The manuscript of survival – part 312

The tide has turned for so many of you, as you have one by one relinquished those shackles holding you firmly fastened to the old you. And, as you can see for yourself, as soon as you let go of this viselike grip it had on you, it is as if your feet barely touches the ground. You become filled with so much light, it is as if you are almost levitating from the sheer lightness of BEing.

Yes, we are well aware that for some, nothing could seem further off than this image of floating through any obstacle that seemingly appears right in front of you. Instead, it will feel as if you are being rammed head first again and again into a brick wall. So what we say now, is only to encourage you to keep going, for sometime very soon, you will also feel as if this brick wall simply crumbles into dust and vanishes, and you too will be able to breathe freely once again. And how do you attain that freedom, we hear you ask. Well, again the answer must be only you will know. For it is you and only you who can be able to discern the chain that links you to the old and dense past you have been dragged through for so long. The light is there to help you see better, but the light cannot tell you what to do, or even, what to see. For that is you and you alone who are able to understand the signals and the not so discrete hints coming your way that will point you in the right direction. But it is your choice to open up to what you see, and to act accordingly.

So in this, you stand alone, but not unsupported. For you have a whole host at your beck and call to abet and assist you in this. Some of this is of pure energetic nature, and as we have talked about earlier, never has the power of the light been more helpful in helping you to break through this last and final barrier. But you have also by now acquired a whole host of more earthly bound souls, like all of these fellow men and women you have connected with through these messages. You all walk on individual paths, but by now, you have also learned the lesson in connecting your light in such a way it helps each and every one of you to shine stronger.

We know it is not news to any of you, but it bears repeating once again: do not make the mistake of hiding away like a wounded animal when you feel the lightstorm raging within, but reach out and ask for assistance from those near and dear. For you all need to connect, that is the only way to get through this. But again, choose your way of connecting, for that can also come in all shapes and forms. Personal contact, sharing words, touch, or just energy, you will all find a way to lean on someone that will help you see things in a better light, and indeed, make that final wall so much more penetrable. For going alone will only make that wall seem almost bulletproof, and your instinct to hide away in shame or humbleness will only make it all that much harder to break through.

So open yourself completely, and you will feel how not only the light from above, but also from every soul standing beside you, will flow through you and strengthen you. But that will only happen if you come out of hiding and stand out in the open, letting those that can see you reach out and add their light to yours. That way, you also help each other. For it is indeed like in the Pond. The more you share of your own individual energy, the more you will be replenished from Source. So give what you can, but it is even more important to receive all you can, for that way, you keep the circulation of energy growing and magnifying in the best way there is.

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  1. People do it indirectly through what they eat and it is reflected in their dreams. If they eat meat, they hire wage killers to do the dirty job in slaughterhouses, Emerson said, and they live in some sort of cognitive dissonance. Their consciousness is affected, because they can’t hide it to the Universal Law. Law of cause and effect, or “karma”. They attract “bad” entities too.

    We eat through our 5 senses, not only food, i.e. “what we pay attention to” as well. What we eat (food and focus) has an immediate effect on our blood and, subsequently, thoughts. Watching too much TV or conspiracy theories is not the ideal meal 🙂

    Time is not linear and a thought / word / action in the present changes all the parallel (or “past” and “future”) lives simultaneously, as well as the events in this life. There’s nothing to cleanse, just a few changes. That’s for the good news 🙂

  2. To me the ultimate goal is to remember who I am. I’ve had amnesia for such a long time. I know I’m getting closer all the time. It can get frustrating when the top of the hill is reached only to see another bigger hill beyond.

    Intention is one key; what you think about will manifest.
    Or , if you look for bad stuff you will find it.
    If you look for good stuff you will find that as well.

    Attention is the other key ; it is easier to act your way to right thinking, than it is to think your way to right acting.

    it is a free choice for all of us.
    So, what do you want to do?

    Odette: “This Little Light of Mine”

    1. Great song. Thanks.

      “To me the ultimate goal is to remember who I am”

      Probably a collection of parallel lives and unique parallel universes.
      The human is a concentrated universe.

      1. Probably right, One of the things that came up in a 3AM cleansing had to do with chopping someone with a sword and getting squirted in the eye with his arterial blood. Honest, I haven’t done anything like that for several lifetimes

      2. huh?
        warning who about what?
        try writing in complete sentences. Maybe some understand you, but your posts look like to me like your smoking crack or ?

  3. With great pleasure, I accept your invitation…
    Argentinian…ah, beautiful memories!
    Many moons ago, I had a grand love affair with an Argentinian
    He was exquisite
    When we first met, I didn’t speak any Spanish
    And he didn’t speak English
    …we discovered the Universal language 😉

      1. Wow! Jess, inspiring! Would you like to dance tango with me, I,m Argentinian, tango and milonga, flows in my veins. Thank you!

      2. I just love that movie, I love the passion in tango….uuh! Another great tango sceen you can see in a Movie Moulin Rouge when they sing and performe the song Roxanne.. I get goose pumps every time I see it. Nothing fires me up like passion and powerful things, what ever they are, a huge black horse, painting made of powerful colours, powerful song, powerful words, samba drums, tango argentina and so on. When I was younger I felt like I was born to the wrong country as I lived my life through passion and many others chose to live in silence. You must have heart that we Finnish people can be quite reserved. And I have been waiting, I have been waiting so long already for others to wake up too. There too many things in your life here that must be controlled and I dont mean now the goverment and such, but people themselves, they are sometimes so scared to do something different in their lives, because everything must be in control. But I’m happy to see that younger ones are more eager to live up their own dreams, I think people in my age and older still had to partly live someone elses dream as your parents for example 🙂 But what do I know, I still struggle with mine, but I always carry that passion inside of me and when ever I see my chance I will bring it out 🙂

      3. Wow Jess, Tango is absolutely nice. I am still an absolute babystep learner in this artform of expression of the male and female. There is a vibrant tango community in Svendborg, here a clip from an event at an art gallery i had the pleasure to attend with a very dear friend of mine, set on teaching me the do and don’t….

          1. The Woman who arranged it had lived a long time in Buenos Aires and learned to dance there in her youth, so it was a wondefull evening with song, dance and storytelling ❤

  4. There was no man alive,
    It was all about the emptiness
    Seen with the human eye,
    But so full of potential for gouraged souls
    to become alive.

    They all waited the first to appear,
    Sparkles in their eye,
    They were all gouraged to show their colours,
    But they resisted and wanted to hide.

    One was asked ” why you want to hide”,
    It said ” I am too scared to be alive”,
    When asked again ” what you then see”,
    It said ” its too scary just to be”,
    It wanted the proof,
    Someone to tell them a truth,
    Before stepping inside of those shoes
    Of lonely boots.

    What they didnt want them to see,
    A ready made picture for them to be,
    What they wanted them to find,
    Was a dream of their own kind.

    For so long they let dreams just to be,
    Waiting someone to find them and really see,
    That one sparkle in that huge emptiness,
    Could light up thousands of colours of happiness.

    Then they finally started,
    The more they dared,
    The more they scared,
    But they also became stronger,
    Their light strains grew longer,
    And their sparkles lite the sky,
    That beautifull blue and empty sky.

    Now there is so much light to see,
    So much easier for souls just to be,
    Living in love and light,
    Leaving behind all the struggle and fight,
    Walking together as one,
    Letting their own dreams to become some.

    Thank you all for inspiring me to write poems again!! Every each and one of you I want to thank. I have always wrote my text based on big feelings and here we have shared so many feelings already!! I love you my beloved companions 🙂

    1. Thank you, Reija, beautiful! Shine on! Each new day we are more fearless to show our light and our thirst of life! I love you, Reija!!

