The manuscript of survival – part 315

The days have become more and more intense in so many ways, as you see the light shining through not only yourself, but also those around you. In addition, the nighttime will also bring much information. And although much of this information is in many ways still hidden from you, it is already having quite a profound effect on you all.

Let us explain. As always, whenever we refer to information, it is not necessarily in the manner that you refer to information. In other words, it may not be such that is given in words or clear pictures and that leaves you feeling wiser and more ”on” to what is going on. Not because you are in any way lacking of abilities to comprehend what all of this information is about, but because this is a form of communication that talks to all levels of your being. And as such, at least for now, you are not able to consciously connect with all of these levels of communication. And so, you will in many ways feel as if you are still left out in the dark as it were, and that you have no, or a only a small fraction, of clarity into what is truly being exchanged here. Again, that is only because you have not been able to access these deep seated channels of information that is fairly teeming with activity, and now, that activity has been amped up even further. So many of you may have noticed this already, either in the form of thoughts or ideas that seemingly surfaces at the most unexpected times and in the most unexpected of circumstances, or by the fact that your brain seems almost incapable of focusing on any thing at any given moment.

And the explanation for both of these ocurrences are one and the same. For now, the amount of information that is pouring into each and every one of you has increased to a veritable avalanche, and so, some of it will indeed be made public as it were by your increased ability to pick up on these signals that are being beamed into you. While on the other hand, the easiest of tasks seem impossible to even contemplate because you feel as if deeply fatigued in the very center of your every day being.

In other words, mundane tasks may seem to be insurmountable at times, while you during this same period of mental fog may get sudden and profound insights that will make you literally sit up in your chair, or perhaps we should say bed, for many of these instances occur during the nighttime. And we are also aware that another not so fortunate outcome for many of you will also be the seeming inability to get a good night’s sleep. You will toss and turn, but no matter how hard you try, it is as if the lights within your head simply refuse to dim down. This inability to detach and turn off everything that is going on within may leave you feel more than a little bit exhausted, because there seems to be an almost ceaseless activity going on in your head. It is as if you can literally feel the humming and buzzing, like a beehive within your brain. And indeed, that can in many ways be a perfect picture of it all, because all of your neural passages have been turned into a veritable beehive of activity, with signals going to and from new passages and connections being put together at the speed of light. And this in turn, is accompanied by some other, and at times rather confusing signals too, in the form of sound or even vibrations that will make it even harder to fall asleep.

And so, you are all super charged in that part of your being that is the control center, and so, much of the rest of the body will feel the oucome in all sorts of ways as this frenzy of activity starts to interfere with other, more mundane processes that is part of your daily rutines. But we do hasten to add that although irksome, they are in no way harmful, merely annoying. And the upside is so beneficial, we think you will all have it in you to find a way to accept these small and large quirks and quakes that accompany all of these injections of information. For what you gain from all of this frenzy of activity far, far outweighs any irritations it will leave in its wake. And so we say just stay the course, and know that what you are taking part in now, is such a monumental shift for all of humanity, and it is all happening within each and every one of you. It cannot be likened to anything that has happend before, as this upgrading and information is on a level that no physical being has ever been subjected to before. That in itself can be enough to set off the alarm bells in many a timid soul, but again we do assure you all that the levels of supervision and careful adjustments are so presise, there is no harm that will befall any of you. For you are here to do a task that will change the outcome for this whole planet. You are each and every one of you a vital part of this monumental operation, and so we would not risk this by doing something that may set you back even a fraction.

So again we say keep breathing and stay centered, and even if your mind and indeed your physical body may seem to fluctuate wildly at times so that you may feel on top of the world for one moment and then down in the basement the next, you are being lifted higher and higher every second of the day. And know also that even if you become more than frustrated by the seeming lack of access to any or all of the information that you are actually being a party to even as we speak, it will come to you in every glorious detail, when the time is right. And yes, we do know that this will elicit more than one frustrated groan, for we do know your eagernss to literally plunge into the thick of it. But again, timing is everything here, and this information is literally useless unless it is being used in the right context and within a timeframe that will ensure its feasability.

So know that all is well, and even if you feel more like horses still caged up behind the starting gates at times, know that this race to the finishing line is already taking place, yes, at the speed of light. We will leave it at that for the moment and invite you all to try to tune into some of that information stream you already have within. For not all of it is closed to view, and the tidbits you can come across there will certainly help to assuage your voracious appetite, at least for a little while.

163 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 315

  1. dear aisha, CCs, and all, thank you – this one really does hit the bullseye

    my dreams started picking up again over this past week – although i’m still having trouble remembering the “movie” part of the dreams, i’m left with a very distinct theme: “out with the old, in with the new.”

    there’s been a lot of physical activity in these dreams, involving literally moving stuff and/or people out of a room or location to make way for some unnamed, incoming “next thing.”

    unsurprisingly, it appears that my role is to impatiently rush everybody through the moving process 🙂

    chop chop everybody, let’s goooo! 🙂

    love – dave

  2. I am surprised by the frequency of your channelling. I followed your for a few months and it seems to me that the informations given are made to get the people sleepy. What about the consciousness of the self ?
    Receiving information from out of space could be interesting but the aim of incarnation is to work on oneself and not to depend on other people.

    1. What’s inside reflects on the outside. Something inside of you was attracted to this channelings since you’ve been following them for a few months. Sometimes things on the outside manifest to show something on the inside that we are not aware of bad or good according to your perspective on life. It seems that some part of you felt like writing this comment and some part of me felt like answering. We are connected in conscious and unconscious ways depending on your perception. Something from my comment might clarify that part of you that felt like writing this comment since it was seeking attention for connection. It’s amazing what subconscious mind does that we are not aware of. Much Love brother 🙂

  3. Hi all!

    So I reach one of my very low points in life yesterday. I hope it is going to be THE LAST OF THAT S…T. I said horrible things to my little daughter. She is sooooo good “pushing the buttons” and being VERY indigo and determined, she does what she please and nothing else.

    I am in the midst of writing defense to the Court. That is no excuse but I just have no “underlying energy to spare” to these everyday battles with the kids. I am sure I am being energetically attacked and I am working on it. The kids are also being targeted, that is for sure. They are restless and really try to get me over the edge sometimes. And I fall. I jump. Or so I DID YESTERDAY.

    I want to change this NOW. No more yelling. No more harsh words. No more of that stupid horrible behavior from me. Please pray with me. I want to become the mother who is full of compassion, endurance, love and understanding. I want to be supportive yet keep clear boundaries. I want to be funny and full of joy.

