Beloved family of the light!

These last few days after the Gathering have been special for us all.  I have spent many hours reading through your comments, and I do not think I have ever shed so many tears of joy before. For so many, the Gathering in itself was such a profound experience, but it also ignited something deep within us all. In the following days, we have all felt the reverberations from this energetic connection, and the effects from this deeply and, for many, life-altering experience will continue. I am not the only one who have felt the need to step back and just try to come to terms with everything that has happened, and I know I still need more time to do so. Nohmad, you put it so beautifully when you call it ”integrating your blessings”. For yes, we have all been blessed, but for some, it can seem to be a blessing in disguise. As the CCs said it in A message about the Gathering, the doors to our hearts have not just been opened, they have been literally flung off the hinges, for they will never be able to close again.

And what this means for each and every one of us, many of you have shared so deeply about already. There is so much joy in this, but also many tears, for this has truly opened the doors to our very core. And what we find there, can be so painful, but also so healing. For we are ONE, but do not forget YOU in all of this. We are so deeply connected, now and for ever, but we must each take time to truly connect with ourselves. For what has been hiding within your heart? We all have scars, but we also have unseen pearls hidden there (thank you, Amy!), so remember to give yourself permission to seek them out. And when we surrender ourselves to this process, we may also need help, so do not forget to ask for it. For these waters of the Pond are not only for frolicking in, they are also for healing. There are many ways to ask for help, and it is so heartwarming to read the words you have all shared about this already, and to see how much love that is pouring out from and into this Pond.

Maggie, you wrote a comment to Alex today that I wanted to share a part of here, for what you write, is so important:

” Alex, my beautiful, awesome, fearless sister of light, your words moved me to stop everything I was doing and serve…what started as a simple distance session, with the single intent of sending some love and energy to you, turned into a connected pond experience, and I must thank you as well as the entire pond for this experience because it was incredible! I have never felt so much love move through this body at once! I brought us to the pond, and soon realized others were showing up to assist…and then I realized we were collectively healing ourselves and each other! As soon as I realized it, a SURGE of energy shot through my hands, but I could also feel it go through my body, I was in two places at once…the deep love I felt was so overwhelming I couldn’t stop the tears from pouring down my face. To have all your voices join with mine as we chanted in unison was such a gift, I am so grateful! Thank you all a thousandfold for every bit of light you weave!!!”

For we have truly become ONE now, and we must not forget what infinite powers we are a part of. This Pond is vibrating with so much loving energy, and we are the ones who have made that happen. But do not forget to drink from this Pond, for now, we all need to truly receive this blessing we have created. As the CCs remind us: ” For you have all been born again, into a body that may still feel rather battered and bruised at times, but it is a body that has been totally reprogrammed…So take it slow, and give yourself the time you need in order to step fully into your new shoes. They may seem to be overly large for you at the moment, but we have no doubts at all as to your ability to fill them.”

I thank you all for all that you bring here, but I also want to remind each and every one of you to give yourself the gift of receiving also. For we are truly reborn, and like a new born child, we may feel vulnerable and insecure. But just like the baby in this film, we are held by loving hands, and we can safely surrender ourselves to that love.

With love and gratitude, Aisha