The manuscript of survival – part 321

Dear ones, you have struggled and toiled for a very long time now, and for many of you, not only your patience but the very fabric of your being seems to be stretched to the very limit. You have surrendered yourself to this process wholeheartedly, and you have surrendered to the light, both on the inside and on the outside of yourself. Still, you seem to see darkness lurking in every corner as you gaze about you with a heavy heart and a fatigued body. Where is the light, you wonder, where is the bliss, the wonders, everything I have hoped for for such a long time now?

Well, it IS there, but your battle weary heart will have a hard time acknowledging it. For you are all bruised and sore from this long journey now, and the solace you so crave may seem indistinguishable from all of the background noises you still pick up. So again we say, connect to yourself, and see if you in a moment of stillness can hear that reassuring voice from within saying ”I am here, and I have been here for a very long time already. I am here, for I am YOU, the one you have been looking for, forever it seems”. This quiet little voice of reassurance, this gem of light that is already growing and pulsing within is not all fanfare and fireworks. It is more like a deep, flowing river, a river that is forever moving forwards, but it is also a river that does not announce itself in the same enthusiastic manner as so many other things in your life. You see, the inner core of you is so solid and affirming, it is not like those fleeting moments of ecstasy that you will also perceive at times. For even if what we are talking about is the very essence of joy, it is the kind of joy that just IS, not the one that likes to announce its presence by jumping up and down in glee. Of course, this kind of joy is also a part of the package of being human, but the inner joy is more like the very essence of it, a flavour, a sense of BEing that is like this subtle vibration that simply colours everything you do in a much richer hue than when you are without it.

For it is indeed there, within you all, but again, it is not always easy to decipher its message underneath all of the hurly-burly of signals being projected at you from all sides. So again we say, make sure to give yourself the opportunity to sit down and to cancel everything else that is fighting for your attention, and then, we venture to say that you will all feel how this deep, wide river of joy runs somewhere inside of you. This river is a source of sustenance that will never run dry, and if you fail to connect with it, it is not because it is not there. It is simply a case of finding the space where it runs.

For it can be well hidden, and the brush and thorns obscuring it from view may seem impenetrable to some of you, so the best way to find it, is as always to resist the urge to try to fight your way through the thorny bushes and push ahead in the quest for discovering it. That will only leave you feeling even more tattered and torn. No, the very best way to find it, is as always to lift youself upwards, and to connect with those higher aspects of your soul, the ones that have an unobstructed view of it all. And remember, now you have all been given the opportunity to ask for closer guidance from these, the free soaring parts of you that are unhampered by the human body and the human parts of you. So if you need assistance to locate this inner river of joy, you will always find it by once again asking for help – from yourself. And you will be met with joy, for you cannot ask for something that will be better received than the question ”please help me to find my joy. I know it must be there somewhere, but despite all of my hard work, it still seems to elude me.” For joy is what you all deserve, and the true answer to where it can be found, you can only find within.

198 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 321

  1. Reblogged this on kellikins1980 and commented:
    Discovering ones true Self sets you free from all else…it is an Amazing feeling when you go within & connect to your own Self like never before. See the world as you have never seen it before….Discover Life as it has never been known before.

  2. Jess, you are so BAD! Oh, how I enjoyed this video! To be able to dance like this again……..freely and without restraint……

    Master in creation mode……….GRIN!!

  3. Dear loved ones,
    yesterday-morning I was on my bicycle and I came across a flock of white geese. I know these geese very well, because they have chosen to live in our town. This morning they were in a park-like area and they were all making a lot of noise, and I stopped to listen. I couldn’t figure out why they were making all this noise, but as I listened to them, my heart seemed to open up. It’s hard to describe, but it felt like I became aware of a presence there, in my heart.
    All morning long, I had this smile on my face that normally isn’t there. I felt a joy that is hard to describe. I guess it felt like a river, but I’ve never ‘felt’ a river before. It was a feeling that was unfamiliar to me. I wasn’t happy or anything, I just… was.

    I also noticed, it was before the geese encounter, that my mind produces an endless stream of thoughts about just about anything! It’s constantly analysing the data that comes in. Like ‘oh look, a NICE tree’. And ‘Oh look at that UGLY building’. Constantly my mind is busy labeling EVERYTHING that I’m seeing/hearing/smelling(!) around me.
    I also noticed that there is a state of being in my heart where none of this is happening. In my heart there just IS. So the trick is, I guess, to stay out of the mind-chatter-stream and to BE in the heart-river-flow.

    This is not easy, because later that morning I got I phonecall regarding a very confusing assignment and I got all caught-up in it. I dove right into it with endless 3D thoughts and mind-chatter. Gone was my joyful heart-state being. Some habbits are hard to break! It’s a learning process. Like someone on the forum said: ‘we’re todlers, learning and falling all the time’.

    So, after the geese wake-up call, I feel very strange, I’m not even ‘happy’ that I finally, appearently have found the river in me. I feel…shifted and strange, like I’m on another plane(t). I’m here, but I belong there, in my heart. I am in my heart. I am my heart.

    So, from my heart, I thank everyone for guiding me to the river.

    *I hug you all with my hearts love*

    1. Sounds like Change, JayJay, even if a bit confusing. Sounds Transformative, even if quickly tested. And it sounds Good!

    2. Thank you bro’s! I just read the new manuscript, and it says precisely what you just said! (of course it did!)
      LOVE JJ

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