Sunshine xxx

    2. Sunshine, again I must say what a perfect name you have chosen for yourself at this Pond! Your light has found its way and warmed many a soul for a very long time already 🙂 Thank you for what you bring us all, shining sister!
      Much love from me, Aisha

    3. Thank you Mark and All my relations. Much Love to You. Emily. Sunshine, I am from the Sunshine Coast in Canada. Love your dream and good wishes for breakfast diners. Keep on Shining.

      1. Warmest Greetings Emily!
        The Sunshine Coast?? You’re kidding! Hey, we’re practically NEIGHBOURS! I’m here on the Lower Mainland too, south of Vancouver, however. (Your Gravatar says Dartmouth, NS, but I’m assuming that’s originally. Or is there also an SS Coast down east?) I hope you feel very, very Welcome here at the Pond, dear. It’s a Wonderful place to be!
        Lots of Love,
        ~Billy Bright

      2. Thank you all for your comments, it is really amazing to learn about this light work every single day 🙂 Wish I would have more time to comment others posts too, but I try to read as much as I can and my heart is with the group anyway 🙂 Love to you all!

      1. Thank you Aisha – sorry ALOT of these coming from me today. Energy needs to be balanced so ALOT of love coming from me today. Thank you :)!

    1. Dear newxonearth:
      Yes, it was also reading your comment of feeling a heaviness today which added to my saying something about it — this extremely TRYING day I was having as well. The negativity was on me like hornets on a houndog… like from the minute I woke up Friday. But… our dear brothers and sisters here helped me immensely since my mentioning it. I hope you’ve been able to receive some of that good stuff too.
      Bless you, newxonearth!
      Sending you lots of Love,

      1. Billy,
        Thank you :D. Yes, it got better later in the evening either b/c I was too fried to care or just couldn’t keep up anymore. Today is much better. Hope your day is better too 🙂

            1. Hey, so nice to meet you too, Carolyn!
              Sending you lots of Love and good wishes,

      2. Billy Hi! For whatever Divine reason really didn’t know I could respond to the comments on via WordPress until today. This is one I couldn’t find after scrolling and scrolling. Just wanted to say Thank you and hope you are having a beautiful day 🙂

  11. Oh my gosh , this is so what I resonate with . I am opening up to who I really am and I do need someone to lend on , to be able to share what I am finding around the curve . So happy for this pond and the messages it bring today . Thank you for sharing with the brothers and sisters of the light ! ….roew

    1. Dear Roew, just take my hand, I’m here if you need me. And so are all of your brothers and sisters here at the Pond, we will go and explore this together 🙂
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  12. Oh Yes Mark ! Shivers, goosebumps and tears! We are waking up! I’ve read the same about Greece and Russia also about an anti gay law!! They really have time to waste to attack people like that! Live and let live!

    And about the CC’s post, I didn’t really do the mirror thing yet…I’m king of scare!!?? But this morning just getting ready with the kids, I look at myself, and saw eyes that were different from mine, different colour, glowing bright, as if somebody else was looking at me from inside me…very interresting, it’s comming, I think there is no need to try to force it, it’s just comming to us in time.
    Love to all of you! ♥♥♥

    1. Dear Joyjovy – just take your time. Remember, there is only love to be found there, and it will wait for you to come to it.
      Much love from me, Aisha

    2. I’m with you on that…we’ve intended to see ourselves, so even if we didn’t see ourselves clearly in that exact moment, we will be “revealed” when the time is right! 🙂

    1. This made me cry, dear Mark. Thank you for this…….to see the love in action is nectar to the soul. Expect more miracle stories to come flooding into our awareness. Love to you and all, Gail xxx

    2. Thank you brother, for sharing this! And thank you to all the brave sisters and brothers everywhere who stand tall shining their light in the darkest of places. We are ONE!
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  13. Love to everyone! The messages keep coming like christmas gifts!
    So much love and support to be found here in the Pond. Tears to my eyes again.
    My message for today is remember to stay in the present moment. Forget past and future. This is it, we are here now! Live this moment!

    This morning, for the very first time I met someone from the Light, it was Jeshua. He told me not to be afraid of being powerless in the presence of power-abuse. He said the trauma is over, that I am free of it. So now I can safely pursue my true goals in life. We all can! Freedom!

