The manuscript of survival – part 321

Dear ones, you have struggled and toiled for a very long time now, and for many of you, not only your patience but the very fabric of your being seems to be stretched to the very limit. You have surrendered yourself to this process wholeheartedly, and you have surrendered to the light, both on the inside and on the outside of yourself. Still, you seem to see darkness lurking in every corner as you gaze about you with a heavy heart and a fatigued body. Where is the light, you wonder, where is the bliss, the wonders, everything I have hoped for for such a long time now?

Well, it IS there, but your battle weary heart will have a hard time acknowledging it. For you are all bruised and sore from this long journey now, and the solace you so crave may seem indistinguishable from all of the background noises you still pick up. So again we say, connect to yourself, and see if you in a moment of stillness can hear that reassuring voice from within saying ”I am here, and I have been here for a very long time already. I am here, for I am YOU, the one you have been looking for, forever it seems”. This quiet little voice of reassurance, this gem of light that is already growing and pulsing within is not all fanfare and fireworks. It is more like a deep, flowing river, a river that is forever moving forwards, but it is also a river that does not announce itself in the same enthusiastic manner as so many other things in your life. You see, the inner core of you is so solid and affirming, it is not like those fleeting moments of ecstasy that you will also perceive at times. For even if what we are talking about is the very essence of joy, it is the kind of joy that just IS, not the one that likes to announce its presence by jumping up and down in glee. Of course, this kind of joy is also a part of the package of being human, but the inner joy is more like the very essence of it, a flavour, a sense of BEing that is like this subtle vibration that simply colours everything you do in a much richer hue than when you are without it.

For it is indeed there, within you all, but again, it is not always easy to decipher its message underneath all of the hurly-burly of signals being projected at you from all sides. So again we say, make sure to give yourself the opportunity to sit down and to cancel everything else that is fighting for your attention, and then, we venture to say that you will all feel how this deep, wide river of joy runs somewhere inside of you. This river is a source of sustenance that will never run dry, and if you fail to connect with it, it is not because it is not there. It is simply a case of finding the space where it runs.

For it can be well hidden, and the brush and thorns obscuring it from view may seem impenetrable to some of you, so the best way to find it, is as always to resist the urge to try to fight your way through the thorny bushes and push ahead in the quest for discovering it. That will only leave you feeling even more tattered and torn. No, the very best way to find it, is as always to lift youself upwards, and to connect with those higher aspects of your soul, the ones that have an unobstructed view of it all. And remember, now you have all been given the opportunity to ask for closer guidance from these, the free soaring parts of you that are unhampered by the human body and the human parts of you. So if you need assistance to locate this inner river of joy, you will always find it by once again asking for help – from yourself. And you will be met with joy, for you cannot ask for something that will be better received than the question ”please help me to find my joy. I know it must be there somewhere, but despite all of my hard work, it still seems to elude me.” For joy is what you all deserve, and the true answer to where it can be found, you can only find within.

198 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 321

  1. Man did Allah convert this infidel last night! The lazy western god never did this fast job, or is it just time running faster…? Have got this thing merging in nights where I can choose more freely. Out of body targeting for the heart. Like in game menus, which mode you want. Aimed lower for the heart and I aimed (focused) at the chest. Bum bye bye body and dimension I go. Beautiful free of time, stress and anxieties-free of space. Kind and noise free of space with greyish/white backround. And what?! No gravity! No walking, just hovering… Scenery was full of cartoonish planets, asteroids and weird symbols. No bottom, no start, no end. I guess you get the feeling if you stare at the surface of the ocean in the midle of it but without the unkomfortable feeling of unknown as the real thing. And no dead cold space as in NASA videos where Ive been earlier. Shit no! This was teeming with friendly people as walking in the park. Flew over some people and didnt mind about them. The scenery was so exiting. What woke my attention was this older lady hovering past me a bit faster than me. Wanting to be no slower than her I flew to her (as if trying to take a grab on her to gain even speed) and she looked back little surprised. Then I woke up in a room where people (looked like a waiting family, all unkown to me and sat next to me). Somekind of blackout and I could only feel as if vomiting. Some black shit came out of me and I saw dead apes on it. Woke up and nice touch was the coke bottle with a etique reading share a coke with everyone on the table. No much sound though…

    1. Tonik lol what’s matter with you? Give yourself a break. Check my reply to your earlier comment. I think it’ll help you. Also you don’t sound of old school era, so my bet is you absorbed a lot of unnecessary stuff from the people you were around, because it doesn’t sound like you, all that stuff you have is swimming on the surface, so the trick is to find your center in all of the stuff you’ve learned so far. You gotta find your center, a new center that is your own and only. It’s gonna be easy for you for some people have what you have deep buried inside, yours on the surface, because it made it to the surface. So all you gotta do is find your heart, not a belief but a feeling that will rock your world. Ask for it from universe and it will be given to you, so you can follow that feeling. Much Love Tonik! 🙂

    1. Oh Yeah….this is one of my favourites; It ALWAYS lifts me. Thanks for the blast. Love love love love love …yeah!! xxx

    2. Great remix of this powerful disco classic, Nohmad. Love it!

      Gail, Jess, Nohmad… all you disco kings and queens out there… a treat here if you don’t know them… Nu-Disco: “Freemasons.” (I have a real thing for their most Excellent Groove, stumbling onto ’em awhile back.) Warning: overtly sexy female body-action (Cover your eyes, Nohmad. 🙂 )

      1. Billy, you have got me in stitches I am laughing so hard regarding Nohmad, and Nohmad, Donna Summers, my all time favorite to dance to. Dear God, between the laughs and my heart pounding with memories flashing……I am in heaven……….Ah, for youth returned so I may dance as I once danced……..BIG sigh…….nostalgia……

        THANK YOU, Dear Men of Light. You have lightened this heart. And I am SO grateful!!!!

          1. Hehe…if you ‘go back in time’ with the post chain, you’d see that he really loves beautiful women 😉
            Inside & out…no secret there lol

            1. Ah yes, dear Jess, I have been following our dear friend’s posts for some time myself. And what you say is clear to me also. And what a wonderful thing, I am sure. But the maestro has yet to share his great Nohmadic knowledge and traditions of such things. I wait and I watch… I study the nuances of the adept, hoping for some osmotic drop of secret charm leaked to me along the way. And there it is! It is no secret after all. It is Love. So simple. It is Love. So powerful. Only Love.

              Hey, you were speaking FIGURATIVELY, right? about the “post chain”? There’s no way to look up someone’s past posts, is there? I didn’t even think you could use a key-word search to help find a particular post, even though someone mentioned such a thing once upon a time.

              Love and more Love,

              1. I think there is somewhere that you can click ‘follow this person’s posts’ but I suppose it’s better to follow any intuitive guidance about that…our comments in the forum are ALIVE & there’s a virtual treasure trove of insight shared by all in each missive…sometimes the best ‘stuff’ is posted days after the party has moved on 😉
                as conversations become more intimate. There’s a Love Story being written here, from the hearts of each one…perhaps The Writer will one day be inspired to capture its beauty in an adventurous tale

                1. Oh Jess… I for one would love to write a wonderous, inspiring, adventurous, fulfilling tale or two! But the needed stories have remained hidden from me here inside these cruel chrysalis walls (though yes perhaps thinning walls, as I have hoped and dreamed they would burst open for so long). In fact, it is specifically Screenplays or intriguing Live Shows which draw me most by their greatest potential to touch and help heal a world, which I hope somehow to produce. For I am an absolute FILM NUT and unofficial student of this (so far) richest of art-forms (IMO), I guess since my mid-20’s.
                  Surely one must be destined in the New Thing to Divinely do that which the heart desires now (and whatever more then also), don’t you think? — even if it appears the Divine Stories essential for this remain hidden behind this imaginary, ego-constructed idea of limitation, still blocked from present view. For the heart’s desire and the fulfillment of that desire MUST be two parts of the same thing, I feel. This must be! How otherwise? For All is One in our True Identity. How could there even BE a true heart’s desire without its fulfillment already joining it… in Reality? The two aspects separated from each other by only a temporary illusion of time or space. Don’t you think?
                  Music is another undeniable and powerful vision motivating me.

