The manuscript of survival – part 304

As you have mayhaps noticed dear friends, the fires have been stoked now. For as we approach the first Gathering that has been set up for this upcoming weekend, many of you will feel how the heat of the fire will reach a heightened momentum now as you have agreed to take part in this world wide event. For the threads you have all so studiously gathered will already start to become a part of the great fold now. In other words, you have all been caught in this new web of light filaments, and now, we will make sure that you are all securely fastened as we start to spin the threads and weave you all seamlessly into this magnificent structure of light. This does not imply that you are prisoners in any way, quite the opposite. For this only means that you are no longer the solitary journeyer through a dense vacuum of lower densities, for now, you have all joined the party as it were, as you have all been connected to the filaments of tomorrow. And by your very actions, you have made that decision to the thus included a very long time ago. For this YES was something you gave on a soul level before you even came in, and as such, the joy you all feel in your heart comes from the realization that now, this YES will start to come into full effect.

For the journey you all had to take to bring you to this point has been a long and arduous one indeed, and for some, the trials and tribulations may not even seem to have lessened yet. But trust us when we say that your agreement to be an intrinsic part of this joyful web of light that has been started to spun, is a decision that will also cut all of the threads to the old that still feel like chains around your neck. For the net cancels the old, in every way you can think of, and when you all step into this great bright Pond together in a few days’ time, it will be like the final anointment that will wipe away the tears and the sorrow, the anger and the despair once and for all. For then, you will all be given the opportunity to really connect, not only with your own true core, but with the core of All there is. And once you get a glimpse of that, so much of the old dross will simply fade away, and it will be just like old fading photographs in an album. And even if you decide to open up that old album to take a small stroll down memory lane, it will almost be like looking at the memories of a stranger. For that used to be you, but it will not be you any longer. For now, the fires have been stoked good and well, and the heat from the flames will not only warm your hearts, but it will also burn away anything that has no place in this, the new you and the new world. For like a phoenix from the flames you will all rise again, and together you will stand shining as brilliantly as never before.

So again we say, all is well, even if you at times may feel the heat to be a little bit too high in the days ahead. For the preparations before the first Gathering are nothing if not thorough, and as such, you can all expect some interesting encounters with yourself in the days and indeed nights ahead. But breathe deeply, and know that you will not be burned by these flames of purification. For you are like the diamond still encased within a thin outer layer of carbon, and in order for the diamond to emerge completely, there may still need to be some measure of pressure and heat to bring it forth. But again we say, you are all guided closely throughout this last stage of the process, and we think you will all find a way to truly connect with the joyful part of this stage of the journey as well. For you have openend your hearts to this, and as such, you have also given yourself the permission to rejoice, not only for this Gathering, but also for yourself. For you have all started to shine more brightly than ever as you set up on this initiation, for that is what it really is. We will of course return with more on this remarkable effort you have all agreed to take part in, but for now, we will leave you all to ponder our words, and to give yourself ample time to rejoice and renew your vows to be a joyful being once again.


280 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 304

  1. Dear Susan, thank you so much for bringing your light to this space, and to this world! You serve as an anchor in a very special place, and I know you do a very important job in so many ways. Thank you for what you share also, I know will you help us all with what you bring. My connection to Andromeda is indeed a strong one, and the people who were very much involved in my awakening share it too, so I have quite a few “family members” nearby :–). I am so glad that you have joined our circle of love here at the Pond!
    Much love from me, Aisha

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words. I agree with you. They most likely are putting the focus on the Light in order to keep our vibrations up and keep us on track. I also think they are hesitant to talk too much about what is “going on behind the scenes” as you say in order not to frighten. These entities have been on earth since pretty much the beginning of time and it was necessary to do a complete cleansing before we can proceed.

    I absolutely love Oslo, Aisha. As you know, Norway was seeded by the Andromedans. They are 7th dimension beings of the Light and are master scientists. They have brought homeopathy to earth and I personally work with one of their medical teams along with a naturopathic doctor colleague.

    When I read messages from true guides and ascended masters (either human or ET), I immediately feel calm, peaceful and loved. The way you transcribe the messages is simply beautiful. I am honored and delighted to be welcomed into your pond. I am always at your service to share information to the best of my ability and with love.

    Susan (outside of Tel Aviv, Israel)

    1. Welcome, Susan! This Pond is really a calm place. And all people gathered here, too. But at dream time, many of this same calm people become who they really are: The Bravest of the Brave Warriors of the Light. Don,t miss TheGathering, Susan! Big hug!

  3. Dear Aisha,

    Your channelings are just beautiful. So calming, peaceful and inspiring. Where are you from?
    I have been involved with this Light work for many years and have been channeling for about 7. One thing I am curious is that no one seems to talk about the intensive cleaning that has been going on for around 2 years. The earth is being rid of negative entities and we are at the end of this very difficult process. This is one of the reasons for the waves of headaches and fatigue. I wonder if our guides are purposely being vague about this? Do you also feel that this intensity will be coming to an end this spring?

    Warm regards,


    1. Dear Susan, welcome to the Pond, as we like to call this gathering place! I am from Oslo, Norway, and I have lived here all my life. As you know, and also has been confirmed by the group I channel, The constant companions, there is much work going on “behind the scenes” as they like to call it. This clearing of negative entities is a subject that they have talked about from time to time, and over the last few months they have indeed confirmed that the balance have been well and truly tipped in the favour of the light. The messages I channel talk mainly about the personal process we are all going through, and the focus is on encouragement and information that can be of help to us all in that process. One of the things that they keep stressing, is to be very discerning about where we put our focus. To me, that is probably the reason the subject of negative entities seldom is mentioned. The more we focus on the light, the better, because then we can be certain that we direct our energy where it is most effective. And now, when we are called to connect through the group meditation on Sunday, our light will become even stronger.
      Love and light, Aisha

      1. Welcome dear Susan and thank you for asking that question because it allowed our dear Aisha to share with you the very reason why I and many others are drawn to the beautiful, personal, energetic messages of the CC…I have felt personally that right now is like walking a lighted path through a dark jungle. There are many good things in the jungle and many things that are best left to themselves in the jungle and if you were walking through that jungle on your own, following your own path, with your guiding light held high up ahead of you, wouldn’t it be in your best interest not to go into the jungle searching out those dark things? You know they exist, but does it serve you to find them? I know we must all release our own personal darkness, cleanse our own souls and bring in and anchor as much light as possible and in doing that we contribute to the outward cleansing from a position of active participation in a process that we need not focus on because in the focus we give it energy. Just my humble thoughts and feelings on the matter and why I very much thank Aisha and the CC’s for the way in which they do share and encourage and empower and guide with a gentle hand that can be grasped or not and still the path leads forward. Hugs! Alex

  4. Oh well here goes, jumping in boots and all with a double pike backward somersault. I have been reading these messages for quite a while now and I don’t know where I would be without them. Thank you so much. The past week as been INTENSE, anger has been coming up in sudden bursts culminating in uncontrollable fury, broken dishes, guides sacked and told to get lost etc stemming from the frustration of balancing between my real self who knows there is an important lesson here in my currently rather desperate life situation, and my stupid lazy immobile illusory self who is convinced I am about to die (again). Today I was given to understand that these feelings are coming up to show me how to separate feeling from emotion. It took all my courage to sit in the energies/feelings, which I thought would tear me apart. However as I truly faced and felt these feelings in my heart, I noticed the emotion, the anger, was no longer frightening, but was illusory and was only there to cover the feelings/energies which was what I was really afraid of. I had been in the deepest darkest of places over the past days but heard a voice today stating that ‘radio silence’ was now over for the time being at least now that some progress had been made in the lesson.
    What a relief, feels nice sitting in the pond.

    1. Dear Leewee! Welcome to this Pond! I am so glad you picked up your courage and decided to jump right in, first of all into the middle of your own emotions and feelings, but also into this Pond. For by sharing your light here, you bring us all more courage, and I thank you so much for that!
      Much love and ligth from me, Aisha

    2. Welcome Leewee on taking the courage to leap in here and sit in the energies/feelings… this is a big step forward for you I feel… love the bit about radio silence ending for now!!