    Love and golden chrystal light to you all!

  14. Greeting Brothers and Sisters of Light. I hope you read these words with love in your heart, if not take some of mine, for there is always plenty to give. You did it again, you healed me. I can’t believe how close I came to the edge of the cliff, again. And yet, in every way you can think of, you ALL saved me.

    So on this day, I give you all thanks. You are the greatest healers this world will ever know. I promise all of you to never leave this pond of love, ever again. If you need me I am here, now and forever.

    I love each and every one of you. Please enjoy your weekend. Take time out to go outside and just enjoy the gift of being in physical form.

    Love, Mark.

    1. Dear Mark, you saved yourself by opening your heart to the love that surrounds you on all sides. And as you did that, your love poured into all of us. I love you, my brother!

      1. So true, Aisha, when Mark opens he does it for ALL and opens the possibility pathway for everyone else. Thank you, Mark and thank you Aisha, for your constancy. Much love, Gail xxx

  15. Love light and mother earth is like a three corse meal that drives my taste buds crazy. I have eaten of the fruit of knowledge in the past when I had all my innocense. All the wars of life were fought and won a long time ago. It was so long ago we forgot what it was like to live and learn. So I made a choice to live again and try to learn of life, and remember all the wars I won in the past to become innocent again. Is it worth living life again to taste of its fruit. Many have failed time and time again and never give up the taste of what live gives. Some have surrendered to return again to their innocent way of live. Many fight on and don’t know why they wish to taste of life in flesh. I look out and dream of those of the past that faught the wars of life and won. They gave the ones that never tasted life the way they did in the past. A chance to do what they had done when they conquered live and won. So they might know what those before them did to have a innocent life. Now I know and bow my head and give thanks to them that gave me this chance to live what they went through.

    Bless All

  16. Wow, this certainly is a “first” for me! I am the first person to post a comment today! My daughter has some finals for school and I had to be up very early so I came in here to see you all!

    Looking at ourselves truly, deeply with love in our hearts and with open eyes to see has been frowned upon, looked upon as vain, narcissistic and shallow–to look deeply at yourself without judgement and self evaluation is the only way you can know yourself. Why do you think “they” told us not to look for so long? We need to put away all the old messages in our heads about ourselves and simply let them go. I have to giggle every time I hear myself in self-judgement…I simply have to think=-would a divine creator-being say something like that to anyone? To themselves–certainly NOT!

    It really is funny if you think about it, and if we didn’t come in with forgetfulness in this world, we probably wouldn’t have let US get to the point we have (not even thinking about the world here, because it all starts with us)…feeling rejection, deception, not=good enough ness…all the things that are opposite from love and courage and divinity….

    But we know now…we know…we are divine…we are sparks of love and light and creative energy sent forth from the central being of Godsource…and to look into yourself with clear eyes is to truly see a new born baby god emerging…love that being…support that being…embrace that being as you never have embraced anything in your whole life and give it everything it needs to flourish…it is your child, birthed of God essence and light and most especially love and now it needs support and rest and love to integrate and finally spread its wings! 🙂 I love that we all have each other to support and assist. it is good. 🙂 Much love to all you divine creator beings! You gods and goddesses here in the blessed pond of love and light! Alex

    1. Alex, you are a God send, thank you for your post. Today it has helped me sooo much, this last week i have been immersed in a very dark 3d pond, and realised that my baby God within has been neglected. I feel so much pain, fear and heaviness today(this week i have been with my parents and friends living in their world and its a world i never want to live in again, i feel i have picked up much negativity or is it mine, i dont know). Tomorrow i go back home to the city I live in and can begin to embrace my light again, the candle has been blown out right now and its just so painfull. So thank you again i will make a note of the last paragraph and read it often. A note to all – NEVER forget the self, ever. Thank you Alex i love you xxxx

      1. Standing with you, Sue, as you return to your place of peace, and releasing of all else. Bless your heart!

    2. I also think Alex, you are real, honest, brave, courageous and i feel you truely embrace life, with truth always in mind and heart. You inspire me. Thank you x

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