A message about the Gathering

Dear friends!

Earlier today, I posted a short comment about how I felt the need to withdraw and try to take in all that has happened in the last 24 hours, but the CCs thought otherwise… They were very insistent that I should sit down and take in this message from them, and that I needed to share it as soon as possible. For some reason, they did not want me to include it as a part of The manuscript, but post it as a separate message, and so here it is:

“Dear friends, beloved family, for that is truly what you all are. And after last night’s intense reconnection, we gather that many of you can truly feel into the truth of this for the very first time. We know you have waited so long for this, but finally we can say, in the knowledge that you hearts are at last able to savour these swords: welcome home, beloved angels of light. For not only are you angels in the realms you have come from, but now, you also know that you are the same, infinite beings of light down on Earth also. For you have seen yourselves in all of your splendor, just as we see you when we gaze fondly upon you. We thank you all for opening your hearts fully to this truth, as for so many, the doors have been sealed closed in a way that made it hard to fathom they would ever open again. But last night they did, and the doors were not only opened, they were litterally flung off the hinges, for they will never be able to close again.

For once you have allowed the pristine light to touch your very core, and once you have truly allowed yourself to be loved by YOU, it will never ever go away. So again we thank each and every one of you for your courage, your wisdom, your beauty and your infinite light. You all walk in splendor now, dear ones, splendor you have earned with every tear, every parting pain, every sorrow that has ever befallen you on this earthly sojourn. For know now that you have been fully awakened from your  sleep, and just like sleeping beauty, Mother Earth has been awakened alongside you. So rest today dear ones, and try to get your bearings back, for we venture to guess you may feel somewhat befuddled after this energetic awakening and rebirth. For you have all been born again, into a body that may still feel rather battered and bruised at times, but it is a body that has been totally reprogrammed in a way that will benefit not only yourself, but your benevolent Mother also. For the planet you walk upon will be nourished by every step you take from now on, for through your veins courses the very lifeblood she needs in order for her to beat as strongly again as she once did.

So take it slow, and give yourself the time you need in order to step fully into your new shoes. They may seem to be overly large for you at the moment, but we have no doubts at all as to your ability to fill them. For you will walk with even more presence on this land from now on, and so many will begin to follow in your footsteps. Because they will be drawn to you, and to this brand new energy you all exhude, amd through this, the exodus from the old density will truly begin. For you have cleared yourselves from all of the old dross, and now, the time has come for you to form that vantage point, the spearhead, and blaze a shining trail for everyone keen to do the same. So again we thank you all for what you are, and for what you have let yourself become. For you have truly become yourselves now, in every nuance and every aspect, and so we greet you all as equals. It is indeed something you have always been, but now, you have finally started to see the same for yourselves, and that gladdens us to no end.

Thank you, that will be all for today, but we will return with more as the days go by and your lights start to shine even stronger. Thank you, we leave.”

With much love, joy and gratitude from me, Aisha

(And now, I will take a short break… :–) )


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  1. Dearest Aisha,

    Please would you help me?
    ¨For you will walk with even more presence on this land from now on, and so many will begin to follow in your footsteps. Because they will be drawn to you, and to this brand new energy you all exhude, amd through this, the exodus from the old density will truly begin. For you have cleared yourselves from all of the old dross, and now, the time has come for you to form that vantage point, the spearhead, and blaze a shining trail for everyone keen to do the same.¨

    Thank you, thank you.


    1. Dear Hugo, I am here. Please help me to help you, I need you to share your own words with me so I can see you better.
      Muhch love from me, Aisha

      1. Dearest Aisha, my Sister,

        Ever since I can remember, I have wondered what is out there!

        As a teenager and a young adult, I read basically everything with a Nebula and a Hugo award… It just resonated with me… La nuit du temps, (Rene Barjabel), etc…

        My family owns a cast iron foundry, I am a restauranteur, and I’m currently unemployed… I have had the hardest five years of my life struggling for money to the point that my marriage is very fragile now.

        My mom has passed away on March 19, St. Joseph’s day, (patron of the good death) and I really miss her.

        I learned to meditate 25 years ago because I am a former race driver and I needed the concentration… I had a big dream in my life and then I had an accident in the foundry and everything stopped and everything changed…

        I had to find a new dream I had to find a new Hugo again and then I got in trouble…

        13 years ago I found my new passion; the restaurant world and then my life changed again five years ago…

        I believe in things that nobody else believes like the disclosure, etc. It’s very hard to find people in my community that believes that what’s about to happen, it’s actually going to happen!

        I guess I need direction… I need confirmation,

        And then I have this never-ending sensation that I am arriving late to these events such as the gathering around the pond…

        This is a basic layout of myself. I hope this helps you to visualise me and follow your heart from there…

        With love and a heart of light, I thank you in advanced

        Yours truly

        Hugo Vaca

        1. Dearest Hugo, I am a Sister here who Loves you very much and again I find myself with tears to know another has suffered so. You are not late, no, rather, you are right on time.

          As for the rest, I leave for Lady Aisha, as you had addressed this to her. I just wanted to reach out to you to Love you, hold you, and let you know, you truly have arrived at a place I call Home, where Real Family are. Your amazement will grow the more you are here as you begin to recognize yourself in others here.

          As we all are still in human body, we do occasionally need rest. This is where my cherished BeLoved Sister is, but I know as soon as she arrives and finds your post, she shall answer you!

          With all my Love, Lady of Roses (Amy)

          Sent from my iPad

        2. Dear Hugo, beloved brother! Thank you for opening up your heart, not only to me but also to yourself. And what you share here, is a story that so many can feel at home in. For we are a family, my dear brother, and we all carry so many scars from the path we have travelled to get here. I do not know if you have read much of what others have shared here already, but if you have, you will see that we are all shining souls who have been on a path filled with so many challenges. But underneath it all, we have each and every one felt this strong yearning, this longing, for we have known in our very core that there must be something more to this life than what we have seen so far. And now we know beyond any doubt, that truly there is. For what has brought you and everyone else here together in this place, is this calling from our hearts, and this calling has always been there, even if we have not heard it at all times. But at some point, this call started to be noticeable, and ever since then, we have all been pushed and prodded so much in order to bring us together.

          Please do not think that I say this in order to make your challenges any smaller or less significant, for I know that there are truly no limits for how painful this path has been for you. I just say this to remind you that you have come home now, dear friend. For you have followed that calling in your heart, that ”frequency signature” that the CCs mention in the message I posted today (part 308), and so, you have arrived. You have arrived in our midst, and you have brought your battered and beaten but still brightly shining heart and soul, and you have added your light to this Pond. Brother, I cannot thank you enough for that! And now, it is time for you to do the same as we all have realize we must do, you must let the healing waters of this Pond work their magic on you. I have shared some thougths about this already in the post named ”The healing waters”, and I want to repeat the invitation to you personally: please sit down and connect to this beautiful Pond, this grid of love and light that is suffusing the very air you breathe, and let this love wash all the way through you and into your heart. For you have been standing alone for such a long, long time, and now the time has come for you to surrender to this sea of love that you are truly a part of. I know you will be received with open arms, for that is what this Pond, this group, this gathering of souls is all about. For we are gathered here to help each and every one of us to heal, and when we heal, we also help this planet heal. And we cannot do this all by ourself. The only way to do so, is to open up our hearts completely and let the love of this community wash the wounds that are still hidden inside us.

