The manuscript of survival – part 309

You have by now gotten used to the idea of reading words given to you through an intermediary such as the channel we are using. However, from now on, we also want to urge you all to try to communicate directly with us. And when we say ”us”, we refer of course to the collective known as The constant companions. This is of course just to make it easier for you to open up to all of this, for if we had asked any of you to just pick out a name of an entity you wanted to communicate with, it might have left you stymied in so many ways. So, that is also the reason we have chosen to appear in the form of a faceless and nameless collective. You see, you have all the ability to connect with ”the other side” as many like to refer to us as, but until now, it is one that has been reserved for a small number of people. And the reason for that is easy to explain. Mankind have been on a long journey to reach the point they are at today, and now, finally, you have made yourself ready to truly step into your true roles as citizens not just of this planet, but of all of Creation. And this journey has been one fraught with many perils and disturbances, and as such, information has been controlled in so many ways. We know that this is not news to any of you, for you all know well that here has been a lot of manipulation going on behind the scenes as it were, and this road that mankind have travelled down for such a long time, is not the road that mankind set out on from the beginning. But now, much has indeed been rectified, and as you all know, your own personal journey have been a vital part of this restructuring of your planet. For without the clearing and enligthening process you have taken upon you, nothing much would have changed at all on this, your home away from home as we like to call it, and mankind would have been forced to continue their journey torwards and over the precipice to certain destruction.

But, as recent events have more than shown, enough of your brethren have chosen to do the same about-face as you, and for these last few months, the amount of light being poured into your world through your physical vessels has grown so much, it has washed away almost all traces of the manipulating denseness that used to surround you on all sides. We will not go into further details about this, we just bring it up in order to explain some of the reasons why you have in many ways been forced to go through an intermediary whenever you wanted to listen to the words coming from the light. But now, so many of those detrimental forces have been neutralized or removed, and so, your own abilities to connect will be greatly enhanced.

You see, and open channel is an open channel, and earlier, it was much too tempting to those not so keen on enlarging the light quotient to use that open channel to further their ideas. In other words, many attempts at manipulation in the form of disinformation and willful embedding of low frequencies have been carried out, and some of them were indeed successful, while others where aborted. But still it was enough to keep us all busy to try to minimize any leakage of dark matter into the channels of the light. And believe us, it was at times a very hectic atmosphere on both sides of the veil. But now, the whole playing field has been changed in so many ways, and in addition, your own level of vibration has been raised so much higher by your willingness to tap into, and indeed be connected to, this web of light you have all become a part of. So now, the stakes are very, very different from what they were only a short time ago, and so, we urge you all to start to listen more closely to the signals you will be getting in the time ahead.

For you too have your own Constant Companions, and they do come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. For remember, you are no longer a solitary being, travelling solo on this journey. In fact, you have never been a solitary traveller, but now, the time for you to start to connect even closer with your mates has come. Of course, some of them you have met already, maybe even in a physical form, but others are more unknown to you. In addition, your own group will have changed considerably throughout your journey, as they are all carefully chosen to match your vibrational field at all times. So yes, they are your constant companions, but they are also constantly changing, even if some of the components of your group will be constant.

We gather that this will not be news to everyone, for some of you have for a long time had the ability to connect with entities on the other side, but for others, this will be new territory in all manners of speaking. And so, it will also feel a little bit daunting at first, for how do you know who it is you are ”talking” to? Is it not just yourself? Well, maybe it is, because you yourself are comprised of several levels of awareness, and the one you ”live and breathe” with every day is just a part of this whole. But now, as you all become ONE, you also become ONE with yourself, or maybe we should say ”yourselves”, and therein lies the first step towards acknowledging the messages you will be getting. For many times it is indeed YOU speaking to YOU, but it is a higher level of consciousness within you that is speaking to the human part of you. In addition, you will also start to get signals from other entities, so there is indeed so much to discover now.