    2. Sorry my spelling mistakes 🙂 goureged = couraged 🙂 I havent speak english in so many years now, so bear with me okey 🙂 Love you all! 🙂

  5. Ah, thank you for the reminder, Dear Aisha and CC…reaching out for help is something many of us have a hard time doing, myself included.
    It’s so hard to stay in happy 5d mode when physical pain is part of your daily life, as some of you have come forth and expressed. You’re not alone, I’ve had chronic pain due to my very crooked back for a long time now, and today found me in so much pain I could barely move. I had a ton of 3d things to get to, and dealing with severe pain was not on the agenda, LOL! I rubbed some essential oils mixed with jojoba into the inflamed area, and then started to run energy on myself (QT style). Within 10 minutes or so, the pain had eased enough for me to get moving, thankfully. (When it’s really bad, I make a strong tea (a decoction) with white willow bark, and that helps a lot…it’s a natural form of aspirin, in case anyone else here deals with chronic pain and doesn’t want to take medication for it. I do recommend the decoction method over capsules or tinctures…the energy of water and fire makes it more effective, I think.)
    I look so forward to the day this spine is straight and there is no more pain…I know this day will come, especially now that I am part of this amazing collective!
    There, that wasn’t so hard…my situation is now in the pond and “loading” as Golden eagle would say 😉 !

    I must echo some of the sentiments here concerning the news and media in general…it is intentionally lowering the collective vibration, trying to trick people into thinking the world is hopelessly doomed, humans are awful, and everything’s going to hell in a hand basket. Not true. Progress is happening all over the world, people are coming together just as we are, it’s just not widely-publicized like all the dark and dreary stuff is. There are some cruel and devastating things happening, true.
    All is not rainbows and flowers, as nature reminds us when we observe…sometimes she is loving and gentle, sometimes cruel and sharp. Light and dark, yin and yang…we can not have one without the other.
    As someone stated earlier, turning off the TV and ignoring the paper won’t make those things any less real, and I don’t necessarily agree with “tuning out” of 3d issues completely, I think it’s a good idea to be informed of the goings-on, particularly so souls like us can get to work sending light and healing where it is needed. But there is no need to get information from TV, there are much better sources, and to get sucked in and wallow as people tend to do after a tragedy, whether natural or man-induced, is so unhealthy.
    There must be a balance, as in nature, as in all things.

    Love and Blessings to All,

  6. Dear Ponders
    Well this night was pretty outstanding, I just felt like I was in two places at same time, place one was my bed and place two was a kind of outlandish hospital room. I have some bag problems relating to a ruptured discos in my lower back. I have had surgery done there twice once in 2004 and again in 2009. It felt like my ischias nerve on the left side from the spine and down was taken gently out and rejuvenated and put back in again. There where other things done to me as-well. It was fascinating how I was able to seamlessly switch from one fully defined reality to another. Man, if I had not stopped drinking alcohol I would go and have me like a gallon of beer, so I guess I’ll just settle for playing the music that could have followed such a scenario
    I love You all

  7. “And how do you attain that freedom, we hear you ask. Well, again the answer must be only you will know.” So what’s the point of reading this channelings I wonder? Exactly.. none.

    1. Toms there is a voice in everyones mind. This voice is what you hear when you are trying to work out a problem that you or someone else may have. This voice is the collective thoughts of what you have learned all your life. It uses your knowledge to work out problems or learn new things in life. A human mind does not sleep much at all. If you go to bed with a problem at night your mind words endlessly trying to work out this problem. Sometimes you will wake up in the morning and know the answer to your problem and may not know how you came up with this answer.

      Finding freedom within yourself. Is learning to talk to this voice and letting it learn all you can about life in this world. What you have to do is learn to ask this voice a question on what you want to learn. If freedom is the question. Ask what you can do to learn about this. One thing that may help you is to look up universial knowledge online and read about this. Everyone can access this knowledge. Learn to use this to think for yourself.
      The more you learn to think for yourself the more freedom you will have within this voice that is within you. No one can give this to you. You have to learn to do it yourself. Everyone is different. What may be good for me may not be good for you. You have to find what is good for you to help you learn about this life that lives within you.

      Some people may call this a soul that you are trying to set free to learn to think in a different way than you have been taught to think. Everything you think and see is a reflection of your thoughts.
      Only you can make this grow in knowledge. Learning comes from what you read and learn in everyday life. Wisdom come from what you have learned in life. The knowledge that lets you understand the wisdom of what you have learned comes from the voice within. All the people here at this pond will help you all they can. Just never give up and never stop learning. I hope this may help you some.

      My love and blessing go out to you and the new freedom you will find.

  8. Love and healing to my brothers and sisters in need here, may Your burdens be taken of Your shoulders and Your strength re-awaken to love&Light…

    And thank You here, I just received so much in return from the Pond energy encircling my reality. I just been through some heavy heavy times, something like if You ever body-surfed on a big wave and get caught into the wave and get bashed onto them little pebbles and You sit there on the beach bruised and confused, that been me the last 3 days, I am fine now thanks to Your loving energy and care. I just found this fantastic clip on Youtube which stopped for no reason, and when I started writing to You I just began playing again, so I guess it’s telling me It want in onto the message so here it goes, from my dear dear friends of the Shipibo people being such a loving presence in this world.
    Just to clarify I newer(I have no remembrance of using) used the drug described in the clip, but the Ikaros song just resonates with me so strongly.
    Oh Yes, Amy thank You for Your kind words earlier on big hugs.
    Stephan aka the almost drowned dog…

    1. I’ve heard about that ayahuasca before and it sounds so interesting…I like what this guy had to say…he does say he’s an atheist…I wonder if he’d say he ‘believed’ in Oneness…??? I once heard that the One has it’s own One and so on…I guess that’s the idea of infinity that he refers to…

      Anyway, thank you for sharing, Stephan…♥!

      1. Dear Janis, there are a lot of testimonials from the temple of Light, what I like about it is that the majority of shamans there are female. That is the reason for the loving atmosphere there I think, an atmosphere of people doing things they believe in, from a standpoint of unconditional love for the benefit of their society.

        The guy on the video talks about the idea of Infinity and You are right he is not to clear about that. What I interpret from it is, that he has been living in a very strict scientifical 3D version of the world, where everything is measurable, explainable and finite wrapped into cause and effect. Therefore the sheer idea of something outside of the box (or equation) is a threat to that view of the world.

        Now to Your interpretation,what is this idea of the one having it’s one about, do You have an example or a reference to it I wonder?

        1. Yes, that’s what I picked up about that guy…I like how you expressed your thoughts here, Stephan.

          About that idea…I might can find the more exact reference but right now I only know that it came from the transcripts found at

          Thank you, Stephan…♥♥♥…janis

    2. Love this…thank you Stephan for sharing it! I know someone who actually went to Peru (not the same temple/shamans) and he said it was a craaaaazy experience…I’d do it! (Maybe even twice if I liked it 😀 !)

      1. Dear Maggie, I feel connected in a way already with the people of the Shipibo. It was after seeing the western Blueberry, that portrays a boy being healed from the wounds of the outside world and made capable of feeling love again. This movie has a very precise visual side depicting the visions and in the extras part of the DVD I found a gem of a documentary from the making of blueberry that shows the director Jan Kounen having elaborate sessions in order for him better to direct the movie. When I hear the Ikaros and see these beautiful people singing it my heart just melts.

        When our transformation is over I might take a dive into the wisdom of this plant, when the time and place comes into alignment with my higher self to partake

    3. Dear Caroline, being in nature is a blessing in itself. Hard to say what did make him so relaxed, I think the energy of the place Is vital for success and a lot of experience from the shamans involved.
      As always I think, one should carefully consult ones heart before taking in something as powerfull as this plant.
      And remember baby-steps and all that.
      But we have a multiverse to rescue, so to me the shipibo are just another allied in our quest for heaven on earth 🙂

  9. Dear all, thank you for connecting. Words arent enough today, after reading you Aisha and you all at the Pond. My heart is with you!