          You have so much power hidden within, and when you let yourself surrender to this Pond of love, you will find that power, and you will add that power to this grid in a way that will make no only you, but all of us even stronger than before. It is wonderful that you have already learned to sit down and connect to your core, but this time, I ask you to sit down and connect with this grid of loving and healing energy that has been activated through the Gathering. For now, it is time for you to truly RECEIVE. For you did not miss out on the Gathering, dear friend, you are already a part of it. And when you do this, I promise you I will be there, but so will many of your brothers and sisters too. For we are truly ONE, and you are not alone anymore. Not just here on this planet, for this connection goes further and deeper than what we can see and touch and hear with our human senses, and I know that as soon as you let youself soak in this Pond, you will also start to feel this Universal connection. You will probably not get all the answers you seek all at once, but I know you will find that something will fall into place, and you will find renewed strength and a peace of mind that will help you get closer and closer to fulfilling your dream. We all share the same dream, and I know that the very fact that we can connect in this way will make it happen so much faster. For we are truly beings of light, and we carry so much with us that we will use to bring heaven to Earth in every sense of the word. We will just have to be patient a little bit longer as these parts of us will be revealed one by one. I thank you for being a part of this magnificent work, dear brother!
          Much love from me, Aisha

  2. Dear Aisha,

    I would like to thank you for what you so lovingly do.
    I just found you and I can´t take away the sensation that I am arriving late every time I read about ascension or in this case about the gathering that just took place. It’s like I’m missing the boat every time…

    I have felt that there’s something out there that is a part of us and that we will meet.

    Please keep me on your mailing list, I would not like to miss anything else from now on!

    Thank you


    1. Dear Hugo, welcome to this space, the Pond as we like to call it. You are already ONE with us, for what has brought you to this space, is the same energy that we all share. So you have not missed anything, dear brother, and I am so glad that you have joined this circle of love. The next Gathering is scheduled for Sunday, June 2, you can read more about the Gatherings here.
      If you click on the Follow-button in the lower right hand corner, you will be emailed whenever I post a new message. And please remember, you are part of this family of light now, so you can connect with us all, and with the energies from the Gathering, anytime you like.
      Love and light from me, Aisha

    2. I’d like to welcome you also Hugo. It can take a little while to drink all this in, but be assured you have found a place of love and support.


  3. I would like to share my experience at the gathering at the pond, it kind of wrapped up what has been going on in my life this past Year.
    About one Year ago I was feeling the energy of the universe very strongly and I created a project I named Steam-Building. The idea was to conduct sweet-lodges for the needy and get funding to do that from companies. They would sponsor for a specified group of people. For instance a company could sponsor a sweet-lodge for the war veteran who suffered from PSTD. I worked hard on this and got people involved, but somehow it got more and more commercial in that process and turned away from serving to merely making profits from the idea, partly by influx from the people i connected with and co-operated with, and at a point I felt no energetic support for the project at all. At that point I got very angry with the Universe and asked the goddess to show me the underlying trauma that made me conjure up project after project, that then after a few month would fail. I was then shown in a vision how I myself was the cause to this failure, since I was being to lazy and dishonest to my higher self. What was even worse was the fact that I engaged in healing people’s dark sides without being able to look into my own darkness. The blind leading the blind.

    At summer solstice I partook in a ceremonial fire by a wonderful woman named Astara*. In this ceremony we were told to write down on paper what we would like to rid ourselves of. The word that flew into my pen was “ego” so I burned that paper with a prayer to Gaia (The name of the place was Cafe Gaia, if You ever come to Aarhus please consider going there).

    I was releaved after having dropped the project and was falling in love with a girl. She was 25 years old and had confessed that she had these otherworldly experiences and had to brake up with her boyfriend because he and especially his family could not accept them.
    After talking to her I had this fantastic dream. I was flying in this fairy-tale like place and on the ground there lay a Dragon. The dragon was bound by a double string connected by little strings covering its body and holding it down. In the dream I fly (a bit like super-mario) into the little strings and they break with a little tone, hence the super mario comparison, as I pass eventually freeing the dragon, and so freed it begins to fly toward the sun.

    After this ceremony I was going to a big party with concerts from different artists, were I could partake for free if I would look after the Gear at nighttime. This was a fantastic experience and I was treated like a king with good food and a little hut to myself. I met a lot of wonderful people and also a guy from my indian rainbow tribe and we sang the songs and played the drums and told the old stories about how we got our scars to his friends which were playing at the concert as-well.

    In the evening I decided to make a ceremonial fire. I cleansed the fireplace for rubbish and drew into the ashes a circle with a cross in it, then i made four holes in the four compartment that came from circle and the cross, and I put in some raisins as offering for the mother Earth. I then collected some firewood and arranged it carefully upon the Sun wheel.

    Then I lit the fire and it was a magnificent to behold. After some time i noticed the shape of a dragon in the fire, and I could see the dragon for the rest of the time i looked into the fire, furthermore i was seeing dragons in the sky by the hundreds i every shape and form. Then I looked at a gigantic inflatable castle one of those were kids can jump in and have a lot of fun, the name of the castle was Camelot.
    I realized at that time, that the dragon had become the collected force of my eight power animals.

    So now back to the evening of gathering of the pond. I was laying in nature under a tree at the beach in my sleeping bag meditating as I suddenly felt the dragon in me wings spreading out, and I flew up in the light to join hands with You all. As we all connected tears just keept flowing from my eyes in this infinite moment of bliss. I did not see more than this just feelt us all joining hands, and I truly felt at home…


    1. Dear Stephan, brother of the light, now my tears of joy are joining yours! Thank you so much for sharing this, you do not know how much this means to me! For I am also connected to the dragon tribe, and two nights ago, I finally met one of my beautiful dragon friends once again. I also know your beautiful story will touch deep into the hearts of others here, for what you share will also ring so true for them.
      With love and gratitude, Aisha

      1. Dear Aisha, I thank You my sister, because You created this by responding to Your true self, and what a beautiful thing to behold it has become…

          1. Stephan – 😥 – Healing is happening here, water gates are wide open!… my favorites movies! Thank you so much, it’s mooving things up in a good way.

            1. dear joyjovy, the dragon to me is the empowered femine connected to the earth mother a magnificent being, to be loved without fear…

  4. I know the shit has been f-up but we made it and that’s groundbreaking! Our core is strong as ever, there is no doubt about that now. If we jumped from one duality to another duality trying to feel better before, now we are very centered in who we are. Raw but strong! Everything is exposed to our awareness, all the versions inside of us got nobody on the outside to help them feel better or like it was before. All they got is each other and they are meant to be in love, peace & unity. It’s like we are building a peaceful earth within us then to project it on others and the Earth itself + this beautiful web it should be much easier. Most importantly if we are feeling any denial, detachment, disappointment, irritation or giving up frequencies that is a very good sign! That means the struggle has ended and healing is occurring and it would help us plenty to assist that healing in every genius way you can come up with. While healing we need to, with all the now very strong intention and help of higher realms we got, monumentally shift our perception of reality to a one where disappointment doesn’t exist, where we don’t have to hope for salvation, where there is barely any duality but choice of personal perspective and preferred frequency to it. In other words lets put on the glasses (shades, lenses) we like and enjoy our kind of weather. This kind of shift of perception is now possible for we have graduated into that possibility. I strongly believe we are doing great and there is no doubt the rainbow after storm is coming! Salut to all the humble golden beams of light here at the wonderful pond!