We know that this will seem to be not only daunting, but downright frightening to many of you. For what if the someone that comes knocking on your door will be of the not so benign kind? Well, let us first of all say that the chances for that are not very high, but in this, as in everything else, it is a question of awareness and intent. For you always check the credentials of anyone that wants to enter your home, do you not? In other words, you will use your discernment in this as you do in everything else, and if there is something that simply feels wrong, just say no and refuse to give them entry. It is as easy as that, as no one can ”enter” without your consent. And now, the light you all carry within is so strong, it will act as the best of shields in any circumstances. So just stay centered, and stay alert, and feel into whatever you feel approaching. And please know, even the most benign of energies can be a little bit overwhelming at first, but then, just ask for them to take it slow to let you get used to the energy. For this is first and furhermost a question of energy, and so, every new encounter will feel just that, new, in some sort of way, because you will come into contact with a form of energy that will feel a little bit alien to you, if we may use such a word. Again, just do what feels right for you, and do not try to force yourself to do anything. Just remember, the doors are not locked any more, and so you are also free to enter these halls of ”free speech”, but do so at a pace that feels comfortable to you. And pick your ”companions” to connect with as you feel guided to. Just know that you have litterally a whole host to choose from, and they are all eager to say hello in some way or another. And if you feel totally closed up, and everything seems silent, know that you are not alone either. You have just chosen to take your time and wait a little bit before you take this first tentative step into this, and that is OK too.

Again, this is literally a one-on-one thing. So each and every one of you will have your own experience of this. Some of this energy will come to you in the form of words, through your fingers or through your ears. Others may have a heightened awareness of shapes and images, while others will start to sense unexpected smells in unexpected places, like the smell of roses when there are no roses present. Things like that, big and small, are all signs of someone trying to say ”hello” in a way, so do not think you have to follow in the footsteps of this channel in order to be able to communicate with your constant companions.

Let us leave it at that for today, but we will indeed be back with more on the same subject later. Until then, we invite you all to start to listen well so as not to miss any ”hellos” coming you way.


178 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 309

  1. Thank you all for replying. Feeling all this love is a little overwhelming.
    I have no words for it. Well yes; it does feel like finally finding your family again after being seperated for so long.

  2. Hey lovely hearts,

    check out Nakho Bear’s songs, such a joy to hear.

    How do you post a video on these 'comments'?
    Anyway, you can find it on YouTube.

    I'm finding it difficult to maintain my level of happyness. I find a lot of peace in meditation, but that's all I want to do these days. The problem is that I can't meditate all the time, because I have other things to do…

    I also want to find others who are waking up, and meet with them, but all I can find are people talking on the internet.

    Love you all,

    1. Dear Jur, thank you so much for adding your light and love to this circle around the Pond! And thank you so much for sharing this video, it is so beautiful! As I said in my previous comment to you, you have not missed out on anything, for you are already a part of this shining family 🙂 I think you will find by connecting to the energy here, it will be easier to keep your light shining brightly even when you are “out and about” all by yourself. For you will feel the connection to this family, and that will help you to see the light at all times, even when you find yourself alone in a place where the light seems fainter. I also know that it will make it easier for other shining souls to connect with you. For you will be literally sending out a much stronger signal to everyone around you, and that signal will “set up a conversation” deep within others that are awakening. I have just set up a page “The people of the Pond”
      If you share some information about yourself there, it can maybe help you to find people to connect with in your own neighbourhood.
      Much love from me, Aisha

    2. Hi Jur
      If you want to post a video on the comments here all you need to do is the copy the url ( I think that is what it is called ☺) it is the link which is at the top of the page.

      1. You have to remove the ‘www’ or ‘m’ (if posting from phone/iPad) too. so just http://youtube….
        As for connecting locally – try You can search out local ‘meetups’ with people gathering on common interests. You’re family is all around you, just ask to be reunited and follow your intuition!
        LoVe ~ JoY abound!

  3. Yaaaaaaahooooooooooooo!
    Oh I’m so happy! I’m back in 3D with a different frequency though ;). Woohoo I have finished my reprogramming now. I’m flying my new wings my beloved Gaia! Bless you all for being You and all your clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairescent, kinesthetic gifts! Our Golden Web is our EPIC ACCOMPLISHMENT!!! Bless our passions that keep our pitch & perception high to a beautiful and playful reality! I love you my dear brothers and sisters and I drink the blue water to our benevolent accomplishment that will be talked through all of the Golden Age Flourish! This lifetime is the salvation of all of our lifetimes therefore of Humanity and maybe even the whole Universe. Oh we are one credible bunch of DNA in this beautiful universe. : ))))) It’s Show Time!
    Ladies & Gentlement HAVE YOU NOTICED????? that $ sign looks like our new fresh out of love DNA?! Behold Universe we are coming for a big party! Don’t forget your dance shoes folks :)))) cuz we gonna strip the floor!!!

          1. Yes, ma’am! Disco Queen, let’s Hustle! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

            Dancing is one of my greatest joys in this life…haven’t strapped on my gold dancing shoes in over a year – too sick. But that’s all changing now…Think I will put on my magic slippers and join you.
            Thank you, sweet Eileen, for the invitation 🙂

            1. Toora Loora Toora Loo Rye Ay!

              (come on Eileen)
              “Oh I swear”
              (what I mean)
              “At this moment –
              You mean EVERYTHING!”

