The manuscript of survival – part 318

As you have already noticed, the passage of the light through your entire body was nothing if not profound, and it has left many of you feeling as if floundering in its wake. Do not fret dear ones, as all of this is only proof positive that you did indeed allow these healing powers from above to touch your inner sanctum, and as such, much will be altered within you all over a very short period of time. But again, as the physical body has been used to perceive change as something to be avoided, it will once again try to hold back and preserve ”business as usual”. But in this case, it will be futile, as now, the most profound wake up call ever has been given to your very core, and as such, every cell in your body will become alert to this call. And so, you will feel yourself affected by the stretching and yawning, and indeed also some rather intense protests, as so much starts to awaken and change within.

But know that this too will pass, as your whole system will soon find a way to settle into this new flow. For that is truly what this is, a chance to enter a more effortless phase, where the removal of many obstacles, some superficial, some more deeply hidden, will allow you to enter the deeper and faster flowing channel of this energetic river that is carrying you all onwards and upwards. But still, your body is not as fast on the uptake as the more energetic and spiritual parts of your being, and as such, it needs a little bit more care and support in these upcoming days than what is usual.

So again we say, stay focused and breathe, and ease yourself into this new part of the river at a speed that suits you the best. For you do not need to force anything, it will come of its own volition, but trust your body when it tells you to either slow down or speed up. For it will guide you, as it always does, for it is indeed your ally, and not your opponent, even if the creaks and groans that accompany this large adjustment may make it sound more than a little petulant.

So care for yourselves as deeply as we do, and nurture yourself and each other by once again remembering to connect. For the best solace may indeed be found outside yourself, even if the issues that needs attention lies within. You have so much at your disposal right now, so just open up and ask, and it will be given, not just from us, but from your compatriots as well.

350 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 318

  1. I woke up this morning with the lingering memory of a most wonderful dream. In my dream I was on a building, on my way down using these big stairways on the side of the building. There were a small group of people there that were about to harass me, but they couldn’t because I simply leapt over them! And since it was such a nice feeling, I leapt over the next set of stairs too , and again, and again! Then I stopped using the stairs and just jumped from the building. It was pretty high and I was thinking in mid-air that I might hurt myself, but landed on the ground just fine! Wow!

    Also, I had a conversation yesterday with some neighbours across the street. I was talking to them about what happened to our daughter when she got bonecancer about two years ago and how she is doing now. She just had another (small) operation on her amputated leg. The point is that, for the first time I was able to talk about these events without diving into the emotions. I used to get all lightheaded and emotional when I talked about her illness and the treatments, but yesterday it was like it wasn’t me that was doing the talking, but another version of me. I felt detached from the conversation and was able to observe myself while I was talking about it.

    Love you all!

    1. Awwh, sweet baby so brave…
      That’s really great progress jj, the tell tell sign – being able to speak about it with someone new & not get caught in an emotional hiccup.
      I’m still working on mine too. Went to new doc on Monday & had to do my spiel…only a minor hiccup, teared for a fraction of a second when mentioned the “really traumatic event that happened 3 years ago”…
      Small, but still there. Sigh. More weeds

    2. Hello Jay-Jay:
      Interesting dream of progress and wonder you had. And obviously that is some pretty tough stuff to deal with and digest for your daughter and family. SO glad you’re now finding a growing freedom with it all.

  2. Listen… Is everyone aware of what is going on in Turkey right now?

    This is REALLY IMPORTANT (if you feel so)… potentially really Big for the entire changing 3D-5D World Scene. I just want to make any here more aware who maybe are not. That’s all. It seems utterly Jaw-dropping (in a GOOD way!) what’s happening there as we speak. So far, it seems it’s a completely PEACEFUL but very WIDESPREAD Indigo Revolution against the old 3D world governing powers… perhaps with the potential to trigger a much broader shift, possibly going more global? Very interesting!

