The manuscript of survival – part 316

As you have mayhaps noticed, the inner voices can be more than a little insistent at times now, and what they demand of you, can be more than a little daunting to handle. You have set yourselves free in so many ways, but these small hindrances still standing in your way will start to make a lot of noise. And they will do so for a very good reason, as it is indeed imperative that you all clear your channel as it were in order to make yourselves fully able to access the information you so dearly seek. In other words, nothing is allowed to stand between you and Source, and now, the only things doing so are those innermost kept secrets that only serve to fog your vision from clearing up completely. For many, it will be something extremely painful, for these are the things you have kept hidden away in the deepest and darkest recesses of your cupboards. They might be remnants of this life or earlier lives, things you may not even have a clear memory of, but lies there as a festering sore that needs to be cleaned once and for all.

The good news is that these wounds themselves need nothing more than to be exposed to the light in order to heal, so the process in itself is a much more simple one than you perhaps fear. For the fear of the wound is much more painful than the actual healing of it, and so we do advice you all to find a way to let these things surface. It may not come about by itself, and so, asking for assistance from your peers, or from others that can be of help is essential. Remember, you do not stand alone this, you are surrounded by love on all sides, but unless you let that love penetrate you to the very depth of your being, it cannot help you shine as strong as you need.

So let the light in all the way, and please seek help to do so. For you are so good at shying away from what has caused you pain earlier, but now, the only way to get through it is to face it head on. And remember, it will release at the very first sight of the light, and it will bring you tremendous release in every way you can think of. But it does not happen all by itself, for you have to make a conscious decision to let it go. So again we urge you to dare to open that final door, and reach out and hold someone’s hand if you need help to be better able to face this. For you do not need to go there alone, that is not required of any of you. But what is required, is that you do go there and bring the light with you, and that very action will make every last drop of inflammation drain away immediately. It will be a full and complete healing of all that has been festering away, but it will only happen if you allow yourself to let it happen. You are the bravest of the brave dear ones, but you do not have to take everything on single handedly, and certainly not this. For you do not have to prove yourselves to anyone, and the sooner you let yourself acknowledge this, the better. You are strong, but you are far far stronger if you let yourselves be held by others. So let them assist you on this, your last and final step into greatness.

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  1. Hi all dear friends here

    I just had the most dark and at the same time enlightening dream. I think this must have to do with a past live issue, since I never in this live have been a heroin addict.
    It began last week or so when I was moved to watch the movie “Candy” with Heath Ledger about a couple that shared their heroin addiction, and how this formed their lives.
    I recognized this muster in my own life concerning my relationship towards money and food and also my former relationship to alcohol.

    Then just now I had this dream, it was all dark in this dream so it consisted only of voices and emotional states. There was this lecturing voice on how to treat this girl, I think she most have been a prostitute, on how she would react to me, and how I should act in order to get her to sleep with me. There was a very detailed description on how to handle the dosis of the syringe, when to administer the heroin to her and how much she should have and when, and then how much I should take in order for all to be good. Alongside this description I felt the emotions of the girl. The most scary part of this dream was this everyday occurrence feel to it. There was no judgement to it mere observation.

    But I must admit that the behaverial pattern described in it explains a lot about this my past live, what the struggle in it has been about. I am just so thankful to You all to be able to share it with You. I feel now I am at the core of my being looking at my self naked in the light


    1. You took my breath away for a second. Then, this came to mind immediately:

      Use Candle Light, be gentle and easy on yourself.
      With love…(:

    2. Stephan, my brother, all was just experience, now turned in wisdom and mercy for all. All is OK, Stephan! I love you!

  2. Life is getting better for me.
    After 3 old dog deaths in 6 months, we are rescuing a puppy on Sunday.
    It requires a 2 hour drive up and then back again.
    I feel awful to miss the pond but I will be doing my life’s work.
    (It has been 3 long weeks waiting for them to release her to me.)

    The sun is already shining on us Michilin. However, there are still bumps in the road and a few more sunsets have to set over the horizon.

    Here, at the pond, life is getting better each day because we have (all?) finally found the family and the love we never had before. Both my parents didn’t want me. This has been a bit of a hurdle in this life for me.