                  What about you, Jess? Do you have any heart’s desires you may care to share some of with me? (Hey, wait a minute! …maybe I HAVE been learning something from my dear latin Nohmad here, in the way of male-female healing interrelationship offerings! Hehehe. Dunno. But there is no danger in this, I can assure you. If you would like.) Would be very interested to hear.

                  With Love and Respect for your already obvious gifts of great insight, empathy and great humour,

                  1. Billy, Great Sparkly One 💗 My true hearts desire? I’m already beginning to Live It…
                    To KNOW such Joy, such Love – it’s more than a “feeling” Its a BEingness, an ISness – I Am THAT – to really KNOW – thru experience, these concepts I’ve studied all these years.
                    I Am THAT…
                    Yeahhhhh! Woohoo! Flying!
                    But even better, to help my friends & family to know this for themselves too – to be there, experiencing their Awakening with them, to SEE THE LIGHT flicker in their eyes, in their Hearts, where the darkness of Doubt and Fear has reigned for so long.
                    That’s Magic
                    And to have a ‘front row seat’ at the Greatest Show ever conceived in all the Universe(s)!
                    It was worth it ALL

                    Sweetest Love to you, Billy Bright

                    1. h, Jess, I am SO happy for you! I pray what I am experiencing stays! So many times I would get a taste of Bliss only for it to disappear and I get plunged back under to do more inner work. Dear GOD, I am in heaven right now!!!

                      Loving you! Amy

                      Sent from my iPad

                    2. What a lyric, Jess! Oh yes, the BEST IS YET TO COME… BY FAR! and I’m so glad that you’ve already started to experience it! Your Heart’s Desire… Awakening and Healing of others (who are not really “others” of course — but Our Big Wonderful Self). The richest and most fulfilling desire of all. I’m with you there! I can TASTE it… caught glimpses of it along the way… what has fired my vision and somehow kept me going, crawling my way up the stony and muddy path for what’s seemed like an unbearably gruelling 25+ years.
                      Are we THERE yet!??

                    3. (((HUGS))) Billy! Are we there yet??? Oh, if only! I caught the Bliss Wave with Kundalini on top of it this day, yet now I am leveling out, and looking around. Hmmmm……..Is this all there is? Or are we going to have to wait until the whole 7 billion or so on this planet get with the program and hop on the ascension track? And even when they do, there is no telling who will jump right off again and hide behind their shadow again. (sigh)

                      Chug a lug a choo. Thank God we have each other here.

                      I do have a “people update” for you. Today those who I spoke to seemed lighter and more open. I actually had some pleasant conversations going today. How nice! And those who I saw a few weeks ago, don’t seem so tired looking but have more life to them. Nice again!!!!

                      Loving you, Amy

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              2. Oh my Lord, how do you expect me to get through my day when a 20 year old has just been reached inside of me? Holy Toledo! Heart pounding, hands sweating…….oh come on you, guys, this woman has been in a desert for a L O N G time. Nohmad! It’s you! You posted that Donna Summer’s song and all this talk about love……….oh be still my heart! No, replies my heart, I shall never be still again!

                Focus, Amy. Business as usual. BUT!!!! Oh wow! I’ve been bit by the love bug! (stars in eyes) Parts of this body saying…..remember me???? OH! I must do business as usual this day!

                Dilemma. Oh what a dilemma. Cripes a roney. Deep breaths. OK. I can do this. Raise the energy up. UP, Amy. And if any of you are laughing, I am so glad I could be of service to give you this laugh.

                My heart broke free. And oh man, the body is following. Eeeeeeeks!

                Sent from my iPad

                1. ROFL (with you hehe) BTW: wishing you let loose a bit & enjoy those sensations! It’s ok, really – quite natural!
                  Maybe reward hubs for his good progress this week? 😵

                  1. Master creating here with KUNDALINI rising!!!!! Anything is possible! ROFL Shaking as well!!!

                    Sent from my iPad

              3. My dear brother Billy, if you want to search behind some humble words from this friend of yours, do a google search with the seed: ‘ Nohmad said this on aishanorth’. Billy, my dear brother, I,m not a teacher/guru here, I just show my way… If it helps you… great! Billy, you know, this process is a solo journey back Home (spirit), but as we are all flying together, it,s better to also enjoy the flying, don,t you think so? Big bear hug, Billy! I also love you too much!

                1. Hello Nohmad, my Brother!

                  “I,m not a teacher/guru here, I just show my way… If it helps you… great! Billy, you know, this process is a solo journey back Home (spirit)”

                  Of course, my shining Nohmad, of course! It is only an aspect of my quite bent sense of humour, Bro’. You must understand that probably half of what I comment is with the intention of trying to entertain in some way (as miserable a job as I may do of that from time to time). Haha. There was actually little more than this meant here.

                  Regarding the Google searching for previous posts from anyone… Brilliant! Of course! We should always remember that Mother Google knows All! Why didn’t I think of that? And then one could even use a keyword search within that result if/when trying to find a particular post. Thank you!

                  As to enjoying the flight together on this great ride, well… this is of STRONG importance to me too, you can be sure! If not, well I’m also pretty sure you could let me off at the very next Stop.

                  It is a joy to fly with you, Nohmad… into the Great Unknown. I cannot sit in your seat, nor you in mine… so a “solo” journey in a way, for sure. But in other ways it is very much a group excursion. And I am MOST PLEASED to have finally found the appropriate group, I believe, with which to make the rest of the journey!

                  Thank you so very much for being my flying companion! — and the very same to ALL of you dear brothers and sisters here…

                  With Much Love,
                  I Am Your Brother,

      2. Billy, my brother of light, I,m feeling naked in this Pond!. Everybody is knowing who I really am, better than me. Thank you for your unconditional love to me. Thank you, Billy, Amy & Jess, I love you all! PS: I,m not playing much around because Mom Amy does not allow!

        1. Well if you’re feeling naked, my dear friend and brother… don’t worry, you’re looking pretty good! Hehe. Must be all those spiritual workouts in the Love Gym! Keep up the good work, maestro. You’re looking Great!

          I think Mom Amy thinks so too. But don’t push it! She sees all. And you must always be home in time for supper, don’t forget.

          I love you, Nohmad!

          Ah, but you are so easy to Love, Bro’. Who will not Love the shining Nohmad.

          (Speaking of “easy to Love” — What has happened to the lovely BrightleySmiling-Brianna?? Just when I have finally come out to play a little, she has disappeared! What has happened with that sweet Bubble of Love, does anyone know? Brianna come back!)

          Lots of Love,

          1. Hi Billy, I do know that Brianna has been without technology for some time… but I am sure she will freely share her bubbles of joy… here’s a few million spare I have, ha, ha – Philip 😀

            1. My Dear Philip!
              Thank you so much for responding to my query. I have always enjoyed your posts — noticing a greater frequency in days gone by (when I was watching… from the sidelines, shall we say?), but now I see you’re back more frequently again. That’s Great!
              I guess the wonderful Brianna will “pop” up again sooner or later… haha… I hope she is doing okay. Perhaps a break from some of the technocracy we swim in daily is not such a bad idea, but surely she must miss the Pond! (Maybe she’s dipping in anyway, in the Spirit. Of COURSE she is!)
              I have visited the Spheres of Light site and checked in for a time on a Monday in the past. Not sure I have understood (“gotten”) it. Only tried it the once. (I did feel some added communion, to be sure.) Maybe it’s time to check in again, hey? I feel in a somewhat different space more recently. Who knows what the Spheres may hold?
              Cheers and Love to you, Philip!