  10. In response to your call for help Dave:
    My guess as to why you are stuck is that you are disapointed in humanity, but I have read on different sites that (our) humanity is nothing to be ashamed of. Everything that has happened in the past has happened for a reason. It has brought us insight and it has brought us to where we are now.
    Forgive mankind for all that was, and forgive yourself. Don’t feed the negative 3D energies with your attentions. If you don’t pay attention to it ,it will just disperse. All the energies are going up to 5D and beyond. Focus on the pure energy in your heart. GO INTO NATURE. You will find peace there.
    This ascencion is a journey with many ups and many downs. The lights you saw in your last meditation; that’s us, you soul brothers and sisters.
    My heart to yours.

  11. poor Dave, hey but why is nobvody refering to Royor Ray? This story about the Creator of this tiny galaxy. Weird. It is so funny that the esoterics have no idea of the trouble of the real world. Desaster do not go away if you turn off the news. The troubles are still here. TThere are people who live different life forms. CCommunities. Have to stand against the odds. It is different for everyone. Yes. But Miracles will not help . Falling of a moubntain while your wife is pregnant. Do you think it helps to tell someone who is not able to walk to tell he should jogg? Are we jesus already?
    Raise the dead? This world drags people down. Intentionally. Here we are with our little light energy and perform a wonder all together. I have never seen anyone of you pondies, and mayhaps never will.
    Levitation. I still walk, or better run and hurry to make ends meet.
    Complaining always leads to this wrong compassion. Why should I cry that this world goes downwards. Like Bogart said then it is released from its pain.,

  12. I’m feeling anxious about decisions that might have to be made. I might have to pack up and leave. Literally with a suitcase and leave everything behind as a trek into the unknown. Things have ground to a halt in my life and there’s plenty of chaos right now.

    Maybe we should get together for a group meditation before this last eclipse hits? I think there are plenty of people who could use an extra shot of light.

    1. You hit on the nail M….”I might have to pack up and leave. Literally with a suitcase and leave everything behind as a trek into the unknown”
      That is rounding my head for a while….That involves much courage, doesn’t it? I’ll keep it in mind….we’ll see 😉
      Love to you M

    2. I love the picture of wearing a tailored suit with neatly packed up suitcase ready to leave to a world that projects the best of ourselves.

      1. I’m not going to make any decisions until after this eclipse energy has settled. I really don’t want to trade my family for an unknown situation.

        1. Well M that’s not what I was saying and I don’t think it’s about trading anything but making the choice that makes YOU and only you happy! Everybody’s evolutionary process is different and tailored to the best of our abilities and perceptions to make the choices that serve our souls. That’s a more peaceful part of me that is saying that. But emotionally I understand you. Much Love!

        2. From the channelled messages that I resonate with the correct situation and solution to my issues and everyone elses is one that you can get excited about. I think that’s the whole point to this process.

          1. Thank you, Nick, for controlling that another part of you (if it is not yet fully integrated). ‘M’, please, calm a bit. There,s no need to make radical changes in our lives yet. All we need now is to open wide our hearts to the new energies, to love, to joy, to union with other like us. This will bring peace to our life, to our mind, to our ego, to our heart. Then, when we are really centered in our hearts, nurtured and healed, mayhaps it,s time for us to begin to see around us. Because the change comes from inside us, not the opposite. Out of us may be in chaos, but we need to be in peace inside us, always. I can tell you something, ‘M’, when you reach peace inside you, all around you begins to change for the better too. So, my dear ‘M’, keep flying Home with us, YOUR family. Can we know your name? I love you, ‘M’!

            1. Ok I’m calm …calm! LOL
              I was presented with an opportunity to go for a job out of town which coincided with messages about leaving much behind and leaps of faith. This is also backed up with astrology predictions and more channeled messages matching what was happening in my outside world. Plus my personal life is technically dead, so there seems to be pressure to take this or I’m a gonna be in financial trouble soon.

              I’ve been enjoying my meditations but have lost my peace with the situation a week or so ago. It seemed like an impossible decision and my head’s been going around in circles with it since. I find peace but loose it when thinking of this situation. This leap of faith may be too big under present conditions.

              I’ve chosen to get involved with this online community to give and receive support during these times so I do appreciate your comments.


              1. Dear Mike, welcome to this Pond of light and love! I hope you will feel at home here, and that the reflections you see gazing at these tranquil waters will help you find the answers you seek. Your family are here, ready to support you in any way we can.
                Love and light, Aisha

                1. Aha, now I get it! Mike is “M” 😉 For some reason, your latest comment was put into the moderation queue with the other “newcomers”, but now I see you have already made yourself very much at home at the Pond. Great to have you here in this circle, Mike!
                  Much love from me, Aisha

                  1. Yea I’m not sure why that happened Aisha. Oh well I got to talk to you again!
                    I think this killed the rest of the conversation though. Too bad, I enjoyed everyone’s input on this.



  15. I feel that this missive it talking right up my alley…thank you, Aisha and CCs!

    I want to express what I’m dealing with but the words to not come fluidly. My issues are physical right now…it’s so hard for me to decide what symptoms are energy upgrades or things a doctor needs to address or symptoms of anxiety AND I don’t have any medical insurance AND I am unemployed while a friend is sharing his disability check with me as I once shared my income with him…so finances are slim! Even so…all along I thought I was making the best choices at the time. Most of the people I know, which are not many these days, are worriers and I really don’t want to share everything with them because I feel it’ll stress me out even more. I have been to the doctor because I have thyroid issues but I don’t want to tell all these symptoms because they might feel obligated to put me through a bunch of tests to cover themselves legally…??? My decision making is so hard on this! And, in the past when I’ve had insurance, I went through a bunch of medical tests that didn’t show anything was wrong…I finally realized that it was anxiety related! It’s so hard for me to feel what’s right for me to do…my throat is tightening up as I write this. *tearing up* A friend once told me, “Trust Self” ! Sometimes I can’t feel certain about what Self ‘says’…it seems that it’s a lot of trial and fine tuning…

    So appreciating to have the presence of all you guys here at the Pond…even if there are no words of insight to share…presence counts for a lot…♥♥♥

    1. Janis, Luv, IF your Thyroid is not functioning correctly and you are not taking hormones, your entire body/mind will be unbalanced. This I say as a Professional Registered Nurse. And IF it is your Thyroid acting up, my advice, go to a doctor.

      IF you don’t understand the symptoms related to hypo/hyper thyrodism, do some research and really look at yourself carefully. Please, Sister, don’t procrastinate due to money. Your Thyroid is THE Master gland of the body, and if not working properly you can end up with serious problems.

      I Love you!!! Amy

      Sent from my iPad

        1. It takes a while before the hormones “kick in”, Janis. I don’t know if this is the case for you or if you need a higher dose. Your body is talking to you, though. Only you have the answers. I am praying for you, my Sister of Blue Heart.

          Love, Amy

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    2. Janice, you’re not alone with your symptoms…I have basically been in the same boat with no insurance and limited funds – thankfully, I have found some ‘alternative’ therapies helpful and they have come about with little expense- joining a Reiki group for one…detoxing and alkalizing your body are also very helpful (many ways- perhaps just using the intention method shared a couple days ago). Keep trekking and visiting the healing waters here – we are all here to help heal each other and the planet!

