The manuscript of survival – part 320

As the days and nights continue to shift and expand, many of you will have trouble following suit. You see, nothing is ever certain now, not even the speed of light or even the length of an hour, much less a second. Flux is the only word to describe this process, as the natural limits you have gotten used to no longer applies.

Let us explain. As you are well aware of, the influx of light coming in and through you does not only affect you in every cell of your body. It also affects everything around you. Mankind has gotten used to living within very strictly defined set of circumstances, and this also includes the so-called natural laws that govern everything around you. Well, let us rephrase that to used to govern everything around you. For you have mayhaps already noticed how your own concept of time is no longer a strict physical and linear concept any more? Try to look back on yesterday, or better yet, last week, and see if you can get any real sense of just how much time that period can be divided into. Do you find it easy, and does it come natural to you any more to even think about ”yesterday” or ”last week”? We know it will sound confusing, but we think it will FEEL even more confusing trying to put these days and nights into a set sequence like you used to do in the ”old days”.

In other words, if you compare your sense of time and sense of linearity inside of you now to what it used to be when you had no other way of defining yourself than as a ”normal human being”, we think you will see what we are getting at. For as you started to step into your true self, you also started to step outside the boundaries of a so-called ”normal life” with all of its connotations. And, if there is one thing that does define a ”normal life”, it is the strict rules set up by your clocks and your calendars. It is the whole ”clockwork” that keeps the old system ticking, and we do mean that in every sense of the word. Well, do you still see yourselves as a part of that ”clockwork”, or have you gotten the sense of freedom that stepping completely outside these boundaries will bring you?

For this is about liberation, dear friends, liberation from anything and indeed anyone that tries to put you within any strict confines of any kind, whether they be defined by a measuring stick like the time, or whether it is by defining you within what is usually being described as ”normal behaviour” and ”natural limits” in one person living inside the body of a human being. Well, you have by now gotten a little bit more used to the idea that any old ”rules” need no longer apply to you. For you are in fact limitless, in every way, and now, as the time to really go and explore the meaning of the word has come, it will also be apt to engender a lot of confusion. For remember, your own body and indeed phsyce has been used to navigating in very familiar waters at all times, following the routes set up a very long time ago, both within yourself but also out in the world at large. But now, as boundary after boundary, limitation after limitation is being swept away by the light, it can be more than a little daunting to find yourself in a vast open space, unmarked by any kind of guiding principles. For remember, it is up to each and every one of you to explore this vast open plane of possibilites, and so the question comes very quickly ”where to begin”? This concept in itself can be so daunting it may lead to inertia, or an inability to even begin. So again we say, just jump right into it, by connecting within with your old friend your self in all of its connotations, and together, we urge you to start to explore whatever you find, literally on your own doorstep. For remember, there is no need to go far away to find hidden treasuers dear ones, they are truly at your own doorstep, there may not even be any need to go outside to find the first ones.

222 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 320

  1. lioness I hope this may help a little.
    Your body is of this world. Within this body there is a small speck of light in every atom of your body and everything in this galaxy. This light is related to everything. This light has a voice that lives within everything. This light flows through out your body and mind. It knows every cell in your body. This light also knows every cell and atom in the whole galaxy. We as a people are related to all this light. We are a small part of this light that has a voice that is one as a whole with everything. This light has the knowledge of everything that has ever been and ever will be.

    Learning to know this light that is within everything and talk to its voice lets you learn anything. This light within you and everything that is. Is like a big family. Some people call this family the sourse or universal knowledge. Some even say it is God or a part of God. Some say its the holy spirit that talks to mankind. It has many names all over the world. To talk to this voice just ask how or what you can do to get to know it better. Tell this voice you only want what is best for yourself and everything that is. Ask this light if it can teach you what you need to know to bring love and peace to mother earth and all mankind.

    It will be a shock when this light starts talking within your mind. Never be afraid of this light it is sharing with you what you ask of it. Just always let your intent be pure and filled with love for all that is. The more you do this the closer you will come to know the knowledge of this light. It takes time but what you learn from this changes the way you will think about everything. It gives you peace when all around seems to be falling apart. It is the best friend you could ever have. Its your teacher about life. Its your soul mate that lets you know love you have never dreamed of before. It lets you live and think in ways you have never known of before. It lets you feel how you share yourself with everything that is and how everything that is shares its light with you.

    Blessing to All

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