The manuscript of survival – part 322

We would like to give you all a little task today, dear ones. We ask you to stand in front of a mirror, and to take a good look at yourself. And then, try to describe to yourself who you see. And yes, we did say ”who”, not ”what”, for this is not to be a list of facial features, of beauty or blemishes, of hair or color. This is supposed to be a truthful description of YOU, the one that lives inside this human body, the one that has elected to come down on to this planet and play the game of being human.

For who are you REALLY? And what are you doing here in the first place? Have you come to learn or have you come to observe?  Have you come to play the part of the victim, or have you come to play the part of the perpetrator? Or maybe both? And is that the real reason you came this time, to play a part, or is it mayhaps because you came down for the very first time to be the REAL you?

So this time, we will keep the message short, for we just want you to become fully awake to the fact that mankind have for eons been playing a game, a game of hide and seek with themselves, and the reason for this, is well known already. For you all came here to learn, not only personal lessons, but lessons that would help All of creation to evolve. But now, the rules have changed, and you have been given the task of re-learning the truth about yourselves. It may sound easy, but it is not, for there is much old baggage standing between the ”you” you see in the mirror, and the YOU you have come to be known as to the rest of Creation.

But now, this separation must come to an end, and the only one who can remove it, is again – you. So start by going to the mirror, and look deep into your eyes, and see if you can start to get a true glimpse of the both of you. For then, you will truly start to see the difference between them. For you have a very distinct human persona, but you have something else, and far, far more evolved deeper within. And when you start to admit that fully, you will also feel how the human persona starts to dissolve and the real YOU can finally step forward and be acknowledged. Not only by you, but by the rest of the world as well. So take a good look dear ones, for we think you will all like what you find there, deep beneath the surface.


212 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 322

  1. Hello Beautiful Ponderers!
    On the theme of breaking through the layer of consciousness that urges us to focus on “duty”, “obligation”, “work”, “money”, etc…
    when I left NYC 9 years ago, I left a life of having ample money behind me. I did this intentionally, because I realized what I really wanted to do was live simply and peacefully and spend most of my time reading and painting. There are still lots of places where the cost of living is low enough to maintain a comfortable lifestyle without having to “work” much. People tend to live beyond their means, and all they really need to do is simplify, cut some things out, and downsize as far as things like homes and vehicles. Living simply is easy once you get used to it, and those of us who have been doing so for a number of years don’t usually feel like we’re “missing out” or “suffering” in any way! I really encourage people to start growing food, even if it’s only one or two plants to start out with. Even in a small space, there are ways to do vertical gardening (great for growing greens!), even indoors, and growing one’s own food and making one’s own cleaning products and toiletries, etc. really makes a huge difference! SOOOOO much unnecessary energy goes into buying “things”. Just look at deodorant, for example. What are they now, $3 or $4 a pop, and most people go through a stick of it every couple of months, right? A crystal stick lasts almost 2 years and costs about $3.00 if you get it on sale. More importantly, the crystal stick is safe and healthy unlike the toxic commercial deodorant. Even if you were also to get a bottle of lavender or peppermint essential oil to dab under your arms in combination with it, you would still be spending less…and you would get the added benefit of aromatherapy to boot! 🙂 So I urge anyone who is feeling the pull away from “work” to see where you can simplify things enough to break out of the current occupational pattern, in order to find a more vibrationally suitable way of creating abundance…find the passion within your heart, and trust that abundance will follow the path your heart leads you on!
    Love & Blessings to All,

    1. I absolutely agree with you Maggie. I have lived like this for years.

      ‘Living simply is easy once you get used to it, and those of us who have been doing so for a number of years don’t usually feel like we’re “missing out” or “suffering” in any way!’

      And we are so NOT missing out on anything but the crap which the system offers. This way we are not within the sphere of the physical or mental toxins of the system. It is freedom, really it is. And it makes it infinitely easier to connect with your soul as you are not clogged up with distractions of perceived needs and wants.

      Loving you, dear Maggie xxx

      1. Loving you guys! I grow food, make my own medicine, forage for great wild stuff, make my own cleaning products and follow my bliss…and I live on long island! LOL you can create your space of love and the simple things that go with it anywhere in the world. Creating a grounded sacred space of love where only good vibrations filter down from the ethers is part of our co-creative mastery–I love it! 🙂

  2. I don’t think we need to do anything beyond caring for our physical side, otherwise I think it is about “being” and “remembering” who we are.
    One time I spent 11 days alone in the Wilderness of the Clearwater National Forest in central Idaho. I was some 40 miles of Rocky Mountains between me and the nearest electricity. I didn’t even have a battery powered flashlight or radio. Just me, my pack, and wilderness. When all distractions are removed, there is no choice but to deal with oneself. I suppose that was the first time I came face to face with myself. It wasn’t easy, after the first few days I ran out of BS to tell myself. then stupid songs would get stuck in my head, playing over and over all day. The brain was hanging on to the distractions, afraid of what would happen if it were to finally STFU and let the inner voice be heard. Then when you do hear it, it doesn’t make sense, it goes contrary to everything taught in school and Sunday school. It gets very confusing sorting out which is what.
    oh well, it’s worth it.

    I’m not better than anyone else, those who come earlier clear the trail so those who start later may go further than before. Many came before me.

    1. ‘I don’t think we need to do anything beyond caring for our physical side, otherwise I think it is about “being” and “remembering” who we are.’

      I wholeheartedly agree with you, Otmn. So much love xxx

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