The manuscript of survival – part 314

The time of change has been a long time coming for you all, but now, it is as if you can feel the breath of fresh air coming at you, even if your physical and mental bodies may feel more than worse for the wear at the moment. Much has indeed changed already, but there are still some pockets of resistance within as you all go through this last uphill towards that final goal you have been seeking for many a lifetime. Remember, you started your quest for this freedom a long, long time ago. It has been a journey that spans more than one lifetime, and even if you have not been aware of it for most of these lifetimes, you have had a yearning for that day almost forever.

You see, the seed that has been lying dormant for so many generations has not been completely silent, and its small voice has been perceived is all sorts of ways. Some of the actions taken on by mankind have always been governed by that small voice, whether they may be looked upon as ”good” or ”bad”, because that small voice has in many ways been like a tiny little grain of sand itching away inside. There has always been ”something” there, indefinable, that has pushed mankind ever onwards. Of course, the road chosen for this ”onwards” has not brought only joy and happiness. In fact, you have been effectively waylaid by other forces so that your quest for finding the place that will silence this urge within has brought you all out on a limb. But now, mankind has finally found a way to interpret the calling from this voice in the way that it was originally meant to be. And that original intent was this, and only this; as a beacon of light that would lead you all to regain your former glory in all intents and purposes.

For some, that small inner voice will still act as a mere irritant, something that leaves them no option but to lash out in frustration and despair. For they have long since given up the urge to really, really listen to this voice and heed its call. Instead, they look upon it as nothing more than an irritating pest, buzzing ceaselessly around them. And they swat and they duck and they try all sorts of things to eradicate this voice, but to no avail. But then one day, someone like you comes along. Someone who has taken the time to sit down in silence and really, really listen to what this inner voice has been trying to tell you all along. And you have seen the truth in its message for change. For it is not a grain of sand gnawing away at your soul any more. It is a shimmering, iridescent pearl of such beauty it takes your breath away when you finally see it emerge form the deep layers within.

For you have all seen the beauty of this pearl, this inner seed of knowledge that has been lying there dormant, waiting for the light to start to sprout and grow. And now, that seed, that pearl within, has not only started to sprout, it has started to grow so much it is already enveloping much of you in its radiant and lush foilage of bliss and joy. True, you still feel the ravaging storms hit you hard at times, but when they subside, you can savour the bliss from within your new abode of light and love that is stretching and growing and covering more and more. Not only of you, but your surroundings as well.

And when one of you, who has allowed this inner seed to emerge and to flourish, comes across one of those still carrying that seed as a dormant little grain within, the light and the exuberant energy you exude will also call to that inner, hidden seed. And when your vibration comes into contact with this small, still dormant seed, it literally wakes it up and gives it the signal that now, the conditions for growth are so much more favourable than before. And then magic can start to happen. For there are those becoming even more irritable as that inner seed starts to make its voice heard more and more because of these signals to start to grow. But there are so many others finally starting to heed that call, and to listen to it in a way that will make them too allow that inner sprouting to take place. And so you will see these inner gardens starting to emerge all around you. Some of them are vibrant and lush from the very get go, while others are more prone to staying too close to the shadows and need some extra coaching and light to attain a more vigorous growth.

So you are in a way all gardeners in this, not only by maintaining your own healthy and vigorous growth, but also by helping others to nurture their inner gardens. For every healthy garden there is, many others will be inspired and indeed spurred on by merely watching your growth. For, as we have told you earlier, you are no longer invisible, for you carry with you the signals of this newfound vitality wherever you go. Granted, because of these growth spurts you will feel less than vital yourselves at times, but that is only to be expected. And remember, this seeming lack of vitality and this torpor you experience are not because of a lack of energy, far from it. It is merely a signal of a super boost having taken place, and so, your physical body needs a little down time to accomodate it all. But you are all growing dear ones, and you are turning into these mangificent, lush havens that will help to nurture mankind and indeed this whole planet forever. So remember to rest in the shade of your own beauty, and try not to feel too downcast on those days when you feel yourself flagging. For you have already passed that stage of growth where you are at your most vulnerable, so there is no stopping you now. We salute you all on this mangnificent day, as we see you standing shimmering in the light, getting ready to step forth with all the magic you carry within.

153 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 314

  1. I wonder … can I please ask for some healing light from this Pond.
    Last week was so traumatic for me and my family … my husband went missing for 3 days … we are now in the midst of such turmoil.
    I do know that good will come from this … and part of it is to reach out to others … something which I have found a challenge … however I am learning.
    I came here today and noticed that there are 144 comments … these numbers ( especially the 44 ) have been around me so much. I feel that such huge shifts are taking place …. however all this breaking can hurt.
    A while ago Sekhmet came to me … her energy is mostly about destruction and creation … both sides of the same thing. Right at this moment there is much destruction going on … I am endeavouring to allow it in the knowledge that something new, strong and beautiful is also being created.
    Thank you for your Light and healing.

