The manuscript of survival – part 307

Dear friends, dear family! Yes, we would like to extend our warmest welcome home to you all, for you have truly passed the border and returned back to your former glory in so many ways. We know that for some of you, this will leave many a question mark within your mind, for you fail to see anything different in your life, or even in your physical body, and so you will think ”what on earth are they talking about?” So let us explain a little bit about what has happened in these last few days.

For as you consciously opened that last door into the very core of your heart, whether that was before, during or even after the Gathering many of you took part in, you also removed the last obstacle standing in your way. For know that this is how this has always been decided, the choice must be yours, and yours only. No one or no thing can force you to surrender to yourself, that is only your decision, and yours alone. But when you do make that decision, no one and no thing can stand in your way either. So as you say YES to yourself, All of creation will listen, and the doors will all open as if by magic. For then, and only then, can you step into your true self.

And now, so many of you have made that decision, and now, nothing will ever be the same. But again, on a superficial level, not much will be visible, and you will look around you and see more or less exactly the same as before. But if you look closely, you will already start to see some subtle differences. Maybe the air itself seems to be shimmering in a slightly different way than before, the colours may seem a little bit more vibrant, and profound words will fall easier from your lips or even your fingertips. As we told you earlier, these will seem to be big shoes to fill at the outset, and the very thought what all of this will entail may be more than a little daunting. So you will not be tossed headlong into this, dear ones, and as this is a messagee that has been oft repeated, we also know that it is a message that will be apt to cause irritation for some. For what is new, they will say, you always promise far reaching changes, but then, after the set time, you always, always say the same: ”have patience, and the changes will be small, and hardly perceptible at all.”

Well, all we can say, is take a look at your recent past, the last twelve months or so, and be truly honest with yourself. Do you see any changes at all, or none? Do you still just see the bills piling up, and only unfriendly faces staring at you from the crowds? Or do you see something else? Again, this is important, for in your hearts, you will know so well what changes it is we are talking about. For these are not superficial changes, flounted in the massmedia on par with the warmongering or the silliness of so called celebrities. These are changes on a profound level, changes that will truly stir your heart and bring tears of joy to your eyes. Have you felt any of this lately, and so, what was the reason? For that is where the truth lies, dear friends, for your heart never lies. And from now on, you will all feel your heart quickening, and this response of joy will become more and more frequent as you truly learn to tune in to this new frequency you have been embedded within. For now, you are no longer those solitary beacons, taking down and anchoring the sounds from heaven and broadcasting them out into the night. Now, you are truly ONE, and you all hum to the same tune, and you cannot help but do that. For you have all been hooked up to this continuous generator of light and energy, and through you all, this new sound of joy is already covering your whole globe.

So prick up your ears, and you cannot fail to hear it, nay feel it, in every bone of your body. And every time you consciously reach out to any other member of this web of light, you will literally feel the vibrations coming through you. For you are no longer separate, and your message of joy will no longer drown in the pitch black darkness that used to surround your single beam of light. For now, it is as if the very air is alive and humming with this same tune of joy.

So go out and savour this choir with every fibre in your body, and do not forget to say to yourself  ”this is here because I AM here, and it is by my very existence that this whole planet has started to hum in harmony once again after eons of disharmony”. And know that this benevolent vibration is already starting to have its effect on everything else, for it cannot help but to keep reaching further and further out from the Core, and further and further into the core of everything that surrounds it.

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  1. Thank you all so much for your kind words ❤
    I've always wanted to leave comments but I think I'm always a bit nervous I'll say the 'wrong' thing…I realize that sounds silly, but it is my truth. I feel this constant pressure, wherever I go, to say/do the 'right' thing. I'm now beginning to understand this has alot more to do with ME not accepting mySELF, than it does with anyone else's opinions of me. I believe this year was such a tumultuous one because I needed it to be, so that I might begin to SEE just how strong I truly AM. Thank you very much indeed for allowing me to share my story with you all…I look forward to speaking more often now<3

    1. Becca
      Your words are very gentle: yet very radiant–like a butterfly!
      May you feel the sincere love and safety of this space and these beautiful souls. Although I Am strong in many ways, I too have historically been extra hard on myself. Perfectionism is an odd curse. It leads us ultimately home but not because we start doing everything perfectly, but because by coming to know our true selves (through all those stumbles and mud bathes), we find that we have, in fact, been perfect all along. That still feels odd to write.. But I getting used to it.
      Holding you in my heart in this now moment.

  2. Although I do not usually comment, I AM a regular visitor here at the Pond; Since the birth of my first child in January of last year, I have taken time each day to pay a visit to dearest Aisha and the CC’s, as well as read as many comments as I AM able to. Just about every missive resonates deeply with me…it is not uncommon for tears to form in my eyes or goosebumps appear on my skin whilst reading! I take these to be signs that I AM in the ‘right’ place, although, lately, I take just being there (wherever that may be at the time) to be a sign that I AM in the ‘right’ place! This last year of my life truly has been the single most AWEsome and confounding (sometimes in a ‘good’ way, sometimes ‘bad’) one yet…I’ve married and then divorced my husband (after dating for 10 years, on and off again), re-met the love of my life, gave birth to two beautiful little boys (nevermind that I always said I’d never have children!), I quit using opiates after a decade long ‘love’ affair with them, quit smoking cigarettes, reconnected with my father after bitterly avoiding him for 7 long years, found out I had melanoma (the cancer my mother passed away from at 22 years of age) and ‘beat’ it, all while familiarizing myself with the Divine (I considered myself an agnostic til now)…WOW, when I write it all down, it really is ALOT! I do not usually open up in this manner, but I just want to give you all a bit of perspective on how much I have been able to cope with since I’ve been coming here…and I have not only Aisha and the CC’s to thank for that, but EACH AND EVERY ONE of you as well! This truly is a beautiful place. Namaste dear hearts ❤

    Infinite Love,

    1. Dear Becca, WOW indeed! Your light is so strong, for you have managed to walk a path with so many challenges. Thank you so much for sharing your light with us all! You will make this Pond shine even stronger, and I am so glad to welcome you here. May these waters bring you peace and ease!
      Much love from me, Aisha

    2. Becs! Blessed be my dear sister! so happy that you have come to join us by the pond! I am loving all the Beings who are stepping out from the twilight shadows to join us in the pond. So happy that you have drawn strength and love from this very real and very blessed place! Much love! alex

  3. Sending much love and light Alexs` way – you appear as a mighty and wise light warrior to me.
    Holding you and everyone close to me, Phil.

