The manuscript of survival – part 310

As the waves from the initial splash into this lovely pond of light you have created have started to subside, many of you will feel yourself at a slightly different place, or rather, state than before. For as you so lovingly opened yourselves to this energetic grid that was created from your individual strands of light, you also let down the barriers that have been protecting your innermost sanctum for such a long time. And by doing that, you allowed the light to touch your very core, and for many, this will have far reaching consequences indeed.

For know that for so many, you have been spending a lifetime, if not many more, behind hidden barriers you had build around your very soul. These barriers where there to protect you in so many ways, but over time, those barriers became a hindrance to your own liberation. You see, your ego had taken over these barriers, and as egos go, they are nothing if not eager in maintaining status quo. So in this process of enlightenment, you have chipped away so much that was standing in your way of attaining your freedom, and then, when you finally thought you were free, these bursts of lightwaves barreling through you all in the aftermath of this reconnection would literally crash into these, the last frontier as it were, of self-imposed protection. For some, it was a minor event, but for others, it was literally a shock to the system.

So we venture to guess that this last week or so has been an eventful one for many. There will have been cries of joy, but also tears of despair. For nothing will be left untouched now that these old barriers have been dismantled once and for all. But again, it is also up to each and every one of you how to react to what you finally find exposed by this light. For it is there, and you cannot but see it. But you can choose to embrace this truth, or you can choose to walk away from it. No matter what you choose, the decision is yours, and yours alone to make, as it will always be. Just remember, no matter what you choose to do, never have you had so much light at your disposal to help you see through, and also walk through, these truths that lie before you.

So choose well, and know that this light can seem painful in so many ways, but it is also a light of healing. And know that this time, it can heal the last of those scars you might still harbour inside. That is, if you allow it to do so.

187 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 310

  1. Sirius – my home planet is actually two – A and B. B has humanoid inhabitants. A is a water planet and home to dolphin like creatures – the ancestors of our earth dolphins.
    Many human-Sirians have an attraction to the color cobalt blue.

    I remember as a child actually lying on the grass, looking up to the sky and feeling “homesick” and did not understand why!


    1. Susan! Thank you for speaking up – I have been given these clues about my connection to Sirius (& something about Venus?) and the aspect of me that merged down or is merging down is some sort of ‘water being’ – not dolphin, or mermaid, or nommo (these are the only references I’ve found). It’s fluid like water & can shape-shift? Dissipate and re-coagulate…do you know what that is called?

  2. “Every 26,000 years, energies flow in to our planet from the Galactic Center by way of Sirius, a blue star that is twenty times brighter than the Sun. The purpose is to stabilize the Earth prior to its receiving the energies from the Central Sun at the end of that particular cycle of Time. When the Sirian vortex opens, the energies penetrate the Earth near the Four Corners monument.
    As a binary system, Sirius is composed of one star, called Sirius A, around which orbits a small, white dwarf star called Sirius B, which emits a powerful Ultra-Violet Light. Energetically, one star represents our physical body; the other represents our Spirit. There are many stars and planets that are vortexes through which energy enters our universe. But the grandest of these is the star Sirius, the vortex of the Goddess. It’s the birth canal of the Universe.

    In 1994, Sirius A and Sirius B came as close to uniting as their orbits will allow. At that same time, the planet Pluto came into an exact alignment with their union. This incredible astronomical event has not occurred in over 90,000 years. And, with this very rare event, this vortex of the Goddess opened wider than it has done since the Atlantean age.[ii]
    In 2011 and 2012, another major opening of the Sirian vortex will take place. As it opens, this vortex of the Goddess will form a cross overtop of the Four Corners area.

    The Hopi believe that the human race has passed through four different worlds. The return of this blue star will be the sign of the emergence of the fifth world. This prophesy of the Hopi states that many doorways to the lower world will then open…The Path that will lead us through this time will be found in our heart.”

    …Rainbow bridge? Us?

  3. To answer you questions my dear Pond-mates:

    No, the Galactic Federation is not here to save us. They are here to assist us in our evolution. Many of us are their genetic family members. They aren’t going to do the work for us but will offer their technology and other methods including upgraded medical care.

    Besides the Federation, there are Ascended Masters and other Light Beings who are also involved in this process.

    No, the GFOL does not brainwash, hook anyone up to a computer or any other such thing. All humans have freedom of will. It is against Universal Law to do anything against one’s free will. Mind control, abductions and so on were the work of the negatives. Never, ever the Federation of the Light.