    It hit me when I opened this page that the title is having the word “survival” in it. So it feels sometimes… but is there the time soon to change the title? Manuscript of Joyful living?

    🙂 Lara

    1. Ou Lara, I missed you so much ( I dont know why I say this, but I feel strongly that I missed you). 🙂

      I have felt lot of pain and tiredness and headache since that dream gathering and it feels that its just getting worse. This morning I had to get up really carefully as I thought my back will crack otherwise.

      So I will walk beside you and keep your hand. Lets allow our energy build up together and make us stronger!! Lots of love to you!!

      1. Oh, thank You, Reija, so lovely! I do feel a very special connection with you too!

        I am so busy doing a renovation, trying to work on getting new business, writing stuff to the Court, taking care of the kids and the house… I also feel that I need to “ground myself” to the “real life” sometimes as I have tendency of “living in my head” with these ideas. I need to get the stuff done so I cut myself from going to the computer.

        I rarely have a headache and I had a “splitting headache” yesterday. I refused myself taking a painkiller but asked for help from AA Michael and the guides. I guess they did some tricks as it lessened towards the evening.

        I feel that we are soon “at the turning point” (some say that it is at the Midsummer). However, I want to move to the GOOD direction and not to the one I was pushed so hard yesterday to.

        Yes, let’s become stronger together. I am so tired of being tired and all of the hardship. I really would like to have a joyful life.

        Reija, have a look at:

        there are Karma Klear activations for free (or with voluntary donation) and other great products. These may help with your chakra-work too!

        Let’s keep the good spirit up!

        🙂 Lara

          1. Ah Lara, you are the best!! Thank you so much for this information! I sure will try those out and the pain healing CD was very interesting. I might buy that too 🙂

            And I send all the healing energies to you too for you to get your strenght back. You have so much to carry with you at the moment!

            I also understand what you mean by doing some actual work in your everyday life to have a pause from the “head” 🙂 I have been lucky to have my holiday now during these last 3 weeks and will get back to work this friday, so I am not able to follow up so much maybe then either. Today I made my firts portion of the natural soap and I loved it 🙂 pressure is released when you concentrate on something you have to do with your hands 🙂

            Thanks once again for the information you gave, I really appreciate it!! My sister fairy 🙂

  4. Hello my love ones, if you dont mind I would ask you something that has bothered my mind and something I dont understand. I truely ask your help on this, to understand better. I dont know why I havent thought asking this before.

    I have started to get familiar with my own energy field. I have learned to recognize the energies of my 7 chakras too, but there is something I would like to ask you. Maybe some of you could help me understand?

    I feel enormous energy in two of my chakras, in second chakra ( cant remember the english name, its above ground chakra) and my solar plexus. Let me explain.. when I put my hands, palms facing my stomach, arm lenght away from my stomach, I feel so much energy that I feel my breath movement in my fingertips and if I move my fingertips I feel the movement inside my stomach. Also energetic way it almost feels like I would have this huge belly, like when you are pregnant and I would be able to pet my stomact from where my arms are, far away from my actual stomach???

    Today my mother in law checked my chakras with pendulum (dont know if its the right word, I looked it up from dictionary) and when she got into these two chakras I felt like some bubble waves would have run up on my belly??

    What this could mean? How come these two chakras are so powerful? It feels that the energy field carries on longer, but I dont have enough lenght in my arms to measure to whole lenght 🙂 🙂 if I lay down it feels like it would carry on all the way up in to the skyes… Can it be possible?

    I would love to hear your opinions about this as its hard to find any explanation from internet sites.

    1. My BeLoved Sister, I don’t have the answers but I had an experience today that felt exquisite. I was laying on the grass eyes closed. Just BEing, feeling the Sun on my face and body and the grass below me. Suddenly, all I saw behind my eyes was this bright orange which turned to red, then out of those colors a brilliant blue/violet emerged. All the colors disappeared and only a white remained. Then this too faded and only normal darkness remained behind my lids.

      The colors orange and red relate to 1st and 2nd chakras. Perhaps we are being grounded deeply into Mother? I didn’t see yellow which is the solar plexus (3rd chakra) but white. Is the yellow turning to white?

      Ever since this happened, I feel strong and VERY balanced. Are you feeling stronger and more balanced?

      I don’t know if this helps, maybe this information gets something within you to “click”.

      Love and hugs, Amy

      Sent from my iPad

      1. Amy 🙂 Thank you for your colour example, I hardly never see the actual colours, but I see the white light waves a lot and the light is always coming above my head… If I see colours they spread accross my vision, but this white lighg is always spreading from above 🙂 And I see the light always when ever I close my eyes, but they become stronger always when meditating.

        Thank you for your help, I try to get more colours coming into visual too as I know I have all those colours in my heart 🙂

        But the again, in maya calendar my frequense was 13, meaning that all my energies are coming straight from the source and I have been thinking is this why I see mainly just white light waves… I dont know, I dont understand all of this so well yet 🙂

        1. Luv, I have given up trying to understand a long time ago and just flow with whatever happens. I find if I am all tied up in my “head” I miss out on so much around me. I like to just “experience” to be in the IS of things, and as I go along my “heads in the clouds way”, the A-HA comes from out of the blue, giving me the whys. When I struggle and try to force the understanding to come, I just end up frustrated.

          ALL in good time. I find it fascinating when I am in the IS and “things” come to me as how to do something, and I do it, and I find a Pearl. One that I wouldn’t have found if I was busy in my “head”.


    2. Reija, I wish I had answers for you, but what I can say is that I just sent you some energy distantly and visualized all your chakras coming into balance and spinning freely…I also did some color healing on you, but since each color suffused you in this vision with such ease, I think your colors are very balanced, and what you are experiencing relates to something else…perhaps something another aspect of your self is experiencing in another reality?

      BTW, when I visualized this scene, you were still in mermaid form when I got there…then you shifted into a fairy with rainbow wings when it was time to balance your chakras, hahaha!

      1. Hey Maggie, I am not surprised about me turning into a ferrie as I’ve been told a lot that I had this special pond with ferries 🙂 thank you for visualizing my colours into balance and it was confirmed to me too through my mother in law that all my chakras are running smoothly, but these two ones are extra active. Maybe I learn the meaning later, or maybe I dont even have to know, but this just something I notised as the energies are so powerful on these two chakras 🙂 I will carry on learning my energies 🙂 Big hug and lots of love 🙂

    3. It could be that all the downloads or injections you are getting, gather up in those two chakras, which is a great thing. All my energy stores down in my route chakra which can be very uncomfortable lol either way staying grounded is the trick from what I’ve learned. Whether its lying down on grass, exercising, hiking, gardening anything to with nature helps a lot. Especially mentally you quite down because all energy goes down and aligns with the core of Earth and there is a flow up and down that keeps you in a moderate balance, rather than energy spill kind of thing. Ideally the energy should be flowing freely from crown to zero chakra(feet) this way we would be in emotional and mental balance like the blood that is moving through veins keeping the immune system going the same way energy through chakras, they call it tree of life in Tibetan culture, we’re getting there though! 🙂 I hope.