      Joyfully, Philip 🙂

    3. Leewee, wonderful name, loved it and your wild/stormy/sincere energy too. Welcome! This Pond is also yours. We (ALL) are you, just in others skins. ALL of us have already walked your current steps. Don,t worry. ALL what is tormenting your life today is being left slowly behind. Now, as you can see, many of us, here, shine a calm peace and an ‘air’ of wisdom, but we all knew HELL under our proper skin. So, again, Leewee, relax. We ALL are integrating the new energies, slowly, step by step, there,s no hurry. It,s an exchange process, we integrate the new and, at the same time, throw away all what does not serve us anymore. Then, we became more balanced with the new energy of love, joy and union or mercy, happiness and wisdom, as you like. Leewee, don,t miss TheGathering. Will be incredible! Open your heart, all you can, and fearless join YOUR Light Family in this party of love, joy, light and healing. Again welcome and all my unconditional love is all yours. Big hug!

      1. Joining all the brothers and sister at the pond in welcoming you dear Leewee! Boy can I attest to knowing exactly how you feel! I too had that fear hiding as anger and rage for many years. That one really reminds me most of all of the wizard of oz behind the curtain–all bluff and fire but really hiding a very small and frightened child throwing a tantrum…It is so good you finally sat with so much love for yourself and experienced that shift because now that you are on the other side of the river, whenever that Anger comes up, you will most certainly know what to do! Big hugs and so glad you have come out of radio silence and joined with the crew! 🙂 Alex

      2. Thank you all so much. I have always been more of a loner than a joiner and in my sixteen years of awakening I have never told anyone I know as nobody has ever shown signs of awakening. It has been very isolating until now and it is wonderful that we are finally all coming together.

  5. Hi Aisha,

    The energies sure have worked with us also through our nightly dreams as for me also I have seen many dreams concerning my fears and deeper meanings of my behaviour. Dreams are very pure and shows the meanings really clearly. I am so happy that I can this way learn so much about my own fears. I am looking forward to this gathering next sunday. It’s great to be part of something this big 🙂 With love, from Finland

  6. Once again, I find myself in tears. My Gift for writing seems to be gone and as the days go by and I am only able to get a sentence out here or there, and my brain just is words? what’s that? and my hands fumble, just fumble where once they flew…….I don’t know what is happening, but I do know I don’t like it. I seem to have run out of things to say, things to share, the spark is gone, the magic is missing………and I grieve. Terribly. This is one of my strong points, writing making music with words, making pictures with words. Passionate. Strong. Heart to Heart transmissions.

    I have been doing fairly well, but not as I once was. I feel gone. I feel empty. Have all I given come to an end? I feel so overwhelmed as well, unable to cope with barely anything…….hitting a wall?

    I would just please ask for your support and Love as I try to find my way back to my magic. I feel unplugged. And it hurts.

    Have I given my all to you and now I am empty? But GOD is endless so why am I stopped? Not flowing? I don’t know, I just don’t know. Yet, my Heart hurts.

    From my Heart to your Heart,

      1. Spot on Janis my dear sister….presence….it is so key…because I for one don’t SEE the lack of beautiful energy in your words dear Rosie–this is a self inflicted belief. You are not empty either–you are at Ebb tide…for the tide cannot come in again fresh and new unless the flow ends and then turns–as it should–this is what I am talking about–saying goodbye to the old means BOTH feet in the new–you can mourn certainly, and I have been doing a lot of that today–I also had a huge cry with my mother–tears are very close to the surface–but trying to keep in your mind what you think is your magic is simply fighting the All that you are…until you let go of this entire version of yourself, the amazing new you cannot flow in…

        It’s a struggle–especially for those of us who have been warriors–to allow and accept–and flow–into the new–you are not empty–you are simply opening your vessel to accept the brand new–its vulnerable–it goes against everything we have ever done–this moulting of skin–think of the crab that grows big and strong–it can only grow so big and then it will either die, or shed its shell and come into the most vulnerable time of its life–there is no choice–it is die or move into the new (for the crab LOL not for you)…Also, I would read Lisa’s post today if you want more on the energetics of the day–Two feet in…both feet in…and my two arms wrapped tight around you! Hugs! alex

        1. I would also suggest to everyone who is interested in the energy from a star standpoint to check into the Oracle report daily for updates–today’s update, in the last paragraph speaks prophetically about what WE are undertaking…it is awesome!

 p.s. she puts up the daily report and then archives the others so only one report is on the front page–she also says there is light at the end of the black moon transit tunnel and that reminded me–shite, LOL we are going through “all that” too! Hugs!

    1. Darling you’re flying to the heavens and everything that keeps your wings heavy falls down. And when it does the slow motion effect comes in for your wings take the speed of light that your shadows can’t comprehend. Lets fly together through this thick illusionary cloud 🙂 I feel your concerns deeply for I’m there with you 🙂

    2. Dear Amy, sweet Lady of the Roses, time to just BE and breathe now. You are simply being given a chance to reset yourself, and when the time is right, your words will start to flow again. Until then, we can all bask in your glow, for that never fades.
      Much love and light from me, Aisha

      1. Lady Forevermore, I am taking time to just BE. That phase has arrived for me. I have been fighting it for I love it here so much, but I am being guided to be in “3D” and to also connect within. I shall prepare for Sunday.

        I am shutting down. You are in my Heart. I Love you.

        Much Love, Amy

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        1. Sending you sweet love and light on your path my dearest friend! We are all with you energetically and know you will follow your heart in doing the necessary things that will bring you joy and light unbounded…big hugs! alex

          1. tip toeing……again I sneak…….oopsie…….shhhhhhhh….. Thank you, Ali. Out of here! Bye!

            Love, Rosie

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    3. Ohhh, my mommy dear …
      No idea how much I understand, how irritating it can be sometimes find yourself saying wowww, yeah, me too, that’s it …. and little else. Sometimes? I said sometimes? jaaaaa, usually …. but … it is so.
      Your sparkle and your magic can not disappear , NEVER…. You keep transmitting your strength and energy than ever before, although you are not aware of it or how you would like to. Do not suffer honey, love does not hurt, and it’s all about it.
      One who adores you

    4. Loving support on its way dearest Amy… I’m wondering if you/we all need to take a little more time for ourselves in the days before Sunday… just wondering…

      Much love coming your way, Philip 🙂

      1. Philip, this has come to mind, that I need to unplug from here and just BE as Aisha said. This explosion at the POND I must withdraw from concentrating on my inner life and those around me so that when Sunday arrives my wings are ready to fly. I have to help me now. And all this interaction with so many has me emptied.

        So time to fill up and just BE. my Intent is to connect fully to the crystalline grid and dream and fly and to also just BE with my family.

        Phil, you hit it right on the head. You are feeling it too.

        Love and hugs Amy

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        1. Good for you Amy and thus good for all… you’re never really not here as it were anyway… I’ll be pausing a while too as you guessed/felt…

          Joyfully, Philip 🙂

          1. again tip toeing……shhhhhhh…….you don’t really see me……..Thank you, Maggie. I LOVE YOU!

            HUGS, Your Faery Friend

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      2. Dear Philip, Amy and all! Yes, this is SO important! Take time to really connect with yourself now, and maybe also try to get a “feel” of the new energies we will interact with this Sunday. For they are already here, and the CCs told me “”the door is already open, so please feel free to take a peak. It might be a good idea to familiarize yourself with this beforehand.” I did that last night, and I will try to do this regurlarly in the days/nights ahead. It was an intense, but also very beautiful experience. So just breathe and BE, and let yourself ease into all of this “new”.
        Much love and light from me, Aisha

        1. Aisha, thanks for sharing that. I too felt like Phillip and Amy have said, the need to turn inwards and I feel part of my “down time” related to health was just that…though the message is still strong and i have put myself on “summer hours” as they say at work in the US where you only do the necessary things and close down all the extra. One thing i have noticed, and darn it I should have written it all down, but I didn’t know it was going to happen. Each time I woke in the night, while I don’t remember dreaming, I remember coming awake as if I had been sitting with someone(s) and they were telling me things and as I came awake, a key phrase was repeating over and over in my mind and they were all good things, strong things…I also played around with meditating a bit and for the first time the idea came into my head of allowing everyone here to come into view and wow–what fun! The only one I remember specifically was Rosie, riding a bicycle in the sky with her wings flapping and her feet pedaling! But everyone was so familiar!!! it was fun! I also felt this casual speaking to the CC about a few things and what came out of my mouth to them was quite possibly how I use my great desire for freedom (still) to cover up my fear of things–like backing away from some committment because I do not want to be chained down and really I am simply scared…so, that is an area where I have to get clear. I had spoken to cosmic awareness before, but never even tried to speak to the CC’s and so it was very nice that they directly answered me. I do think, they are much closer than before, much more available through this new energy and so I will much enjoy simply Basking and preparing….sorry for the ramble, but so much going on…tons of love to you all! alex

