The manuscript of survival – part 313

For a long time now, you have been staring at the horizon, looking for an opening in this stormfront of mixed emotions. One day, you will be up, while the next day, you will feel as if plunging down an elevator shaft so long, the mere speed of it will leave you breathless. And so it goes, up and down, until you are left feeling as if reeling from it all, unable to find a stable place to stand on. Well, this wild ride is not quite over yet, but we are here to tell you that in a few days, you will feel it all ease off, and soon, these wild fluctuations will start to slow down as you slowly emerge from this wild water ride and out into smoother waters.

We are aware that for many of you, the mere sight of the word soon will raise a few hackles, because you have gotten the idea that soon just means ”some time far, far into the future”. Well, this time soon means just that, as after this week of heightened activity, you will all be able to feel how the energetic waves lessen. But just like after a storm, you will be holding your breath, waiting for the next wave to crash into you, so it may take a few days for you to notice it when this subsiding finally arrives. The physical body is rather slow on the uptake, so it will feel a bit like it is in fight or flight mode even after this storm subsides, so again we can perhaps say that the word soon will also this time be perceived in a rather individual way by all. Still, we just want you all to know that these very intense upheavals are to be a thing of the past in the not too distant future. So hang in there as they say, and you will feel yourselves floating in much smoother waters before long.

235 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 313

  1. So much of us is of earthly 3d personalities otherwise we won’t be needed on earth. It’s so crystal clear that grounding or earthing is so crucial to somebody who is accumulating these intense energies into physical life we are meant to be experiencing heh. All of our 3D personalities have their own share in this reason we are here on Earth. I love Earth very very very much. I’m glad that all of our 3D parts are rebirthing but maaaaan there are so many of them. I feel like a turbo washing machine lol the good news is after this long wash everything won’t be selfish or selfless anymore but mutual in every aspect of this earthly experience. Once our personal relative perspective towards collective is healed we will awaken to a perception where we are all one having a mutual experience. The mere thought of this relieves me from looking on the green light signaling button “Heavy Wash” lol laundry talk

    1. 😉 think I’m going to have to dust off my ballroom shoes & find the next tango night at my dance club…
      NoHmad, darling, you’re always an inspiration!
      Besos mi amore

      1. Thank you, Jess! For the ‘H’, ‘darling’ & ‘Besos mi amore’. Dance a lot! It helps you rise your frequency, because of the feeling of joy, glee and happiness! I do love you, Jess!

          1. No me provoques mas
            no se si puedo aguantar
            soy latino, lo sabes
            mi sangre hierve

            Quando llegara el dia
            de cumplir todas
            estas bellas promesas
            las tengo toda anotadas
            pero no cobrare ninguna

            Conozco tus sentimientos
            confusos para mi entendimiento
            pero te amo y quiero
            siempre estar enredado
            en tus pensamientos

            Te amo sin celos
            sin deseo de control
            no quiero nada a cambio
            adoro esta sensacion
            de tenerte en mi sentimiento

            Si el tiempo existiese
            pensando noche y dia
            en esta pasion desmedida
            sereno y calmo espero

            1. Baby
              If it rocks
              Let it roll!
              Ain’t no wrong way
              To do this dance 😉
              FUN !
              Let the Rhythm
              Whatever it may…
              Just be
              Happy !

              “Native” dance of the Carolinas – The Shag

              1. Place this in a list, too, I see you,ve got a lot to teach me… And I,m eager to learn… I love you, my beautiful goddess for light!

  2. Three migraines complete with warning optic auras in 6 days.
    Energy gage is on Empty and I don’t care.
    (I am even boring my dogs, who are still at my feet).
    Any one else feeling the planets movements and the energies hitting earth getting migraines clusters like me?
    Exhausting work all this transmuting
    … but all worth it ((:
    Blessings to all at the pond.

    1. Yep…real doozie last night & still lingering today. It has much to do with toxicity – transmutation of energies & emotional clearing / releasing of old thought ‘patterns’ has a huge impact on us physically because the body’s cellular memory is being released too (that whole mind/body/spirit concept). Besides ‘detoxing’ the body with herbs, mineral salt soaks, sweats (sauna) Using the acupressure/essential oil methods of Dr.Carolyn Mein has been most helpful for me (ESP with headaches). There are “alarm points” at the base of the skull & neck (similar to sacral cranial therapy), along the SMC Muscle (side of neck) and several others, that you can apply firm pressure to using circular motion & receive much relief rather instantaneously.
      See: (dr Mein) (dr norm shealy)
      And search youtube for “lymphatic drainage massage” – its OH SO RELEAVING & you can perform on yourself
      Hope you get some relief soon 🙂