      1. Thanks a lot about this information! It sure feels that those two chakras are just experiencing something more than others, and now when I write this I remember couple of times having huge pain in my lower stomach and solar plexus I feel this huge pressure sometimes, like I would have been eating something wrong and it makes my stomach ache. I now also remember words I’ve read from somewhere that the energy flow can be also because those particular energy areas needs to heal? Maybe that too?

        Big hug and many thanks!! I knew you all could help me with this 🙂 I love you all!! 🙂

        1. Sure thing 🙂 oh I forgot to mention solar plexus is the main recalibration chakra for all other chakras. If we are recalibrating our egos then sure thing it’s like a surgery. When it hits you the best thing to do from my experience was to lie down or sit down, close the eyes (put on the headphones or smth) and let the work be done.
          Much Love

        2. Yeah healing after recalibrating is essential component for us to move on with our lives 🙂

    4. It’s nothing to worry about. The whole point of what we are doing is to raise the vibration from the Solar Plexis to the Heart Chakra. Healing energy flows in from ? to the Sacral. It’s all good. just keep raising the vibration; there’s no way to lose.
      Sleeping is easier with lavender tea.

      1. Yes, thats what I just wrote above, thank you so much!! It must be that there is some healing energies flowing in 🙂 🙂 as there has been lack of joy and selfworthy in me time to time… Yes, I like the idea of getting healing energies in 🙂 Thanks a lot!! 🙂 All your posts helped me so much to undestand more!! I feel so blessed to be arounded by you all! Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙂

    5. One more thing I had to come and share as it blowed my mind off!! After writing my replies to you all I thought to do small meditation to try again this energy thing and I laid myself down. Straight after rooting myself I felt this energy flow in my palms beside of me which were facing up to sky. I dont feel warm in my hands as those who do hand healing work, but I feel the energy moving in my hands.

      Well as I was laying down, I focused my mind into my palms and noticed that the energy switches from hand to hand, then I accidently, still my eyes closed moved my eyes facing just another hand and the energy shifted to that hand, then I moved my eyes into another hand and energy followed. I did this several times in total amazedment and tried to ask if I could also get some answer how could I use this energy for any purpose there might be, but I was interrupted by my mother in law as she rang me.

      But I was actually able to move the energy from my hand to hand just with my eye movements and this was something I have never experienced before! I feel so dizzy 🙂 well now I didnt actually tell the truth, I have once experience something like this, but i thought it would be just my imagination. I took a stone (tiger eye) with me into my work and time to time I felt that it spread the cold energy into my legs and everytime I places my focus on to stone in my pocket, it spread even more cold energy around it.. but I didnt believe what I experienced. Now its no space for doubts, I feel the energy flow so strong. Wish I knew what to do with it? 🙂

    6. I can not tell you much Reija, because my questions are endless and there are also many things that I did not understand or I can not feel or analyze. But you have my support, although not solve anything is very important sometimes … at least to not feel alone. We are learning together????
      Much love to you Reija
      Sorry for having changed your name in a previous post.

      1. So true Emma and all the others too, there is no need to analyze all that happens, main thing is just experience and live in wonders 🙂 We are in this together and I’m so happy to have all your support for my own path among us all! 🙂 Love you all!

  5. Hello fellow Ponders

    I wish to share with you my last attempt at music. This one is called ‘Wonderland’ and is self explanatory if you manage to catch all the words. I hope you don’t mind the overuse of the word Love, I use it any chance I get, I think people needs to sing it more. This one is the fifth one that is part of a concept called ‘The Fool’. Enjoy!


    1. Wow, Nayon…I love this track, the feeling I got while listening to it reminded me of the movie “Labyrinth” (one of my favorite movies actually 🙂 ). I also love the way you ended the song, with just words…really great! Thank you!

      1. Thank you for your appreciation. I can’t take the credit for the monologue at the ending though, this is from the late great comedian Bill Hicks. I like mixing great classic citations with my songs and this one fitted right in.

        1. It’s a mixture I enjoy very much, a lot of the music I listen to has samples taken out from various different places. Bill Hicks was a genius…and I agree, it fit perfectly!

  6. Hello dear ones! Just a note about my current situation from the Flood in my basement. So I was wallowing in all that pain in the butt 3D stuff and then after reading up on DIY stuff and talking to a dear friend who lays carpet, I mentally visualized a system where by I created a giant WICK out of the carpet padding by lifting it off the floor on top of cups and then blowing air over it–this caused evaporation which because the pad is absorbent, then drew all the water from the other wet areas under the rug towards the wick. I visualized this in my mind–this drawing action of the wick and I knew it would work better than using a carpet extractor or shop vacuum (which I actually tried first and it did not work)–the stench from the basement had been simply awful–think garbage smell crossed with kitty pee pee…well, two days of visualizing this wicking and knowing it was working–the basement is DRY and no smell! just a faint lingering humidity, which I will get rid of continuing to blow air and use the humidifier and sprinkle baking soda before I put the carpet back down…

    The point of sharing this process with you all is that this flooding has happened 3 times in our home and both the other times were devastating to us financially and physically as we had to really take care of ripping out carpet or using heavy equipment. When I focused on this the first day–I stayed centered in my heart and then I opened my mind to other possibilities–and the universe delivered to me the process of doing ALL the work for me using the natural world–Wind and time! I did nothing but change the humidifier bucket! So, new, amazing and utterly different ideas ARE available to us if we simply open ourselves to them and truly believe they are possible!

    This message today is so true–it reminds me a bit of a chicken sitting on an egg…certainly the chicken sees her eggs and is happy that she had them. She then broods on them. Keeping them warm as the baby chicks grow inside the shells and at the right time they crack open and become new chickens who can take care of themselves from DAY one…our information, our changes are just like that–we receive the codes, or light, or information and now its time to let it incubate and it will break open at exactly the right time…patience and love are key!

    Big hugs my beloveds! Alex p.s. Eileen, I left you a message on 314…big hugs to you!