      1. Do agree with Amy- we do have to ‘keep it real’ where we are at the moment…my Thyroid levels fluctuate but not so wildly to warrant meds. “Hashimoto’s” I’ve been told – only cure to kill my Thyroid gland…ugh, no thanks doc! I’ll keep it monitored but heal it in my own way

        1. Jess, I have been diagnosed with Hashmimoto’s and still have my thyroid. No surgery for me! I am taking hormones and exercising to stay healthy. Thyroid is tricky and it can really punch a hole in your life. It affects everything, inclusive of increased anxiety.

          BIG (((HUGS))) Janis!!!! Only YOU knows what is best to do. Remember, YOU are more important then money. Got that??? Your health is more important then money! You don’t have your health, you have nothing…….Please take care of you. I AM intending YOU have the money to go to a doctor IF this is what you need. I SEE it, Janis. I AM Magic…… I AM.

          I LOVE YOU!!! Amy

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    3. Ohh! Beautiful Janis!!!!
      I was told some of you today needed help in the Pond. I was surprised when I’ve seen such a paragraph from you, and I was affraid “it has to be very hard” because I know is a very big effort for you to write that. As you know I won’t say you any different solution you don’t know…but I had to post my support, my strenght, allll in your way, to make your best related to your physical issues and your connection ones ( I share with you it is too hard tune up/understand with your Self) …But I am QUITE sure you WIll, for sure you will get it….Maybe you don’t have the best situation ever, but you have an angel encouraging/helping besides you….you don’t need anyone else for now….
      Loving you and hugging you tightly

      1. Ohhh, thank you, sweet Emma…your message is encouraging, you have such a wonderful way of doing that…your posts have a wonderful way of giving me a boost…love right back to you, Emma…♥♥♥

    4. Is there anything wrong with Janis’ physical body? NO.
      Is what Janis is feeling just about her Ascension process? YES
      Is there anything wrong about Janis? NO.

      Mayhaps, I did the wrong questions to Heaven about you, my loved Janis, but I,d like you to consider the above dialogue as true. I hope it helps you. I love you, Janis!

      1. Janis, I can attest personally, that Nohmad speaks truth. Remember when I had an ovarian cyst the size of a baseball? Nohmad had a major role in assisting me to heal this body. If I were you, I would go within, and take Nohmad’s words with you.

        I Love you, Janis. I too am with you.

        HUGS, Amy

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      2. I bow to you, Brother Nohmad, for the Great BEing of Light you are. I truly am not able to remember a time without you in my life.

        I Love you. Amy

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      1. Hmmmm…I hadn’t really thought about it being someone else’s energy…I’ve thought about that in terms of someone else’s emotional energy but not in the case of my responding in a physical way…??? Interesting for me to think about…thank you, Dominique…♥!

        1. It is very interesting that several of us here (Amy, Maggie, heather, me, you…) have very similar health issues and there seems to be an association with empathic tendencies…hummhhhh. Interesting. What gives?

            1. I am not sure, but lately, I have been determined to leave all my health issues behind. ALL. Mind over matter. Something deep within is clicking into place, and I just will not “do this” disharmony in this body any more.

              New DNA??? Yes! I speak to that which is in me, and I speak Truth. I speak health. And so it is.

              It matters not to me if this happens overnight or again a process. Whatever is the Highest Best for this body, and darn it, I have enough Faith for 10 people! My health is the best it has been now for over 25 years, and it is just getting better!!!!

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              1. haha…well, maybe I can be one of the 10, Amy!!! I have had faith but I think that my thoughts about the TIMING of things smoothing out was wayyyyyyy different than what has transpired… 😛 …and I’ve generally been physically healthy until the last year or so! Anyway, your message is an encouraging one, Amy…thank you…♥!

                1. You are welcome, Janis! Someday I would love to share with those of you that click with me, my story and how I just would not give up. Determination is my middle name!!!!

                  “What you THINK that is WHO and WHAT you are”.

                  I Love you, my Sister, Amy

                  Sent from my iPad

    5. Dear Janis, thank you for being here, and for sharing your journey! You give us the gift of allowing us to reach out to you, and I am so grateful for that.
      I embrace you and send you my love, Aisha

  16. yes oystergirl 99 yes we are here for each other and we feel each others´presence through the words and the replies and the attention each person gives to the articles like reading them carefully and feeling for that soul and connecting with that soul within my soul or gratitude again LOVE IS HERE

  17. Sending everyone a big hug from Me! 🙂 Ah, this message definitely speaks to some of the situations I see in my life and my soul group.

    I will say this–as one who really has done the work–and it was hard work and it was scary work and it was work that I didn’t think I would ever attempt because of the desolation it made me feel when addressing it–I can say that when you do the work–you really are FREE…that you have to walk through pain to receive this gift is the truth–but nothing that is truly worth it comes without a price…

    And I will say this–there are many loving souls here who can help–really–trust it–Hugs all! 🙂 alex

  18. I love reading your words and also the other people´s thoughts and questions and visions and you say this is another support which I have resorted to a long time to come to the blog and read people´s articles and then study the comments and questions..all helps to get what I sense firmly anchored into the ground so that I can feel more solid at the same time more light because the shackles anre gone so be it and I leave you now with and in deep gratitude

  19. my dear pond – i don’t know what to do.

    i really don’t want to be a bummer – but i’m at a complete loss right now. this might be a long one… i’ll try to simply share, more than complain

    i found such amazing solace and guidance on this and other blogs starting in the beginning of 2012… all last year i had the most vivid meditations and reached a sustained clarity and field of vision like i’ve never had before. i released layer up on layer upon layer of old baggage that had been keeping my brain running in pointless, anxious circles about personal weirdness from 20 years ago and beyond.

    basically, i got free last year – and it was great! i found my happy place, and my incredible wife was (and still is, always) totally with me no matter how odd this gets.

    my entire world view changed last year – or reverted really, back to the values i remember holding as a child, before i was “broken” and reprogrammed by education and entertainment and media.

    i was so happy to leave that all behind, and rediscover the things that originally made me me. and it was *so good* to find people online that were experiencing the same things – thank you all.

    together we got so excited about the promise of imminent change for the betterment of all humanity. we pulled TRUTH and TOGETHERNESS and our deepest LOVE right out of the atmosphere with all of our psychic might in an effort to help guide our collective intent towards peace and cooperation.

    i didn’t think anything major would happen outwardly on 12/21/12… i had what i thought were fairly street-level hopes that – maybe – some law might get signed around then that would really help some people, and maybe set the stage for something even better down the line. this seemed, to me, broad enough to qualify as a very low, fairly possible, bar.

    instead – a week before the “finish line” – we got a devastating tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary, the likes of which this country has never seen, and i hope to hell nobody ever experiences again.

    in the 5 months since the shooting, i’ve been completely unable to meditate. i’ve fallen asleep trying, but mostly i just can’t still my head enough to “lock in” like i did so often last year. i don’t watch the news anymore, but the unavoidable barrage of tragedy, destruction, deception, corruption, abuse, environmental disaster, slave labor, factory explosions, military posturing, false flagging and disinformation has just been relentless.

    “apocalytpic,” you might say… (as in “revealing,” not “end of the world” as it’s been rebranded)

    but we knew this was coming, and i thought i understood where it was going… that our combined effort to spread love and light couldn’t be stopped, that it would at least have some leveling effect on all the chaos that was to come… but i look around and see such a barren, loveless, frightened, ego-driven soulscape and wonder where all of our effort has gone.

    so now, i just can’t break through the noise to get back to my center. it’s left me depressed and cynical and fed up. it’s exhausting, and right now i’m just shredded, with no way to heal and recover and listen for guidance. it’s like the phone line got cut. i’m out of juice, mentally and physically – my legs and feet are screaming at me every day, even though i barely ever walk anywhere or spend any time standing. i work at home, sitting on my couch, and somehow my legs are completely trashed.

    since the tragedy in december i did “break through” in meditation once, in mid-february. i found myself floating in darkness while brilliant, warm white lights whizzed by, bobbing and weaving.

