A day for celebration

Dear friends!

Today, May 17, is Norway’s National Day, when we celebrate the fact that our Constitution was signed, ending 400 years of Danish rule. All over my country, the streets are filled with thousands of children in flag parades. It is a wonderful way to celebrate our freedom and independence, filled with laughter and joy.




I also think it is a perfect day to post this message that was channeled by my sister yesterday, for it talks about how the work we do will be celebrated by the many that will come after us:

“The degree of separation is indeed being marginalised. We will soon meet at the edge of the forest where the light from the pond is being refracted into myriads of little sparks igniting everything in their wake. These are auspicious times as you will soon know the true meaning of the word soon. As the mountains yet again shrugh off their pallour, so will you all stand before the rest of mankind in your true splendour. Nothing can ever again hide the magnificence and the true essence of the universe transfiguring you all in the face of the many. They too will have the choice of lessening their burden and enter into the realms of the multiverse, where they will yet again meet up with their true selves. So much more magnificent than they could ever imagine.

The vision may be too much for many, but those of you who are firmly rooted in this belief, know that this is no monster, but truly the heavenly gates opening up for you all. We are always here beside you as you reside in the earthly realms. For many of you, this is the last time you will step gingerly upon these shores. You will from now on step boldly forth being who you truly are. And nothing more will be left to the imagination. The outcome of this is not yet clear, as the potential for change also holds the potential for several fortuitous outcomes. This is the prize you get for ”playing” this game; being creators of the new world and deciding which wrongs to right and the right way to do it. So you are truly blameless for all the misgivings and misfortunes which has befallen so many on this planet. Remember – the choice of self molestation so to speak has been the choice for generations. Thereby trodding these steps so deep it is difficult to see over the rutted tracks of forefathers toiling on this hard path for generation after generation. Now you have stepped out of these ruts, and you can see the horizon and know that the green grass is waving gently in the breeze, glittering in the warm sunlight.

The ruts of toil are ready to soften again as no steps churn them deeper into the earth. Instead, the tears of joy will soften the clay and moisten it so the germs of the new seeds can take root and cover up these tracks of tears so that no one needs step into them ever again. The trap will no longer trap the unwary, and the harm they have done will linger only faintly on the landscape of tomorrow. Like a reminder of where you have been and beseeching the glory and the joy you now have cavorting on the green fields in your picnic with love. We are therefore not the only ones beholden to you, the forerunners. The generations to come will venerate you and hold you in their highest esteem, as those who broke the mold and made it possible for them to finally realise heaven here on Earth.

So be proud of your achievements, dear lightworkers. The burden is never light, but the golden kingdom is yours for the taking. The mighty conquerors you are, not with steels of sword, but with wisdom, tears and self doubt you have conquered the mightiest mountain of all. Your own ego, showing you only your imagined short comings and lack of manifestation. Its time is now up, and it is writhing in agony as it finds that all the exits it previously used to lure you into self-debilitation, are now blocked up by light. Like the ancient trolls it will burst into flames as the light touches its very core. This cauterization is what burns you now, the pain searing through as the wounds are being readied for new growth and permanent fixture. You are being healed, true friends, as you are becoming whole. The new you will take some time getting used to, as the physical self cannot yet maintain all the light being incorporated in your Higher self just as yet. Like toddlers, you will stumble and graze your knees. But like loving mothers we will comfort you and take pride in your every step. No matter how much you stumble or the setbacks you have, the goal is within sight. Soon, yes very soon, you will stand firmly and walk with great pride into the golden horizon. Remember this, if the days ahead are full of cuts and bruises. Inch by inch you gain valuable ground. And you can never be turned back, whatever tries to hinder you. We salute you all, and gaze proudly upon you, the Children of tomorrow´s world. How beautiful you all are!”

With love and gratitude, Aisha

60 thoughts on “A day for celebration

  1. Ouh I missed out the congrats, Aisha! It makes me so humble to realize how lucky I am too as being born in country where people have kind of equal rights. Its not so in many, many other countries. Freedom to choose who you wanna become. Think the people in North- Korea, what freedom means for them, I am sure it means different things as for us here in western countries.

    Your sister wrote in her channeling about tears of joy and I have had some amazing experiences now two times already concerning about singing after the first gathering and I would like to share those with you guys.

    First I saw a dream where I was attending a work meeting, and there was about 20 people sitting in rows and listening our supervisor. Suddenly I started to sing a song and one by one everyone joined me for singing. And I felt so much love during this song and I felt that the song made everyone so happy. Everyone sang it for bottom of their hearts. After the meeting the supervisor said to me that it was okey to sign THIS TIME, but next time dont do it as these are work meeting nothing else.