    1. BIG (((HUGS))) Alex, I’m so relieved all worked out, and I love this story so much because it really does show us that what we send out directly affects the outcome of the situations we’re presented with (or present ourselves with in many cases). When we emanate the chaotic, frazzled energy, we generally get the chaotic, frazzled outcome, barring rare cases of divine intervention, of course! 😉 We are so NOT prepared for a heavy influx of rain here, places would be flooding left and right if we got hit like we did a few years ago…my street literally looked like a river, water rushing down it in a steady flow for several days, aquifers all full (so beautiful!), and my studio’s front area had a few inches of water on the floor…but we were all so happy for the water, we were giddy about the whole thing, LOL! We played drums, shook rattles, and thanked Mother for quenching the deep thirst of the desert, and for that unique and intoxicating scent of desert rain…ohhhh, there’s nothing like it! YUM! 😀

  7. As usual these blogs are so perfectly timed, just to know that buzzing head and bad sleep is ok!

    1. Hello Heather, and welcome to this Pond! Good to know that there are more of us “headbuzzers” out there! Sometimes it feels like the fillings in my teeth are coming loose from all these vibrations 😉
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  8. My Brothers and Sisters of the Light. I am so blessed to be with you. This Pond is a Healing Pond. I Love you. May this Pond bring you peace, and Love, for it has for me.


  9. So spot on! Thank you Aisha.

    “…or by the fact that your brain seems almost incapable of focusing on any thing at any given moment.” Check!

    “While on the other hand, the easiest of tasks seem impossible to even contemplate because you feel as if deeply fatigued in the very center of your every day being.” Check!

    “…mundane tasks may seem to be insurmountable at times, while you during this same period of mental fog may get sudden and profound insights that will make you literally sit up in your chair…” Check!

    “…even if your mind … may seem to fluctuate wildly at times so that you may feel on top of the world for one moment and then down in the basement the next, you are being lifted higher and higher every second of the day.”
    You know what song I keep hearing in my head (and has been on the radio twice in the few times I drove somewhere”? Chumbawumba: I get knocked down, but I get up again. You’re never gonna keep me down. (repeat, repeat…)

    …”even if you feel more like horses still caged up behind the starting gates at times…” Check!

    “…keep breathing and stay centered.” Geez, there’s nothing quite like a good challenge, is there?

    All my love to everyone with that beehive going on in your head. I truly empathize with you, as I get to watch the increase in this for others everyday. I do know how awful it can be. I really, really wish I knew how to share my off switch. I have a whole box of extras here, if anyone wants one.

    1. I could use one of those extra switches!
      It gets quite challenging, being neither ‘here’ nor ‘there’
      But somewhere in between
      Sometimes wanting to just Scream
      “What the Hell am I?”

      1. It really does get better. I promise. Since I came through the “brick wall” last week, on the whole, I’ve walked into ME. Yes, I was hit with the whizzing in the brain, and the roar in the ears, the sleepless nights, but OMG I got sleep last night and feeling mighty and Powerful!

        Oh yeah, Baby, one of these days you are going to wake up and roar, “I AM ME!” And know what you are talking about! Hehehehehehehe

        I Love you! Amy

        Sent from my iPad

      2. You are
        my sweet
        & beautiful
        of light…

        And I,m
        you just in
        a latino skin
        didn,t ya

        Why pretzel
        your mind…?
        go inside
        where all the
        answers are

        The journey
        is long… weary
        let,s rather
        the ride

        This way
        one day
        when least

  10. Aisha and CC, thank you and bless you for this message!
    Sleep? What’s that? I seem to have forgotten how, hahaha!
    I do feel jovial all the same, which would be odd if I wasn’t already aware of the bigger picture. Our Goddess of the Pond Aisha and the Constant Companions have made sure we ALL have access to the bigger picture, and for that we are extremely Blessed 🙂 The fact that all this sleeplessness and random physical pain that comes and goes so suddenly coincides with what others here are experiencing is comforting, to say the least…more comforting still to hear that we aren’t incurring any physical damage despite the way it feels!

    It’s so interesting to think about what’s going on at other levels, what other aspects of ourselves may be actively engaged in, unbeknownst to our conscious minds. I haven’t been remembering much about my dreams at all, probably because I’m not asleep for very long chunks of time, but I do have a “feeling” about them, like I carry their tone with me even though I don’t have a visual.

    These are curious times, indeed! 😉

    Love & Blessings to All,

    1. Maggie, I think I am past the “no sleep syndrome”. Objective word here is THINK. I slept last night! And I mean really slept!

      Welcome home, my friend! Hopefully you too will be zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz’ing away!!!!!!! Oh, I forgot, faeries don’t snore. hehehehehehehehe

      I LOVE You!!!! Amy

      Sent from my iPad

      1. Oh, this Faery snores, all right, just ask my Beloved Elf…hahaha!
        I’m happy you got a good sleep in, my dear friend…let’s hope that means the same is in store for everyone! Love you!

  11. “…all of your neural passages have been turned into a veritable beehive of activity, with signals going to and from new passages and connections being put together at the speed of light…”

    Yes. In hypnagogic state, a small polar reversal in the brain / head and a parallel movement of the “body” to the right (as in some OBE’s), simultaneously. It happens frequently now. Not the usual take-off or the holographic abyss. Different feelings..

  12. Last night I had a dream about the Pond…it wasn’t actually a Pond, it was a lot of us waiting in some big room with lots of computers for the next message, lol. Those of us who had been here awhile were helping new people figure it out. But there was one person (a man) who I was hanging out with that was making me laugh so hard, it was a lot of fun. I think it was raining in the room and we were huddled in some blankets but we were cracking up. Anyway, whoever it was, thanks – I needed that!


  13. yeah ive definitely been having nightmares lately, but they dont freak me out as much anymore. and this post was like, extremely vague.

  14. Happiness and the awareness of every feeling we all are having right now, yesterday another group of us lightworkers invoked the same thought of opening a portal with the new moon that just came in for 2013 of may,this moon is bringing a huge new energy source to earth and us,we invoked the thought to free all of humanity for whom have been enslaved in negativity and deciet.. thousands of us mediated and simply relayed this thought out energetically from all over the globe as well, this should help with the amount of discomfort to those who are feeling that energy… Thank you to all of you who I feel very connected to and are able to speak what I feel and be welcomed…

    1. Thank you, Sheryl, for all you do for this world. It is an honor to know you.

      Much Love, Amy

      Sent from my iPad

      1. Amy how wonderful thank you , you brought tears of joy to my heart and just remember you are a reflection of me, so the honor resides in my soul for you as well and I thank you for making my sunday~

    2. Sheryl, I would appreciate your (and groups) energetic assistance today – going to perform my 1st Earth Healing ceremony at a former slave plantation here in Charleston, sc. I’ve never participated in one but heard/felt the Call to do so…it will be a grand success & release so much ‘stuck’ pain in this area – more help, the better!
      Thank you ❤

      1. Jess, do not forget to protect yourself and walk in your full knowing of who you are. Stay in High Heart and 3rd eye and just flow. I don’t mean to sound “bossy” but I know from experience how “unexpected” occurrences happen that throw you for a loop. Bring the Blue Beam from here, the POND with you and all of us who you connect to.