    “i see so many lights,” i thought.

    unexpectedly, a higher voice said “yes, you should. you are travelling. those are your brothers and sisters.”

    “oh, wow! …is this the 4th?”

    “you are travelling, through the 4th (and into the 5th)”

    “well, hello everybody… you sure are beautiful…”

    and that was it. it was wonderful, very intense and extremely compelling… but it’s just been a blackout ever since, even as the chaos gets louder and closer and more frequent.

    i’m officially at odds with everything. i can’t get behind anything i see happening locally, or nationally, or globally. I OBJECT TO ALL of it. everything. all i see is humanity’s complete failure to address any one of our most urgent emergencies – and a concerted, infinitely-funded effort to compound that failure. right now, i don’t know how we’re going to make it.

    i wish more than anything that i could muster the positivity i always see offered up here. i just can’t manage to pull it up anymore.

    how do you guys do it?

    much love – unfortunately not so much light. sry : \

    1. Oh, Dearest Dave,

      For starters don’t ever ever be sorry for being truthful and reaching out for help, which you are indeed. My eyes filled with tears and I am still covered in goosebumps from reading your words.

      Dear GOD I wish I had the answers for you. My Heart is crying just crying that I don’t have the answers, and I don’t even know what to say to you.

      I am not able to see this world anymore, Dave. I just am not able to do it, and when I do, I fall through the basement in despair. Some may call this fantasy thinking, but this is how I am surviving. Everywhere I go, I SEE and I FEEL and I have to fight with all I have not to get pulled into the drama of what I am witnessing. So many are SO shut off from LOVE and SO may ruled by fear. And so I rise above all what is around me, and I keep my “head in the clouds”. This is the ONLY way I am surviving these times!

      I am crying. Dear GOD, I wish I could hold you, embrace you, wipe you exhaustion and your fears away, and with the wave of my hand, give you Peace of Mind. Your story holds so many aspects of my life, for years I just floated and felt wonderful, and then BAM I got slammed up one side and down the other. And here I thought I had made it.

      I close my eyes, I see you, trembling and in so much pain. I pray over you that the Healing Waters found at this POND take your pain from you, and you find your Center once again.

      My one advice I do have. No matter how hard it is, start moving. Start walking. Start jogging. Get her heart rate up, get your breath moving, so that you can move this despair out of you and you can breathe again. Get a bicycle and start riding it. Ride hard and furious. Blow off this energy that has a grip on you, and just let it go. Let it go, Dave!

      Get on the express elevator and manually push your chi energy from basement level (lower chakras) to High Heart and 3RD eye, and keep your energy there. No matter how hard, no matter how many times you do this, practice. Stay away from the world right now if that is possible. Please stay away from the news. Please. When my husband has the news on, I have to exit the room, I just cannot tolerate the tone of the news caster’s voice or what is being presented.

      Oh how I wish I could just reach out and HUG you! Kat, a Sister here, gave me top advice and her words were: NEVER GIVE UP!!!! I was at a point that I was a pile of dust, just thinking I cannot take one more step, that I am so DONE! Her words sank in, I went deep within and I let go all that I was tightly holding onto realizing that this holding pattern was killing me.

      Oh, I am just so emotional right now. I hope I made sense to you. I pour the Sacred Healing Waters of this POND over you right now. Drink deeply, my Brother. Drink Deeply!!!! Help is on its way!!! I promise!!!!

      With all my Love. Amy

      Sent from my iPad

    2. Dave, please hang on. I promise you, Angels have heard you, and help, REAL help is on its way to you! I am praying for you! NOW!

      Sent from my iPad

    3. Dave, I was just “told” you are going to make it. What you are going through is the LAST huge hurtle that you will break through. But only you can do it, and I know this shall come to pass, and you will not only experience Bliss again, but better then Bliss, if you can imagine.

      I am saying to you, that when I was hit, so hard, unceasingly, I collapsed and I almost gave up. I am talking a major mess. Within 2 days of that major mess, I stand to tell you I am SO strong now, SO together, SO at peace, and yes, I know JOY again. This is yours. And when you receive you shall be so grateful that Compassion shall sprout forth within your Heart as never before to tell others who are a pile of dust that they can and shall push through.

      This pushing through was one of the hardest aspects of my Walk. I truly didn’t think I could do it. In releasing all that I “thought” was mine to hold, I gave myself freedom and New Life. This too you shall do for you. I know it. I see it. It has been foretold!

      BIG (((HUGS))), Lady Pinkrose

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      1. Dave, for me too this seems like “the finals”. The final push through.

        For me the answer was to “let go the fear” and compassion (for yourself, for all the things mentioned ect).

        Be brave. There is a reason for this now. Look at your fear (/sorrow) and have love for wonderful person you are caring for the world and others. You can help the best by acting from your heart in everyday life!

        🙂 Lara

      2. amy, thank you so much for reaching out to me. i really needed those hugs! 🙂 i forget that while we’re all focused on the light, i’m not the only one struggling underneath

        much love

    4. Dave. Just Be my friend. You do not need to meditate. You do not need to do anything but get your butt outside and sit in nature and ground yourself! You did so much work to upwardly elevate your energy and you have disconnected from the other part of yourself. You need to ground.

      Then its important to realize 100% that any attention to that which you do not want in the new world must be removed. The only way to remove darkness is to starve it to death with light-pushing against it, according to the laws of physics will only make it push back even harder..

      Be gentle on yourself–much love–alex

    5. Dave, my brother, if I were locked to 3D as you are, I will be now asking for help too. But after 12-21-2012, I took a different way, Dave, I turned inside my heart, forever. So no TV, no news, no papers, no radio, no nothing from 3D, do you understand, Dave? Why? Because ALL that comes from 3D is from darkness. They don,t want us to be free, to have hope, to have faith, to have love, to feel joy/glee/happiness, do you agree, Dave? Darkness want us to be in HELL forever. Because WE feed them with our pain. Your current state is not different of millions here on planet Earth, suffering HELL.

      Is there a remedy for HELL upon planet Earth today, Dave? Yes, Light/Love. And where is that Light/Love? All around you. All you need to do is to open your heart and this Light/Love will enter until your whole being is filled with it. Is that all? No. You, Dave, has to do your part in this process too. What? Let 3D go from your life, Dave. You have to choose: 3D or 5D, and act according.

      Dave, this place you came for help, is a pure source of light/love. When you came here you are being healed and nurtured with pristine light/love. Then you go away to integrate it in your whole system. Then you came again and take more, until you begin to be linked to this Pond all time, and the energy flows smoothly through you, Dave.

      Then, Dave, your heart opens more and more, and another process begins, Dave. Your ego and your physical brain begin to merge with your heart. And you feel peace of mind, Dave, and your ego begin to be calm and stops torturing you with all that is more awful in 3D, Dave. And you begin to ‘dig’ inside your heart and all the hidden answers begin to sprout, Dave, and at baby steps, you begin to evolve and begin to take momentum.

      Dave, my brother, leave hell behind, look ahead only. You alone won,t be able to save the world. But we all together, yes, we can.

      Embrace just love, joy, connect with people that vibrate like you, here in this Pond, and wherever you can find them. The more you connect, the more you open your heart to love, true friendship, the more energy flow through you.