    1. Dear Eileen, thank you for opening your arms and your heart to us! I send you a warm embrace my sister, and I am just one of many standing around you as you float in this tranquil Pond of light, sending our love to you and your family.
      With love and light from me, Aisha

    2. I send all my love and light that I can humbly give, the intention is enough!! We are all in this together and we always will be.
      Much much love Eileen, and support to you and your precious family

    3. BIG (((HUGS))), Eileen. Sending you and your family Light and Love to guide you through this very challenging “season”. Oh, yes, we do learn and grow when we are thrown out of our comfort zones, and to know when this happens there is a place such as this POND we can tun to in our hour of need……well…….that is a Gift.

      May the Pearls of Peace of Wisdom be found in this Lesson. My Love to you, my Sister!!

      Much Love, Amy

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      1. Thank you so much Amy.
        Ah … the comfort zone … you know … i have never had one of those … have no idea what that might feel like… however these last few days have been more than anything I have had to go through before … our daughter too …
        Thank you for your support.
        Much Love

        1. Again, I say, to you, that what I just walked through was the hardest part of my journey. Ever. The darkest, the scariest, the closest I came to loosing my mind. No joke. Everywhere I turned I got hit. Nowhere to turn for relief and it was constant. No matter what I did, I got dunked again and again, leaving me exhausted, and one day I just collapsed. I couldn’t go one step further. That is the day I let go of all I THOUGHT I had to keep a hold on. And I mean everything.

          Eileen, I am talking about many of my cats getting ill at once, one even having to go for surgery. My pain level was up. My husband acting crazy and at times very violent so I had to avoid being thrown up against a wall many a time in one of his rages. My Dad said it was his time to go. I got ill. Hit after hit after hit. And then……….

          And when I let go, things began to “lighten up”. Yes, I was an exhausted mess, but the hits stopped. You know when a woman gives birth and that final push is perhaps the impossible one? That I believe, is where you stand. You are giving birth to something in you, but before that happens, you must LET GO and just PUSH! Or collapse like I did……..

          With all my Love, Amy

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    4. Eileen, my most beautiful flower of light, please, don,t worry more, everything is OK. He is integrating his blessings, and he also needs some time, alone. It,s not that he doesn,t love you, you ARE his life. He,s soon coming back to your arms. This Pond is all yours, and we are your family of light. Receive our love, support and understanding, and the Pond’s healing, nurturing, pristine energies to clean all sorrow from your life.

      1. Nohmad … can I possibly have one of your bear hugs.
        I have and am going through the most harrowing time … such shock … and our daughter too.
        My husband … well he may say that he loves me … he may even feel that he loves me … however … what he did was … I will not say unforgivable because I feel that to forgive is what we all need to do for ourselves and each other .. it is important … however at the moment I cannot see how we go on from here as a couple … so much has changed in these few days.So much of the time when he was away he was uncontactable or if he did text it was with maudlin stuff which made no sense … it was he was some other person. He never actually spoke to me during that time.
        He is back now … he went away on Tuesday morning last week and did not return until Thursday late afternoon. We did not think he was going to come back.
        At the moment it is the practical stuff which i need to concentrate on … we are in one big mess financially that is why he took off … I had no idea to what extent … until this week. We will probably need to move out and make a whole lot of other changes too.
        There is light though in the form of a couple of new friends who are helping us a great deal.
        I know that much good will come out of this … however it hurts whilst all is broken so that something new can grow.
        It does somehow feel inevitable … as if I have known something like this was going to happen… in that there is some relief .. which may sound odd .. I don’t know .. but it is how I feel regardless of the mess… I feel that it is all for the best.
        Thank you for your support

        1. Eileen, I am not Nohmad, but I too give out BIG (((HUGS))). One never knows the outcome, my Sister, because for months my husband seemed to go off the deep end, making life a miserable hell. I was looking at a total stranger, not my husband. I thought it was over, and mayhaps it still might be.

          But all of a sudden, “something” clicked within this man and he is seriously looking at himself, deeply ashamed of how he acted and wanting to change. Don’t throw the towel in too fast, my Sister, especially when emotions are flying high. In order to make the Highest Best Decision, you must be centered and calm.

          My heart literally goes out to you for I truly thought I was going to end in a padded room. Months of this behavior sent me reeling, my whole world just crumbled. It could very well be your husband is at the end, no longer able to hide, and what he sees is unbearable.

          Just hang on to my hand and all of your Sisters and Brothers here at the POND and go deep within for guidance as to what to do. I’ve learned the hard way not to act rashly, so I pass this Wisdom to you. Even when it seems there are no ways out, a door will open, somehow, somewhere. I promise you.

          With much understanding, Amy

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          1. Thanks for your hug Amy and also for sharing your story … that helps such a lot.
            Yes … compassion … that is the way of it at the moment … for myself , for him .. for our daughter … however also there is sometimes anger and other stuff which I am allowing too. All emotions need to be let out I feel … it by not letting out emotions that caused my husband do act as he did.
            All is not lost … and i will not make any rash decisions at the moment as the practicalities of life need to be attended to and our daughter cared for … however … whatever needs to go … will go … so I am endeavouring to allow that as well.
            Much Love and so much thanks

            1. GOOD! Don’t stuff that anger any more! Let it up and express it! THAT is healthy! I am SO proud of you, Eileen!!!!!!

              Love, Amy

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              1. Honey, I juggle so much, with such a full life. I wonder at times how I actually do get to this POND to do what I do. This garden work is a lot but when it is finished it is only maintenance. I actually have a life, in 3D, and no matter what I do, I intend it vibrates to Love and 5D and above.