    I share it ONLY that those who feel to might consider Standing in Loving Prayer and Support for the Turkish people and their obvious Loving Spirit of hopeful change. I believe this is more significant for us all than maybe it first appeared:

    Love and Best Wishes,

    1. Hey Billy Bright!
      The message Rocks! Such beautiful energy in Gezi Park! Way to go! What we do is taking effect on the People of the Planet! Just love it!
      Thanks for this wonderful sharing!
      Shining my heart on you!
      Love, JayJay

  3. To live in peace, truth, beauty, and goodness.
    Each one on his own, must be peaceful, honest, helpful, and kind.

    I wish someone could get those idiots in Asia to understand you just can’t kill everyone who does not share your mythos.

  4. “Nonviolence is the answer to the crucial political and moral questions of our time; the need for mankind to overcome oppression and violence without resorting to oppression and violence. Mankind must evolve for all human conflict a method which rejects revenge, aggression, and retaliation. The foundation of such a method is love.”
    -Martin Luther King Jr., December 11, 1964

  5. I would very much like to thank all I have interacted here these last couple of days. The conversation has been scintillating and the company grand! All of you helped me on a huge scale, whether you know it or not. My HS with the help of Life has been attempting to crack me wide open for months, and the mission was accomplished just this past weekend. I was raw, exhausted, and incredibly sore from all the weeping and screaming. Sore? Was? Ah, still am, very.

    But, my Family here pulled me from an almost near state of collapse to a state of feeling like I am glowing today. God bless you!!!! I am SO grateful to you and send you my Love, along with many many HUGS.

    A very special thank you to a faerie friend of mine who sent me healing last night. Maggie, I do LOVE you!!!

    Your Sister,

    1. Thank you for your love Amy! Well done. Recognise the growing pains. At the Gathering I first had a deep meditation without any visuals. Then my pain became so great, I couldn’t even sit up any more, I had to lay down and I lay there on my back, crying for a long time.
      Love you (all), hugging you,

    2. You are SO Welcome Amy dear! It is I who must Thank YOU for helping to pull me out of my old wooden Box here at the Pond over the last couple of days. You know that rather shabby little crate sitting half under the bushes just off the path by the utility shed? Well… yeah… that was me.
      You won’t find it there any more, though. I chopped it up for some extra firewood for the gorgeous campfire we’ve been enjoying.
      Now I can really enjoy the campfire, you see. And the conversation. And the magic. And the love. Oh, it’s wonderful.
      Thank you Amy.

      1. glad you burned the crate, mate. Thus you may not return to it. Wise move, my friend, wise move!! xxx

  6. Carolyn, BIG (((HUGS))). What’s wrong, my Sister??? Your heart feels so heavy and sad.

    I LOVE you. Amy

    1. My Dearest Carolyn, yes I do believe I know. Someone has hurt you deeply. I hear your weeping. I feel your pain. Please let this pain go, my Sister. You are bigger then this person, better even and the pain inflicted is not yours to own. I Love you. You have a choice to be free of this torment and fly high. I know you can. I know you will.

      I am praying for you. I am loving you. I am holding you in my arms and I will not hurt you, ever. You are SAFE. Do you hear me, Carolyn? You truly are SAFE and LOVED. I promise. I see a beautiful Soul and a Happy Heart and a will so strong you can do anything you put your mind to.

      With all my Love, Your Sister, Amy who gives you BIG ((((HUGS))))

  7. Dear brothers and sisters,
    I came across a blog from Brenda Hoffman. In it she chanelled something profound. I couldn’t understand it at first, but then it all made sense.
    She said that the Lightworkers all say that they want stability in the process of Ascencion, but that in reality none of us are that way. We are the pioneers and the way we are is that we like to be on the move. Even after this is over, we will be moving on to another, new frontier. It’s our children and grandchildren that crave for, and will live in stability, but not us. We are like Star Trek, boldly going to where no one has gone before. It’s like in the movie Once Upon a Time in the West, where when the train station is finally being build, that the hero; Charles Bronson says to Claudia Cardinale: “and now I gotto go”. (Love that scene). Moving on to something new, that’s our nature. I recognise this so much. I’m always one the move.
    Love you all, and may we never settle in, and love our restless, ever exploring Selves. We are the heros here, making trail for the others to follow!