    I come here like a fix or a pick-me-up so I can face the day, the energies I meet and to stay in balance. It puts me in the frame of mind I want to be in.

    Being here at this peaceful pond with the spirits of (all) these people,
    your never alone. There is always someone who gets it. There is always someone to guide you or educate you. There is always a hand to hold or a body to hug even if it is with computer keys.

    It feels so good some days, reading yet another article that resonates deep in my heart, I can only catch my breath and then take the time to cry a bit. I am not used to feeling good. It was always a precursor to a heartache that was coming down the road. I actually caught myself smiling recently and not at a dog, a human!

    You can search around this entire pond and not find anything but warmth, commiseration and unconditional love.

    Hold on. Have faith. Visit us daily and then greet your day.
    Everything is as ” it” is supposed to be and “it” will all come in God’s timing.
    Being Irish patience has not always been a virtue for me, but I find that I enjoy sitting back now (especially during a hot flash) and just observing/listening then rolling with the flow. Unbelievable release of stress when you trust in God’s timing and give over control….Breathe dear.

    For this too shall pass…

    Love to all at the pond, Terri

  3. When the people throw their TV away, don’t adhere to consumerism anymore, and talk to their neighbours, the primitive pre-human, who is just a subcultural product of some belief system, will become fully human.

    Maybe the current situation leads to a differenciation of species and / or worlds. A mind-controlled robotic human species (through GMO, TV, radio waves…), and a self-inspired one.

    Who knows ? There are many branches on a tree. Creation and anti-creation forces in action. The equilibrium.

    1. My dear and beautiful Dominique, I have a trick that I use frequently, and I,d like to share it with you. Is this: As my frequency is always rising, then I have never to forget to rise, consciously, my compassion too… Balance…

  4. Some missives ago they said that the storm would calm down. Now we all have some cups missing in our cupboard. More deep hidden barriers to clean. When does the sun shine on us again? When is life getting better for humanity?

  5. It is said you can’t destroy or create energy. You can change the form of energy in many ways. All things seen or unseen is energy. The human body is given to engery to have a place to see life in a human form. Without a human body the energy would have to pick another form to experence life as we know it. This energy knows every part of the human body it lets the body live by producing energy from what we eat. Can the body live without this energy. I have seen it written that there are some without a soul. To me a soul is when someone finds this energy and gives it this name soul. This energy gives our mind and heart what is needed to control the body. Sometimes the body may be defected and not work with the electric needed to make the body work the way it was meant to.

    Science has learned that energy can be in more than one place at a time. Some experiments can be done by one person in a room with energy. If someone else walks in the room the experiment will stop working. This is to say one person can get the same results everytime if done alone. This means if another person enters aroom and it stops. Mans thoughts affect energy. Everyones thoughts are different and affect energy differently. Will mankind ever learn to be of their own thoughts and learn to think as one.

    What does all this mean. Does it mean when a person trys to see something in a different place maybe on the other side of the world. That part of the enery that lives in the body can travel to the other side of the world and see something. Or is this just a thought in mans mind that he can see this. Can mans Spirt body or energy body travel through this galaxy and see other suns, planets, moons, other beings and life on other planets. Can man see the different ways these other beings live. Can man talk to these other beings. Can they see man in his spirit form. In what ways can man interact with these beings. Is it just through thought. Can mans spirit form go back through time or visit other dimensions or go into the future. Can the energy of man create form from dark matter or dark energy. I say energy can go anywhere, All things are a form of energy. Everything is part of everything there is. It is up to man to learn his part in this. Noone can do this for you. You have to learn of it in your own way and time. Just something to thing about.

    Blessing to All, Pinkrose take care of those cats. I know they depend on your love. Bless you for what you do for them.

  6. I can’t change what I am. I can only enlighten who I am. For me to accept this is all I can do.

  7. What IF…Sunday’s gathering isn’t about clearing but about hope and changing situations? What if it was about receiving instead of always losing?
    Either way, I’m looking forward to it.
    I think we all could use the help.