      Big hug for you, Dave, keep flying home with us

    6. My point of view is different. We all have our challenges planned for us. 3 years ago I lost everything I had left and was tempted with the idea of lying on train tracks to accelerate my ascension, if you know what I mean. I was shown in no uncertain terms that ‘everything is under control’ for the purpose of demonstration and that heaven was taking care of me, my main role here was to ‘feel’ what was happening to me because those were experiences desired by Source. I am not affected by what is happening in the world because I know it is part of the illusion and most of it is fake, in fact, I believe the angels are behind it in a sort of a ‘Wag the dog’ (the movie) fashion, and I admire the intricacies of their way of executing the cosmic plan. The higher realm doesn’t let anything happend without the consent of everyone involved and I believe not everyone are people like you and me. All point to us being in God’s dream and he can imagine anyone he wants, in any situation. The shift might be just around the corner. Some already believe it is due before the end of the month, we’ll see. Take care.

    7. Dave, I agree with what Alex said..and here is a suggestion: you may consider withdrawing from the media or else you will constantly be pulled into a lower vibration. This is the goal of some who whish to still control the uncontrollable.
      As far as the tragedys are concerned – we have no idea what those souls agreed upon prior to incarnating into this life. We can’t see the big picture from our vantage point. There are many possibilities. And if you believe that when a body dies, their soul does in fact transition to another, higher realm, then we have no reason to mourn them. Its not what happens out there that is the problem, it is how we choose to understand it.
      Much love to you,

    8. I am sooo touched by your words!!!
      I do understand those connections/disconnection feelings….I can only say you…YOU ARE NOT ALONE….in such a hard path with its harder process….Lotssss of encourage and love from me Dave

    9. thank you, dear friends, for understanding and sharing your thoughts and your love. i really do take your words to heart as i work on finding my way back.

      getting into nature is indeed one of the few things that brings me any real happiness, if i can get far enough out of the city first. (city dwelling = half of problem)

      the last time i went hiking i sat on a rock and tried to meditate… within 15 minutes, this perfectly sunny day flipped – dark storm clouds rolled in and blocked out the sun, and a cold wind kicked up. it expanded and followed me for a mile back to my car and spread out down the entire coastline as i drove home.

      it was like the perfect illustration of my recent attempts. rained out.

      but it was a wonderful hike – and my legs felt fine for the whole 3 miles 🙂

      so – thank you all so much for your help and your positive push. i’m sure i will come back to these messages many times, so thank you.

      much love and light to us all

      1. Dear Dave, dear brother of the light! For you are truly that, my brother, my family, one of those many specks of light that I also see when I close my eyes ands reach out to connect with the rest of you. But if I forget myself, and I look at the world through the eyes of the media, I do not see you. I see that illusion we have helped to create, an illusion so filled with pain, fear, greed and sorrow, it is almost unbearable. But then, I make myself look the other way, and I see a beautiful planet, populated by 7 billion human BEings, capable of working miracles. I also see a planet teeming with life, where magnificent creatures fly, swim, walk and crawl, and where the strong green shoots comes up through the snow every spring when sun starts to warm the earth where I live.

        I do not close my eyes to the scars we all carry, both we humans, but also our Mother Earth, but what I see, are the potential we have. We are on the brink of rediscovering that potential, not only in ourselves, but in this whole ecosystem we are a part of. We have been living a life controlled by a small part of us, that part that is controlled by fear, and so we have mismanaged not only ourselves, but this whole planet in a spectacular way. Many say we did this in order to learn something, and I agree. But the lessons we can learn from fear are very, very limited, and mankind has come to a point where we all have to choose between staying in fear, or stepping away from it and into love.

        Many of us have chosen to step away from the fear and into the light. And so have you Dave, and that is why you made that giant leap last year, and put away those old limitations that the programmed fear had given you. But for some reason, this fear tripped you up again, and you feel like you have lost all connection to that part of you where you found your power, your joy and your freedom. But it is still there, you have only fallen for the temptation to look back down into the illusion of fear and greed that is still mirrored in so many faces. But as you look away, you see us, your brothers and sisters around the Pond. We are many, but we are not 7 billion, and so, it is easy to think that it is WE who are living in an illusion. But it is not, and we are not alone in finding a way to let go of the old programming of fear. And day by day, the light we have found within is also found by others, as they manage to wrestle away from the drama still being played out by a few very loud individuals setting the standard for what is ”important” and what is not.

        For what they deem as important, is the same old stories that will make you lose every faith you ever had in humanity if you let them. To me, it is like they keep feeding us the visual equivalent of kryptonite, the stuff that made Superman lose his powers and become so weak his opponents could do whatever they wanted to him. And that is what this endless barrage of stories about shootings, trafficking, famine, bombings and all other manmade and natural disasters have upon us. They leave us feeling as powerless and hopeless as ever. But are we really powerless? For when we manage to see through this illusion and tap into our core, what do we find there? We find a power that is endless, for it doesn’t end with ME. For I am connected to All there is, and we are truly ONE.

        That is what so many of us have already discovered, and even if I also fall back into despair now and then when I get a whiff of that old kryptonite they still dish out in large helpings every day, most of the days, I manage to shut it off and take a deep breath of the fresh air of the truth I see all around me. I see it in the eyes of my neighbour, when he unexpectedly knocks on my door and give me three beautiful trouts he has just fished. I see it in the children from all parts of the globe cavorting together in the pool near our house. I see it in the smile from a stranger when we meet during an evening walk in the forest. I see it in in my surroundings, but I also see it out in the world. I see it in the words you and so many others share here at the Pond. I see it in the stories from near and far about people reaching out a helping hand to stranger. I see it in a small items hidden away in the news, telling about a promising new discovery in science that can help solve one of our old problems, or how a brand new way of educating children all over the world is taking place on youtube and other channels outside the old and conservative school systems.

        For I see potential where so many only see problems. Humanity is an incredible creation, living on a planet that in itself is a magical and wondrous place. We have, based on the limited powers we have had available up until now, taken our species on a journey from cave dwellers to where we are today. Granted, on this journey, we have created many, many problems. But now, as more and more of us are starting to unlock the doors within and step into our true potential, we are also giving ourselves the posibility to create a new world, where we can solve all of the problems we have helped create by our inability to see who we truly are. But now we can start to see it, and together, we will step into a world that is filled with love and the joy of creating. But we can only do so if we step away from the kryptonite. Dave, you have discovered just how powerful the effect of this will have on us all if we let it. For we cannot change the world if we let ourselves focus on all that is wrong. It will just zap away all of our powers. But if we keep doing what we do here, at the Pond, we will change the world. For we are changing ourselves, by letting go of the old fear and reclaiming our own powers. And when we connect, we can help each other do just this. Thank you Dave, for reaching out to us all here, and reminding us of this lesson.

        For alone, no one can take the pressure of shining a light into the darkest of corners. For that is truly what we are doing. First we must do it in ourselves, and then we can do out into the world. We have each other, but we also have the help of the ”unseen”, and we all have the same goal: breaking free of the old limitations, and unleashing our light filled creativity in a way that will change this world and everything that lives upon it forever.

        So keep connecting, Dave, and move away from the things that pull you down. Move your focus, and move your body, do anything you can to break away from the old and stagnant waters you have fallen into and immerse yourself in the cleansing energy of this Pond of love and light. You have found your light already, it has just been covered by a thin layer of sludge, and it will wash off easily. We all feel how the connection goes down from time to time, and our lights dim down because of it. That is why we are here, together, to help each other reboot and recharge our batteries so we can continue to shine as brilliantly as we have the potential to do.

        I embrace you and thank you for being here in this circle, dear brother! I know you will find your way back to your joy, so give yourself all the help you can do make that journey as short as possible.
        Much love from me, Aisha

        1. I bow to you, Lady Aisha, for this Brilliant Masterpiece of Heart Words. Bless you for ALL you do!!!

          Love, so much Love, Lady Pinkrose

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        2. Thank you, Aisha! If i were darkest of darkness, after this beautiful heartfelt sharing of yours, I would be, without doubt, transformed into light, instantly. Thank you, Aisha, for pouring your lovely light upon all of us, your family. I love you, Aisha!