                I Love you, Carolyn!!!!

                BIG (((HUGS))), Amy

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            2. Not only my most tight bear hug for you, your daughter and your husband, my beloved Eileen, all my love, my light and my understanding, also are all yours.

              See this moment as a moment of reflection. Try to be centered in your heart at all moments. Try to be calm. Never desperate. We, your light family are supporting you through the power of the pristine light of our Pond.

              Don,t blame your husband, he has not got your light, yet. He entered in fear mode. He could not manage the situation with calm. Please, rise your compassion and embrace him again.

              About the financial situation, ask for help to your mother, she will help you. Trust in the wisdom of Heaven. What is happening to you has an objective, that soon you will discover which is.

              I hope that all be solved in the highest good of all of you, soon.

              Another big bear hug and all my true love for you, my dear Eileen


              1. Ah Nohmad … you are so sweet .. thank you for the hug!
                My mother is not one to give much .. let alone money … however that is how she is … it is a long story that one… I have let her go a long time ago.
                Yes… we will be ok .. I feel that sometimes, as the song goes, there is a crack to let the light in again.
                At the moment I am handing it over … allowing … softening … seeing what and where this brings us all … no more holding on …
                Thank you for your kindness and most of all your bear hugs.
                So appreciate your warm energy at this time.

                1. …….no more holding on……

                  That a girl!!!!! I am SO proud of YOU! Now you will be able to SEE clearly! I am doing the Happy Dance for you! (tears)

                  I Love you! Amy

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                  1. Happy Dance ♫☺♫
                    that is sweet … thank you Amy.
                    Me and my daughter even managed to have some moments of hilarity amidst the seeming chaos today.
                    You’ve gotta laugh … sometimes it can be a challenge to find the humour … however when you do … everything is hilarious.
                    I am finding what an absolute gift my child is .. how much clarity she shows me .. she is a treasure and i am blessed.
                    Thank you Aisha. Amy , Nohmad and Emma .. you have all really helped me today

    5. Dearest Sister Eileen. the connection to the 44 and the 444 is strong for me as well. Opening my heart and sending you much love. I have always tried to welcome Kali the goddess of Chaos as a much beloved teacher into my life. Remember that those amazing forest trees sometimes must have their seeds burned by fire in order for them to sprout. It is also well worth the note that just because we are on the spiritual path, and I have seen your lovely blog and I know you are solidly on it–that these issues of change should pass from us. The truth is, and i shared this with another dear friend who, like me is going through a great amount of chaos and clearing–we, as ancient souls choose to take on great lessons this time around in order to finally be able to experience truly in our hearts UN-Conditional Love…it is in the accepting of the unacceptable from a human construct that we welcome in our divine beings.

      Much love and healing directed to you–Sehkmet, the Feline headed goddess has much in common with the Queen Mahavidya Kali–realize too that the black moon transit was last month but holds a VERY strong presence over this full moon in Wesak–the Buddha moon is probably the most powerful moon of the year and this one packed a punch…Last month, the mahavidya Chinnamasta was in charge–and she is represented by a goddess cutting her own head off–talk about change! this month, the more directed and controlled Goddess Tara comes into play–she can still be very powerful but is a bit more contemplative…Also realize that this full moon is in Gemini–the twins–and so the other side of beings around us can be revealed…there is much energy available as well for forgiveness and release internally of all that does not serve YOU–of course, I know you know Eileen that you must respect and honor the free will choice of all other beings and so the charge to forgive and to love is one for your own inner Being…

      I keep you in my heart and suggest grabbing a blankie and curling up in the lap of the divine mother…Love, Alex

  2. Hey everyone, I just saw there was some flooding in Southern Norway–sending Love and light to all those effected by these flooding waters and a big bubble of love around our blessed Aisha baby and her darling sister….
    Hope all is well with you! Much love! Alex

    1. Dear Alex! Thank you so much for this! My sister and I live out of harm’s way, but many of my fellow Norwegians are not so lucky,so I very much appreciate your kind thoughts.
      With much love and gratitude, Aisha

  3. you guys are beautiful and radiant. your words i can relate to so much, your aches and pains, your triumphs, your growth, your joy. Lets keep on keepin on family! May you all be divinely blessed with prosperity, love and light! Blessings blessings blessings on all of you!

    1. Loving you, my Sister Persephone, whose Light so Bright is Bold to Behold!

      BIG (((HUGS))), Amy

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  4. I leave with a full heart, I so Love you. You call me Honey, I know you do.

    Beyond the bounds of the time, I Love you so.

    From my heart to yours,


  5. My Love, please don’t cry, what was is behind us. I leave it all behind. Only you know that this is not a holiday for us. Is your hand broken yet?

    We bring peace to all, I know who I am, and I stand proud. If I and others had not done what we did none of this whould be possible.

    Peace, Love. Grace, I Love you.

    I Love who I Am. without the weapons, my only weapon now, my
    Angel, is Love.

    It works better than an other….

    I trully can’t believe that your have is not broken.


    1. No, Mark, BeLoved Brave One, my hand is not broken. It is very strong, used to do a lot of cleaning up after animals, doing my own gardening in many gardens, and then there is my art and crafts. I am always using my hands creating beauty and cleanliness.