    1. Incredible insight here! Now I understand the restlessness of my BEing. How bored I get and so quickly which means I must have at least 3 books open at once, and at least 4-6 projects going at once as well. Wow! And here I thought there was something “wrong” with me. I am laughing silently as I write, thinking of my night stand. No matter how many times I get the top in view, within days it has piles of books on it, no matter what! Yep, that’s me in a nutshell. I pile of books, projects started to be continued the next day, and waking up every morning, groaning, to wake up to another “ordinary day”. When there is nothing ordinary about my day. Never could get into a 9-5 job and even with my nursing job, was very “bored” going in at the same time every day, being “”caught” in a schedule. Hehehehehehe

      Pioneer? Ever on the go? Yep, here I stand to tell you all. Yes. That is exactly who I am. And LOVING me!!!

      Thanks, JJ!!!! BIG (((HUGS))), Amy

    2. Hahahaha that is amazing! That is so me! What a fool I am for making myself suffer so much. Man but I love myself so much! I broke down into tears which I rarely do or taught not to do but it was a special occasion. I met my future self I didn’t see him with open eyes nor I did I hear him speak. But I felt him near me and read every action he made, I could sense his touch. It all happened when I was releasing again something monstrous and called on archangels but still couldn’t release it for I’ve been working with them for a while and demotivated of how complicated I am and long process it is that it caused my denial of having to experience this life on earth the way my life(lifetimes) have set me up to or in other words the emotional patterns of thoughts I have been living all this time were unbearable, as was the denial that was so extreme. This happens all the time but with every time the darkness comes out more fully, and more physically. This time it was too much and I had to retreat to the portal. A good strong emotion took over and I saw the future me at the portal,(portal I created for myself as a veil crosser) so he came down. And For a half an hour I was trying to confirm that it was the future me and it kind of felt like it was me but it all got complicated and I thought I should call another one and only after that one finally the third one was clearer to sense and then he did something that only I do and I was shocked, the lightning of clarity went though me,I got so happy and then I broke down into tears of sincere compassion for myself and lol I rarely feel compassion for myself, sorry for myself yes lol but not compassion. I thought what the hell this guy went through to become this peaceful loving and wise entity for his energy was very. But it was like an immense compassion I felt for another human who I was strongly bonded with. I touched his energy/hand and relaxed fully and then I felt his energy is my energy but much more peaceful, loving and strong willed. He gave me a hug and opened my heart for me to love myself more. Then it came to me that I was so doubtful to a point that only me who is been through all of this could understand and acknowledge me with love and most importantly open my heart to this extent. I know it might sound weird but it was all physically sensible as it was with my CCs and Archangels since February but future selves my god who could have imagined. Lol I’ve been in etheral contact with those dudes since December and physical contact since February. Could see their body parts(mostly hands) only blurry from peripheral vision. But can hear them breathe, move, physically sense their touch to an extent, when I close my eyes. So with all the help (negative or positive as I perceived through my transformation and expansion of consciousness) I got from them I was still in hell even more than the time I only knew humans for I couldn’t open my heart to them fully nor to people because of complications that arised and have been there hidden. It’s so complicated I can’t explain it in linear fashion for it doesn’t make sense, like I’m a character was not written in the book but its still there when you open it, nevertheless I learned into my very bones that whether its heaven or hell, other planet or earth, ETs or People, angels or demons there is no escape it’s all the same thing because all of that is in you, you can’t escape you and the undiscovered you too lol and if you can make peace within and love yourself unconditionally within all that becomes neutral zero point energy in different vibrational frequencies and densities and most importantly thoughts and emotions in your “body” that don’t exist anymore. Hopefully we will get there!!! Together for sure 🙂

      1. (((Goldie))) we’ve obviously read many of the same books! I “get” you 😉 thank you for sharing such a personal journey…reminds me a bit of Gary Renards experience in ‘The Disappearance of the Universe’ (excellent pre-req for A Course in Miracles)

        1. Hahah you’re too nice Jess! 🙂 I didn’t read the book but I’m sure Gary’d be very complemented by such a sweet heart 🙂 reading it. No wonder the Universe disappeared on him for he didn’t know what he was missing out on. Lol I don’t know if that’s even a legit joke hehe oh well I tried but Gary knew better. But’a thanks Jess 😉

          1. Aren’t you just the sweetest? Something I always admired about Eagles – one of the rare species that mate for life…reminds me of my Grandpa. I was 9 when my Gran passed; she was only 61. Pa hung in until just last year, but there was never another for him – in all those years. He made sure we knew who she was- remembered her- with his stories. “Sweet thang” – her name was Virginia but everybody called her tiny, barely 5ft tall. “Dynamite comes in small packages!” she always said. I wish I could remember her, on her Hog (Harley Davidson) – I bet that was a sight!

