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As the days and nights pass by, the magnitude of what you have become part of will start to seep in in so many ways. Yes, this does entail some rather intense personal clearings, but at the same time, it also signals the start of a brand new era. Not just for each and every one of you, but also for this planet. You see, as we have mentioned in an earlier missive, this connecting and gathering that you have been focusing in on, is not just something that you have been partaking in. For this is indeed a global event, or rather events, in more ways than one, as there are other groups just like yours in the middle of going through this same deepening of relations. And when we say relations, we refer to both the personal one, the one where each and every individual get a chance to delve deeper into their own core than ever before, but we also mean this process of connecting, or rather, reconnecting, both with their own aspects ”behind the veil” as it were, and indeed with all the rest of Creation. But this is also a process of connecting and weaving together so many individual people scattered across your globe into a myriad of these webs of light, just like the one you now feel yourself so deeply attached to.

Let us explain. As we have mentioned on many an occasion before, this all has to do with specific frequencies. And just like in magnetics, different frequencies are drawn to each other, hence the resonace you all feel when you enter this Pond for the very first time. For what has drawn you here in the first place, is the inherent attraction that the vibrational frequency of this Pond carries. For you will have felt as if it spoke to you, and that is in fact just what this frequency does. It works like a homing beacon, sending out signals that will attract all of those capable of tuning into this signal. And what makes you capable of tuning into it, is the frequency you carry with you when you enter into a physical body and become an inhabitant of this planet. And remember, there are many different frequencies that one can carry, but each and every individual has one that is the signature one. And whenever you come across someone carrying this same kind of energetic signature, you will automatically notice it. Hence, this experience of meeting someone for the first time, but still feeling as if this is someone you have known all of your life. Or rather, for eternity. For underneath this superficial human layer, you are all just walking energy fields, and your energy field carries this signature frequency, and this frequency is becoming even more activated now. And that was indeed the process that took place before, during and after this so-called Gathering. You are all part of the same frequency group, and so, you will have this affinity for each other. It is literally in your blood, as all that you are comprised of, carries this same signature. In fact, this is what is encoded in your DNA, and so, this is not something that can be faked, if we may use such a word. In other words, you will be naturally drawn to the people who carry the same ”tune” as you, and you will have a much more neutral, or at times, even negative, feeling towards those that comes with a very different frequency than yours.

This may sound strange, but it is indeed a vital part of this plan for rebirthing your whole planet. For individually, you do not carry enough weight to make much difference, but as soon as you get entrained as we like to call it, or connected if you will, you start to form an energetic grid that is vastly more powerful than the individual components put together side by side. We have discussed this in some detail before, so this will not be news to any of you. But what may be news, is the fact that there are so many other groups of different frequencies going through the exact same process as yours. You will find them on this world wibe web you call the internet, as they have also been guided to set into motion a sort of gathering or mass-communication like you have in your Gatherings, and for some of you, you might even be called to take part in other activation sequences with a different group from this in addition to what you have been doing here. And this is because that in these different frequency signatures, thare are also subgroups, and these subgroups criss cross their web of light with others that they are in tune with. This will sound very complicated, and it is indeed difficult to wrap your head around, so do not try to understand it all. But just know this, if you do feel called to connect in any way with someone, whether that be a single person or a group, it is always important to answer that call and follow through on this hunch. For there is always a reason for it, even if that reason may not be apparent to you at the outset.

Again, all will be known as soon as the time is right, but for now it suffices you to know that this has all been carefully planned in order to get you all ready and perfectly placed. So when the time comes for you to step into the role that you will carry into the future, you will be connected with all the right people, and you will be connected to this web of energy through all of the contact points that are needed for you personally to function optimally. For now, that is as far as we will go with details, for this is indeed a very complicated picture, and one it is impossible for any of you to get the full scope of yet. So let us just leave it at that, and remind you to follow your inner guidance in all of this. It may sound difficult and overly complicated, but know that all it means, is that you will feel the joy in your heart whenever you take a step that will enable you to connect in all the right ways with all of the right people. For then, the love you feel coursing through your whole being will continue to increase in a way you have not been able to feel before. So this is, in all aspects, truly a labour of love, and it is also a labour of love that will reach far and beyond your own shores. You have gotten a small glimpse of this through the visions many have shared in the aftermath of this, your first Gathering, but know that this is nothing compared to the joys you all have ahead of you.



Beloved family of the light!