      Never fear, for these hands of mine do not break, will not break. I am not letting go, no matter how hard you squeeze. I am so proud of you, I hope you know this.

      Even when I am not here at the POND you are with me. There is no space or time, just IS. The day we meet, we will know each other for our souls will shout with JOY.

      I am here for as long as you need me. This is my “job” you know, bringing the broken heart and weary to the Light. This is who I am.

      With all my Love, Amy Angel

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  6. Thank You! May My Love and Grace be with you. Angels hide in the stangest of places. I share my Love with all, and that is a gift, and it has no end.


    1. Oh good, another place to post to you. I deleted the other post by accident. YOU are an angel as well, Brother Mark, and I want you to know it.

      You would’t be alive if this were not true!

      I speak Truth. I know it in my Heart. You are an Angel.

      Love, Amy

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      1. My Angel Amy, you hold my hand every day. I know that you know me like no other than the Creater of All. You bring peace to my dreams, and only you know what that means.


        1. tears are smarting my eyes……..For you to have peace in your dreams, is Heaven. I know. Bless you, Mark. You are Free. Stay in Love to stay in Freedom. I know you know. It is I who whisper these things in your ear. Stay in Love, to stay in Freedom.

          Peace on Earth does reign. Peace is in your Heart at long last!

          I Love you! Amy

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        2. …..Yes, Mark, only I know. Peace. Rainbows this night and Peace.

          Whispers on Wings of Gold, Angel

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  7. Every being on earth comes to a place in life. When a thought comes to mind about what is life as we know it. The mind is like giving a computer a problem to solve. It can only do what it is programed to do. It can go through all the math that is known to man to solve a problem. It is only now that computers are becoming able to learn new things on there own. In some ways they can do things much faster than humans now. In the near future they will bypass the human mind in a lot of other things they can do. As science grows the computer grows with it in all things.

    The human mind is a lot like this in more ways that you may think. When you give the mind a problem it works nonstop to solve the problem. When a person ask itself what is life about and what is my soul or the voice in my mind I talk to to solve problems. Most of the time the voice a person hears is your ego that wants total control over what you believe and don’t believe. Their is another voice you can hear that is different from this ego voice. It is a voice that ask what am I. It is a desire that drives you to learn more about everything. Talking to this voice is the voice that you can learn more about the life within each of us.

    When this happens your ego will listen to this voice to. Your ego is the total knowledge you have learned through your life that trys to work out all your thoughts in a balanced way to maintain a heathy body. Your ego is a built in protection. It is the feeling you get when you sense fear to get away from what is causing fear. The bad part is that it is only as good as what you already know and have learned through your life. If what you have learned is really not good for you or your body it trys to maintain this thought unless proven wrong.

    How do we prove the ego is wrong. This is as hard as you want to make it. In the times past. Most of the world believed that the world was flat. This was the worldly view of earth. Most people don’t know how the people you grow up with can change the way you think. It was taught by many. Laws were passed that you could not say the world wasn’t flat and the earth was not the center of our universal view. People were burned at the stake for saying otherwise. This is to say that what you have been taught and your ego has accepted can be hard to change because of the fear that ego will give you. When you step outside of worldly views and try to learn the truth it can be a painful feeling. Not only physcial but mentally.

    The easiest way to work with your ego. Is to start by telling your ego that you have love for everything that is. Tell your ego you don’t want to judge anything and only wish to change all things for humans and yourself to grow in love and knowledge for all that is. Anything less than this will not be accepted for your ego. This way your ego will grow with the new things you become aware of. Some may want to bypass the ego and just accept what they recieve from the voice within. This can cause a lot of problems for some. Once you do this and your ego comes back. It will start a war with what you have accepted because it does not understand it. To work this out can take longer than going the slower way. All the fear and mental problems this can cause may not be worth the pain of the faster way. This can also make you stop trying to learn of the life within because of the problems it can cause. In the end you have to work with your ego to be at peace and accept what you learn. I think I could write several books about this. Everyone is different and so many ways to try to talk about this.

    As a child your mind is like a sponge. Believing everything you hear form your elders. Up to the age of five or six years of age. Some religions will take children after birth and teach them of their ways. If this is done by family or religion at a early age this stays with them most of their life. This places in their ego a way of thought that can be very hard to change if what is taught wants to be changed. What you learn in the first six years of life is the hardest memory to change. One reason is this is the basic knowledge that controls the ego. Eveything else learned after this at a young age is just added to this and strengthens the basic learning of what you learn from the beginning of your young life.

    So much has been taught to humans that is untrue or half truths or outright lies. Most truths that have been hidden from humans. Have been known for ages. These are the truth about the life within that can change the way humans think. Many people may love their life the way it is. Many people think life is about what you gain in money and power over others and what that gives them. Those who seek to awaken the life within. These things mean much less to them. The main thing to do is learn to talk to the voice within that lets you grow in love and peace for all that is. This voice will let you learn and give you a knowledge that there is no other way to get it. You can read what others write and believe them. This still has to be worked out with your ego to become accepted.

