The manuscript of survival – part 322

We would like to give you all a little task today, dear ones. We ask you to stand in front of a mirror, and to take a good look at yourself. And then, try to describe to yourself who you see. And yes, we did say ”who”, not ”what”, for this is not to be a list of facial features, of beauty or blemishes, of hair or color. This is supposed to be a truthful description of YOU, the one that lives inside this human body, the one that has elected to come down on to this planet and play the game of being human.

For who are you REALLY? And what are you doing here in the first place? Have you come to learn or have you come to observe?  Have you come to play the part of the victim, or have you come to play the part of the perpetrator? Or maybe both? And is that the real reason you came this time, to play a part, or is it mayhaps because you came down for the very first time to be the REAL you?

So this time, we will keep the message short, for we just want you to become fully awake to the fact that mankind have for eons been playing a game, a game of hide and seek with themselves, and the reason for this, is well known already. For you all came here to learn, not only personal lessons, but lessons that would help All of creation to evolve. But now, the rules have changed, and you have been given the task of re-learning the truth about yourselves. It may sound easy, but it is not, for there is much old baggage standing between the ”you” you see in the mirror, and the YOU you have come to be known as to the rest of Creation.

But now, this separation must come to an end, and the only one who can remove it, is again – you. So start by going to the mirror, and look deep into your eyes, and see if you can start to get a true glimpse of the both of you. For then, you will truly start to see the difference between them. For you have a very distinct human persona, but you have something else, and far, far more evolved deeper within. And when you start to admit that fully, you will also feel how the human persona starts to dissolve and the real YOU can finally step forward and be acknowledged. Not only by you, but by the rest of the world as well. So take a good look dear ones, for we think you will all like what you find there, deep beneath the surface.


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  1. There have never been “news” in 3D, but an endless loop.

    Once we notice the loop, we get bored, we turn the TV off and, of course, we throw it away 🙂

      1. Very….nice. I long for…disconnection for everyone on Earth. Disconnection from EGO.
        Connecting to…HEART.

        Hugging you, Gail

  2. For you Amy, and everyone that needs this. We just need to focus our energy on the good, and good will come. Bad things are still happening, but when we stop to focus on them they will just disappear. I don’t watch the (3D) news anymore. Envision paradise and it will come to be.

  3. Paradise will be here when greed and consumerism disappear. The childish “want” instead of the “need”.

    Anyway, all the human constructions could be flat in a nanosecond.

    1. i’d suggest that when we overcome both greed and need, and find abundance, that’s paradise. Love to you, Dominique xxx

  4. I just did the most foolish thing. I had the opportunity to photograph the whole region I live in, for a large amount of money. I already got the assignment, but today I decided to cancel it…! Yes, I decided it would take too much of my energy for a client who came across as someone who wants to be too much in control. The specifications for the photographs were too demanding. Aaaaagh! I just felt so suffocated by it! So, I feel very foolish now, even as I write this, I’m THINKING “are you crazy?!” Most of all I FEEL I have my freedom back, I’m FREE!
    So, instead of feeling the pressure of that assignment all summer long, I can spend the time the way I like to, like painting the doorframes in our house, fixing the bathroom, being me, etc. Much more satisfying work!

    1. Sounds like you made the decision from your heart instead of your head; that is great. Your heart knows better how to take care of some needs which your head may not. If you’re feeling freer already, I’d say it was a wise decision!

      Your head may still call you foolish, lol. Sometimes our different “parts” don’t agree with each other…but that’s Ok. Your head can have a turn making a different decision another time.


      1. Leslie, we just crossed posted. LOL Like minds and all that!

        I love you! Amy

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    2. JJ, my Brother, you followed your heart. Do you know how miserable you would have been if you followed through with this assignment? You know the saying…..when one door closes another shall open.

      There is also a “lesson” in this for you, a pearl if you will. I encourage you to go deep within your heart, and ask why you attracted this to you in the first place. You won’t regret this. It may be hard to face, but in the facing, you will receive a “knowing”, one that you now have the power to change.

      I am with you, JJ! We are One! Truly!

      With all my Love, Amy

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      1. Dear, dear Leslie and Amy!

        Thank you for your warm words of support and reassurance! I hug you both!
        I’m looking forward to which door will be opened for me, after closing this one!
        Now I only have to tell my wife (she will kill me)…

        Amy, I love your name! You can also say it like: AME. Get it?

        Love from me!

        1. ROFL OMG I read what you wrote, and the reread it, and realized, I wrote the same thing. OMG! This is too funny! Oh, JJ, you gave me a great laugh this day, and it is on AM-ME.

          giggling chuckling hooting

          LOVING, YOU

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                1. 🙂 ROFL Don’t I know that feeling! Work??? If you knew what needed to be addressed here and instead here I write……… And I am laughing about it! Honestly! I’ve worked so hard for the most part of my life, and there is me emerging who just wants to lounge around, and relax, and hang out with my friends. The discipline I have developed over the years is rapidly waning.

                  Dilemmas……….I’ve had to be the “responsible one” all my life. Now? Still am, but I really just want to hang out and enjoy my Family’s company!

                  XXOO Amy

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                    1. Ah, I “think” I got it! And I am in tears with laughter! OMG! Hehehehehehehehehe

                      XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO AM-ME

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                    2. Yep, laughter IS good, she says, hanging on to the table for support…………

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                    3. Well, I managed to throw a load of towels in the washer……

                      In all seriousness, I over these past few days, have been really seeing how ludicrous our programming has been. Since a child, questions are asked, “What are you going to be when you grow up?” and not, “What do you like doing?”. Crazy. Our society cannot even allow children to be “kids” but pushing always pushing the “work ethic down throats”.

                      I saw from a higher perspective how we have become slaves to our jobs, to our homes, to our lives. Pounded into us, was to make a lot of money, so that we can mortgage ourselves into an early grave, work until we drop with a fatal illness, and do nothing but work. And for what??? Scrambling around like robots, doing what we really don’t want to do, but do do because of family, of duties, of the mortgage etc. More and more, better and better……..running around in circles and really getting nowhere.

                      I watched a program while waiting in an office the other day, and I saw a young couple get shackled. Unmarried, wanting a house. The young woman had her name only on the mortgage, they mortgaged themselves to their highest limit and all the money they had saved was going for repairs or fixing up. I groaned inwardly. Insane. A recipe for disaster.

                      If only our world ran on………hey, what are you good at, what do you like to do???? All this materialistic gain is so out of control and people literally killing themselves for money.

