The manuscript of survival – part 317

The time has come to take a good look at yourselves, dear ones. Do not be shy, and take into account all that you see. Who are you really? And how have you evolved over these last few months, if not weeks? Do you still feel the same, or do you feel as if everything has been turned upside down? Is the image clear, or is it still somewhat blurred? We see you very clearly dear ones, and we see the splendor of who you truly are, but we also see a lot of unchartered possibilities still lying dormant.

Do not take this as a form of chastisement, just as a reminder that there are still pockets of inaccessible energy within you all, and those pockets are more than ready to burst open at any moment now, and give you that added strength you may feel sorely lacking in your lives at the moment

Let us also remind you of your reason for being here in the first place. Originally, mankind was put onto Earth to help the whole of Creation learn a lesson that could not be given under equal circumstances anywhere else. For you have been put into a physical form with many limitations, and you have been cut off from your own inherent greatness in a way that would force you to evolve by your own provess alone. And that was an interesting experience for us all. Not just for all those lucky enough to partake directly by being allowed aboard a human vessel and get to live it all by virtue of being a human amongst other humans on this little planet. But the lessons you have learned, have been for us all, and that has been the intention all along. But, as you know, some other beings intervened, and changed the rules in the classroom so drastically, you were forced to live under a regime that actually hampered your education instead of encouarging it. As you know, these false rules have now been set aside, and you have once again been allowed the freedom to start to blossom freely, like you were meant to from the very beginning. And many of you have taken upon you the role of being the forerunners in this. For not only have you started to throw off these old shackles of fear and started to grow into the real you, but you have also started to open your heart to the fact that you are an integrated part of the divine cosmos. You are not merely a human being, you are also a spirit that is connected to All there is, and so, you are so much more than what you see when you look at yourself in the mirror. That is a fact, and we know you have started to realize it, but it is mayhaps not a fact you have truly taken to heart yet.

As we told you in an earlier missive, there are still some blockages stopping the flow of information in the form of light into your heart, and those are the blockages that you have been told to look into now. For they must go, otherwise you will not be able to do what you came here to do. For you came here to bring heaven to Earth in the form of channeling in the divine light that will bring with it the knowledge that has been hidden from mankind for eons. But unless you remove those blockages you still carry within, that light cannot access your channel fully. And so they must go. But what are those blockages, dear ones? Well, to put it to you in the best way we can, we want you to see that they are nothing more than battle scars, remnants from all of the human dramas you have been partaking in while you attended the school of fear. These scars can be few, they can be many, they can be slight, or they can run very, very deep. But they are all nothing more than scar tissue, they are actually dead and devoid of any importance at this stage, but as in your phsyical body, this dead tissue is standing in the way for new growth. And so that is why we have told you to let the light come in, for the light will effectively remove these scars, and it will do so painlessly.

But for many, the biggest problem is that they fear these scars, they fear the painful memories and the emotions that made them originally, and so they lose their courage and just pretend that these scars are not even there, or they use all of their energy trying to gather the courage to crack them open. But as we told you earlier, the actual removal of this scar tissue is so much easier than the accruing of them, and infinitely more painless than what many of you think. For you still fall back into human drama when you look at those scars. For the scars in themselves can trigger so much more drama, and so, it turns into a never ending cycle of drama and more drama, all of which is compeletely unnecessary.

Remember we told you earlier to not just leave the stage, but the whole theater of human drama altogether? Well, never have those words been more important. For if you continue to fuel these old scars with new drama, you will only block the light from your channel more and more, and soon, even the strongest of light will have a hard time penetrating it at all. So step away from it all, and look upon it for what it truly is, just old remnants of old drama, wounds from the old school of fear that are ready to be healed and removed in one go. That is, if you allow them to be. But if you insist on scraping into them, either by forcing yourself to look away from them, or by continuing to remember the reason for  their existence, you will make this whole opening up of your own divine channel nearly impossible. So again we say, only by stepping away from the drama, and by letting the light come in, will these old wounds disappear, and the blockages they make will also come undone, and the light will flow fully into the very core of your being. And from there, it will be allowed to flow out into your world, and then, miracles will start to happen.

And when we talk of the light, we talk of the divine light coming in from heavens above. You are all connected to this light, but as yet, the force of it has not been set to full, and it cannot be that either, not before we are well and truly sure that your channel is clear and ready to take it in. And so this is what we want you do to. You must allow yourself to truly receive what is being given from above. And so, this upcoming Sunday, during the next Gathering, we will help you all we can to attain that full opening. For then, you will be asked to surrender yourself to receiving this healing light that comes from above. You have all been hooked up to the divine golden grid already, and now, the time has come to start to open up for the full potential it carries. But remember, in order to achieve just that, you must also allow yourself to let go of the human drama that helps to lock you in in so many ways. For then, and only then, will you become that open channel for divine light that will change not only you, but your whole world. Forever.

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  1. Yesterday evening I had a good insight during meditation. It was a very good meditation, I was in the Pond. You see, the week before I encountered a fairly large (non-poisonous) snake in a park nearby. Never before have I seen a snake there and I could actually touch it. The fact is that it lay very exposed and dormant on top op some bramblebushes. It was a cold day, so it was looking for some sun to warm it. Anyway, last night I made the connection of the snake, linking it with the poisonous thoughts my brain is creating to form my ego. Finally the snake revealed itself so I could remove/release it! I felt completely free of my ego and my body finally released most of the tension that had been there for ages! Such a releave!
    It is not completely gone, but I hope (I know) that the rest will be released while merging with the Love of You, the people of the Pond at the Gathering on Sunday!
    My releaved heart to Yours, Love to You All!

    JayJay /*\

  2. Thanks Aisha! the following resonate so much with me:

    ” And that was an interesting experience for us all. Not just for all those lucky enough to partake directly by being allowed aboard a human vessel and get to live it all by virtue of being a human amongst other humans on this little planet. But the lessons you have learned, have been for us all, and that has been the intention all along. But, as you know, some other beings intervened, and changed the rules in the classroom so drastically, you were forced to live under a regime that actually hampered your education instead of encouarging it.”

    and I guess that’s the summary of everything that happened 🙂

    with Love and Light

  3. I feel thrilled to be getting the rescue puppy Sunday finally, but, terribly upset today knowing now, what I am going to miss at the Gathering Sunday.
    I will be reading all about this on Monday my beautiful ponders.