    P.S. I had to check the dates these last messages were posted ( May 9 )
    because I am sure I read them yesterday ( May 8 ). I have never believed that time existed but this was a bit surprising. Was wondering if anyone else
    has experienced anything similar?

    1. Phil, thanks so much for the love and light! I wanted to mention that I too have been having some forward motion in the actual time continuum. Mostly in reading the Gaia portal updates. i will read them and then the next day or so the same one comes up as New for the world, but i have already seen them….definitely shifty, this thing called linear time! Hugs! Alex

  4. not to dampen the mood, but i need some help, i have to cut this cord with a person (whom i live with) – enough is enough – i can’t take the jealousy and baby fight games. I’ve tried and tried to be patient and not let things get under my skin, hoping he’d just chill and live in the now but a few minutes ago it just got under my skin. I can’t deal with a person (relationshipwise) who brings up the past and always thinks someone is doing something behind his back. It’s a waste of energy and makes me go to that lower vibration and i don’t like it. I’m at the end with this thing and i just want to be friends with him and that’s it. It’s hard cuz we live together if i don’t respond to his calls, msgs, etc. he gets upset. i’m done but need that push over the hill to finally be rid of this. It’s more negative than positive – more arguing than love – i’m confused

    1. Dear Julskiw, hopefully the loving energy in this Pond can help to ease your pain so you can hear what your heart tells you to do in this. For as the CCs say, our hearts are wide open now, and there is nowhere to hide from what lies inside there, both the painful parts, but also the beautiful ones. I send you my love, and I hope you will be guided by the light I know you will receive from all of your brothers and sisters here.
      Much love from me, Aisha

    2. Sending love and comfort to you, Julskiw…Aisha’s right, your heart will tell you whether it’s time to dig deeper for that patience and understanding or whether it’s time to move on and just be friends. Big hugs to you.

  5. Aisha, thank you for all that you do. I look forward to your new posts everyday.
    When I think back over the last year I can see that my life has changed dramatically. It has been an extreme roller coaster ride. I am so thankful for everything I’m learning (!) …a year ago I didn’t even know what “enlightenment” was…and so very thankful for all that is being revealed. It is mind blowing.
    But it has also brought with it some very difficult battles. I am currently in the midst of what I would call an extreme testing of faith. I feel that I am completely worn out, weary, and barely trudging along.
    Thank you all for your light and encouragement. It gives me bursts of energy and hope.

    1. Dear Artistglover, welcome to this Pond! Thank you for bringing your light here, and becoming ONE with us all. We are family, and we are all here to support each other on this wonderful, but challenging journey, so I am glad to know that you are also a part of this circle of love. May it bring you the encouragement you need to make your journey lighter!
      Love and light from me, Aisha

    2. Artistglover, I have felt that way too a lot of the time…like I was just trudging along…but since this last gathering, things have really changed in my perception as well as my physical life, and I think with each monthly gathering, everything will start to flow more and more effortlessly. I’ve learned so much from the wise ones of this pond as well, it’s such a blessing to have so many of them here, and so willing to share their experiences and insights! Namaste, Maggie

  6. Good afternoon, blessed family of light! Aisha, once again, you and the CC have given us a beautiful, uplifting, very timely and pertinent message…thank you, I honor you and love you so deeply, our Goddess of the Pond!

    Alex, my beautiful, awesome, fearless sister of light, your words moved me to stop everything I was doing and serve…what started as a simple distance session, with the single intent of sending some love and energy to you, turned into a connected pond experience, and I must thank you as well as the entire pond for this experience because it was incredible! I have never felt so much love move through this body at once! I brought us to the pond, and soon realized others were showing up to assist…and then I realized we were collectively healing ourselves and each other! As soon as I realized it, a SURGE of energy shot through my hands, but I could also feel it go through my body, I was in two places at once…the deep love I felt was so overwhelming I couldn’t stop the tears from pouring down my face. To have all your voices join with mine as we chanted in unison was such a gift, I am so grateful! Thank you all a thousandfold for every bit of light you weave!!!

    I have most definitely been feeling different since the day before the Gathering, and this feeling has only gotten stronger, which is different too…usually a wave would hit me, I’d be miserable, then blissful, then annoyed at my inability to hold the vibration longer, and then WHAM!…another wave would hit, and it just seemed to go on like that forever! Does this mean I might finally have a kundalini experience? I really, really, REALLY hope so!

    Physically, very weird stuff for me…my entire heart and solar plexus area feels like it’s been under tremendous pressure, but there’s not a burp in the world that can fix it, and my throat physically feels like it does when it’s on the verge of crying, combined with the way it feels after letting out a whole lot of screaming… (I know this because I’ve done a fair amount of both throughout this process, LOL!)