    1. Eagle, my man, I am reminded of that awesome Zztop song–cheap sunglasses and also Queen’s We are the Champions when I read your post! Yes!!!! Time to view our awesome new unity created, much loved on reality! Lets rock dat succkkaa! Love alex p.s. oh man I am running on empty….i gotta crash! Night all and hello to the 3am crew! 😉 Alex

      1. Oh I feel you! I’m crashing while I’m typing lol Goodnight everybody! 11:47pm Pacific Time

    2. Beloved brother, your words carry so much power and zzzing, thank you for what you bring here! It is like a zap of lightning, a jolt of energy, and it feels great!
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  5. Dear Alex, you are so right about trusting our soul, I still doubt, I am still learning. So MUCH suffering to heal, so much work to do personnaly and helping others. I wish everyday to find a way of quiting my day job, to concentrate on healing. I feel SO trapp in this 3D reality – work for money to pay for bills. The last 3 weeks altought very difficult were a blessing in the sense that I could actually do other things than run for money (just laying in bed or meditating) . I’m not geting better because I don’t want to be a puppet in the Matrix anymore. I just don’t know how to change it! I am not ready to give up everything I worked for all our life (even if I know, it means nothing), I am not alone, kids and husband wouldn’t understand, even if they feel the same way as I do. I am still trying to figure it out with my 3D mind. I haven’t had any brilliant ideas yet so I am still waiting for something to happen like a lot of people.
    Big, big hugs to you Alex, your words are always touching me, no matter who you write to
    ♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡ TO ALL

    1. Joyjovy, big hugs…I too am in exactly the same place as you are related to 3D so we can hold each other’s hands and hearts and send love and light that what we are experiencing right now in the “illusion” is simply going to shift into something much better as all the old energy falls away and all the new energy comes in….even if it means simply imagining and daydreaming something better to replace all the brain chatter. I know when I get into a place of thinking of all the problems that really dont matter I am only going to hurt myself and waste my energy…we are all at a strange place where things that used to matter so much don’t matter to us but still matter to those we love–what a juggling act…and seriously, so many say–just let them go–just do what works for you–but folks–we are all ONE! How on earth can a loving heart turn away from those we love? So, i continue to love and continue to do my best and have patience and know that this too will pass and something better is coming–it most definitely is…big hugs! Alex

      1. “…things that used to matter so much don’t matter to us but still matter to those we love–what a juggling act…and seriously, so many say–just let them go–just do what works for you–but folks–we are all ONE! How on earth can a loving heart turn away from those we love?…”

        So much love you for that comment!!!! /Birgitta

      2. Alex, I’m right there with Birgitta on that same comment. The space I’ve really moved into, and especially recently is, things are just always going to work out. With this latest level of awareness I find myself often just calmly standing by watching as those I love around me fight situations, and react to them. Yesterday with my beloved coworker i watched as he fretted over something that another had done poorly that affected us, another in a long line of offenses. And I looked at the larger picture and began pointing out what we had actually accomplished in a short period of time, in truth as a result of solving these problems, and it was truly monumental for such a short period of attention and work. Magic was taking place in our efforts, if we simply looked from the right perspective.

        I find I’m able to look at so much of the “outside world” so very much more calmly, and without undue concern. Now my world is the “inside” one, and that is where the great challenges lay, and continually so. Yes, there is much work to do there, and it seems now I’m continually in the kingdom within, from which all things are created.

        I got off the original track…yes, what matters to us now is so much more different than for many around us. I have told my spouse outright, plain and simple, there is only the spiritual path. Nothing else exists, and nothing else matters. That is all that matters for me. And like so many others here, this indeed fuels lively debate on a regular basis 🙂

        loving and appreciating you,


  6. Sorry to say I missed the time frame . I interpreted the time here
    in CDST to be 10pm. It was really 2pm CDST.. Sorry I missed the
    moment, but….i was there for several days in Heart. I think my
    confusion was around times in 24 hr instead of 12 hr clocking.
    Will try to be on top next time.
    Will i am

    1. Dear Will i am – you did not miss anything, for we are truly ONE. Time is just an illusion my friend, but we are for real :–)
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  7. Leslie, thank you for your compassion and kind words. I knew it would touch a lot of souls, bringing back those memories, thats why I hesitate so much before writing it down. I always wonder if it is my imagination running wild making up all of this. But everytime in my live that I had some kind of vision of past life, it came as a requedt to heal me or a member of my familly. Actually, it does not matter if it really appened or not, it always served a purpose and help healed our issues. My daughter and I, had quite a few life that ended in dramatic ways (so as everybody else) and those always helped up face the insecurity to loose each other again.
    That said, I sincerely hope that the tunnel of light did help any of these poor souls. I will do it again until I feel that they can moved on and be free. My loving toughts to your lost familly members and the ones that saw this and had to live with those horrorfull memories.
    Love and light

    1. Joyjovy, I also had tears in my eyes reading your message and your brave and wonderful light tunnel to heal these souls. I would add only that society tells us our spirit talking within us is our “imagination” and not real so as to control the wonderous power of our love. Trust yourself my dear friend, as your energy rings true and your heart is a vast well of love. I am blessed to feel you and I send my love out to you too Leslie. My french teacher in college was in a camp and to actually see his arm with the numbers tatooed it was a devastating sight. The only thing that made it bearable really was to see this man smile and know that he had overcome it and lived a full life. There is much to heal and heal we do, but we must treat ourselves gently. I am very weepy and tired today…I need to rest and continue to heal. Joyjovy, I have been sick now going on 2 weeks and I know it is a deep and final cleansing, but that doesn’t make it any easier–so sending you a big hug–and big hugs to everyone~ Much love! alex

  8. I resposted because my message got lost in another subjet…

    I hesitate a lot before writting my experience, it is not quite like others. I realise that being sick for the last 3 weeks is necessary to keep me still, and to connect more. It’s very clear that I need to BE a lot more than I need to DO. I could feel the call to connect like all you way earlier that the time set. I still fell I can connect to the pond anytime I want, since time does not exist, only now. I decided to do a meditation of light, bringing the sea of light intoo myself in order to expand to my surrounding. I saw the pond, visited quickly but I was brought to darker events…I was in one of the train during Holocaus going to the gaaz chambers, holding my son who was petrified with fear(I know he has return as my daughter in this life), I was VERY calm, knowing very well what was in store for all of us. I expandend the light to my son, in order to calm him down.Explaining that nothing to happen would matter because we would always be together. I was informed that all the people involved in theses events were still hurt and needed to be healed and so was Gaia, I made a tunnel of light where all the trains would go trought in order to give them love, compassion, comfort and heal all the pain that remains after all those years. I do not feel It was only for me, but for all of us involved, to much pain there. It is the first time that I saw this as one of my past life.. After that, with each heart beat the light would go out in waves out further and further everytime, until I could see the waves hit all the planets of the universe.What happens here, will change not only Gaia but the Universe also.
    Bless you all with love and compassion

    1. Joy…

      I find words to be increasingly inadequate to describe what I feel lately. But I’m going to try. First of all – thank you. What you did during your meditation was a beautiful healing for us all, like ripples in a Pond (yes pun intended). I believe that the healing of souls is what our Mother Earth really wants for us. It seems to me that it hurts her most to feel the density and the negativity of the vibrations that cause people to hurt each other.

      I have also had a past-life recall of the Holocaust. I truly don’t know if it was my life or some kind of parallel life but it doesn’t matter. I was a little girl alone and gunned down on the street. This came to me a few years ago. In my current life, my Grandparents escaped Nazi Germany in 1936 and were able to come to America, thank God. Most of my Grandmother’s family were killed – they were on those trains. My Grandfather was able to bring his sisters here. So I am very personally moved by your experience and again want to offer my sincere gratitude.

