The manuscript of survival – part 320

As the days and nights continue to shift and expand, many of you will have trouble following suit. You see, nothing is ever certain now, not even the speed of light or even the length of an hour, much less a second. Flux is the only word to describe this process, as the natural limits you have gotten used to no longer applies.

Let us explain. As you are well aware of, the influx of light coming in and through you does not only affect you in every cell of your body. It also affects everything around you. Mankind has gotten used to living within very strictly defined set of circumstances, and this also includes the so-called natural laws that govern everything around you. Well, let us rephrase that to used to govern everything around you. For you have mayhaps already noticed how your own concept of time is no longer a strict physical and linear concept any more? Try to look back on yesterday, or better yet, last week, and see if you can get any real sense of just how much time that period can be divided into. Do you find it easy, and does it come natural to you any more to even think about ”yesterday” or ”last week”? We know it will sound confusing, but we think it will FEEL even more confusing trying to put these days and nights into a set sequence like you used to do in the ”old days”.

In other words, if you compare your sense of time and sense of linearity inside of you now to what it used to be when you had no other way of defining yourself than as a ”normal human being”, we think you will see what we are getting at. For as you started to step into your true self, you also started to step outside the boundaries of a so-called ”normal life” with all of its connotations. And, if there is one thing that does define a ”normal life”, it is the strict rules set up by your clocks and your calendars. It is the whole ”clockwork” that keeps the old system ticking, and we do mean that in every sense of the word. Well, do you still see yourselves as a part of that ”clockwork”, or have you gotten the sense of freedom that stepping completely outside these boundaries will bring you?

For this is about liberation, dear friends, liberation from anything and indeed anyone that tries to put you within any strict confines of any kind, whether they be defined by a measuring stick like the time, or whether it is by defining you within what is usually being described as ”normal behaviour” and ”natural limits” in one person living inside the body of a human being. Well, you have by now gotten a little bit more used to the idea that any old ”rules” need no longer apply to you. For you are in fact limitless, in every way, and now, as the time to really go and explore the meaning of the word has come, it will also be apt to engender a lot of confusion. For remember, your own body and indeed phsyce has been used to navigating in very familiar waters at all times, following the routes set up a very long time ago, both within yourself but also out in the world at large. But now, as boundary after boundary, limitation after limitation is being swept away by the light, it can be more than a little daunting to find yourself in a vast open space, unmarked by any kind of guiding principles. For remember, it is up to each and every one of you to explore this vast open plane of possibilites, and so the question comes very quickly ”where to begin”? This concept in itself can be so daunting it may lead to inertia, or an inability to even begin. So again we say, just jump right into it, by connecting within with your old friend your self in all of its connotations, and together, we urge you to start to explore whatever you find, literally on your own doorstep. For remember, there is no need to go far away to find hidden treasuers dear ones, they are truly at your own doorstep, there may not even be any need to go outside to find the first ones.

222 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 320

  1. Dear family of the Pond,
    I feel totally lost today. Cold and alone. I feel weird. I woke up with this feeling. Feeling washed up. So, help! I need help. I ask for help.
    Your lightbrother,

    1. JayJay, I am here for you! I take your hand, and we walk down to the Pond where the others are waiting for you. Feel the love that is all around you as we hold out our arms to let you float peacefully in this tranquil Pond of light. Just breathe, and feel the space within you where we all are together. It is OK to feel lost, cold and alone, for I know that you are none of these things. It is just a feeling passing through you, like the last breath of the old you. So just let it float away, and feel how the empty space it leaves behind is filled up again with so much love, there is no room for anything else.
      I love you brother, now and forever!

    2. My Dear Jay-Jay… I send you my sincere love and support right now in this moment!
      I’m of to bed now but will feel and pray for you as I am drifting off to sleep. Perhaps I will continue a supportive work in this way for you during my dreams. Hopefully it helps. Also, I’m not sure if you got my response to you near end of Comments from the last message 319 following posting of your outstanding Photography webiste. Please read! Clearly, you’re a wonderful guy in so many ways!
      With much brotherly Love to you Jur,

    3. my reply to Lioness, above, is for you also JayJay. You are stronger than you guess. Even to start on this path is so strong. To continue is immense. So much love to you, Gail xxx

    4. Feeling “Washed up” too – like a beached whale!
      I’ve been experiencing a new “symptom” for the past few weeks, but it’s getting to be an everyday thing now- swelling (usually in the lower legs & feet) but sometimes all over. I look & feel like I’m 8 months pregnant! WTF? Is anyone else experiencing this puffer-fish syndrome?

      1. Well, I thought it was just me! A new one indeed. Only the last few days. Puffy ankles and lower legs. Not had it all over yet. Makes me look even more like a real old lady! What is all this telling us? Are we really supposed to just lie down all day and night long????

  2. My world is falling apart. I see no light anymore just darkness. Its over its really over 😦 i hate this!!

    1. Dear Lioness, I see you, dear sister! And I see that your pain is not something you can carry alone, so I am so glad that you have come here and opened your heart to us. I open my arms and welcome you to this Pond, to this circle of light, and I hope and pray that you will be helped by the love that surrounds you on all sides here. You are a part of this family, dear sister, so lean on us for support.
      With all my love, Aisha

    2. Lioness, it’s takes a brave heart to call for help.
      I’m not having a good day today myself, and I’ve been where you are now.
      So I see you.
      The light is inside you, I’m sending you mine.
      Just jump in the Pond, that what I am going to do right now!
      All my light and love to you,

    3. Lioness, my brave sister… Just close your eyes for a second and let your imagination travel free, for a second forget everything in outside world and imaging something you really would love to happen. Enjoy that tiny moment, seeing all the colours and all the happiness and all the love in your own heart. In that tiny moment, when you let your dreams travel, you will find that it is not the end, it is the beginning you are facing. Let us take you by your hands and let the pain go. You are safe here with us!

      With all my love and my rainbow colours!

    4. Dear Lioness, your heart and your soul will carry you through. Sometimes it’s like we have taken in a new burst of energy and literally have to shut down to absorb it. This shutting down can feel like there is no light left in your life and you can feel as if you are practically dead. IT PASSES….every time, I promise! I learned (eventually) to recognise this deep, empty, pointless, disconnected feeling as a clue that I was doing ok, in fact doing damn well. You are a strong shining star, even when you actually feel like a wet squib. Very much love to you. Lioness xxx

  3. The more aware and focused you become the more time seems to be in slow motion. You get a lot more details from what you are doing. I use to tell people to just slow their mind down and ask the word why to everything. Most people’s biggest problem is they spread themself to thin to be good at anything. If you are around enough people that seem to learn slow at some things. They are asking themselves why. In the long run they become very good with much more detail than the ones who learn fast. If you have ever had a bad car crash you will see it happen in slow motion in your mind and remember every detail of what happened. This happens because every cell in your body becomes aware of what is going on and stays focused. Learning with lucid thoughts always helps you remember better. It burns what you see and learn in your mind and is retained for much longer. This also helps you think before you react to something someone might say or do to you.

    1. In fact, just as I closed my iPad, the thought occurred to me you are an answer to a question I had been asking the Universe. I have been in a life situation, that is challenging, mind bending at times, with it seems no open door out. It is within this situation I am learning the most about healing, about animal communication, patience, love, and self-respect for sticking with it. The world at large screams what I do is not normal, but it is within this very situation I am learning how to communicate here. In compassion. With Heart. Speaking from the Heart. Knowing. Seeing. Gentleness.

      So what you see here from me, you can attribute to this very situation that puts my teeth on edge somedays, and so it is. God does do work in “mysterious ways”. I can honestly say the most growth I have seen in myself is through this situation.