        I bow to you, Sister Jess, for doing what you are doing. I Love you so much for making this world a better place!!

        Love, Amy

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        1. Thx for the pointers 😉 I wouldn’t dare attempt this without the Light of our Pond! Just so happens this place is right in the ‘heart’ of the Fault Line here…

          1. BIG (((HUGS))) from me, Jess! Bravest of the Brave!

            Love, Lady Pinkrose

            Sent from my iPad

      2. Everything will be a great success today, Jess…you automatically have the light assistance and protection of this collective with you whenever you do anything with heart-based intent for the highest good. I’m thrilled you’ve been guided to do this important work, and I know you would not have been moved to action unless you were the perfect BEing for the job 🙂 ! My heart and light are with you!

        1. Thanks y’all – we survived lol…actually very pleasant – walked thru the marsh trails where much of the hard (& scary! Snakes, gators) work was done in building the levies for rice fields. Very interesting, indeed. By the time we were leaving, the pain at the base of my skull had begun & left foot was swelling. Now for an aromatic Salt soak & lymphatic massage 🙂
          Think today was just a ‘warm up’ but it’s a fun and beautiful
          Nohmad, REALLY interesting about your prediction. I was listening to the old gospel ‘wade in the water’ on the way home & when I picked my daughter up from her friends house – the girls mom was on the phone & said “I’m so glad you were able to wade thru the water”
          They’re from Alaska & she was on the phone with her mom. Apparently parts of Alaska flooded very suddenly today & they’re having to evacuate

          1. Jess, circumstances are changing. For the better. What once was difficult, no longer. Easy breezy. And when we do come across heavy and dense, barely any time entailed to “shake off” and “rebalance”.

            Congrats AND you had a “good time”. Warp speed full ahead! Lighter and lighter we are! Tis come a day when ships above finally are able to come through!

            BIG (((HUGS))) from moi, Lady in Pink

            Sent from my iPad

  15. Well this certainly rings true. Last week was getting moments of pure joy and love while doing run of the mill things at work but now,for the last two days,I feel like a zombie.Total brain mush.Can`t even seem to be bothered to take the dog for a walk and it`s a beautiful sunny day by the sea. At least I don`t have trouble sleeping.
    Also I have even less interest in the 3D world than ever before. Thank the CC`s for giving the reason why.Had half an idea anyway.
    Do have this feeling though that I must turn inward and say goodbye to the OLD me as something monumental is approaching and we all know we cannot move forward with the baggage from the past. Exhaustedly (again) Phil.

    1. BIG (((HUGS))) Phil! This too shall pass, I promise you!!!!

      Love, Amy

      Sent from my iPad

      1. Thank you ,Thank you dear Aisha and Amy and Leslie and everyone!
        Aisha, if I feel like this the Lord only knows how you manage to do all these channelings and then post them all !
        I bow most graciously to you and send all the energy I can spare to offer any assistance it may provide.
        All my love and gratitude and respect to every single soul gathered here in this life giving Pond.You sustain me as we sustain each other.

    2. What a day, Ca-ro-leen,

      Still no do-ne n gar-den-z. Gre-et-ed glum hub-z fm 3 daaa go-ne. Ma-dd 2 be ho-me li-feee no he wa-a-a-a-a wi-th e-e–e-e–e. 3 da-a-a-a-a-a ahhhhhhhhh peeeeeeeeeeceeeeeeeeee no hub-zzzzzzz. Vat 2 do-00000? Fli hiiiiiii n n-o-o-o c’um. Wit u-u-u-u-u-u. Ti-ti-ti-ti eeeeeeeeee.

      Hugzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, E-e-e-e-e-e-ee-e

      Sent from my iPad

        1. tired brain syndrome……..trying to figure this “code” out……….still have no clue…….sigh……..

          Carolyn, you are just too smart for me!

          Sent from my iPad

    1. Yes, but up and running today! OH! To get a good night’s rest!!!!

      HUGS, Elizabeth!!!!

      1. I’m coming down with the flue, but I don’t care. I just feel connected, it’s wonderful!
        Lately, I don’t have any special dreams, but I remember one from about a week ago. I was standing somewhere at a waterfront and saw a huge lightning strike. It was like a great treetrunk striking the ground with a lot of (lightning) branches coming off the 2 sides. It was just amazing.
        Love you all, and I love these messages of love and clearity.
        I shine my light on you all,
        Jur /*\ 🙂

      2. I was trying to find a good place to post to you to let you know…I SLEPT! Oh, for the Love of God/Ess, I finally slept, and it was perfection! I think I had really happy dreams too, but they’re vague…dang, I really have to start remembering to leave a journal and pen on the nightstand! LOVE & (((HUGS))), dear friend!

        1. Maggie, I slept too, TWO nights in a row! Though this morning it took a while to crank these eyes open. I felt flattened and just ready to turn around and go back to bed. Been out in my gardens, told a certain someone exactly what I am thinking today, and that with my gardens, has me feeling Grande!!!

          HUGS to YOU!!! I Love you! Amy

          Sent from my iPad

  16. Hello sweet family, I hope this will give courage to some of you
    I work on computers…I feel more audacious and self confident than before, I have more brilliant ideas, understandings that I had a hard time getting before.
    My work feels easier, funnier and more creative, as if I could rely on….something in me?…that I didn’t had before.
    I feel suddently more gifted for what I’m doing…it feels nice !
    For my more down to earth everyday tasks, yes…this is different, I have a hard time to follow, but this is not new.
    Love XXX

    1. Yes, Marieca, I have witnessed a new “effortlessness” in ALL I do. Not on the days that I am knocked down from the energy, no. But when I am actually standing on firm ground, what I focus on just flows. Nice!!!!

      Big (((HUGS))),

    2. Wonderful, Marieca, and thank you for helping me see more clearly through my own “brainfog”. As you say, when we get out from these intense days I also feel much, much lighter and brighter than before.
      Muvh love from me, Aisha

  17. There is sure lot of happening now in our dreams, the shift I have noticed couple nights ago was that I am not seeing anymore dreams where I do something alone, but more like what I do now in a group. Funny thing 🙂 And as in channeling was said, I dont understand all the messages that are shown to me, but in someway there is always some things that stick into my mind after waking up.