      Please take good care of yourself. This work is so hard on the physical body. Sending you soft, gentle, healing light.


    2. Dear Joyjovy, beloved sister, thank you! Thank you for what you share, thank you for what are, thank you for being here. For you bring so much healing to this world and beyond.
      With gratitude and love, Aisha

    3. Dear Joyjovy, thank you for taking the courage to post your message. I am all tingly here as I write because I have just realised as I read your message and the replies that the Holocaust has been on my mind on and of for a day or two. For some reason this morning before I read your post I was being reminded of my stepson’s visit to the camps during his A Level studies.

      As I wandering about this morning I was thinking about the light pouring into these places and people. Sending love to those still hurt and Gaia – yes feels very important… and although I don’t know of any personal direct connections I’ve seen heard and read plenty about it all so I will be asking Spheres Of Light to help out in this process.

      Blessings to you,

      Philip 🙂

  9. I spent five years by the ocean . I loved diving and just looking at all the different life forms. All the noise under water was great to. I raised several octopus from babies. From different families. They are very smart more so than dogs and monkeys in some ways.

    1. That is so calming my mind brother Ray! Your diving story is so of tranquility energy.

  10. I just wanted to send out some love to our sister ELLE who I havent seen on the comments in a while. I want her to know she is in my heart and my thoughts often and that all our love is available to her. If anyone has heard from her or communicates with her, please send her my love…Alex

    1. Hello Alex!

      Thank you so much for sending me your love, I am very touched. I’m still around, just don’t get much time to dive into the Pond now that it has become so big.

      I’ve been on a little sidetrack lately, clearing out some debris that I thought was long gone, and I’ve had help from some wonderful friends including Philip (who sent me your message), Phoenix, Carl and Leslie. Carl set up a special email and we’ve been hoping you’d join us. I’ll leave it to him to let you know the address again – he did post it once before. It’s an easier way to communicate on a more personal level, and for me, the loving support from these wonderful friends has meant a great deal.

      Reading of so many intense and uplifting experiences during the meditation has been inspiring. I have to admit I slept very peacefully through the allotted time here, but then transcendance is constantly in my heart and mind, and has been for a very long time. I might not walk the path in exactly the same way as many of you, but my goals are similar. Your posts are always uplifting Alex and you shine your light far and wide.

      Much love from downunder


      1. Yes Alex, we’re lovingly caring for Elle. She is with us. She is in our arms, and we are holding her close. Thank you for asking about her, connecting with her and sending her your love. Like myself, she loves you dearly. And like yourself, I know her as a magnificent being, whom I’m simply in awe of. But right now Elle needs the cocoon that we have created for her. Know that she is with us.

        love, Carl

        1. Elle, Carl, Phoenix, Philip, Leslie and Alex – thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this. You are all truly shining examples of how to BE ONE in this new world, and you bring hope to us all.
          With love and gratitude, Aisha

  11. Dear Phillip,

    The name of my dog is also Jess. 9 month old cairn terrier mix. Is there no end to the “coincidences?”

    Murray, the Hebrew name for Susan is Shoshana. It means “rose.”
    Shoshan in Hebrew means “before” similar to “erev” (eve of.) It is most commonly used before a holiday. Shoshan Purim like in the West they would say Christmas Eve.

    Leslie, I have been sensing a particularly strong connection between us. Could you be so kind to e-mail me: lactsusa@bezeqint.net

    And to all of you, including our house mom, Aisha – my greatest gratitude. I honestly can say that I have never felt such warmth, support and purity anywhere. Love, Susan

    1. Susan,

      I feel humbled that you’d even remember anything I’ve said – I am generally somewhat quiet. Perhaps you can feel how intensely I’ve read your words and soaked them in. Or maybe have me confused with someone else, lol. I did send an email, I hope it goes through OK.

      Much love,

  12. Hi ponderers,

    First, thank you all for sharing your experiences from the Gathering. I have been reading and rereading them for the last two days. I finally have some free moments to share my experience so here goes.

    I decided to start with slow breathing and regrounding. I dropped the grounding cord at the base of my spine and asked for a new, crystalline cord that vibrated with the earth frequency in that moment. I felt it attach to the base of my spine and drop into the center of the earth. I asked for two more cords (these were smaller) for the base of my feet and dropped these, too. Then I sat for a few moments, feeling the earth energy. The power, the unity, the beauty and the LOVE. I felt like drawing it up through my chakras, something I hadn’t done for a very long time.

    When the energy engaged my root chakra I began to see image after image after image of all the reds in the natural world. I saw bugs, birds, leaves, flowers, shells. Reds of every color, tone and tint. I began seeing these reds begin to spiral. I saw a red rainbow and some reds I’d not seen before. They all began to spin into a single vibrant glowing living RED.

    I went to my second chakra and the same thing happened. All the oranges that I have ever seen, the most beautiful rich glowing oranges came together as one. I felt a very powerful understanding of my true earth connection through my physical body and I heard “Yes, you are of the earth. Your body is the earth.” As I heard this I was moving into yellow and felt how the energy, color and frequency of all the beautiful yellow beings was a part of me and the earth.

    Then I moved into my heart chakra and something different happened. I saw a beautiful soft glow of emerald green. I felt I was sitting in a green orb lit with this glow. I heard Mother Mary speak and felt her touch my heart. “I have two gifts for you today. First we will open your heart wider than ever it’s been before.” I felt her hand on my chest and was reminded of the muscle tension that has been there for several days. I felt it all relax into such a rich emotion of maternal love, protection, adoration, belonging…

    I had been sitting cross legged on my bed and at this point decided to rest on my back. I stretched out and moved into my high heart. I can’t describe this very well. It was mostly color and it was blending up into my sixth chakra. The area of my high heart, and sixth and seventh chakra was filled with moving light of deep green, indigo, and the palest violet white. While the colors of my lower chakras were all pretty well defined spheres, these higher chakras had a certain expected color correspondence but they were quite amorphous and very beautiful. I heard the voice of Mary again. “The second gift is Stillness”, at which point I fell sound asleep.

    When I woke up, my chatter mind started up immediately. “That wasn’t what I thought was going to happen” “I think I’m disappointed. I could have done this by myself. I thought I was going to a party.” I sent my apologies to Mary and asked for forgiveness for my chatter mind. She reminded me to share my two gifts.

    Alex, I’d like to add one thing. My black moon is in Leo like your daughter’s. I find people that call attention to themselves extremely cringe worthy and have a very hard time doing it myself. This has made it difficult to share a lot of my journeys as they tend to be quite dramatic. Becoming attentive to how I hold myself back has been a significant awareness. So thank you for that gift and thanks to all who have shared their amazing stories.

    1. Dear Magpie, thank you for sharing your gifts with us all! I see your brilliant colours, you are no longer a black and white magpie, you are truly a bird of Paradise now :–)
      Love and light from me, AIsha

    2. Magpie, as I was reading your beautiful message, it felt very much like it was specifically FOR me and I was shocked to see my name pop up! LOL I am so so glad that I shared the oracle black moon information and truly like the energy of the moment, what you send out comes back to you 100 fold.

      I have to share with you a few things because your message simply mesmerized me! first, I have a VERY strong tie to mother mary and that she visited you and gave you gifts made my heart sing! but back to that in a minute..

      The definition of the lower body chakras with colors specific and then an amorphous flow on upwards from the high heart is very consistent with the activation and blending of the high heart, being heart, throat and third eye/pineal–that you sensed this transformation is super spectacular! I love love love it!