These last few days after the Gathering have been special for us all.  I have spent many hours reading through your comments, and I do not think I have ever shed so many tears of joy before. For so many, the Gathering in itself was such a profound experience, but it also ignited something deep within us all. In the following days, we have all felt the reverberations from this energetic connection, and the effects from this deeply and, for many, life-altering experience will continue. I am not the only one who have felt the need to step back and just try to come to terms with everything that has happened, and I know I still need more time to do so. Nohmad, you put it so beautifully when you call it ”integrating your blessings”. For yes, we have all been blessed, but for some, it can seem to be a blessing in disguise. As the CCs said it in A message about the Gathering, the doors to our hearts have not just been opened, they have been literally flung off the hinges, for they will never be able to close again.

And what this means for each and every one of us, many of you have shared so deeply about already. There is so much joy in this, but also many tears, for this has truly opened the doors to our very core. And what we find there, can be so painful, but also so healing. For we are ONE, but do not forget YOU in all of this. We are so deeply connected, now and for ever, but we must each take time to truly connect with ourselves. For what has been hiding within your heart? We all have scars, but we also have unseen pearls hidden there (thank you, Amy!), so remember to give yourself permission to seek them out. And when we surrender ourselves to this process, we may also need help, so do not forget to ask for it. For these waters of the Pond are not only for frolicking in, they are also for healing. There are many ways to ask for help, and it is so heartwarming to read the words you have all shared about this already, and to see how much love that is pouring out from and into this Pond.

Maggie, you wrote a comment to Alex today that I wanted to share a part of here, for what you write, is so important:

” Alex, my beautiful, awesome, fearless sister of light, your words moved me to stop everything I was doing and serve…what started as a simple distance session, with the single intent of sending some love and energy to you, turned into a connected pond experience, and I must thank you as well as the entire pond for this experience because it was incredible! I have never felt so much love move through this body at once! I brought us to the pond, and soon realized others were showing up to assist…and then I realized we were collectively healing ourselves and each other! As soon as I realized it, a SURGE of energy shot through my hands, but I could also feel it go through my body, I was in two places at once…the deep love I felt was so overwhelming I couldn’t stop the tears from pouring down my face. To have all your voices join with mine as we chanted in unison was such a gift, I am so grateful! Thank you all a thousandfold for every bit of light you weave!!!”

For we have truly become ONE now, and we must not forget what infinite powers we are a part of. This Pond is vibrating with so much loving energy, and we are the ones who have made that happen. But do not forget to drink from this Pond, for now, we all need to truly receive this blessing we have created. As the CCs remind us: ” For you have all been born again, into a body that may still feel rather battered and bruised at times, but it is a body that has been totally reprogrammed…So take it slow, and give yourself the time you need in order to step fully into your new shoes. They may seem to be overly large for you at the moment, but we have no doubts at all as to your ability to fill them.”

I thank you all for all that you bring here, but I also want to remind each and every one of you to give yourself the gift of receiving also. For we are truly reborn, and like a new born child, we may feel vulnerable and insecure. But just like the baby in this film, we are held by loving hands, and we can safely surrender ourselves to that love.

With love and gratitude, Aisha

Dear friends, dear family! Yes, we would like to extend our warmest welcome home to you all, for you have truly passed the border and returned back to your former glory in so many ways. We know that for some of you, this will leave many a question mark within your mind, for you fail to see anything different in your life, or even in your physical body, and so you will think ”what on earth are they talking about?” So let us explain a little bit about what has happened in these last few days.

For as you consciously opened that last door into the very core of your heart, whether that was before, during or even after the Gathering many of you took part in, you also removed the last obstacle standing in your way. For know that this is how this has always been decided, the choice must be yours, and yours only. No one or no thing can force you to surrender to yourself, that is only your decision, and yours alone. But when you do make that decision, no one and no thing can stand in your way either. So as you say YES to yourself, All of creation will listen, and the doors will all open as if by magic. For then, and only then, can you step into your true self.

And now, so many of you have made that decision, and now, nothing will ever be the same. But again, on a superficial level, not much will be visible, and you will look around you and see more or less exactly the same as before. But if you look closely, you will already start to see some subtle differences. Maybe the air itself seems to be shimmering in a slightly different way than before, the colours may seem a little bit more vibrant, and profound words will fall easier from your lips or even your fingertips. As we told you earlier, these will seem to be big shoes to fill at the outset, and the very thought what all of this will entail may be more than a little daunting. So you will not be tossed headlong into this, dear ones, and as this is a messagee that has been oft repeated, we also know that it is a message that will be apt to cause irritation for some. For what is new, they will say, you always promise far reaching changes, but then, after the set time, you always, always say the same: ”have patience, and the changes will be small, and hardly perceptible at all.”