          1. Dear Alex, great to hear about your interactions with these new energies! I got a couple of hours worth of it last night, but I did miss out on Rosie riding her bike :–) For me, it was more of a “power upgrade” and a very physical one, a little bit like sitting in a helicopter gunning the engines getting ready for take-off. I love the way you connected with the CCs. As we are all connected ever more closely through this new “web of light”, we will all be more connected to Source as well. I told you I would be out of a job sometime in the future ;–)
            Much love from me, Aisha

            1. Aisha my love, you will always have a wonderful piece of all our hearts and you will do things that bring you joy! I have to tell you that today, in a small reading with my dear friend Lisa she told me I had two sets of helicopter wings spinning one to the left and just above my head and one to the right and farther out in front…energy upgrade, certainly but that you just said you were in a helicopter gunning the engines, i couldnt let that pass without mentioning the synchronicity. What I also think is interesting really is that yes, I have contact with my spiritual team, but I have never really felt comfortable or to reach out to the CC in a specific way because well, they are yours…now I am understanding that while they speak so eloquently through you, they are willing to share and they are indeed partially ours….so it was great to reach out and be received in a personal way–big hugs! LOL and yes Rosie, flying and pedaling at the same time–half in 5d half in 3d…being and doing..LOL now go reboot! 😉 Hugs! alex

              1. Dear Alex! Wow – the synchronisity is so interesting! It really feels like I have these rotors spinning around me, more or less permanently now. When do you think we will be able to lift off completely ;–) And yes, the CCs are really “our team”. We are all connected to them, but for now, they need a “middle man” or spokesperson to be able to communicate more easily. But now the veils are falling away, and everyone’s ability to connect is heightened. Pretty soon, the only thing standing in the way of “direct contact” will be the idea that you cannot do it. In other words, time to let go of the old patterns regarding this issue too, just like you did.
                Love and light from me, Aisha

          2. hehheehehehehhe Me? Riding a bike with wings? Did I wear a special outfit? How does that work???? OK OK I am out of here! Shhhhhhh!!!!!!

            I LOVE YOU!] Rosie

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              1. oops….ya caught me……(flushing beet red)…..I’m going to have to do something about those squeaky wheels……..anyone have any oil????………hehhehehhe I’m outa here and back to my gardens……

                Flying with wings on a bike……hmmmm….what an image… that has me in spiels of giggles.

                MUAH!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of YOU!!!

                Pardon, Lady……I just couldn’t resist……(smiling)

                Off to pull weeds…..yay!!

                HUGS to ALL!!!!

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                1. Oil away, my squeaky flying bicyclist friend…but we still see you!!!
                  Your light is a bit on the bright side in case ya hadn’t noticed… hehehehehe! Love you!

                  1. hehehehehehehehe…….and now I bid you farewell for the evening…….I’ve been good considering……..honestly I have. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my HOME here and of course I peeked. I spent months here every moment I could…….OK OK. I am going……good night!!!!

                    I LOVE ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!! I really am resting! I don’t sit still long…..Maggie knows. (wink)

                    Love, Amy

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    5. Rest inside your beautiful heart, Mom Amy. All is O.K!. Don,t worry for the Pond. It has Its proper life now. Your delicate love is all around It. Rest to be ready for TheGathering. Don,t worry, your lovely supportive words will return soon. Bear hug for you, Mom Amy!

    6. Dear Amy, you have my love and support ♥ you have supported so many here for so long, please receive some love and support for yourself now.
      I love you,

      1. Loving you from my gardens, Sarah. Send Pash my LOVE! Now I must tip toe back out before the boss (again) finds me. Hehehehehehehe

        Love and so many hugs, Amy

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  7. Yes, I feel the burn! I woke up with my whole body so sore and nausea. Something big happened last night, and I feel like I’m integrating so much energy. Stretching my muscles feels so good.

  8. Hi all my dear fellow ponders, thanks for all the sharing from all around. Let there be healing and joy, love and light for the needy. And please pray for me too if You have the strength..
    I had this dream I want to share. I was in this magnificent chamber seemed like a temple of sorts. at the center was a great throne in magnificent white marble. This throne was a high seat with a stair-case leading up to it. I was standing at the feet of the stairs and I knew that it was my seat. I felt a little puzzled by the sheer magnificence I was let to behold, so I began to walk the stairs toward the high seat when my cell-phone rang and I was back in the 3D, this dream came to me Saturday in the afternoon local danish time (gmt+1)


    1. Sending healing energy Stephan ♥ Get back into that dream, switch the cell-phone off and climb up those stairs to your ‘seat in the centre’
      (heart/alignment centre?)
      So much love,

      1. Yes, Stephan, my brother, true heart or heart of heart chakra, to the left of upper chest. Inside it are all the answers. Dig. Welcome and big hug!

    2. Stephan my friend, what you experienced in your dream spoke to me immediately as YOU taking your place within the divine High Heart chamber of your soul. If you are interested, you can look up the heart chakra meditation given by the blessed Cosmic Awareness. The meditation is very similar in nature to what you explained…You are coming home to the magnificence of your own heart…CHILLS! p.s. your avatar made me smile, your soul is viewed easily through your smiling eyes! 🙂 Hugs! Alex

      1. Dear Alex, thank You for this information. I will look into this meditation You mention, it is right at the top of my todo-list. My soul is smiling to Your soul, my dear dear friend, and hugs right back at You 🙂

    3. Dear Stephan! Love and light coming your way from me! I know you will sit on that throne soon and feel that you belong there, for you certainly do!

      1. Dear Aisha, The Queens and Kings of old shall rise again, the sleepers shall awake, once again peace and prosperity shall reign on the Earth mother, and all her creation shall be given due reverence…

    4. Ha, ha great dream …. suggests don’t get distracted by the 3D distractions to me… for you are about to take your rightful seat… anyway that is what comes to me… for you it may be different?

      Joyfully, Philip 🙂

      1. Dear Philip, I think You are right, it’s time to focus on the transformation at hand, to be mindful of the present, then again I’m not a bit worried with the support of so many beautiful souls here, I feel safe and protected.

        love and light

  9. Thank you for this message today, Aisha…I’m feeling cautiously eager about the personal effects of these circles of light since I have absolutely no direction other than to just BE and it’s been this way for sooo long and it prompts thoughts like “I hope I’m not lazy. I hope I’m not irresponsible. How can I be this clueless?” I am wondering if the effects will continue to be subtle since, for me, this process seems to be one of EXTREME baby steps.

    I’m so appreciating the atmosphere that you and the CCs and all the others have created here, Aisha…I find so much support here even when I’m away or simply observing…thank you, thank you, thank you…♥♥♥…janis

    ╔Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ♥ •.¸¸.•´¯`•.♥
    ║║╔═╦╦╦═╗♪♫•.¸¸.•´¯`•.♥ •´¯`•.¸.•♪♫♪•.¸¸.♥
    ║╚╣║║║║╩╣ ♥♫•´¯`•.♥.♫

    1. Janis, beautiful sister of the Light! Just continue to fly with us, and don,t miss TheGathering. All is O.K! Tight bear hug and thousand kisses of pure love for you! P.S.: Soon you will become who you really are, like all of us. Please, don,t worry.

    2. You’re not lazy you are being… those images you do are fantastic by the way and I am sure its baby steps for us all really. Joyfully, Philip 🙂

      1. Thank you, Philip…you are always such an uplifter!…and I just have to let you know that other people figured out those images…I don’t know who they are but I like to copy and past them here and there!

    3. Dear Janis, no worries, all is well, YOU are well, and you are soaring alongside us all. I am so looking forward to all we will share in the days ahead! Much love from me, Aisha

        1. Then I can rest in peace (someone could tell me if that is only used for gravestones?????) I used it before but I am not sure if I am saying something brutal.
          At any case you understand, i did my job, becuase if something is important in this life is your SMILE….