    1. No problem, Terri, set the intention to participate and, anyway/anyhow, you will be there. What is in store for you, nothing/nobody will take from you, Terri. Just set the intention, your Higher Self and your Team will do the rest. I love you, Terri! PS: Go and get your lovely puppy… You,ll have two blessings, its true love and of Heaven.

    2. Congratulations on finally getting your new rescue puppy, I’m so excited for you!
      Don’t worry, you won’t miss anything, your light body will be at the gathering, weaving and receiving no matter what your physical vessel is tending to at the appointed time 🙂

      1. Whew, thank you Nohmad and bluemoonfire!
        Tons of love and gratefulness coming your way.
        Finally getting her on Jun1, I think her name should been JOON BUG!

  4. I’m feeling like a garbage incinerator. Everywhere, everyone, every time I have encountered anyone in the last two weeks, they have dumped their crap on me. I handle it. I think I could move ahead more quickly by myself, but I don’t want to leave anyone behind.
    oh well, just doing my job.

    1. Otmn- look for the lesson. These people are The Mirror reflecting back to you, something that you need to SEE. Its not likely going to change until you “get it”
      ASK for guidance, in helping you to understand.

    2. Those are the toughest to see through and to get through! Feel you brother. On Sunday we will feel better.

    3. i know what you mean. if they aren’t strong enough to carry it and you are, consider that your cup is running over, and people are starving out here. we have to balance this shit out sometimes. its not personal. at least thats what i keep telling myself

  5. This message hits home big time for me. Thank you. Big changes this week end, release happend without pain or any more suffering than usual, it’s subtile but I feel it, know it. My partner as well (he’s very 3D). It feels like the last 1000 years of School of Pain our history/battle/love/hate/drama came to an end and peace wash over us over night. Fells different. I can’t wait to see what the futur will bring, because it feels a lot better than last week! I finaly wake up in the morning looking foward to a good day!

    See you all at our gattering on Sunday 🙂
    Love ♥

    1. Yes, every night. Most of us do this without the awareness of doing it. When one gains the awareness it is easy to astral travel at will. I do shamanic journeying which is a form of astral projection. My blog site explains all this. Love to you brother, Crazywolf

      1. Hey crazy wolf thank you for responding. Do you by any chance in your experience encounter beings of other life forms almost like on a physical level?

        1. Yes, there are as wide a variety of other beings or enities in the other realms as there are types of insects on earth. It is a diverse structure of life forms out there.

          1. It turned out that in astral plane I am much more emotionally vulnerable and physically weaker than them. It could be one of the team mates I’m not sure but that concerns my self worth lol I had a couple of encounters or lessons so to speak through out years but didn’t work on it that much but some energy work when I wake up. Any practical advice brother wolf? 🙂

        1. Me too! 🙂
          Crazywolf, I’m super jealous that you actually know Don Miguel Ruiz…lucky you! “The Four Agreements” is the book that started me on this whole journey, it changed my life, and I have an ocean of gratitude for him. Your blog is awesome, I especially loved the information you provided about vasanas, incredibly helpful stuff! Thank you & Bless you!

  6. My wife has a saying that she tells me sometimes. She says I’m 49% bitch so don’t push it. When she says I’m pushing it. I move away and give her some space.

  7. People have ask me how I have stayed married all these years. I just say my wife and I made a deal after our kids were born. The deal was divorce was not a option. We said we would always work through any problems that may come up. It wasn’t always easy but we made it through the bad times. As long as the good stays over 50% you can always work through bad times. This late in life I can say my wife and I stay about 90% on the good side. This isn’t bad when you look at all the differences between man and women. Just never forget everyone needs some time alone sometimes. This should always be respected with each other.

    Love and Blessings to All

    1. Wow 90% you can write a book with these numbers Ray. Bless you and your family 🙂

  8. Beloved family! I just want you to know that even if I’m not very visible here at the moment, I am still very much with you, as you are with me. This is certainly an intense process, as so many of you can testify to, and I am grateful for all the love and support that flows so freely from this Pond. Thank you, dear brothers and sisters, for sharing your honesty, your compassion, your insights, your struggles and your love. You are all making magic happen, not only in yourself, but in so many others. The process may be painful, but the result will be more than worth it, as the CCs reminds us. And I know with all of my heart that this is so true.
    With much love and gratitude, Aisha

    1. Aisha, did you know that you dropped in at my reiki circle last night? 😉
      We had 3 ‘violets’ (physically present) stoking the transformative flame last night, working on creating a group healing ‘vortex’ – when you & a few others from the Pond popped in. Your Intention to heal this last wound is working!

      1. Jess I know of many Rituals of the circle of protection. I know the dweller,flame keeper, and the shadow keeper well. I have used them many times in the past. I have seen all the beings of these dwellings many times. I know all the keys of the locked doors and come and go as I please. All this is of my past. These teachings of the past helped me see beyond them. When I broke free of these teachings. It opened a whole new galaxy for me to learn from. I have learned the reason of this place. These old teachings are of the past. Now there are new ways of learning these things. Everyone can learn of these teaching in his own way and own time. Without going through all the rituals of the old ways. In the past you had to do all the rituals phyiscaly. Now it is all mental. Mankind has been helped to do this by those of a higher knowledge.
        It is a place many still use.
        Most of the leaders of the world still use this place. It is a place of learning that can be easiely misused. If it is misused you can only go so far in its learnings. The only way to break free of this place is to never misuse what is learned there. It is also a place that can help many who need to learn of life. It teaches you about many unseen things and how they work. It is a place where you can learn about any fear you may have and what causes it. This is a phyiscal place as well as a mental place in all of us. It is a place that can teach you how to overcome the shadows that bind you to keep knowledge hidden.