      Thank you, Ray. Your words really did speak volumes AND it answered my question(s). GOD bless you!!

      With all my Love, Amy

    2. And the third one is the charm. I am on the move right now, hence replying three times. Let’s not forget the situation within the situation, the all time award winner for me, I getting at least 3 Gold Stars/Halos/Wings for helping a Viet Nam vet live. Now this takes the cake of all, let me tell you. The PATIENCE I have learned, the self-control, the Mastery of tongue (some days better then others), staying in High Mind (some days better then others), and the cheerleading role I play here??? Guess where I learned that one! Yep, husband!

      So, wrapping this up, bowing to Ray for REALLY helping me with something I have been struggling with for quite some time now, I REALLY thank you! (Ray) Are you rv’ing again, hehehehehehehe. You must be! What else explains you nonchalantly drop this post just in the perfect time I needed it the most. Wow! Have you noticed I have been looking younger? LOL

      Love, and BIG Grateful HUGS, Amy

    1. Dear Andrea, welcome to this Pond, and thank you so much for this! The Fountain is one of my favourite films, I just love the scene when he “dissolves” into the light at the end, it reminds me so much of something I have “seen” myself do 🙂
      Much love from me, Aisha

  4. I read somewhere this story about a guy, who could remember in his childhood when 4 or 5 years old, to seeing his older brother peeking down the hallway just face shown around the corner. Now this little guy shouted the brothers name and started to run to him, just to see the face vanish and nobody around the corner when arriving there. What impressed the most about me in this story, is the guy who in his older years wrote it down after having seen this dream. He basically told to fell asleep dead tired, and described somekind vibrations taking place and having obe kind of an experience. He noticed to being in his childhoodhome and recognized some dishing sounds in the kitchen and a cartoon playing from this one room and himself as a little kid walking down the hallway, noticed him and screaming their older brothers name. The guy got freaked out and woke up from the experience. The guy could write it all down with such details, it made an impressive story.

  5. Recently a woman who I see a couple of times a week at exercise class said to me “When I talk to you, I feel like time collapses” – her exact words.

    I’m thinking we’re in the process of readjusting our notion of time…it will level out eventually 🙂 The newer planes we seem to have access to are going to have different time structures than ours. Different frequencies will do that I suppose. I’m sure many of you here are familiar with C.S. Lewis’ “Chronicles of Narnia” series. When the kids were in Narnia, they could be there for decades, but when they came back, it was always right when they left in England. Not only a great literary device; I think he was channeling something important about different planes having different timelines.

    My 12 year old son has been saying for a couple of years now that he does not believe in time and that our brains simply organize our events in the easiest way to understand them. I agree with him…but it seems our brains may be evolving to include a greater capacity for understanding different aspects of what we call “time”.

    If you think about it, when your frequency is very high, such as when you’re in love or doing something that you love, time goes very quickly. The opposite is true when you’re doing something you hate. So personal frequency does affect perception of time…throw in some new dimensions and viola – where did the time go?

    Hope everyone’s having a great time tonight!


    1. BIG (((HUGS))), Leslie. That’s all about I can do for now. Time for me to go to bed.

      I love you! Amy

      1. So beautiful!! Thank you Otmn…dahling…(that’s my best Natasha accent)



        1. I’ve got nothing up my sleeve !

          Thanks to you for reminding me to remember Poco.
          damm I’m getting old.

          1. I hear ya on the getting old…hopefully this will make you laugh –
            I was mucking around on the guitar a few days ago (I’m learning to play) playing random chords until I hit on something that sounded familiar, couldn’t figure out what it was, so kept playing it over and over again until I realized I was playing the theme from Underdog!

    2. Dear Leslie, thank you so much for sharing this! Your son certainly picked the right mom in you 🙂 The wise ones coming in now are not always so well received when they arrive into this world, so thank you for not only shining your own light here, but also for making it easier for him to do the same.
      Much love from me, Aisha

      1. Thanks so much Aisha – I was one month pregnant with him when I got my Master Reiki Attunement. He’s always kept us on our toes!


  6. You guys are great today. The comments just keep getting better and better.
    The only thing I might suggest to add to Gail’s list, (I have all the symptoms mentioned) When I decide to do something I forget what it was as soon as I walk through a door. Maybe that’s just me?
    I can’t wear watches. They won’t work when on my body; they work just fine sitting on a shelf.
    I went to the grocery store. I know, that doesn’t sound exciting and adventurous, but it is. I cannot control who I will meet, but it never fails that something will happen.
    I met a white women with a black husband and a mixed race child. We chatted about the new Cheerios commercial.
    Maybe some of you not in the USA may not have seen it. It starts with a white mother talking to her mixed race child about the heart benefits of eating cereal (I don’t believe there is anything good about breakfast cereal) then the scene switches to the black father waking up on the couch with a boxful dumped on his chest.
    The folks I met at the store were much relieved to hear that when I saw it, I didn’t even notice. I don’t care about who has how much pigment in their skin. There is a lot of nasty racism surfacing as a result of this.
    They were worried, now their not.
    The whole thing was completely accidental and nothing more than a coincidence, right?
    Spirit guides me into interesting places.

    1. I’m right with you, Otmn. I don’t “see” color. I just “see” Heart. Most don’t “get it”. I am SO glad you do!!!

      BIG (((HUGS))),

    2. It’s not just you 😉 – can’t blame it on age either…happens to me all the time too. So, I stopped cursing my brain & just turn around, return to ‘start’ and hope it’ll come back to me! If it doesn’t, well how important was it anyway? Lol.
      It’s the days that my legs/feet are swollen, I have to walk hunched over & stop to take a break after the most minor of exertions (um, like having to stop & sit on the way to the kitchen to get some water) that get to me…
      I have turned into my granny at 33 – talk about a tough pill to swallow!

    3. ‘When I decide to do something I forget what it was as soon as I walk through a door.’

      Ah, yes…I FORGOT that one….hahaha

      1. I kid you not…this evening I opened the cutlery drawer to get out cutlery and found myself staring at the cutlery and wondering what I was supposed to be doing!!!!

        1. Ha ha ha – yes that´s the way it is – all the time. It is strange but the more I give up controlling things/myself the more I will be taken care of and everything will be at my very best. So I just say – surf the wave, you are embraced of the sea of light 🙂

          1. My Dear Birgitta (I hope I have remembered the spelling correctly — yes you see I have been remembering you too):

            Thank you so much for your Love expressed above. It means quite a bit more to me than you probably know. Perhaps we (and many more here besides) are feeling so much less alone in this strange but wonderful destiny, especially when we allow ourselves to come out and play, and communicate in whatever fashion, a bit more around this wonderful place they call the Pond. I am grateful to you, and to everyone else here as well. I have begun to feel a tangible and growing Love with all of my dears here during only this past week, which perhaps I have not ever been able to feel before, probably no, not ever in my current life — only a mere beginning as it may be — because of a growing freedom I seem to be gaining right now. (Emotional Surgery, Round 2 later today.)

            And just look how beautifully YOU are communicating, dear:
            “So I just say – surf the wave, you are embraced of the sea of light.” And it is not even your first laguage. I love you, dear Birgitta. Your heart is opening too, I think. Keep Loving and growing, sweetness, and I will try and keep up with you.

            With Much Love and Best Wishes,

            1. Thank you Billy! If you knew how much your comment means to me 🙂 My heart overflows with love for you and all people here who, including me, have a very great need of the Pond these days.

              Lots of love and a big hug Billy!

              1. Much Love to YOU, gentle Birgitta, brave and beautiful woman from the north of Sweden!
                Thank you,

  7. The gregorian calendar is a dogma. Definition of a dogma :

    1. A doctrine or a corpus of doctrines relating to matters such as morality and faith, set forth in an authoritative manner by a church.
    2. An authoritative principle, belief, or statement of ideas or opinion, especially one considered to be absolutely true.