  8. I too join hands with all souls around this Pond to form the chain of mutual love and support, for I have no-one else to turn to for help in this final clearing.
    But that sounds a bit disingenuous because all the love and light is right here in the Family of one and oneness.We ARE all one and when I discovered this place it did feel like Home. The release of finding others who know exactly what I/we are all going through . I share so many symptoms with everyone here that I don`t feel the need to comment sometimes as its already been covered.
    Sending love and light to everyone and in great anticipation of Sundays gathering ( to clear I know not what ) Phil.

    1. Great Phil!!!!
      “for I have no-one else to turn to for help in this final clearing.” We don’t have anyone but we have each other, I guess it is better, rigth??? BTW are you sure this is the final? 😉
      Love to you Phil

      1. Not necessarily, just taking a lead from the CCs,” your last and final step into greatness.”
        And, yes, it most certainly could not be better than being in the company of the glorious wayshowers I have encountered here.Yourself included ( obviously ).
        Much love to you.

    2. I just agree with you Phil in all you say and when the CCs said “…but you do not have to take everything on single handedly, and certainly not this” I was a little stressed because – who can I ask for help? None. So I think the Pond is the only place where I can ask for help. Help for what? I don´t know. As many of you already have said I thought that I had released the big stuff, but apparently I haven´t. After a couple of weeks (though this evolution started ten years ago!!) with anger, frustration, critical thoughts, even with my best friends (think I have became a bitch!), I realize that I am wearing a great sorrow in my body and soul and I know it has been with me all my life.

      So I ask the Universe to help me, show me the way that they always have done during this evolution and have the faith that everything will be as is meant. If there is anything I shall/can do I think I will be shown.

      I love you all around this Pond, I read and follow you but don´t comment so frequent. You know, I am a woman from Northern Sweden who don´t talk too much if not necessary 😉 Blessings to all of you.

      1. To a BeLoved Woman in Northern Sweden……

        I just went through the hardest part of my journey and it was all about letting go. I was told very firmly not to attach anything to what I was letting go of, and not even put a label on anything. So no matter the label that came boiling up, I just let it go. So this is my advice to you. Just let all go. Release without getting attached.

        My energy is affecting my iPad today. No clue. I really doubt if I will be posting much this day.

        1. So true! And it’s like you have to experience it to finally get it into the bones. Salut Lady Pinkrose!

      2. Echo your words tomte – been feeling ” something big ” was going to happen in this world for thirty years now , just didn`t know what!
        Sending big love your way.

      3. Birgitta, my dear, you,ve got old baggage hiding inside your heart. This represents TheDoor/Veil that is literally a prison for you. it,s very deep inside your heart, it,s a wall, an armour around your heart that was placed there by your ego/subconscious mind to protect you from the external world. And it is not only one, for each emotional big problem you had through one and all your lives, one more was placed upon the one before. So there are several layers of pain and armours inside your heart.

        The healing may be made from the exterior, through a healer, and it will take a lot of time until the last wall/pain be eliminated. But also, this wall may be healed from inside out. How? Through Love. How? You need to feel BIG love. How? For someone. How? Feeling deep love, full passion for someone. Only the power of this intense internal fire will destroy ANY armour/pain you,ve got inside your heart and make you free again, opening your heart to the continual flow of love from God/Source/Heaven.

        Beautiful, isn,t it, Birgitta? Yes. Easy? Don,t know… Don,t know… You being a northern woman… Two choices: Healer or Passion…

        I,m a man, I,m your family, I,m your brother of light, and I, Nohmad, am offering you all my true unconditional love for you to try to help you. If you decide to walk the passion way, and you,d like to try with me, please, send me an email. Big hug!


        PS: You can learn more about the wall at:

        1. Nohmad, when you say ‘healed from inside out by falling deeply in love with someONE’ is that what you actually mean? To bring another person into ones life to help the healing journey? It seems strange that you would advise this route for self healing, although I do love the idea!!

          1. My dear Sue, do you know any force more powerful than love? Me either. When two beings love each other, the flow of love between them is always rising until a maximum level, isn,t it? And this flow is from the heart, isn,t it? Do you think anything will stop this mighty force to flow? Nothing!