    Second time happened yesterday as I drove from my home to my moms home (about 250km) by myself. About mid way I suddenly started to feel this urge to sing, but not any particular song, just trying my voice out. So I started, I created my own melody, I created my own words, first singing about me trying to sing and then moved on thanking all the creatures who are travelling with me on this earth and finally got singing about my dreams and about the things that would make me really really happy and this point I finally broke in tears, I found my longing for my dreams to come true and I carried out singing through my tears, singing half smiling how hard it is to sing tears in your throuth and then I calmed down. I took a long deep breath and started to laught. And this all while I was driving my car 🙂 I felt so blessed with love, love from universe, love for my life, love for myself, love for all that is. And the feeling was so profound that I couldnt do anything else that just enjoy the moment. I sang at least half an hour, feeling my voice was so clear and deep, like I would have sang with someone elses voice 🙂 And I have to tell you that I’m not a singer 🙂

    So while we are facing these challenging times, we are also blessed with these little happy occacions in a mean while.

    With my love to you all!

    1. Dear Sunshine, you sing happiness into my heart when you share these words 🙂 Music is such a powerful vibration, I think it will become one of the most important healing tools in the future.
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  2. I too give Aisha and sister and CCs much gratitude for this strengthening message which I am drinking in deeply at this beautiful, cerulean pond of love and friendship and peace… so happy to be a part of it all, to know you all are here and that sorrows from our collective past are well in process of healing as we move into such a powerfully Light time on Earth, not a moment too soon! namaste to all, leigh

  3. Thank you for this post and all of the others. I’ve just found your site yesterday, and I am reading the entries! Wonderful and so encouraging! I am from Minnesota. Much of my family and my husband’s family immigrated from Norway. One of my son’s spent 5 months in Oslo recently as a student at the University in Olso. He loved being there and was able to spend time with some of my husbands extended family. Again thank you and I look forward to reading more. Happy Norwegian Independence day~ it’s celebrated here by many who have ancestors from Norway!

    1. Dear Joni, welcome to this Pond of light and love! I think you will feel at home here with this beautiful family of light, just like you would if you ever visited your family here in Norway 🙂
      Much love from me, Aisha

    1. Dear Scott, I am sorry, but I do not do individual sessions. My time is limited, and at least for now, I must concentrate on the tasks I have already been given.
      Love and light, Aisha

  4. Happy National Day, Dearest Lady of Forevermore! I feel privileged that you shared a part of your history with us. So fortunate you are to live in such clear, pristine energy……just closing my eyes here and imagining it!!!

    I Love you and all you bring to LIFE here at this most Precious Place on Earth. Bless you a hundred fold!!!

    With all I Am,
    Lady of Roses

  5. Happy National Day, Dear Aisha and thank you deeply to both you and your sister for this beautiful message. Love, Light and Joy to you and to your whole, beautiful country as well as to All here at the pond!
    Love & Blessings,

  6. Dear Bente and Sara what a wonderful day for you in your beautiful country! Freedom! Freedom! Those words ring so sweet and pure and I look forward to the time when those words really mean our true freedom from all constraints and we embrace our All that is…ness…:)

    I really enjoyed this message from your sister because my vision from yesterday was very similar in a few aspects and so its confirmation, which we don’t really need, but feels good anyway!

    I was in the pond sinking to the bottom and jumping up to the surface, just playing as I used to as a child, and I asked the pond a question because a few of my dear friends and I had been asking about it, what are we Doing here?

    And the pond answered me the way the blessed pond always does, with a vision. I saw beautiful little seeds growing out of the ground in that kind of fast motion photography. they grew, they bloomed, they withered and they died and then their seeds took root, they grew they bloomed they withered they died. This was our past lives-over and over we lived and we passed on our DNA to the next generation and not much changed.

    Then I was led to another plant, and it was not an annual plant, it was a perennial plant. It grew it bloomed it set seed, it withered and it overwintered to send out fresh new shoots the following year. This is our soul at present. We live lifetimes, we grow, we stretch, we drop body and come back again for more growth.

    But now, things are different with us. I was shown tiny little saplings of pine and evergreen trees and they sunk their roots deep into the soil of Gaia and the thrust their branches and crowns to the heavens to always soak in the divine energy of the sun and they were always green, always living, always growing, always giving to the soil, to the air, creating energy, filtering water and air. They were eternal beings, constantly growing, in their divine bodies and of service to all. They, these great big beautiful trees are US==they represent what we are becoming. And it made me so happy!