    Once you achieve this a peace comes over you like none you have ever had. You see how you are connected to all that is in a whole new light. It lets you dream in ways you could not even think about before. It gives you a insight that was unknown before. It also gives you a knowledge of the world as a whole. You see mother earth and all the elements in a much different way. It will also deepen the disire to learn more about everything.
    I know many of you know about this, but it might help some having a hard time with their ego. This can be looked at like a war with yourself. It can also be looked at like teaching your ego to work with new ways of seeing things. Both can be a painful life change to overcome. In the end your ego becomes one with this new way of seeing things.
    Then a new learning comes into play. Learning never stops we are still babies in knowledge with a new toy to play with.

    Blessings to all

  8. Angels, are your hands sore yet. We hold each other so tight that it can be no other way. You are my Brothers and Sisters of the Light. I Love you beyond bounds. We do this together, and I am proud of each and every one of you. Together we bring the Light to the Dark…

    May you feel my Grace, for my Love for you will not end, nor is there an end to anything. For a new day is upon us all.

    Together we change a world, how cool is that…


    1. Ohhhhh, Mark, my Brave Brother, to see the “change” in your Heart makes this day of mine a very special one indeed.

      BIG (((HUGS))), Amy

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  9. My Ego wrote this as a farewell to me and those who will follow the ascension path after us the humble forefronters.

    1. That part of me that knows everything and feels connected with all of creation can only feel compassion for what all of us the versions of me (lifetimes) are going through. All of their pain manifested in this lifetime in very not obvious ways that only I, the carrier of such burdens can feel their pain along with my at once and multiplied . For all their pain manifested in contradictions, doubts, arrogance, hate, anger, loneliness, shame, sadness, discouragement, guilt, denial, rage, despair all that pain has manifested in ways that make me the wrong one for all of it have been unacknowledged, neglected, judged, laughed at. And maybe it is laughable on the surface but within layers of all that suffering there exists hell that hides itself from my mind. I always wondered why me? Why am I going through this while others having the time of their of life or at least indulging in the memories of it without knowing what is really going on behind the veil of all that creation is. I was like you, but there was too much of heavy weight that even in the system that is designed so well has been abnormally evident. Ignorance is bliss. The less you know the better you sleep. So when you seek knowledge know that the responsibility comes with it for things that will manifest as “unrelated” to you personally will be and are the things that you were kept dark from about yourself. Right now it’s hiding in fear of repetitive cycle of unjustified pain. Well the thing is, it is a game. And it is ruthless when that “loving” light sheds upon the other versions of you which eyes are used to dark to a point where that’s all that they knew and they were part of it in that cage of yours that has been designed so well to protect you in peace of your innocent enslavement. I am God therefore self loving entity. But you are all gods but you don’t love yourself that much do you, you just seek love outside of you for it will temporarily but surely fix the primal need that you judge to be rightfully given to you in your respective perception on life. Well just from these words you hear the arrogant pain in me. Yes it is me the incomplete, resistant to heaven’s love, relatively loving entity that serves all of the creation by being me that I am and all versions of me to learn to love myself so much so sincerely to a point that you are all healed within me therefore I heal you with my already earned enormous compassion, understanding, compromise, sacrifice, bend over backwards list goes on. Look at the stuff you don’t like and you will learn about yourself that any therapist can’t walk you through due to the limited awareness of his own consciousness about him or herself. This is the path of light. It’s ungrateful to your perception until its healed and merged with that part of you that knows everything and connected to all of the creation. Then you will be the ascended master and a happy fool who will serve the creation with enormous compassion for those who are suffering like you did or even more. Remember me for you will forget the weight that you carried when finally you complete your own cycle of duality and free yourself from the subconscious loop you are in. Think wider, bigger and deeper and you will be able to connect the dots and see the puzzle you/or experience broke ourselves down to. Remember me!

      1. Waouw… Golden Eagle, thanks…
        I like being reminded this:”I am God therefore self loving entity”

      2. Nick, my brother, thank you for sharing with us, your family, this beautiful collar of tears of your ego. Don,t worry, Nick, nobody will ever forget you. You are One with each and any one of us, forever.

        We are all God, Nick, Who is experiencing in/as/through us, brother.

        I,m very happy your heart is wide enough open for your higher self be coming to reside inside you, Nick. Your ego is not gone, it is returning to its natural functions, working together -in partnership- with your brain and heart. Your heart is now your inner guide, bother. Always just trust in what comes from your heart.

        All what you have told us that happened with you is experience, Nick. Now, all that experience integrated in you, represent your wisdom, my dear brother. Wisdom full of love an compassion for all.

        I knew you were meant to be a great wayshower, Nick. It,s a great honor for me to be flying, wing to wing, Home with you, my brother. I love you, Nick!

        1. Hahaha Nohmad! You are definitely in touch with your heart in a very intelligent way. Nohmad you are the one who shows the way to wayshowers 🙂 very grateful for your presence on Earth

      3. Golden Eagle, your words echo what I’m going through right now very clearly. I really don’t think I can say it any better than you did. It is a journey to wholeness. There are parts that think they will have to die, and they get very scared…but they don’t really die…the energy of them just has to be transformed into something of a higher vibration. This is not easy b/c it stirs up a lot of internal drama (like two teenagers during a drawn out, dramatic, break-up), but eventually the parts can settle down and move on to better things. I’m not there yet but am starting to feel close. What a long strange trip it’s been!