              1. Thank you Billy! ;D – You are right I was more prolific shall we say in the past!! Not had quite as much time to comment – though a little more recently as you have observed.

                I guess Brianna will pop in at some time if she gets chance!

                Re Spheres Of Light I am delighted to hear you have given it a go. You don’t really need to understand it to benefit. Like most people don’t know how their car works but can drive it! Spheres Of Light only requires a heart based intention – simple and is more powerful than I have words for! They will help you move into your joy removing the blokages in the way. More on this later – for I am now off to Manchester UK to share it with around 30 or so more people in a live audience…

                Joyfully, Philip 😀

                1. Go well, Philip. Be blessed!
                  Please, let’s discuss it a little more at a later time convenient for you.

                2. As a matter of fact – I tested Spheres Of Light a time ago and I was astonished how effective it was – could hardly believe it! Haven´t the faintest idea how it works – just know that it does 🙂 Just put your intention to what you want – isn´t that magic?

                  Thank you Philip for mentioning it! Love and joy /Birgitta

          2. Hehehehehehehehe Mom Amy’s heart expansion is stirring feelings she hasn’t had in a long time. (blush) BOYS! What are you doing to my heart rate????? giggle………

            It was that Donna Summer’s song that did it! Sent me right back in time and I began to feel the bubbles of ecstasy while on the dance floor.

            I’m getting off of her before I get into trouble. Oh wow. This LOVE movement is moving in me! Hehehehehehehe No more said!

            MUAH! AMY

            Sent from my iPad

        2. Ah, gee, you make me sound like a party pooper. Truth is, FEELING Love when so many of us have been starved for that Love, can blow into a huge forest fire. I just closed my eyes and inwardly groaned because though I may come cross as the “sensible one” I have feelings that are coming to life and to control them, so not easy. I too FEEL. When I heard Donna Summers singing the feelings that “danced” within me, left me shaking. So, yes, I am awakening as well, wanting Love in every real way.

          Hmmmmm…….and that coming from Mom Amy.

          1. Lady Amy of the Pinkrose? A Party Pooper?? I hardly THINK SO, my dear eternal youth in spirit! Only our feeble attempt at some cute and whacky humour for your entertainment pleasure. Please enjoy. I don’t think of you in that way at all!
            Love and Kisses and All that Bliss is,

            PS… What is going on with that awakening Husband of yours?? Is it not he who was somehow “dead” who’s been BROUGHT BACK TO LIFE?? GO FOR IT, WOMAN! Check those old batteries, girl! Surely new Sparks may fly! No?? But you’re a Lioness, remember! Don’t embarrass the children (or perhaps it’s the cats in your case) or hurt youself. Gently. Gently does it. Hehe.

            1. Ah, Billy, the “habit of fear” is now evident as the newly awakened man falls back into habit. Here in lies the dilemma, I have awakened powerfully, and he sees, and becomes afraid. (again) Dear God, give me strength!

              What to do? I create. I intend what I want in my life, and I speak out loud those intentions, and I feel them, telling them to come to me. I shall have a very busy day in my gardens to take my mind off of what is rumbling within me. (if that is possible) For a volcano has erupted, it seems.

              Hmmmmmmm……..Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you have until you bite into one………….Hmmmmmmm………..(not sure if the quote is quite right)

              Well, must go. Must take one of my cats to the vet this morning to get an abscess lanced. Long story. Short version, as I was traversing the path of inferno, I lost track of my cats, and the connection became static. In so doing, some cats fell into disharmony and one lashed out due to being in pain, and bit another. The cat who did the biting does so due to being in a steel cage for the first 9 months of his life. When he experiences disharmony he falls back into old habits. Don’t we all????? Hmmmmmm………….

              Sending my Love, Amy

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              1. Yes, falling back into old habits….tricksy, eh? To observe (ourselves and others) with humour and gentle, accepting fondness, the way we would/do with a child, a cat, takes the sting out of the feeling of failure (which is only failure to meet someone else’s standard anyway!!!) Such a pressure to be ‘perfect’ and integrate the new the minute we hear or feel it. But our own experience shows us that the new does integrate, whether quickly or slowly. Love to you and hubby and puss-cats, Gail xxx

                1. Love to your, Gail! Grinning as I write thinking about the song and dance I am about to do in my gardens. I have to do something with this energy! Hehehehehehehehe

                  Sent from my iPad

          2. Love is in the air…
            liquid love indeed…
            makes us breath…
            life… joy… glee…
            open wide to love…

            Forget the past…
            your age… your pain…
            breath deeply…
            and you,ll feel…
            you are again alive…

            What a blessing…!
            to be here these days…
            when love flows…
            without resistance…
            through our hearts…

            Love… Love… Love…
            it has not undesired…
            consequences… it…
            makes your frequency…
            rise above Heaven again…

            Is it not Love All about…?
            What can I do without…?
            Will I endure too much…?
            Jump on the crest…
            Flow with Love now…

            1. Oh, Love, I am flowing, OH believe me! Oh, oh OH! …….. and the process continues………..

              Sent from my iPad

            2. Love is in the Air……

              Love these lyrics when you think of talking to our soul….look in your eyes…mmmmm!! Relates nicely to the next CC missive.

              Love you all xxx

                1. I feel… Amy… And my whole unconditional love – of brother of light, and AS a breathing man – is All yours… Forever…

                  1. I love you, all of me. Forever…….ALL is yours……..ALL. (tears)

                    Sent from my iPad

            1. OOPS! Somehow my comment went over to the newer posts.

              Jess, you are so BAD!!!! OH, to be able to dance like this again with total freedom and abandonment!

              Master in creation mode……………..GRIN!!!

              1. Why not? I heard you rock out a leotard – not that that matters much in the art of belly dance! It’s one of the delightful aspects of the Indian culture, to see fleshy, voluptuous women unabashedly honoring the Divine Feminine within too (though flab does look so much more attractive tanned lol!)
                I think you should find a belly dance class as soon as you get back up n runnin – or burlesque or even a pole dancing class! They have one of those in the small town where I’m staying with Mom, so I know there’s one near you too!
                Perhaps my present will arrive soon & inspire you 😉
                I do love this Divine Inspiration & Timing thing! It’s so fun 😄

                1. I DO LOVE YOU, JESS! You ROCK!!!! And this grin on my face just gets bigger!

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  2. Hi to my dear friends and beloved Ponders
    I’m just staying in periscope depth, lurking for a while.
    Man, I do love You All, this virtual river of love.
    I just want to share this webcast from Barbara Sadtler, touching upon the process we all are undergoing :


    1. Just AWSOME, like everything you share Stephan 🙂
      Do you have a website for this lady? Or maybe paste the link in [ brackets ]

      1. Dear Jess, she is a fantastic woman, her website is also amazing [] after reading it I read the book it is based on(“The Book of Destiny”by Carlos Barrios), and it was just mind-blowing to understand in greater detail how a great civilization like the Mayan had functioned and is still functioning.