    Blue and violet-purple are the official colors of the GFOL. Their insignia is similar to the Star of David.

    Earth was not meant to be a prison planet. At one time, humans were not controlled by each other or by other off-world entities. This changed when those not of the Light invaded ions ago. They have been here on and off for centuries. The earth is being returned to the Light and the trouble makers have to go. Yes, there will always be negative elements in the galaxy but they won’t be able to make earth their playground any longer.

    There is a lot of misinformation floating around on the internet so please use discretion.

    Love you all and always at your service,


    1. Susan, I just want to say I appreciate your perspective and what you share with all of us here. I resonate with what you’ve said about the GFOL, I have always felt they are a collective here to support our process, not to “save us” or do the work, as you’ve said, but to offer assistance. I feel a deep love for them. I also wholeheartedly agree about the amount of misinformation out there and the need for good discernment skills!


    2. Whew! Thank you for the clarification Susan! Understand now & yes, agreed! Bless us, we (well some of us! Moi included) are SO new to much of this information – especially the Galactic History stuff – & there is SO much misinformation out there…I got a bit jaded by an experience with a well known Nibiruan “channel” – read 2 of her books & extensive articles on her website & there was a lot of excellent information there…so I was aghast after having a counciling session with her that not only disturbed me greatly (strong negative reaction to my energy -almost like hate!) but was actually advice steering me in the WRONG direction! I was terribly upset & confused for a couple weeks- the whole whirlwind of doubt/fear/confusion. In hind sight, I appreciate the experience because I learned some VERY important lessons from it about trusting my intuition, my Heart Guidance & going ONLY within for answers. Now I trust MYSELF completely, that the answers I seek will be revealed to me in perfect timing & in the most miraculous of ways…”gentle lessons” from here out, smooth sailing 🙂
      Crazy thing is -and I “got” this at a reiki gathering just last night- some of these people don’t necessarily have negative intentions on a conscious level – By being in a state of confusion or “pretending” that they have knowledge they simply don’t have (ego gratification) or channeling entities / trusting “guides” who claim to be benevolent but actually have an agenda & use these “poor unsuspecting souls” (well…a matter of perspective) to deliver information & guide others in a way that IS NOT for their Highest Good.
      As for the solar flares? Well, there’s room enough in my universe for the possibility of just about anything these days! I do know my bodily symptoms, genetic family history (from THIS life) and have enough knowledge about psychology and brain neurology to understand that our (umm 3D) belief systems are comprised of LEARNED PATTERNS -whether direct or perceived- and create specific neural connections in the brain that basically determine our reality…where DO thoughts come from? Why DO I behave the way I do? There are MANY levels (dare i say dimensions?) of understanding about these things.
      Then add on the multitude of chemical and frequency manipulations being “secretly” thrust upon us…ignorance is NOT bliss & yes, it MUST STOP!
      But that’s why WE ARE HERE – to wake up and help others to wake up.
      There is a place -way up there at the top- where we will eventually come to understand that all that stuff too, is just another level of the ‘game’…

      BTW- Flourescent lights BAD! Ever wonder why you never see that amazing reduction in your energy bill? …hummhhhh

      “Fluorescent lamps require a ballast to stabilize the current through the lamp…Electromagnetic ballasts with a minor fault can produce an audible humming or buzzing noise. Hum is eliminated in lamps with a high-frequency electromagnetic ballast.
      “Fluorescent lamps generate ‘harmonic’ currents in the electrical power supply and the arc within the lamp may generate radio frequency noise, which can be conducted through power wiring…”

      Ok, so basically you’re being blasted with high-frequency electromagnetic energy, ‘harmonic’ currents and are turning your entire house into a radio-wave broadcasting system through the power lines! Sound like a good idea? Not unless or until you become very good at the transmutation of energies OR until enough of us Transmutation Specialists wake up & remember our craft (this is part of my Assignment).
      Maybe- just maybe- things like this are hindering your clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience & other gifts?
      Is it possible that ‘someone’ out there may be taking advantage of our modern environment so full of all these different types of ‘waves’ and using them to broadcast a lullaby?
      I think perhaps so…
      Please understand, there is NOTHING to fear ever again! Many lightworkers will be taking care of this – I just completed Assignment 1 today in a local government-related office (go figure) where the emissions were so strong, I could barely stand & walk out of there after being there less than 10 minutes – totally zapped me for couple hours – but I’m built for this work…
      Help yourself & everyone else by doing what you can to fully wake up – we need the FULL RAINBOW SPECTRUM of talent to be firmly grounded!
      Big Blue Violet Love 🙂

      1. Jess, BEautiful comment, anything from soup to nuts in here! Your zest for life and your open and brilliant mind are a JOY to behold!