        That part of my life is over. I still remember what I learned there and am thankful for it. People now go through these things and never know of the physial place. It can all be done mentally now. These things have been unhidden from mankind. In the past only a few knew of this place and its teachings. Now all of mankind is fighting to overcome some of these things that have kept knowledge hidden from mankind. All the doors can be opened to hidden knowledge as mankind learns new things. I can see in a few writings of someone if they know of this place. Finding the life within each of us opens these doors of hidden knowledge and how to overcome all that keeps us in chains.

        Bless All never stop learning

        1. Thank you, Ray – I shall continue to re-read your message until all of the wisdom contained therein reveals itself to me…I don’t really know much about rituals (from this life) – such things were not a part of my cultural upbringing this go-round…or ever of much interest to me until a couple of weeks ago, when inner-guidance suggested that I had some earth healing work to do here. As a really beautiful confirmation to that, I received a book in the mail a few days after that which described similar ceremonies performed by a lady who traveled all over the world doing just that. Now, I did order the book but it was NOT AT ALL what I thought it was! There was a mistake on’s description of the book!
          In any event, I know that the most important aspect is always Intention, so I don’t fuss too much about doing things ‘just so’ – as long as I’m centered in my Heart and following inner guidance, I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing. I think it’s probably just an exercise in (re)learning how to use my imagination and BELIEVING in the creative power of Mind. I’ve been incredibly indoctrinated (as have most of us in Western cultures) with the belief that, if you can’t ‘see, hear, taste or touch it’ – then it isn’t real. I have been working on overcoming this programming for many years now & finally! I’m about there…I’m always open to learning on all levels- seeing things from multiple perspectives & am your eager student, Master Ray 🙂

    2. Dear Aisha, as always your words are soothing and healing.
      I love you for this.
      My Love to you and evryone in the Pond.
      I will the Gathering on Sunday

  9. I love you this was so beautiful and moving! The idea of the human experience being so unique and painful is so beautiful. We are so much more than we can see and I feel that in my heart. It makes me weep with joy for the world. Our scars are apart of what make us beautiful, no need to fear them, just give them more Love. Love and light to you all ❤

  10. Dear Brothers and Sisters of Light, I just wanted to dip in to say I Love you, and I know a lot of you are struggling with some deep and painful clearings. I intend for peaceful, healing violet blue waves of light to assist in making this process as gentle as it can be for you. I also intend the assistance of pink light energy to dance in your hearts and allow for acceptance, forgiveness, and compassion. There is an ocean of support and Love for us, many are silently working behind the scenes to anchor, transmute, and rebuild what the eye can not yet see. The heart knows All, look to your heart and not your brain when facing tough decisions…I do not believe running away is the answer, nor is turning our backs on those who are struggling to find the light just so we can bask in the bliss of like-minded souls 24/7. Love heals all. If you genuinely love the BEings in your life, you will understand that they, too, are struggling, and your unconditional love and support may very well be the key that unlocks their own inner door to their heart chamber so they, too, can heal from traumas suffered in this life and others.

    Every situation is different, but I felt guided to say these things because I see a lot of New Age material that encourages people to “drop” relationships with those who aren’t at the same vibrational level, indicating that remaining connected might “hinder” someone’s spiritual process. But I believe there is an even greater hindrance in giving up on what the heart wants…if you are in love, don’t give up just because a situation or pattern is stubbornly holding on. I believe it is a test when those we are closest to try to drag us into drama or duality, and when we are able to consciously observe the behavior while maintaining our boundaries in a strong but loving way, we “pass” that test, and even possibly inspire others to step outside of the drama themselves once they see how much easier life can flow when this is learned. While some relationships are destined to serve a purpose and then dissolve, there is also a lot of chaos making it difficult to know what course of action is best at this time…everything is shifting and changing and re-aligning…and this is why listening to the wisdom of your heart is key.

    Being with a twin flame means being able to look at the mirror he or she is holding up, and it isn’t always a pretty reflection staring back. It takes work sometimes, but the rewards are priceless beyond measure.

    My Heart is With You All,

        1. Mags, beautiful and exactly as I feel and have felt ever since the first messages about ascension said we would shift and leave others behind. I prayed for us all to go!

          Here is another thing that is key–while you look at others you see them as static beings but they are not. EVERY person on this planet volunteered to come here. Every being has a strong divine and eternal inner being supporting them along with a spiritual team.

          One cannot know the path of another–their mission may be different from yours but their path is perfect for them. they may take a different route to get to where you are going but GET there they will….

          Flow is so important now–hugs! Alex

          1. (((HUGS))) Alex! Yes, 100% agreed…a Divine BEing resides within us all, even behind the most shocking of costumes, which is why I encourage a “patience and Love” mentality rather than “see ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya” mentality…helping others helps all of us to heal, plain and simple. And relationships must be nurtured, finding a twin flame doesn’t mean everything is going to be easy-breezy…I think those who believe this are setting themselves up for a letdown…even the most beautifully-tuned couples have moments of discord, it is how we deal with the discord that matters. Ray has it right…respecting a partner’s individual process and allowing space goes a long way in assisting those roots to grow strong enough to withstand whatever lessons blow in to rustle our leaves 😉

    1. Thank-you Blu! A great reminder for me – I have struggled with this missive all day. So much emphasis has been put on clearing recently all over the web, to the point where I have been questioning myself – What am I missing? Omg – I’m still 3D?
      It has been my personal feelings – for me – that prior hurts, occurrences, events are “Experiences I Had” along the way. They are part of my journey. I feel no guilt for the experiences. I have taken these experiences, learned from them,felt anger, cried, then shared, assisted, been there for others in similar situations. I havent forgiven the perpetrators – I have thanked them (also asked that our paths never cross again!) and moved on. I dont know if I have “Passed the Test” – who ever is handing out the test. Yes, I get swept up in the drama at times still (have a drama queen daughter) but I can catch myself , get re-aligned – chuckle then continue on. I’ve had some “SUCKY” experiences in my life – but the “others” are who they are, they can be who they are and it is what it is. I just chose to not partake once I figure out this isnt working
      So THANK-YOU – I needed to read your words – I will listen to the wisdom of My Heart…. (also hoping I dont need to learn any more lessons…! could use a break in the action!)