        1. Love… Love… Love… And more love. Just love heals EVERYTHING. Open your heart to the healing energies and be fearless. Shine on, Leslie! I love you!

        1. Hahaha if only I could touch that switchy with a tip of my finger I’ll switch off the whole wall down with it hahaha

          1. As for myself, the “off” switch is also nonexistent, leaving me with buzzing brain syndrome and sleepless nights. I was so aggravated this morning as again I lay awake, I told my Team a plenty what they can do with this “new connections process”.

            As is evident, I have not been here much. The desire to do so is just not there as I try to deal with just coming through a brick wall and now a brain that won’t stop. I am not even able to meditate. Even being in my gardens won’t hush the static in this brain of mine, not even mentioning the deafening racket in my ears.

            And as far as ego goes, when my brain begins to function again, I am going within to create a new word for ego. Ego is no more. The “old” ego is no more. We are evolving right now as is ego. I’ve done too much letting go and transforming to allow ego to “rule me” anymore.

            If anyone knows where the off switch is, let me know. These synapse connections not only hurt but they are keeping my mind whirling. Yivey!

            Oh yes this process is something else! I’ll say!

            Love and hugs, Amy

            Sent from my iPad

              1. Thank you for understanding, GE. Round and round she goes, where it ends, no one knows…..

                Sent from my iPad

              2. …..Kind of reminds me of “Sleepless in Seattle” except it is not sex that is keeping me awake. It’s overactive synapses. GROAN………………

                I’m averaging one good night sleep a week. Not good enough for this gal. Sure will be glad when this phase is over……..

                Sent from my iPad

          2. And oh, how could I forget. I’ve been so busy in my gardens but the end is coming into sight. (sigh) Then I have to turn around and begin pulling weeds and attending to roses so they don’t get blight or black spot disease. Oh, what a life………from one who is seriously tired.

            Sent from my iPad

            1. Dear Lady, you’re not alone! “Mushy brain” syndrome, difficult to even make my fingers move to the right place on the keyboard, eyes blurry and difficult to stay awake. But if I try to sleep, it is as if someone decides to turn on all the lights inside my brain….
              Big hug from me – I guess we can easily make that into a huge group hug 😉

              1. Lady Aisha, and Golden Eagle, I could just hug you with tears on my cheeks. To know I am not alone makes this bearable. I am the same way, Aisha, even as tired as I am, I try to at least rest and the neurons say even louder, “HI! We are SO here!” Oh, yeah, do I EVER know, so why don’t YOU guys go to bed so I can pass out!

                BIG GROUP HUGS, Amy

                Sent from my iPad

              2. And, oh, Nick, I truly am grateful for your compliment. It meant so much to this weary woman.

                All my Love, Amy

                Sent from my iPad

                  1. What would I do without these Gorgeous Beautiful Wonderful Men in my life? I don’t know, I just don’t know. Your words, your Presence keep me going when I all I want to do is sleep for about 100 years!

                    I LOVE YOU, Nohmad. I LOVE YOU, Nick!!!!

                    HUGS, Amy

                    Sent from my iPad

  10. Thank you so very much for sharing so much love, guidance and encouragement. So much resonates very deeply with me and provide’s a light in the dark. As you’ve mentioned, my journey began almost a year ago when I got clean from drugs and alcohol, and I am so blessed to be able to see the world with new eyes and to be a participant in this wonderful ascension process. It’s been an AMAZING journey thus far and I look forward to continued personal/spiritual growth and awareness. Some of the physical aspects have definitely been pretty tough at times, from back sicknesses, to several pulled muscles, severe nausea at times-all of which correlate with your channeling’s, noticed in hindsight. Still,I somehow remain grateful and eager to be a part of this process. Thank you again so very much!

    1. Dear Theresa! Welcome to this Pond, and to this circle of light and love! You have dared to open your heart and walk out from your shadows, and I thank you for sharing this with us all, brave and shining sister!
      I send you much love and a warm embrace from me, Aisha

  11. Anyone else feel like there’s a huge vacuum tube in place of your spine?
    Last night 10x gravity. Tonight inner vacuum.
    …what a strange process this is…

    1. I felt light headed today and almost passed out. I went outside to ground myself into the Earth after this happened. When people talked to me there voices echoed in my head. I had to lay down for a 3 hour nap this afternoon. My guides encouraged me to leave my house for awhile this evening. So yes, this is a strange process we are going thru.