            I do not understand why you find strange my advise, if I didn,t walk that path I wouldn,t be here talking about it. This path cleans all your chakras at the same time, wide open your heart and heals you in every level. When higher the frequency of the involved parts, the best is the outcome.

            But, as I said before, it,s not any superficial love that makes this miracle. Must be one with full passion, without rules, fearless, intrepid, intense, ardent. True love, free love or unconditional love is something humanity was not open yet to enjoy, but it will, now.

            Sue, now you have three choices: Healer… Passion… Next Sunday Gathering… Choose wisely! I love you, Sue!


            PS: My advice, now, for EVERYONE: Heal totally at the Gathering, it,s a gift from Heaven for all of us and we all deserve it very much. But never forget passion… Passion is pleasure, joy, glee, life -think carefully what it,ll do to your frequency-… The healer path is an optional one, and it,s got a very important role, sometimes.

            PS_II: You, Sue, as a wayshower, will know instantly which one to advise.

            1. Love is the greatest force their is and the most tender. Love is truth. We can heal and be passionate at the same time. A loving relationship with one other person can bring so much from both sides of the scale, it can rise our frequency of love through the roof and radiate out far and wide, it can bring joy and many other wonderful benefits. It can also bring attachment, suffering, pain and fear. I think the ideal situation would be to meet a twin flame, where there is no karmic connection to be worked through. To meet a twin flame would be a perfect situation, then both parties would know that they are free and only base their relationship on love, freedom and oneness. Is this possible? I hope so!

              Maybe you have found your twin flame Nohmad or you are evolved enough that you can be free from suffering with or without a partner!

              Eeeek, its not an easy ride…… I continue to love the world and everyone in it and see what the universe has in store…… can i add that the right partner would support me in my task of bringing light to the earth….

              I love you Nohmad, our wise one x

              1. …twin flame = sacred relationship – FAR from the ‘bubblegum love’ idealism that all will be smooth sailing! I found Polana’s advice here (ascension pioneers) most helpful in clarifying what it’s all about. No one will push your buttons like your twin!

              2. No, Sue, I didn,t meet my twin, yet. As you, I,m waiting. I know that after I go through the veil in 5D, the conditions will be the needed for our final merging. See #232, there I talk about TF, or go to

                No, my dear Sue, love with attachment, suffering, pain and fear is just 3D love. This feelings does not exist in 5D love, anymore, Sue. in 5D there,s only unconditional love. All what you are looking for, my dear Sue.

                But I can tell you, Sue, that I live with a soul mate woman for 20 years, who still is full 3D -one of these days she awakes-. But here, in this pond, I found more 5 soul mates women, from 7 it is said we all have.

                2 of them are as or more evolved than me, and the other 3 are a little less evolved than me, and are struggling hard to accept my unconditional love. Time will tell. My last soul mate is missing. I need to open more my heart to be able to find her, I hope next Gathering…

                Sue, you know I love you, and I know you love me, then I,ll tell you a secret from deep inside my heart: Sue, how beautiful life now is…

                  1. No, Kah…,
                    may be…
                    much far…,
                    but is…

                    You feel
                    deep inside
                    your heart…

                    It,s something
                    that does…
                    not pain…,
                    just give joy.

                    It,s a connection
                    until now… unknown
                    you just think
                    and love flows

                    1. Várias almas gêmeas espalhadas…
                      Reflexos uma da outra…
                      Vivendo o presente…
                      de acordo com a dança do coração…
                      os parceiros vão concedendo a honra
                      de uma nova dança…
                      mas… dançar com alguém é uma grande arte…
                      é harmonia entre dois seres…
                      e assim os pares vão se revezando…
                      E tudo aquilo que for…
                      irá se manifestar no tempo certo…
                      da forma mais serena, doce e pura…

        2. Thank you Nomad for your involvement and defining the reason why I have an armoured heart. I suppose your intention to help me was/is good but I´ll find my own way out of this.