    2. Hi Jess I too have the migrane clusters bio dynamic cranial sacral work can also be done on your body to immeditely release the migrane pain from what I know the release of negative karmic physical mental and spiritual energy that has been attached to us for this life time as well as many life times releases itself the way it was created by ourselves onto our body via migranes knee pain etc the way it was created is also the avenue in which it exits the body as we release with the new energies and our own desires to let go of it, so expect more migranes as well as other weakend areas of the body to feel the pain of release once and for all

      sending you love sheryl

      1. Oh goodness, thank you for so much information!
        Anything that would help slow or calm this constant barrage lately is so helpful and I appreciate your knowledge. I needed to know this and didn’t’ before. Thank you just doesn’t even come close….(:
        Love, Pupma-Terri

  3. Wow. Definitely having one of the most difficult times I have ever encountered during my 4-year process. Sleep is a welcome respite from waking life-very peaceful and happy. Still having a few bouts of detox crying and now I find myself in a state of utter exhaustion. Having some vibrations from time to time in my body, as well as searing pains below my right elbow upon waking. Visual perception is changing as I can see things as more 3D than normal if I so choose. Drinking copious amounts of water, taking it very easy, and sleeping a lot is helping relieve some of the stress of the process. Grateful for the strength and support I have been given during this phase.

    1. Naomi, I just came through this passage. Be gentle with you. I didn’t think I was going to make it but here I am, living and breathing. The exhaustion was the worst. And yes, I drank copious amounts of water, just couldn’t get enough. Treat yourself well, Sister. Sleep or just lay down and rest, listening to some beautiful music or bird song. Be Loving to you. This is so far from easy but I KNOW you will make it.

      This is the FINAL push through, Luv. When you get to the other side, you won’t believe it. Breathe. Little baby steps. I am reaching out and taking your hand in mine. You shall do this, for it has been foretold!

      With all my Love, Amy

      Sent from my iPad

      1. Amy, I am so hoping that you are right that this is the final push. I’d like to believe it (and not to be pessimistic!), but haven’t we thought that this was the last of it before? Thanks for the support and encouragement. 🙂

        1. Naomi, Sister, all I have is my word that yes this time, something hugely different is evident. All I know I went from feeling as though I was dying, to now full of vitality and life. I pray this for you too!

          Love, Amy

          Sent from my iPad

            1. (((HUGS))) and ^^^PRAYERS^^^

              As our Sister Kat said to me, DON’T GIVE UP! And so I pass her words on to you!

              Love, Amy

              Sent from my iPad

  4. I want to connect more with you all, but i find it such a headache to read through and try and catch up, i guess like somebody said that my eyes will be drawn to the message that is necessary for me at that particular moment. I do appreciate you Aisha, the CC’s and each and everyone of you that connect on here, it feels like part of huge warm group hug everytime i read the posts… and pink loving energy fills my body.. thank you all..

    I am so happy to read confirmation that the energies were intense of late, again the week felt very strange and each day at work felt like i was completing in a marathon, plus numerous other symptoms, thoughts and emotions, but somehow i made it through, ahhhh

    I worry that I will have ‘post ascension blues’ when the changes begin to cease. As hard as it is, we are growing and healing faster than ever before and moving forward to were we need to be. As exhausting and challenging as it is, it is such a huge blessing to be given this opportunity to have a good old clear out… but yes i suppose we all need breathing space inbetween…. I am extremely grateful for these intense energies, i really am. What will happen when they cease….. hopefully we will remain in permanent bliss, i pray for this for each and everyone of us. Sprinkles of love and light to you all. Sue xxxxxxxx

    1. My dear Sue, I agree completely with you, but as with any process, after the middle part, one day, comes the end.

      And now what? I feel that the first thing of all is to be grateful for all help we all have received from Heaven, that in any case was little. Without forgetting CCs endeavor and Aisha’s beautiful work.

      We are the pioneer ones now. We are clean, healing, growing, integrating, communicating, expanding en every sense. It,s great, indeed, a blissful feeling inside us. And we deserve, because we put a lot of effort for this to happen, too. Each one of us knows what this process demanded from each and any one of us. This pages are full of our comments to prove this.

      And now what? This is not the end of all, to say the truth it,s the very beginning of a new age, a new paradigm, a new world. We are the first ones from 7 bi, that can say: It,s true…! Happened to me…! I awakened after a long, very long time…! I,m free now…! I have hope…! I feel love inside me…! And for all…!

      Ascension process, for the whole planet is in the middle stage. No one will be left behind. And for this to happen, all of us have much work ahead. They all are our brothers and sisters, that are asleep, yet. But light/love is here, around each and any of them. As soon as the first crack in their stone hearts opens, liquid love will do its way inside, and their awakening process will begin.

      And from this first event, thousand questions will arise in each one of them. Who will help them…? Who knows what is going on with them…? Who can show them the way…? Who loves them enough to take their hands and say come, my brother/sister, let,s go this way…? Us, you and me, we are the wayshowers now.

        1. The event I,m talking here, in this last paragraph, my sweet Janis, refers to the moment when the stone hearts of people crack due to, mayhaps, the loss of a big love, a loved friend, or something that made them suffer very much. And by the presence of light/love all around them, this light/love begins to fill their hearts with it. We all begun this way, Janis, with a very little crack in our hearts, too. And look what happened to us!