                      Since a child, I was forced to work and actually got punished if I sat still for 5 minutes. Always had to be doing something, always. “Don’t waste God’s precious time” I was told constantly. So I grew up into a workaholic, on the go all the time and developed the, “oh man, I have trouble sitting still syndrome”. Thanks, mom.

                      Just sharing some of my thoughts. I really hope the Lightworkers who are in jobs they really don’t like really start saying the truth to get this world really thinking……WHAT ARE WE DOING? REALLY, WHAT IS THE MEANING OF ALL THIS NONSENSE????

                      Thank you for listening. Loving all of you!!!!!! Amy

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                    4. Dear Amy, yesterday I experienced the exact same thing. Humanity being enslaved by the money system. The banks.
                      I also read somewhere to stay focused in the heart. To keep our focus on the Light and the Love.
                      I hope you read this message Amy. I miss you here at the Pond.
                      Love you!
                      JayJay 🍀

                    5. JayJay, I miss you as well. For all my other friends, I will be posting a general post probably in the most recent comment section of the latest missive.

                      In a nutshell. A bomb went off. The dust is just beginning to settle now.

                      Much LOVE, Amy 💖

        2. You are gonna be fine and a new project that brings joy to your heart will appear if that is what you focus on…we are all being led to listen to our hearts and souls in all matters….good for you! 🙂

    3. Freedom……..freedom……..freedom…

      Oh yes, freedom. I’ll choose freedom. Hoorah!! Not foolish, but very wise.

      Love to you, wise one JayJay, xxx

      1. Love you Gail, thank you thank you thank you!
        I feel better and better about this!
        LOVE, JJ

    4. Dearest Amy,


      Exactly!! When we gain this perspective it is then that we realise we are not here to make all that better in our lives. We are here to transcend that completely, not to do it better.

      If we can only let go of the past
      Good things are to come, and fast
      A moment’s sadness, say goodbye
      Then off to our future – time to fly.
      Finding our wings, in losing our fears
      Kick off our lead boots, change up the gears
      Goodbye to old ways, no time to stall
      And so we choose, not more, but all.

      Loving you Amy xxx

        1. JJ, you are inspiring! I’m super happy for you, you listened to your heart as many others have also pointed out, and are BEing a true Wayshower for all who have read this great exchange here!
          BIG Hugs!!!

      1. Great stuff, Gail. You are another of the gifted teachers among us.
        Just for example:
        “We are here to transcend that completely, not to do it better.”
        “And so we choose, not more, but all.”

        Thank you!

        Love and best wishes,

        1. Thanks, dear Billy, I know it’s not supposed to be important, but it is lovely to be appreciated. Loving you xxx

  5. I’m hoping to earn extra credit for this, but it’s only ?70/80? years, anyway.
    no worries

  6. To clarify,
    I walked in for a 2.5 year old, in the Summer of 1953, who couldn’t take the tortuous conditions. don’t feel sorry for me, I volunteered for this job.

    1. Very interesting, Otmn. And you know and remember all this? including accomplishment of Mission One? (As Jess indicates, surely there is more of great value for you to do? to perhaps keep you interested in the final results of your interesting work?) Thank you for sharing the above. Please share more, if you feel to. I think you have the right kind of attention here.
      Love and Best Regards,

    2. Dear brother, thank you for stepping forward and bringing your light into this world and to this Pond.
      With much love and light from me, Aisha

    3. As a natural palmist I can confirm that children up until the age of 7 sometimes choose to leave and be replaced by other souls if it is not the soul contract of the parent to suffer the loss of a child. This is why I rarely read a hand younger than 8. Some beings want to experience birth, the love of a mother and father, etc. The developmental stages of the human animal and then leave. Living a full and whole life experience as an angel incarnate in a human body is DIFFICULT LOL and so some just come for a bit and leave….that you remember it Otmn I completely accept….and that you must be here for a reason! 🙂

  7. When I was a boy, I did not listen to the adage
    “If everyone jumped off a bridge, would you?”
    No, I was one of the kids racing to go first.

    1. I just wanted to say, I love you so much and I was one of the little girls holding your hand….:) p.s. when the CC say your human personality falls away and you see the true YOU, that YOU also has a personality–its just BIGGER and more wonderful and doesn’t have any social constraints or masks of things holding it back….good to be REALLY seeing the real you my brother! 🙂 Alex

    1. Oh ddear GOD!! I aam cryinng. …..keeyboaaard neeeds charging…..

      That iss MY messaagee! LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Wow – thank you SO much for sharing this! What an incredibly powerful reminder that the light is entering into the darkest of corners, and that every soul on this planet has been given the same choice to open themselves to it.
      Much love from me, Aisha

  8. Family members were career Air Force, working in top secret nuclear missiles. Remember, that’s what I’m here for. Putting an end to the threat of all out war. So, I was dropped into a militant bunch who were in favor of
    “just, NUKE em!”
    When in the movie “War Games” when the computer says
    “Interesting game Professor, The only way to win is not to play.”
    My job was pretty much completed Since then I’ve just been helping out wherever I can. The chance to experience a pole shift in the flesh is well worth it to me, to stick around for awhile more.

    1. Thank You, Brother
      All those years
      In the trenches
      of anger, bitterness…
      A very high price
      You paid
      For this ticket
      But you haven’t yet SEEN
      Your work
      In its entirety
      And so
      Shortchange yourself
      For Who else
      Can better tend
      The Tadpoles?
      Only The King
      of the Frogs!

      ❤I Love You❤OTMN

    2. OOh, OOtmn, I”m reading.. My keyboaard needs cchargging and I caannott tyype! I aam tthrillled yyou are talking!!!!!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

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    3. Otmn, can you get rid of the 22 american nukes that are still stored here in Holland? This was just reveiled just last week. They’ve been here all along since the ’60s. Never been removed… I don’t usually watch the news anymore, but this newsitem accidentally crossed my path.
      Maybe there’s a lesson for me in this, since, as a kid I was always terrified that the world would be destroyed by nukes. I should just let it go.
      I’m sending my love & light to everyone envolved with these bombs.
      My love to you also!

      1. Dear OTMN, I got my answer already! hat was very quick, like instantly. I was led to a site with channelings from Matthew Ward, and he said the following:

        Moving on now to other matters readers are questioning, some time ago
        radioactive emissions from Japan’s damaged nuclear facility were neutralized to
        the extent that they posed no new health risks. Eventually all nuclear power
        plants, stored waste and other toxic pollution will be technologically
        dematerialized. In the meantime, crews in your skies are using technology aboard
        their ships to safeguard nuclear facilities that still are in use.