      I also love that each person experienced this in a variety of ways and brought back different messages~ I think it was mark who spoke about planting Color specifically into the new earth and here you are experiencing all color…

      But the thing that zinged the hell out of me was the stillness…See, today I had a reading with Lisa Gawlas and she says I always get her goat because i am so different from the other readings she does–everyone is representing right now in two different but defined ways and I am completely different. You see, I was laying face down on the ground in a glow of spirit light with a white top energy (the stuff creation is made out of) and a black bottom energy (the deep unknown) but my face was buried in the earth and rooted there-and no matter what she did, she could not move me out of this “perfect stillness”…..after speaking for a while, my heart opened up and completely resonated with the idea that i have completely surrendered myself and my spirit in trust to the process that is occurring and I am simply completely still in the energy that is hugely and totally transforming me…no need for action…no need for doing…no need even for being…no need for cocoon protection…just bare out open and still and surrendering to spirit. And when we realized THAT I cried with joy and now coming in here and reading that my BELOVED Mary gave You the gift of stillness (and the gift given to ONE is the gift for all of us here…CC said that a while ago I am pretty sure, but i Have always beleived that…) well, complete and total rocking awesome!

      So, I will feel good about this feeling of stillness and integration knowing that whatever is to be I have completely surrendered too trusting spirit and all of you along with my team and my soul will occurr as it should. Thank you dearest sister for sharing with us–for specifically calling out my name in gratitude because I KNOW that this message of yours was for ME…

      Much love….Alex

      1. Many of your messages have spoken directly to me as well. Most recently when you were describing your earth connection and how much more real it was in your life than any connection to “star seed”. I feel the same way and, as you, I happily allow all possibilities to present themselves. I didn’t try to describe how my heart chakra, the green orb, was integrating the ephemeral energies of the heavens with the tangible elemental beings and energies of the earth. Maybe that comes through, maybe not, but opening to the energies of the heavens may have been a big part of the gift that I was given. We shall see.

        One day I will share with you the story of how Mother Mary came into my life. I have virtually no religious background for which I am grateful. I couldn’t have been more surprised when Mary came as a guide. This was fairly recently, maybe in the last two years, and she is my go to guide whenever I’m feeling particularly unhinged. But this has to wait for now.

        Thank you, dearest sister, for sharing all that you do. I, too, wish you had some friends in your area to drum with. And I shall hold it in my heart that we will rattle and drum together one day.


        1. Huge hugs magpie…I so needed this message right now…unhinged–I know the feeling…ugh..but I will ask for peace from mary! LOL love you!

        2. Dear Magpie and Alex

          Thank You for this beautiful sharing, i feel compelled to talk of mother Mary as-well.

          My spiritual path began as a protest towards everything with a christian label to it, maybe due to the way it was introduced in Scandinavia, if one for instance looks up the origin of the phrase of the rule of thumb she/he will get the idea . I had elaborate discussions with christian friends on the subject and maintained the position that Christianity was in fact a crime against humanity, but of course as a humanitarian one should understand and forgive people of being misled into this coul de sac of faith as opposed to Knowledge.
          These friends then invited me to a group meditation with an American medium in the church of light in Aarhus (Denmark) and we were about 60 people doing this meditation. We were told to close our eyes and were guided up into a cathedral of light, I come to think of the Notre Dame in Paris as a 3D comparison. I accepted this as as all well and good, a fine show of the mythology of Christ. Then to my horror I saw my goddess being revered in these halls and that put me into a chock like state. And since then I learned to accept that my goddess goes many places not excluding the Christian halls of light….


          1. Stephan, that’s the thing that I love about spirit. It is irreverent and often makes us see how silly humanity is while still remaining full of grace and light. Mary really was the thing that I took away with me from Christianity when I departed as the one true mother figure who accepted me totally and I still say my prayer to her for protection. I am beginning another relationship with Jeshua based on his true teachings and I agree with you that it is indeed a coul de sac of religion…but we take what we love and leave the rest…there are many spiritual beings who would love to be of service to us and I think Mary very much enjoys sending her love…hug! Alex

          2. I guess it’s time to tell my journey story.

            When I first began journeying and went to the higher realms to meet my spirit guide I found a funny little fat blue man who wore a loin cloth and several colorful sashes around his waist. He loves to dance and twirl and he loves to laugh. He has enormous energy and is very curious. I called him “Buddha” in my journals but when I asked him if he was the Buddha he didn’t answer. Later I asked him for a name (for journaling) and he said I could call him Abu Dha.

            Around the same time there was a lot of Christ consciousness references coming up in my studies and I had enormous resistance to the word Christ. I had visited beautiful churches in Europe and found I hated to go inside them due to a suffocating sense of oppression that came over me. At any rate I wanted to free myself from whatever psychic/spiritual bondage I was in with the words Christ and Jesus.

            I journeyed to AbuDha and asked him to take me to Jesus so I could clear things up. I found myself walking down a dirt road in the middle of a desert, barefoot, on a cool, clear and unbelievably starry night. There was one immense star that stood out, just ahead of us, we seemed to be walking toward it. AbuDha was walking on one side of me and my lower world guide, a great golden lion, was on my right. Occasionally someone would pass us, or we would undertake another traveller. We were all going in the same direction.

            You may guess before I did where we were going. It was to the manger in Bethlehem. We came upon it quite suddenly and the sight of the mother and child in the manger riveted me. Tears flowed from my eyes and I could not take them from the sight of Mary holding her child, nor did I want to. I was overwhelmed with the power and magnitude of the Divine Feminine and found I was on my knees experiencing… ecstatic reverence is the best I can describe.

            That was all I needed. The experience and witness of that miracle but particularly the connection to Divine Feminine. Haven’t had any Christ problems since then and have been able to talk to Yeshua on a couple of occasions. We go into a giant marble temple shaped like Buddha’s head.

            I’m so glad I didn’t have any formal religious training. I could never have spoken of such great beings with such reverent irreverence.

            Thank you both for sharing.

            1. Magpie, Oh my goodness that was beautiful!!!! I love your buddha man! I can feel his fun wonderful spirit! I too feel that was the perfect place for you to clear things up with Jesus! God made man….and to realize the role the divine feminine played which was taken out of the bible stories totally…I did have church training but really dumped it at an early age, LOL truth be told, it all came down to why would god give me a clitoris and then say it was a sin….that was it for me–I knew the church was wrong and it took me years to stop going just to make my mother happy–i am learning little bits and pieces about Mary and Jesus and Mary magdelene, jesus wife and twin flame and I think they had a daughter named Sarah. An interesting piece that fits in with this is Ron Head did some quantum hypnosis regression and when he did that the creator came through and talked about how Ron had been the deepest friend and protector of the real jesus and how after jesus left the mid east (he did not die and rise again, but was close to death and then recovered and left the region) he traveled and learned much of the eastern religions…it was an amazing read and I wish I had a link for you…you can google it I am sure–hugs and thanks for sharing your journey with us…Alex

              1. I read that channelling and completely loved it. Both parts. I have been tempted to begin a study on the Magdalene lineage. I’m sure I will at some point, I find it so fascinating. At the same time the puzzle pieces that have been appearing for me with no searching seem to be perfect. There is so much written that feels so wrong, I don’t want to get mired in opinions.

                Thanks for checking back. See you in the new pond ripples that were sent out today.

    3. Magpie, I feel like you just took me on the most splendid journey into a chakra world I’ve never imagined and have helped me to understand Mother Mary in a much deeper way – I am so moved. Thank you! I sensed you were holding back from sharing – I was too for similar reasons and others – but now that we’ve awakened to these gifts, it’s time for each of us to shine, shine, shine! I love you Magpie!