    People never question themselves about the validity of that artifical and materialistic calendar or the 24:60 time. Time calculated on the rotation of an objet (the earth) around itself (a day) and around another objet (the sun – a year) is material time. The consequence is that the focus of consciousness of most people is materialism. Objects.

    The sacred time (Tzolkin) is not calculated on the rotation of objects but on the plan of Creation, and the focus is very different. It allows to see below the tip of the iceberg.

  8. If you just knew how much I have laughed at your comments tonight – and if you knew how much I love all of you for all those shared experiences :). I also wish I could express myself in the way you can (Billy – I love you :)). Thanks Lady Pinkrose for your fantastic way of expressing yourself :), thanks Gail for the list of all crazy things that our muddled brains endures, and Sally – love you for the Sade song! When I started this process ten years ago I heared a song of Sade that really concerned me – this one really touched me too, feeling that now I have ended first grade and wait for greater experiences to come 🙂

    Lots of love to you Aisha, your sister, CCs and all my lovely friends around the Pond!

    1. At your service, dear 🙂
      I ain’t good for much these days, by certain standards, but I still have my warped sense of humor!
      Sometimes ya gotta laugh to keep from crying…this Pond is our Saving Grace – being able to connect with others who KNOW what we’re going thru

    2. Oh, yes….ended first grade!! And graduated into endless gradelessness:)
      And experiences beyond our wildest hopes and dreams. Weh hey!!

  9. Hey beautiful brothers and sisters of the light. Sending you all a big fat hug! This message seems so spot on, what I have been noticing is a few things. The time where I have been having to spend my focus on 3d things has sped up tremendously. sometimes I simply use music to increase my vibration and get all the crap done I have to do in a flash. I have to say I have never had more fun doing the dishes than when I put music on that I love and dance round a bit and my inner being descends into me…

    I realized the other day that OUR inner beings so enjoy coming into our bodies and participating in “reality tv” as they must see it–always observing, sensing, feeling energetically, but to get to put all their consciousness INTO a body and really feel it–they enjoy it so! They are grateful TO us to be able to get into our body as we have raised our vibrations and made it possible! Well, anyway, the time where I spend doing the things I love seems to have increased in length…i can sit for a moment and appreciate the shade of green a plant leaf turns when sunlight hits it for what seems like hours and it has only been a mere minute.

    i kind of feel like this is also one of the ways that we are eliminating 3D and linear time because we want to feel joy and bliss and so we rush all the other crap to get to the good stuff and so time slips and starts and eventually falls away as we learn to accomplish what “needs to be done” in a much more manifestational way instead of a “doing or action way.

    Hugs! Rock EVERY moment…Alex

    1. Thank you so much for sharing this Alex, it really resonates with me! It’s a bit like being in the Truman show (the movie), except you KNOW you are in it 😉 So let’s enjoy the ride!
      Much love from me, Aisha

    2. I’ve been doing that lately too! Like if I have to go grocery shopping, I’ll wear my headphones & listen to music – it makes it ever so much more bearable!

  10. Today I listened to this interview with Joe Dispenza who you might know from “What the Bleep Do We Know”. It and the other audio files here are available for the rest of the day…I’ve been enjoying their daily interviews during this Hay House World Summit.

    Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

    “Tune in as chiropractor, neuroscience expert, and best-selling author Dr. Joe Dispenza and’s Michael Neill discuss how you can change from the inside out. The bottom line, according to Dr. Joe, is that your personality—how you think, act, and feel—is your personal reality. To manifest a new personal reality, you must begin to examine the thoughts you’ve been thinking and change them—then you literally become someone else.

    In this informative and thought-provoking interview, Dr. Joe explains how you can use the tools of brain science to do just that. The principle of neuroplasticity means that you are not hardwired to be the same way your entire life, nor are you doomed by your genes. You can signal new genes in new ways and broadcast a different signature into the quantum field. Dr. Joe hints at the possibilities of meditation for entraining your brain and also shares a remarkable true-life story of spontaneous remission from disease—as well as the defining moments along his own path that have inspired his groundbreaking work.

    As Dr. Joe asks, why wait to be knocked to your knees before you adopt true change? You can learn and change in a state of pain and suffering, or you can do so in a state of joy and inspiration. The moment you become conscious of the unconscious self, you’re tapping into the operating system where true transformation begins. Step into the river of change and close the gap between thinking and being . . .”

    1. Janis – cool – I haven’t had chance to listen to the thing yet but wanted to say this sentence jumped out of the computer screen at me as being the core thing:

      Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

      Wow – yes that is it – the old definition of self as opposed to the true version or truth of who we are… I’m going to be using that one a lot I feel…

      Gratitude to you Janis for sharing that one!

      Joyfully, Philip 🙂

      1. Yes, it’s like we are breaking the habit of being our FALSE self….the programmed self. And that leaves room for our TRUE self. love to you xxx

  11. Dear Sally, beloved sister, I thank you for this beautiful gift! I hear your voice, and I feel your love all the way to the deepest part of my soul. From my heart to yours, I love you.

  12. Hi Aisha,
    To show my appreciation for your generosity, unconditional Love and hard work, I would like to dedicate a song to you. I don’t know how to share the actual video here, so I will tell you the name of the singer and the title of the song and maybe you could find it on youtube .
    The singer is Sade and the song is “The Sweetest Gift”. If you choose to listen….. It’s me singing to you from my heart.
    I so love you for building a place where I feel safe…. A place where I can practice using the L word…. Love!!!

  13. Dreams are coming together. My futile trys to fight against it all had me to just release to the waves on a stormy sea. Someone held my hands and tried to push my legs over my head. Released the fear and the voice welcomed me to inner journey. Well this junkie had to do the roll to find the peace. Hehe. Love you all!

    1. Dear Tonik, welcome to this Pond! Thank you for bringing your light here, and for sharing your courageous journey with us, your family of light.
      Much love from me, Aisha

  14. I’ve been working through this experience of no time since i was 15 or 16. now i am 36. if you were to see me you would think i was in my mid-20s. and if i was with my kids you’d probably have some judgemental thoughts about teenage pregnancy. maybe not, but probably, it’s ok i’m used to it. i can’t say that existing outside of time “rules” gets any easier, but i am very used to it. days, months, years all blur. i literally have to “slow” my mind and focus on what i want to find/remember. i change my haircolor when i feel like i’ve got to change my appearance because otherwise i can’t tell by looking at a photo how old i am or what year it was.

    i’m excited to have more of you on my page, so to speak.

    how to get along while everyone else is on another time vibration? it can be hard. i have learned to create markers. parents seem to go through a similar stage a little while after babies are born: pre-baby and post-baby time measuring. it’s the closest example i can think of. i have to create markers in my mind a lot and still i get refrains of “don’t you remember?” well, yes i do but it’s going to take me a moment to find my marker. others would like to blame it on smoking pot or drinking alcohol…but i know better because the pot & alcohol are not relevant factors. its been going on since looong before i ever used those things. and i don’t use them much anyway.

    watches…only if it looks nice like a bracelet and it matches my outfit, not for telling “time”. i have one clock set to the “right” time so that i know where everyone else is at in the day. my computers are set to whatever auto-sync says because if i don’t my email doesn’t work. but i dont have the time displayed in my face all day. yuck on that.

    you’d think that having to “get work done on time” would be hard, but it’s not. time expands…i have plenty of time to finish my work tasks, whatever hours i need to get it done. i have pushed it, like oh wow there’s only 4 hrs left to finish this today, now there’s only 2 hrs and i haven’t worked on $&@!. but somehow i only “needed” 2 hrs anyway. i can pack a lot into a small “time”.