        2. Janis you bring such light to this space. I can feel it when I see your name ♥♥♥janis♥♥♥

          1. Awww, you are just helping me so much, Sarah…*smiling*…what I boost I feel reading your words…so glad to connect with you here and happy you and Pash are such friends of support for each other…♥♥♥Sarah♥♥♥!…xxxxxxx…janis 🙂

            1. Janis, just thought I should let you know, it’s interesting your choice of words…how you describe your thoughts above… ‘I hope I’m not lazy’ etc. It’s just that those are the exact thoughts and feelings that Pash has been having today…just wondering if maybe there is some clearing of these kind of thought forms/energies going on just now…hopefully for good! And like the CC’s said ‘For you are like the diamond still encased within a thin outer layer of carbon, and in order for the diamond to emerge completely, there may still need to be some measure of pressure and heat to bring it forth’
              I love you Janis ♥

              1. Ohhh, wow…I do feel in wonderful company if Pash is dealing with this same issue…I have often so appreciated his gentle, sensitive comments and some directed to me…thank you, Sarah…I like your idea of the possibility of this being some of what is being cleared and I do love the words of the CCs that you quoted…so encouraging!

                Sarah, thank you so much for the support you have sent my way today and for the sparkling facet that you add to this Gathering…I love you, too…♥Sarah♥…janis

  10. Thank you Aisha and CCs for this beautiful message…I feel like a little kid getting ready for a trip to Disneyworld, I just want to press the “fast forward” button and get this Cosmic party started! Love & giggles, Maggie

    1. yupiiiii, who said Disneyland? Count me in
      I am very glad to know you are who you are, cause you are part of my mami’s life, then you are part of mine….. Loooove Maggie

  11. Hello and warm hugs to everyone in the forum. My name is Robert Netkovski and I love you all ;-).

    I have been reading Aisha’s channelings for a while now and they all resonate deeple and ‘follow’ my expanding self. I am so grateful for the vibrations of love I receive through the channelings and the community gathered here…

    Love, Joy and Abundance to All…

    1. Dear Robert! Welcome to the Pond! Thank you so much for bringing your light here, I know you will feel at home :–)
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  12. Dear People of the Pond,

    I am writing to ask you for help deperately needed. Our friend Pash is in a bad situation away from home. A little similar to the situation your husband was in at work Alex only he is staying in someone’s house. Please send him love or spheres of light if you can. He feels desperately alone, punished and in prison, unable to get home until tomorrow afternoon. I know you loving people will help. Thank you with all my heart.

    1. On its way to him now Sarah, I am about to participate in the worldwide Spehres Of Light meditation and I will put a special focus in for Pash and his situation … just tell him to open up to his highest good with it and let the energy unfold…

      Blessings, Philip 🙂

      1. Ha !
        Philip .. I’m so … dense sometimes 😀 😀
        It was monday night !
        So this better explains why I got the whole SPheres/Bubbles thingie last night.

        Sarah, I hope Pash is happily getting ready to come back home now.
        I know what you meant, it’s a terrible horrible feeling.
        You two have celebration time when he gets home 🙂

    2. Ohhhhhh, Sarah, I have goosebumps and tears in my eyes. I immediately send my cherished Brother Pash my Light and LOVE and I go right now into prayer. Tell him Yoganandaji never abandons those he loves. Please tell him this.

      I’ve walked this path for so many years, my Sister, and understand how distressing lower frequencies can be on our sensitive systems. My Heart goes to Pash as well. Give him HUGE (((HUGS))) from me, his Sister of Love, Lady Pinkrose.

      I Love you, Sarah. Pash will be all right. He has lessons in this. I feel growth in him that would not have taken place unless this situation had occurred. His HS knows better then he. He is OK, Sister. Breathe. Know I am here with you. I am here with Pash as well.

      Many HUGS, Amy

      Sent from my iPad

      1. Oh thank you so so so much everyone, you give me strength.
        I have just read out all your beautiful comments to him on the phone and he was in tears (again) but tears of relief for feeling your love. Amy I agree with you about there being learning in this, you are very perceptive. I was listening to Abe Hicks last night saying how we create situations for ourselves to learn from and to forgive the people involved for they are only playing a role which we have asked them to perform for our highest good. And thank you for your support for me too – I wasn’t expecting that!
        I have so much respect for you loving, non judgmental people.

          1. Loving you, Janis. Only able to spend limited time here today but I HAD to say I LOVE YOU!!!! And yes, my Sister, you shall fly with me and ALL of us!!!!

            Love and BIG (((HUGS))), Amy

            Sent from my iPad

        1. Now you have gone and done it. I am crying again. Geese Louise! Ten gallon bucket? I thought 5 before but it now looks like I am working my way to 10!

          BIG HUGS, Amy

          Sent from my iPad

        2. Oh so glad to hear he felt it Sarah and of course it was for you too… yes there is always learning and growth… many blessings to you both…

          Joyfully, Philip 🙂

            1. Sarah, you are most welcome. I always feel its a blessing to be able to offer some genuine assistance to a fellow soul in distress – such a gift.

              By the way – Spheres Of Light is now with him/you to be called on at any time for your highest good. If either of you would like any further clarification on this you can contact me via the Spheres Of Light site if you wish. The gift is there, its yours and to share – it is powerful beyond measure….

              Joyfully, Philip 🙂

      2. Janis I just read your quote above about tears and unconditional love. Thank you so much for sharing that, its wonderful. I was trying to put into words what I felt as I was crying from receiving everyone’s love and support here and your quote says it beautifully. Just in case anyone can’t find it it was;
        “We cry when we are sad because we can remember Unconditional Love. We cry when we are happy because we can remember Unconditional Love.”


    3. All my love, my light and my understanding to my brother Pash. Don,t worry, dear sister Sarah, All will be O.K! Powerful angels are going his way!

      1. Emma, humble thanks for your beautiful words, I will tell him Emma says to get his wings out!
        Much love to you,

    4. Dear Carolyn,
      Thank you so much. You are wonderful. I will pass your message on. So much tears of joy and relief. He is a beautiful soul (as we all are) having a tough experience that I would not willingly take on.
      Your loving sister

      1. Sarah, my dear loving sister…tears sprung to my eyes when you told this story because boy do I know how he feels and how you his beloved feels. I wanted to share with YOU specifically just how much POWER is in the love and light of this place when directed at another being–because these wonderful folks love me, the are then connected to my beloved and after that one asking for love–that one asking for help–every single day, while busy, has been courteous and manageable, even though he is not of like vibration–we spoke about it briefly and I told him about the love and protection encircling him from ME and my dear friends and he said he was surprised I didn’t think he would need it before that–I realized that while I would always love to protect him, that he did have lessons to learn and also free will and so I only asked for help when he reached out for help…That pash asked you for help, and you knew exactly what to do (send your own love and prayers and come in here and ask for help) was divine and heart centered and part of the lesson–and sharing with us your feelings, as I have shared mine in deep gratitude but also in knowing of the TRUTH that WHATEVER this group, for the highest good of all DOES through its BEING will occur. It is so–as above so below…

        know your Pash is strong, know all will be well, know this is a part of his lesson, know that HE is representing a lesson for all of us, just as my beloved pete was also a lesson to us and that is, with focused intent for the divine good of all, we can create miracles! Hugs and love to you dear one! Alex

        1. Oh Alex, thank you so much for sharing this!
          Yes he did ask for help and I knew that I had to get on here and ask asap!
          He is home now so I will let him speak on here later of his feelings.
          It was a deeply moving experience for me to ask and to receive so unconditionally. I cried so much tears of joy/relief because I knew somehow that the kind words shared here were more than words, I knew that the loving energy sent for Pash would be received. And what I didn’t know was that in the asking for help for him that I would receive help too. It was so beautiful, I am so so humbly grateful to everyone. This truly is an amazing place, you are right Alex ‘with focused intent for the divine good of all, we can create miracles!’
          I love you,
          Sarah ♥xxxxxxx♥

    5. Words cannot express my gratitude to all the people that posted for me and those who spared me a thought during this challenge. You all made a real difference for me and I can attest that the love from the Pond can make waves in the real world and a tangible genuine difference. Maybe that sounds obvious but sometimes I wonder if we are just talking bla bla for our own amusement. NO! this has been made abundantly clear to me I dont know what i would have done without your support.
      I wont go into the whole story now but I think I will soon as may be of interest to others. In a nutshell I escaped from a cult-that is how i am framing it just now. Not in the same league as some of the famous cults
      but the culmination of events made it have that kind of gravity for me.
      A deep learning experience to be sure and I bear no malice to those involved but I will tell my story to raise awareness of ‘mini-cults’. I never thought I would fall for it – ha! Truly the guru live in our own chest. Never give your power away to anybody. Manipulators can even make you feel that you arent!
      I have to rest up for a bit now -God bless you all Embodiments of Love.