  3. I’m up in the wee hours (again! Lol), searching for a way to communicate with my sister (very 3D but open-minded enough to believe in my “gifts” and asked for help) Spirit’s answer to her cries for help. I thought this video was really great and pretty universal…maybe y’all know someone who needs this message too❤

    1. Hey Night Owl Girl!
      Pretty good song, with surely one of the most important themes there is for a crippled world goin’ straight. Really is the only solution to the mistakes of a lifetime, isn’t it. Forgiveness! The great equalizer. The new Carte Blanche. (And much longer-term — as in, the lifespan of a civilization or a world — than the ol’ Colt ’45 too, hey?)
      You’ve also reminded me I’ve been feeling impressed to get in touch (at least via phone call) with a dear old friend and soul sister of mine who elected to remain ensconced in fundamentalist Christianity for all these years since we spent a HUGE amount of time and “discipleship” together in the mid-90’s. (Yep, I was firmly trapped in that scene for 12 long and edgey years myself, following a nuclear-powered “born again” experience in 1986 — hehe —- 12 years in the can… Ouch!!) Actually, all part of the boundary-pushin’ educational program I designed for myself, of course. Got out (somehow!) in 1998; last spoke with her in 2008. My ever-evolving “deceptions” into New Age understanding eventually became just too much for her, you see (plus her ever-sticky religious fears and programmed distortions had finally become too silly for me in the light of day) …so we parted ways, I guess (for the time being). But I owe that woman a LOT! She was by far my greatest teacher during those days… a gifted Prophet-type in the church scene… and a true sister of mine for the long haul. I still know that today. I feel it’s time to at least touch base with her again during these new days. Who knows? Maybe it won’t go quite so badly as last time! Haha. I know it won’t. I’ve grown some.
      Anyway… should be interesting.
      Chao Baby, Night-Owl Lady!

      1. I hear ya, billy – it was all part of the grand plan 😉
        I grew up in the Bible Belt (Southern Baptist – hell fire & damnation!) but rejected most of it from age 7 or so…I KNEW this was not Truth. But there is a lot of value in Christianity too. Being familiar with all teachings & faiths has value, in helping us to understand and communicate with others. I’m not out to convert anyone to anything, except to true unconditional Love and finding freedom, joy through the Heart 🙂

    2. Just open your gold heart to her, she won,t resist. Say to her what your heart wishes to be said. Don,t think, just do that. I know everything will be OK, again. The time is now. I love you, Jess!

      Billy! My friend! Do just the same! Big hug, Bro!

  4. Oh it’s good… Very Good. The message, I mean.

    And… so much more… I mean.

    Thank you, precious Aisha. Thank you, CC’s.


  5. These past few months
    hell doth fury-ed all around
    spinning hitting punching
    spewing death
    as best as death could give.

    Lioness stood her ground
    refusing the devil to bring her down.
    She fought for very life itself
    alone as all true lionesses fight
    and stood her ground and stood her ground.

    Growling roaring ceaselessly
    refusing the devil entrance to her domain.
    Day and night without relief
    She stood her ground
    refusing the devil entrance to her domain.

    Lioness stands fierce and proud
    fighting that devil down
    And fight she did for when battle ceased
    that devil lay dead
    upon the very ground on which she stood.

    Eyes open
    Minds freed
    Truth known…..
    shock and fear
    Now what????

    1. Heart wide open……
      That’s what!
      No such thing as fear
      Only love exists.
      As I type I speak.
      And it is so.

      1. I bow to thee, shining Lady of the heart, Lady of the shining soul. You have conquered your shadow, and stepped into the brightest of lights. For you went where few others dare to go, and now, nothing can stop you. Lioness, Mother Bear, bearer of light, seeker of truth – you have many names dear sister, but they all mean the same: LOVE.
        With much love from me, Aisha

    2. Amy So Strong:

      I’m likin’ it, sister. Powerful words reflecting a powerful soul,
      from a heart so brave it could fire a star… and even love a world back to life.
      And the angels cheered! The children danced!

      Oh, Lioness of Light, Daughter of God… your Destiny awaits you among the Earth and stars.

      Lots of Love and Bravo wishes from your Bro’!

  6. Thanks Aisha baby and the CC’s for this great message. I have to laugh because in previous times I kind of felt “alone” as the only inner guidance I EVER felt was my own–call it fear or simply stubbornness but I rejected all other contact and simply followed my own guidance. The thing is now i can confirm strongly that the voice of our inner beings are extremely subtle and strong and just imbued with such tender and gentle love that sometimes in this UP and DOWN world we do not hear them.

    Do they force their point of view? NO because they are UN-conditional and extremely patient with us and so they will hold the space and they will wait until you open your heart and your inner ears to their gentle voices. I am so grateful and so in awe of this connection and I bless it every single day…

    I would also note that the inner guidance is available when you do your best in a physical form to see from an expanded perspective. Imagine being in a busy town and driving through traffic and seeing all these “things” happening and then drive out of the town and up to the top of a nearby mountain. Get out of your car and connect with the earth and then VIEW the town from that perspective. Try and you might, you cannot even SEE the things happening anymore and you simply see the beauty of the scene–the clouds scudding slowly by, the sun illuminating the land scape and your heart opens–THIS is how your inner being sees YOU…and I am so grateful for that–that they can see around all the clutter and view our path’s with the utmost clarity….

    HUGS! Alex

    1. Dear Alex, you have such a wonderful way of SEEing and describing everything, thank you for sharing it here at the Pond 🙂
      With love and gratitude from me, Aisha

  7. And one more share before my weary eyes close once more.

    This River is Real. I experienced it today.

    One of my cats, Charlie, is again not feeling well, in another FLUTD episode. He is one of my cats I am asking, “Is it time, Sweetheart? Is this enough?”

    Today, I laid down on the floor next to him and curled my whole upper body around him. I just wanted to love him, and to flood his entire being with love. My heart just swelled with intense compassion as my arms held him close to me.

    Without thought, just feeling LOVE, I felt my heart open and as only as best as I can describe, my heart embraced him fully, as would Angel’s Wings. When it happened I tensed and started to force things, but then I was directed, NO!, just allow this to happen. So I did.

    And when I did, my heart came out of me, and around him and we both just melted into Love, a River of Love. Nothing else existed. Nothing.

    Now this cat normally struggles when he is held. Not this time.

    My Charlie is helping me let down my guard that my heart has had from all the hurt it has felt. I am going to practice this with every single one of my cats so that I can “graduate” to humans.

    This is the Gift my Charlie helped bring forth, and this is the ability we all have. It is the most glorious sensation as all that I am and all that he is, melted into One River of Love.

    What an exceptional day this has been. Let all rejoice and be glad!!!

    Thank you, Aisha, for this missive. I shall be practicing on becoming One with my River within!

    1. Oh, River of Life… Let the mighty Healing Waters flow!
      Very, very Cool, Amy! Shine on, soul sister! Love Lives Here!

  8. My God, my God, I cannot stay from this place if you paid me to. I have too much to share with all of you.

    For months, I have been in the most difficult “test of my soul”. All aspects of my life were involved, sometimes all of them at once. At times I didn’t think I would make it. Three times I felt like death only there was no release from the body. I was tested to see if I would compromise my walk and do what others wanted me to. I came SO close to quitting, to just letting go and do what those of 3D wanted me to do.

    I still don’t know if I am through this test, or even if I passed. But this I do know.

    And this I write in CAPS.


    What I have been trying to get him to see for years, he saw today. Shaken to his core he stood in shock. I went to him and put my arms around him telling him I am here, you are OK, we will get through this together. What he has been projecting has been his way of hiding from what he did not want to see.

    All today I have been encouraging him and telling him I am so proud of him. He woke up. And I thank God for my gift with the camera. Why? Because he saw his life when he transferred my pictures from my computer and disks. He began to LOOK at the pictures and he was shocked at what he saw. And in the seeing, the FIRST step to recovery has been made.

    My husband just stepped on the Ascension Track today. Darn if I don’t have tears in my eyes! And here I really arrived at the conclusion the man was a hopeless case.