    alarm clocks have never been my friend. too bossy…and loud. but i do have to set one every so often if it’s really really important to someone else that i be somewhere “on time.” usually i tell myself “i have to wake up at 7” and then i do. or 8… or “its saturday tomorrow and you’d better let me sleep in or i will grump all day.” and i do.

    i didn’t have a lack of sleep problem with my first baby, she slept next to me and we’d sleep how/when we needed to sleep. change a diaper, go back to sleep, it’s all good. a little more challenging as i added babies to my nest, but still it all worked out fine.

    living outside of linear time is very liberating. but even so, sometimes i would wonder if i wasn’t just crazy. because no one else was outside of time like me. but once i stepped out i couldn’t step back in. so i found ways to get by without it. crazy or not, this is my experience in life… so i’m going to make it work out great.

    i’m running out of words again…so if you have any questions, please ask away. i’ll try to find them. 🙂

    1. Fascinating Firestarter – I seem to recall you mentioned something about this previously?

      I’m certainly aware of being able to keep the body younger. This may sound odd but when you say you change your hair colour – is that in the traditional sense or do you reprogramme it. Seems to me there will soon be no limits… Philip 🙂

      1. I can do both, but reprogrmming only works by a shade or 2, like being out in the sun for a week straight. usually i go the quick and easy route and use chemicals, or hennas.

        1. OK that’s cool – I felt you were able to do that from what you said. I think I did something similar with my skin tone a few years back. Cool stuff… thanks 🙂

  15. Pink Rose, PurpleDragon, Aisha and others……..thank you for letting me know I am not alone feeling exactly the same. Time and calendars, etc. are inventions and seem now to have no meaning. I definitely relate to today’s message and again am so thankful it is not just me. We are One, coming out of amnesia, but still “being” (verb) “here” wherever “here” is.
    I love you All.

    1. Are we all versions of “Alice in Wonderland”?????

      I love you, too, Jean!!! Amy

  16. Yes Philip I have seen many like this. Their mind is so tied up in their day to day life. They block out a lot of what is around them. They are trying to work out a war going on in their mind that demands all their thoughts.

    1. Ray, I think you just hit the nail on the head from the fragment of conversation I heard… it pointed to something like this … and I guess taking this further … when we become totally still inside we then have full awareness and see a much bigger picture… mmm

  17. Hello all,

    Interesting. Cc are a bit funny sometimes. Aisha can you please ask them to remove the 15th of each month in the future. This is the day of my monthly mortgage repayment!!!


    1. Hello Guerric, nice to see you again dear brother! I’ll see what I can get the CCs to do about the 15, it sounds like a great idea;-)
      Love and light from me, Aisha

      1. I was always there, but remained silent. I really hope you are feeling better now. I will always follow you. I really like you all here in the pond as you have helped me so many times. You are truly fantastic beings. I come mostly for you and all the wise comments but I still mistrust the CCs as their messages are full of rubbish to me, but I know of all the channels you are one the ‘purest’ if you see what I mean Aisha.

        1. Dear Guerric! I thank you for coming to this Pond and showing us your light. It is so wonderful to be able to SEE you better, and from what you have shared these last few days I can see that you bring your light into the world around you also. I really admire you for that, my brother, as you are indeed one of those brave souls able to shine your light even in places where the willingness to acknowldege that light seems to be small. But it is absorbed any way, so what you do in your every day life is every bit as important, or perhaps even more, as what is happening in this space. I send you a warm embrace and much gratitude and love from me, Aisha

          1. I’d add to that Guerric… I spent a good few years in a similar situation … it can be tought and glad you have this place to help you!

            Joyfully, Philip 🙂

            1. I left that comment a bit a brief – what I meant was working in situation where people are so focused on a 3D world and the bottom line etc etc and think that is all there is to the world… taking the light from here has a bigger impact than may at first seem to be the case for you. When I left that world behind and told everyone I was pursuing my spiritual interests instead – the reaction I got was overwhelmingly positive from many including people I did not know. Many wished they had the courage to do it too. What I did may not be for everyone – but the point I would like to share is that despite the faces people show in the corporate environment – when you get them to one side its different, they feel able to show more of themselves.

              My guess is you’d be surprised at how much people value you bringing a different perspective and light into the place. I only found out how much when I left and people said outright what they felt.

              Wishing you strength. Philip

            2. GUERRIC, I have been thinking about you today. I am going to say some things that others have not and perhaps you might not agree with, but I feel it is important that at least your hear them. Bottom line, this is your life, you are Master of it, and you and only you know what is truly right for you and your “growth”.

              My words regarding your work situation are this: Maybe you have (HS) put this situation in your life in order for you to learn how to change the channel. By this I mean, being from a Higher Perspective. Do you know what I mean by this? Raising your intent of focus from low emotions to high heart and 3rd eye. A state of peace. A state of harmony.

              And in so doing, you learn how to tolerate an environment that to you is so not you. Along those lines, you also learn how to love, respect and to have compassion for those who are not of your frequency. You become a beacon of love and compassion in an environment that is anything but. And as you consistently do this, by learning how to walk in love no matter what, others will notice, and they will be changed.

              I speak from experience. I elected to marry very solid money orientated 3D husband. In all the years we have been married, 29 in all, my goal has been to show him what love is, and to have compassion for him. I will admit, I arrived at a wall where it seemed all I did was for nothing. In pulling back and withdrawing my energy from his, I began to see evidence that what I have been “teaching” all these years, has born fruit.

              It is a thankless job. It is a hard job. It is a mind bending job. It is one that some days you truly hate. Yet, have you put yourself in this job to bring love and peace to those who don’t understand what these concepts are? Only you know the answer to this question.

              And by changing your attitude from one of dread about your job, to “yes, I can do this, I will walk in love!” will make all the world of a difference. Ask for signs, Guerric, to help you understand the purpose of this job, or if it really is time for you to look for another job. Go within and seek the God within you, for the right path that is for you. Your life is unique in that you designed it, and the options that lay before you, you yourself have put in place. Choose wisely from your heart, not ego, and that decision you will be able to live with, in peace and in harmony.

              From my heart to your heart, Amy

              1. Amy, love, you may be feeling like 💩 but you’re still the 👑 !
                Beautiful message & so true…in our own individual way, that’s what we’re all doing right now – learning to live in the high heart, no matter what APPEARS to be going on around us…and letting go (surrendering) anything and EVERYTHING that stands in the way of Heart Centered living.
                Alas, it is a process….
                BTW: Finished the Masters of the Far East series yet? Great stuff, huh? It should be required reading!

                1. Love your little icons! LOL And I thank YOU for your words! No, not yet finished on the series but getting there. I can only read so much, then put the book down (the one I am reading) in order to “digest” what I just read. So much to absorb!!!

                  Feeling better today, no road squash for me. HUGE wake up for hubs and am working with him to keep him steady and work right along with him to address what needs to be addressed. I know the “shock” I experienced when I saw the truth. Butt kicker!

                  I Love you, Jess!!! Keep on smiling, and keep on glowing! Big (((HUGS))), Amy

  18. For people who aren’t awake yet. Talking to them can be easy if you let them speak first or can see where their mind is. This will give you a insight to where their mind is. When they say something listen for a noun. Once you hear a noun like a person’s name. You say the noun did what. This forces a response of what they wish to talk about. If you repeat every third noun they say you can get a persons life history after a while. This opens them up because you hear what they are saying and how they feel about what they are saying. Everyone needs to think they are understood from their point of view. The only way to do this is to listen to what they have to say. After awhile they will bend to listen to what you have to say only if they understand what you are saying. Pick your words carefully by what they have said to you first. You have to ease into what they understand not what you understand. If you are aware of body language and what you see in someones face and what it means. You can see what someone feels about what they are looking at hearing or saying. I have always been gifted with seeing what people feel about things without words being spoken. Its easy to push someones buttons to get them to talk if you know how to do this. Many books are written about this. I have at least twenty books about this I use to read when I was younger. I know what you are talking about Phillip when you try to speak to someone in a lower awakened state than you are in. To help awaken them you have to go to where their mind is and start from there.