    So for Sara to mention seeds taking root in the ruts of the old, well that made me feel so true….we have the ability, not just the choice, but the ability to produce a fortuitous outcome by our work. And it is so, and it is marvelous! Much love to you! Go enjoy your day! HUGE HUGS to all! Alex

    1. Alex,
      Thanks for your understanding yesterday, I teared up at your response to my situation. Sometimes it is hard to remember that we aren’t alone in our struggles. It helps to know there are others facing similar issues.
      None of us are “first in line”
      As for the above, I feel like I’ve been planting seeds in others for a long time.
      But like that parable from the bible, some grow, some don’t. And sometimes during my 3 AM awakenings I get messages of appreciation from people who finally realized what I was trying to tell them. They finally get it.
      I told one friend that
      “it was OK to have your head in the clouds as long as you keep your feet on the ground”
      He was mad as hell at me for about a year, then he came to me apologizing for his anger. He understood.
      Planting seeds is like that, you never know, but you plant them anyway.

      1. O, I have to tell you that you just zinged me with that feet on the ground head in the clouds thing because I just had a HUGE download of information related to that–seems that for me, my whole life has been hits to the root chakra and survival and stability and I had become like this great big energy balloon blowing all over the place because my end was not tethered to the ground! THIS is the key to evolution on the soul front and you are very wise to tell your friend that even though no one wants to hear it–we are of the physical earth and of the spirit–we are the alchemy of TWO energies and not just one–solid root-and I mean like a pedestal of ROOT energy is needed to hold the opposing force of the upward motion! YAH! Tremendous hugs to you my dear and keep being the LOVE that you are! Alex

        1. I am amazed that i “zinged” you
          I told my friend; head/clouds: feet/ground; in 1982
          I don’t have a clue as to why I a chose this example over several others I could have cited.
          I guess the spirit guided me to be a zinger
          I dunno
          Amazing things happen when you let Spirit be your Guide.

    2. Dear Alex, wow, thank you so much for sharing this amazing vision! After weeks and weeks of cold weather, spring has finally arrived here, and for the last two days, it’s like everything living has exploded into life around me. It is green and vibrant and alive, and I feel this same energy as in the saplings you describe in your vision.
      Much love from me, Aisha

  7. To all beautiful souls gathered at this wonderful Pond,
    All I can say is wow, what an incredibly uplifting message. Full body tingle with every sentence. It literally leaves me breathless and my heart beating faster with my stomach doing somersaults!
    Tears of joy aswell.I loved the comment a few days ago ” we cry tears of joy because we remember unconditional love – we cry tears of sadness because we remember unconditional love “.
    Walking home from work today I was being assailed every minute by vile thoughts and I knew it was just ego and actually laughed at it . Then I read this message!
    Gave up karate years ago after twenty odd years at it because I knew it was not ” the way “. Not our way anyway.
    Bless Aisha`s sister for this gift, bless Norway today and certainly bless Norway for producing our beloved Aisha.
    As I have felt all day today – Absolute unlimited love to everyone here and to all people on Earth.
    You,everyone are in my heart forever.
    Phil xx

    1. Dear Phil, bless you for sharing this lesson! “Full body tingle” is what your words give me also. I see you skipping with joy, just like all of those kids I saw today, all dressed up and so excited because they knew they were in for so many treats :-).
      Much love to you, dear brother!

  8. A beautiful message dear Aisha and Sister! I am celebrating freedom with you. I took a dive into the pond during meditation today. I have been feeling disconnected from my guides lately, but I knew the pond would be there for me. I dove deep down to the bottom. I was looking for something. I pulled on a grassy plant that had a big round bulb on the end and embraced it into my belly. Where I had pulled it out was a golden glow emerging, and I planted my feet to connect with it and let it surge through me. It filled me with nourishing rays of love and light energy and I let the emotions flow through me. I stayed there until I felt whole. When I rose to the surface I circled the pond merging with all that I felt there. Thank you for giving me such a beautiful place to come to for healing and love, and for all of my fellow pondmates for the golden energy. ❤ Lisa

    1. Beautiful Lisa! Nothing better than a dip in the pond! I was in there last night too! As a kid I always used to jump into the pond, sink to the bottom and rocket up to the surface. I was doing that in the pond last night and it felt marvelous! Much love! Alex

    2. Dear Lisa, thank you for sharing this golden moment! So precious, and such an important reminder to reach out to this energy that we have created here. As you say, it is always here, and the more we embrace it, the more it nurtures us, and the more we are able to nurture ourselves and others. And the plant in the mud, surely it must be the Lotus?
      Much love from me, Aisha

  9. Bless you Aisha,

    I really needed this today. Yesterday was tough and this morning lingered. The message reflected my sensibilities exactly, as though I surely must be more beautiful and courageous than I presently feel. So thank you and please bless your sister for me.