            2. Jess … that takes me back! ( hahahha) The video is hilarious at the beginning.
              Thank you
              ( I am glad that you stopped there though and didn’t sing the next line – hahahhaha)
              ☺ Toora Loora ☺

          1. Hi Nohmad
            Lovely to see you … however now you have lost me too ( hahahha) I am feeling a wee bit like Pooh Bear … a bear of little brain.
            It’s all a tad too complicated … or maybe lost in translation… or maybe simply … lost
            ♥ The Heart though is another story …. not as complex as the brain can make things ♥
            Sending Love to you too Nohamd ♥
            – that is not complicated in the least.
            Only Love

            1. Don,t worry for your brain, sweet Eileen, it,s unifying with your heart and ego, now. Hereafter, just feel what your heart says to you to be wright. Thank you for saying me what your heart feel, I know it,s true because I feel the same for you. We match frequency 100%.

              1. Thank you Nohmad … there are times when my brain feels as if it has left the building ☺ .. and then I find it holding hands with my heart. They seem to have made friends … whilst ego is busy with an icecream … ego loves icecream … we find that it keeps out of trouble that way 😉
                You are very sweet … am off now to have a cuppa
                Have a lovely day … it is actually sunny here in Scotia today – yippee!! ☺

  4. LOL Caroline–no, George Burns is not GOD…he only played him in the movies! 😉

    I often wondered how one would come to spirit, which really is US without a formal indoctrination into the “mystic and divine world of religion”…I also wondered if living with Athiest meant you also had to believe in only one existential life…I would be interested to hear your thoughts on this–

    I grew up in a Catholic family and my mother said only one life then heaven or hell, but my dad was a Greek orthodox raised in China and had a lot of Eastern tradition in his upbringing and believed in reincarnation–I never believed in the one life thing–and I certainly didn’t want to go to a heaven where all I did was sing praises all day–I wanted to have fun! 🙂

    Hugs! Alex

    1. Hmmm…!
      New photograph…!
      Cell Phone…!
      Need nothing more…

      Here is…
      Becoming cold…
      I,m thinking…
      Flying north…

      All most beautiful…
      Blessings of Heaven…
      Be yours…
      I love you, Jess…!

  5. Don,t worry, sweet Carolyn…
    You were asleep…
    As all of us…

    Now is time of awaking…
    For all, and to know…
    Who we really are…

    God is OK…
    Don,t worry about Him…

    He is waiting us eons…
    With open loving arms…

    He wants us…
    Go back Home…
    Forever, now…


  6. Hello all! I had such an amazing experience early today… in the haze of my waking my first thought was an excited “Good Morning Life!”, my heart soared and I felt surrounded by a loving and exuberant group. As I reveled in this wonderful feeling and became more conscious, I suddenly realized this has NEVER happened to me. The mornings have always been difficult for me, waking is hard, I’m often depressed feeling hopeless and unmotivated, always searching for something outside myself to inspire me, wanting to stay in bed and sleep. Usually by later in the day, my connection with nature and the love I feel for others carries me through. But the mornings are so hard. To greet Life for the first time in my Life, and to be accompanied by a loving and supportive group was a beautiful “awakening”. Aisha, thank you for this message. And to those I share these waters with, thank you for the lessons, experience and wisdom you share. Today begins anew. With great happiness, I send my love and light. elaine

    1. Dear Elaine, your words bring me such a profound feeling of love and joy, thank you so much for sharing this amazing “awakening”! Your heart is wide open, and you have allowed yourself to surrender to the light. May this bliss be your constant companion, dear sister :–)
      Much love from me, Aisha

    2. hummmm… JOY! LOVE! hummmh…
      Not in our current vocabulary to describe this new space of wholeness and harmony – it’s a frequency that cannot be contained by the limitations of human language. But I know of that which you speak!
      So happy for OUR AWAKENING 🙂

    3. Thank you, Elaine! Thank you for sharing this beautiful awakening to NEW life of yours. This are our first baby steps into Golden Age, Elaine, for the first time we are beginning to breath freedom and love in our lives. Beautiful, Elaine, Thank you, again! I love you!