  13. Looking forward with great anticipation and Joy to these gatherings.

    It is so uplifting to read the manuscripts and the beautiful responses.
    This has really taken on a life of it’s own and attracting the most amazing,beautiful, courageous beings.
    I Love you all!

  14. Dearest Lady Alex,

    What an utterly beautiful message. Almost speechless. Resonates so
    deeply.Tons of sobs.

    Yours everlastingly Phil.

    1. Ahhh! Hugs phil, my dear friend, we are so glad you are here with us! Feeling much better as I always do when I disgorge what must be shared and feel the loving embrace of this divine place…now off to do some of those “things” that piled up, but will be loving on myself all day and P>S> though I said I wouldn’t mention it again–well, its a week my friends! I made it a week–and you know what i am talking about! 😉 Alex

    2. Phil, my Brother, there are a lot of sobs going around. You are in the best of company!

      Love, Amy

      Sent from my iPad

      1. Thank you so much Lady Pinkrose,
        couldn`t read any more posts after that for 24 hours. It`s a good feeling in the end though.I know it`s all part of the process.

        Much love Phil.

        1. All is good. All is perfect. It is meant for you to be here. And I am NOT supposed to be here but resting instead. You don’t know, but I worked my tail off for months helping my Family and now I am on mandatory rest leave. Hehehehehehe again I sneak……and I am out of here!!!

          BIG (((HUGS))), Amy

          Sent from my iPad

  15. Hello!

    Thank you for those beautiful messages. Yes, our diamond will spread out
    thousand of fire of love and this love will be like a torrent that will lift you from your old patern. Everything will be easy and love will be like our breath.

    De coeur à coeur Aisha!

  16. Dear Aisha and CC–with divine love and gratitude I thank you for this message, which specifically confirmed a lot of what has been occurring in my life personally and also in my feelings/vision on this event specifically.

    When I started reading this message, well, I simply broke down and cried. I could not finish the message. I only got to the first line of the second paragraph and I burst into sobs. I had to leave the computer and I walked around the house in my nightie while all my animals followed me with their hearts and I sobbed and I sobbed and I still have tears in my eyes.

    At first I didn’t realize the reasons for my tears. Yes, I thought, I am a poorly little girl (whenever i am sick, and it is very rare, I feel like a little one in need of comfort), yes things are difficult in my life from a 3D standpoint right now, yes, I have a lot of “things” to do that piled up while I nursed myself on the couch–yes, I am still a bit down and out and it is raining too…but I was sobbing uncontrollably and wailing and keening and simply unconsolable…I could feel my angelic team fluttering around me and fresh tears spring forth right now as I send them love for their divine comfort, wrapping their wings around my heaving shoulders with unconditional love.

    I realize why I was crying and it is with joy that I share this, because THIS is really real my friends. I was crying for all the suffering we have had to do over our lives. I was bidding farewell our very ways of lifetime after lifetime and I was saying goodbye to my human self which will NEVER be the same again. There is so much difficulty in really facing that and doing that because well, she has been my partner through this lifetime and I feel that her personality focus has come into this world many times. She has endured so much, loved so much, danced so much, screamed so much and yes also done not so nice things as well. But she has been my friend and my enemy truly and my one and only constant companion and I will miss her as I will miss many things of the old world…certainly we look forward to the new…but who can deny that this created world where against all odds we scrapped and worked and struggled to create even one tiny brilliant spot of light wasnt worth it?

    So, after I read all your beautiful comments and sent love and light to each of you, I realized that what we are all feeling in the energy–is a period of quiet contemplation where we are actually, finally and completely saying GOODBYE with love and light to the old….this is the moment in time. Our Yes has already been given from a soul level, but that doesnt make the parting any less poignant when truthfully faced. I say goodbye to myself and everything I knew and I open up to the new and say hello to the New me, where certainly I will learn a lot more about myself as a whole, myself as All that is, myself as connected to all of you…but the finality of that–yes, honestly, it makes me sad…I want to thank the “old me” for all her service and struggle and tell her it was worth it all and that her efforts on every level are the very things that brought me/us to this point. I honor her and tell her now, you can rest my dear sweet You…and with wings on–the new steps in and fully expands…and the two merge–integrate–cut the chords as if cutting the line on a tethered hot air balloon and allow the lovely new wind of change to drop the old landscape away as the new sun dawns over the now close and glorious horizon of the new world…

    much love friends–take some time this week to truly and concretely thank the old you–the old world–the things you actually valued–and cut the chords with forgiveness to every single things that held you back…you simply cannot fly, tethered by your heart to the ground of the old.

    Love and light to you all! and carl, my friend, you made me laugh so hard with your line about informing your wife–you helped me to stop crying…thanks for that brother…Alex

    1. Alex – sending you much love Alex… an amazing share … blessings to you…

      I was doing a lot of witnessing for others last night… and some very strange things going on … not sure if they were mine or others but it matters not … they were cleared.

      You just reminded of something I did not get chance to mention that happened the other night. I now understand it better…

      I went on an out of body experience above a body of water – I later found out it was real place… not always been able to affirm this in the past. I came back, transmuted some fear then I realised my higher-self was very present I could see it/me as it were on my right shoulder as I recall and slightly outside as it were. I asked where we’d been I was told – never heard of it I thought but it is a real place on the South Coast of England I later discover. I asked some other questions – got the answers and then without a further thought I asked – do you have a name. “Yes, its Philip!!” Felt wonderful… and at that I felt my higher self merge back into me as it were… wow!

      Now I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised by the name but, well its a long story, but I was very pleasantly…

      Talk about saying goodbye, maybe also and integrating and more… it seems …thanks for the reminder and the opportunity to share this Alex.

      Much love, Philip 🙂

      1. Oh Phillip! How simply wonderful! You were given a real opportunity to see the TRUE YOU! to see what you are capable of! To know YOU–yes, YOU who ARE that wonderful divine being is inside your body right now! How can you keep your hands off yourself? LOL teasing but seriously! We will all be realizing this which is freaking mind blowing–literally! I have met myself truly on three occassions–flying winged warrior being, now who’s only tool is LOVE–what is amazing really is that feeling of total invincible POWER encased in this humility of LOVE…the ability to do anything, anything, create anything, go anywhere, and still the only place you want to be, the only things you want to do, the only thing you want to create is LOVE and more love….ah the joy of it–such a blessing you are phillip….really believe that my friend…because it is true. Much love to you and your blessed beloved…Alex…

        1. That feels so good Alex… sooooo gooood… gosh what a journey I’ve been on, we’ve all been on to get here… now… and you know what I/we can now allow ourselves not just to believe but to experience it … how cool is that!!!!!

          Joyfully, Philip 🙂

    2. Dearest Alex, your words remind me how I used to write, and that is one of the things I have been grieving. It began this weekend, when the torrents of tears just wouldn’t stop and when I read this missive today, I was dry eyed but understood that we truly are standing on the threshold of NEW, totally NEW, nothing anyone has ever witnessed for we, the Light Bearers have brought it to pass with our Intentions, with our Hearts, with our blood sweat and tears as we ceaselessly toiled all for just a HOPE that a world we dream of could and would come to be.

      I am tearing up even as I write this. I feel so wrung out from all the tears and personal challenges as well. I feel very strongly this is a week of integration, of finding our souls groups before the Gathering and coming together so strong in such number again never before seen.

      To leave me behind, is a two edged sword for I like you have come to depend on me. To look towards a new me, hopefully with renewed ability for flow of words to be, and so much more, brings me great excitement.

      Like you, I experienced a death of sorts yesterday crying as never before. Desolate and just feeling so beaten, so old, so done. There is a lot to incorporate this week, letting go, and especially able to open up fully to accept the NEW whatever that may be.

      I want my wings back do you? I want my Perfect Body, don’t you? I want my Full Power and the knowledge how to use it, don’t you? To trust that a Mega Event is about to occur, one that has the potential to free so many of us to walk into the life of our dreams……..I am willing to let go of all I need to let go of in order to prepare for the NEW.