      2. Greetings Golden Nick!
        Thank you for your detailed share… I saw it earlier in brief and knew I must get back to it and read it properly. So very interesting. A communion with your future self, hey? COOL!! A bit complex (for me) and maybe I’m a bit glad I don’t have to deal with such things face-to-face, so to speak (as yet anyway — although I think I’d be up to it). That’s because I can’t see or sense such things in my current state of what seems a good amount of spiritual blindness still. But I am and have been very recently dealing with similarly extreme and important core issues… just that I’ve now put myself into the hands a trusted mystic/inner healer who really can see these things for me, helping me release and get free from the powerful barriers I seem to have fabricated long ago, which still impede the great Flow of Divine Love required of us All, in order to re-attain, each of us, our glorious and Divine Wholeness.
        I can’t spend any more time here tonight, but I wanted to give you a quick message of Love and let you know I read and appreciated your report, before a new message from Aisha might come out, and then of course we all basically move on to that.
        Yes, we most certainly will make it, Nick… together… and oh, what a team is being prepared here (and elsewhere) for the whole coming and wonderous New Thing, don’t you think? Can you feel it? Oh, I know you can!
        Hey man… one other thing… besides each of us (you and me) recently experiencing a profound sense of compassion for our human selves, there is (at least) one other thing we have in common… but I’ll save that for later. Hehe. Is that bad of me? To perhaps make you curious? Hahaha. Oh, it’s nothing so important… just fun. It’s something I noticed you mentioned once, some time ago now. Yes, remember I’ve been here reading for quite a while (not as long as you, since you were here already when I arrived), but of course I have barely ever commented. “Red Alert!” I’m coming out of my Box now. It’s part of my growing Freedom in Divine Love, you see.
        But just for fun… ‘cuz it IS fun that we both share this interest… let me give you a hint. We’ll see if you can’t just guess what it is. I will say that this particular common interest we both share is something sweet, and something cool!
        If you don’t guess it, I will tell you what it is very soon, for sure.
        Okay, my brother… I wish you goodnight (if you’re even still online), and I hope to talk with you again soon.
        Love and Best Wishes,
        ~Billy Bright

        1. Billy that is awesome!!! I’m happy there is somebody who can reflect things for you 🙂 hey is that ice cream you were talking about? Ehhhh ice cream huh?! …
          -_- -_- -_- ice creeeeeeam that is
          ~_~ ~_~ ~_~ oooooowwww
          ‘ _’ Hehehehe 🙂 beingme is really good at this art of expression. So I gave it a try lol

          1. Did someone say ICE CREAM???? Hehehehehehehe I LOVE ice cream! Mint chocolate chip is my fav!!!!

            Yummmm drool ahhhhhhh

          2. Hey Nick!
            Although yes ice cream is a bit difficult to beat… Nope. It’s something far more specialized than that. How about another hint: I would have to say that common interest of ours is an art-form; and it could be described as an acquired taste, for most, I think. But for some, it just couldn’t be more “up their alley!”
            Gotta run again. Sorry. Hehe. But hope to post a more fuller response this evening… of course also with the answer… and an Example! (this last statement is another hint for you!)
            Cheers, Golden Nick!

      3. Nick, my brother, I,m with you always. Open your heart, more and more. Let Love fill you. All the answers are coming, one by one. No question will be left behind. Behind, will be left just what does not serve you more, Nick. Go on, brother, you can, you are most strong. Trust. All will be OK!. First you must reunite all your parts. Then, get heart centered all time. Hereafter, Heaven is all yours, on Earth, my brother. I love you, Nick!

        1. “Reunite all your parts. Then, get heart centered all time” is the key. Thanks Nohmad!