        Concerns about countries with nuclear weapons acting rashly, other countries
        racing to develop or acquire those arms, and accidental launches are totally
        unnecessary. By Creator’s decree and God’s authorization, civilizations with the
        ability to prevent deliberate or accidental nuclear strikes will continue doing

        This message from Matthew confirmes what I already ‘knew’: that it will all be resolved.

        Love and Peace! Thank you Otmn!

      2. JayJay, take a look at what we were up against

        General Lamay wanted to do a preemptive strike on the USSR with over one hundred NUKES. He figured on wiping them out all at once.
        Very few have this attitude if any, now .

        1. I dare not look Otmn! I’m just glad the good forces of love and light managed to stop (and still do) everyone from using those devices.
          All my love to you and everyone envolved!

  9. I must first of all, must say. I have been looking through blurry lenses so I just might get parts of it wrong.

    The story begins at the ?journeyman/union hall? waiting for an assignment.
    After catching up on the news and reuniting with old acquaintances, I was still something around 20,000th on the list. I figured I had time to take a short vacation. While I was gone, the bombs went off in Japan in 1945. By the time I heard the news and got back to the ?hall? all the plum positions were gone. Choosing from the dregs, I came into an abusive family, to allow a young soul an escape. He was in threat of being extinguished.

  10. I looked in the mirror as directed, it was just:
    “yeah okay , hi there me.”

    It was near the end of the missive when they said,
    cc-“And when you start to admit that fully, you will also feel how the human persona starts to dissolve and the real YOU can finally step forward and be acknowledged. Not only by you, but by the rest of the world as well.”

    I’ve been keeping me to myself, except in few and rare times when I was sure to not be ridiculed. To come forward, isn’t exactly frightening, it’s distasteful to subject myself to the annoying idiots, who judge a person by their shoes or car or some such nonsense.
    So okay, there is no better place than with Aisha to take the cover off.

    1. Another gorgeous song, Otmn….incredibly, deeply, moving. As is your story – I hope you will continue to share….


  11. Thank you for this message, Aisha. So wise.

    Love is in the Air……

    Love these lyrics when you think it as talking to our soul….look in your eyes…mmmmm!! Relates nicely to this CC missive.

    Love you all xxx

  12. today most people i talk to have fatigue and for me there is a psychedelic feeling in the air, anyone else experiencing this?
    not quite sure who or what i am to be honest..
    much love!

    1. My husband just said this day to me, “I don’t feel right. I feel like I am on an acid trip”. Hang in there, this feeling will pass. Mine “out of my zone” and feeling “zombied” lasted many months. Please keep in mind our journeys are all unique. So what happened to me will not necessarily happen to you.

      When it all comes to a boil, and it shall, you will know you. As Source.

      Love, Amy

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        1. You are so welcome! Hubs will be fine. He has the Guiding Light living with him. 🙂 🙂 🙂 D)

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            1. Oh, Gail, this is exactly what I am realizing right now. My first instinct has been when around density, my heart shrinks up and my light develops a dimmer switch. I have seen such deep insights about myself, and now I am consciously working on shining, and keeping on the shining…….

              Thank you for posting this! I do LOVE you!


    2. Same here, extremely wasted Tao! Identity-crisis, check!
      Tired, so bed-time for me.
      Love, JJ

      1. Ah, (((HUGS))), Gail! This morning fly high for me, then BIG headache, and oh wow, tired again? I send you my Love with the hope tomorrow is a better day!

        Love Amy

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  13. Ah, Ali, I have tears in my eyes after reading what you wrote. For I just came from looking deeply within my eyes, and I saw Love, I saw Peace, I saw Truth, I saw Wisdom, I saw Compassion, …….. I saw Source. For real. I was so drawn to my eyes, my breath caught in my throat. Strong, direct, without fear ……. my eyes spoke of their journey back Home to Source.

    Whoa! Like you either the baggage is finally behind, or it is in the process of being tossed out now. I have never seen my eyes look so beautiful, shining, glistening with Joy. Wow. I am so moved. Getting tongue tied. I am really moved………..

  14. Hello beautiful beings of light! When I say that I mean it, it isn’t simply a name for you all, you are ALL beautiful beings of light! I have to giggle at the CC’s today because last night, I stood in front of the mirror
    before this message and I was looking at my aura first. I have long been able to see the aura of light around beings and it used to be a thin brilliance clinging to the body. Now in most beings I see at least 2 layers as if a halo was within a halo around them. I assume I am now seeing not only the mental/emotional layer but the etheric layer as well. Well, I focused in last night and saw almost like a cloud like orientation around my body. As I moved my arms in a flow my energy swirled and moved with me gently embracing my body in its loving light. I was so pleased with this expansion and sharing time with my own energy, I had a huge smile on my face and looked into the mirror, into my eyes and the love fest began!

    I looked into the deep brown eyes of this being, who looks younger and more joyful and peacefully centered, with a new springy curly hair cut and i smiled as big as the sun, sharing love back and forth with myself. True, deep unconditonal love–all the baggage has either been left behind or is in the process of packing…Such a joy!

    Then I came in here this morning to see the message from Aisha baby and I had to laugh…look in the mirror–yep! did that, Check, saw the full me, and it was freaking awesome!!!! Great message CC’s loving you all! Alex

      1. BeLoved Gail, holding hands with you, I too say to Alex “Truly in Tune, beLoved Alex”

        I Love both of you, Amy

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      2. So funny, Gail – I was meaning to reply to her last post
        “Alex, you’re just a big bundle of AWSOME!” Lol

        Alex, your AWSOMENESS is confirmed all around!

    1. Wonderful Alex! I had a look-see myself and I wasn’t sure what I saw, but reading your comment and Rosie’s, I remember looking at my eyes. At first I didn’t see anything different, but after a while my gaze shifted and became resolute and steady. Can’t wait to have another go, but I am very tired. I’m going to bed, nearly midnight here.
      Goodnight, love an light to you all!

  15. Thanks Aisha and CC, I have to try this too 🙂 At the moment it seems that the past lives are shown to me now through my dreams. I have started to have a pain or aching in my hips after work days and I have thought that it is simply because I walk a lot at work. This other day I anyhow started to have aching in my hips already on my day off, just before I had to start working next morning and I wondered in my mind ” Why my hips are aching although I havent been working?” And I got the answer during my dream.

    In my dream I walked down the street and walked by a large window which reflected my image back to me and I saw myself walking difficult as I had a bowlegs! I remember thinking in my dream that ” Ou, this why my hips are aching, I have bowlegs!”.