    The most astounding thing by far has been my desire to be “out there”…I would enter the outside world reluctantly regardless of my vibration…if it was low, I’d be terrified one little thing would send me over the edge and I’d say something mean, if it was high I was afraid one little thing would piss me off and the vibration would be ruined. This went on for quite awhile, and I could handle not being “mean” because I had my cigarettes to help me push it down inside myself, to trick my nervous system into thinking I was “okay”. Alex, Love, if you need to be away from the world for this moment as you get through this extremely difficult process of quitting smoking, do what you must! I kid you not, I went absolutely crazypants on some poor dude who asked me for money in a parking lot on one of those days when I really wanted to smoke and I literally sent him running away from me, with his hands to his head, screaming…I felt so bad about it later, and then I got scared because the way he reacted, it almost seemed like I shapeshifted into some other entity, or like Kali came through me and showed him her face. We’ve all had our days…LOL! But I just wanted you to know I understand what you’re going through, oh do I ever, it hasn’t even been a year for me yet…but it really does get easier, and you are such a strong and fearless soul, dear Alex, I know you’ll kick this attachment’s butt in no time!

    Anyway…this fear of being bombarded “out there” has finally, blessedly lifted and I find myself talking to everyone whose eyes meet mine, cracking jokes with total strangers just like I did when I was a little girl, even though my family repeatedly told me not to talk to strangers, hahaha…never did listen to that advice, and I’m happy to say that I’m coming back to that sense of excitement and courage kids have before they get sucker punched by 3d ideals and rules and insanity. Just a smile from a kid can heal an aspect of someone’s heart on the spot…because their light is so pure and so strong…I believe we all have this ability now, to simply smile at someone with love flowing through us, and heal an aspect of that person, just by intending it…and I believe this is ultimately because we have each others’ backs now, we truly are ONE, and every time we reach out to turn on someone’s light, it is thousands of us reaching through that one hand…and thousands of hearts now beating in unison.

    With an abundance of love for all who are here and not-here,

    1. Thanks so much Mags, big huge hugs…I have to tell you that at a number of points today I simply dove into the blue waters of the pond and then imagined myself in a golden hammock suspended over the pond rocked by the gentle waves and the hands of love…I absolutely feel on the road to integration and I am beyond words at the amount of love I feel from all of you blessed brothers and sisters…Time to rest certainly, but I can see myself getting back in that rocking saddle again very soon! HUGS! Alex

  7. I’m so much better now, physically! I haven’t vomited since the gathering, whereas, before, every morning at first light before sunrise I hurled. I am so glad I can’t remember the work I do when asleep. I took the camera out and got some good shots from around a pond/marsh. I would love to show you, but I don’t know how to upload from my own system.

    Perhaps with the dawn of the new age, more people might understand what Timothy Leary was trying to say

    “Tune In” to your inner voice
    “Turn On” wake up to who you are
    “Drop Out” of materialism, forget about having a bigger ?
    than someone else’s ?

    He really wasn’t talking about intoxicants as a goal, but rather as a tool to this higher state of knowing where everyone is now coming to.

    I just might be happy, I’m not sure I remember what that feels like.

    feeling the love.

  8. So I continue. I don’t mean that CC or Aisha should give a reward, no :).
    I mean energy of universe that is spinning around me and mostly of us.

  9. I feel good and peaceful. I have finally found my “I AM” state that is in my heart not in my mind. That is new experience for me. That is wonderful feeling, but that does’t pay my bills :(. To be honest some kind of reward, read money, from this process that we have gone through, (and this process will continue no matter what), would be wonderful. After all, we have to live, at least partly, in this world and this world works with money for some time.

    1. Thank you, Maarit! I,m so happy for you have found your way to your heart! Dig, Maarit, because inside your heart are all your answers. I love you!

    2. Dear Maarit, I am so glad you are a part of this circle of light. We all have to face these last remnants of the old world, but we can do so together with love in our hearts. I know that the very fact that we do this, will help us make this world a much better place for all.
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  10. I wrote this yesterday and it just seems to fit with the CC’s message today, so I thought I’d share:
    I can hear birds chirping and frogs singing to each other this morning. Life outside is in full swing as creatures of all sorts revel in the newly warm temperatures and in celebration that everything is waking up with the arrival of a new season. There are seed potatoes sprouting in a box by my feet, waiting to be planted and broccoli seedlings outside the door getting used to the natural air before moving to their soil bed in the garden. Wildflowers of brilliant blue and bright white are popping up through old leaf cover in the woods, and the great blue heron has made his homecoming to the shores of the lake. After a winter that was punctuated with more snow and more cold later than we wanted, spring has embraced the landscape again. Despite the seemingly constant hum of industry and machines, the soul of the earth is starting to vibrate at a higher level, casting shadows of joy on all that is. If we look closely, we can see the weaves that connect everything and the light that radiates from that which adds it’s note to the hymn that is being written.

    1. Thank you so much for this, Woodlandmanitou! I have just turned the soil on my vegetable plot and planted the first potatoes, giving thanks to Mother Earth for her abundant generosity.
      Love and light, Aisha

  11. Dear friends, I have never cross posted a message before on here from one page to another but I felt it important to do this because something is coming up for me that I think might assist everyone else–the message of the CC today really says it all to me–we need slow and gentle integration of these energies so that those tiny spaces inside of us where we cleared out MOST of our old stuff but small traces of fear still remain–and those are being activated in me right now–because I KNOW i am now my TRUE self and there is nothing to hide behind. I shared this message to Carl because I know he understands me a bit more–so here goes….much love

    Carl, I wanted to share something important that is happening to me because you and I have some similar background and I am not sure this is something that you exhibited in your life as a protection mechanism, but it is coming up for me now and I am so glad that I realized it and I can address it.

    We have all been working so dilligently on our soul levels and integrating our egos and kind of felt like our bodies, while in a ton of symptoms etc. would simply float along with us into the change. I thought so too, but I am realizing more and more that our body has a cell memory and it has it because it reacts to certain vibrations in order to protect us.

    Over the past few weeks, since I quit smoking and since I had that what I would call breakthrough where I realized I was releasing all the old ME and stepping fully into the NEW me, I haven’t felt like going outside of this house at all. I have gained weight, and while I have felt joy in my home I haven’t wanted to go and visit my trees or go on walks or really be out of this house or even visit the kids at the theater.