    Blessing to All

    1. ❤Oh, thank you ray!❤ – that’s brilliant! An easy ‘formula’ for communication!
      …Paul Ekman PhD (UC San Francisco) has some amazing material in this area – the show ‘Lie to Me’ is based on his research

    2. Thank you, Ray. I know of what you speak, yet I have been witnessing a “new phenomenon” where literally it is either the tone or the missing enunciation that has me saying, WHAT??? It’s like they are saying a string of words all together with no spaces with no emotion, just in one low tone. Like a babbling brook. Cool. That just came to me. (smile)

    3. Thanks for that Ray… I know what you mean about that approach – its very effective – its quite akin to what I’ve done all my life… difficulty yesterday was I now feel they may have just not seen me (ha, ha) … or right through me… going to have to watch this more carefully!!! Philip 🙂

  19. I’ve “run across” 2 videos that really help put these new experiences into perspective – exactly what today’s missive speaks of! (Well, in my crazy brain anyhow).
    #1) Resonance: Beings of Frequency (documentary film)

    #2) bashar’s latest video: highlights from the 33rd Parallel Sedona event – it’s about parallel realities & (us) constantly jumping realities!

    Ps: the 33rd parallel isn’t restricted to Sedona -search 33rd parallel N Latitude 😉 – I’m sittin on it too

  20. Same here, sister! If I try to think back on what I have done earlier in the day, it feels like it was last week or something, it seems so very far off. On the other hand, I cannot understand that we are already in June 2013. Where did 2012 go? I have not even been able to wear my watch the last two, tree years. It just felt so weird having something showing the time on my arm. So to me, time is like this rubber band, stretching out forever, then suddenly snapping back and becoming much shorter. Planning something ahead is just too hard, I get tired just trying to think ahead…
    Much love from me, Aisha

    1. Time literally has lost all meaning. All that is becoming my very existence is the present now. The transition though can truly be mind bending, though. How are people managing who are working???? I couldn’t even begin to imagine…….

      1. Hello, Well very easy you get up in the morning, do your work, and your salary falls at the end of the month.

        1. that may be very easy for you (unless you are being jovially sarcastic) but for those of us who are well into this already, it is literally impossible. We have had to learn to live on very very little, as there are a few reasons it became impossible to do a normal job……..
          1) the energy of most normal jobs is unsavoury and you get very fussy about where you put your energy, the further into this process you get,
          2) we are exhausted (and I don’t mean tired!!) most of the time,
          3) our bodies are painful most of the time,
          4) we cannot relate to the subject matter of most jobs,
          5) we cannot relate to most people, at a job or elsewhere….

          help me out here if I’ve missed some, Amy/Jess/others.

          I truly hope that by our efforts (the forerunners/trailblazers) we have made it so it will be easier for you who follow now, but I can’t be sure of that. Anyway very much love to all here, however easy or hard it is for you now xxx

          1. You’re doin just fine, Gail!
            (which is good cause I’m having one of those days where I feel like road kill that’s still twitching 😜)

            1. Rest, rest, rest. There is no norm, remember it’s all a mind-fuck, this sense of a standard for being ok. We are ok, even when it doesn’t look like it to those setting the standards!! xxx

            2. Hey, Jess, roadkill #2 here. For crying out loud, what in tarnation??? For about all of 5 minutes IF that I felt this NET lifting and it was Great Relief, but then no, down I go again. At least I am in good company! 🙂 🙂 🙂

          2. Yes don’t worry I was sarcastic. I’m quite lucky because I can do my work pretty easily without much effort and pretend for the rest of the day… What I find more difficult is dealing with my colleague, especially the strong “old system’ believer. My boss will always think we don’t work hard enough, life must be tough, we must dedicate for the company so that it makes more profit, beat competition, bla bli bla… Now I’m feeling better because even them are exhausted but they will never admit it!…

            As I work in accounting, the funniest thing for me are five years plans!… I would like so much to tell my boss we will all have ascended by 2018, but would you imagine his face if I did? 🙂 they already think I’m a weirdo!…

        2. A few more…..

          6) Mind becomes fuzzy for no reason and with no warning,

          7) Things that matter very much to other people are utterly unimportant (like time, hierarchies, body shape, clothing rules, etc, etc.)

          8) The control structures of 3-d become so clear and abhorrant that you can no longer tolerate them…..they are especially prevalent at most jobs,

          9) Planet-damaging behaviour and attitudes are involved in very many jobs,

          still more……

          btw it’s not judgemental, just energetically incompatible


          1. Gail, I do congratulate you at your commendable list. I’d say you have it pretty well covered.

            Still not up to par so I thank you for posting here. I just said to someone dear, this exhaustion I am experiencing of late is just like that of my NDE except with my NDE I got relief and went into Bliss. I also said I THINK I feel myself landing softly on something recognizable, but still unsure. And still further, again not sure if the lifting of the exhaustion will stay.

            I plan on communicating with you when I am up to it. I know you understand. As well as Billy. This has been one heck of a climb for me, and I am TELLING my TEAM I will settle for nothing less then Bliss Waves when I land.

            With all my Heart, And Great BIG (((HUGS))), Amy

            1. Yes, Amy, we’ll connect next week. I’m going home to Wales from Spain tomorrow. Rest up, and take care of yourself, as well as your cats. Talk properly soon, love Gail

              1. BIG (((HUGS))), Gail! Have a safe trip! I keep saying this energy has to lift….or……no way can it get any worse………need I say more? Hopefully, no I INTEND!!! by next week my strength, brains, and energy will be back in FULL and then some!

                Golden One, IF you are reading this, I am again down for the count. Energy lift lasted all of 5 minutes…….GROAN! We signed up for WHAT??????? Dear Heavens, truly we were OUT OF OUR MINDS when we signed the dotted line.

                MUAH! Amy

          2. Ok, you’ve sparked some spunk back into me Gail!
            Yeah, the brain fog is my particular ‘favorite’ – surrendering to that one was tough. With my health & ability to earn a ‘normal living’ wiped out, at least I had my computer, where I could work from home. Then…whammo!
            Brain stops working on anything that it isn’t divinely inspired to research/participate in. Yeah, there’s a reason we haven’t yet remembered signing up for this – there’s no way in Hell we’d do it if we knew ahead of time, what it would entail!

            1. Dear Sweet Jesus…’ve got me laughing. As I stumble back to the couch to lay in a coma. Hehehehehehehehehe

          3. I fully agree with you don’t get me wrong. By staying at work in a very much 3 d company (big american mutinational), I see myself as a way shower. Every day I alert my colleagues about the non-sense at work, be it competition, wastage, stupid communication from the top, all I want is them to give up, to wake-up, and be discouraged.

            However I must admit I’m hardly succesfull. They are more interested by the latest i pad version than spiritual matters!…

            1. Your biggest success is yourself and the fact that you are here, discussing these matters is what counts. You are waking up to your own integrity, which is both a friend and a pain in the arse. Loving you Guerric, Gail xxx

              1. The other day I told my boss our children would hate us in the future for what we are doing. He agreed but came back straight away to his annual profit forecast!!!