        3. Wow Aisha
          I really appreciated you mentioning my raising of awareness a couple of days ago, but I can tell you, yours is really up there very high. What you wrote is beautiful, like you. My love always dear sister.


        4. wow, thank you aisha! your thoughts are beautifully put as always, and right on the button. the kryptonite analogy is a good one.

          i actually gave up tv news many years ago, and after the sandy hook shootings (i did not watch the coverage), i decided to completely give up violent entertainment too – no more guns, no more fighting, no more revenge, no more military propaganda, no more horror movies. i can’t even watch my favorite “iron chefs” prep meat anymore.

          this has been my own personal “protest for peace” – in the interest of keeping my focus on the light, i no longer protest against things i don’t want – i protest FOR the things i DO want!

          all of this is my effort to pull away from this 3D mess and its relentless psychic fallout… but it’s not even those big news stories that wear me down – it’s the far more complicated long-term offenses being carried out against all of us, every day – my frustration is really centered on those “in charge” who absolutely CAN make things better but choose every day not to – and then willfully make things worse.

          add in the way that people on the ground treat each other (especially here in los angeles) – the mutual paranoia, obsessive competition, compulsive “me first!” syndrome, and rampant prescription-zombieism, and you get a toxic, crippling environment. fresh air is hard to come by.

          my frustration is that as a designer, i too see ALL the potential – in everyone and everything, everywhere! – but untapped potential is a void, and the utter disinterest in exploring that potential is epidemic.

          i truly believe we have everything we need to make this world work for everyone, but i get stuck when i don’t see any significant move toward implementation or course correction at any level.

          so – without my old escape route into tv and movies, and being unable for almost six months to find shelter in my own psyche, this awful 3D “reality” is the only input i can currently receive – and it’s clearly done a number on me.

          for example – all i wanted to do yesterday was come back here to thank everybody again, individually, for all of your thoughts and support – as soon as i sat down to do that, this is what happened:

          – a construction crew started tearing up the entire front yard and driveway of the house next door… backhoes, jackhammers, the works
          – shortly after that started, i got sucked into a 4-HOUR banking meltdown – one the most dense activities possible!

          that’s just my world right now – despite my best efforts i simply can not find peace when i need it!

          anyway, i’ll rebel against all of yesterday’s noise by saying, today – THANK YOU, FRIENDS! amy, lara, alex, carolyn, jess, janis, nohmad, birgitta, nayon, maria, phoenix, emma, aisha, jur, maggie, dominique and everybody else – wow, that’s a lot of love! 🙂 your efforts and encouragement are so deeply appreciated, thank you.

          i did need to be reminded that we really are on the precipice – that we haven’t fallen back, that retreat isn’t even possible… that what i see happening in the world is not the /result/ of our efforts, but the /response/ to our progress… and i definitely need to schedule more nature-time to strengthen my faculties if i’m going to make it through the rest of this!

          i will try to keep hoping for the best, even when it all just looks like the worst, and hopefully when i share again i’ll be able to return the favor with some positivity of my own.

          peace, love and light to us all

  20. I had a dream. Creator what does this mean. Man has had many creators. Its is written that one creator came and helped man become a working class being for the purpose of helping this creator with collecting different elements from earth. This creator gave man a lot of what is know today. He also only gave man enough thoughts so he could be controlled in a easy way. It is said this creator has come to earth many times to give man a little more knowledge to make him stay happy enough not to think he is only being controlled for the soul purpose of this creator. He has to have our permission from us to control our soul. We are now and always been a being of choice.

    This creator has to go by the laws given by the creator of our galaxy who gave us a choice. You never see these so called creators saying they are the creator of this galaxy and the laws that came with its creation. The creator of the galaxy is the source of the true universial knowledge that the lessor creators say they get their knowledge from. That is passed on to us. The lessor creators ask in a decieving way if they can have your permission to let a soul enter your body. They may not say soul and use one of several other words in the place of soul. This is another soul that can gain control over your body and thoughts. All you have to do is ask the one claiming to be creator if it is the creator of the galaxy and put the laws in place. If it says no it is a lessor creator that wants to add another soul to your body. Their true body forms don’t do as well as our bodies on earth.

    When the body dies and the soul rest. Until it is again given a body. This process starts all over again. For the one claming to be our creator to get your permission to add another soul to our body. This has been a never ending cycle for man. Our soul never dies but is given body after body through the ages for these so called creators to gain control over our body and thoughts time after time. This is how mankind has been controlled for many ages. The soul that enters into your body from these so called creators remembers its past. Where mans soul memory is hidden from most in his next life.

    They know if man ever learns of some of these secrets. They will lose control over man. Always ask if the voice you here in your mind is the creator of our galaxy and the only true creator and the one that put all the laws in place for our galaxy. It is every being rights to access the true universial knowledge from the true creator. The lessor creators have their own knowledge they can give. The problem is their knowledge has a limit but is given if you want it or not once another soul is added to your body. You can share knowledge with these lessor creators without letting another soul enter your body. They don’t like this but will do it up to a point. They don’t want you to learn to much. Where the true creator source will give you his knowledge if asked with true intent. The true creator don’t need your permission to tell you something. It is given freely without risk of losing control of your thoughts and body by a duel soul. Our earth is in a cycle of higher knowledge that gives our being access to more knowledge from many sources. Never let another take control over your thoughts and body without knowing their true intent. Even if you think their intent may be true. You should always ask about this from the true universial knowledge. Just ask the questions. They can not lie about being the creator of our galaxy and the laws in place. Just make sure the answer is from them and not your ego. I mean no disrespect for anyone by talking about this dream. I hope noone will take it that way.

    Just a dream but something to think about.

    I wish only the best for all that is
    Love and Blessings to All

    Thank you Aisha for your loving heart and all the wisdom and knowledge you give to us at this pond. You have helped many with the work you have done here. It is time to take another step in life for all that is

    1. Ray, this is why I always speak about Free Will Choice as being our ultimate protection in all things. As a freedom seeking being I have always asked to speak only with aspects of my own divine self and have not sought to connect with anything else because I personally know that the wisdom that is part of my soul path is already available to me. This is a very true dream that you had and very important for all of us–the truth we seek is inside us and that is because we are eternally and always connected to the true creator. hugs! alex

  21. Mark (and ALL!),
    The info below may help clear it up, what’s happening…I just had another ‘release’ & removed yet another layer to that onion 😉 – I’ve found it tremendously helpful in past few days, when I feel that “swell” of emotion/anxiety, to Stop (as soon as possible) lay down, play the White Tara Mantra (posted youtube link in 311) and just surrender to ‘seeing’ what needs to be addressed.
    Love u!

    -The Uranus/Pluto Square-
    This is quite a time on our planet with an unusual three eclipses (last one… May 25th full moon in Sagittarius) sandwhiching in one of a series of transformative Uranus/Pluto Squares which sky watchers and spiritual folks have anticipated for years knowing fully this is a time defined by the cosmos and we will transform and awaken. If you can’t feel it already, either through excitement, understanding or fear, you may be in a “coma.” Let’s put this simply. Uranus is insisting you awaken and Pluto is making sure it happens. You will transform. So why not make it easier on yourself. Look at what makes you unhappy in your life and own your resistance to letting it go.

  22. I just returned from a Mission of Mercy. On the way to buying my flying shoes, a house pulled at me and I saw “tarot readings”. I knew I had to go there. So I did, and the energy was SO heavy. I anchored deep within that home LIGHT, and not one, not two, but THREE women I touched.