    At first I thought it was simply integration–and my reading with Lisa Gawlas yesterday put that thought right out of my mind–I am at a stand still and going through a kind of death. I realized that at the core of this is the deep seated energetic belief that to TRULY shine my light, there will be reprimands and so I must Hide. Here I am in my reading face down in the new soil of the earth and i am growing new roots from my face and while there is tons of energy available, I can’t move…

    And I realize–I have tears in my eyes as I feel this Carl and I am sharing with you because I know you understand and I really appreciate it that I can share with you—that until I release this need for protection and REALLY believe that I am safe being ME and know that this cycle of repeated reprimand against ME for being ME is OVER I am going to remain stuck, face down in the ground–even though to me this represents complete surrender to the process that is unfolding, my body is still scared to death and it is doing what it does to protect me…

    So, while I understand the process and my process can be different from everyone elses process…I would ask you all to in your own lives think on ways that your body or your mind might be reacting to Your being you–its not self sabotage–it is self protection–and why we all need to drop the judgement of ourselves–understand our processes and deeply forgive them on every level.

    I would appreciate it if during your day today and if you feel like it–anyone could send me some love and comfort–I also have my monthly and yesterday was the culmination of the black moon transit and so I am sitting in a whole heap of I don’t know what–LOL its so weird really because as soon as I reach out with my heart, I feel all this amazing LOVE and i know all is well,but I also feel in my body this last layer of understanding and this last release of the need for protection…I choose to be the real me and shine that real me not only in the pond and in my family circle of love and trust but out in the world…it is imperative that I release this or I will not be able to be truly of service and I want that with all my heart. I want to be able to truly shine not only from my soul, but from my body and being…Triune–completely balanced and perfect–for me–and for all that is…

    Big hugs–and thanks all of you for loving me…as I love you! Alex

    1. Alex …. are you familiar with Sinead O’Connor’s song `Thank you for hearing me’ … ? I hope you do not mind but I feel compelled to share it with you.
      Know that you are deeply loved, guided and protected.
      All is well.
      Sending you much Love

    2. Alex, I am sending you streams of gentle love from deep in my heart.
      I want to write so much more but can’t do it right now, will have to come back later. Layers are unraveling quickly and it’s hard to keep up with; at the same time pieces of the puzzle seem to be coming together. This seems to be part of a frequency shift…I hope this makes some sense.
      Anyway, I wanted to respond to your call as quickly as possible and I hope you can feel me with you, because I do understand what you’re talking about. Pure love and comforting hugs going out to you my friend.


    3. Hi Alex,

      What a privilege sending love to you! And how very honest and cool of you to ask for it. As I have said before you are an Tried and True, Inter-galactic Warrior of Light–and I wasn’t exaggerating.

      I want to share a story with you. A friend of mine recently volunteered to play the piano for a children’s musical in our church. She hadn’t played the piano in many, many years, and the director of the children’s choir is a bit difficult to work with. This woman is a true seeker and, like you and many of us, she had carried a lonely beautiful torch through a dark and lonely world. She has since found a group of us who have learned to journey together.

      Anyway, she recently shared with our group how glad she was that the musical was over. She said, “I made a couple of those mistakes and just felt horrible about them. I so wanted it to be perfect. But then I caught myself because it doesn’t have to be perfect. I know that is true but I still struggle with it.”

      What I said to her, I want to now say to you. For you see, every person in our group saw the children’s musical. It was truly beautiful. More importantly, everyone in our group could “see” Judy–that is her name. I told her, doing my best to hold back my tears, “Judy, none of us saw you make any mistakes. But let me tell you what we saw. We saw a woman who hadn’t played the piano in years give herself to these children in a completely courageous and beautiful manner. We didn’t see your piano playing. We see YOU. ”

      Of course, this is a great theme and one of many universal messages in “Avatar.” But the thing that I want to impress on you is that sometimes we are the last ones to “see” ourselves. Until the, we must learn to listen to those around us who truly see us–and, until recently, for most of us, that has been only a few people that we have ever met.

      Alex, let me tell you what I see. (And of my many weaknesses, I have a gift for seeing people) I see in you an absolutely beautiful and perfect being. Unique, courageous, willing to live and love with abandon. I am positive that many others who gather here see you too–maybe not exactly as I do but in a way that you would find absolutely exploding with love if you could see yourself through our eyes.

      How I can write something like that to someone I have never met face to face seems unlikely and until recently, I wouldn’t dream of doing such a thing. But such are the changes that are now all blessed to know and share.

      You are a lovely being. And I love you for who you are! Your face doesn’t belong in the dirt but facing the open sunlight where all your bees and those beautiful trees that you speak of are so loving standing in awe of you.

      Grace and Peace and Love and Light to you, my sister!


        1. Thank you Maggie.
          Believe me I want to shine. We all do! After so many years of somebody else’s sad game. We shine with all our might for our Divine Parents, for Gaia, for Aisha and one another, and for all those beautiful souls who have been so long waiting for hope. It is here because of people like you.
          Love and Light.

    4. “& this too shall pass”……be strong dear friend as it will pass…rest & visualize your ‘Happy place’ where LOve, Joy & Healing comfort surrounds you & know in your Heart, you will endure…..I once was told a long time ago that… ‘the unknown is as scary & as complicated as we want it to be’….the mind is a powerful thing….but your Heart is much more powerful !….See & Feel with your Heart dear friend & let your mind take a rest….Blessings & Strength to ‘YOU’ dear Alex ! We walk this journey hand in hand but you must walk it in your own shoes…..Yes You Can do it !~……Hugs….Bev

    5. Dear Alex, beloved sister, I see you, and I am in awe at your own ability to truly SEE yourself. You shine your light into the very deepest corner of yourself ,and you are brave enough to show others what you find there. And what you share, is so important for us all. For what you say is so true, we all carry scars, from this life or previous ones, and our body and our mind do all they can to help prevent us from getting any new scars. They will even go so far as to slow us down or even stop us on this path, for they thinks they need to keep protecting us. So it truly takes a leap of faith to break through this last inner barrier of self-protection. You are a true warrior of the heart, dear sister, and I know you are ready to take that final leap.
      Much love from me, AIsha

    6. Lexie, I’m so happy you cross-posted this…and there are more goodies waiting for you on the other page…your sissies and bro-bros love you so much!