      1. Dear KaLea, l think we’ve all been in that place of questioning.
        For me, as long as I know the people around me have good intentions and a loving heart, I can forgive anything they say or do, even if it’s insensitive or hurtful, and continue to be close to them.
        I suffered some traumatic events in my youth, and it took a long time before I could dig deep enough to forgive those who played the villainous roles…but true forgiveness frees us, allows us to open our hearts even wider, and shows us that we are stronger and wiser than the reactions we have been programmed to function with. Forgiveness doesn’t mean allowing people to stay in your life if they are hurting you, or if the interactions are toxic…you can “forgive from afar” in these cases, which is what I did in some cases, too.
        In the bigger picture, “they” are just “me” in another skin, playing roles we agreed to play, in order to learn things like forgiveness. 🙂

        1. <3Maggie<3 You take my breath away 🙂
          Ps-love to see some of your jewelled creations. I have a new Soul Sister here & want to make her something. Would you send me some creative juju? Lol. I 'saw' her fairy wings last night during Reiki, though she 'projects' images of an oriental girl in a silk kimono with pinkish red japanese cherry blossoms when she's working. I also get images of 'her' dressed as they did in Ancient Greece. Such a sweet & beautiful goddess! She too has trouble with connecting to Earth element. Any ideas?

  11. Do we need special technology like Skype to attend the gathering on Sunday. Or is it something live we can tune into via the computer. And how do we figure the time difference. I’m on mountain time in Utah, USA.

    1. Dear Sunny:
      It will be at 1 pm your time Sunday, a 1-hour difference from me here on PST. The Gathering is a meeting in the Spirit, my dear. No technology required. In meditation, if you will or you like. Or simply a relaxed knowing that we are together. A joining of loving hearts and intentions to connect and to grow and to heal together. To receive what Spirit (and each other) has for us all at this time, for each of our own wonderful benefits on our way individually, and for the group and the world as a Whole. See you there!

      1. Billy, Thank you so much for that information. I will join in. I have been struggling to heal from these battle scars for four months now, and done so much inner work, Transmutation, affirmations, working with the guides etc and yet the scars remain and I can’t seem to get past the sadness and weariness of earth life. Maybe this will help. Thanks again. Sunny

        1. Hello Dear Sunny:
          Were you able to read the comments associated with the previous MOS message #316? If not, you may find it important and useful to review those, as a possible focal point or “aha moment” for many of us during these days. For me (though I knew something like this was seriously blocking me for a very, very long time now), it was the strong and specific realization in this past week! that the almost indestructible Heart Wall which I built subconsciously around my heart to protect myself as a young child is my single greatest barrier to the Fullness of Divine Love and Life I seek. My reading of the book The Emotion Code facilitated this revelation… and which of course our dear Aisha (and others) has echoed and expressed so tenderly. She did not use the term Heart Wall or perhaps know exactly what, but I do believe we are expressing a similar barrier and need for a great healing of significant proportion. Truly we are connected as One, and it seems somewhat clear there is a grand passage into further freedom organizing at this time.
          See you Sunday!

          1. Yes when I read #316 I was struck by how insistent and relentless the pressure is on us to do whatever is required to get beyond these blocks. That described the same pressure I had been feeling. My spirit guides instructed me to turn to them for more help and guidance and do not stall a bit when I needed help from them. That they would help me get through it and get the specific answers needed. So I have been doing what they said. There is peace in knowing we have individual and personalized instructions from our higher self and guides. I’m so glad you made the breakthrough, and hope you have arrived at the last layer of the onion !

            1. I see. Very good. But no, I haven’t made any breakthrough as yet — only started to see more clearly “what” it is that is actually there! And so, now onward, of course… in great hope that this seeing it for (presumably) what it is will lead to its long overdue disolution. Let’s see what happens.
              Love and best wishes,

    2. I guess I could add that there is no set time to “end” the Gathering. I believe you can be sure the majority will hang around for at least an hour. (Myself, I remained for a good hour-and-a-half in a fairly deep state of meditation the first time one month ago.) But if you wish… it doesn’t really end.


  13. Dear Aisha,

    Your main message was extraordinary (as usual), but as I went to comment on that, I then read your personal message, which was wondrous! In everything you write, phrases and sentences jump out at me confirming what I know or am coming to know. From your personal missive it was this one:

    “We must allow ourselves
    to learn the lesson
    that will remove whatever stands in our way.”

    How magnificent that single point is. So so true. W need to learn to RECEIVE. I would bet that most who post here in your magical light-pond know all about GIVING but not nearly as much about RECEIVING. That is truly going to be a light-change we all will be grateful to embody.

    From your first post, this is the phrase that jumped out at me:

    “For not only have you started to throw off
    these old shackles of fear
    and started to grow into the real you…”

    That has been the truth for me for the past month, or maybe longer? I am finding a STRENGTH I only suspected I had but it always got balled up in cowering. Now, however, I don’t recognize myself. I’m flying forward with STRENGTH. My creativity is more confident and powerful; my affairs (some of them very challenging) are nevertheless being handled with clarity and newfound STRENGTH. A friend who is a nun in the Ramakrishna order Emailed me the other day, ” I am very proud of you, Kat, for going forward with your life and doing so with Ma Durga energy. Remember, as she slew the demons she did so with a gentle smile on her face. Striding on her lion, she smilingly slaughtered the demons. No sweat for her. I fully depend on you to do the same thing. Ker-plow and you’ll do it with total grace and dignity.”

    You can’t know how triumphant that makes me feel, Aisha. Oh my goodness, I’ve hidden in my share of shadows for decades in this life but now, I’m not hiding. Now I’m riding Ma Durga’s Lion and roaring. Grrrrrrr!!!

    Thank you and bless you and the CC’s unceasingly for always knowing exactly what we need to hear. I can’t wait for Sunday’s meditation and for opening up to more Divine Light so we can all go forward in light and love and grace and STRENGTH!! 🙂 xox, Kat

    1. My sweet Kat, this ‘Grrrrrrr!’ is very different from ones of other times, there,s no more rage! Wonderful! I do love you, Kat!