          1. Some of us had to have our heads cracked! (smile) With a big two by four! (GRIN) To knock some sense into us. (giggle)

            I LOVE YOU! Both you, Nohmad and Janis!!!!! With lots of PINK!!!!!!

            Sent from my iPad

          2. Yes, absolutely…thank you, Nohmad! Also, I wanted to ask you about your ‘experiment’…I think you said you explained it on the 311st post but I couldn’t find it. I was interested in your dream time experiment but I didn’t see where you explained your idea. Could you tell me the general idea?

            1. In a poem, I talked about our Pond, where we all gather, sometimes, and said why not we gather there for fun? Then I read Maggie and Reija talking about their dreams, and I thought why don,t we all gather in the Pond in dream-time.

              Then I asked them and to all who wished to join us for a dream-time gathering at the Pond. As we all live in different time areas, the experiment consisted in that, in spite of time, we all would gather at the same time, there.

              Why? Time does not exist. So what will make us gather all together AT THE SAME TIME, would be our intention, our creative thought. Another challenge of this experiment was that we remember all the dream after awaking next morning.

              CCs said my ‘experiment’ was a big success, and they gave us some other blessings, too, while there, that now we are integrating.

              Thank you, sweet Janis, for asking. I,m you server, ask me always whatever you want to know. The worst can happen would I say you: I don,t know. I do love you, sweet Janis!

              1. Ohhhh, thank you so much for catching me up, Nohmad…I had parts of it but not the whole idea…yes! such a great experiment!


                ╚═╚╝╚╝╚═──╩─╚╝╚╝♥ , too, Nohmad…♥♥♥!

      1. Nohmad, your writing has become even more powerful, more heart touching, more soul stirring. Thank you for taking the time to write so eloquently in a language that is not your first. Your English is improving a lot.

        I Love you, Amy

        Sent from my iPad

        1. We are
          dear Amy
          becoming One
          didn,t you know?
          with each breath
          of our lungs

          There will come
          the moment
          we,ll feel
          deep inside us
          the fall
          of a leaf
          in autumn
          in amazon

          And we,ll not
          need to read
          or write more
          we,ll all know
          the news
          at the same

      2. Oh Nomad thank you for your reply and wise words. Today is very intense day, so my response is short, but thank you. LOVE x

  5. I really didn’t know that there was an experiment going on but I suppose I must have been part of it because I dreamt I was in Norway! I was a part of a group or delegation and we were meeting first at the airport. I was one of the last to arrive and I remember getting a bit worried because it was getting late and I didn’t know my way to the hotel or hostel where we would be staying. There was bit of confusion and disorganization. I remember the hostel was simple and had wooden flooring. That’s all. I woke up exhausted and have been feeling zoned out all day. I am very grateful that I am not a novice Light worker because something like this would have completely unnerved me. Now, I just take this stuff as part of the package!
    Love to all,


    1. Susan, have you read Lady Aisha’s account of last night? Yours resembles hers. I was busy releasing and transmuting (gee now where does that sound familiar?) and yep, thought I was OK this day, but now very zoned out, mustering all I have to continue in my gardens. My vision has begun to deteriorate as well, which to me means another download. I must laugh. I must. For this is just too funny IF you look at if from a humorous perspective. Darn it, IF I didn’t laugh, I wouldn’t have much of a brain left. Hehehehehehehe These eyes are so blurry I have to be really careful between what a weed is and a baby plant is. And no way will I wear glasses gardening! That is where I draw the line!

      HUGS and I will be in touch!!! Love you! Amy

      Sent from my iPad

    2. Dear Susan, wish I’d known you were coming, I would have picked you up at the airport. After all, I was awake most of the night anyway 😉 Hands up anyone who feels relaxed and rested today – hmmm, I don’t see any hands, wonder why?
      Love and light, Aisha

      1. ….giggling……..too funny……….groggy and HEY! Let’s have a sleep over! What fun! We could all snuggle together and just snore together! One big happy family!

        …..I am procrastinating…….one very big garden awaits me…….hi ho Off I go!!!!

        LOVE YOU! Amy

        Sent from my iPad

  6. Hello all at the Pond – sending you my love and Spheres Of Light… been away on a special trip to a special place in the UK Holy Island… profound energies… and lot of interesting things manifesting so not a lot time to spend here but know I am with you in spirit as it were!!

    Much gratitude as ever to Aisha, the CCs and all!!

    Joyously, Philip 🙂

      1. Yes Phil it was indeed Lindisfarne… a special place I have visited quite a number of times in the past too… have you been?

        Joyfully, Philip 🙂

        1. Unfortunately not ( not in this life anyway ).

          ” meet me on the corner when the LIGHTS are coming on
          and I`ll be there
          I promise I`ll be there ”

          Kind of fitting don`t you think ?

          1. Very fitting indeed Phil!!!

            I did not know this song by Lindisfarne but my wife knew it and I’ve just googled it and read all the lyrics… and as you may have read I am a big dreamer… thanks for this this works and fits at so many levels for all here!!! Joyfully, Philip 🙂

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