    I had to come home to wash my hands with my soap and rinse with salt. Heavy indeed. And yes, I did get a reading and only 3 (hehehehe there is that number again!) things said were true. I pulled so much fear off of the reader……yiveh! I had to shake the energy off of me on the way home, and now I am just fine!

    So many are SO clueless that it stuns me. So few are tied into the Grid. Or even know about it. Anyways…..I am SO glad to be HOME. The vibration here is such a relief!!!!

    1. Oh, Amy! I know exactly what you are talking about…we have gotten to a level now that just our ‘presence’ everywhere we go, takes on the assignment of transmuting that which is not of the light. Now that I’m aware that’s what’s ‘going on’ I can amp it up with my Intention and a little visualization.
      I’m preparing to ‘Dance with the Devil’ & will be calling on my Brothers & Sisters to help…if / when you hear the music of the Tango, please send me your light and Intent to assist 🙂

      1. Jess, you have backup! Visualize the Light found here at the POND and put yourself in the middle of it……and you will be just fine! I admit, doing this work has the ability to zap you, so make sure you are protected and shake off any residue! You will be fine!!! Shine on, Oh Bright One!!!

        Loving you! Amy

        Sent from my iPad

  23. Dear Souls,
    ” this last and final barrier “. I am reaching out now to the only
    people I know ( so far ) who are on this stage of the pathway.
    Yesterday I received some news. The younger brother of a close friend is in France and has had a bad fall and as a result has been put into an induced coma ( two weeks since ). His name is Grant and is due to become a father in three months time.
    I humbly ask my fellow lightworkers to join with me in sending Love,Light and healing energies to help him and his family through these troubled times.
    This, I know, is a task I must perform that seems totally in sync with the message posted today.
    Thank you and Namaste, Phil.

    1. Dear Phil, I reach out and take your hand as we stand in this circle of love and light. May the healing waters of this Pond help ease the pain for you, for Grant and for all his family and friends.
      With much love from me, Aisha

    2. Phil, my Love and my Light go out to Grant and his family. May Healing Waters from this Sacred POND perform miracles.

      With all my Love

    3. Phil, you came to the right place to look for help. Powerful angels are going to take care of him now. Thank you for trustin’ YOUR family!Big hug for you, Phil!

      1. Dearest Aisha,Amy,Nohmad and Janis,
        I bow before you all most graciously offering my heartfelt thanks.
        I love you deeply for your unquestioning support.
        Yours unceasingly Phil.

    4. Phil, the love and energy of directed intention from this gathering of sacred beings is nothing short of miraculous! I join hands with you all and send my special intention for all divine sovereign souls to walk the path of their sacred choosing with courage and strength. Big hugs to you my dear friend! alex

        1. Alex and Jess,
          A multitude of thanks and hugs to you both. If it was his soul choice to undergo such a trauma, I sure hope he also chose to come out of it
          with a lesson learned.
          It`s wonderful to have such wisdom on tap in this Pond.Phil.

    5. Dear Phil
      All my support and love is going on Grant’s way. Gos blessed and help him. Even if he is aleady blessed by your company and frienship

    6. Dear Phil – may Grant and his family and friends feel the love and supportive energies from us all. Namaste, Jeff

    7. Dear Phil, be sure that here more than hundred people will be praying for Grant and sharing their’s light and support with him.

      1. Maggie – Emma – Jeff – Golden Eagle – Carolyn – Sonya

        Dearest Hearts,
        I cannot thank you enough for your kind, sweet words. Eyes are stinging with tears of joy at the loving support I find in this wonderful Pond.
        This is a ( strange ? ) opportunity for us to show our unity and connectedness as beings of infinite light and love.
        With all my heart I thank you again, Phil.

  24. Blessings and thanks for this message of comfort in knowing we are not alone, but joined in the Light of love, Jean

  25. Thank you Aisha. We are moving on and that’s a positive. Intense stuff indeed I wonder if there is an end to this though. What a weird world we live in ??? That’s a statement though

    1. Oh yes brother, very weird, but also very wonderful 😉 These energetic rounds are doing weird things to the body too. It feels like I have this huge tuning fork vibrating in my skull and down my spine, my teeth ache and I feel wobbly like I’m at sea. Sometimes I’m so sleepy I feel like those children falling alseep with their face down in their dinner. But at the same time, there is so much joy surging through me, so all of these strange going ons in my body are just confirmation of something new coming in. I feel weirdly normal, especially when I take a look at what the rest of the rest of the world is doing 😉
      Love and light, Aisha

      1. LOL right there with you Aisha, last night it felt like i was simply a floating heart and mind–that my entire body had disintegrated and was reintegrating in the ethers…my teeth hurt too! Do you have any yarrow around? boil some herb in water for 30 minutes, strain and cool and use as a mouth rinse this helps tremendously! big hugs! alex

      2. Haha sleepy like those children with the face down at dinner. One of those children was me lol

      3. Yeah the rest of the world are keep on being distracted. As long as there is a big nose in the room people would be waiting to see him eat dessert :). The same way the entertainment industry is, Give em the big nose and people will give you a buck for it so that they can stare.

  26. I love this last paragraph Aisha! Coming out and letting ourselves shine, just being who we truly are… And also “receive all you can”, I am still working on this one! It is very important indeed.



  27. Dear all, issues coming to my attention are following up so fast lately. This morning 15 minutes ago I was dealing with something and then something unrelated showed up. I thought “what’s this coming up now? Even with my best will I cannot deal with all this, it’s too much”. I got up and did something that could divert my attention.
    But my inner guidance keeps telling me: take profit, this is a bliss, this is a gift..
    I long for the time I will feel lighter

    1. Dearest Marieca, you are surrounded by so much love and light on all sides, and it will help you take one step at a time. As you say, everything that comes up now is a gift, even if it is a challenging one, and it will help to set you free.
      I send you my love and light, dear sister!

    2. Dear Marieca, you ARE lighter now, so all is beginning to happen in your life. Let fear behind, there,s no risk, it,s all yours. Open yourself to YOUR new life, believe, trust, rise your faith. Go baby steps, if you like, but your way is open, you can run fearlessly, now. Listen your guides, they know what is best for you, and they protect you all the way Home. Big hug, Marieca!

    3. Marieca~ Self-doubt, unworthyness, etc…just more constructs of the negative lower ego. You ARE strong enough…but its OK to tackle things in your own time, so long as you don’t fall into avoidance too long 😉
      Fully Healing all of that becomes possible when we realize that we are, indeed, strong enough to ‘Dance with the Devil” but don’t forget to ASK FOR HELP and prepare in whatever way you are so guided.

      I was checking my email yesterday evening, when suddenly I received this inner vision…a dialogue ensued with a handsome but ‘dark’ entity who came to me and said: “So, I hear that you wish to dance with me…I am here to accept your invitation.”
      It is true, I acknowledged, that I did indeed extend the invitation…
      Part of me wanted to honor my word and begin the dance…But then the thought of uncertainty entered my mind, that I may not yet be quite strong enough. I felt the need to Sheld and called upon the Goddess for assistance…
      Her guidance was that it was ok to allow myself the time that I needed to ‘prepare’ – just because He was ready didn’t mean that I had to immediately accept – Rain checks are perfectly acceptable so long as you fully intend to honor your Word 🙂

      1. Jess
        Great wisdom!
        You are listening to the right guides. I am honored that you shared this, as we all should be.

        Love always

  28. Dear loved Aisha, brothers and sisters

    I love this blog, words of inspiration and advice I read your comments. Dear aisha your blog gives me so much love and encouragement. I love you all.
    Thank you


    1. Dear Lenka, welcome to this circle of love, welcome to this Pond! Thank you for bringing your light here 🙂
      Love and light from me, Aisha

    1. My Emmi sent me this song and I give it to all of YOU. Thank you, my Emmi!


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