  13. I had a dream. I know you have heard this saying before. But in this world it is a good way to express a dream. I dreamed of the crystal that rose from the pond in the middle of the platform I saw in my dream. This crystal is a gift that is given to the people of earth. When humans have grown to a point. Where they learn that all mankind can think as one and can cotrol their thoughts to make the earth a place of peace and love for all.
    The crystay in my dream is a place where all the collective thoughts of mankind can be stored and accessed by anyone who trys. It is not something to be worshiped it is just a place that knowledge can be shared. There are many of these crystals in our galaxy. They are all tied together. Some of these have more knowledge that others. The ones with more knowledge are those like us or much more advanced than us. They can all share knowledge with our crystal only when they think we are ready for the knowledge. Anyone can understand that us as a people must live in a world that is full of love and peace for all mankind, and other races in the galaxy. We don’t do that here on earth yet, but will one day. When our world comes to be at peace with all mankind. We will grow in knowlege many times over at a very fast rate.
    All of these crystals are linked to the one that gave these to us. This is the one that made the laws that control them. Just like the laws of our galaxy and controls them. You can look at all the laws of math and see it came from someone or something that knew what it was doing in creating all of this, and putting in place these laws. Many may say these laws created themself. Good luck with that. Man can’t see small enough or far enough to work out all this yet. But with time will be able to, and see the truth. I love to dream in the heavens to look at creation.
    This crystal ties us with everything not just each other. Its one of the greatest gifts that can be given. Now we know what needs to be done to help people on earth to find themself and awaken to share this. Our world needs to be at peace with all that is. Not just the problems we face each day in living on a beautful place as earth. Everyone needs to learn this not just the ones in the pond. Shine your light with bright eyes. See everything in front of you. Look back every now and then to see if you missed something. Don’t judge, but do justice by shining your light to all. What a dream.

    Blessings and Love to All that is.

    1. Dearest Ray, master of words and master of dreams, thank you so much for sharing this truth about what is within reach for mankind.
      With love and gratitude, Aisha

    2. Something in my head when I read your dream came up and I know the words are not right, but this is what it said..

      One to keep us, bind us and guide us all home…

      I very much resonated with your beautiful message/dream Ray. Thanks so much for sharing it with us! Alex

    3. I love your dream, Ray, and the wisdom you share with us. You are an awesome Light teacher indeed. My love to you!

  14. With every bit of my being, thank you, Aisha, for what you have created here with the CCs. Thank you for being our fearless, brilliant leader, our teacher, our example of tireless compassion, strength and unconditional love. I love you beyond words. I celebrate your being and bow to your greatness even as I feel you bow and celebrate the greatness in all of us, for that is what greatness does. For we are One.

    I am so in love with my Family here, so in love with this new dimensional reality we’ve created together in the Pond, and want to connect with you more often. I’m not able to participate here as nearly as much as I’d like at the moment due to recently starting back to work and yoga teacher training (getting back into the ballgame after several years of unemployment, searching for new ways to be of service). While I haven’t had a chance to read all of the comments since Sunday yet, I have read many, and want to share my experience around the Gathering now in hopes of being of service to my brothers and sisters for whom it might resonate.

    A few days before the Gathering I was working with Tom Kenyon’s Hathor Heart Chakra sound meditation and underwent the most profound experience of awakening and understanding I can remember. I felt my Light Team around me as I was weeping tears of joy and relief unleashed by the healing sound. Then I just said, “I am ready, I am, I am ready.” (Ready to know myself truly. Ready to let go of all that which isn’t truly me. Ready to live as my true self, totally free.)

    At that moment I saw a small, yet infinitely powerful object that is hard to describe enter my heart chakra. It was the color of muted, brushed gold, and as it landed in my heart it flashed with a brilliance I can’t describe and ignited my entire being with a joy and knowing I also can’t describe. Later, when I read Aisha and the CC’s last message, I felt certain it was the “pristine light” they spoke of.

    Then I saw two beings before me. I instantly recognized them as the beings known to many of us in our current incarnation as Yogananda and Jesus. They were welcoming me into their “brotherhood” for lack of a better term. I’ve been feeling Yogananda’s presence for several years but either didn’t feel “worthy” of cultivating a close connection with him, and admittedly had felt resistance toward him perhaps because of how much negativity, disempowerment and specialness-creating-separation I’ve seen occur in communities that celebrate “figures” like him. Anyway, he and I embraced like brothers and he joked with me something to the effect that maybe I’ll get around to reading his autobiography now that I see what an awesome, real, “down-to-earth” dude he is.

    Then I faced Jesus, and I just lost it. He and I embraced for a long, long time as I wept. Jesus and I go way back. He physically saved my life in this plane when I was two years old, but that’s a story for another day.
    Then I saw my beautiful grandmother who crossed over in 2011, and my grandfather, her husband, who passed in 1987 around the time of the Harmonic Convergence. It was at that point I realized this was a graduation of kinds, that Jesus and Yoganada were in charge of it, and my grampie and gramie, Cliff and Jean, were there to support me as they would do at a school graduation or something. I sensed other beings there, but these were the main four I interacted with. A small, intimate gathering just like I tend to prefer. : )

    At this point I realized clearly, this was my initiation into 5D, ascension (although these are just terms). I remember realizing that this was just the beginning, and it was certainly okay that I was still dealing with human struggles, self-doubt, being hard on myself, etc. Mastery isn’t about perfection or “arriving” or knowing everything, it’s about, well, mastering existence as a creator one with Creator. Mastering human life with all its challenges. But I knew unmistakably then that I’d turned a corner into a new experience of existence.

    And now onto the gathering. Oh, this is where it gets REALLY good, beautiful brothers and sisters…

    Remember that brushed gold ball of energy that landed in my heart chakra (which I’ve now come to understand to be the Merkabah – although I want to be careful here as there are many, many ways, words and experiences to describe one’s unique personal awakening/transformation – example, Phoenix saw a geometric pattern whereas I did not, and I respect that my description or even the idea of the Merkabah may not resonate for everyone)? Well, at the Gathering I saw that this energy was in EVERYONE. More specifically, I saw that each Merkabah-infused heart, including mine, had expanded in size into a brilliant, multi-faceted, golden jewel. Later, when I read Aisha’s post about seeing us as diamonds with hearts of gold, I realized: this is happening. We are home. We are now in a new dimensional reality as “new” ascended masters. We are self-realized. There is no more waiting. We are Jedis! : )))

    And it’s just the beginning! We are going to have loads of fun developing our Jedi skills and exploring this new world together, learning, growing, expanding together in consciousness. And so much more.

    Golden Eagle, if you’re reading this – my experience closely follows what Metatron talked about in that channeling you shared with us all a while back. I found it on the Web and am including it here for those interested:

    I love you all infinitely, eternally, limitlessly!

    Your sister who goes by the name of Heather

      1. Thank you, Philip! I’ve been thinking of you and the Spheres of Light team a lot lately and am so grateful for you all! : )))

    1. Dear, shining sister, I bow to thee! Thank you so much for what you have shared, it is so beautiful and so powerful, just like you! Yes, we are truly home, and from now on, much will start to be remembered by us all, and we will have so much fun sharing this experience.
      Namaste, brilliant soul!
      Love and light from me, Aisha

      1. Aisha, I am in awe of you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your brilliant golden heart with us — I saw it clearly at the Gathering and it is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful and powerful as you are! I hope you are finding peaceful rest and rejuvenating joy this week!