    7. Oh Alex
      Really I’ve moved….. from the bottom of my heart I send all the love of the world, all the strength and all the support.
      You shine with your own light and it will never stop even if you feel it ….. we don’t perceived flashes here. I love you very much, we all love you very much, do not you ever forget it ….
      Emma (the brief)
      Muaaaaaah and tight hugs

    8. Hello beautiful miss oyster,

      The next time I get quiet I will hold you in my heart and my arms and send all the love I can. I’m doing it now, but I look forward to focusing on sending energy to you from a point of stillness.

      Thank you for the honor of serving you.

    9. Love you soooooo much, dear Alex! I am shining big blue beams of love and light your way, and want to say THANK YOU, because you gave me a tremendous gift in the asking, which I wrote about further down…thank you for all you are and all you do, beautiful Island goddess, we adore you!!!

    10. Dear Alex,
      Big, BIG hugs to you and lots of ♥♡♥♡♥♥♡♥♥♡♥♡♥♥♡♥♡♥♡

    11. My dear Alex, thank you for opening your heart with us, YOUR Family. All is O.K., Alex!. You are integrating your blessings and soon the new you will stand joyful again, centered and powerful. Your high vibration wild shield you and NEVER you will feel fear again. Don,t worry, you are perfect, and One with all of us. I love you, Alex!

      1. I just wanted to send out thanks through my tears of love and gratitude to you all, for all the amazing love and light and healing I have felt today. Your strength and your love for me directed and focused on my integration really “hit the spot” as they say. thanks also to you Leslie for reaching out to me via facebook with that information about past lives because it was so spot on!

        I remember crying so profusely last week and again today, but last week there was an air of sadness and yes, a bit of fear that I really didn’t understand. Now, I get it–i was Scared of truly integrating myself–mind, body and spirit into the fullness of who I am and releasing all need for bodily protection.

        Going to do a violet flame transmutation tonight when I go to bed and then soak in the blessed waters of the pond, knowing that every fear will be released and all that no longer serves me will be no longer…much love and again–with all my love and hugs–you are divine–you are love–you are light–and you are mine…and I am beyond grateful for that sisters and brothers of the pond…Alex

        1. Beautiful Alex… glad to be there to assist you in this integration… look forward to hearing how you get on with the violet flame!

          Joyfully, Philip 🙂

  12. Dear new friends, I say this although my mind tries to tell me that “you dont really know them”, but after sunday I have felt so profound happiness in me that I cannot explain it to me. I have been all just smile and now when I read your text I kind of understand ” we who are in the pond share our feelings” and I think that I must feel you all because I cannot otherwise explain my happiness at the moment.

    I would like share something with you, something I experienced today. We went hiking with my partner and I was so happy to get outside as the summer is starting here in Finland and nature is full of new awakenings, forrest seem to be so full of life at the moment 🙂 Well after an hour or so, we got in to this beautiful little bay, water in a lake was still and reflected everything as mirrow and sun was shining from the cloudless sky. I walked straight to the shore line as my parter started to prepare our lunch. I watch the sceen and I thanked Gaya for this great beauty I was able to witness. At the same time I felt this strong wind blowing from the lake although you could hardly see any waves and as sudden as the wind dissappeard, a big bringht white butterfly appeard from no where and flapped its wings in front of me and it felt to me as it would have been measuring me up. I was so amazed and I felt very deep love in my heart. Butterfly rested awhile in my armpit and then fly away… I silently send the biggest “Thank You” to the universe.

    So now I understand what the words WE ARE ONE means. I hope you all feel my happiness too 🙂

    With many colours in my heart,
    Reija 🙂

    1. Oh Reija! That is wonderful! To me, in my family, butterfly is always a visit from spirit, sometimes from a deceased loved one but always a loving visit! So happy that you were at a “pond” and in your opening your heart you were visited by “spirit”…beautiful…

      WE are all old friends here Reija–it is true and you are here because you are part of us…and we are blessed to be part of you! Thank you for sharing your happiness–I needed it today! Hugs! Alex

    2. Thanks so much for sharing this Reija !….it is indeed heart touching & such a wonderful physical connection you experienced 1st hand with one of nature’s very majestic & peaceful creatures….they represent so much more than most know… truly were ‘Blessed’ this day !~…..LOve & Light…Bev

    3. Dear Reija, thank you for shining your happy light and sharing this beautiful story! I know what a glorious feeling it must have been for you, for here, the nature is also starting to come back to life after a long, long winter.
      Much love back from me, Aisha

    4. That is wonderful Reija and I feel your happiness… it reminds me of an event with a butterfly about 4 years ago when I had released something and from a room inside (yes inside) my house a butterfly appeared out of nowhere… it still amazes me to this day!!

      Joyfully, Philip 🙂

    5. Thank you Reija for sharing!

      I had a similar experience in the beginning of my breakdown/breakthrough – whatever you prefer to call it. I was watching snow crystals in the sun beaming through me in all colors of the rainbow and they brought tears in my eyes and amazing happiness to my heart. So I am convinced that the great wonders occurs in the small 🙂

      Congrats from a sister just across the border 😉

      1. Ouh my god, tears are running through my heart, I sure feel so blessed! Thank you all for your beautiful words, they touched me very deeply. You are all so special and thank you for making me feel the same!