      And oh, by the way, congratulations on the you know what. I am SO proud of you, I really am, for I understand the battle you have just come through. I am honored to have you in my life.

      I Love you, Ali, Amy

      Sent from my iPad

    3. Dear, beautiful, shining sister of the light, I thank you for sharing all that you that are! Your light is pouring into this Pond, and I am so happy to see just how brilliant this light has become in these last few days. I rejoice with you dear Alex, and I thank you for being part of this circle!
      Much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

    4. Thank you, Alex, for your heartfelt, beautifully expressed words…♥Alex♥

      I guess in some indirect way they remind me of something I once read…
      “We cry when we are sad because we can remember Unconditional Love. We cry when we are happy because we can remember Unconditional Love.”


    5. Dear Alex, I just wanted to say that your words struck a very deep chord in me, and I understand this feeling of sadness in leaving the old behind even though I also understand this is crucial and it is what we have come here to do at this time. Humans let go of so much throughout these 3d journeys, but this is a whole different kind of letting go…relinquishing everything we believed ourselves to be, ripping our authentic selves away from the ego selves who have been there to pick us up and dust us off whenever we fall. Kind of feels like I’m slapping her in the face, this firey girl who has protected me for all these years…but it is time to stand strong in our true light in order to create the massive changes we agreed to assist in, and I know she gets it 😉
      Thank you for giving voice to this, and for reminding me that we should absolutely appreciate the whole journey, every single moment of it, so that we may move into the New with genuine readiness in our hearts.
      Love & Blessings, Maggie

      1. Big hugs to you maggie and much welcome as well. I have spoken often of integrating the ego self, the body and the spirit and becoming a triune being–I am taking my ego with me, which I have integrated into full and important partnership in the journey. We have had quite a few teachings along the way that feel to me as if they are simply put there to hold us back, and the teaching about death to the ego is one of them in my estimation with a lot of support from Cosmic Awareness as well…just thought I would share that because it really helped me to relax–i had always railed against that teaching as untrue and now I know why–but even integrated, calmed and comforted in mind, body and spirit–the leaving behind is bittersweet…much love and light–alex

        1. Ah! There you are…this Pond is so huge now I almost missed you! Thank you for responding and explaining this…wow! Yes, teaching after teaching has told us that we must “shed” the ego…but now I’m getting an image of a snake shedding its skin, so perhaps it’s not the whole ego which must be shed after all, but just the outer shell that can’t be integrated? Very interesting! I must dig deeper…but I DO feel more relaxed, Alex, thank you for this wonderful insight!
          Love and Hugs to you,

    6. Alex, I love that I helped you to stop crying, although I’m also certain it was all purposeful. Thank you for saying that to me, and your share with us is once again indisputably profound. -Gave me much to consider.

      Most probably your Biggest Fan 🙂


  17. Well Aisha and all fellow ‘ponders’ this was wonderful to come back too after a busy day thus far!

    Thank you Aisha and the CCs for sharing this message… the words aren’t enough but I know you know what I mean…

    The excitement is building in a steady and quiet way in me which is just my way…

    What eloquent words Carl that resonated so much…

    To all here whether you have been here for – ever as it were, new to commenting in or perhaps ‘waiting in the wings’ I am just absolutely delighted there are going to be so many participating in this event! Every time I see a new ‘face’ to me at least it brings me joy… we came here to do this, to be this and we shall unite in the light of joy…

    Joyous bubbles/spheres of light to you all, Philip 🙂

  18. Hello Aisha,

    I would like to join, but I’d doubt your idea will either work or make a difference…


    1. Guerric
      You doubt – that is why you will be more amazed than some.
      Something wonderful is about to happen!


    2. Just join us all at TheGathering. You,ll be another being after it. And don,t worry, my brother Guerric, you,ll be who you really are.

    3. Hi Guerric, ( from another new commenter )

      Your doubts are natural but if you do join in -hope you do-with pure intent then it will make a difference because YOU will be the difference.Especially in your own locale.

      I believe that if nobody tries to change things then nothing will happen.
      But from the size of the undertaking evident here it IS happening and it IS
      going to make a difference.

      There is so much light and love here,it can`t be any other way.!

      With much love Phil.

    4. Guerric,

      The thing here is that you can doubt all you want, but if you decide to take part, this doubt will lose meaning for you. Things simply are. Doubt is but an expectation that desolves in the light, to let that which is real rise from the ashes. To see the radience of love, one must stare into the abyss within oneself. No small animals, or even humans, will be sacrified in the process. Promise! :-).

      There is only love and this is the energy you carry inside yourself. This is what we are all about to discover, and you are invited to join. Free-will withstanding.

      1. Mine is still cooking. I like surprises. So I will see. 🙂 Carolyn, I believe we are about to receive the abundance of Heaven, and many Gifts! I feel this to my bones!

        Love, and Big Hugs, Amy

        Sent from my iPad

    5. Guerric, It is natural for the thinking mind to doubt…but the heart is far wiser than the mind, and the fact that you are here means that your heart has guided you. The greatest changes happen on subtle levels the human eye can’t (usually) “see”, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t happening…there’s a whole lot of action going on, all the time, everywhere!
      Hugs and Blessings,

      1. (((HUGS))), Maggie, I told you you are HOME!

        NOHMAD! Maggie cannoned balled in to the POND! Yippeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

        Laughing, Amy

        Sent from my iPad

        1. We both knew this would happen eventually…tee hee hee! I wish I didn’t have a zillion things on my plate today, I so would rather just chat with everyone now that I took the plunge!

          1. Ah, Mags, I am on the same page. Yet I am failing to type well so off I go to continue my day.

            I LOVE you, Maggie. I am really glad you are here! And no pulls from me either, so this is meant to be!!!! Oh I am SO excited you are here here here!!!

            Love, Amy

            Sent from my iPad

  19. Lady Aisha and CC, this missive is Truth, through and through. Thank you for giving these “Words of Life” to us as we all await eagerly the coming Event that has been called The Gathering.

    I am most graciously yours for all Eternity, as in becoming One we bring Love with Light to this planet and to all that is connected to Her.

    Yours with Love,
    Lady of Roses

  20. Hello Aisha,
    thank you very much for your ongoing channelings – they are very much appreciated and lifting my spirits every time again.
    Can’t wait to gather around the pond!
    Heartfelt greetings from The Netherlands,
    Love, Marja

  21. Good morning Aisha, CC’s and family!

    Aisha this one hit right on… The hints of the transformational process that is continually ongoing….the major theme of my personal life. A micro within this macro of change. I welcome this with open arms!

    I agree that the Sunday gathering will be HUGE and I am looking forward to this coming together with all. It is indeed the next step as I felt it in my core as soon as I read the announcement.

    I also want to wish everyone ‘new’ that introduced themselves over the last couple of days a warm, loving welcome. Thank you for being here.

    And a BIG HUGE HUG to the souls here that continually light up this space with love and intention and support.

    Love to all,

    1. Dearest Phoenix, I can concur with you about the “new” that has been introduced over the weekend. I just wrote this day I feel a “new” in the crystalline energy, very powerful, yet at the same time, very gentle. With Intention last evening, I connected to this energy and this morning I was very surprised at what I felt. Difficult to put into words something I have not experienced.


      1. Amy, I feel that the frequencies are indeed changing…
        Within and without.
        Can’t define it just yet- most of the reason for my limited input here recently. Deciding what is truth what is not boils down to basically resonance with it, or the lack of.
        When I am in alignment, things ‘flow’… I’m not flowing at the moment at full speed… But better than last evening.

        Hugs back at you, Amy!!!

        1. Oh, Honey, last night was a bear. I thought the energy was going to tear me to bits. This morning is a lot calmer, but like you, I am not flowing, all the connections perhaps not made?, and I like you am unable to define what I am sensing, for never having sensed it before. I feel like a clumsy toddler, my words basically gone, and I have to laugh right here, because even with this post I am struggling to find the words.

          In an in between phase? I don’t know. But what I do know, I don’t want to be in the wind tunnel with blasts of jet air coming at me (not the first time I’ve been there) but I really do want it to be the last time. From my lips to God’s ears.

          What I am intending to do, all throughout this day, is to lay down and intentionally connect to this energy I am feeling. It ebbs and flows and hopefully with practice I can get it to stay.

          BIG understanding (((HUGS))), Amy

          Sent from my iPad

        2. Phoenix, big YES here too.
          Energies wiTHIN and from wiTHOUT. Frequencies shifted a lot this past night. It had me wake up like never before.