      1. Bless your heart, Nohmad, for such a genius insight. I didn’t realize it until I just read your words. There’s no more rage……. only compassion. Isn’t that incredible? I’m fighting a little battle but I’m not scared and I’m not shrinking. I’m striding forward… I truly appreciate your taking the time to reply and hope that every moment for you is more light & love-filled than the last 😉 x o x o x

  14. Aisha baby, so happy that you are delving into the depths and releasing the scars that you must in order to bring in more light. One thing that I have found doing this work is this and I mean it profoundly and the Cc’s say it as well.

    The FEAR you have of the release is FAR greater than the release. That is put into place ON PURPOSE so you will get to the precipice of fear–trigger that defense mechanism and NOT go into the clearing…

    Why would that be my friends? Who wouldn’t want you to clear and hold more light? Who would want you to remain wrapped around your own pain and suffering like a blanket?

    Not God, not your divine inner being…but your previous captors.

    I may sound like a broken record, and there are some in my life who have been upset by my incessant call. You must do the work. There is no way around it. But in doing the work, you can put yourself in an observer situation. You do not have to re-experience the pain, you simply observe it while in the arms of your higher self…sure, you can cry–I had a release a few weeks ago during a body work session between my shoulder blades and I fought it a bit and then released into it and tears of indignation and hurt washed through me as I released an energy wound from the spot my father would hit me that would cause the most pain-right on the spine.

    I did cry, I did get upset, but I also was able to observe the experience from a distance and understand that it was all part of the divine plan and receive the lessons with love and also forgive him and be grateful to him for the life contracts he worked through with me.

    You can all do it…you can all do it–you came here, powerful creator beings. You came here to do this work–and you will–sending much love and light to all to make the leap into healing…HUGS! alex

      1. Big hugs Emma and everyone for the feedback. I also completely agree that we do this at the perfect pace for our souls…much love and light! alex

    1. Thank you Alex for opening & sharing your insites & your sensitive & personal story….that in itself is a form of release & not so easy to do for most ! I always believe ‘the unknown within life, within ourselves & within our future is only as scary & as complicated as we want it to be’….when we make the choice to seek spiritual truth & wisdom…our human experiences & lessons we learn each day builds our trust & belief in ourselves, in our connection to God & all of creation…..indeed it is an intricate web & movements of mini steps forward, & sometimes backwards….but the crucial element is staying true to our intent, the choice we once made to walk this path…trusting & believing we are growing wiser & stronger….accept it ~ believe it ! We tend to make things, all experiences much more difficult than they need to be….don’t be task masters to yourselves….just relax, move at your own pace & simply allow the healing….breathing in the LIght with every breath….it is an easy process…the biggest, most important step was your choicing to wanting to remember, to re-connect this part of spirit ~ your human soul to All that Is…..always try to remember that….All that happens afterwards is re-learning how to use the tools, the magic of the spirit, of creation & this is what creates all the different layers & levels as some are quicker learners…..but this isn’t a race…be content & walk at your own pace as it is you that is in charge….spirit is always there waiting when you are ready to recieve more !……LOve & Light to You All Blessed ‘Light’ workers !

      1. Bevns, thanks for the share, I know its not easy for most people. I have worked for a long time to share as much as I possibly can. I feel its part of my soul path and mission during this phase of evolution and I take it very seriously. I also completely agree that all happens as it should in divine timing and while I might nudge, if its not right for someone at that moment I completely honor their heart centered feelings. Big hugs! alex

  15. Just the encouragement that I needed, Aisha…I’m so thankful for you, the CCs and the Pond.

    I guess I don’t really know how to let the light help me with my physical symptoms…or maybe I should say I don’t know how I am not allowing the light to help me.

    The other day I was house/pet sitting at my daughter’s and her very anxious dog jumped up in bed with me and got on me in a way that I couldn’t move freely. I tried to coax him off and he didn’t respond and then I pushed him off and he bit me hard! At that time, all I really cared about was cleaning the bite and then I coaxed him out of the room and closed the door for the rest of the nights I stayed there. He was fine during the rest of our days together except that he desperately wanted in my room at night.

    Now, I’ve been thinking about how I created this situation and how it might relate to my other physical symptoms of ‘ascension’. I wonder if it is a metaphor for my current struggle but I haven’t quite figured out much about it in a way that would help me see how I am not allowing the light to help…

    And then again, maybe I am allowing but it just takes longer than I thought…I just don’t know…

  16. Aisha thank so much for sharing with us, and i am so happy that you have released what needed to be let go of. You words and thoughts are of great help to us all. Also thank you for the reminder that we are servants in helping bring heavan to earth.

    I know the CC’s advise us to avoid the human drama, but right now for me, I do love being a human being (even though I know we are all spiritual beings having a human experince), I want to embrace being a human and have magical experiences being a human as well as bringing light to earth. By this i mean i want to have connections and relationships, so I am torn as to what to do for the best. We dont have to completely sacrifice ourselves do we? Or do we have relationships without becoming attached, and therefore hopefully avoiding any extra pain and heaviness? Is this possible, any advice welcome? Often i feel i dont need anyone or anything which I am very grateful for and i just want to give completely. But i do think to have deep connection with somebody is a very beautiful and natural part of our exsistance.
    From my heart to all of yours. I love you all xx

    1. Sue, the deep and profound connection to another is the next step on your journey…this was discussed a couple of months ago on this board prior to the Spring Equinox. There was a “change of plans” according to some regarding the ascension and we will now ascend as ONE, all together, however, there are min-steps along the way. Some of us are ascending quicker, so that we can assist others.
      It has been my profound experience over the last few months, that indeed twin flames are arriving. Here is the caviat…they do not always arrive by traditional 3D rules. All you can do is be ready, and open and be willing to walk away (literally) from any person or situation that is still showing you duality, or attempting to immerse you in duality.
      When you choose yourself, oneness with your creator, then the universe says “ok, your wish is my command”. This is a true story. Miracles are occuring now, Sue. There are others who are going through this right now as well, and one day, we may tell you all our stories. This has been a miraculous Spring. Believe. 😀
      Love, Phoenix