          Thank you for your sharing that really was bewildering to me 😉 Lot of love to you 🙂

  9. Amy sending reiki healing to all your loving animals and distant healing from all of us here to your animals as well … calmness peace tranquility these thoughts are coming to your existance allow them to just be … love and simply adore you and your loving cat family love love and more love

  10. I have never talked about pains I have gone through. Some were pretty bad. My whole body has hurt at some point in this. The worst was my back I could not walk for over a week. The last time I went through this was by far the worst. To me it felt like a cleansing of of something inside of me that was alive. I guess you could say a spirit or another soul that lived in my body. I never got mad or excited about this and just let my body work through the pains of purging this from my body.

    When this was finished was when I had a peace come over me that really feels great. It took away any and all worries from my thoughts. It lets me rest in peace when I sleep at night. All my fears and worries for myself and others are gone. It has made it so much easier to just look at any problems that come up with myself or others and work through them with pure intent and blessings given to all. I have taken some time after this to rest and come to terms with all that has happened and the way it has changed the way I think about things. I seem to be so much more aware of everything around me and mother earth. This brings a lot of new thoughts to me that I look at and explore everyday. It has become alot of fun in many ways to see some of these new laws of creation that I was unaware of before this happened.

    As I look at these and try to understand how some of these work and how they can be used to help mother earth. I see it could take another life time or more to master some of them. This has opened my mind to a understanding I have never had before in many ways. The information I recieve about some of these laws of creation and how to use them can be very time related in my thoughts. I have to always be in pure thought to even think about them. My intent has to be at its highest pure form to merge and understand the knowledge given to me about these new things. I don’t know how many has been through this. I know all this infomation can be accessed through universial knowledge. If it is there others must see this to.

    It is a total new way humans will think about everything. It is about how everything is tied together. It is about how every speck of dust is part of us and how humans can work together with all the elements. It is about how humans must think to do this. The only way is having so much love for all that is. Everything lisens to your thoughts and can react to what you are thinking. It is something so wonderful, peaceful and loving to be one with all that is. Its hard to explain this kind of feeling. This is what humans are working so hard to come to pass. This is what humans were created to do. This is in the future for all of mankind to learn and take part in. It will take some time for humans to achieve this in pure thoughts. You can see what this can do to help mankind. You can also see what this could do if given to mankind with ill intent.

    Bless All and keep on Loving all that is

    1. Totally confirming with this. Also to accumulate that oneness perception into physical is a weight of lifetimes. I feel like we sure be done very soon. Very soon meaning a lot has been healed and learned and time can’t help but turn to our love within.

  11. My Precious Family,

    Today I ask for your support and Love. One of my FIV+ cats, Whispers, yesterday tore his hind leg at the joint, and it looks like it is right down to the muscle. I tried to treat it yesterday myself and prayed for a miracle. This morning I know he must go in to the Vet. I am waiting for the hospital to open as I write this to bring him in.

    On top of that, I have another, Meaghan, who looks ill, not eating and up high and hiding. I have no idea what is going on with her. When I can get to her I will have to examine her and hopefully figure out what the trouble is.

    I myself seem to be going through another rough patch, experiencing another pushing through.

    Please send my family and myself your Love this day. And if you don’t understand what FIV+ is, it is a cat version of HIV+.

    I just sense much turbulence about. I need calm. Now I go make that phone call so I can bring this baby in.

    Much Love, Amy

    1. Be always centered in your sweet heart, Amy, then just the best decisions will come up. I,m sending you may light, love & understanding. Big bear hug!

      1. Thank you, Everyone! We are back, safe and sound. It turns out what we are doing for Whispers, washing the wound out daily, is exactly what the Vet recommended. It was that AND stitches which I said no to. Knowing Whispers the way I do, he would not keep stitches in. So, wound care and antibiotics.

        As for Meaghan and turns out Bella, I figured out what was wrong and helped both.

        I really thank you for being with me. Whenever one of these “special” cats are not well, it tends to rock my world.

        All is good, all is well.