  7. Thank you, Aisha! I’m re-blogging this to a couple more sites, because this is so much of the message I’ve been getting too, for about a month now. It’s going to be so incredibly beautiful soon, as more people gain confidence in their own abilities, and find how empowering it is to perceive the direct connection we ALL already have. Namasté – Leslee

    1. Dear Leslee! Thank you for sharing this, I am so glad that you have gotten similar messages lately. We stand before something so amazing, and I am looking forward to what these “open doors” will bring us all. I hope many will feel called to walk through these doors and reclaim their own powers :–)
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  8. Hello!! This morning I dreamed of a being who protected me, he had a human body and was strong and multicolor (white, pink and blue) … this same dream had some strange creatures who wanted to break into my house … the house in the dream I believe is my heart … but with my friend was not afraid … and I will not let defile my heart … watch and pray …

    1. Dear Karina! What a wonderful dream! You are definitely surrounded by beautiful lightbeings protecting you every step of the way.
      Much love from me, Aisha

  9. Hi all, just gotta share this, now this is a clearcut case of 3D meeting Divinity, if You are privi to the danish language it is also very funny 🙂


  10. Hi All,

    I am not sure that many people – even Light workers realize that our neighbors out there are not as unreachable as we once thought. I always laugh when NASA publishes these reports (like today in the newspaper) that we are “closer to discovering new planets.” We are programmed by our educational and religious training to be frightened of these “gods.” I remember how I would address them as if I would be talking to the president of a country. Of course there are many levels in this large galactic organization. Most of the guides who help humans are just average “guys” from the Federation. They come from different planets, speak different languages (although they all speak English) and have different energies. You learn through time to differentiate between them as well as male and females. There are ascended masters – both human and ET who also assist. They feel “higher” and are more “serious” in nature. Sometimes like school masters, you feel a gentle lecture coming! Most of the time, you just speak to them like you would a colleague. Some prefer short, to the point sessions and some love to chat.

    I wish someone would have printed a guidebook for us. So much of what I learned was the hard way. That’s why I try to help others get eased into this process.

    While the guides know that humans are far from understanding galactic policies, there are some basic etiquette rules I would recommend:

    Firstly, just like you would with a colleague on the phone, start with a greeting: “Good morning,” for example. Then, introduce yourselves.
    This is not necessary if you are working with the same team but as the CCs have said- there have been a lot of reassignments lately. It is not true that they know everything or whom you are! There are billions of people on earth! They use computers too. There are also so many different teams – from communications to medical. So, just say: “This is X calling.”

    Next: Ask if you may communicate now. Why? Because just like humans – they may be in the middle of a meeting or are sleeping (except AMs who do not.) When there is an operation on or general meetings, they may temporarily go “off line.” If the channel seems weak, they may be on “low communication mode.” This is common during operations or meetings. Meaning – can’t really talk to much now. Stick to quick questions.

    Be clear. Don’t let your thoughts run on and on. Ask clear questions and don’t use slang! They don’t always understand it.

    Tell them if you are new to this. I would in the beginning sessions, use muscle testing or a pendulum and stick to yes and no questions. Then progress slowly. It is exactly like learning a language! It takes time and experience!

    The negatives who are still in custody have been warned not to talk to humans but if you get a rat on the line, hang up! You will feel it. I absolutely think Light workers have an instinct to “smell” rats . Although until now, no one has talked about this issue, this is really important. Most of the channelings over the internet were not of the Light. This is the reason for most of the confusion and misinformation. Things are finally clearing. I’ve been told that there is still some work to do in this area but it is winding down.

    End the session with “thank you very much.” Goodbye or good night or whatever…..

    I would recommend (although the CC’s may not agree with me) doing a few sessions with an experienced and trusted channeler in your area (not long distance) someone to teach you the ropes.

    Finally – many humans, including myself, have a fairly short radius of a few kms. If I wanted to talk to a certain team in a different city, I would ask them to “connect me” just like an old fashioned telephone operator!

    Love you all and always at your service!

    To those of you in the “tribe”, a happy, healthy and peaceful Shavuot holiday (holiday of the first fruit harvests in Israel.)


    1. Susan, thank you so much for bringing your light to this space! I am so glad for your contribution, I know it will be of help to so many :–)
      I wish you a joyful Shavout holiday!
      Love and light from Aisha

    2. Wow, this is something I just wrote about in my own blog, meaning of being equal with the light workers. I think too many still think they are something bigger ang better than us, standing above us, and of course they are better as they probably are more experienced as we are,but I think we are equal with them as everyone having their own center and own energies. We just differ on our experiences. I also think them as collegues, or sister and brothers, or good friend who are here for us as in our physical friends too. Thank you for confirming this to me as I have just learned to think that way 🙂

      1. Thanks beingme, I still get trapped with this you and me syndrome 🙂 I’m still learning and trying to understand this concept of ALL IS. Thank you for reminding me about it 🙂

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