    From my heart to your heart,

    1. wonderful
      hey kid, some of those late bloomers grow quickly and large, becoming
      I’ve been abandoned as a hopeless case too, more than once, his trail is steep

    2. Oh Amy, how wonderful. Put a hopeless case with a hope case like you….he and his soul chose so wisely. This has filled me with joy! You are a miracle Amy, so much love to you xxx

    3. Rosie!!!!!!!! SOOOOO freaking happy! Doing the happy dance in southern new york for you baby girl and also for him! I knew you would persevere and love was the answer–take it slow but SAVOR this moment! Hugs! alex

      1. OK. I got to point A. Too dang tired to even think about the Happy Dance. Do it for me, Ali. This has been one L O N G haul. And this is for you, Otmn! I hope you are right and this baby late boomer zooms right on by me!

        Nick, bless you, and I thank you! Gail, (HUGS). Thank you. And if I missed anyone, please excuse one very tired Lightworker.

        That’s about it, folks. Eating dinner and doing the slam with my mattress. As in sleeping. Soundly. Deeply. Forever………(smile)

        Loving ALL of you! Victorious ME!

        1. Beloved Amy, I embrace you gently so as not to wake you from your peaceful sleep. Thank you for BEing here, and for shining your light into the darkest of corners. You may be tired, but you will never run out of energy, for that river you have inside of you is the most powerful I have ever seen.
          Much love from me, Aisha

    4. WOW, Amy… That is Awesome… just simply AWESOME!!
      Thinking of you both with Love,

    5. Dear Amy! You are the most incredible, lovely, brave woman I ever met. I am so glad for you, your husband and your cats. Isn´t that healing? Wish you all the best and lots of love. /Birgitta

    6. Hallelujah! Oh, Amy, I’m SO happy for you! And what better guide could he have?
      I have been given the same guidance, that my mate will ‘wake up’ soon too – during the 6 weeks that I’m gone & staying with mama after surgery. Well that was yesterday & we’ve both survived so far (but its been ROUGH!). It’s my turn to take care of her, much like a baby – up every 3-4 hrs…
      Oh, but the miracles we’re about to witness!
      ❤Love u❤

        1. Jess, I am here for you, any time. I too send healing to your Mom so that she heals quickly and you are back home. I love you!!! Don’t forget to take care of you too!!!!

          Love, Amy

  9. Very appropriate timing for this missive, Dear Aisha…thank you and the CCs so much for giving voice to what so many of us are experiencing right now. Depression has been a constant dark cloud these past few days, and my body has been freaking out…releasing toxins like mad, very uncomfortable, but necessary. Physical pain is an ugly aspect of the reality we’re still in and out of, but feeling disconnected is the worst feeling of all, and it’s hard to remember, but we really must dig deep enough TO remember that we are never disconnected, it just can’t happen. The connection is always there, and we are always being supported, even when it doesn’t feel like it. It comes down to faith and intent, it always does. Remember to ground…intend to resonate with Gaia, feel her energy move up through you, opening all your chakras as she goes, going right up and out of your head and opening your crown like a sacred chalice so heavenly energies can move down into you freely.
    Namaste, beautiful BEings of Light…may gentle blue waves of peace wash over you, soothing you and infusing you with magic.

    Love and Blessings to All,

    1. Maggie, how I do so love you dear. Thank you for your gentle loving energy and words.

      I Love you. Amy

    2. Mags, sending you a huge hug….remember the term slack tide? WE went through a huge portal shift in May and no matter how many times we are reminded that we need time to integrate and let the flotsam and jetsam go, we struggle when at this moment we are not MOVING FORWARD….Someone posted to my facebook page a picture of neurons and it said, even from the outside, while I look like I am not doing anything, from the inside I am extremely busy–this is what is going on now–I would also suggest you look into invoking Philip Wades amazing Spheres of Light and doing his cleansing or lightening ritual. It is extremely effective and empowering to work with these benevolent and loving energies–I had a HUGE back spasm last night in bed and worked with the blessed spheres and it eased out without any other treatment and quite rapidly…Sending you also the deep green ray of our brother Archangel Rapheal to help you shed all that no longer serves your higher self…Much love sister–Alex

      1. (((HUGS))) Gail, Amy & Alex…you all rock, and I Love you!!!
        Thanks for reminding me about the Spheres of Light, Alex…I will check out Philip’s website to learn the cleansing and lightening rituals for sure! I like the analogy of the neurons…last week’s I-Ching made a similar point, and used a mountain for the analogy, which was also a great way of describing how something which appears to be motionless is actually supporting so much action it makes the head spin!

        1. Big hugs back Mags! 🙂 Yes, I have to giggle, just think of mountain pose, or corpse pose or childs pose in yoga and how many different things you can be “doing” within the stillness….amazing!

    3. Namaste to you, dear Maggie! I send you a warm and soothing embrace from me. Thank you for sharing this, you bring much clarity to us all with your words and your presence.
      Love and ligth from me, Aisha

  10. For most of the days when i felt lost and confused i realized that this feelings were not only result of me passing to another phase of transforming, it was about my understanding of the process and my continuous wish to control it. For that time that was true for me,it brought me to this acceptance of everyday life things. And what changed?Well it was not my parents or my job but the empty space in my body was filled and somehow my destructive nature was gone, it disappeared and i learn how to be guided by myself.

    Ray your words of wisdom always help me and Amy thank you for your tenderness and love i am learning lot from you guys.
    Jay Jay when i read your comments i feel very connected to you i think the others from this pond share the same feeling, tomorrow expect sunshine:-))
    Love to all

  11. Sea, eternal sea…
    full of tears…
    of mermaids… of…
    cetacean brothers…
    during dark times…

    Mother Earth’s rips…
    for our fall in darkness…
    a long… long time…
    will you be one day…
    be sweet again…?

    How big you are…
    you curved horizon…
    healing waters…
    darkness destroying salt…
    what a blessing you are…!

    You balance us…
    when life plays tricks…
    on us… you hug us…
    Your mighty force…
    makes we feel better…

    Strange times…
    we believe something…
    tomorrow is no more…
    we are being tested…
    in our weakest point…

    Interesting process…
    who deserves Heaven…
    must be strong… master…
    of his proper life…
    and the process goes on…

    1. REST, dearest Nohmad. REST your weary soul. REST to be filled
      as only Nohmad can have. REST and know you are so Loved.

      1. Amy

        I know one thing – you are wisest of the wise. Please read the link that I put up just above. I know you will get it! Don’t you ever quit – you owe me a hug!


        1. Dearest Jeff,

          Again I seem to be having techy problems due to my energy. BUT I had to give you (((HUGS))) and I will read the link you posted. Giving up? I want to, but the process won’t let me. I’ve been slammed dunked so now I go swimming to get undunked. If that is possible.

          I bow to you for saying I am wise. Is this why my compressing is so intense to squeeze out of me ALL that is standing in the way of that wisdom?

          I do so Love you! This will probably be the only post today from me. Puters and me don’t like each other today.

          HUGS, Jeff!

    2. I enjoyed that, Nohmad. Ocean waters have spoken to you…
      very recently, of course.

    1. I hope and pray we all will find this river of love, because I cannot live without it. If feel lost and empty. I feel blind and helpless, disconnected.
      I pray, that’s about all I can do right now.

      1. JJ, never desperate. You are under process of discovering it, inside you, deep inside your heart. It is there, somewhere, you need to find it, without rest. It,s hidden, we all know, but is there! Looking at first sight, you fing lot of things, but not it. You just need is to dig deeper, then! You are very lucky, now, JJ. Because, now, you know where it really is. Gone times, everybody told you to look for it outside of you. Times have changed, now we all know the right place to dig: Inside us! Big hug, JJ!