    For example last night I saw a dream about you Jess and I was one of the group member whom you showed your house you had just recently renovated and you were shining your happines for us as you had found a buyer for your flat. I gave you this small dog figure statue as a gift and the whole group started to laugh at me in good way and teased me about buying you a gift dog as I cant get my own one, the real one I mean. Although I was teased about my gift I felt warmness and as I would have been an important part of this group. You hugged me and gaved me your biggest smile and then we went into your renovated house 🙂

    Another dream was also about group gathering where we were talking about issues of personal growth and all the challenges individual people are facing.

    So thanks Aisha and CC for reminding me to focus more about the messages in my dream too 🙂

    I also have started to see more clearly what I would like to do “when I grow up”, but it seems sooooo far away moneywise. Its almost like mission impossible, but lucky for me, I have always liked challenges 🙂

    Big hug to you all! 🙂

    1. Sunshine, I was JUST saying to someone today I am getting all these ideas regarding promoting what I make, and even with some I am actually acting upon them, but how to market what I am doing, and where to get the money to do it??? My guidance just “spoke” and said to just keep on creating, keep on visualizing, and don’t focus on the outcome. In other words, be in the NOW and just LOVE what you are doing, just because you LOVE doing it.

      And have Faith that somehow the rest will unfold effortlessly. When we have “challenges” that is when we dig down deep and find what we had no idea even existed………

      BIG (((HUGS))),

      1. Thats true, thanks Amy for reminding me. The most important is to focuse on NOW and carry on doing things you like.. thank you, thank you, thank you 🙂

        1. Oh, Beautiful Sister, how much we “miss” when we focus on “tomorrow”. Let tomorrow take care of itself and let today unfold it’s mysteries to you.

          You are so welcome! Don’t think for a moment that I too slip into “but what if” and “when” and “how?”. I am happiest doing my “thing” in the NOW. Oh yes, there are responsibilities “tied” to life, I am very much aware. Even with those “things” my goal is to stay focused in the NOW, celebrating the Moment I am in and not thinking about “tomorrow”.

          Easier said then done, sometimes, Sunshine! Progress sometimes is two steps forward, oops, slip, back one step, oops fall, get up, dust off, and keep on walking. When you get a “lucky streak”, the steps are uninterrupted. And yes, I can attest this too is possible. 🙂

          Much Love from me to you, Amy

          Sent from my iPad

          1. Ou Amy how true are your words!! I feel so blessed to be arounded by you all. I feel like I will grow wiser every single day 🙂 Love you so much!!

            1. I bow to you, my Sister, for hearing Truth. Bless you!!!!

              I Love you! Amy

              Sent from my iPad

            1. No, Dominique, I disagree, respectively. I know of one who constantly thinks about tomorrow and idles today away. In other words nothing constructive gets accomplished. That to me is procrastination. Doing ALL I have in my every day, yivey, is enough for 3 women! As Emma would say, jajajajajajajajaja………

              This is my secret to success. Allow the day to present itself, SEE, KNOW, and proceed by prioritizing what to do. A, B, C, D, etc……By the time my head hits the pillow (except for those times when I am whizzing), I am out like a light. Lights OUT!

              And between you and me, if that is what the “mundane” world calls procrastination, they have it backwards, which is no surprise to me. You can plan till the cows come home, but Life has a way of throwing you curve balls, and IF you are not present in the Now Moment, you will be hit square in the nose!

              Many hugs, Amy

              Sent from my iPad

              1. Lord, ain’t that the truth! I’ve finally been smacked enough to just ‘let go and let God!’
                But I’ve also found that as long as I’m Present in the Now, ‘tuned in’ to Spirit and following whatever that still small voice says to do…magic happens! (In its own time, of course)
                Today for example, I ventured out to purchase some things on sale at a particular store and when I arrived, Spirit said “No, go to this other store – that’s where you will find the things that you need to buy Now.”
                And so I did – some of it, not quite sure what I will be doing with it…but when the time is right, I’ll have the materials on hand!

                1. Very cool, Jess. I basically function the same way. Life IS an adventure. Flying from one Moment to the next……..and feeling SO alive!!!

                  Smiles, and much Love, Amy

                  Sent from my iPad

                2. Yes, love – brave, crazy or just determinedly stubborn? Probably all of that 😉 Spirit said that I am supposed to perform an earth healing ceremony tomorrow with my friend Rachel at a local [former] slave plantation, so I will obey – come hell or high water!
                  Now, I have only a vague idea on what this ‘ceremony’ should entail, but I Believe…
                  …ah-la-ha, eh-low-ha

              2. I never prioritize on a ABC robotic way. I let go and sometimes wonderful discoveries come by themselves.

                I just procrastinate for mundane things… 🙂

                1. Oh, you make me laugh! Me, robotic??? That is the furthest thing I am, she who flies by the seat of her pants! I know what is to be done and yes, what I do in the care of special needs cats, I must prioritize. I basically allow the day to guide me, knowing in my Heart what I want to do to get closer to a goal I have set for myself.

                  I discover magic every day and I create magic too with focused intent to! LOL

                  Oh, if you knew me, you would be laughing too. Thank you for the laugh, Dominique!

                  Much Love, Amy

                  Sent from my iPad

      2. Hummhhhh…wheels beginning to turn in the ole brain…
        I’m sure many of us are being guided to create things (or are in process of collecting materials, skills and ideas)
        Group website? Marieca and I do web work – I’m sure there are others too- who could build it…

        1. Jess, you are a genius. Just today I SAID how nice it would be if I knew someone who could help me promote my products. A group website. How awesome. I am no where near to the finished product, but I am working towards that goal. NOW.

          Something for some of us to think about. Big pat on the back from me, Jess!!!! Thank you!!!


          1. Hehehe…thx but it’s no longer “my mind” at work here – group mind or collective consciousness takes over like a trance when we come here…but, it is being filtered thru my brain, so ill accept the praise 🙂
            Perfect Plan in Perfect Time
            LoVe u !

            …hey, Lady Pinkrose is back? Lol

            1. Well, “your” plan is giving me more motivation NOW to “play” my dream into existence. How cool! And yes, Lady Pinkrose decided to come back so I left her. Heheeehhehehehe

              BIG (((HUGS))) from you “older sis”, Amy ……. getting truly excited now ………. dream BIG !! HI 5 !!