          4. Gail, I think you found my lost list ! lol EVERYTHING !
            I’m in the same boat for the job , very difficult just to remember that I have a 3D schedule to keep! Beurk! Kids do take the bus, alarm clock in the morning, partner that followed a bell rign for the last 30 years, appointment, I get all mixed up so easyly…if it wasn’t for my familly, I don’ t think that I would still work at all. I’m totally disconnected from everything. I got to watch my clothes because I could put the same over and over as long as they are clean. Dont care about money anymore, other thant the mortgage and food! I hope the rest of society will follow soon, because I am starting to act really weird for an accountant!!!!! lol

          5. oh, my God! here the same. I agree with all of the above. And I thought that maybe I am only getting old 🙂 I told my husband and my son, a few days: guys, mom is getting old -I am starting to forget and I do not know where I am anymore. They looked at me to see if I am still sane 🙂

            It feels like I am with one leg here, another leg in another world_but so beautiful 🙂

            1. I believe that is exactly what is occurring. We do have one leg in each world. That’s why the old world doesn’t seem to work properly any more.

              Feeling old?! Oh yes…my 75 year old mum is in MUCH better shape than me. Just being gentle with my body. I keep telling her that she is getting a new light suit soon!! much love, Draigpuws (that’s purpledragon in welsh!) xxx

          6. Yes, so true… All of it!! And it makes you feel so confused time to time and also very lonely in your everyday life. Although I have received couple of new “angel friends” already from my new city. Now I know I will make it 🙂 And I have found that I dont want to keep myself hide anymore. The more I am true me, the more people around me like me, they dont maybe understand my decisions, but sure they must think inside of them that ” I wish I would be as brave as she is” 🙂

            Love you all 🙂

            1. You’re exactly right, Sunshine, it is lonely, but I do feel that it’s meant to be that way. It’s a time when we can get in touch with ourselves and not be constantly steered back into the brainwashes by others. And we do somehow actually WANT to avoid certain people and energies, don’t we. We find out more and more of what is not us, what doesn’t resonate any more. And that makes the space for us to see more of what IS us. Brilliant, yes, but lonely. Yes it is.
              How wonderful that you don’t want to hide anymore! You really make people think when you are true you. When we have a point of view that is different to the social norm, it makes people think….whether they like your perspective or not!! It’s funny that the most powerful thing we can DO is BE real. It’s not surprising that you are attracting new angels to you. You are the bravest of the brave, sister Sunshine 

              So much love to you, Gail

              1. Gail, Sunshine, Philip, Janis, Guerric, Golden Eagle……..JayJay, Mark…..and IF I missed your name, forgive me. I am so enjoying what you are saying. Still not back to myself so reserving all I have for me. When I am up and running, you will HEAR me! :):) 🙂

                I LOVE YOU ALL! Amy

        3. integrity becomes unavoidable and you realise where you have traded your integrity for money or status. Then you stop trading it.


          1. Yes I traded mine for money and I’m already feeling the terrible price to pay : sadness, dépression, suicidal thoughts. However quitting is really hard when I have a family to care for, and I really like my confort. I’m not as strong as you guys, you are real light workers/warriors. Besides I really hope to change mentalities at work and push my colleagues to wake up, although they are so slooooow!

            1. Ah, Guerric, BIG (((HUGS))) from me. My heart does go out to you! This world is just so inside out, upside down, and it is so sad that there are so many “Guerrics” in this world who work to bring financial security to their families.

              I have only the utmost respect for you being in a place that is so not you, and setting a “different” standard! Kudos for saying what you did to your boss! It’s a shame it didn’t “sink in”.

              With Love,

            2. Dearest Guerric,

              How can you care for your family fully, while holding this sadness, depression and suicidal thoughts? You are right; it is a terrible price to pay.

              It is not that you need to quit working altogether. If you have the physical energy for it, carry on. But if you do not have the mental and emotional energy to cope with the utter nonsense you have to face in that particular job, you could invest your physical energy in a more compatible job, which does not pull at your integrity as much, then you don’t have to pay the terrible price any more. I did that and it made such a difference to my feelings and outlook, not only about work (that was when I could go to work – no longer…) but my outlook in general, because the integrity was not so compromised. It’s virtually (but not completely) impossible to find a job that does not compromise your integrity at all, but hey….a step at a time, my friend.

              Liking your comforts is absolutely fine! It’s just about not being greedy and frivolous.

              Hoping to change the mentalities of other people is kind and admirable. However, I would humbly suggest that changing your own mentality is your priority. After all, the higher your own vibrations are, the better you can then help other people, best of all when they request it and are open to you.

              It’s NOT that you are not as strong as us, Guerric. We were all just like you are now, when we began this process. Now it is OUR PLEASURE to give the benefit of our experience to wonderful people like you.

              You ARE a real lightworker.
              You ARE a super-strong mega light warrior.
              You ARE as strong as us.

              You must be, to be here, asking questions, sharing your observations, drawing stuff like this out of me. btw, we didn’t think we were warriors when we started. It took some of us a LONG time to really realise that we are. But you can realise that NOW!!!! Time is no more, so you don’t have to take years. Can you feel the joy, the delight, the POWER of that?????

              Love to you, dear Master Guerric……Gail xxx

              1. I am with Gail here Guerric – you are stronger than you think, lighter within than you realise – you are here in this pond for a reason – drink deeply from its waters and wisdom… the path can surely feel tough at times – and following your heart is crucial… really. Sending you much love and light. Philip

            3. Remember that the choices we have made in the moment with all the information we had available were the correct ones for that time. They created life lessons that you wanted to learn and now quite possibly you are done with those lessons and so look back at the initial decisions and feel remorse for them. This really is the brain trying to come to terms with your choices and they weren’t made logically, they were made with reference to your soul contract. Now you can choose to make new decisions with all the new information you have. You can also see your job as a transitional tool to get you from here to the future. Go into work and shine your light and love on all the higher beings and guardian angels of your co-workers. Be the shining light in a place of darkness and know your very being there is assisting in moving things into the light–You are a true light worker Guerric, and you can choose to change your path or you can choose to “enlighten” your current path, but please treat yourself with love and know that all has unfolded as it was meant to. Hugs…alex

            4. Guerric, you are truthfully a lightworker, because you brought light in a dark place. They don’t need us in bright working places, they are already in light. That’s what we do, espacilaly in finance/money, it is so dark and so greedy, beleive me I know too, as I’m an accountant as well. Try to change your focus, and just try to see it with detachment, as if you would have an out of body experience. You only need to be there and shine with integrity, just like a Light house at sea, the one that want to see it, will come on their own, you cant go to them. Keep your stand without fights, keep a low peofile if its help. People will change on their own will, you CANT change them, but your example will be seen and they might choose to follow. YOU don’t have the responsability to save the world. You have the reponsability to be happy, do what you like or are good at, love and care for your familly and YOURSELF first. If you are down, you cant help anyone brother. You don’t have to stay there if your life depends on it! But you will always be directed to dark places because thats what we do, and beleive me you’ll never be out of work !
              Love and courage to you

    2. I bought a new watch a few years (?!) ago. I like it very much, but not on my wrist, never wear it… I don’t like time, too constraining, too limiting, too much part of 3D.

        1. Make that me too. No watch here in years…….I refused to be controlled by time. Now time, has no meaning……hehehehehehehe

    3. Same here Aisha – I find it hard to remember too… oh and I really relate to trying to plan ahead… seems energy sapping. I was very effective at it in my old life but now I just amble along in my days and they all merge!

    4. LOL Aisha baby! I too stopped wearing my watch! I have also shifted into going to bed around 3am and waking up at noon…I wake to make sure my daughter gets to the bus for school and then right back to bed! This seems like my normal time of waking/sleeping. Its so interesting because I have completely STEPPED OUT of the societally condoned time frame of life…I love it!