        1. Thank you Nohmad for your support and everyone else’s around the Pond for your hopeful words.
          I’m digging…
          Love to you Nohmad, Love to you all.

  12. I have been in a dark depression for 3 days. I meditated with a crystal,I called for assistance,every morning I set that my intention be in alignment with the divine & yet the depression has not lifted 7 I have reason to be joyous.I dont understand what it is all about & why it has not lifted,some hidden truth not uncovered!

    1. Heavy heart, Jane, that,s your problem, like most of us from this Pond yet. You may have U$S 1.000.000,00 in your hands, and you just want to cry. it,s something bitter inside you, that does not allow you to have/feel joy. Old wounds, deeply hidden, of old times, that must be healed, now, to be able to feel joy, again, inside. My advice to you, Jane, and to all who feel bad inside, go to the Mini Gathering, next Saturday, at dream time. Ask for healing, for help, for whatever needed is to clean up your heart. Heaven want you to be happy, to feel joy in your life all the days of your life. Trust, Jane. Now, miracles happens everyday…

    2. Jane, I feel like that also, for a long-long while it seems. Don’t “feel” like I’m getting better but I know I’m healing old deep wounds like Nohmad said. It doesn’t matter if I don’t feel it for now. I know it’s wrorking for me and probably for others who were involved then as well. We will come out of it in the right time, it’s not a race, we will all get better and joyfull soon.
      Take care of yourself like you would care for a newborn, because that’s what we are in this new world.
      With love and commpassion

  13. Tonik

    Everyone is learning at different levels. You have to see where you are at in this learning process and what you can relate to. Many people write things for some people who are going through different levels than they are at. When you do this you have to look at what they understand and how they look at things in their way. If I were to write about what I think in my way. Many would not understand what I was even talking about. Everyone is different and has to learn in his own way not in the way someone else might do. There are many different points of view about the same things. People only know what they have been taught in different parts of the world. One way of teaching things will not work the way the world is today.

    You can only try to connect to people in the way they look at things. Pick what you like and go from there. Build on what you know and believe in. I try to never judge someone on what they believe in or what country they are from. I try to just look at a persons heart and go from there. I accept all people for what and who they are not what I want them to be. I can only look at the good and love in a person and try to talk to that part of the person. What that person has done in the past is the past. I only look at now and what may come to pass for that person. I have never known a person that doesn’t have love in his heart. If his love is hating others that is where I start from to try to help them. That is all I can do. A person has to know himself and either like or dislike what and who he is to change it. Noone can do that for you.

    Just look at who you are inside not what you show others on the outside. Where there is disorder in your life that is giving you problems. Try to come to peace with this disorder. Everytime you do this you learn more about who you are inside and what you want to do to keep learning. You have a lot of anger inside and need to find out why you feel this way. Take things one at a time that makes you mad. Stay on this until you come at peace with this. Then start on the next and do the same thing. Anger is just not understanding why you are mad. Take the time to see and it will go away. Anger feeds on not understanding. When you get mad ask yourself why. Don’t just tell yourself because I don’t like something. Ask why. Your mind will come up with the answer. This is when you can change what you like or dislike. Life is like building a house. You lay one stone at a time. If it don’t fit. You either cut it to fit or you don’t use it. You may find use for it somewhere else later.

    Hope this might help some.
    Bless you and hope you find what you are looking for.

    1. Thank you, Ray! This reply of yours is for all us too. All begins inside us. We are not the victims of our environment, we are victims of our belief systems inside us. What we think about, all time, is what we get, and also what we are most afraid of, that,s what we draw to our experience. So, there,s no other solution to the external chaos, we must clean our home, first. What we need first to do, is to discover who we really are, and honor this truth. Why to blame God for our situation. He gave us free will to experience whatever we wanted to, from the very beginning. Is it logical to blame him, now, saying this world is unbearable?

    2. Tonik

      I’m not like Ray in the way he has with explaining things.
      I just state what I have to say, and let it go. I figure folks will understand however much of it they can at that time. It’s not up to me.

      You question why we are taught 2 different ways.
      Well, up until very recently, there was another group of persons from ? who had a completely different purpose than trying to help us. They are no longer here, but the remnants of what influences they left behind still linger.
      Try to notice the evil has lost its energy. We are cleaning it up. I see you have gathered a lot of it. It’s time to leave it behind. It isn’t that we conquer anything, that stuff just doesn’t matter anymore.

        1. hugs
          I would like some kinda way to print out a copy of the list.
          hmmm what to call it?
          how about
          Price List

    3. Gee Ray, you are so right on. I guess why I like this blog is because everyone tries to help each other, no judgement. Everything you say resonates with me. I’m going to give (all of you) something I came upon recently – Very Profound. Please check this out. Simply stated, it has to do with the energies we are experiencing and the “wounded little child” within all of us – we ALL have this to some degree.

      It’s by James Gilliland and REALLY worth the read.



      1. In RV viewing the future can always be wrong. You have to take six billion people. All with some type of creative thoughts that can change the future. So what one can see now of the future may not be there when that time comes. In viewing the weather you have to look at what the world is doing in trying to change the earths weather. They can do much more with the weather than most people think. You have to look at where our sun is in its cycle around the galaxy and how this affects our planet and the people on it. The sun has a lot to do with our weather to in how it can change it. The wind and water also play a big part in our weather. It would be very hard to take all this and see what will really happen in the future.

        Plus the people doing the RV are all different. Who they are and what they know gives them what they see. You can only average this between them. You can take the world as a whole and try to average this using universal knowledge. The elements are much different with mother earth always trying to heal itself. The sun has its 11 year hotter to cooler cycle. In the long run they would only see what could happen from the worst to little change.
        If they use the different dimensions they can always say they were right in another dimension. Who would raise their head to say they are wrong. I think there are some that could do this, but I don’t think they would say anything about it.
        But its fun to see what they come up with. Nothing is perfect.There is always a 3% to 5% chance they will be wrong at their best. This is if the person doing the RVing is Perfect. Nobody is perfect. Mankind as a whole is just a little over 50% perfect. Mankind as a whole has been 50% shadow and 50% light or less for many ages. There are some from 60% to 90% but not many yet. Now the light side grows daily. I thank you for the web link. I love to read about some of the people doing RV. They have a lot of other things to read that I like to.

        Bless All

      2. Right on, Jeff!
        That was my synchronistic gift from Heaven this week – “finding” a book on my shelf that a friend loaned me years ago (it’d been waiting on my shelf a long time for THAT moment), I finally felt inspired to read it. Lo and behold, I opened it up and found a CD stuck inside – Susan Boyle I Dreamed a Dream- which was a song I found on youtube because of JayJays ‘Free Hug’ video and it struck me so, that I posted here last week! (I do hope that made some sort of sense! Lol – just a little sign that I was ‘on the right path’)
        Anyway, the book was Carolyn Myess ‘Sacred Contracts’ & talks about 4 Shadow side archetypes in particular (there are many) – the wounded child, the victim, the prostitute and learning how to BALANCE these aspects in ourselves…after all, the ‘overindulged’ inner child is just a spoiled brat!

  14. For a little while now, I have been quite ill and with not enough strength to comment. But, I am always thinking of those who are struggling amidst many who are experiencing joyous change. With so much good news, some are still left feeling exactly as CCs so aptly describe today, definitely battered. But, the CCs forget no one and now speak directly to even more of us; pointing out that river flowing within us, but which seems more like a voice to me.

    I have read the words of many who just feel so overwhelmed, just tired, or not knowing where the energy is to keep them going. I feel such a sorrow when I sense this struggle and want to hug every one of you. But, now I feel something different. I sense change is making itself know in the smallest of ways and I feel this for so many people. It is as if a voice has become audible: a voice that is so soft, that is free from everything. It is a voice attached to an intelligence that does not look at what is happening, but at what it wants to be.