        Infinite amounts of love to you all :o)

  13. Thank you Aisha & the CC’s for another uplifting message 🙂 There is ALWAYS a sentence that stands out in each of your posts that speaks particularly to what I’m experiencing. Today that sentence was:

    “As you say YES to yourself,
    All of creation will listen,
    and the doors will all open
    as if by magic.”

    Hooray!! How wonderful. I’m finding that to be true. I EXPECT resistance (which is the old habit) but then am astonished by the ease with which things are being accomplished in my life. Little things. Hardly noticeable to anyone else but BIG things to me.

    “Have P A T I E N C E
    the changes will be small,
    and hardly perceptible at all…”

    Sigh… So true. Patience is NOT my strong suit but in the outer world it is very necessary. The job of “changing” this ‘civilization’ from dark to light feels MASSIVE….. but many changes ARE ALREADY taking place. I write political blog for a newspaper and can tell you, it gets discouraging. And yet I see the tide changing in so many areas even though much looks the same or worse. So I keep the faith and cling to the light and vision that I KNOW is proliferating on this planet and in the hearts of all. So once again, Miss Magnificent Aisha, thank you for these life-&-light-affirming posts. Blessings & light, xo Kat

      1. Hello, my friend 🙂 Too many changes and not able to express them all in words. Joy to the world & especially joy to you! xox 😉

        1. Kat! So glad to “see” you and also know that you are in a place where you can also shine light and HELP the changes just by your very being…lovely! big hugs! alex

          1. Thanks so much, alex, for your very kind words. My goal is to keep writing facts and truth in my political blogging. 97% of the responses I get are lovely and positive, but then there’s a very unruly, rude 3% that cannot stand LIGHT. My heart tells me that actually that’s the ratio in the world. That for the most part EVERYONE wants change for the better all over the planet. There are just a small minority, some that are in ‘power,’ that are very vocal, greedy, scared and contrary to ANY change at all. But the voices and hearts of the majority of people will overcome all the tyrants. I KNOW it. So I keep blogging truth and facts 😉 And I often think of what Gandhi said and it gives me courage:

            “When I despair,
            I remember that all through history
            the way of TRUTH & LOVE has always won.
            There have been tyrants and murderers
            and for a time they seem invincible
            but in the end, they always fall —
            think of it,
            ~ Mahatma Gandhi

            hugs back at ya! XOX

            1. I think the masses have been conditioned to the truth of the few. This we
              lightworkers have been working to shift for a long time. I can not help but hold out hope. It is my way. The good red road. I hope we don’t have to suffer anymore martyrs. Crazywolf

              1. Crazywolf, I stand with you in that hope and know with all my heart that the delusion so many have been under will evaporate as more and more people “wake up.” I have faith. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to get out of bed in the morning!! It’s people like you that inspire me to keep putting one foot in front of the other and to keep calling on the Light at ALL times. 😉 ♥ ☮ ♥ ☮

  14. Yes I resonate with this one deeply – thank you Aisha… feeling the changes within… and the new emerging from that… beautiful… Joyfully, Philip

  15. I have been following this site and never commented.
    Monday 06 May 2013 I made it quite clear to the temp agency I had worked only four days for that their abusive ways were no longer acceptable. This was very distressful as I perceived I needed the low pay from the toxic fiberglass company due to my wife being pregnant with our first child and this was the first employ I have had since I was let go from my last employ 22 Oct 13.
    Tuesday I worked out and spent the day resting, shaking off the soreness in my lungs/body from the arduous and toxic four day stint at the fiberglass company as well as sending out resumes.
    At 2am I awoke very restless- which is very common -however, this time I asked and prayed to my angels, guides…whomever was listening…God?
    That once and for all I might get a sign or guidance as to what I should do.
    Broken sleep ensued for the next five hours with a name pounding in my
    minds eye… G. W. HARDIN. I consciously have never heard or researched this person but did so upon awakening
    He has written multiple books regarding angelic messages. I don’t know if this means I should write my own (as I have been told for years I should) or if I should just read one of his. I am quite gobsmacked, I don’t get answers to my prayers this blatant. I felt compelled to share this with you all. I don’t know why as I have never done this before and am very private. Best wishes.

    1. Hi AJAX,
      Are you a “math” person? If I’m remembering this right, G.W. Hardin recently posted an article about a young man who found or saw, whichever you prefer, a new geometric form. This form is supposed to be a key, called a hecatonicosachoron.

      GW said, “This geometry is actually a gateway across dimensions. In two of my books, I refer to angelic gateways (obviously used by the angelic realm), that were given to humanity in order to work with celestials. These angelic gateways are also tesseract geometry. ”
      I found the full article here:

      I can work a formula all day long but not be able to convert it to a form or graph, so admittedly a lot of the article goes over my head. But you stated that you receive angelic messages, so maybe this is up your alley.


      1. Sara, I also read that article and was mind blown by the beauty of the geometry and how this is inside our DNA as well! Very cool-and Ajax, welcome and thanks for sharing here with us–we are all getting answers to our questions and requests for help very quickly lately and I put that down to the amazing frequency of this pond! Big hugs and blessings on your wife and new angel child! Alex

    2. Thanks for joining in dear Ajax & sharing this wonderful & valuable information ! indeed you are on to something quite profound & it’s sacred information is trying to make it’s way back into humanity…I know this too ! & Thanks so much for your added info dear Sara, as yes it is geometry & also mathematics…much like the key code I was carrying & released. It has to do with the building blocks of life at a molecular level, & I am told that this is where the transformation must begin that will eventually change All life as we know it now….but in fact this sacred knowledge has never been lost & has always existed in nature but it just has been forgotten by us, but not to many of nature’s creatures, like the BEES….do you see this pattern within their honey combs ?….this is why I always stress the importance of nature, of Mother-Earth as it is All visable creation & creation is the ‘Creator’ ! when we become completely emersed in our connection back to nature with LOve, Respect & Appreciation , All the locks will be broken open & everything else that exists as disharmony in our now current world will be fixed & will no longer exist…..I am told it All has to start somewhere & it is within our best interest as a unified people to focus our energy & intention on this….think of it as the domino effect…when the major pin is released, everything else will take care of itself ! These tesseract formations are very powerful structures within creation & hydrogen will play a very important part in it’s activation….& where do you think All this hydrogen is coming from…our glorious Sun !….the food fuel the drives, nutures & heals Life ! LOve & Light to you both !……..Bev

    3. Dear Ajax, welcome to this Pond! I am so glad you have shared your story, because you have pointed us all in a very interesting direction. I send my love and light to you and your little family!