      1. Oh Phoenix, i appreciate your response immensely and you answered my questions perfectly thank you. You mentionned ‘walking away from 3D relationships’ those words in themselves have helped me right now more that you will ever know, an abundance of gratitude to you! Phoenix I would love to hear your story one day, and yes it has been a Spring like no other. We are so so so blessed to be having this human experience, words cannot describe. Love from my heart to yours xxx

        1. Sue,just now getting back around..if you think of it this way – The Universe/God will always give you exactly what you “want” (more accurately what you are “being”). So, if you keep re-choosing 3D relationships, then nothing can interfere with your free will. It is only when you stop choosing those things and choose another way, then real the miracles occur. You have unlimited opportunites to re-experience the human drama/duality, if that is your wish.
          Aisha’s post is so right on. I spoke about scars – a huge concept that was downloaded to me a couple of weeks ago- to some very close members of my soul family. It is very specific, the steps..but no one can take them for you. Nor can you take them for anyone else. If you try, then you rob them of their own experience.
          Last year in the month of October is when all of this new walk started for me. I found this pond, and I had some interesting visions, and then one day, as I was surrounded by familiar friends, I just had an inner “knowing” that I could not be around them any longer. There was nothing “wrong” with them, but they were not in the same frequency that I was in. I am sure to some outside perspective, I probably seemed “crazy” for wanting to be alone, but it was something that I had to do. It was an undeniable walk that had to be done alone.
          We cannot truly Heal others when we ourselves are still scarred. I can now tell from the tone of different people if they are with their twin or not. When you find one another, All of the 3D drama instantly disappears. There is no more 3D pain, there is only peace. It is romantic and the most fulfilling human-spiritual experience on earth so far, but that is not the end game or the reason for the arrival of the twins. It is only the beginning. You will heal one another and then you will be able to heal the masses.

          1. Let me add here…there is 5D pain!! lol..those cells integrating the new energy are beathing me up from the inside out…thankfully, these bouts are becoming briefer each time. 😀

    2. Sue…reading your comment, I was reminded of an important lesson that I’ve been working on this past year. Because of her extensive history of abusive relationships with men (and feeling financially dependant upon them as a mom with two little kids & little education), my mom drilled me with the importance of being able to take care of myself so that I wouldn’t have to depend upon anyone. I know she was doing her best to protect me, so that I would never have to endure the things that she did or that we did, as children in an abusive marriage…but, the truth is, we DO need other people to depend on – healthily of course – family, friends, Love.
      (One of) my big ‘ah ha’ moments last week came in realising that what we must learn is to love the way that God loves us – with perfect Tolerance, Unconditionally. It’s not really “detachment” in relationships, but understanding, acceptance, compassion…

      1. Hello Jess, i pray that your Mum has found peace within herself after all she went through. Thank you for your wise words and thoughts, it is a very sensitive subject as we have all had our own unique experiences, divine moments and growth. I believe above all we can depend on ourselves completely and utterly, we can love ourselves unconditionally, believe in ourselves fully and be kind to ourselves like no other could. For that reason God is should/could be all that we should rely on, depend on and need. However we are human and these moments of oneness with the Creator can at times come and go, so as Pheonix mentionned the relationships on the highest level of all are the ones we or I should seek if possible. Relationships were we can work together in giving to mankind the love and light is do desperately needed. Thank you beautiful Jess for spending time in replying, i have taken on board everything you said especially that ‘ we must learn to love the way God loves us’, this is so true and I will try and do that with all who I meet from now on, thank you! love and hugs Angel xx

    3. My dear Sue, why do you think we are being made anew? Why do you think all this process of ascension is taking place now? Why do you think we are living in a new plant, surrounded by liquid love? Why do you think ALL Heaven is watching us evolve in accelerated mode?

      What is the problem to feel love for someone -that vibrates like us-? What is the problem to connect to others that love life and Mother Earth, like us? What is the problem to feel joy, glee, happiness in our hearts? What is the problem to feel pleasure with someone we love? What is the problem to love others or to all?

      We are free now. It,s a new reality. A new paradigm. There,s no way to err. All is needed is to open the heart. Go inside, Sue, where all the answers are. But, please, never again be afraid to live life to full.

      We, you, me and all will bring Heaven to Earth. Sue, babies will not come by post or courier. We will bring the angel from Heaven to live on Earth. Through our love, deep love for somebody else.

      1. My darling Nohmad, there is no problem, none at all. I love all equally beyond measure, but to love one single person in a relationship would be a completely new experience for me since I connected wholeheartedly with God/myself and the universe 2 years ago. Before this time all of my relationships were of the 3D kind, so now everything has changed and to connect with one person again on a 4 or 5D level is or would be a very new experience for me and I suppose I worry it could take me away from my service to God. But…. i am more than ready to give it a try…. to spend life on earth with a likeminded soul who shares the same mindset and passion to help the world would be so beautiful and heavenly. It was just the CC’s comment about leaving behind earthly dramas got me thinking, thats all. Wherever my twin flame may be, i am here and I am ready ….. i think!!! 🙂 Thank you Nohmad, you have given me food for thought. I am slowly growing and learning…. with your help and everybody elses on here. Sending you my love, hugs and gratitude x

        1. My beloved Sue, God does not need/want/hope our service to Him. That,s another darkness’ dogma to make nuns slave, wives of Christ.
          God made All That Is/All There Is for us all to enjoy, this way He experiences, too.

          My beautiful Sue, in this new paradigm there,s not more the old rules. Now love is not more that love full of jealousy, with ill desire of control of the beloved person, and/or with will of something in exchange. That,s all hollywood indoctrination for us to suffer forever.

          No, love now is unconditional, without social rules, church sin, parents’ forbidden. Now, love is from our heart, from deep inside our hearts, is unlimited, is for one, two, three or more beings -independent of sex-, love is love, nothing more imports.