    BTW, I dreamt last night that I was working in a garden with you. You were very kind and you gave my great assurance. I sense that the new planting is well underway. I am sure that we will all soon see the beautiful new signs everywhere.

    With deep love and respect.


    1. Mark my brother you ARE beautiful and divine and wonderful and I am blessed to know you! 🙂 Your sister Alex. I will post my feelings on this thread down below but suffice it to say that I too was in the garden last night! Hugs! Alex

    2. Dear Mark, yes our beautiful, bountiful garden is coming along fine now :-). The extra light coming in is having a profound effect on us all, and even if these “growing pains” can leave us all feeling more than a little bit wilted, we are all becoming stronger by the day. Much love to you, my beloved brother. I see you streching towards the light, pulling yourself higher and higher getting ready to go into full bloom 🙂

  10. The way the individual and collective Consciousness expresses itself from the quantum / source field through the expression of all forms of life.

    Oslo – left, Stockholm – center, Helsinki – right, on the holographic projection.

    The Cross and its meanings : the universal cross, the tree of life,…

    Strange that I visited those 3 cities with my truck full of… computers, + 20 years ago… 🙂

    1. Dear Dominique, this is interesting! I talked to an Inca shaman who travels extensively in Scandinavia, and he said that the energies here are very “pure”. Large parts of the lands here north have been fairly peaceful throughout history compared to other places around the world, maybe that has something to do with it. Also the nature spirits are very powerful here, as I think our friends from Finland, Denmark and Sweden can attest to. I visited the islands of Spitsbergen (Svalbard) two years ago, and the energy there was like this huge, shimmering, crystal clear diamond, it was so powerful. These islands are virtually untouched by humans, and it was like the whole place was humming with a pristine energy going back thousands and thousands of years.
      Love and light from me, Aisha

      1. Yes, indeed. The more I drove to the north, the more pure the energy was. I liked it. I noticed the change every time. It was like driving along a spinal column without knowing why.

        According to CJ Calleman and others, the axis of the cross on the hologram is 12* East : Johannesburg, Gabon, Rome, Berlin, Stockholm. To the West of the line : yang, left brain, masculine, and more individualistic. To the East : yin, right brain, feminine, and more collective. These are historical facts though we are now on the way to global consciousness with no elite.

        We have the same kind of yin-yang holographic projection in the universe, on a street or in our living room. Everywhere. Dreams show that projection right around us pretty well, but it seems that the yin-yang separation line is much less fixed than 2 years ago or last year. We also have the same separation line (the veil) between the local and non-local worlds and we all notice through our bodily and mind sensations that everything begins to get more and more mixed now 🙂

        The crystal clear diamond you refer to is most likely the projection of the pineal gland in that area.


    2. Greetings from Helsinki
      Hälsningar från Helsingfors
      Hilsen fra Helsingfors
      Terveisiä Helsingistä


  11. Happy National Day to my dear Norwegian family! I love your country from the bottom of my heart – your gorgeous countryside, the humanity of your people and even the weather! Yup. I’d trade 6 months of hot, rainless weather anytime for some snow! Have a wonderful and joyous day!

    Thank you once again for the magnificent channel.

    Love, Susan

    1. Dear Susan, I send you a happy “hurra” from a Oslo where the sun and the warmth has finally arrived! It is amazing to be able to sit outside without having to bulk up in layers and layers of wool. Even the birds are extra happy today!
      Much love from me, Aisha

  12. These are indeed auspicious times. I love you all. Thank you for this space, and your powerful, healing and encouraging words. Love and light everyone. Keep up the great work!

  13. Beautiful! These messages are like affirmations!! Always reminding us that we are here for a reason to help bring the light down into earth and the people surrounding us. It gets hard when life throws rocks at you and you keep going down, but then you know you are taking it better than what you would have 12 months ago. So rejoice on this day as we ARE one moving through these waves of intimidation together, no matter what!!

    Thank you for sharing, Aisha, what an amazing day for celebration and sharing!!

    With love and light, Libby xo

    1. Dear Libby, this is so true. We all “stumble and graze our knees” as they said in the message, but now, we always feel a steadying hand when we want to get back on our feet again. It is a rocky road, but it is not a lonely one anymore. Thank you for walking by my side, dear Libby!
      Love and light from me, Aisha

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