    4. Welcome, Ajax! Thank you for sharing this valuable information with us YOUR BROTHERS & SISTERS OF THE LIGHT, what brought you to say hello, here, to this POND OF PRISTINE INFINITE LIGHT, for the first time.
      Also, thank you Sara and Bev, for your readiness to contribute with our undergoing growing process.

      As we all know our proper DNA is already altering as we breathe. We are leaving our 2 strand dark past to a new, at least, 12 strands for living our 5D new reality. I say at least, because among us there are brothers and sisters that are developing more strands, up to 96 and even more. And you know, to more strands more dimensions you can master, that is you can go inside as you go from your bedroom to your bathroom. And we all know in our proper skin what means to go from 3D to 5D.

      All these new information that is being unveiled now, comes from Heaven. Why? Why now? With which aim? The answer is in the link Sara pointed out. What are Archangels saying to us? Well, AA Michael says to us:
      “Our kind wishes to bind with your kind.”
      And AA Gabriel says to us:
      ‘The time of darkness for humanity has come to an end.’
      ‘The angelic realm has bound itself to the realm of humans.’
      Interesting, Heaven wanting/wishing/aiming to be ONE with us, humans. Heaven on Earth, isn,t it?.

      Why? Again. Why now? Why with US, enlightened humans? Why not with other star nations inhabitants, much more advanced than us? Why with us? Why here, on Mother Earth? An almost destroyed planet, that is birthing slowly in 5D?. Why with us, that remained in darkness for eons, and, yet, most of our kind don,t know what Light/Love IS?.

      Heaven wants to be One with us NOW, because:

      This is, my Family of the Light, why Heaven want to be ONE NOW, with us.


      1. Nomad,

        This is powerful. It carries great heart and hope. I resonate greatly with your determination here. And I see us working together on this. We are determined– undaunted attention–to returning love completely and fully.
        In this regard, it is fitting that the angels would want to join us. Their beautiful hearts weeping for our heavy hearts.



      2. Nohmad, I’m always humbled by the profound purity and beauty of your expression. You bring tears of gratitude to my eyes. Thank you for your wisdom and sharing. I love you!

  16. I felt so good and peaceful on Sunday after the meditation. Now and since Monday i am so exhausted i can barely move. Anyone else feeling this?

    1. Dear Crazywolf, a big YES to that! My body was in a near shut-down on Monday, and I still need to “tune out” at times. It is so important to listen well to the body, for we have been through a major “reset”, and the more we can assist our bodies in this, the faster it wil be able to rebalance itself. So sleep, rest, eat, run, cry – do whatever your body wants you to do, no questions asked ;–)
      Love from me, Aisha

    2. Crazy Wolf, Aisha, you are integrating your blessings. This will take time. Why do you think CCs said gatherings to be just once a month? I love you both!

  17. I didn’t do the pond gathering but certainly read these postings everyday – just wondering if this applies to All (I know it’s a stupid question) because yes it does – I was just wondering – alot of what these messages say do reasonate one way or the other – just wondering if i missed anything at the gathering 🙂

    1. Julskiw,

      I think it is a little bit like this: All of us that visit this site ARE the pond, so to speak… and, of course, you also. How much and person participates is always their choice. It the participation is just reading the post, then that what is right for them. It is not possible to “miss” something because the person is doing the choosing. In other words, they don’t “miss” something, they simply choose to not participate. What they choose is always what is best for them, so there are no “wrong” choices.

      I understand the idea of choice can, at times, seem confusing. But, let me assure you that you do not make wrong choices. Please, sit back, relax, and enjoy whatever way your heart moves you to participate. It is all good and you will never miss anything. If you want to post more and tell us how it is going for you, we will be here to listen, and comment, when our heart is so moved. I can say with heartfelt sincerity, it is very nice to hear from you.

      1. Dear Amorosidad – thank you for this wonderful reply! Let me just add a warm welcome from me to you also, dear Julskiw, I am so glad that you have joined us all here at this Pond!
        Love and light from me, Aisha

      2. Thanks to all of you – i appreciate your listening and would love to engage conversation at any time – i should of spoken up sooner – i do read Aisha every day – thanks again Aisha and Amorsidad 🙂

  18. I am Love. You are Love. Welcome HOME my Brothers and Sisters of the Light.

    I do so hope your all having a little fun with this…

    Love you all, hang in there..


  19. Mulling over a year ago I can say that I am not the same person once … has moments that feel a melancholy, sadness, joy also for having awakened … oscillations are … I’ve always been a person with many friends, and I’ve noticed that people are more distant, sometimes I think it good because there is so much futility in the world, and sometimes I think I feel very bad and alone by not having to share with people nearby the I’m saying to you here, and even if they do not understand … tell those around me just think about making money, others are sick and do not know why, sometimes the urge to try and help more they can not hear me … I concluded not to lose more time warning people, giving advice, so … because they are where they should be and this is not good or bad, is what they have to live … sorry for my outburst … (((Hugs)))

    1. Thank you, Karina! All is O.K!. Karina, I,m in Porto Alegre, Sandra is also here in the south. You are not alone in this. Send me an email. Big hug!