    2. I just saw everyone of the Pond in a circle holding hands to support us all. We were all joyous like children!
      Love to you, your cats and love to all in the Pond

    3. Amy my love is with you and your family. I learned while ago that as our pets are sort of spiritual guides for us and they sometimes take our negative energies in as their one task is to make our burden lighter. This doesnt mean though that you should feel bad about them taking your heavy energies for them selves, this is their job, to protect you 🙂 This in mind you can tell your cats that they dont have to carry your burden too and maybe when you get stronger, your cats will too.

      Our dog got a cancer in his old days and I understand it now afterwards, there was so many negative feelings living our home, that its not surprise that he developed himself a cancer. But this way he took our negative energies into himself and maybe saved someones life in our family. Without this dog, that cancer might had faced one of our family members.

      Now years later after he have been passed away, I feel this huge gratitute for him. If only I would have had the knowledge back then, that I could say to him “you dont have to take my illness for yourself”. So maybe healing yourself will gratualy heal them too?

      With lots of love, Reija

  12. These are very intense days. Not only is the clearing traumatic but I have a sense of the next step and it’s more than daunting for me at this time. I can relate to what you all are going through and can only hope the gathering this weekend will bring some calmness and motivation to continue. We’re probably all exhausted.

    Your messages have comforted us all Aisha, so now we’ll all comfort you. You are so very important to this process that you have people cheering you on from both sides of the veil!

  13. Dear Jur:

    Thank you so much for the above music video. Stunningly beautiful and deeply moving (not to mention very, very Cool!).

    Dear Aisha:

    Thank you SOOOOO much for this message, along with your candor and openness in expressing all you have in connection with it. I too, it seems, am at a similar — no, make that almost surely the same — place. Though I’ve been processing and attempting to grow in Love and the Holy Spirit of Our Oneness for many, many years now (perhaps with some success — enough to keep me going anyway), I have also known there was still something very, very Major which firmly blocks my way — without knowing exactly what it is (though the vague idea could hardly be denied) — nor, perhaps more importantly, exactly how to become free of it, except by my own ongoing spiritual study, practice and meditation.

    But I realize that I simply cannot gain freedom from this on my own. The clincher for me came through my reading of Brad Nelson’s “The Emotion Code” over the last week (now much confirmed by MOS 316, your comments, and the expressions of other dear brothers and sisters here). I suffered severe longterm trauma as a child and youth due to the combination of a very unique disability I gave myself to overcome in this life, and the brutal psychological abuse of a father who was of course psychologically and emotionally crippled himself resulting from a far worse childhood than my own. I did adapt rather well, all things considered, and much later found the spiritual path and began to evolve out of this damaging lifelong predicament — but when I read Nelson’s revelations of trapped emotions and the almost indestructible Heart Wall which many of us construct to protect ourselves from great trauma, I knew that yes this was most certainly so in my own case.

    Many will be familiar with this already, and, as I understand it, The Emotion Code seems closely related to the also somewhat recent discoveries and benefits of EFT. A bit more info, if you haven’t read the book:

    I definitely need help with this, and ask any who feel to do so to stand with me in Love and mutual support to see this thing through — as I also stand with you, dear Aisha, plus all other dear brothers and sisters here who find themselves at such a place. We will see this through together, for our ultimate healing and transformation in the Love of our Creator and our true Divine Selves. Indeed. It must be meant. It must be so.

    Just like you, Aisha, I believe I’ve been led to an appropriate “therapist” who it seems possesses gifts of blockage-removal and inner-healing, but I cannot meet with her until after Sunday either (also interesting in its timing, isn’t it). Heaven knows I’ve tried many potential solutions in my quest for ultimate spiritual freedom, but… perhaps only NOW the timing and information is right. Obviously, we shall see. But let us see together.

    I don’t often comment, dear friends, dear family… but I am always regularly here, you can be sure. Reading, participating… trying to Love as best I can from behind the limitations of this previously impenetrable and ghastly armour I seem to have constructed for myself. Let’s hope it’s time for a new suit of clothes, shall we? Clothes of only Light and Love.