      1. I’ve been out of circulation for 20 years when HS pulled me out of the world. It’s been a trip. I’ve been on “no time” yet had a sense of time a real knack for knowing the time. Now? Clueless usually.

  21. I am commenting on the “time” part of this missive. The days are just not making sense to me at all. Most of the “time” I cannot remember what day it is, and at first I would panic. Lately, I shrug and say what difference does it make? Take for example “this week”. Seems Monday just happened and before I knew it, Friday was here. Didn’t feel like Friday…..and that’s another thing. Days used to have a “feel” to them to me. No longer true. I seem to be floating through days especially lately, with hours and days even months, making no sense to me, as is all round me. As “time” passes, I feel more alien as if the planet I live on, I am no longer connected to. This makes for a very confusing existence. And yes I admit it, scary. There is nothing it seems that I can even hold on to that helps me feel like something is familiar. Am I loosing my mind? At times I think so. I seem so spacey, so out of it, so HELLO???? who and what are you and where in the heck am I???


    1. Sorry to say, but I think we need to lose our minds as well as everything else 3-d. I only hope (and trust) that at the moment of fully losing it, a new one will kick in!!! If not, see you in gaga land xxx

      1. REEEEEEALLY??? My mind too??? That’s about all I have left. And even that is going, honest. Connections, as in NEW ones!!! HELLO!!! I need my NEW BRAIN! Please, pretty please with sugar on top! 🙂

    2. I kept thinking yesterday was Saturday… which was odd! Know what you mean about days having a feel or used to have a feel – ha, ha Philip 🙂

    3. well, the same here Lady Pinkrose. I even wrongly cancelled some meetings at work that I will be on vacation, when I was not – the vacation was one week later. Hopefully, I will remember 🙂 to take my vacation, and also get the right time -when I have the hotel reservation – not showing up at the hotel a week earlier or later 🙂

      I have to check everything related to “time” two or three times (especially at work – I think they already think that I might have a time “mental” problem, lately – what saves me is that they seem to struggle with the same problem :-), more or less.

      And I also found strange that now, people stop, look at me with very much attention, greet me first, smile. strange, especially in us. Up to now nobody paid to much attention to me when I took a walk.

      1. That’s what we are doing, my friend, if we choose to. These codons are activated by love, care and non-judgement. xxx

  22. Gratitude as ever Aisha and the CCs… yes indeed things have not been quite what they were… with a number of experiences and one I will share here… make of it what you will. I passed it off at first but it came back to get my attention.

    I was walking the dogs in beautiful location near us between the river and canal… sun shining down and I was very relaxed. I saw two ladies who I sensed were together but were a good few yards apart.

    One of the dogs went up to the first. No reaction from her it was like the dog was not there. It was right at her feet looking for attention as she does. I said “hello, beautiful day” in a bright and cheerful way to the first lady – zero response. Not a flicker. Strange I thought. I came closer to both ladies and looked straight at the second lady and said “beautiful day.” Zero response – again not a flicker. Like nothing, zero, zilch like she had not seen me or heard me. Odd I thought.

    There was another lady nearby (a third) sat on a bench who looked very relaxed. We shared a greeting about how beautiful the day was.

    Just for every non-british person. Commenting on the weather is our national past-time bar none (even football). You are sure to get a response from anyone.

    At the time I passed it off as them being completely in their own world and enjoyed the sunshine with the dogs. But then later on the dogs second walk of the day I was reminded of an exchange with Alex about this kind of thing.

    I started to question. Could they actually see me or were they just so much in their world? Was it something to do with the vibrations? Rather like a very fast piece of moving equipment in factory – it looks stationary and you can’t pick up the movement. Very interesting. I can’t recall being ignored quite in this way before! I mean I’ve seen people deliberately ignore me but you could “observe that reaction.” There was none of that! Ha, ha… bizarre – may be its a new superpower 🙂 but its certainly left my conscious mind going – did that happen, really did that happen?

    As I say make of it what you will, feel free to dismiss it, but it had/has me intrigued!

    Joyfully, Philip 🙂

      1. That occurred but they I heard them talking to each other… and its kind of hard to ignore someone stood right in front of you! Bizarre – whatever it was anyway! 🙂

      1. I’ve also noticed people talking barely moving their lips and for the life of me, I am not able to understand what they are saying. I strain and I listen, and believe me, I have good hearing, but all I can make out are low monotones tones. No words. No enunciation. None. Yet the ones who are speaking to one another are understanding.

        1. Now that reminds me of something I saw on Star Trek once where some people were living in this speed up state – they could see and hear the ones in the lower state but the others couldn’t the other way round. Thanks Amy!!! I was beginning to feel really strange! Joyfully Philip 🙂

    1. Dear Philip! I’ve had some similar experiences, except it ended up with people walking straight into me. Sometimes it’s like I’m invisible, other times people stop and stare into my eyes. Weird things going on!
      Love and light from me, Aisha

      1. Funny you say that Aisha because when I reflect on it I am beginning to feel they were just looking straight through me… I was at most 2 feet away and kind of hard to ignore… with dogs and everything!

        People walking into you – now that is good one. Have to look out then! Strange stuff indeed! Joyfully, Philip 🙂

    2. Philip, people don’t seem to see me either. Or when they do they stare as though something is strange about me. Lately it is like I am walking through people, like a boat in water, yet they are not even seeing me. Weird. Strange. Confusion. Whatever……..

    3. Phillip I had the same encounters! You know what mate 🙂 that’s because some vibrational frequencies can’t be heard or noticed by others. First I thought it was ego thing, but it’s quantum physics in it’s beauty. Your ions in your atoms of consciousness of (energetic/physical body) have different speed from usual norms. Hahaha that’s amazing!

      1. Yep, its happening more and more. You can of course MAKE yourself seen or heard but they you are dipping down your energy if you focus too much on it. I always say loudly and pointedly with a big smile on my face, HELLO! and they shake out of their stupor and look at me like a deer in the headlights and then, a big smile dawns on their face. they feel my light and I love sharing it! Very cool…of course, i can bounce through the grocery store un noticed but then someone will turn and stare at me, like I just appeared out of thin air– I have fun playing with this and it definitely is a strong indication that I am in a different timeline while sharing similar co-created props….cool beans!

        1. Ha – I wonder if this is why my kids call me Ninja Mom…according to them, all of a sudden I just “appear”!

        2. Perhaps you can star in the remake of the Invisible man as the new version – The Invisible Woman… ha, ha – I can just see you in that Alex… a really up to date version… you could have some real fun in that!!

          Joyfully, Philip 🙂

          1. I played with this consciously today. I actually went to the grocery store and tooled around the aisles and then chose people to interact with. One was so interesting because it was actually a woman I know well who always feels that others judge her or ignore her and so when I saw her she said to me…I was JUST thinking of you!!! I was two aisles over and you popped into my mind! LMAO–well, anyway, I opened up a smile and overflowed with love and we had a lovely conversation and SHE blossomed! It was awesome! I also spoke to a number of other people with open friendliness and that casual attitude like I had known them all my life and they also overflowed with smiles and kindness. Truth be told, I haven’t had a disagreeable situation with anyone since I consciously opened my heart to flow the love on others…of course I still have some spits and spats at home, but hey, they are used to all the love spilling all over the floor! What fun this stuff is–and to know that this FUN and sharing of joy HELPS others–man, I love this “work”! 🙂

            1. Wonderful, thank you so much for sharing this! I had an interesting experience last year, when my sister and I went to New Yoork for a week. I was a bit apprehensive before we went there, because I was not sure how I would react to the energy of that huge, vibrant city. After all, on many days, I do not even feel like leaving my own appartment to go down to the local store… But it turned out to be an amazing week, filled with smiles and welcoming people wherever we went. Going home, my sister met acquaintance of hers who had also spent a few days in New York, and for her, the experience was a very, very different one. To her, New York was filled with so much suffering, pain and anger it was almost too much to bear. It turned out that she was going through some personal challenges herself, and so it was like she automatically “tuned into” the same negative energy when she went about town. That was quite an eye opener for me!
              Love, Aisha

      2. Hi Nick, yeah, I have a lot of the scientist in me too… so I do know what you mean – though it still was very strange to experience it!! It was good to hear others saying the same here!