          And also, (I mentioned this on Eileen’s blog) I see we all get quite some “winks from Heaven” too (coincidences, music, numbers, lots)

          I see her Lady of Pinkiness has had a roller coaster too.

          I will be going in meditation in about 1 hour or so. Should be about 6pm GMT (British time) or 11 am New-york time.

          So, if you “feel” me around (Bubbles and all) let me know 😀

          Love !!!!

          1. Whoa! Brianna! I just came from meditation and I FELT you! I didn’t read this post until after I came out of it and there you are telling me you will be in meditation at exactly the same time I was!

            We wove our energies together like a DNA strand. We flew. We bubbled. The energy was not a quiet ride and in fact, I kept asking my Team please get me into the core of this where I know the energy to be pure and perfect. It didn’t happen. But, my entire body is tingling and now I feel like I have the energy to continue to do what I must today……cleaning. I think I received an “adrenaline kick” which I sorely needed!

            Last night, I too with nothing to hold onto not knowing how much more I can take of all this. This morning calm. Then I dropped, went into meditation, and felt you.

            I also am seeing as far as I can see, souls beginning to find one another and forming groups. Round bubbles different colors, and we are beginning already to mesh together in this tapestry. Sunday is going to fortify what has begun this week. Solidify. Bring together as One. Right now individual soul groups are “pooling together” and it is so awesome to watch. It is like these bubbles have magnets and know exactly where to go and are being drawn exactly to the same soul group.

            Bri! What did you see????? Experience? Anything close to what I am seeing/feeling? I am also seeing a vertical funnel forming stretching from the heavens to the earth moving swaying and seeming to be sucking up (for lack of a better word) souls that are joining this Gathering to be delivered in the EYE of this funnel.

            OK. Now must go and continue. I’ll check back in here later……

            I LOVE you, Bri!!!!! Hang on, Honey, and you too, Phoenix, for this is spectacular, nothing I have ever experienced. Powerful. Life changing. Wow!

            BIG (((HUGS))), Pinkiness

            Sent from my iPad

            1. WOW !
              Oh, my Bubbles… WOW !

              Yes. I did start just a bit before the time I said. And YES, you were there.
              Now I will not read your comment again until I’m done writing.
              Then we can “compare notes”.
              It was quite different from any other meditations. Much more energetic in many ways. Out of 1 hour and some, maybe 15-20 mns were “as usual”, and I actually thanked for that.
              So, I started by being close to the sea. Very fine. Then you came along, and I “fetched” many others (yes the “Pond People” too).

              We were above the Earth, above Gaia. In space, gathered around the planet. Sending love to Gaia, and -this was really nice- saluting each other.
              The “salute” came in the form of putting our foreheads together.
              Upon contact, the Love we all felt was increased, along with “personalized info” passing thru.
              After this little “saluting party” (yes Emma, of course you were there) (Aisha Bentee ??? you have to enlighten me on this one), we stated “floating” around, and as we floated, we weaved Light criss-cross around each other, and around Gaia.
              Spheres came in to HELP, and Bubbles were in there surrounding us.
              We left trails of Light, but also Light flakes (like snow flakes, but golden color) was coming out from us, and pouring down on the planet.
              I got a distinct feeling to focus more on all Oceans and Seas. As it came like this : there is much more water surface than dry land, and even tho it’s being injured by Man, it has enough force to help us in healing the planet !
              The rest of the meditation was (never happened before on this scale) pure energy, and uncontrolled images that came (flashed).

              There was a lot of “integrating” work being done. Small scale (precise places) and large scale. Cannot really put it in words, but it was intense. All the chakras were involved, one by one. And some other places.
              As I “worried” that I didn’t know when it would be ok to stop, it came that “the work is always finished best during sleep time.
              At some point I had trickles on my forehead, this is very new too. Usually I get chilly when meditating.

              The last part was really crazy. Suddenly, everything moved very fast. Space, deep space. Whizzing by suns (yellow, red) planets (one almost similar to Earth. Black Holes, Portals…

              Everything was speeding by, but I was given little “explanations” (yes, this is a red sun, yes this planet is similar to yours, but see how different the continents are …)
              Strange. Never had this before.

              Finally we “stopped” by a planet. Not on it, just looking from space.
              And it was ” this is the place some of you will go to. To inhabit.”
              As questions started germinating in my mind, it went on “you will choose to come here. Some will stay on Earth, some will wish for other places.”

              This is where I stop, because further on I’m afraid to mix up real things with my mind’s questions (what about our loved ones etc…)

              Comes to me I forgot to mention “hollow bones” . When all the “moving around” was taking place (even my skin felt too large at some point) I felt Light go thru the core of all my bones. Hollow bones, to allow Light to flow thru.

              Voila. A bit hyper, and a bit tired at the same time. The pure LOVE when we were all together was amazing !!!!

              A HUDGE HUG to all. We are incredible !
              And I have to eat NOW ! 😀

              Bubbles and bigger Spheres all over !
              JOY 🙂


              1. Wow, Pinkrosiness, how wonderful !!!

                Yes, now I read your entire comment 🙂
                I LOVE the magnet bubbles !!!! We are soldifying too.
                And I see we did have the same trip 😀 Floating, weaving.

                Wooohoooo 😀

                Gotta go. Words are almost dancing, I did a big “focus” effort to write the meditation best I could, now I’m … monosyllabic ! 😀

                JOY Bubbles !

              2. Dear Amy and Brianna, thank you SO much for sharing this! The energetic belt we have just entered will affect us all in ways we have never experienced before, and to some, it can be a little daunting. Therefore I ask of you all to share your “previews” as it were that we will all get in the days before Sunday. I thank you all for taking part in this, and I can definitely tell you that this is so HUGE, we cannot even begin to comeprehend it all. So thank you and bless you all for being here with me in this, this will surely be something to remember for the rest of our life – or maybe even lives :–)!
                Love and gratitude from me , Aisha

                1. Oh yes 🙂
                  Good news came in too ! Seems I am going to the sea 😀
                  AND there will be a friend (bringing a small group) that I know meditates too.
                  So, sunday we might actually BE a small group by the sea joining in !

                  How fantastic is this 😀

                  Blowing Bubbles of Joy all over 🙂 😀

              3. Heheheheheheh I am more or less mono as well. But, the one word that popped out at me you said and that I wrote in another post….INTEGRATING. That I believe is going to be the focus of the week. Geesh, I cannot even type. wow!!!

                Love and Lots of Bubbles, Amy

                Sent from my iPad

                1. ….trouble focusing…….but yes INTEGRATING!!!!!

                  Shut down. Oh my. Energy grabbed me. Wooooeeeeeeeee……..

                  Love, Amy

                  Sent from my iPad

              4. Wowwwww
                My bubbles…..(I’m coping because I love it)
                Today I have a very heightened divinatory ability. I knew you’d say that, but in this case I know why Yeah, I’ve been there…, somehow I felt it too, dancing laughing …. I couldn’t have expressed with words (very challenging thing to me) but you did it very good….I’m eager to know how you’ll capture the next one.
                Thanks my heart sister…
                Looove you so much

              5. Oh Briannaaaaaa!!! Tears are flowing again! Your vision is so unbelievably awesome!!!! I am just so not …… my fingers just don’t want to type but I had to come back here and say WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                Love Bubbles and HUGS, Amu

                Sent from my iPad

                1. I saved this in a doc too 🙂
                  After sleeping “on it”, I realize even more how different it was.
                  Ah, one thing : for the first time I saw a distinct difference between the Bubbles and the Spheres !

                  Spheres DO things. They help out, they are ACTIVE 🙂
                  Bubbles (smaller and coming in large numbers) are PASSIVE, just pure emanations of Joy and/or soothing.