              Sent from my iPad

          2. BTW- I’d love to hear about your work…creations. Perhaps our work will link up in some form or fashion? I’m still ‘downloading’ bits here & there about mine too. Began back in November, with the impulse to begin working with wire. Sort of branched out into jewellery, stones [gems/minerals], color & now fragrance [essential oils], acupressure & Sound. I’m Now Manifesting a set of singing bowls 🙂
            Ultimately…it all boils down to Frequency Healing

              1. Oh, Nohmad, awesome!!!!! I know so many of us are very talented! And I mean very!!!!

                Sent from my iPad

              2. And? Your talents are?……… Besides being the Mouth of God, any musical or artistic talents? Curious minds would LOVE to know! (GRIN!) Or are you secretly a billionaire and just itching to back all of our “ideas”? hhehehehehehehehehe or as Emma would say jajajajajajajajajaja

                MUAH! Amy

                Sent from my iPad

            1. Jess, my ideas are multiple. I make my own all natural soap bars, with matching scents body butter, body spray, bath salts. Also cleansing clays (unscented). I also make what I call Power Circles which are quite involved, but I invoke the Power of Love in them as I work on them. It begins by making a small doily, when finished stiffened with fabric stiffener. From there I cut out a perfect circle out of thick cardboard, which I then glue material on to either match or contrast with the doily. Beads are then glued on in geometric designs on the doily. Doily glued to round cardboard with material. Last step is put a gold hoop for wall hanging and cover the entire back with brown paper. (note: all my products are invoked with LOVE)

              I also draw. But the body products (Flower Power Body Products)…….I put dried flowers from my garden in the soaps and in the bath salts…….are my main products. Colors and scents are coordinated with the flower being used. For example, I am drying Azalea flower petals right now, which I dry in the Sun, taking up to 3 days total to completely dry. I match a fragrance oil and color for the soaps, body butter, bath salts and body spray. FUN FUN FUN.

              Readings…….Life Readings…….another “Gift” I have.

              I have so much yet to pull together, Jess. But my body products are all natural, except for scent and color, if I use a gel color. Mica if used is a natural product.

              I LOVE doing all this, so it really isn’t work. Just the Power Circles take me weeks to make ONE. Hopefully with practice I can speed the process up. But I will not compromise my quality.

              These are some of my ideas. And I have more. 🙂

              Love, Amy

              Sent from my iPad

            2. And oh, Jess, anything gem and glittery I LOVE. I LOVE design. I LOVE IT! Maggie works with wire making jewelry and she and her boyfriend are really good! OH yes! I feel something a happening!!!!!

              Sent from my iPad

            3. Sound………I do some pretty intense stuff with my voice…….like I said, I have a LOT of ideas!

              Sent from my iPad

              1. Ou Amy, I have just started to learn to make natural soap. I have all the ingredients in my cupboard and ready to make my first ones today!!

                I throw away all the chemical stuff from my bathroom half a year ago and now my hair and skin is so silky and soft. I’ll never go back again 🙂

                Next sunday I will attend the course of wild herbs and I’m looking forward to learn to use natures own materials for everything 🙂

                I’ve never been interested about herbs, flowers or other plants until last december. I got fed up with all the chemical products and have tried to learn other ways to clean myself and at the samf time save our waters too from that chemical loads…

                If you wish visit my blog for “Natural beauty” although it is again in finnish… there is not so much stuff yet, but Its growing everytime I try something new 🙂

                1. Beautiful site, Sunshine! You look like you have done far more then just started. I still have yet to figure out how to make shampoo and conditioner.

                  I’ve been experimenting with my recipes for years. I finally arrived at a place where I am happy with what I have now.

                  I have SO much to do yet. Bottles. Labels. How to do labels. Shrink wrap. No idea there either. Business cards. The making is the FUN part and I could do that all day long. But now I am trying to pull it all together.

                  Any tips? I don’t even know how to build a website. I was intending to start putting a stand in front of my house over the summer to begin my customer data base that way. Hubs told me that is little kid stuff, like selling lemonade, but if I don’t try, I’ll never know. Yes?

                  I believe in myself, and I have been using my products for years. I would never go back to a commercial soap! Uh uh. Just like you said, my skin is silky soft. So is my hair, even though I am still using a commercial product.

                  BIG (((HUGS))), Amy

                  Sent from my iPad

                  1. Yes I made the web site to just write about my experiments, and I have also thought about making actual products, but you cant imaging how hard it is to get a selling lisence for your products here in Finland, especially if it is designed for skin and beauty treatments. And what I have now had in my mind maybe sell more the natural treatments with herbs and flowers and so. Like having my own place to create a retreat where people could come and have their special herb treatment, but as I said this is just a thought yet, but lovely thought anyway 🙂

                    For example I would love to have there a pine tree forrest as it is known for its healthy effect on lugns. Old days they treated lung patients in pine tree forrest, that kind of forrest help you breath more easier 🙂

                    I live in that place already in my dreams, building it up in my dreams. Then someday if I get lucky and will receive money for that kind of place, then I know what to do 🙂

              2. Amy- the website is the easy part! Labels & business cards too. I’d b happy to help you with design (I’ve done graphical design/logos for years). Marketing is going to be the big gulp…but perhaps that’s where this group affiliation will help some.
                Eventually, you will have to ‘go out into the real world’ (scary now but will get easier – I can only take it in small doses myself). Don’t let Grumps deter you either…you’re actually thinking along the right lines. Perhaps not in your yard tho, depending on the traffic in your area- but it may be a good place to start – getting comfortable talking to people about your products & services. Eventually, ou could rent booth space at festivals, flea markets & such or try local ‘mom n pop’ stores who may give your products some display space.
                Bless Alex for sharing her flood wick method – the possibilities are really endless when you have the Universe (and your family here) assisting you!

                1. Jess, I have the perfect location, really. I live right across from a street that intersects ours. There is a stop sign there and the cars can only go left or right. So, if I make a big sign right across from this intersection, hmmmm……..I just might get peoples.

                  Truly just in the “thought” process, Jess. I have good products. I have to find the right containers. I also know where to get business cards. I’m a think tank. (smile)

                  Love, Amy

                  Sent from my iPad

                    1. hmmmmmm……food for thought……..thank you, Nohmad!! SO much to think about……..