        When I worked as an RN there was fluorescent lighting only and I always had trouble seeing, my eyes just a blur, and my head, oh man, and the actual feeling of getting blasted was just horrible. I couldn’t wear my eye contacts at all after a while and suffered more headaches then any time in my life. Migraines in fact.

        I remember being your age and yes, the thirst for knowledge and the extent I went to! I like you learned the hard way to listen only to myself and I don’t budge on BIG decisions unless I know from Me.

        I am fortunate for I took me out of this world in a drastic way and that was 20 years ago. At first it was hell on earth for I was very people orientated. Now, I love my home and being away from the madness out there. I am very uncomfortable in crowds now and just the thought of walking through the doors of anything political or courts makes me shudder.

        So much has bombarded us but there are so many ways to become clean and connected. I was more connected years ago then I seem now and I think the reason why is because my HS is becoming One with me. So the actual “direction” I heard is more like now a feeling or a knowing more then anything else, and Heaven waits to see if I go for it, or chicken out and pass it up.

        Anyways, it is a delight to read your words. I am little by little getting back to the POND and maybe some days not here at all. I am in a unique stage one that I am not even able to describe because this is a first. LOL

        I Love you!!!! Thank you for being here, and thank you for being YOU!!

        Love, Amy

        Sent from my iPad

        1. That’s exactly what’s happening to you Amy…merging with a higher aspect of You.
          I think that process completed in me lat night – or is more fully able to descend into this physical body than ever before. oh, i hope this is ‘full time’ now!

      2. Lots of great insight here, Jess…thank you for the endless flow of information you bring. I agree about fluorescent lights…awful! (((HUGS))) and Love to you, what you went through with that channel must have been rough…but you’re strong, smart and pure, and it’s no wonder you got through that whole thing shining all the brighter!


        1. Oh, Maggie…the things I’ve been through in these 33 years – I definitely ‘took on’ several lifetimes worth of heartache. But I look back now with Joy and Gratitude for all of it – and perfect Love for each one who had to play the ‘bad guy’ – They made it possible too…

          1. You have an incredible attitude, which is the WHOLE battle IMO, not just “half” as people often like to say. Whatever you must heal or release, know that I am humbly at your service…you never, ever have to go through anything alone now that you’ve come here, you always have a loving family right here to love, support, understand and uplift you. (((BIGBLUEHUGS!!!)))

  4. Some are fallen. Some are children of the fallen. They to seek atonement.
    Who is to say what they may receive. The four unknown are still around to deal with the fallen If needed. Yes blue violet is a interesting color to behold.

  5. If this Federation you speak of is the one that ask people to let them hook you to a computer for 3 days. I want nothing to do with them. I would never let a entity from them to ever have control over my body or my mind. If this is what you want you have my blessing and good luck with it. To me all they want is to replace your soul with one they want for your body.

  6. Dear Friends,

    Please, please understand that these intense waves are simply the Federation cleaning up negatives energies. That’s it. It has nothing to do with solar flares, the light coming to earth, your personal baggage or anything else. It has been going on for 2 years and I have been promised we are towards the end of this. Possibly “weeks” but you never know for sure with their timetables. They want to finish this as much as we do so sometimes it is quite intense. Its like one airplane takes off and another lands. The headaches, dizziness, nausea, heavy legs, metal fog, anxiety are not ascension symptoms. (Although there are similar more subtle symptoms when humans are being upgraded.) They are a result of you feeling the wake of the cleaning. Kind of like a big vacuum cleaner. As I have said before – the Federation arrested the negative entities that have been on earth for ions. They were held in custody and are being deported group by group. As the CC’s said this week. The majority were either deported or were neutralized. These pesky critters have low vibrational and annoying frequencies. They clash with ours. These operations are often accompanied by high pitched sounds. Sometimes other stuff (like human weaponry) is also being cleaned. I have been assured by the medical teams that this is not dangerous to our health although we feel like crap.
    It is necessary to finish this work. It is very tough on us. There are days where all I can manage is to rest, walk a bit and drink a lot of green tea.
    The best thing we can do is to support each other and love each other and this will pass!