    WIth much love, and only best wishes,
    ~Billy Bright

  14. My Vision quest part two.

    I guess its time to continue the story of my Vision Quest

    I had before meeting Chief Sonne Reyna, been taught by a Woman who showed me to the other side. This was a 3 Year learning process, were she from a pure heart and a state of unconditional love took it upon her to help out of the hole I had dug for myself. In her process of teaching me we had in the last stage of my apprenticeship 2-3 day long sessions. These sessions always ended with me standing before an ancient wall with a door in it. We knew I had to pass this gate to go on, but the 2 first times I encountered it I was to terrifyd to enter and tried in any way I could to avoid this last part of the session, although I perfectly knew it was the only way, should I progress. But the third time on my teacher and I agreed on that she should not take no for an answer, so I had no choice other than enter this terrifying gate. To my big surprise the only thing I found beyond this gate was pure love and bliss. I then had a dream where I lay on a crystal in a cave, I could still sense the heat signature of my valkyrie slowly dissipating as it got colder snowflakes began forming in the cave and began to whirl around faster and faster, suddenly I was sucked up by the vortex created by the the whirling snowflakes and I was sucked into a system of tunnels at a very high velocity, then the tunnel branched out and I was floating in the blue sky and in the distance I could see a Castle, then I woke up from the dream and soon my teachings from this wonderful woman were over, this was around the year 2001.

    Then came a period of rejection of what I had learned and I dove deep into the 3D and the bliss of ignorance.

    I then meet the Chief and joined the tribe as described earlier. At December 2003 I was going to Ibiza for my Vision Quest. The Chiefs event manager and I arrived a week ahead of the ceremony in order to set things up and get the people together. The local shaman who was the leader of the Ibiza group wanted to show us a cave where the local goddess was still worshipped. As this was very close to our camp, a beautiful Yoga resort, we were 7 people going to the Cave to make a ceremony for the goddess. I had taken a bottle of red wine to offer to her, and we were collecting firewood on the way as the shaman told us that this goddess liked a little fire. As we came closer to the cave I got this funny feeling of Déjà vu and suddenly I recognized the Cave from my dreams a few years earlier, and we had fantastic ceremony there.
    Then the day came and we going out to find willow to build the lodge from. I was honered with the task of harvesting the willow and as instructed I had with me some tobacco to offer to the plant spirit. When I was about to cut the branch with my knife I got into a kind of trance and saw myself lying in the cave on the crystal and as my blade cut though the willow I saw in my trance-vision-state my throat being cut by the goddess, suffice it to say that it made a lasting impression on me.
    As we were preparing for the quest the Chief said something I did not fully understand then, he said that the group doing this quest was carrying the weight of mankind on their shoulders.
    I prayed for healing to the people I knew visualizing them one by one.
    Then, after the sweat-lodge ceremony, we were taken to the place were we were going to be for the next 4 days and 3 nights. I was placed between two trees, and in the beginning it was like a walk in the park. I had some vivid dreams that I concluded were my received visions. So I thought the whole thing was over, and was preparing to go back placing my shoes and preparing my gear for departure, but nobody showed up. And at nightfall I realized it was not over, and I had to do another 24 hours. This totally changed my perspective, I suddenly felt the thirst and the hunger and my bag hurt like hell. I could not find a way lie down comfortably so I had to immerse my self in pain, eventual I must have gone to sleep because suddenly I woke up and out from the one tree came like a lot of cards of a kind flying towards me, and as I focussed on them they stopped and one card stayed floating just in front of me. I then had this feeling of urgence and I became aware that I still was in ceremony, and suddenly it came to me that I had forgotten somebody in my prayer and I felt I could pray for them now and all would be ok, but then I remembered another and another, and it became clear to me that no matter how hard I tried I would always forget some, this realization made me cry from pure helplessness. Then it was as if the trees’ conscience and mine merged and were divided again I saw myself from the trees’ perspective and I saw myself as little baby connected by little grey-white shimmering tread to a lot of other babies, and a voice told me that what I had done would benefit all that I knew, this made me feel a great relief and I felt no pain,thirst nor hunger anymore.
    I will when the time is right post the third and last part, with the story about how the Chief an I parted ways and I received a protocol for doing ceremony on my own.