    After waking up I thought that wow, I must have had a bowlegs in my past live and that memory is still living in my body. I am so thankful of these dreams 🙂
    I have now reserved an appointment for “spiritual operation” (dont know the proper name), but there I will have spiritual surgery and ascending masters and passed away, former top doctors will treat me from my karma signs. This is all about the karma legacy and cleaning all non-wanted karma. So I am looking forward to this. According my dreams I have still lot of old ME’s with me, so I think I have some clearing to do still 🙂

    Love you all!

    1. Awh, bless your heart ❤ perhaps you’ll find this article helpful, as I did…

      If the etheric surgery doesn’t clear the physical discomfort, do consider having a physical touch therapy of some sort…I have found (self) acupressure for emotional release so helpful, but it’s getting to be a bit much for me – I’m thinking to find a Rosen therapist too!

      In the mean time, this song is 4 u 🙂 Hope it cheers you right up!

      1. Hello Jess – wow, what an amazing array of music you share! You could be the best dj ever, you have a tune for every occasion 🙂
        What you say about the acupressure resonates very much with what I have excperienced with acupunture. I used to get regular treatments from a homeopath, but when I started to open myself up to this journey, the effect of the needles skyrocketed to a point where it was just too much. I know of others who feel exactly the same for the same reason, and they have also been guided to step back from it. To me, it is another sign that our physical bodies and the energies in them must be changing more and more.
        Love and light from me, Aisha

        1. Interesting..I also ceased acupuncture regularly about 3 years ago. I used to go weekly and then, even though I love my practitioner, I felt that part of my journey was complete and YES the needles were zing zing zinging!!!! though I do believe everyone is different and should explore alternative therapies to see what helps..hugs!

      2. Hey Jess!

        Classic and so appropriate song for Sunshine’s dream. Funny!
        But some of the stuff that comes up AFTER it… Oh my Goodness!

        Man, you guys have some totally UNIQUE culture down there in the American South, let me tell ya! Hehe. (But you know this.)
        Try on this early film footage of Sweet Emma Barrett for size!!

        Nohmad… You just can’t FIND this kind of sexy in Brasil.

          1. Yes, Jess and Aisha, isn’t she something?? “…a good li’l goil,” as she puts it. Although she isn’t outwardly beautiful in the conventional sense, I think she’s adorable! And the music — so cool! So much fun!

    2. Dear Sunshine! Our bodies are certainy filled with a lot of untold stories! I am so glad that yours have chosen to start to open up and tell you more, and I am so glad that you have been guided to find help to release them. I send you much love and a warm embrace and I hope you will have a wonderful and healing concversation with your body 🙂
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  16. My Brothers and Sisters of Light, it is with Love that I greet you on the this day. I am so sorry I had to be away from from the pond for a little while, but I had to help heal a friend of mine of his demons of the past. On Friday, this Angel agreed to go into treatment, and I took him and told him he would not be doing this alone.

    Now for the different part, for the next four days I got to taste what he is going through, and it was all bad. I felt what he felt, really. I could not eat, sleep, or even think. I just wanted to thow up, hide in a corner, whatever.

    Then a miracle happened. He called me last night and talked as the person I know and love. He is going from short term treatment to long term treatment, so his five day journey is now going to start today and last for 28 days. This is huge to me, and a gift, for I have lost many a good friend to alcohol, but perhaps by the grace of God, not this one.

    Again please forgive me for my absence, I never really left. I just hid his energy from my safe zone, this lovely pond of light and love.

    So today my fellow angels, I come to ask a favor of this lovely pond. If you could send your healing love to my friend Drew I would be honored. I could use a dose of that myself by the way. This drained the heck out of me.

    It is an honor to know such brave angels as you in human form. Each and every one of you is my Fathers gift to this world. And each and every day it is my honor to have such wonderful brothers and sisters.

    I AM MARK.

    1. Angel Mark, your friend Drew has healing from my magical gardens on the way. As I sing and dance this day with my flowers, I send this energy to him and you.

      Loving you, Angel Amy

      Sent from my iPad

    2. Dear brothers Mark and Drew, may You gather strength from the four Directions and the Sun and Earth, so as your healing can be complete and Your recovery swift…


    3. Precious Angel Mark, YOU are very brave to help your friend by absorbing some of that toxicity…I do hope you at least visited the pond in Mind – and it’s ok to ‘bring’ your sick friend to these healing waters too! No need to tackle it ‘on your own’ – in fact, it’s a bit dangerous…most people don’t quite understand our ‘job’ nor really believe that it’s possible to do so – BUT I KNOW FROM EXPERIENCE that its real! …and I also know the harsh impact that it has on our physical bodies!
      I’ve also LITERALLY experienced my friend Rachel ‘wick’ pain from my body, in attempt to ‘share the load’ after an earth healing ceremony we did together…
      May you get relief ASAP & remember to ask for assistance next time, please?
      BTW: I’m asking too – I have a feeling I just (inadvertently) invited the devil to tango again 😁

      1. Hello Dear Jess:
        I will stand with you in loving support for you in whatever it is you’re referring to. Yes, I love you and I support you. Take what you need from me.
        With lots of Love and more,

    4. You, Mark and your friend Drew, I send you my shining light of love and healing.
      Big hug!

    5. Hello Mark. I am standing with you and Drew in loving support. For me, the only thing which has supplanted the power and super-magnetic habit of alcohol or other addiction is the Vision for what Spirit is actually bringing to pass during these very days, the Vision for our superb Fulfillment, Now, not in some future lifetime or other. The mundane life has never been enough by itself once this dark pattern has been deeply indulged by the addictive personality. Let us hope our friend Drew has the capacity to catch a bit of this glorious Vision.
      With Love and Best Wishes,
      ~Billy Bright

    6. Beloved brother! No, you never really left this Pond, but I am glad that you have chosen to nourish yourself on the healing waters again. You are a brave and strong soul, brother, and what you have given your friend is a gift from your heart. And what a gift he is giving you back by accepting yours. I send you both my love and light, dear Mark, but I also ask you to reach out to us all the next time you stand before such a monumental task. That is why we are all gathered here, to support each other every step we take on this journey. And especially now, when this journey takes us all out in the wide world beyond the shores of this Pond.
      Much love from me, Aisha

      1. Hi, Angels, my lovely brothers and sisters of light. I learned much from this, again. Aisha and Jess, you hit the nail on the head. I tried to this alone, again. It has been something I have done since I was a child. I can’t do this alone, I have tried again and again, and each time it just does not work.