    No doubt, it brings joy, but I think it is more. For me, it is someone inside myself that I really like and can trust. As I write this (and feelings are flowing) I can see this is what the CCs have said, that we are that voice. As usual, just writing a response brings things together in greater clarity. Thank all of you.

    But, what I want to say more than anything, is even if you still are feeling battered, I sense that many more of us are connecting and fewer and fewer will remain on the sideline. It is marvelous to see how were surrounded by graciousness and love. It reminds me, with an ironic smile, of that old hymn, “What a friend we have in Jesus” but I am thinking of the CCs and Aisha. I suppose it is the lightheartedness (almost child-like quality) of that song that makes me smile when I hear it. Maybe it should be retitled, “What a friend we have in each other (and in ourselves).”

    1. Dear Amorosidad, what a friend we have in you! Your words speak directly to my soul, soothing it with kindness. I thank you for this and for your love, sending you mine.

    2. Dear Amorosidad, your words bring tears of joy to my eyes. I feel the joy deep, deep within also, for I see the truth in your words. Something monumental is happening, and even if this shift is not perceptible on the outside, I feel it in my very bones, as the CCs like to put it. Yes, what a friend we have in ourselves, and in each other – and in you, beloved Amorosidad. I embrace you and thank you for sharing your light and love, and I send you mine back and hope it will help to give your body some extra strength.
      With much gratitude from me, Aisha

    1. Dear Janis – dear Kat – thank you both for adding your very personal touch to your comments. It makes the designer in me very happy 🙂
      Much love from me, Aisha

            1. JANIS, I have not connected with you in a while, but I must tell you I LOVE LOVE LOVE your keyboard art!! You are So talented!!!!

              Sending you Lots of Love!!!! Amy

              Sent from my iPad

    2. Janis dear, you are so cool. That is my most favourite one yet!
      (Loved yours as well, Kat.) Thank you!!

  15. Funny,was really going to dive into finding the right part time job so that I can have the other time to build my business and was at a place to figure out what income I wanted on the job site I was on and I did, but later this morning I heard a statement from my Higher Self ” the reason you had a hard time figuring out what you want to make is because this question is in essence asking you to condense your own Light”. This gave me a MAJOR AH HA moment which helped me see that truly I do not want to create a part time job I just want to grow my own business/passion and put my FULL attention into this. This is where my joy lies 🙂

  16. “Dear ones, you have struggled and toiled for a very long time now, and for many of you, not only your patience but the very fabric of your being seems to be stretched to the very limit.”

    Yes CCs! Stretched to the very limit is a perfect description of me, but I am used to it now 😉 But I really appreciate the deep, long talking I have had with my neighbor last mornings out on the porch. He had a hard life with drugs until he crashed with his car five years ago. I really love talking to him and I think he is a kind of a teacher for me, though I was terrified first time I saw him 😉

    Those deep, engaging discussions about life, light, forgiveness, love etc with people really makes me “stretched to the limit” because I am so engaged and so true and so convinced and unwavering – but afterwards I am exhausted. My recovery is the forest – it always was. Today I harvested the last spruce shoots making syrup and lemonade. Lovely 🙂

    Thank you Aisha and CCs for the missive today and thanks for the comments that I really enjoyed. I must say that joy has come into my life – because lately I have a lot of fun reading your comments 😉

    1. Dear Birgitta, thank you for this reminder! Yes, we are stretched thin, but that is because we embrace so much more of life – and others – than we did before 🙂 Much love back to you, dear sister! Aisha

  17. Interesting this is what i posted on my FB page before reading this blog.

    LISTEN deep “within”. All that you KNOW is there for you to KNOW.

    i keep hearing “I LOVE YOU”. This started “many months ago” when I wake in the morning. Now during the day too….many times i hear that message – TRUTH — I LOVE YOU from deep inside and yet for all around if you will. This is the voice of the SILENCE if you will.

    May you too hear this truth. SELF acknowledging SELF.

  18. Thank you Aisha and CC for your loving message helping us to know the only thing worth having is the joy of being. Love, J.

  19. What gets to me is first you learn by the rules of this place, and then you get a kick in the ass whispering hey unlearn and learn a new both at the time. And maybe when the computer is formatted and you learn the new tricks your goddamn done with life. I mean everything, dreams, visions, whole orchestry so fragmented. Ill keep fucking up shit and at the way down the road keep marketing about soul, space, heart and unseen intelligence while drinking my head out because I feel like a goddamn sales guy. Is this the fucking plan. Well I understand winning hearts and minds but… Fuck. No pun intended. Just a customers feedback to Allah.

    1. Hey Tonik I finally found you. You know you’re speaking out my emotions but the only problem is you’re not understanding why it’s all happening to you from what I’ve gathered. Let me tell you this it’s a set up that is hard to overplay but to accept your emotional reaction to what it is and the best way to go about it is to find a ground to lie down on when exhausted. Nature would be the best bet, but if you got a hobbie then get distracted, away from your thoughts so you can emotionally settle down. The circumstances that bring this emotional turmoil is the work of subconscious stuff that needs to be discovered. This is a good a electronic book that helped a lot of people here. Since it’s a 12 layer DNA potential we’ve got, it’s a 12 layer core issue we’ve got to deal with. Check out your Black Moon (your main core issue) by the index on the last page.

  20. (¯`·´¯)……………。☆。*。☆。
    Thank you Aisha & the CCs, for the map to and location of Joy! I wish you and all in this sacred light-pond, as well as all souls everywhere, “Joy Joy Joy right down in your hearts!” (An old Gospel song.) x o x

    “From Joy we come,
    For Joy we live,
    In the sacred Joy we melt.”
    ~ P. Yogananda

  21. Hello! …Is there anybody out there…? It’s so quite here. Nobody here. I’m going to go look for you guys, wait up for me!

  22. Thank you Aisha, this will be very helpful. I will go search for this river and ask myself to guide me. I feel all washed up anyway, so the river can’t be far away, probably it’s right under my nose!
    Thank you again, dending you my love.
    Travelling man, JayJay

  23. I have had a few talks with the team “upstairs” and they are absolutely aware of what we are going through. They do not have negative emotions and cannot feel pain so they can only empathize on a surface level. I keep getting the same messages over and over again. This is all a necessary part of the plan. There have been botched attempts in the past and this time, they will not allow anything hinder our safety or theirs. Everything must go according to plan and exactly when the timing is right. I told them that we are forever apologizing for our whining and bad moods. This isn’t the “real us.” It is a reaction to months (and even years) of operations, cleaning, updating, energetic changes and so much more. I told them that from my point of view, besides the support, we need to feel we are doing something. In other words, their attitude is “just hang out this summer and have fun” and I am like “no, we aren’t kids anymore and we don’t want to just “hang” this summer.” I suggested we get a jump start on learning – summer school if you will. I did this for a few years until it was interrupted.
    Learning the basics – history, galactic sociology and geography etc. They said they will let me know. So far, no one has even touched on this subject. They are talking about complicated subjects such quantum physics and time bending and the average person doesn’t even know who’s who out there. I am constantly reminding them that they are still debating the “existence of UFO’s” in Washington!
    Another question I had was about “manifesting.” In other words, if I have all this power, why don’t the things I “wish for” come true? For example, I recently left my position at work after 25 years and haven’t been able to find anything despite much effort. So the answer came back that the Universe is very wise. If something doesn’t “come,” it is often in our best interests or the timing is wrong. For example, the Universe knows we will have much more important roles in the future and doesn’t want us to waste precious energy on something in the meanwhile. The guides are really emphasizing the importance of resting. Not being invalids but taking it at a slower pace.
    I was told my job till now was a “first course” and the “main course” will be more fulfilling.
    About the “higher self” – I must say I am not a big fan of this term. I personally prefer my “soul” or “Sirian self” but everyone should choose with what they are comfortable with. I had NO idea what they were talking about. I vaguely remember as a child “understanding” that my body was a shell and I must have had out of body experiences. Recently, when meditating, it just clicked and I saw and felt “her.” Actually me. I knew my real name and had all the information. It was really bizarre but neat at the same time. I have been “connected” for a long time and this has just happened so please don’t feel any pressure to “get it.” When it does, you will know. It’s just like the first time you connect with your guides and it “clicks.” I know things are moving because the teams are pushing me to advance. Get rid of my pendulum for channeling (which they equate with a baby’s pacifier!) They were talking with me while I was washing the floors to prove to me that I can “do it” and don’t have to be in a meditative mode. There have also been many, many “coincidences” last week – reconnecting with old friends and so on.
    And lastly, the lovely and I mean LOVELY Sirian guides told me the same thing Aisha’s CC’s did. That what is to come will be so amazing and spectacular, it will not be able to be denied by the world. It will all be worth it even if we are as mad as spitting cobras right now. The poor teams are really like punching bags lately but they know we love them and they seem to understand like we would tired and pouty toddlers.