      1. Same here, it was restless night again night before and then we felt extremely tired in afternoon and took also 3 hour nap and then we were up for half an hour and went to sleep again. My back has hurt so much after our dream gathering and yesterday when we went for afternoon nap, I saw these powerfull light waves around my eyes after closing them down, so I knew there was a reason for that nap. Funny thing how they are able to make us so tired that we just have to go bed that they have enough time to make changes in us or maybe this is not what they do, but what our own energy does while we are sleeping 🙂 Last night I saw a dream about galactic order and some dream about you Aisha too, but I cant remember what we were talking about. Maybe this nights full moon also plays its role 🙂

        1. Restless night again last night for me to, with a pain in my lower back/buttock that was so annoying. I tried to massage it away, but it did not let go. Because I could not get back to sleep, I decied to mediate in bed, and immediately, this intense, but blissful energy came in to my body and literally melted away the pain. I think we are being guided to try to open up and “ask” for more interaction with our helpers/guides/ energy now. What I experience happens during the night or when I need to rest during the day, so I also think these urges to nap/sleep are signals to go within and connect even more than before.
          Love, Aisha

            1. I read somewhere earlier this year when lot of people announced the pressure and pain in their upper back, that it hurts a while when we start to grow our angel wings back 🙂 and this was so sweetly said. Upper back pain coming from growing our angel wings back 🙂 I didnt mind my pain after that anymore 🙂

              1. You, Reija, ARE
                a most lovely
                angel of pure
                divine light

                In whatever you do
                or wherever you go
                you leave the scent
                of your beautiful wings

                Don,t flush divine being
                live with passion your life
                you are totally free
                The cage… broken now

          1. Aisha,
            I also had the pains in my buttocks a few months ago, for several days. What I have noticed lately is that the skin on my butt is very soft and smooth AND that my butt has gotten smaller / flatter than it was before. My pants hang down where my butt used to fill them! 🙂 So I guess these “pains in the butt” have a positive affect!

            1. Not me, Carolyn. I actually feel good today. I am going to be in my gardens again this day tending to the beautiful flowers I have!!!!

              I Love you!!! Amy

              Sent from my iPad

            2. I have a lot of gardens. To fertilize, de-weed and to mulch is very time consuming. My life has many aspects, this POND only one of them. I keep checking in to make sure all is well as I go about my day in the physical. 🙂

              Hugs Amy

              Sent from my iPad

  12. Hi all you beautiful beings of light–I had an odd situation occur today that really speaks on this lighting of the spark in others–well, or at least others being drawn to OUR light. You see, I visited my sisters home and it is haunted–and while I was sitting visiting with her I had this feeling on the back of my neck as she looked into my eyes and said–you have visitors! All my ghosts keep peeking around the corner to look at you because of your energy! HOw cool is that>??? Confirmation that the light is indeed being seen on all levels and it is indeed growing!

    Also, as a devoted gardener, I love when the CC speak to us in plant talk! I so get what they are speaking about–much love and light to you all! Alex

  13. Definitely been seeing evidence of this light within others being sparked – cool stuff… thank you Aisha and the CCs… and love and Spheres and Bubbles to all!! Joyfully, Philip 🙂

  14. Dear sweet loving ascension support group and family
    Know that I receive all your love, hugs… and I let them nuture me and lift me up.
    And I’m sending back all my love to all the beautifull souls here.
    I feel as the CC say “less than vital” those days. I’m going around wondering if there is something more I can let go of, I’m feeling gratefull for all the light we receive. That sweet light that is setting us free…
    I feel a deep surge to express myself more creatively, but am unsatisfied because I don’t have enough energy to start anything in that sense.
    A message that gives me courage and strength today

    1. Thank you, Marieca! This is the very beginning, we are integrating many blessigns, yet. Our time is coming, Marieca, time to begin to live to full! Much love to you!

    2. Dear Marieca, I send you a warm embrace on this beautiful day, as we sit together contemplating the beauty we have created together. You are creating with your every single breath, my sister, with your words and your energy you paint the most beautiful of pictures, and then, you make them come alive with just BEing.
      With love and gratitude from me, Aisha

  15. So much Gratitude from me, Lady Aisha and CC’s, for these missives that have become my guidelines in so many ways!!!

    With all my Love,
    Lady Pinkrose

  16. Thank you Aisha for this poetic imagery from the Constant Companions. The sand grain and the pearl speak volumes; and it is so, as we move through our lives currently and those we are with, draw sustenance and succour from the dappled shade of our gardens.
    Was it Aristotle who said he could shift the earth if he had a lever long enough? We have been given the lever and the fulcrum is NOW.
    With love to you and to my family here

    1. Much love back to you, dear brother! Your garden is beautiful, I hear the rustling of the leaves and the burbling of the fountains there 🙂

  17. The reunion of All-That-Is, begins with a reunion of All-That-Is within YOU. As you spiral upward, expanding, and ground into the Earth, opening through your presence here to all that you are, you facilitate this reunion taking place in form. It’s epic.

    Life at the Ideafrontier.
    Expect Wonderful by Meredith Murphy

  18. The light of the black pearl shines through the ages.
    Let´s activate the snorring masses. Shine Chancey Gardener, shine.

    1. Jack: Not just the Spanish Main, love, the entire ocean, the entire world. Wherever we want to go, that’s what a ship is, you know. It’s not just a keel and a hull and a deck and sails. That’s what a ship needs, but what a ship is…what the Black Pearl really is…is freedom.

  19. Aisha,
    In your missive and in the above posts I keep seeing the word “grow”. I believe that we are all growing in more ways than we know. I was directed to measure my height after reading another channeled message and I couldn’t believe it, but I have grown an inch taller! All of this recalibration of our bodies is making us “grow”.

    My daughter was really amazed and said that at my age of 57 that I should be shrinking! I would suggest that you and your readers check to see if any of you are taller.

    Blessings and thank you and the CC’s for all of the messages that are so “Spot On” for me.