        Well this time I will no longer shield the pond from the dark energy that seems to persist on our lovely planet. Together we will create Heaven on Earth.

        With Love my brothers and sisters.

        Ps: Drew is doing very well, thank you all for sending him and me your love.


    7. Dear mark, joining you in sending loving healing light to your friend, who is so wonderfully lucky to have a being with him who understands and loves unconditionally–sending you love and patience and personal healing for you as well and to all the guardian angels involved..You are a blessing to us all. Alex

    1. T- somebody pee in your cornflakes?
      If they did, we’ll take care of it but could you try explaining what you are REALLY FEELING?

  17. Thank you thank you thank you, Lady Aisha! My arms are around you loving you! Dancing with you! My heart! My soul! We are ONE! And free!

    Celebrating LIFE,

  18. This could be another look at the begining. In the begining I was a small speck of + energy flooting around in a vast darkness. As i traveled I would come across another small spark of energy we would meet up and join as one. All the dark – energy always moved out of our way. This went on for a long long time as to say. Then there was no time No life as we know it or no death. As we went on and our thoughts grew in knowledge. W found that all this darkness has knowledge to. Different from our knowledge. We learned to speak to each other and exchange thoughts. We know we were both energy. I was + energy and the darkness was – energy. We saw that we were always pushed apart and could only get so close to each other. We trued and tried to get closer to each other. So each time we would try to go faster and faster. We thought if we get together we can make something new and will be a part of each other.
    The + said i will make all the elements that will make form from the formless. The – said said I will put a layer of my darkness around all you create to hold it together. For what you create it will have to learn to break out of this darkness to learn and change form. The + said I will give the forms a choice. To stay in this darkness or break out of it. It will be up to the form to stay or leave this darkness. The + said I will give it a part of me as light so it can learn what to do.

    The rest is just history.

  19. I was created from the star dust of this galaxy in the beginning and evolved to a time when some came to enlighten me. My first body never knew of a of a thing called a soul.Those who came changed my looks a little and gave me a new knowledge that lets me learn new things in a different way. This is my soul that lets me stay in touch with those that came to help mankind. The bad part those that came were not alone there were others that came to. All wanted to change the beings on earth and use earth as they wanted. This started a war between them that almost wiped out earth as we know it several times. This not only happened here on earth but in other places in our galaxy to. Now we are all here to learn of our true past and who we really are. Things have changed now they no longer war with the other races.They are here to help man remember who they really are and to go to the next stage in knowledge and growth as a race or races of beings that can live in peace with all races. As far as me I learn new things daily of my past and what I need to do with the help of others. They will protect themselfs but wish no harm to us. They seek only to help us. I think they would love to use the earth as a place they can come in peace without the beings here afraid of them.

    1. Dear brother, thank you again for shining your light here! What you say is so true, for we are indeed here to re-establish the paradise that was lost. But when we find ourselves again, what was lost will be returned, not only to us, but to All of creation.
      With love and gratitude from me, Aisha

      1. Let me explain….there is nothing to search…nothing to know….everything is energy which is driven by spirit in different forms.People try to term themselves as this or that to satify or validate their own thirst of knowing. World of spirit is just like a ocean(All THAT IS). There is no beginging no end. We are just a drop in this ocean trying to learn and know the different mystries of the Universe.I wish everyone a joyfull journey..

        1. All particals of energy as man knows it is surronded by a layer of dark matter. Nothing touches anything other than this layer of dark matter that can touch another layer of dark matter. What is inside of this is protected by this layer. Look at what happened when science learned to break through this layer. They split the atom. Everyone knows what that does now. There is much to search for. Far more than man knows now. Man needs to learn to be one with this energy. Learn to create with this energy. How to us this energy for all of mankind in a safe way and help man learn more about it. Most know everything is energy. This means nothing if you don’t know what to do with it. Energy never dies as far as man knows. But it can be used and changed to make many different things. Man is just now starting to learn how to use energy in a safer way. This needs much more work in how to do this in better ways. In a 1 to 10 in energy man is a 0. How many humans in his body form know how to use energy with thoughts. Everyone can do it but not control it in his present state of mind. Most aren’t even aware of it. There is so much yet to learn. Can the spirit in you control energy. Does it bend to your will. Can you create with it. Can you change its form. Yes everyone can the human body is a generator. It converts one form of energy to another form every second of the day. All you have to do is feed it. I look forward to learning more about how to work with energy in many different ways that I don’t know of yet. I came with a spirit that knows everything. But much of it hasn’t been installed yet.

          1. Thank you, Master Ray. Another beautiful message. You honestly should write a book! I would read it!

            Love, Amy

            Sent from my iPad

          2. Uh huh, Speak it Brother Ray!

            No, really – BOTH perspectives are true! But we have to be honest with where we are, both in conceptual understanding AND phenomenal demonstration.
            Kinda like saying you can solve a complex linear equation when you don’t even know how to multiply or divide…

            1. Jess, you are another “smartie”. Wow! Thank you for this! We are just like kids trying to figure out what the Universal Mind is all about, and we mostly, walk around in the “dark”.

              Like I have said previously, I really do wish we had a manual to figure all out!

              XXOO Amy

              Sent from my iPad

              1. My daddy teases me all the time lol
                “Baby, what you gonna be when you grow up? An educated fool?”
                Yeah, that prett much sums it up…😜

                1. Oh no way, Jess! You are an Angel lighting up this world! You can tell your dad that another Angel says so!

                  I used to have so much “knowledge” in my head. Then menopause happened. And my brain was forever changed. That is no joke. I’ve been rewired for heavy on wisdom and compassion versus knowledge. That is the truth.

                  At times though that knowledge that is stored somewheres, does bubble up making me feel oh yeah that’s right I am a college graduate and I do have an above average IQ. Speaking of, I giggled the other day. I have an above IQ according to whom? This world? That’s not saying too much, now is it? ROFL

                  I Love you! Amy

                  Sent from my iPad

            2. Yes Jess you are right these are just two ways of saying the same thing. From two points of view there are many more points of view that could be told. There is a different point of view for all the religions , cults and science. But they all are close in their basic points of view. I do know a little math.

          3. Dear Ray!

            I am really impressed by your huge knowledge about a lot of things that is going on in this universe, and so do many others of you too. As to myself I have no idea of the hierarchy of angels, spirits, guides, and all others who live out there, and as a matter of fact – I really don´ t care – or should I?

            I want to ask you about what is happening when healing someone, especially when I healed my mother in law in distance plenty of times this spring. A couple of times she “came back” from being so utterly bad, anguished and exhausted, and I just know it wasn´t just coincidences.