          On the other way, we can/are also be loved by beings that also love other people, different than the ones we love. This way, everybody is interconnected in different ways.

          If you want to love just one person, it,s okay, but him/her may want to love other being or beings, do you understand, Sue? UNCONDITIONAL love is the secret, now.

          Sue, your Twin Flame is coming. No doubt. But may delay some time yet. But you, Sue, also have got many soul mates over there. They match pretty well with you too. And they are looking for you. Please, don,t close your heart to these beings, that love you like to themselves, unconditionally.

          The secret, my dear Sue, is to open the heart, more and more. The more you open your heart, more beings you can love unconditionally.

          1. I LOVE this song! I actually sang this at the wedding of one of my best friends…and still can’t believe I managed to get through the whole thing without choking up, LOL! Thanks for the beautiful memory, Jess! (((HUGS)))

            1. It was a close tie with ‘Sunday kind of love’ & ‘somethings got a hold on me’ 🙂 A painting of Etta hangs in my living room…a splurge gift to me 2 yrs ago lol

  17. Life begins for us as the sperm of the father enters the egg of the mother. This is a merging of two energies that start a chain reaction of creation that involves both mother and father. In the creation of a new life. This lets you take on the gens and dna from both sides of your family. So you have to look at both family trees for the lives that have been lived in the past. You are a part of your ancestors from both family trees. Its not like you are just looking back at your past. You are looking back at many past lives. I was taught a long time ago about praying for my ancestors in a special way to make my life easier to live and for them to rest in peace. Doing this has helped me come to a peace with myself and my ancestors that I don’t think I would have without doing this. I don’t know if this will help you the way it has me. I thought it is worth talking about and thinking about.

    Blessings to all

        1. So interesting! Thanks, dominique, jay jay & ray…
          Explains my inclination to seek some family history past couple of days – & a very interesting discovery too. 🙂

  18. Oh oh here comes the stretch. I released something earlier but because I released it, another fear exposed itself. The chain reaction is at hand ladies & gentlemen!

  19. Dear Aisha, the CC’s and everyone in the Pond,
    again this message is spot-on. I feel really blocked, the whole right-side of my body is tense. It runs from the right-temple down to my right leg. It has been like that for a very long time and I am really annoyed by it because I can’t get rid of it! Now I want it to go away! (Is that ego talking, or the real Me, my Higher Self? I’m so confused). I feel I’m swapping at shadows.
    Ah well, this is the final battle I guess. Just like the final battle at the gates of Mordor. The gates of the Unspoken; the Eye in the tower in the Lord of the Rings. Let’s destroy the Eye and the Land will be free again! 3D will be gone! We will all be free! But to do that we must destroy the Ring. The Ring of power. The power of our Ego. Our Ego should’t rule us. Our heart, the King must rule. The King has returned! We can Trust the King, he is Pure and Light and Love!
    Love and Light to you all!

    1. Of course I was wrong about the battle! Didn’t Aisha just say this: all that remains are battle scars! I’m so stupid, the answer was right there! Ahhh, I’m really still chasing shadows!
      I’ts driving me crazy!
      Praying for release,

  20. Much gratitude once again to you Aisha and the CCs for these latest missives which resonate a lot as usual!

    So delighted to hear about things unfolding so beautifully for you Aisha and thank you for sharing. I’ve not been able to get here much still but know I am still here and read all the missives and get to some, if not all the comments. Also know I here in spirit sending Spheres Of Light to you and all.

    I definitely resonate with things coming to the surface and being released and healed quickly, have been observing this for myself and other for a while now and great the CCs are affirming this. Also been getting callings to continue to open, open and open like the CCs are pointing to and doing that… feels like things are really accelerating and exciting. Looking forward to joining everyone again for the meditation.

    Joyfully, Philip 🙂

  21. Has anyone ever had a dream of beings that look like humans. They are a blue color and have a body of light. Or another being that is orange in color and are small in size and don’t look like humans in all ways but kind of like humans. They have a body of light. These seems to be very friendly to humans in my dreams. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of them around. The blue light type said in my dreams that they were like us at one time and have gone through what we are going through now. In my dreams they said they know of all the different races in our galaxy. They create with thought the places where they live. In my dreams I feel like I have always known them. These are very nice dreams for me to have. I feel like I am with family when I dream of them. Just wondering if any others have had dream like this.

    1. Ray, I haven’t had dreams like that, or if I did I didn’t remember 🙂 They sound wonderful and I’m kinda jealous 🙂

    2. Ray, I had a similar experience during a meditation last year. At the time, I was just visualizing being in ‘the void’ & resting in the palm of God, when i (unexpectedly!) became aware of a being with me. I don’t recall much of what she looked like, other than having larger eyes and very smooth, almost blue skin, and being sort of ‘age-less.’ I asked her what her name was and after a moment (she had to think of an expression in my language) she said (telepathically): closest to your understanding would be ‘Elohim.’ I was unfamiliar with this term, but have since looked some stuff up on the Internet. I feel into sleep after that and don’t remember anything further…But it was a plesant experience. I knew she meant me no harm. Her gaze upon me seemed to be one of ‘curiosity’ – like she was simply observing me.

    3. Yes dear Ray…..they are the blue dragons….LeMurians….people of Mu…& their civilization once lived here on Earth so they have a strong attachment to Mother-Earth & us !….some are still here, some chose to remain to protect & watch over Mu (Mother-Earth) but as our human numbers increase, as we continue to overwhelm Mu with our distructful polluting ways, even their healing capacity is becoming weak…they come to us in our dream state asking for help to bring in more Light to heal their BeLOved Mu ~ Mother-Earth as she is the living vessel of creation & holds many secrets that we are unaware of….we are like them, we are a pert of them, but we are seedlings in comparison. They are full of peace & compassion & they are incredibilty intuitive & acutely linked to the living life force of Mother-Earth…..they are of the water which now is very sick….Mother is sick….& they need All of us to anchor & steady our life force to this life energy as best we can as she begins to enter 5D space where the life healing energy is much more abundant…but also much more powerful…we must ready ourselves, to be able to take on more to anchor & distribute….as this act will determine our future….we can be like them if we wish to be where their existance is ruled by LOve & Compassionate for All Life & the Sacred Purity,Health & Harmony of Mu, of All creation !~

    4. Dear Ray,

      Of all the angels and Light Beings who come to visit me, the blue ones are the most recurrent. They are indeed full of Love, Compassion and wisdom. I get the feeling that they are linked with the Pleiades often. But wherever they come from and whoever they are, we are them too, since we all come from this Source of pure Love. They are assisting us in our ascending process for sure, since they hold so much knowledge and wisdom based on Love.