                  In short :
                  Spheres : DO good
                  Bubbles : FEEL good


              6. Wow, Brianna…that is such a wonderful description…I don’t have conscious experiences like you do so I can’t really identify but I love what you have described…thank you…♥!…janis

                1. Just read this whole exchange and I have chills because I wanted to point out to everyone that on numerous occasions, and I know Aisha mentioned it and I did too, the floating above on wings and sending down beams of light–also the snow you mentioned, Aisha spoke of golden dust and being and spreading this divine dust…the integration speaks strongly to me as well…so very very cool and I thank you all for sharing! The twirling DNA was brilliant as well and the touching through the forehead–third eye chakra–spot on–I laugh because when I get a download Bri, I feel it directly as tickling on my forehead and then I consciously open up a channel into my head and pineal…very cool! Much love! Alex

                  1. Alex is ba-aack 😀

                    This forehead thingie…
                    I’ve doing it a lot … with my cats 🙂 And there is absolutely something.
                    Can’t wait to try with … humans 😀 😀 😀

          2. Bri!!

            I had the most AMAZING meditation today!!!!!! Just now getting back to the computer and still don’t have time to write.

            I will try to catch up on the posts from today and write/describe what happened.

            All I can say right now, everything has changed. This is completely awesome!!!!

            I read a little about both yours and Alex’s experiences but now cannot find the thread. This pond is HUGE!! Lol



            1. Phoenix, you also were with me in my meditation today. I wrote about it on #304 with Bri’s.

              I had to think about it after I wrote what I did because I felt others with me and you were definitely there. It took me forever just to write this. I give up.

              Love, Amy

              Sent from my iPad

              1. Thank you, Amy… I will find it.

                Do not worry about this void, love.

                I know exactly what you are going through… I have been in this state for WEEKS… Possibly since the equinox. I would check my notes, but alas they disappeared twice.

                Today, however, EUREKA!!!! I am hearing them again without going into meditation- a constant dialogue.

                So!!! This too shall pass. I PROMISE!!!!
                Oh, how I promise!!

                I will explain in more detail later.

                Love you Amy!!!

                1. Hope, Phoenix, you have given me hope. I think for now I must just be involved in mundane to try to get my footing back.

                  Gratitude my Sister. I’ll be watching for your post.

                  Loving you, Amy

                  Sent from my iPad

                2. heheheheheheh Shhhhhhhh…..Don’t tell anyone, Phoenix, but I sneaked on here to tell you I LOVE you and thank YOU for then encouragement. I am “resting”. But for real I am truly.

                  I gave up struggling and fighting this morning. I really seem to be my own worst enemy at times, so stubborn, determined to keep going no matter what. Hmmmm………Taurus syndrome? I will come out of this stronger. I not only promise you this, but all here, My Family!

                  Don’t tell the “boss” I am here. Hehehehehehehe I don’t want to get a talking to! Man, it is not easy to stay away from here. Ok OK I am going!!!

                  Loving you, Phoenix who flew with me yesterday1 Amy

                  Sent from my iPad

                  1. Thanks Amy!! Lol

                    I’m dealing with 3D right now myself.

                    Love you!!!

                    PS, I think the boss heard you… You are BUSTED young lady!!

                    1. …….giggling…….I know………off of here quick!!!! MUAH! Love you, Phoenix!!! ALL IS OK!!!! I PROMISE YOU!!!!! (((HUGS)))

                      Sent from my iPad

            2. Phoenix, the whole thread is here…Up 😉

              You were really there with us. I think this was the first time I felt people on such a personal basis 🙂

              Ups… got to calm down, I’m all over the place 😀
              Sit, Brianna, sit 🙂

    2. Dear Phoenix! Every time the CCs use this symbol of the phoenix I am reminded of you, you are truly a shining example for us all.
      Much love from me, Aisha

      1. Dear Aisha, I thank you so much for your personal feedback. It means more than you know. And yes, my heart ‘jumped’ this morning when I read this post. I have been asking for guidance and meditating and there are many many messages within your messages that hit my core in such a way that transport me. Today was huge.

        I can never quite seem to find the words to thank you enough for all that you do here. Your dedication to your work is a brilliant and shining example to us all.

        Love to you always,

  22. Wonderful message, Aisha. Really beautiful. There are two things about it that connect at a deep level for me: “For this only means that you are no longer the solitary journeyer through a dense vacuum of lower densities”. I’m certain so many of us have felt this way our entire lives.

    And secondly, “by your very actions, you have made that decision to the thus included a very long time ago. For this YES was something you gave on a soul level before you even came in”

    Absolutely! When I said “I’m ready, let’s GO”, I never had to think about it. It is very much like the CC’s communicate, with a capital “YES”. This was like an instinct, a reaction from deep within, where it was like a switch has been flipped, and the condition of the circuit was automatically “on”. Indeed, the feeling is like the programming for this has always been there. It was simply a matter of when the time is right, and looking for the signal.

    It is no coincidence to me that each of us are here, and I mean specifically the group of individuals who are gathered. We came here to do this.

    I look forward to this ongoing event with anticipation of course, and also perhaps the normal trepidation that accompanies a new adventure into what is previously unknown. But be certain of this- there is no question for me that this must and will be done.

    I’ve already cleared my schedule and informed my wife…

    Loving and appreciating you continually,


    1. Dear Carl! Thank you so much for sharing this, and for all that you bring to this Pond. I know you have been a huge support to many of the other beautiful souls gathered here, and I agree that we are all here for this very reason.
      Much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

    2. Beautiful words, Carl, all of which I can so relate. The JOY I am feeling at this moment, and which I awoke feeling, has everything to do with this coming Gathering. This represents my Life’s Work, my Dream of Dreams. The world will not be the same ever again!!!

      Love and many hugs,

    3. Perfectly stated Carl,

      It’s like that skip in your heartbeat when you hear them closing the doors on your first flight–a flight you’ve been looking forward to your entire life.

      Of course, there are pangs of trepidation… It’s still faith, and it’s still unknown. But at this point, it is not that unknown. And those pangs of trepidation are really as nothing, compared to the anticipation and the hope that has been just below the surface, growing and warming, waiting to be realized and set free.

      Holding you all close.


      1. Mark, I am turning those pangs of trepidation into feelings of excitement, in anticipation of the Biggest Party I will be attending come this Sunday. First the “familiar’ …… oh oh unknown. Then I stepped in and said, “no!” and consciously I flipped the coin to the other side……excitement in looking forward to something manificent!

        Loving you,

      2. Mark,
        in this small comment I’d like to say a biiig thanks for ALL your wonderful recent comments 🙂

        Phil : cosmic party 🙂 Sweet 🙂

        Your Pinkiness : I say again : Happy B-day. With the many Bubbles !

        Joining Mark in holding everybody really close.
        And will do my best to get to the sea for the 5th, I really feel this has to be.
        Bubbles all over with much Love !!! 😀

        1. Thanks Bri,

          I love your full login name–Purejoy! How cool is that? It comes through on all your posts. And it is definitely something that we are all intending all the way home!

          Love and Light,


    4. Carl said almost exactly what I came on here to say today!

      Everybody, I, too, am SO HAPPY to finally be here (and I mean “finally” here at this Gathering) – I am SO HAPPY to have finally found My Pod People of the Pond!!! My heart feels like I can rest now and know that I am Home, and that it can finally connect with others to create a beautiful new grid of light.

      One other thing I was going to say that Carl didn’t was that I am starting to not want much connection to the outside world, or even some of the other blogs and channeled writings I would frequent. Like I really need this inward time and This Connection. It is like I have been searching within them all the code that would allow me to enter Home, and I found it here, and now all I want to do is rest and bask in the glow.

      Big Etheric Hug Everyone!!

      Love, Robin

      1. Big hug back to you, dear Robin! What a joy it is to feel the love that we all share, for we truly are a family now! I too feel the need to withdraw from so much, I mostly use my computer for this work now, nothing else draws me. Except Mother Nature of course, especially now, when these new energies are startini to knock on my door…
        Love and light from me, Aisha

      1. Loveeee you Michael.
        I was going to say you good morning and birthday week, but I knew you were going to do it first. Why? Who knows? Just like that
        Many many kisses Michael and buckets of love

        1. I am seeing “something” beautiful unfolding here, Emma and Michael. (smile)

          Love and kisses,

            1. Eating as I type. And now on to meds and treatments…….and still waiting for those outside to come in to eat……..busy station this morning…….. 🙂 🙂 I multi-task, cause I am mult-dimensional.

              Sent from my iPad

  23. Aisha, thank you for this beautiful message. I do feel like these full moon and eclipse energies are stoking the fire and making the light shine more brightly. I am truly looking forward to this group meditation very much!
    My Love to All in the Pond and All that is.

    1. Dear Michael! I am so looking forward to us connecting even closer! It is certainly heating up, but at the same time I feel the deep joy that is starting so surface already :–). Much love from me, Aisha

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