      4. Nick, oh Brother, I KNOW the extent of what you are going through, and I am just so moved and so proud of you for sticking with it. Your process is your process and for you to come here and lay yourself bare, that is huge, especially for a man.

        Thank you for who you are, and I bow to you in honor, oh Great One of the Skies. You are so close now to wholeness……I can feel it!

        BIG (((HUGS))),

        1. Oh God I swear to God I met you somewhere! Maybe in Ancient Rome or Athens or Celtics, somewhere where I heard the vibration of that mighty voice you have. They all listened at the hall with eyes wide open. You had them all! They felt what you felt when emotion was spoken. You knew your gift so you survived in politics. And there he was at your knees the … Oy maybe it will comeback Amy. I’m more of a kinesthetic guy, the flow takes different routes with all the doubts business. When I’ll feel it again I’ll flow it for you 😉

          1. Nick, my Brother, you have me shaking here. Truth be told, your words set something “off” in me and I am shaking. You HEAR my voice???? Oh my GOD! My voice is huge and I when I speak when I am in my power my voice fills every crevice around me literally booming in power. This voice. Has been used so little for this voice does not want to be heard in today’s world. I am having trouble breathing, for your words have sparked a “knowing” that yes, I am who speak of, but then blank. This voice is loud and has the ability to be heard by a crowd for it just seems to take a life of its own and it speaks.

            How did you know? I am really shaken here, Nick. I really know I really can see….pictures in my mind…….togas…….sandals…..power……..I’m shaking.

            Is this why I avoid politics today, refusing to have anything to do with it?

            Help me out here, Nick. Talk to me some more. Help me pull these memories out. I feel it is SO important that I do. And yes, there is a connection between us. I have felt since you first came here. We have known each other before. I know.

            This is blowing me away…….

          2. Shaking even harder. I was an Oracle. I functioned as an Oracle and was highly respected. And yes there was one who I loved and loved me……..oh God, help me here. Who? When? Where? Gold and white. A Temple. Marble. Crowds. Gulp. Heart in throat.


            Rapid breathing.

            Nick, why is this so important? OK. I must center. Close my eyes. Listen. Open. Receive. Breathe……….

            1. Because it is one of your important gifts, very important for this lifetime for sure! I gotta center Amy. I’ll be back soon. This is exciting indeed.

              1. I’m going for a swim to get me in my “zone”. But I see Rome. Centurions. Horses. You were a leader of a legion of soldiers. Eagle is the emblem for ROME. Now I go swim……….more later………

              2. Sweating…….going now for a swim……now not sure if what I saw was what I said…..must center…….will be back……..

                1. I definitely confirm Rome. I just looked at centurion’s costume it does give me a feeling, nostalgic. Looks I loved my job. Also something came to me, at those times we felt compassion other ways than those we have today. Death was like no big deal. It was like something that happened everyday. The values were of status, acknowledgement from peers in your group of workforce also of course of higher ups that was the way of survival. People feared shame most of all. You were the one who made it otherwise, you made a difference for you spoke the deep hidden emotions of people. Royals feared your power (of being able to control people that’s how they perceived it) so they respected you in appearance while hidden agendas were played over. You sensed it so you made preparations for those who seek your wisdom and then blank…

                  1. And yes, Nick, you loved who you were. And I was SO proud of you and love you. Sorry, my tears are getting in the way……

                2. Oh something amazing “War was an Art” to them, like it was for me for that was how I received acknowledgement (love) from people, especially my legion. It was something I was proud of. I loved my soldiers and honored their death as a blessing to the legion as a whole. Those were the ways we expressed love to each other. That was a way we lived, without realizing we were figures on a chess board and you made a difference for you spoke of a bigger picture which didn’t serve royals centralized power. So they tried to turn people against you but you had loyal friends so the wisdom was passed over through hidden channels eventually. And it was not enough for you for you knew better but we didn’t so time has passed.

                    1. Nicholas, I saw. I am too shaken to speak. It was definitely Rome. While in the water as I swam, I saw. And I saw the WHY of this life. It is gut wrenching. I will be writing about this when I can. This one is a mind blower. And what I have to say is not just about me, but many here as well.