        Love, light and Namaste,

      1. Thank you, Beautiful Nomad! I loved your poem to Guerric, by the way. Your embodiment of love and caring inspire me! Thank you for all you do to keep our family grounded and always encouraged.

    2. Absolutely spectacular heathie! I wanna say that I welled up when you spoke of your grammie and grampie because every night when I thank my team for my day and its blessings I always thank my ancestors for without their being, there could be no ME, but I was very close to my mother’s parents and I could feel that love…awesome! 🙂 Alex

      1. Thank you, Lexie, who I stand in amazement of! Guess what – you popped into my mind when I was writing that about my gramie and grampie! WOW! I didn’t know why at the time, but now i do! They are my mother’s parents also! : )))

        1. Awww!!! 🙂 You know I love nick names….thanks for giving me a special one sweet sister! Grandparents are so special! LOL I don’t want to rush my kid’s lives but I already have visions of my little grand children and I long to play with them! big hugs! Alex

    3. Beautiful Heather–your vision and the bright spirit sharing it.

      You passion and enthusiasm came through your post like a radiant sun of joy!

      Bless you for blessing us so generously.


      1. Thank you so much, Mark! I’ve so enjoyed reading your posts and look forward to reading about your experience Sunday! Many blessings back to you and extra thanks for your awesome song suggestions too! : )))

    4. I can only say the same thing Philip did. “Wow, Heather”. -Just magnificent. Yes, the theme of rebirth is very much with me, too. And I really love your line, “We are now in a new dimensional reality as “new” ascended masters”.

      I absolutely feel this. There is a new, deep-seated joy inside, and I’m feeling light energy going out of me in every direction continually. I laugh and giggle so much easier, and so very spontaneously, now. And yes, I’m coming aware of some subtle “jedi skills” that I’m beginning to work with, on the energetic level with people around me, all the time.

      The awareness is so very amazing. We are New Creatures, born anew, and so very much more awake, and powerful, with the great and immense capacity for love.

      Thank you for this, “Sister who goes by name of Heather”


      1. Carl, I wanted to share something important that is happening to me because you and I have some similar background and I am not sure this is something that you exhibited in your life as a protection mechanism, but it is coming up for me now and I am so glad that I realized it and I can address it.

        We have all been working so dilligently on our soul levels and integrating our egos and kind of felt like our bodies, while in a ton of symptoms etc. would simply float along with us into the change. I thought so too, but I am realizing more and more that our body has a cell memory and it has it because it reacts to certain vibrations in order to protect us.

        Over the past few weeks, since I quit smoking and since I had that what I would call breakthrough where I realized I was releasing all the old ME and stepping fully into the NEW me, I haven’t felt like going outside of this house at all. I have gained weight, and while I have felt joy in my home I haven’t wanted to go and visit my trees or go on walks or really be out of this house or even visit the kids at the theater.

        At first I thought it was simply integration–and my reading with Lisa Gawlas yesterday put that thought right out of my mind–I am at a stand still and going through a kind of death. I realized that at the core of this is the deep seated energetic belief that to TRULY shine my light, there will be reprimands and so I must Hide. Here I am in my reading face down in the new soil of the earth and i am growing new roots from my face and while there is tons of energy available, I can’t move…

        And I realize–I have tears in my eyes as I feel this Carl and I am sharing with you because I know you understand and I really appreciate it that I can share with you—that until I release this need for protection and REALLY believe that I am safe being ME and know that this cycle of repeated reprimand against ME for being ME is OVER I am going to remain stuck, face down in the ground–even though to me this represents complete surrender to the process that is unfolding, my body is still scared to death and it is doing what it does to protect me…

        So, while I understand the process and my process can be different from everyone elses process…I would ask you all to in your own lives think on ways that your body or your mind might be reacting to Your being you–its not self sabotage–it is self protection–and why we all need to drop the judgement of ourselves–understand our processes and deeply forgive them on every level.

        I would appreciate it if during your day today and if you feel like it–anyone could send me some love and comfort–I also have my monthly and yesterday was the culmination of the black moon transit and so I am sitting in a whole heap of I don’t know what–LOL its so weird really because as soon as I reach out with my heart, I feel all this amazing LOVE and i know all is well,but I also feel in my body this last layer of understanding and this last release of the need for protection…I choose to be the real me and shine that real me not only in the pond and in my family circle of love and trust but out in the world…it is imperative that I release this or I will not be able to be truly of service and I want that with all my heart. I want to be able to truly shine not only from my soul, but from my body and being…Triune–completely balanced and perfect–for me–and for all that is…

        Big hugs–and thanks all of you for loving me…as I love you! Alex

        1. Lexie, my love, first, know that you are deeply held, deeply loved and deeply cherished, always, by this family, by your beloveds, by All That Is. It would be my great honor to send you all of my love, comfort and support to you this instant as you experience this final release.Your alchemy is already complete, and the experience of it being complete, in all of its splendor, is yours to behold Now as you decide according to YOUR divine timing, intention and wisdom. So be it.

          Having experienced PTSD and major depressive disorder for most of my life (whatever these terms mean at this point, they seem really moot now), and having explored the mind-body connection extensively through yoga and other means, I hear and resonate with what you’re saying about the body’s cell memory and reactions, the self-protection mechanism – especially in light of what you wrote about your childhood to Jeff recently. The words you used described your childhood matched my experience to a tee. Oh yes, those cells store major gunk that I believe firmly is being removed from us, by us, and with major assistance from other beings. Plus, you are quitting smoking so it is understandable that much is being released right now.

          About the not shining – diminishing ourselves out of self-protection – my mission going forward is to end this for myself (I believe I have, but find that “practicing” shining is critical given the cellular and brain-pattern stuff) and assist others in ending it. You are an absolutely breathtakingly beautiful, brilliant Light, Lexie, with a magnificent mind and heart that have helped and will continue help many beings. I only see you shining, wherever you want, whenever you want, however you want, all the time!

          You’re doing perfectly. I never underestimate the power of a woman’s monthly, either, so take it super easy!

          I love you and stand in awe of you sweet Lexie, Light Goddess of Long Island.

          Your Heathie

        2. Alex, love, I truly feel you. This has been a ROUGH and I mean painful on multiple levels past 72 hours.

          You have all the love, reiki, and anything else I can muster coming straight at you, dear.

          Thank you for sharing all yourself with us.
          I have not been writing here much, but I am here, just don’t have a lot of words right now, and sure as hell don’t have any answers. Trying to find them, however. Maybe I will have to wait until they find me.

          Loving you beautiful Alex!

        3. Alex responding to your call for love and comfort – much coming your way and Spheres Of Light too if you wish…

          I am sure Carl will respond with some wisdom you have requested as it connects to his journey…

          If I may add what comes to me on this question is something I had a while quite some months back connected with this and the Marianne Williamson quote rang out loud – you know the one I am sure about fearing our light!

          Lots of love and comfort.