        By the way I still refer now and again to that Metraton chanelling you shared – very useful. If there was one thing that really stood out (actually there were a few) but if I choose one it would be the piece towards the end saying “Create your lives as masterpieces of Joy” – YES, YES, YES – that is it for me… that’s the place I choose.

        Do you know when it was channelled approximately – guess its a good few years old now? Not that important just interested.

        Joyfully, Philip 🙂

        1. To tell you the truth I think I read it in December 2012, but it could be older than that. Could be 2009 :). According to the channeling my take is Human Collective Consciousness is in 7th to 9th levels of light body integration on a physical level. But I also think that the forerunners are in the midst of 9th to 11th levels if light body integration on a physical level. And I have strong feeling that by the end of this year we will be done with 9th for good on to 10-12th levels only. They are the most exciting ones and easiest ones. I have to say the 9th is the most difficult of all if them and we’re finishing it.
          With Love, Nick 🙂

          1. Nick, down on my knees in utter gratitude for you saying what you just did. I have been going through the most mind bending, body breaking phase of my journey these past few months. To know there is an end, oh GOD, break out the mint chocolate ice cream!

            Loving you, Blooming Rose

            1. Amy I hope so too. Strong feeling it is but other levels have their own unique challenges. I know that end of 9th level is an end of internal challenges like we’re having these days.

          2. Hello Amy dear, thinking of you… sending you some good lovin’ stuff. Bless your heart.

            Golden Nick!
            I too enjoyed that Metatron channeling you posted awhile back. Made a copy of it to reread. I had always wondered who/where the source for it (the channeller) could be found. Any hints?


            1. I’m not sure pal, but I think it could be a guy by the name of Tyberonn. Metatron is straight up I love that about him.

          3. Thanks Nick I was feeling it was older than that possibly?

            By the way, if you’ve been engaging with Spheres Of Light it will accelerate the process for you. It would be interesting to hear if you’ve given it a go.

            I know a lot of people have had a challenging time – using this gift makes the release of ‘stuff’ easier as well as aligning the body’s energy structures to the universal and earth energies.

            Joyfully, Philip 🙂

  23. Dear Aisha, I totally resonate with this message. When the clock had to be moved one hour ahead for daylight saving time I just couldn’t believe it. I thought it to be a rediculous thing to have time manipulated by the system. And as to what happened yesterday or last week, for a long time now I just can’t remember what I did. It doesn’t matter to me, we live in the Now! I also have a terrible memory concerning peoples names. I always remember peoples faces, but very easily I forget their names.

    Also, dear, dear Aisha,
    when I woke up this morning I felt the strong urge to tell my body to let go of the tension in my body, as you suggested I could do… So I did. I told my body that it was safe, that I loved it and that it was allright to let go, that protecting me wasn’t necessary anymore. And it did, my beautiful body let go of what felt like a huge amount of tension. A great surge of relieve and gratitude came over me. This tension has been with me for so long that it feels almost weird to let it go. I love you so much Aisha, I thank you with all my being.
    I want to say more, but I can’t find the words.

    1. beautiful 🙂 I also sought that i might having a begging of Alzheimer 🙂 (too young so), but who knows, I am not a doctor.

      because like you said, JayJay, “And as to what happened yesterday or last week, for a long time now I just can’t remember what I did.”

      1. PurpleDragon, you are not alone. My memory seems to be disappearing as well as my “mind”. I have an above normal IQ and I feel as if my brain just doesn’t want to work anymore. Very confusing. And yes, scary as well.

    2. Dear JayJay, thank you for sharing this! I am so glad you and your body are starting to really connect now. It is our most important ally, it is what makes all of this possible 🙂
      Much love to you my friend!

      1. Dear Aisha,

        Me, my body and I thank you! I’m all confused which is which (thank you for this sweet Carolyn, ha ha, just kidding of course). I don’t care though, it All feels good and right, and in place and time.

        I always thought that my travelling days were over (being settled and all). But no, it seems they have only just begun. That being the spiritual journey, the transition to the New 5D World. I love it, I love being on the road! Especially meeting all you wonderfull spirits on the way! I love meeting you all and thank you for your stories, most of them recognisable as being my own.

        Sending Light to you all,

    3. JJ, I have noticed huge tension in my body and have talking to my body to let go! So far, no go. And as for remembering……..yiveh, I seem in a fog fumbling around, not feeling connected and say what? What did I just do? Whoa! Where are we? Sure doesn’t feel like anything familiar!

        1. JayJay, you really made me laugh just now. “I love your light”. What light?? I’m fumbling around in the dark. Hehehehehehehe….. This energy has to let up! I have felt stuck in taffy lately.

          I LOVE you, JayJay!! Lady Rose

          1. You are funny, making me laugh in return!
            I can’t even plan the holidays anymore, my wife has to do all that. I find it impossible! I also can’t work 8 hours a day. I work whenever I ‘feel’ like it (or up to it), or when I really must be someone to do an assignment off course.
            Love to you!

  24. I saw a strange dream last night. I was a fairy, and I was no ordinary fairy, I was the water fairy. Me and my child and my ex-husband, for some reason, we were forced into the sea. Far away from the horizon I saw the beach. I lift my baby on my back, because her wings were wet too and she could not fly. I got barely into the air. We flew to the beach. Then I took my ex life preserver, but he swam to shore, and cursed himself that what f…..g fairies are you. Then he lost for some reason. At the beach, I met people who had lost their land to the sea, they called themselves people of water. They told me things about the sea and what is in it, but I don’t remember that anymore! They have their own language that I understood very well. For some reason I tried to formulate something out of the water, but it does not quite succeed, and it was annoying.

    Everything in that dream seemed like a natural. I’m flying in my sleep a lot in different places, but the first time I saw my wings and they were really beautiful, translucent and colorful at the same time.

    1. Hummh…”formulate something out of the water” – like water bending? sounds similar to an experience I had (though not in dream time).
      Anyway, there’s excellent scientific research and new discoveries on water/molecular structure – dive in!

    2. Dear Maarit,
      I enjoyed reading your wonderful dream. It is such nice feeling to fly in a dream. I used to fly in my dreams when being younger, but more than twenty years I didn’t experienced such pleasantness once again. You could check the symbols of your dream on and you’ll find their interpretations very accurate.
      Dear Aisha, once again I found myself once again in your missive. It happen so often to me that sometimes I think that CC’s are reading my thoughts 🙂
      Thank you once again for your help. Warm hugs.

    3. Wonderful, Maarit. Lately in my dreams I’m traveling by thought; going wherever I want without the need of a “vehicle” or wings. Just zooming about and it’s so much fun. I hope our dreams are prescient! Happy flying 🙂 xo

  25. ….Amen! There is nothing else to say to this. Thank you Aisha and CC for confirming the dizzy feeling in my head which totally makes me feel ” where should I start” 🙂 as always your words are flying straight to my heart! What you do with CC and then with us, is sooo important! Love your work, your words and your passion about this 🙂 Thank you, thank you, thank you…

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