    I truly love you all my fellow Ponders and it makes me very happy to be in service.


    1. Dear Susan – thank you so much for sharing this! You bring much light to us all 🙂 Yes, it will all be worth it, even if we feel like we are falling apart at the seams from time to time. We may think we are moving at a snail’s pace, or maybe even in the wrong direction, but we are doing everything exactly as we are meant to do it, and we are bringing ourselves and this world one step closer to “home” every day 🙂 So thank you everyone for all you do, and thank you Susan for these words of confirmation and encouragement!
      With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

    2. Thank you Susan. This is a very uplifting and encouraging post. I’m so with you on the souls not having a grip on suffering and emotions! How many times have I yelled at mine!! And just feel her smiling back kindly. Sometimes I have felt I could scream at ‘All is well.’

      You said, ‘Another question I had was about “manifesting.” In other words, if I have all this power, why don’t the things I “wish for” come true?’

      I think we do manifest what we REALLY want, which is not what our minds think we want. Most of us deeply want to manifest 5-d (for want of a better term) life for ourselves, humanity and the Earth. That is our deepest and truest desire. And we ARE manifesting it. When we desire 3-d things too, we are being contradictory. But it is a testament to the depth and truth of our desire for 5-d that our 3-d desires fail to manifest. Connection with 5-d is not about making ourselves comfortable in 3-d. Anyway, get too comfy in 3-d and it would seem ok again. I think this is the same as your soul said, just a different way of saying it.

      And resting….I can rest for Wales!! And still be exhausted.

      Thank you again, Susan, love and light from Gail

      1. Thank you Susan and Gail… for your lightful comments. I am very blesssed by them… and you.

    3. Thank you Susan, your comment was a very refreshing read. Hopefully
      the cobra spitting and toddler wining is not entirely a bad thing, it keeps those angels on their toes. Why should we be the only ones who have it hard? Your comment about manifesting reminds me of a Don Henley’s song from the movie ‘Michael’, one of my favorites. I believe our power of manifestation is far from what it will be in time. We are like student pilots in a flight simulator, we are getting the intricacies but we aren’t going anywhere. Here is a sample of the lyrics and the song.

      And you ask; what am I not doing?
      He says your voice can not command,
      but in time you will move mountain,
      it will come thru your hands.

    4. Thanks Susan for keeping “them” on their toes!

      I’m sure we do appear as whiny toddlers to them! I don’t know if there was any other way to do this, but it does seem sometimes like they’ve gone and not allowed us “toddlers” to nap, and then given us a bunch of coffee to boot – and then they want us to relax?!
      For me personally the journey is becoming easier but I know it’s not yet for many people. And as someone with a background in Psychology, I am concerned for people who are going through depression with this (I know I did) or who may have other psychological issues that are being triggered by all this weirdness. I recently was turning channels and caught a couple of minutes of “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”…the scene where Richard Dreyfus is freaking out as he doesn’t know what’s come over him, and it upset me to think of people out there who may be going through this alone.
      I guess I am in “spitting cobra” mode today, lol! I need to learn to communicate with them myself…they called the pendulum a pacifier, huh…I still may give that a try though. They can make fun of me if they want!

      Love always,

      1. Leslie – and Susan!

        I love you both for the way you talk about “them”. I know “they” are here and there, but I´d rather have a talk to them face to face – so to say. I think that would be a little more clarifying 😉

        Love you!


      2. Leslie, I actually JUST started using pendulum/charts 🙂 It’s an individual process, remember? And a great place to start for many of us – especially during those times when were not “connected” enough for the internal dialogue with our HS. I’m also just now learning the importance of ‘clearing’ daily (at least) any discordant energies/thought patterns that may have entered my field – especially for us ‘sensitives’ who have empathic tendencies – I’m like a magnetic sponge to the atral plane lol.
        So, lets enjoy our pacifiers for awhile 😉

        1. Cool Jess, I am all for binkys as needed! I do a lot of grounding, protecting, and clearing. I actually just tell my guides at night to pull out anything that may have accumulated through my feet…seems to be working. The morning is more of a process to get grounded and protected for the day. I need several layers of protection right now! Takes me awhile to get out of bed, lol, I’m sure hoping this will become automatic with more practice!

    5. Susan my dear, I was just thinking about you yesterday and so glad you came in to share with us. I wanted to confirm with you what your guides said about things coming at the right time. My beloved was out of work for 2 years and finally found a position that I see as a transitional tool into the next dimension. It is also a position that effectively heals a wound he received when he was let go from another position and I see the synchronicities abound in this “cosmic choice” for him.

      I too was struggling to find a position to make money to make things more comfortable and after much reflection and nothing really coming up that would “fit” I realize as Gail said, my position is to share love and light and manifest 5D…the minute I made that choice to simply hang out, I got a raise in the itty bitty job I do for fun to help out a friend and that helped make things more comfortable while allowing me to stay IN my space of love and tend to my portal here. It’s close to new york and thus very important in the shift and I take its tending–this space of love with the utmost respect for the teams doing the work in the ethers.

      Big hugs girl and so wonderful that you connected with your soul–I have heard the call of my soul for many a long year and kind of felt “weird” that I didn’t have a connection to some guides and such–hearing that inner voice is so wonderful and trusting it as your own personal truth is simply a blessing. much love-=–alex

  24. Thank you Aisha and the CC’s. I felt it “hard” last night. We had a power outage. I meditated and talked to myself asking for his name and to speak to me in words. I’m not kidding, as soon as this took place, the power came back on. It kind of shocked me. Then about an hour later a thought came to me about myself. This is going to sound weird.

    When I was in college in architecture class I had to design a house. I went way beyond the basics and designed something pretty different. My roommate at the time saw me doing this and called me Frank Lloyd Wrong. That memory came to me last night so I guess my higher self wants to be called Frank. I have been considering and planning on moving back to Wisconsin. This further reinforces that. Thirty miles west of Madison, Wisconsin in Spring Green is where Frank Lloyd Wright lived and had his school. I’m going back to central Wisconsin where I grew up. Maybe I can do something wonderful there.


    1. Dear Jeff, thank you so much for sharing this! I know you will DO something wonderful no matter where you go, for that is what you already ARE 🙂 And what a perfect way to make an old “wrong” memory right! I wish you all the best for your journey back to you, and to the place where you grew up.
      Much love from me, Aisha

  25. Gratitude Aisha and the CCs for this message. The Joy within – yes that is the one I sense of different quality than the external noise.

    Joyfully, Philip 🙂

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