                      I am Eternally Grateful to you, my Golden One of the Blue Skies. I am weeping. I said a while back that this was my first incarnation, but I was wrong. I didn’t want to see what I saw this day. And you, Nick, brought it to the surface. How I fought not to see this, and still as I write these words, I am shaking.

                      This will all be tied in with the “monster”. In a way most haven’t seen yet.

                      I Love you, Nick! Bless you a thousand fold for helping me dig this out. I really am in a sense of shock and when up to it, will write what I saw, and what I was shown as to the WHY of the lives of many here.

                      BIG (((HUGS))), Amy

                    2. It’s amazing how unsolved lifetimes innocently align into our core issues in this lifetime. The same thing with me. All of my this lifetime issues never were acknowledged in this lifetime which hurts more for they are just a cover up of deep “unexplainable” issues of lifetimes.

    3. Thanks JJ for being you and helping me open up more about this whole process thing 🙂

    4. Yes, have always been ‘flighty’ as my poor, despairing mother says. She says ‘you’re like a butterfly.’ Me, I think it’s a super compliment, but she doesn’t mean it like I receive it at all!! I feel that I’ve been here to get a grip on how humans do things and relate to things. Then once I’ve got a grip on something, I want to move on, rather than become an expert at it by repeating it over and over again. This relates to the experience of feelings and attitudes, etc. as well as activities, jobs, hobbies, etc. So I’ve ended up a jack-of-all-trades and a master of none, but feel I’m quite a master at knowing myself and understanding how (and the myriad of whys) humans feel, act and experience the way they do. Go Butterflies, GO!!!! I love you all xxx

      1. Gail, you have described me to a tee. I seemed to have “flitted” through life, being the “ever observer” and learning at it seems warp speed, and at the same time, shaking my head in not understanding how long it takes people to “get something” and move on. Am I here just for observation purposes and to see this life, the core of what has held me back? This I did see yesterday (THE core issue of all all core issues!), and I am still not fully present, centered in the present.

        Just wanted to connect with you, to say yep, you have another sis who does what you do!

        Love, Amy

  8. Fracking? No. Genfood? No.
    Bodywork? Yes.
    For example your shoulders…

    A poi is simply a long sock filled with a ball. medium weight.
    Even Pois are safe to be here.

      1. I second this! Thank you, Mich! I really need to go back to the gym! My shoulders and shoulder blades have been ow ow ow lately! Thank you for these exercises!!!! I felt so much better when going to the gym. And I stopped why? Um, laziness? No actually I became very ill and all the work up to that point, down the drain. GROAN……..Getting back to the gym is SO challenging and a really big OUCH! Hehehehehehe

        Love, Amy

  9. so true and wonderful to read take care take care of ourselves and others lvoing each other assisting on request loving ALL BEAUTIFUL

  10. Dear friends!
    I have just watched Lee Harris’ June Energy forecast, and it is such an important message, I just had to post a link to it here:

    With much love from me, Aisha

  11. Aisha, Much Love to you, and great job. The hardest thing I ever did was bring myself to post a comment on this blog. The next hardest was to say ‘I Love You’ to you, to all of this lovely pond and most important myself.

    This pond is a powerfull healing pond in and of itself, but I honor you for following your inner wisdom and going to see someone who does these things for a living.

    On a different note, yesterday afternoon, in central IL, USA, we had the most beautiful sun halo. My wife and I sat on our deck for over an hour and it never went away. This is only the second one I have seen in my life. The other was last summer. A blessing to witness, as is all of life in our physical form.

    May my love, faith, trust, hope and thanks be with you always.

    Your loving brother, Mark.

    1. Mark, what a beautiful message. Speaking of halos, I too saw a semi-halo around the Sun, yet I must admit I was so caught up in what I was doing, I didn’t pay much attention. Now, see what I missed??? My loss. I’m SO glad you and your wife watched it. I wonder what it means………hmmmmmm………..If the Sun has a halo, that means we do too, because our Source is the Great Central Sun, our “physical sun” being the portal to the Source. Could it mean our halos will be radiating brightly in the near future? Or could it mean our halos are already shining …… we just don’t have eyes to see………

      Bless you, Mark! Your BEing here lights the POND brighter then ever!!!