            I am not a kind of Jesus but I know that I can help people to really recover and sometimes get rid of their pains when healing them.

            My question to you is: Is it really possible for us to affect the progress to that extent or WAS it a lot of coincidences, or was it the plan of universe anyway?

            I would appreciate your feedback very much.

            Lots of love!


            1. Yes I believe all can heal if they learn how. But there are some who don’t want to be healed or don’t accept the healing someone is trying to give them. This is a world of choice for the healer and the one being healed. Most don’t want to lose the life they know and accept healing. I have know some who wish for death and won’t accept healing. These people don’t fear death the way some do.

              1. Thank you Ray for this profound truth. Healing equals change, and for so many people, the fear of change overrules the wish to become “healed”, whether that be spiritually or physically. If they do not allow this change to happen on a spiritual level, the energies will not be able to help. Likewise, if someone tries to “push” their energies on someone without their consent, it will not have any effect.
                With love and gratitude from me, Aisha

            2. Are you sure you are not a kind of Jesus, dear Birgitta? Perhaps what you see unfold within yourself as we go will quite change your mind on that. I think you may soon be rather amazed — no, possibly quite Stunned! — at what is unfolding here. And we will All be so blessed by your gifts as they manifest themselves in glorious fulfillment! I think you can be sure. The great Jesus was a forerunner, a bridge-builder (some say THE bridge-builder; or THE bridge himself — which is absolutely true by virtue of the complete Oneness of our True Identity. What one accomplishes, he/she accomplishes for us all. What hurts one of us, actually hurts us all — for we are One in truth). And he said, “Greater works than these, shall you do.” Oh, and we shall! Almost UNIMAGINABLE works, just like Ray is getting at. (But of course they ARE imaginable, just maybe not YET by some.) IMAGINE, dear Birgitta! Imagine that!
              With so much Love,

        2. So many responses to what I have posted on energy.Let me have additional thought for everyone.Aisha had excellent suggestion on Mirror method.Let me keep the mirror aside.At this moment I can see the one in me is the one is you and everyone.The one I mentioned is the core being which is everyone.Irrespective of gender(male/female), colour, caste ,creed etc…People should learn to see the oneness in everyone.Pealse think about this sentence personally “I’m one among everyone”.You will find lot of relief when you remove the self concept.I believe this will help all in better understanding and self healing.With warm/unconditional love -Brayan.

      2. What was lost will be returned, led me to this song. An unexpected journey (from the Hobbit) is exactly what this has been/still is for me.
        What a wonderful journey this is turning out to be! In search of the heart of the (lonely) mountain… So many parallels!

  20. Thank you Aisha! This message makes it clear.
    This morning I had the strangest feeling that I didn’t know who I am anymore. I guess it’s all part of the transformation into: me, myself, my true self. I am just going to look into the mirror to find out.
    Love from, me…

    1. Much love back to you and YOU, dear brother! This is truly an interesting expedition into Self, and the more I find, the further I want to go and explore. It’s a little bit like watching those old “home made” movies we used to make as a kid, where we drew one picture on each page of a note book, and when you flipped the pages, it came alive. For I get these “keys” or a single page with a drawing on it, and then, suddenly you realize that they are all connected and tell a complex story. These last couple of weeks, my sister and I have also found how the individual “keys” we are each being given fit together perfectly in ways that gives us even deeper insights into not only our personal journey, but also to other and more far reaching issues. And by the way, this process has really started to deepen after we both had a session with a Rosen therapist. Good luck with your session, my friend! I hope you will find it as helpful as my sister and I have:-)
      Love and light from me, Aisha

      1. Thank you Aisha, I’m going to the Rosen therapist on Monday!
        Warm hug,
        Jur (what’s he doing back?)

    2. JJ, I’m on the same page as you are and I am giggling, for feeling so silly. (ah, another Susan!) I have NO clue who I am, but just saying ME. I am ME. Something has erupted within me, and I am soaring with perfect glee. Even my cats are all over me…….hehehehehehehehe… to be honest, it’s not cats that I would love to be all over me. OMG. I cannot believe I said that! See? I have NO idea who I am but it is like I am a child again and could care less what comes out of my “mouth”. No judgment. No censorship. Just innocence and speaking the Truth.

      Thank you, Aisha, for another perfectly timed missive. Looked into the mirror and what did I see? ME.

      Philip, I was roaring when I read what you wrote. A tadpole? No. You are much more then a tadpole??? You tickled my funny bone today!!!!!


      1. Hahaha! The elf in me is doin the happy dance!
        Hubs better take his vitamins- the latest round of Light Bombs have awakened the long sleeping Goddess Amy and her ferocious appetite for physical pleasures 😍

        1. Hehehehehehehe He’s nervous………and pulling back……so I am out in my gardens. I just read something of Ray’s so I am forming thoughts, and speaking them out loud. I want to learn how this creation thing works. Working with energy for that is all that is…….

          You are so funny, Ms. Jess. You make me laugh! And this is good!

          Loving you, Amy

          Sent from my iPad

      2. Lady Rose, your energy is setting off mine. It’s bubbling all over me!
        Actually I feel it in me, you’re gushing through me!
        Thank you for being here for me/us all! Thank you for sharing!
        Love to you!

      3. I am glad I made you laugh Amy!

        It was just a metaphor showing me the transformation that is taking place… good fun really!

        Joyfully, Philip 🙂

  21. WELL – as they always tell me. “You are not the General in charge of this operation….” We have a good laugh about that one. Yes, I reincarnated at this time on earth at this time to drive them up the wall!

    Being very silly today….

    Love, Susan

    P.S. I just love the word “mayhaps.” Is it an Andromedan hybrid of maybe and perhaps?

    1. Ha ha – mayhaps it is Andromedan 😉 I’ve had a few insistent people telling me “no such words exists anywhere in the world”, but I write what I “hear”, and so this is a word that seems to be a favourite for one or two of the CCs. And yes, you were the one at the back of the class, always pointing out the weak points in the teacher’s arguments. I’m glad you did, for it has helped me to see things clearer too, dear sister! After all, we did go to the same class 🙂
      Much love from me, Aisha

      1. That’s interesting…I thought mayhaps was just an old-fashioned word. But then again I was told a couple of months ago I was Andromedan – who knows?
        With much love and gratitude,

    2. Love it!
      The Commander
      Embracing her silly side
      Mayhaps you’ll do so
      More often?
      It really is FUN 🙂
      …Playing with the Angels

      1. hhehehehehehehehehehe GiGgLe si ll y meeeeeeeeeeeeeee we ee ee 00 ee GiGgLe ha aa ha aa he ee he eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

        Sent from my iPad

  22. A perfectly timed message today that resonates so deeply I can’t begin to explain Aisha and the CCs – thank you.

    The exercise I have done before but not for some time. So I went and did it. There was a trembling energy present after a while and I briefly closed my eyes and saw a tadpole… tadpole… mmm . It had descended to ascend – I’ve just realised.

