The manuscript of survival – part 308

As the days and nights pass by, the magnitude of what you have become part of will start to seep in in so many ways. Yes, this does entail some rather intense personal clearings, but at the same time, it also signals the start of a brand new era. Not just for each and everyContinue reading “The manuscript of survival – part 308”

The manuscript of survival – part 307

Dear friends, dear family! Yes, we would like to extend our warmest welcome home to you all, for you have truly passed the border and returned back to your former glory in so many ways. We know that for some of you, this will leave many a question mark within your mind, for you failContinue reading “The manuscript of survival – part 307”

Welcome to the first Gathering around the Pond!

Dear, shining family! My heart is overflowing today, the joy is just pouring out of me! What a transformation we are witness to! This Pond, this cauldron of love as the CCs called it in a message to me this morning, this space has become something so powerful and beautiful and important, and the reasonContinue reading “Welcome to the first Gathering around the Pond!”

The manuscript of survival – part 306

As you have mayhaps noticed, the energies coming in can be categorized in different modules, and the reason for this is a very simple one. One of the layers of this huge energetic web is a part of the all-encompassing one that surrounds and connects everything that exists. Not only on this planet, but everywhere.Continue reading “The manuscript of survival – part 306”

The manuscript of survival – part 305

The time of your Gathering is fast approaching, and the energies that you have all brought down to this planet via your physical vessels are already starting to announce their presence to you. So you will all have felt this in some way in these last few days, and it will all start to intensifyContinue reading “The manuscript of survival – part 305”