      With all my Love, Amy

    2. PS Now I am getting excited…….I look at the Sun all the time and I see halos whenever I do. What was different from yesterday’s halo, I wasn’t looking at the Sun, but very involved in transplanting a plant, and I saw the halo. I didn’t “think” about it until you mentioned it. Is the Sun’s halo becoming more evident to the “casual looker”? Hmmmmm…….Again, I really thank you for this, Mark!

      1. Hi Amy, my lovely pink rose of the pond. I think we are going to see a lot more halos and other strange stuff happening to the sun. It seems like every time the sun acts up, it has a huge effect on all of us.

        To that note, on certain days, not all of them of course, but on some days, the sky just looks different. The sun too, and the moon. Did you go out and look at the last full moon. It was so big and bright it took my breath away. Then I went to the store and the folks working there were all talking about it. It was so bright that my shadow looked as if I was in the sun.

        Another gift in a long line of gifts. As you are my Fathers gift to me, when you are up, I’m usually down. When I am up, you are usually down. Together one of us it at service to others who need us.

        Currenlty, I must live in the twilight zone. Every male friend I have is going through very hard times, and sometimes I get wrapped up in there energy. But never have I seen so many changes, in so many folks. The folks that just go with the flow, well, they just go with the flow. Now for the ones that are going against the current, so to speak, are freaking out in all kinds of different ways. Not fun to watch, and there energy just sends out this ‘help me signal’, but when I do I get drug down, every time.

        So I just send my love and go about my buisness.

        I love you so, you are a blessing to so many here.

        Your loving brother and fellow angel, Mark.

        1. Dearest Mark, I do not think you know how deeply you touched my heart. You are one prime example why the effort from me to do what I do here, is SO worth it!

          GOD bless you for your love and kindness you have shown to me here.

          There was one full moon a while ago, that when I looked at it its color was PINK and I saw another moon behind it. I thought I was hallucinating. Yes, I have seen the sky looking different at certain times, and I just stare and say to myself, “What planet am I standing on???” What I see sometimes is so surreal that I actually don’t know for those moments where I am. Honestly.

          I do LOVE you!!!

          BIG (((HUGS))), Amy

    3. Mark, Amy, thank you for your beautiful words. I used to have a hard time saying “I love you” too, and it took me almost 50 years to be able to say it to myself. But now I can say it out loud, not only to myself but to everyone else also, and that is because I have found the ability to do so here at the Pond.
      I LOVE YOU!!!

      1. I LOVE YOU, too, Lady Aisha, more then I can say in words.

        With all my Heart, Amy

    4. Mark, ho visto come te dal centro della mia città (Turin-Italy) un meraviglioso Arcobaleno intorno al Sole!
      Grazie di avere raccontato la tua esperienza.
      Ecco la fotografia che domenica 2 giugno alle ore 2,40 p.m. ho scattato.

      Cara Aisha, i prodigi si moltiplicano e, grazie al tuo aiuto, alla sera nella mia prima connessione con la Comunità che hai creato ho con chiarezza visto la mia Anima umana riconnettersi con la mia Anima Divina e con la Luce.
      Ti abbraccio con grande affetto e riconoscenza.

  12. Dear friends!
    Thank you all for being there for me today! I felt your loving presence with me during my session with the Rosen therapist, and it helped me to surrender myself completely to it. It was an amazing experience, so much coming up to be released, but it was also about acknowledging my inner power and truly embrace the light I carry within. Mother Earth took part also, in unleashing a powerful thunderstorm while I was there, and when the session was finished, I opened my eyes and looked up at a clear blue sky where a white bird flew past.
    With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

    1. Oh so happy to hear that your energetic wound healing went so well Aisha! Take it very easy on yourself and treat yourself with much love. You may feel what is like a hollowness and a bit of sadness because the body is still worried about the release. Simply fill that space with some of our beautiful pond water and drink plenty of it! Tons of love my sister! Alex

  13. I keep on breathing, while the sky looks like the cover of “It´s a beautiful day”
    and I sold my beautiful soul to the gravatar shop.

    everybody knows

    and solidarity against oppression anywhere.
    Hükümet istifa!

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