    Realising I had broken out of the ‘golden egg’ and was now swimming in the waters of deeper consciousness, I am transforming, metamorphising (is that a word) into the truth of who I am.

    Deep gratitude and blessings to all here – for you are all doing this in your own way.

    Joyfully, Philip 😀

    1. Dear Philip, thank you for sharing this! Last night, during meditation, I was blissfully floating in “my” river and I started to think of your spheres of light, and lo and behold, suddenly I was surrounded by these golden floating orbs. It was very beautiful, and I also felt Briannas bubbles like champagne inside 🙂
      Much love from me, Aisha

      1. Isn’t it wonderful Aisha baby? I have been playing with both energies lately and they are such a blessing! i can just see you playing with the energies while floating along! Beautiful!

      2. That is wonderful to hear Aisha! What a fantastic experience… I can just see it and feel it… beautiful. Spheres and Bubbles together – that’s cool…

        Love to you too, Philip 🙂

  23. Hello Aisha!
    Your post reminds me about the internet community of people who are deliberately trying to answer the question ‘who am I?’.
    Maybe you’ve heard about them, their group is called “Liberation Unleashed” and they consist of over 600 people who successfully answered to that existential questions by themselves. Here’s the site
    Successful stories are in the “read only archives” and you can browse the forum without registering.
    Check it in your free time!

    …and Micchami Dukkadam to everyone!

    1. Thank you Jihn for the link, I am always curious about new ways of seeing things. I went thru some of it, unfortunatly I find it to be based much on dogma, like there is no ‘I’ or that life simply happens, It works from there to go around logic and they supply no explanation, you just have to ‘believe’ it. I found it very similar to the ‘course in miracles’ process, which I find very similar to the control of perceptions of certain mind control techniques. I can’t see where an individualised point of view should be a problem. I can see myself as part of source, yet as an individualised cell with its own perception, following the flow of a pre-planned existence, designed to provide Source with the experience he desired when he molded my existence. Why should it mean that ‘I’, as a separate point of view, don’t exist? Maybe I’m off track here but I do not see the logic behind this belief, and I think one should be careful when approaching this kind of dogma. I hope you take no offense in me sharing my opinion on this. Namaste.

      1. “I find it to be based much on dogma, like there is no ‘I’ or that life simply happens, It works from there to go around logic and they supply no explanation, you just have to ‘believe’ it” – That’s not true, if you believe it, the ‘liberation’ won’t happen.
        You must be rational about this.
        Here’s scientific point of view highly recommended!

        You may say that you exist, but there is no tangible essence of you. Your core is empty. Nothingness is the fundament of everything.

        Here’s Jiddu Krishnamurti point of view:

        “We are so conditioned, so heavily burdened with the past, with all our knowledge, information how can the mind be spontaneous? Can the mind observe its activity without prejudice, which means without images?

        When there is a division between the observer and the observed there is conflict but when the observer is the
        observed there is no control, no suppression. The self comes to an end. Duality comes to an end. Conflict comes to an end.

        This is the greatest meditation to come upon this extraordinary thing for the mind to discover for itself the observer is the observed.”

        “The observer is the observed” is my mantra.

        1. and here’s a fragment of an essay of Steven Norquist, which may give you some clues:

          “After about three years of this I had my first experience of “nonduality” as it is called. I had just read a passage in Ken Wilber’s “The Spectrum of Consciousness” where he points out that ordinary awareness is ultimate awareness. This struck a chord in me, I set the book down and stared at a paper that was sitting on the table in front of me, after about a minute or two an exciting and frightening thing happened, I disappeared! By that I mean the middle fell right out of the equation. Normally there would be Steve over here looking at the paper on the desk over there, now there was only the experience, “paper” but no Steve over here seeing it. It was clear that the middle that normally separated the paper from Steve did not really exist, there was only the experience, “paper.” “

          1. Thank you for the additional info. I watched the video, and I still think it comes short of a logical reasonning. Even her, at the 16:30 mark, says it is a ‘belief’ and may not be true. Their reasonning is that, since there is no material universe per say, then there can be no observer. How is this logic? How is this not a dogma? Even your mantra profess of the existence of the observer. She talks about different levels of consciousness; as an applied attention or secondary, and use that as a ‘proof’ there is no observer, but this is falacious. You view that as a ‘scientific’ point of view but I still can’t see the science in this, other than supporting the idea that the universe is an illusion, a dreamlike reality, but this does not imply that there is no ‘I’. The fact that reality is an illusion is a ‘process’, just like saying you would experience virtual reality with the help of a computer. The process may be trickery, but the experience of it is real and your position from the observer is real. You tell me, what am I missing here?

            1. Thank you, Jihn and Nayon for this valuable discussion.

              My experience is that anything that anyone can write or explain will sound dogmatic to one person and wise to someone else. Any attempted explanation will fail to reach some people, while it may reach others. One given reason for this is that people relate to that which is resonant to their vibration. It could also be said that most people only accept that which mainly agrees with what they believe already. Same thing???

              When someone gives an explanation or an advice, they are either 1) revealing where they themselves are at in the process, or 2) revealing where they understand/believe the recipient of their advice to be in the process and are trying to relate something that helped them when they themselves were at that place in the process.

              Actually I agree with Nayon that there is nothing wrong with an individualised perspective. In fact, I would suggest that it is impossible to not have an individualised perspective. Even those people in serious mind-control cults or religions still have some level of individualised point of view. Even if that is made up of lots of other people’s/society’s viewpoints, it is still their own unique mix of those ideas.

              All we seem to do is find book after book, seminar after seminar, website after website, method after method: all of which are someone else’s ideas which then become group ideas. Yes, they may be new age ideas, but ideas they are nonetheless and most can be found to have been borrowed, stolen or rooted in ancient scriptural purports anyway. Some are helpful, some are not. And it’s worth remembering that some are intended to be helpful, others are not. And, in the end, most external ideas fall down under scrutiny of logic.

              Let’s be honest, if there WERE an understandable 3-d answer or explanation, we who are really keen and committed to finding it and living it, would have found it by now and shared it with others too. It would be famous! And then, paradoxically, it would become a group idea.