      Many come to assist with opening and expanding our third eyes and connect it with our hearts.


  22. “… as you know, some other beings intervened …”

    I’d say that in the original plan there is a point where it says:
    “- this is the point where xxxx intervene and change the rules”

    We are the masters, we play the game at maximum difficulty level – and win 🙂

  23. Just think about how many times someone tells you something. Then your ego raises its head and says no way. Trusting is the basic part of learning. Look at everything with a open mind before placing judgement that it is truth or not. You may say I never judge something. The ego always places judgement over everything you think of. It uses truth as it knows it. Changing ego involves changing what ego knows as truth.

  24. I have found that if I just let the truth be my protection ego will always surrenders to the truth. Ego should not be used without truth as a guide. Ego always wants control and uses truth as it knows it in judgement. If you only give ego truth when learning something new ego will always accept it and grow in knowledge. In doing this you just have to trust where the knowledge you are trying to learn comes from. This isn’t always easy. Trust isn’t always given it is earned over time.

  25. Beloved friends!
    I have come a long way these last 48 hours. For I have allowed myself to receive the light that has helped me to see myself much more clearly. Much of this light has come from all of you, in the form of love that has filled my heart to overflowing. I thank you all for what you have given me, and I hope and pray you will allow yourself to receive the light back as freely as you give it to me and to all the others gathered here at the Pond.

    My lesson was the same as in the message above. Acknowledge the blockages, and allow yourself to receive the help you need in order to let them go. And I saw that these blockages are on many levels, some of them connected to this life, others to deeper issues in earlier lives. But I also saw the wisdom in understanding that even if they are all emotional scars, only by looking at them from a higher perspective will I be able to release the hold they have on me. But I also learned the lesson in that this is not something I can do by myself. For I have allowed myself to be helped, by you, by my sister, by my friends, and by my guides, helpers and family on the other side. For by connecting to my higher self, I saw beyond the human drama, and I could let the pain start to drain away and allow love and understanding take its place. I am not saying that this process is over, but I have already seen the truth in that as soon as some of the old scars are allowed to drop away, more and more light comes in, and this light brings with it information that helps me to deal with the rest of this scar tissue in the best way.

    I also see even better the reason for why I was guided to seek help from a therapist that works on the physical body. For it is our body, our cells, who carry so many of these old scars, and so they turn into an almost impenetrable armour in order to protect us. But that old armour must go, for it is literally blocking the energy channels that transports the light in the body. And for me, the best solution to this, is to be helped by a person who is trained in guiding the muscles to release the tension they have created to store these old painful memories in a ”safe” way. For what once was protection has now become an obstacle, and I want to remove every last obstacle that stands in the way for me doing my job.

    For, just as you, I am here to make heaven come down to Earth in the form of light that will bring the information and the ”fuel” we all need to make this so much more than just a dream. We have brought in so much of this light already, but it is only a fraction of what we can help bring in, and so, we must allow ourselves to learn the lesson of receiving the light that will remove whatever stands in our way. So my biggest lesson in this was, remember you are not just a human, and this is not something that can be solved by thinking and acting as only a human. This can only be solved by connecting with your higher self, and to see it from the perspective of your higher self. Then, the human drama falls away, and you see the true wisdom carried in the light that your higher self helps to send into your human body. This is the light that will set you free by removing the old ”human scars” that are still standing in our way. And on Sunday, during our next Gathering, we will all be able to soak up even more of this healing light – if we allow ourselves to receive it. But remember, the light is always there, waiting for us to open up to it, so there’s no need to wait until the Gathering to do so.

    With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

    1. Thank you Aisha and CCs! I really needed your messages today. Thank you Aisha for sharing your own experiences – most valuable. I really look forward to the Gathering on Sunday, where I indeed hope for a lot of releasing light, not only for me but for all of us.

    2. Thanks soooooooo much dear Sister !!! & be ‘Proud’ of All you have accomplished here at this site !….I see it as I came on board a long time ago & I see how it has evolved…& still growing !…is it this kind of work that the Light needs to take root & multiply….so Yes !…be ‘Proud’ as you are doing fabulously & we All appreciate your sharing of your personal side in life too & freely sharing your LOve to many seen as strangers….you have a wonderful Heart & Shining Soul !…….LOve, Bev !~

    3. Hi Aisha, my name is Silvia and I have been translating many of your channelings for people in Slovakia and Czech(similar language). I live in LA and I was a famous actress in Slovakia so what is happening with my spiritual messages in Slovakia partially Czech past 6 months is quiet profound as people already knew me and found their way to me thru magazines that were writing about my new journey(new for them:)). I am sharing my messages via Facebook or youtube. I recored a meditation for May 25 and a few thousand people were meditating at the same time. Now I would like to bring them together again for the Gathering and try to do it each month but I feel they like to be guided and they like to have explained things little more about how to meditate as many of them are just starting. I would like to record a meditation on youtube in Slovak and bring them to the pond every month but I would like to ask you some questions before I record. If it’s possible could you please email me at Thank you for YOU, your sister and CC’s 🙂 Love and Light.

      1. Dear Silvia!
        Welcome to this Pond, and thank you so much for helping to spread these messages, and for adding to the light in this world! I would like to help you with your questions, I’ll see what I can do with that. In the meantime, if these questions are of a more general nature about guidance regarding the meditation, you could perhaps ask them here? I know you will get much help from the others here at the Pond, and I am still very much in process and so I need a litte bit more time before I can come back to you.
        Love and light from me, Aisha

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