    2. Dear Karina! Thank you for sharing this! A friend of mine said that this path to awakening should have a “warning label” on it, because once you start on it, so much starts to change. You become so new, you feel like a stranger, and you certainly feel like an “alien” amongst people who used to be your friends. But in this Pond, we can all feel at home, and I am so glad that your path has brought you here, dear sister!
      Much love from me, Aisha

  20. “We are illuminating”

    ” For now, you are no longer those solitary beacons, taking down and anchoring the sounds from heaven and broadcasting them out into the night. Now, you are truly ONE, and you all hum to the same tune, and you cannot help but do that. For you have all been hooked up to this continuous generator of light and energy, and through you all, this new sound of joy is already covering your whole globe. ”
    Thank you dear Aisha…I LOve this message from the CC’s !….it is the weave of pure & perfect harmony of togetherness…to become One….as it has always meant to be !…may we All keep our intentions strong, keep committed to our journey with reverance & patience within the unfolding of creator’s master plan & keep shining our Light brilliantly with LOve & Healing to Mother-Earth & to All her Precious Life !….have a glorious day everyone !……………Bev

  21. Once you find your trueself that has been covered up by daily life. At times you feel all things around try to keep this trueself hidden from your mind. When your trueself is found it lets you think of grander things. Its not money or to wish for grander idems in your life. Its a love for all that is. Its a conection with others that feel the same.
    When you get these feeling and thoughts make a picture in your mind of this and why it gave you a feeling of peace. Those who find themself will see they may not be rich in material things. They will get by in some way that you may not see.Then when fear raises its head at you just remember who you are and want to be. Fear can not enter someone unless they forget who they are. Only those who forget who they are fear death. To those who remember who they are there is no death. Its only a time to rest. When you have a dream that makes you feel there is a disorder in your life. Try to look into this dream.If its something you did wrong try to correct it. If it is about someone who did you wrong try to forgive them. This will stop a bad dream.

    Love and blessings to all

    1. so beautiful Ray !….the state of knowing & acceptance, that of peace & contentment so wonderfully described….have a great day !……Bev

  22. Yeah this really brought tears into my eyes, when the little bo,y in his last attempt, finally caught the hot burning torch and the crowd bursted into applause. Happened this morning. Watch the details. Watch the details. Watch the details. Hoorrrayy. Back for love.

  23. Dear all!
    The difference I feel… To be honest, I lost the job (that did not fit me at all) even though Iam glad about that fact and even though I dont know what the future will bring, even though Im so afraid … sometimes, I woke up last night standing beside my bed completely disoriented, heart banging like crazy… I can go on with the list. I feel soooo weird but…at the same time, in the heart space, there is NOTHING wrong. I dont know why. But in that space it tells me I am free, I can breathe. When I am there, a smile appears on my face. Maybe not so visible, but it is a visible sign that IT IS OK! And I am so happy about that. It double and sometimes confusing. The last days Ive learned that focus is very important. I focus on that feeling inside. It makes a lot of difference to me.
    There is so much going on and I couls say I lost my job but still … mostly we dobt know why we are feeling the way we feel. I trust that there is a reason for everything. I dont have to know the reason anymore cause sometimes the most “terrifying” things bring the most precious gifts if only you are willing to see and reSEEve it. So dear dear all! I could have never imagined to feel so connected to YOU but I do!
    Lots and lots of Love
    from Esther

    1. Esther I really want to write something to you however right now the words are not enough so please know that my heart is feeling a connection to you and sending you loving energy.

      1. I gave you a bear hug…
        Also thousand kisses…
        And all my love…
        What else can I…?
        Hmm… Already know!…

        Across the ocean…
        I will feel…
        Your happiness…
        Your glee..
        Your love…


    2. Absolutely Esther! It IS double and it IS confusing. When things are intense there can still be violent swinging between extreme positive and extreme negative while crossing from one polarity to the other although it is nothing like it was in the beginning of my awakening 16 years ago. I am so relieved THAT is over. In the exact centre point between the polarities I can still feel something like hysteria and being split in half or feeling both positive negative at the same time. It is WEIRD. I have some quite terrifying things happening in my life at present as I face my last and deepest and most obstinate fears but I have noticed that I have a somewhat stable surface under my feet now even if I can not quite see it all the time. Even in the darkest times now I can nearly always detect the Presence and there are abundance signs like a bee hovering next to my ear today buzzing very loudly as if to say “listen, you can’t drown me out now”, a shooting star just now, and whispers in my ear.

    3. Wonderful, Esther! YOU are that peace. YOU are in harmony. Your heart, your mind, your ego are ONE. And you feel peace inside. 3D for you is over, does not matter any more. Your high vibration shield you. And you feel Oneness with all of us. How beautiful, Esther! I love you!

    4. So glad that you feel free and can breathe Esther… and that you feel connected here… if its of any assistance, when I left a world behind that no longer fitted a whole new vista opened up before me with a few unexpected but pleasant surprises and opportunities to grow in new ways… Esther … take a breath and see, be open and doors will open…

      Joyfully, Philip 🙂

    5. Dear Esther, thank you for sharing this! I love what you say : “..sometimes the most “terrifying” things bring the most precious gifts if only you are willing to see and reSEEve it” You truly SEE, dear sister, and for that, you will be infinitely blessed!
      Much love from me, Aisha

      1. Esther, Thank you for sharing your message with us…I came in here today feeling very much the same as you, disoriented etc. and I know the reason why, and still felt so strange–and your message about the most precious gifts coming after facing the terrifying…well, that simply put it all into perspective for me–I love how the messages from the group are so powerful and can be so pointed at individuals–I felt you were speaking directly to me in that part…and I am sure others feel the same way…big hugs–Alex

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