                      Sent from my iPad

    2. Dear Sunshine, thank you so much for spreading your light and warmth upon us all, and for sharing your dreams. What a wonderful example of this group energy at work 24/7 🙂 I wish you all the best in making your dream come true, you have so much extra energy with you to help you reach your goal now.
      Much love from me, Aisha

      1. Thanks Aisha for your support!! I do believe that I will be able to make my dreams true, some day, some how 🙂 at the moments its all about the baby steps 🙂

    3. Precious Sister! Thank you for this beautiful confirmation – brings tears of joy to my eyes and a burst of Love Light in my heart 🙂
      …if only you knew the story behind this half renovated house I live in – but then, I guess, on some level – you already do…
      Big Blue-Violet Hugs for you, my Sunshine

      1. Heheh, really… Have there been some issues with a bathtube, as it played some bigger role in your house 🙂 I am so amazed 🙂 But in a way this also all so confusing too 🙂 Big hug back!!

        1. Yes, it can be very confusing when things start coming to you & you have no idea what it means…eventually, you’ll get the big ‘ah-ha!’ 🙂
          Plumbing in general, really – especially with waste water – though there is a pesky issue with the hot/cold temp in my bathtub. It seems to have a mind of its own! Constantly have to adjust the water heater temp, so that I can bathe in there without getting scorched or frozen lol.
          BTW, thanks for the pooch – a playmate for my Ollie, the ‘smiling’ dog (everyone sees that he actually smiles!). I adopted him 5 yrs ago & I couldn’t ask for a more loyal & loving friend. You’ll get your furry companion soon enough, I just know it 🙂

          1. In my dream it was like the bathtube would have not been in a right place. In a dream you said to us, as it was little bit on our way when we entered some room, that you havent deside yet where to put it and you were little bit frustrated about it as it would give you some extra headache for trying to find a right place for your bathtube…

            And yes I am so waiting to be able to get a dog into our home. I’ve always been surrounded by animals, but now there hasnt been non since so many years. Like part of me missing, when I’m not surrounded by animals 🙂

            1. Believe it or not, that makes sense too! Lol
              Ooh, maybe you saw the jacuzzi tub I’ve been dreaming of – have a great space outside for a large one but would like to have a tub-size one but no room in the master bathroom (shower stall only)

              1. Well it kind of make sense as the bathtube was this old school style and you wasnt sure where to put it or whether even keep it 🙂 So maybe there is jacuzzi on its way 🙂

    4. In my dreams
      flows so much
      love through me
      that when I
      wake up tears fall,
      and I don,t know
      them how to stop.

      Are poems of
      extreme deep wisdom,
      full of beauty and love.
      Come in english,
      spanish, and portuguese,
      always related with
      someone of the Pond.

      How easy love flows
      it,s like a river
      a cascade of love
      come from deep
      inside me, has no end
      have to give everyday
      to make room to come more

      1. Nohmad, your words are music to my Heart. You truly inspire me. And OH! how I do Love you!

        BIG BEAR (((HUGS))), Amy

        Sent from my iPad

      2. Ou.. so beautiful Nohmad and yes I think the poems are always full of deep wisdom and love. For me writing a poem has always started from great feeling and can there be greater feeling than love? Thank you so much for sharing this 🙂 Love you!! 🙂

        1. Aisha @ Reija, my last dream of last night was a warning. That is coming a huge wave, and it,ll enter Earth planet through the north. So, we need to be well grounded to Mother Earth, and breath quickly to cope with it, lying in bed. If Aisha could confirm this with CCs would be of great help. Thank you!

          1. Were you told when this wave can be expected, Nohmad? Tonight? An energy wave from the Great Central Sun? Or is this something different??

            Love, Amy

            Sent from my iPad

          2. Thanks Nohmah for warning, let see what it has for us 🙂 There should be a rain and thunderstorm coming in our way tomorrow, thats what they say in weather forecast in Finland anyway. What it all brings along, we’ll see!

            Funny how we start to get these “messages” about each others 🙂

      3. Time is never time at all
        You can never ever leave, without leaving a piece of youth
        And our lives are forever changed
        We will never be the same
        The more you change the less you fear

        Believe, believe in me, believe, believe!
        That life can change, that you’re not stuck in vain
        We’re not the same, we’re different.
        Tonight, tonight, tonight
        So bright
        Tonight, tonight

        And you know you’re never sure
        But you’re sure you could be right
        If you held yourself up to the light
        And the embers never fade, in your city by the lake
        The place where you were born

        Believe, believe in me, believe, believe!
        In the resolute urgency of now
        And if you believe there’s not a chance tonight
        Tonight, tonight, tonight
        So bright tonight, tonight!

        We’ll crucify the insincere tonight (Tonight)
        We’ll make things right, we’ll feel it all tonight (Tonight)
        We’ll find a way to offer up the night (Tonight)
        The indescribable moments of your life (Tonight)
        The impossible is possible tonight (Tonight)
        Believe in me as I believe in you,
        Tonight, tonight, tonight,

        (i have always loved this song so much, as much as i love you Nohmad)

        1. Heart touching, Sara. Beautifully written. My Love to you…..

          Much Love, Amy

          Sent from my iPad

    5. Big hugs, Reija! I just finally saw what you wrote about a couple of missives back, about the dreamtime gathering…so it WAS you, I thought so! How cool!

  18. Good morning. Aren´t we lucky to get the information while we sleep?
    If I cannot find into deep sleep relaxation, I listen to CD´s like Mark Twains autobiography or Robert Monroe`s Cat Nap audios. Last night I moved outdoors and slept in the Camping for some hours. There was a sports event in Wembley that mixed up some emotions here.11 guys try to bring a ball behind a line, which is saved by a net. I hope that my invisible, new implanted faculty X is as usefull as it is forecasted, when the time/space conditions are right/left. Greetings from Spiderman and Supergirl.

    Love and peace for all momentarians in this Pond.

    p.s. If you like to know what your name would be if born today, change it with
    Aisha North would be for example : Ayda-Zoe North.
    Michilin would be Miceal-Phoenix

    1. Love mark twain…pure genius, far ahead of his ‘time’
      To see the world and everything in it
      From such a precarious perspective
      And yet, he found a way
      To communicate with such brilliant clarity
      And in an unobtrusive manner,
      The distortions of Truth perpetual
      By mending a broken language
      With the Colour, the Tone, the “flavour”
      Revealed to him by the Wisdom of the Soulful ones
      Sheer Genius.

      Keep building & strengthening your mesh of X’s, Micael Phoenix.
      “The loose grid of squares is open and vulnerable to the undesirable forces…But by drawing lines of lighted substance diagonally across these squares, a tight mesh of triangles is laid upon the Grid and forms an electric field that is impervious to the outside forces and can only be destroyed by the light within.”
      Xoxo, Yessica-Moon

          1. That´s right Lakota. Met a girl today named Cheyenne. Hugh. Greetings from a girl called May that calls herself November today…

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