          Philip 🙂

          1. Thank you all so much my beloved brothers and sisters for your assistance today in helping me to release this fear and pain and begin my integration into a perfectly balanced triune being–mind, body and spirit. I felt your love, your healing light and energy and it was wonderful and much appreciated. I felt myself dive into the pond many times today and then rocked gently in a golden hammock of light-created by all your love…I will never be the same because of the blessings I have received from this pond and all of you, and I will be eternally grateful..much love–alex

            1. Dear Alex, Lexie of the Light! Thank you for teaching us all how to take such good care of ourselves as we integrate and to ask for and receive support…what a beautiful example and gift this is to each of us. I personally thank you as it gave me an opportunity to look at and integrate similar concerns around bodily protection, especially. I’ll be heading to that golden hammock soon. : ))) Much love beautiful sister…you give so much and deserve to receive and relish in all manner of nurturing and healing. : )))

              1. Aww sweet heathie…I feel like you are my blessed little sister and I wanted to share that giving is the easy part for me, it has always been and you just made me realize that while I might “think” I want to receive, I haven’t always made it easy on myself or others TO receive…and that is another part of protection isn’t it? If you don’t Let things in, you can’t be disappointed…thanks so much darling girl for another lesson and gift–because I know I know, I deserve to receive and reap the rewards and get the good stuff–as a blessed child of the universe, we ALL do! Hugs and feeling much better today! Your big sis…Lexie…

        4. Alex I’m sorry I’ve been late to see this. I so much appreciate that you addressed me. I was unaware of this concept you’re teaching us about. I’m going to contemplate this, and read through your message until I understand on the inside, and I’m certain that with some attention and intention I will “get it” right away. Meanwhile, while doing this I will be with you and supporting your process.

          I love you,


        5. Alex, I’m having a strange evening. I’ve been working very hard privately, and might be just worn out, but right now I feel simply “blank”, like being in a void. I read the postings in this section, and read all my own comments, and am asking myself, “did I really write that?”. I see and remember that I did, but somehow I feel disconnected. I just now also read Heather’s link on ascension and like it very much. Perhaps just today I moved between levels, and am coming into one of those voids.

          This does concern me a bit. I don’t feel my usual self right now. Because you reached out specifically to me, I’m going to come to you and commune for a bit to do what you asked of me. Perhaps this will serve as a conduit for reconnection.

          You know what, I think it just came to me. You going through this process and calling me out specifically, combined with what is going on, I think maybe its time to peel off another layer and go deeper. Things are happening so fast. It seems almost an entire lifetime is being lived in just a few days, now.

          I must admit, I’m feeling apprehension. At the same time the tears have just begun. This is a good sign, I think. I might need to lean on my brothers and sisters just a bit. Okay, I’m leaning, now, and beginning to cry much harder.

          loving you all,


          1. Dear Carl, beloved brother, it is time to receive now I think. You have given so much to us all, so I hope you will do as Alex shared in her comment, just float in the love that is here in the Pond, and let it seep into every particle of your being. I hold out my arms and my heart to you, beloved brother, and I know many, many others are doing the same.
            Much love from me, Aisha

            1. Thank you, beloved Aisha. Yes, I needed to receive. Thank you for the invitation. You’re so loving and caring. What an incredible heart. The tears are still flowing, but its good, I need this.

              I did as promised and went to visit with Alex (last night) and all I could do was fall at her feet and begin sobbing. I cried so hard. It was a “gut-wrencher”. I think of the film “Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles” where the man in prison cried because he missed his son. It was like that.

              Alex, I’m sorry, all I could do was cry at your feet, and I got tears all over them. I felt bad that was all I could do, and then I saw the mess I had made and thought, I need to wash your feet. I needed a pan of water, and I thought of the three year old boy with the jesus boat and I went to him and asked if I could borrow his water pan to wash Alex’s feet. He said yes. He took the boat and clutched it to his heart, and gave me the pan. so I washed your feet, and dried them. Then in thanks for your reaching out to me, I kissed them.

              The tears continue to flow as I write. I did/do need to drink from the Pond. Thank you all for being there for me. I love you.


                1. Smiling, and feeling emotion like that baby. Yes, I saw the video. How beautiful. Oh Aisha, thank you so very much. I do need the healing waters. And I am indeed feeling the love bathing me. Its coming from everywhere. I so needed this. We are all so very connected, now. So very connected. How wonderful is that?! Oh Aisha, I don’t know what to say. -Smiling and laughing. I love you.

              1. Oh my God….i am sobbing Carl, just sobbing…i realize only now after the fact that in calling out to You specifically for help, I was calling out to your soul to go through the same process of release and healing that I am going through. Your process will be different, but the energy signature of the pain is so similar that must have been the reason for the “call out” and I am sure that others here who have similarr “issues” or life lessons will begin to come together and share the healing lessons and processes together.

                That you were in a void–I so get that–the self like face down in the mud certainly puts that in perspective from my reading. And to say that it feels like lifetimes being lived in an afternoon, your shedding of misery and pain the other day through your dream and deep work only just brought up the wounds for you and they were tender and deep and the way in which you shed them and shared them was simply spell bindingly beautiful, but it also gave me the permission to share myself more openly and that is really what put me into connection with what my body was doing to avoid any future pain.

                I am not sure you would have the same process, being a male and your situation again was not the same as mine, which was a mix up of verbal, mental, physical family abuse and sexual abuse outside the family, which I have worked with and healed for many years–my healing this time very much feels like the last remnants and it was a deep surprise to me to see my body was doing some of the very same things it did when I would have an “event” of abuse in the past…so I connected that this time, though there was no Event to bring me to my knees, I had finally released the deep dark shadow self of Deception/Truth and in receiving the blessings of the light weaving at the pond–I was coming truly and fully into My True self and that triggered the body protection/mental protection because I always connected BEING my true self with the reprimands, and that was a very real connection because most of my childhood was about being “controlled”…

                I slept until almost 2pm today after having opened my heart and dove head first into the pond and then found myself near a campfire at the side with many hands being placed on me of love and reassurance. I know there was an acceptance of the gifts and integration of them in the night and I already feel much shifted and tentatively feeling out into myself with wonder.

                The vision you shared of crying and washing and jesus speaks to me of unconditional love and it literally broke me apart my dear brother. I so wish to be able in words to convey to you the way it makes me feel and the self less sharing it indicates and the LOVE. I will be forever in awe of you and your process and your ability to still be that curious, loving and open little boy no matter how much others tried to “control” you and stamp out your light. Know you are never alone–you will always have a big sister along for the ride–and we both have many many other brothers and sisters who love us–and the profound and deeply moving thing is Carl–I FEEL the TRUTH of that so strongly…we aren’t talking metaphors anymore my friend…this is REAL.

                No need to be sorry for crying. You helped me tremendously and I return the service with great love…if you want to talk more about it, please reach out–I am glad you have a group you are working with–it always helps. MUCH love to you–and to EVERYONE who helped and also dear sister Aisha for your amazing-simply astounding LOVE and service to us all…Alex

                1. Alex you are one courageous soul and I admire that immensely… sharing your journey here is I am sure inspiring many others too.

                  … and you are welcome and feel free to connect Carl has the details…

                  Joyfully, Philip 🙂

      2. Thank you so much for sharing how this resonates with you, Carl. Hearing it just amplifies my joy to no end!

        I just read your post about your experience at the Gathering, too. How beautiful that you interacted with the CCs! Oh, this is all simply too awesome for words! I feel speechless right now.

        Carl, I lost my note with the email for the private group you started – would you mind re-posting it here? I would love to join and keep sharing there. I know Jesus was part of it (the email address and so much more!)

        I love you Master Carl! I love you all so much! : )))

        1. Heather, the gateway is at jesusboatlove@aol.com. There you will be greeted by the gatekeeper 🙂 and introduced to the group. There we work with each other on a more private and intimate level as each needs, and feels comfortable. We support each other just like we do here, but enjoy the benefit of an additional level of privacy, where we’re not exposed to the public at large. We look forward to your arrival, and connecting with you further.

          Thank you for your love, Heather. It is returned in kind.


          1. Thank you so much, Carl! That sounds absolutely wonderful! : ))) I look forward to it!

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