Well, all we can say, is take a look at your recent past, the last twelve months or so, and be truly honest with yourself. Do you see any changes at all, or none? Do you still just see the bills piling up, and only unfriendly faces staring at you from the crowds? Or do you see something else? Again, this is important, for in your hearts, you will know so well what changes it is we are talking about. For these are not superficial changes, flounted in the massmedia on par with the warmongering or the silliness of so called celebrities. These are changes on a profound level, changes that will truly stir your heart and bring tears of joy to your eyes. Have you felt any of this lately, and so, what was the reason? For that is where the truth lies, dear friends, for your heart never lies. And from now on, you will all feel your heart quickening, and this response of joy will become more and more frequent as you truly learn to tune in to this new frequency you have been embedded within. For now, you are no longer those solitary beacons, taking down and anchoring the sounds from heaven and broadcasting them out into the night. Now, you are truly ONE, and you all hum to the same tune, and you cannot help but do that. For you have all been hooked up to this continuous generator of light and energy, and through you all, this new sound of joy is already covering your whole globe.

So prick up your ears, and you cannot fail to hear it, nay feel it, in every bone of your body. And every time you consciously reach out to any other member of this web of light, you will literally feel the vibrations coming through you. For you are no longer separate, and your message of joy will no longer drown in the pitch black darkness that used to surround your single beam of light. For now, it is as if the very air is alive and humming with this same tune of joy.

So go out and savour this choir with every fibre in your body, and do not forget to say to yourself  ”this is here because I AM here, and it is by my very existence that this whole planet has started to hum in harmony once again after eons of disharmony”. And know that this benevolent vibration is already starting to have its effect on everything else, for it cannot help but to keep reaching further and further out from the Core, and further and further into the core of everything that surrounds it.

Dear friends!

Earlier today, I posted a short comment about how I felt the need to withdraw and try to take in all that has happened in the last 24 hours, but the CCs thought otherwise… They were very insistent that I should sit down and take in this message from them, and that I needed to share it as soon as possible. For some reason, they did not want me to include it as a part of The manuscript, but post it as a separate message, and so here it is:

“Dear friends, beloved family, for that is truly what you all are. And after last night’s intense reconnection, we gather that many of you can truly feel into the truth of this for the very first time. We know you have waited so long for this, but finally we can say, in the knowledge that you hearts are at last able to savour these swords: welcome home, beloved angels of light. For not only are you angels in the realms you have come from, but now, you also know that you are the same, infinite beings of light down on Earth also. For you have seen yourselves in all of your splendor, just as we see you when we gaze fondly upon you. We thank you all for opening your hearts fully to this truth, as for so many, the doors have been sealed closed in a way that made it hard to fathom they would ever open again. But last night they did, and the doors were not only opened, they were litterally flung off the hinges, for they will never be able to close again.

For once you have allowed the pristine light to touch your very core, and once you have truly allowed yourself to be loved by YOU, it will never ever go away. So again we thank each and every one of you for your courage, your wisdom, your beauty and your infinite light. You all walk in splendor now, dear ones, splendor you have earned with every tear, every parting pain, every sorrow that has ever befallen you on this earthly sojourn. For know now that you have been fully awakened from your  sleep, and just like sleeping beauty, Mother Earth has been awakened alongside you. So rest today dear ones, and try to get your bearings back, for we venture to guess you may feel somewhat befuddled after this energetic awakening and rebirth. For you have all been born again, into a body that may still feel rather battered and bruised at times, but it is a body that has been totally reprogrammed in a way that will benefit not only yourself, but your benevolent Mother also. For the planet you walk upon will be nourished by every step you take from now on, for through your veins courses the very lifeblood she needs in order for her to beat as strongly again as she once did.

So take it slow, and give yourself the time you need in order to step fully into your new shoes. They may seem to be overly large for you at the moment, but we have no doubts at all as to your ability to fill them. For you will walk with even more presence on this land from now on, and so many will begin to follow in your footsteps. Because they will be drawn to you, and to this brand new energy you all exhude, amd through this, the exodus from the old density will truly begin. For you have cleared yourselves from all of the old dross, and now, the time has come for you to form that vantage point, the spearhead, and blaze a shining trail for everyone keen to do the same. So again we thank you all for what you are, and for what you have let yourself become. For you have truly become yourselves now, in every nuance and every aspect, and so we greet you all as equals. It is indeed something you have always been, but now, you have finally started to see the same for yourselves, and that gladdens us to no end.