              The only thing outside of group ideas is individual experience. The point is that we can only actually EXPERIENCE this 5-d stuff, not learn it, or truly explain it to another. What we end up doing is explaining things that HELPED US ALONG THE WAY to our actual experience. These helpful things are all based in 3-d; ideas, dogma, form, norm, and are techniques, ways of looking at things, which help FOR THE TIME BEING and are themselves to be TRANSCENDED as we go along. The mistake is thinking that the tool or idea that is helping today is actually the whole truth, a permanent help and does not need to be transcended itself.

              My own experience??……there is no form, explanation or idea that is ‘the answer.’ Many forms and ideas may be useful as stepping stones to deeper connection and personal experience of our existence. It is like being in a Cosmic Lift, travelling up to Source. The lift will stop at many floors and the doors will open and you will see fascinating and exciting things, called spiritual, through the doors. It’s fine to have a quick look, but do STAY IN YOUR OWN LIFT.

              Love to all of us xxx

        2. Jihn, wow. I was just thinking about what I am learning on this part of my journey and then I see what you wrote here. Incredible.

          We truly are on a journey of love. And in so many ways we fall short. No condemnation in that statement, just truth.

          For the past few months, I saw my husband act in ways that left me saying to myself, “Who are you?”. Now in hindsight I realize two things. I was acting in ways that I normally do not. And two, when we attach an image to not only ourselves but to those around us, and when that image falls, how easily we stand on our pedestals of “judgment” and detach our “love” because that person is acting “crazy”. Hmmmmm………

          I know I fell short. And I am honest to say it. Now that I have had some rather poignant realizations about myself, I am more aware of “reflection” and now consciously intending and acting in more loving ways.

          So easier said then done. It brings to mind a passage from the Bible, that says, “Do not worship false images” and since we all are God, all are One, you can apply that statement to us when we pull our support and love from those who suddenly begin acting in ways that we are not familiar with.

          Are any of us even near being Master, walking fully as One with All? I know I am no where near that status, yet I shall keep on keeping on, until I am.

          From my heart to your heart, Amy

          Sent from my iPad

          1. Sorry folks, to me, I find this type of thinking, existentialism to be always without GodSource. there is an I in god. There is an I in you. God did not want a bunch of automatons walking around collecting freaking data and reporting back. God wanted to split themselves up into personalized sparks of light each with a unique perspective, personality and vibration and go out into the worlds/multiverses and experience based on a heart felt experience, not some self-less, non-focused way. Our SELVES is what makes life so special and important.

            There is so much dogma out there that is going away, that is crumbling because so many are feeling the light and trueness of who they are–I simply know this to be true. I need no dogma. There is not one thing, not even a breath between ME and source. I am a powerful creator being and I simply know that to be true. I am an eternal, divine aspect of ALL THAT IS. I am not empty, though others would encourage me to believe I am based on their assessment which occurred a thousand years ago, or I am a sinner, based on their assessment that occurred two thousand years ago, or that as Eve, I led to the downfall of man by wanting knowledge and now I must atone for that. I call bullshit–sorry.

            I also know that the ego is not being thrown out or needs to die either, all constructs put forth to hold us back–the ego is the voice of the brain and intelligence and if you simply embrace it as a full partner in your triune being the work you can accomplish is miraculous! When i see people talking about the death of the ego it makes me feel sad for them…would you turn out your child? Not me, I embraced and integrated mine and feel much more full and whole…if I were supposed to be empty why am I so full of love and light????

            FEEEEL who you are! You are full of golden, beautiful, wonderful light–you are powerful–you have the ability to create worlds! You may have been hidden from this under a basket but you learned your lessons and now you will fly if you do not fall into the trap of believing what someone else tells you about yourself!

            The CC did not say, go look in the mirror so you can see emptiness…they did not say go look in the mirror so you can see that there is no I in source. They specifically said see WHO YOU ARE!!! for a reason! Because YOU are there and you are marvelous and you definitely have an I because you are I AM!!!!!

            Sorry to be forceful but we are SO CLOSE and I am saddened when I see folks walking off their paths into detours that create simple logical and mind based explanations for things that cannot be explained in this paradigm…We are divine, we are magical, we are miracle workers- I certainly do not want anyone to try to explain WHO I AM! its up to me to figure that out!

            Hugs all and love and light–anyone can choose what they want to believe and because they are divine creator beings they can find proof and evidence that that is the way–why not find proof and evidence that you are indeed a god or a goddess?

            1. Looking into your eyes in a mirror may very well give you that proof.

              Thank you, loving you Alex xxx

            2. Thank you Alex, you make up for my lack of english vocabulary, ‘I’ am 100% behind everything you wrote. I have nothing to add!

            3. Greetings Dear Alex!

              We have not spoken directly since the day you so kindly welcomed me to this pond after I first posted a comment. But I’ve read each and every of your posts in the meantime, enjoying all — gaining many little nuggets from you here and there along the way. THANK YOU!

              And this one really “hits the spot” for me so wonderfully well. I feel honoured — yes, privileged — and EXTREMELY BLESSED to be here at “the Pond” with All of you, my sis’s and bro’s — and surely you, Alex, are one of the very gifted teachers among us.

              Thank you so very much! I truly Love and appreciate you.

              Your brother,

            4. Woot woot Alex! You already know I love you sista, but let me just say that comment was an absolute tour de force of empowerment!! Now I just want to go dance – I’m thinking Steppenwolf – Rock Me Baby! Woo hoo!

              Love you,

        3. And the observer is also the action of observation and the action of being observed and the one who knows that all this observation is going on anyway…….if you get my drift xxx

  24. Thank you Aisha and CCs for this missive. Aisha – I admire your strength to always be able to receive those messages and publish them to us every other day – despite your own journey. Awesome!

    First I thought “wow, have even the CCs learnt that mirror-trick?” 😉 But yes – I did it again and I can say that the spring flood would blush if it saw what happened in front of the mirror. It is a very effective way to meet yourself asking who you really are and why you are here. A gospel that we use to sing in my choir came to me “Take the shackles of my feet so I can dance…”

    Good luck removing YOUR shackles. Love you <3!

      1. Oh, Billy, this is JUST what I needed to hear today! OH YES! I am freeeeeeeeeee! No longer bound! The shackles are off my feet and I dance!!! Move! To the passion in my heart! Oh yeah, baby!

        I do so love you, Billy Bright! Take my hand and dance with me! Celebrate LIFE! LOVE! LIGHT! And yes you shall see LIGHT!!!!

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