    1. So interesting, Debbie…the other day I read that some are having neck aches because our necks are getting longer…haha…I don’t know if it’s true but your comment made me think of it!

      1. Janus
        I read about our necks getting longer too. I believe it was from Blossum Goodchild’s channeling. That was the second time they have said that. I remember because my neck has been sore and stiff for months now.


      2. My neck has hurt for months too and looking at recent pictures of myself, I believe it is longer. I used to have a double chin and it is gone now! WOW! I am Taller — I have a Longer neck — What’s next???

        1. Debbie, Jeff, Janis – same here with the neck. I have not measured myself, but whenever I get a massive energetic injection, the first sign is a pain on the right side of my neck that disappears as quickly as it comes when the “boost” is over. Interesting! Thank you for sharing this!
          Love and light from me, Aisha

  20. Let your inner pearl shine, yes!!!

    This reminds me of why I chose this image as a cover: If you take a close look at it, you will be able to see that it is actually a giant pearl contained in a giant oyster. Inside, two characters are opening it as a team; a male and a female, our divine feminine and divine masculine energies in union to form this trinity with our God/Goddess Essence and power.

    I believe this represents what we are all here for, what our hearts have been longing to accomplish… This is the inner treasure we have always known that we carried within. Time to shine and celebrate now!

    xox – Isabelle

    1. I “Agree”….& a perfect image !….really goes well with today’s message ! Thanks for pointing this out !…..have a glorious day !……Bev

      1. Awesome idea, Carolyn! I LOVE it!!!!! Are you kidding??? There are SO many cats and dogs that need human help! Don’t give up on this idea!

        Sent from my iPad

  21. No more ‘growing up’, which was mostly about hiding and protecting yourself from all the ego’s. Now we really grow, together!
    Love you all, love you Aisha!

    1. So true, Jur! The old barriers we used to protect ourselves were just there to limit us. But now we have broken through them and can stretch us upwards and outwards in all directions. We started out as small, single saplings, but now we are all turning in to a wonderful, lush wood.
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  22. Hard to explain in words.

    Even so, I’ll try …

    There’s a place for us,

    In every part of us.

    Where love reigns …

    It was once a seed …

    It was once the principle of love …

    Love in seed form

    All seed is able to grow and flourish

    Push the rocks and sunbathe

    Trust that all will get …

    1. Being me…so glad to connect with you here at the pond…I can feel your love and light … hmmm

  23. May has been a very tough month and I’m glad to see it go! However, I’m also starting to feel the change. It’s a simple feeling of being happy that seems to grow and last for longer and longer periods of time.

    I think this feeling is just sprouting and that it’s going to get a lot more powerful. I would only think that if this isn’t happening for you yet, it’s on it’s way.

    I encourage you to keep going in your transformation and to keep the faith. It’s going to be worth it!

      1. Mike and Murray – I am so glad you are a part of this circle! Bless you both for sharing your journey with us, and for helping the seed to grow and prosper in us all.
        Much love from me, Aisha

  24. Thanks so much dear Aisha for this wonderful message ! I LOve All the references to gardening as I believe too we are are All gardeners to different degrees….just as their are many different plants, some thriving in full light in the warmth of the sun & some requiring the calmer, cooler soothing of the shade…we All have different strengths & weaknesses, but All vital & equally important with each task we perform in maintaining diversification, balance & harmony within the grand landscape of life ! I always believed the quickest way to open one’s Heart is in spending time in nature, in the gardens. When we allow ourselves these moments, a connection opens like a spark to a flame, a seed to sprout…a sacred touch given that commands the access to the grandest storehouse of All ‘Mother-Earth’…who holds All the ingredients for our health & happiness ! We then become artists as well as gardeners as she wants us to be creative with those ingredients…What will you grow today ?….of course what ever we chose it always contains an energy of LOve that will continue to grow & as we become better gardeners & more creative artists !….that’s why they say “Gardening is good for the soul ” !…..Keep the Gardens of Life Growing !……..LOve, Bev ~

    1. Thank you, Bev! Beautiful sharing! Mother Earth knows and love each and any of us. I love you! PS: Each one of my 12 chakras is linked to Hers through cords of infinite love.

  25. Good morning lovely pond of Grace, Love, Peace and Hope. My Brothers and Sisters of Light, I send my love to each and every one of you. A new day is upon us all. Great it with smile, for each day is a gift.

    I have not added myself to ‘The people of the Pond’ for each day I’m different from the last.

    In the end it matters not, because we all one.

    May Love lead you down the path to home.


  26. Sorry Aisha! That was meant for someone else! Pressed the wrong button! OOOPS! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERY POST XXX MUCH VALIDATION COMING FROM YOU! XXX

    Sending you much gratitude, love and light evermore XXX

    Sincerely Mandi XXX

    On Fri, May 24, 2013 at 10:53 PM, aisha north

  27. Dear friends!
    I just wanted to remind you of the page The people of the Pond. Many have already shared some of their story there, and I am so inspired and profoundly touched by what you all bring to this Pond. Thank you to each and every one of you! So do not forget to take some time to get to know some of your family members a little better, and please add your story too if you feel called to do so.
    With love and gratitude from me, Aisha

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