Thank you, that will be all for today, but we will return with more as the days go by and your lights start to shine even stronger. Thank you, we leave.”

With much love, joy and gratitude from me, Aisha

(And now, I will take a short break… :–) )


Dear, shining family!

My heart is overflowing today, the joy is just pouring out of me! What a transformation we are witness to! This Pond, this cauldron of love as the CCs called it in a message to me this morning, this space has become something so powerful and beautiful and important, and the reason it has grown into this beautiful flower of light, is the love and nourishment you have all added to it. For now, it is literally a place of vibrating love, and the ripples from this Pond is flowing outwards and into the web that is encircling our whole globe. People from all over the world have visited this Pond, and today, many of you will be taking part in this Gathering that will bring us even closer together. I have made a screensave from the statistics map showing all of the countries that have been linked to this page at one time or another by a visitor, and as you can see, this is truly a world wide endeavor.


According to this map, people from 163 countries have time visited this Pond at least once. Most of them come from the US (red), UK, Canada and Australia (orange). White means that there have not been any visitors from that country to this blog.

According to this map, people from 163 countries have time visited this Pond at least once. Most of them come from the US (red), UK, Canada and Australia (orange). White means that there have not been any visitors from that country.


Of course, not all of those persons who have at one time visited this blog will be coming to the Gathering today, but I know that they will all in some way be present anyway. For they have all left a small fraction of their light here, like a footprint, and this light will also be activated by the intent we all bring to this ceremony today. For I like to call it a ceremony, or maybe celebration will be a better word for it. For we are truly celebrating ourselves, all of the hard work we have done so far, and also the glorious world we will be creating just by the very fact that we are living and breathing and connecting in this space and on this planet today.

Dear friends, I welcome you all, and I am so proud and so honored to be allowed to say to each and every one of you: thank you so much for being a part of this. For without you, this world would not be going through the changes we see and feel around us every day. For you have said YES to being a part of this momentous day and this momentous journey, and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. For today, we will each of us sit down and gather in a circle around this Pond of pristine light, and as we focus our gaze on the surface of this Pond, we will see this light being reflected in hundreds, no, thousands of other hearts, and all of these single beams of love and light will connect and fuse together into a beam of such clarity and intensity it will burn through any old density still left.

And we will do all of this by the very fact that we have all dared to open our hearts to each other, but most of all, we have dared to open our hearts to ourselves. For without having the courage to go all the way inside, to the very bottom of our soul, we would not be able to shine as strongly as we do today. So I thank you, and the CCs have told me that I must do this on behalf of All of creation. For what you have done, is not only for yourself, but for us all. So as we sit down in love today, know that you are doing so at the request of a power that is beyond anything we can fully comprehend now. For this power of love is only starting to percolate through us all, and the bliss we have felt so far, is only a small taste of the bliss our actions and our intent will bring not only to us, but also to this whole planet. For we are being the change we wished to see, and now, it has come to BE.

Thank you, my beloved family of light! For today, I will become one with you all, and it is a day I have dreamed of since before I came to be here on this planet.

In love, light and gratitude, Aisha


The time that have been chosen for this Gathering, is 21:00 my time (Oslo, Norway)

Remember, you do not need to connect at this exact time, the only thing you need to do to be a part of this, is to choose to focus your intention on this Gathering. As for the duration of this, I would suggest you sit for as long as feels right for you. Personally, I usually sit between 20 minutes and an hour, but as always, I will just follow my inner guidance. I think we will all have our own unique experience of this, and I hope many will want to share it afterwards.


Here are some examples of local time that corresponds with 21:00 Oslo time:

London: 20:00

Helsinki: 22:00


Sao Paulo: 04:00 PM


New York: 03:00 PM

El Paso: 01:00 PM

Los Angeles: 12:00 PM


Singapore: 03:00 AM monday

Tokyo: 04:00 AM monday

Sydney: 05:00 AM monday

You can find your local time here:

As you have mayhaps noticed, the energies coming in can be categorized in different modules, and the reason for this is a very simple one. One of the layers of this huge energetic web is a part of the all-encompassing one that surrounds and connects everything that exists. Not only on this planet, but everywhere. And this infinity grid, if we may call it that, is the energetic part of this weaving together that many of you have experienced already as a river of light. It is in so many ways a very peaceful and golden hued energy, one that will ease you and release much of the energetic stress you have all experienced lately. These weaving strands of this golden bliss is something that will become even more prominent as the day of the Gathering approaches, and we invite you all to take a small sip from it whenever you feel like it.