    1. You always have such wonderful adventures to share, Stephan! Thank you 🙂 …my heart really connected with the ‘helplessness’ you felt (remembered?) realising there was always one more person who needed help, healing. Perhaps you have, as have i, spent many lifetimes in a guardian role? Funny, I just thought about a childhood memory – I used to have a large collection of stuffed animals & loved them all so much…until it became such an overwhelming task, trying to ‘love’ each one equally – there was no room in my bed at night left for me, covered by a mountain of stuffed friends. I made peace with it (LOL) and finally felt ok with sleeping only with 1 or 2 – the others understood.
      …no idea why I remembered that or felt the need to share! But, there it is…

      1. Dear Jess, I to have had this close relationship to the stuffed friends people tribe. In ancient cultures they were placeholders for the soul and a link was created between the doll and the child by taking a little bit of the blood from the mother from the birthing of the child and then put it on the doll. The spirit or the soul would than have a place of its own to retire to and the doll was often honored by offerings of food and drink. So yes Jess the are alive and are protectors of the child safeguarding its spirit

  15. Beloved family of light! So much love, so many beautiful messages, so much support – not just for me, but for everyone gathered here. I thank each and every one of you for all you have shared, it helps me a lot to be able to lean on your shoulders and your hearts now. I nurture myself as much as I can, and I have been told that the intensity of it all will soon start to ease off.

    The CCs also wanted me to tell you that the Gathering this upcoming Sunday, June 2, will go as planned. It seems it will be something that will help us all balance these energies better, and I have a feeling it will also be a lesson in receiving this time. I know we will get more information on this later on. The time for the Gathering will be the same, 21:00 Oslo time, you can find more information about this in the message I posted for the first Gathering here.

    With much love and gratitude from me, AIsha

    1. Dear Aisha,
      In meditation just now I saw us holding hands ‘telling’ you; you are perfect!
      (I didn’t speak the words, but you heard them). Then we held both hands, forming a circle and we danced round like little children. Then everyone in the Pond held hands in a big circle, again it felt like we were all children.
      I have never dreamt or saw anyone from the Pond in meditation before. It felt so, so… joyous is the only word I can come up with.
      I thank you all and I love you all!
      I still have this wonderful feeling in my heart!
      My Light to Yours!

    1. Thank you Jur for the most wonderful song and video I ever saw! What a release for my heart and soul! I will see/listen to this over and over again 🙂 I love you and wish you all the best. /Birgitta

    2. Wow….. that video is so wonderous and powerful, many thanks for sharing! Love and light to you, Leigh

  16. Dear friends, my brothers and sisters of the Pond, I just wan’t to send my love to You all, and thank You for what I have recieved thus far. I come here sometimes up sometimes down, but I always leave uplifted.

    I woke up this morning with dream of love and this song in my head that I would like to share with you all…


  17. Aisha I have thought of you the last few days. You are a very loving and giving person. Everyone knows you always do your best at trying to help others. When you come to a cross road and have to make a choice in life. The first thing is to use your intent very carefully to ask for protection in all you try to work out. You have a true heart and I think you will take any problem you come across with a lot of thought. If you just pick what is true for you. Ask for nothing but true intent in all things and you will never go wrong. You can see through any false intents.
    Sometimes the last things you see are from childhood. These can be things that have been hidden from you for years. I have gone back 60 years to try to remember things. What your memory hides can be scary as a child. So it hides it to protect you. Remember you always have a choice. In this you are the boss. Look at it as a observer the first time. Makes it easier to come to terms with the next time. My brother use to put me under to help me see my past. I use some of what my brother taught me before I go to sleep or meditate. Some of what he taught me can be used anytime for different things.

    All my blessings are here for you

  18. I am new to this site, I’ve only begun reading the posts over the past few weeks. I am always so amazed when I read each new on and feel so deeply that they are speaking to me where I am at my stage in my awakening! Thank you so much~I feel less alone and am finding folks who are awakening as well!

    1. Feel very much welcomed, Joni, to the heart of YOUR family of light! This Pond of pristine light is also yours. And you can also tell your folks, here there,s room for all of them, too. Welcome, Joni, again! Much love to you!

  19. we are one, I am with you in my heart, take my hand Aisha, divine love and light for you all

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