    I know I am being very persistent in this matter but it really hurts me to think people think this stuff is because of “them.” It’s external. Exactly like being next to a large building construction site and feeling the vibrations or being at a busy airport. It is not nearly as complicated as it is made to sound.

    Yes, the light is coming in. Yes, the teams are sending us tons of love and healing energy.

    So my loves, we just have to get each other through this last little bit of the muck.


    1. Help comes from many places in this, the Grandest Experiment
      But…ONLY “them” taking care of it for us? No responsibility, accountability no need to change?
      Let someone else be my Salvation, I’m too weak. Not Powerful, not equal…not ONE? Free Will? Why bother! Let “them” arrest the negatives so that I don’t have to See the Reflection in the Mirror…can continue casting stones. Imprisoning the “bad guys” takes a warden. Hummh…sounds like a job. How much will that cost? Will the bad guys ever be free too? What happens to their poor souls, prisoners for all eternity – UNLESS they ESCAPE! Oh, no! What would we helpless Children do then? Need Protectors! Danger, fear…War again?
      No Thanks…well, not for me anyway. Think ill go home, game completed

    2. Thank you, Susan…!
      Those dark beings…
      Don,t belong here…
      No one of them…
      Should remain…

      All of them…
      Will be gone/taken…
      To never return…
      No menace over us…
      Forever again.

      This is a…
      new beginning…
      Just love, joy…
      And union, for all…
      We deserve…

      I,m crazy to…
      Begin to live..
      In eternal…
      Bliss state…

      1. “The law of conservation of energy, first formulated in the nineteenth century, is a law of physics. It states that the total amount of energy in an isolated system remains constant over time. The total energy is said to be conserved over time. For an isolated system, this law means energy is localized and can change its location within the system, and it can change FORM within the system [alchemy], for instance, chemical energy can become kinetic energy [dark energy can become light energy] BUT IT CAN BE NEITHER CREATED NOR DESTROYED…
        In the twentieth century, the definition of energy was broadened. Material particles, also called ponderable matter, that have rest mass, were recognized as having equivalent amounts of energy. They are not conserved, and can perish [MERGE] into forms of energy, including kinetic and potential energy, that lack rest mass. For example an electron and a positron can MERGE together into photons of electromagnetic radiation. Likewise, non-material forms of energy can perish [MERGE] into ponderable matter.”
        cReatIOn Sooooooo MaGnIF i-can OR…MaGnIF i-cant
        Up to You to decide…

        1. “Blue Violet is Such an Interesting Color” I heard the Wind say…
          it whispered to me
          Of the Greatest Secret
          hidden throughout the Ages
          for the New Dawn’s Light
          To Wake the Sleeping Giants

          1. My dear Jess…,
            If you are wishing…
            To tell me something…,
            Please, try again…,
            ‘Cos I missed… both trains…

            Mayhaps… a different way…
            Perhaps… another language…
            I may be able… to understand…
            Maybe… another kind…
            Of signals… Telephaty…?

            I,m also…
            Enjoying the ride.

  7. Aisha… it true you’re an identical twin…..?….I am and would love some answers. Every time I try to find information about what this connection is…”Twin Flames” is all I can find. My brother and I have that connection…but, no other identically to relate to. Please contact me (or anyone else with insite).. Dave_heckert@

    1. Dear Dave, welcome to this Pond! I am indeed an identical twin, and it took me about 45 year to realize that this was the whole basis for my awakening: the quest for finding my own identity while being looked upon as a “half” of a pair of two sisters. Both me and my sister had to take our own individual journeys to find our true selves, and then we needed to re-establish our relationship based on this. In addition, we have been told that we share the same deep connection “on the other side”, that we are in fact siblings there as well. This has helped us both to see each other more clearly, and it has also given us a whole new perspective on the journey we both are on in this life. I certainly know that the fact that I have been born as a twin in this life is no coincidence, maybe this is true for you and your brother as well? For me, it has been both a challenge to help me to awaken, but it is also a blessing and a support that I give thanks for each and every day. Many of the answers I needed where given to me in readings by others, so maybe that can be a path for you to try out as well?
      Much love to you and your brother from me, Aisha

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