For you are all already connected to it in some ways, and the process that will be finalized on Sunday is the act of connecting you all more closely together via the intricate strands of these filaments of light. More on that in a later missive, but now, over to the other, and mayhaps slightly more prominent presence of the other energetic layers you are swimming in at the moment. For as we told you all beforehand, this week leading up to this energetic Gathering would in many ways be a challenging one for so many of you. Buttons have been and will be pushed in so many ways in this, the last effort to completely scour you of any last remnants of old dross that still may cling stubbornly to that otherwise brilliant surface of your precious diamond soul. For you are all flawless within, but there might still be a few bits and bobs of dust and grime not thoroughly cleansed beforehand. And as such, the intensity of these energetic scrubs may at times feel a little bit on the rough side. But please, do not take any rough handed effects from all of this as any sort of punishment or reprimand, for they are no such thing. This is just Creation’s way of making sure that you shine with all of you inherent brilliance, unhindered by any old dust that may have gathered in a corner somewhere. For you deserve nothing less than to stand bright and tall, like the beacons you truly are, when we sound the call for you all to gather and connect in a few days’ time from now.

So again we say, all is well, and you are indeed in good hands. For you are all being prepared, so that you will present yourselves in your splendid robes and be at your very best when the time for the party is at hand. For you are all worthy of this special, or maybe we should say VIP treatment, for you have taken upon you the formidable task of clearing not only yourselves, but so much of the collective dross alongside your own in this prolonged process of enlightenment, and you certainly deserve to be allowed to shine in all sorts of ways. So please, remember to breathe whenever one of these heavy duty clearing bombs may hit you, and know that they are all for your benefit, even if it feels at times like they are trying to stop you in your tracks. They will do no such thing, in fact, they have been specially designed to clear the path ahead of you. So stay centered, and stay connected, and please, do not forget to seek a little shelter at times by searching for that other part we told you about earlier. For this golden web of bliss has been spun around you, and we urge you all to feel free to let yourself sink into it as often as you like to find the solace and companionship you so truly deserve.

(From Aisha: you can read more about the Gathering here: )

The time of your Gathering is fast approaching, and the energies that you have all brought down to this planet via your physical vessels are already starting to announce their presence to you. So you will all have felt this in some way in these last few days, and it will all start to intensify somewhat as the big day draws nearer. For, as we have already talked about, this is something that in many ways will be like a culmination of something that has been going on for a very long time. For you have already been anchors of light for so long now, and the energies you have been instrumental in pulling in, the strands of light as we have called them, are already here, and now, this weaving and connecting together is in full swing. This will not come as a surprise to any of you, as you have already felt so much more connected to this beautiful grid of fellow lightworkers, and indeed, also with us who currently reside behind the screens as it were. But now, everything will indeed start to speed up, and as we gather all the threads and continue this complex process of connecting and interconnecting them all, it will be as if portal after portal open up, and you will feel yourself stepping into room after room on this journey towards completion.

So now, the vistas are truly starting to expand in so many ways, but if you yourself have not felt any of this up until now, it may be because you spend a little too much time looking down at your feet, trying to gauge which way the land falls. And that is not strange, for this will in many ways be a little bit like learning to walk, or indeed, learning how to ride a bike. We all know that in order to find your balance, it is indeed best to focus your gaze on a point far ahead, and try to avoid the temptation of looking down at your feet. It might feel like it is the best thing to do in order to make sure that nothing will trip you up, but in fact, the overall balance is far better achieved if you literally lift your gaze and fasten it on the horizon. That way, not only will your own balance improve, but you will also be better able to see just how far you can actually see now.

For everything is indeed expanding at a rapid rate now, and unless you actually become aware of it, it might be a missed opportunity for your own growth. So let go of the need to keep gazing so intently at yourself, and let yourself open up to be more fully able to take in the awesome surroundings. For they have truly changed so much during these last few days, we guarantee you it will take your breath away if you manage to take in the full scope of it all. For you are no longer riding inside that dark and dreary tunnel of yesteryear. You have exited at the other end, and there, the vistas are breathtakingly beautiful. So fill your lungs with this fresh air of freedom, and let your heart sing to the tune of this new and improved world that surrounds you. For this is just the beginning dear ones, this is only the first glimpse of what you have in store as soon the train you are travelling on will finally pull in at the station of your dreams.


(From Aisha: you can read more about the first Gathering here: