The manuscript of survival – part 303

The tide has turned a long time ago, but still, there are those under the influence of thinking that nothing is happening at all. They kick up the dust, and complain that everything is at a stand still. But is it truly that? We challenge you all to take a good look around you, and we think you will all see traces of this rush of incoming energies on all sides of you. Not only in the heart of those likeminded souls you are gathered together with here in this space, but also further afield. For your world is already starting to move beyond the level of awareness you might have thought was the limit for everyone not as ”open” as you to these new energetic messages. For they are all moving in some way, and even if some of you have a hard time seeing it, still it is happening, each and every day.

So again the message is the same, remember to focus your intent in the right direction, and then you will truly see results. Not because you are the one who will make all of this change happen, but because you too have in many ways been blinded to the effects of the light. For remember, for eons you too have been forced to stare into this wall of darkness that surrounded you on all sides, and now, when that impenetrable wall has been reduced to a heap of rubble in so many places, some of you still insist on keeping your eyes on those portions of the wall still standing as if nothing have happened. And so you feel despondent, and think that all of this work has been for nothing. But if you are willing to shift your foucs, and in most cases, only for a mere fraction of an inch, you too will see that what was once a seemingly impenetrable fortress wall has now been breached in so many places. And now, you too will find a place where it is so easy to jump over the rubble and join those already frolicking in the fields outside.

We do not say this to scold you in any way, but just to remind you that the present is in some aspects mayhaps already much better than what you have envisaged some of the future to be. But again, it is the eyes of the beholder who define the ”reality”. And so, if you choose to keep staring into the wall, then the wall will keep you captivated for a very long time ahead indeed. But if you choose to shift your focus, and run out and join all of those free spirits already savouring the sweet air of freedom, your reality will also follow suit. So again we say, be careful with what you attach yourself to, for the glue that keeps you in place now is a very strong one indeed. So make sure that you let yourself have the freedom of being glued to the brighter parts of this world, for they do exist, and they are getting brighter and lighter by the day.

And remember, the walls will not fall down any faster if you insist on trying to punch them down by focusing your whole power on them. These walls will fall the minute you step outside them. So give yourself the freedom to do just that, for by deciding to stay cooped up inside the remnants of this old fortress, you are only making it stand just that much longer, and this will not help you, nor the rest of mankind. You are here to break through the walls by letting go of the fear that helped to keep you imprisoned behind them, and this you cannot do by being unable to let these walls fall from your attention. So let go of any thoughts of being a battering ram that will force these last pieces of brickwork down. That is not your role, your role is to fly over these walls with your beautiful wings of freedom, and the moment you take to the air and lift yourself off from these old grounds, you will make the walls around you crumble into dust. And that is the only way to ensure that this old prison will not be standing a moment longer than it was supposed to.

It is easy to agree with all of this in principle, but as many of you have already ascertained, trusting yourself enough to let your wings take you over to those greener pastures is quite another thing. But do not wait too long now, lest you miss out on so much of the fun. For as soon as you arrive on that other side, you will find yourself surrounded by so much love and laughter, you will forget all about that long prison term you had to endure. For your memory will be wiped clean of all of the duress, and you will not waste another second thinking ”what if” or ”why did I do that” or ”why not sooner”. For then you will begin anew, and you will focus all your energy on creating, not on tearing down or even feeling remorse. For that is when you start with a clean slate, and you will have all the colours in the Universe to choose from when you start to make your own first image of the life you are about to start living.

228 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 303

  1. Elle, this has to be the most special thing I read today !

    “There’s space between who I used to be and who I am becoming”

    I love the way you put it into words ! Enjoy that space, make it completely yours, while you keep walking ahead.

    Spicy Aussie, you made my day. Really.

    I deeply feel what you say about past dramas and diminishing pain.
    I’ve gone thru this, and felt very similar to you. Remembering, yes; but not feeling pain any longer.
    Sometimes, when I recall events that where very challenging, I send an imaginary hug to the Bri of then.

    I also love that you used the words : “to be authentic” 🙂
    This is one thing I’ve felt about you thru various comments, you are authentic, and speak your mind 😀

    So, dearest Elle, Spicy Sister, today I’m celebrating you 🙂
    Whoot=whoot (hi Alex 😉 )

    And I give you the biggest Hug that I can, because you just brought Joy to me. The real and simple Joy to celebrate a beautifully blossoming Sister.
    The thrill to see how well you are connecting where all IS.

    Clever Creator, who put the most beautiful knowledge where no one can delete it, or take it away from us. Within.

    Lots of Love, Elle.
    And, again, a big, big Bubbly thank you for this share 😀

    1. Oh I’d just like to add to that Elle for what Brianna drew out in that sentence “There’s space between who I used to be and who I am becoming” – stood out for me too…

      It reminded of something I came across years ago about the decision point we all have in the moment… that awareness was central to changing my life around and to hear you say it now is a blessing for all!

      It was beautifully expressed…

      … and Brianna your comment about the clever creator – reminded me of Viktor Frankl’s book man’s search for meaning. You, many may be aware of his experience in the concentration camps – he came to the profound awareness that what was within could not be taken away – he put it like this:
      “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”

      Joyously, Philip 🙂

      1. Philip, thank you for your kind words. I grapple somewhat with this business of choosing attitude, and therefore action or inaction. It feels sort of like the decision to be authentic is made at a soul level, before arrival here. There exists then a total inability to be a good chess player because spontaneity is all one is capable of in the moment. Do you understand? Not sure that I do myself………

        I guess it’s about living from the heart and trusting heart more and more, even though it leads one into tricky situations sometimes. Words often become superfluous and cumbersome.



        1. At this point in my personal development it seems to me that in a sense, we as humans at this particular consciousness level are really just “along for the ride”.

          Perhaps the arrangements, plans and contracts did take place at the soul level before arrival. But if our memory was indeed erased, then it was done so for a reason. I once read the issue stated as this: “If we already knew the answers, then it wouldn’t be a test”.

          If we are here for an original experience, I doubt it would be nearly as purposeful if we already knew the answers. So perhaps the goal is to attain a state of being in which we are able to navigate with grace. Once we reach a particular state of awareness, if fortunate, we might find ourselves in a mindset where we understand these things, and the journey becomes something that is done from a perspective that knows a greater stability.

          I have often thought that even during Christ’s Passion there was an aspect of his being that was in ecstasy. I like to think and believe that at some point we see everything as The Experience, and even when in pain we still see, know and exist as God.

          Your words ring true to me, Elle. “I guess its about living from the heart and trusting heart more and more…”. As we read the account recently from that film by the same name, (The Passion of the Christ) when the scourging was to begin, He said, “My Heart is ready, Father”.

          Oh, to possess that kind of consciousness!!!!!

          And yes, I imagine words to fall far short of being able to describe such a state.

          my love to you Elle, as always,


          1. Carl – reading your words, thinking yes, and the only way to tell how far we’ve come is to look back in time……clicked on to see if Stuie had added anything and found this:

            At the Window of Tomorrow
            by Stuart Wilde – April 27, 2013 – Metaphysics
            Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on email Share on print Share on gmail Share on stumbleupon Share on favorites Share on blogger Share on tumblr Share on pinterest_share Share on google Share on mailto More Sharing Services 20

            At the window of tomorrow
            I saw many a yesteryear.
            It was easy to see where we’d come
            In the intervening time–
            How we’d grown, and struggled, and triumphed
            Beyond the yesteryear was tomorrow’s future
            It wasn’t much different than today
            But a little more was added
            –A little more light–
            And in this way, we came to transcend
            And the yesteryears moved up slowly
            And the tomorrows moved down gradually
            They joined in the middle and spun around each other
            To become Heaven on Earth–
            The one we’ve been promised.
            Stuart Wilde

          2. Dear Carl

            Are you still reading here? Probably not.

            When I was little, I only ever doodled two things – a spider weaving a web, and interlocked diamond shapes. Now I have a question that I can’t answer at this point – was it the remnants of a loving soul memory, or a warning?


            1. Elle, I am here. And yes, I read your last post. And yes, I am thinking on things. And yes, I am with you. And yes, (dammit) I have another short piece I’ve written and had decided not to upload… yet. It is about the ancient stone bell tower.

              I will respond to your question about the web and the diamond shapes. When I was young I doodled with a ruler on the lined classroom paper and made a geometric display which turned out to be all diamonds, interlocked across the page. I did this again and again through my childhood. What and why it is, I know not. And I cannot answer your question, because I’m not presently as sensitive and intuitive as yourself. You seem to perpetually be about one or two steps ahead of me at all times, and I don’t mind that.

              I’m somehow tying your “warning” question in with your dream and that you had had enough of it, and that you wrote to Bri about it, and that you lost what you wrote to her.

              Now about the bell tower. I have something I wrote that to me personally feels “off topic” for the group, but somehow at the same time is rather important in a larger sense. I’m picking up feelings about you writing specifically to Bri and losing it, and you communicating with Phoenix about what is going on right now, and your meditation about the bell tower. I have a sense about all this, and yes, I’m paying attention and I’m right there with all of you in real time.

              You said you awoke from the dream and said to yourself you had had enough of this, and it was so important that you wrote to Bri. Part of the reason I decided to not post was that comment.

              However, Elle, your prodding me once again now prompts me to ask you a question…do you want me to post what I wrote?

              The 3:00 AM club should have closed by now. I have a long week ahead of me, and will follow your wishes in the next 24 hours. For now, I go back to sleep.

              One last thought. This subject matter causes me to hesitatingly propose that I might be willing to entertain limited private correspondence with members of the group, and perhaps specifically those mentioned here. I have prepared an email address that is not used for any other purpose. If you like the idea I may consider it and post the address.



              1. Yes!!!! I say yes, Carl.

                Some subjects are rather sensitive in nature.

                I have responded to Elle (started to), copied it, pasted in a note, and keep reading it to see if I actually want to post it. I think I must edit it ‘down’ a bit.

                I do absolutely feel comfortable sharing important messages for all here at the pond. However, there are hints of other things going on which do not need to be expressed in the open waters. The last few days here have created a multitude of emotions. Trust being a key theme.

                I keep hesitating now when I write. Sensing something… Holding back. Unsure of the source. I trust the feeling.

                Sleep well, Carl.

              2. Carl,
                again I have this broad broad smile across my face 😀
                Why ?
                Because yesterday I was thinking of creating a mail address specific for our use.
                Actually told this to Eileen (from Sacred Spirals of Light).

                Well. Now I’m going to proceed and create it !

              3. Carl, yes please – I’d love to read what you wrote about the bell tower – preferably via the email you set up. The only thing I’ve ever read from you that I think may be off key, is when you said you suspected we humans were just along for the ride, or words to that effect. It seems to me that we (are we human??) are central to all the puzzles – ignorant pawns much of the time.

                I’m very tired and frustrated with my own ignorance, and wary of taking on more false guidance/teachings. All attempts to access past lives via hypnosis have resulted in body/mind reactions of sheer terror, shaking and just red behind the eyes. What the hell does that mean? I have no idea.

                Today I have written at some length to Phoenix, hit the send button, and promptly lost my internet connection. These things are happening so often now that it feels like it has to be that way. It forces me to switch off and concentrate on mundane tasks. I feel for you, juggling a busy career with all this. Perhaps we all need to take a step back and be ‘ordinary’ for a wee while. Hopefully, clarity will come….eventually.



            2. Elle, I have a huge lump in my throat right now… Tears welling up.

              Your mention of this ‘doodling’ prompted me to try to remember what it was I constantly drew as a child… It was a ‘ball’ of thin lines criss crossing each other making shapes, interlocking diamonds, squares and circles….made with one continuous stroke of a pen or pencil. But I would ‘color’ with crayons the individual shapes. I never thought much about it, as it was an automatic natural thing for me to do.

              It seems to be a similar practice… Drawing a weblike structure… I did not draw any spiders… Lol. I do not like them sam-I-am.

              Carl, read your response as well….

              Love to both,

              1. Hi guys, I hope you don’t mind me barging in here….I am still getting email notifications of this post. When I read about the doodling of the geometric shapes I just had to write. I did the exact same thing as a kid, and for some reason this seems to strike a very deep chord within me, I also have tears welling up. I only recently heard the term “sacred geometry” and had wondered if that’s what it was all about. Gosh I did this over and over and over again, and also with the continuous stroke. Wow, I am just kind of floored. Again sorry for kind of barging in, you all have a lovely vibe going and I wouldn’t want to disturb it in any way. But I’m with you all 100%, about this and more. Lately I just doubt my ability to put some of the deeper things I think/experience into words.
                Hopefully the feeling will come across though 🙂

                Love to all,

                1. Leslie- you absolutely are NOT barging in on anything… You are adding to the beauty here… These little sparks of resonance lift us higher and closer, always.

                  Thank you so much for sharing here!! I welcome the input… See what happens? We come together.


                2. Ha, ha Leslie, I see you are having have had a similar realisation to the one I had about 4 years ago connected with sacred geometry…

                  For all Leslie, Elle, Carl etc etc – its a subject I’ve looked into quite a bit now and I whilst I am not an expert I’ve seen great investigations into this whole area linking both the ‘science’ and the ‘spirituality’ particularly the ‘tree of life’ and various ancient traditions… Nassim Harramein is a key exponent of this for me… and he’s done a great piece on it called Black Whole… I can point you to a free video of it I found the other day if you any/all wish. Its explained in simple terms for me but bear in mind I studied maths/applied science so I may not be the ‘norm.’

                  Joyfully, Philip 🙂

                3. Dear Leslie

                  If it fits for you, then you are certainly not barging in on anything. Wheels within wheels – you know how it goes. We’re just explorers, testing new ground, examining old tracks, all the time wary of the wolf in sheep’s clothing….



              2. Phoenix, I colored in the individual diamonds as well. I might even still have one of these geometric drawings in an old locker of keepsakes. I woke up this morning and saw all these responses and skimmed through them. I began hyperventilating and I’m trembling somewhat. Something is going on.

                The address I have created is

                It will take me a bit to get organized. I’m going to do a more serious rewrite of my subject on the bell tower. Leslie, Phoenix, Elle, Bri (Alex I know you’re not here right now) and anyone else who is resonating with what we’re sensing and feeling here, please feel free to use it privately. I’m a busy guy with lots to do and this will add to it, so please be patient with me.

                I am here.


                1. Ohhhhh, Carl, I honestly would love to jump into this but my schedule is past full as it is. I love geometry and I used to have visions in bright colors of all these different shapes. I doodled as a child as well, another something we have in common.

                  I wish you the very best in this adventure!

                  I love you. Amy

                  Sent from my iPad

                  1. Philip, I’m very well, thank you. I didn’t mean to convey the wrong impression. I was filled with excitement and got overwhelmed, as something is happening here, and I began breathing heavy and even trembling a bit. Ijust got “overamped”, that’s all.

                    Once we get the email group started I’m going to post something, and I believe Phoenix is as well. I’m sure we’ll all have a lot to say.

                    Gotta get back to work now, thanks for everyone’s patience. I’ll check the new email address and get organized within the next 24 hours.


                  2. PS Philip, I’m really pleased there’s another man joined in on this “party” 🙂

                    And yes, I want to see the video. And I’m going to go dig out my keepsake locker and see if I can find a geometric drawing from my youth.

                    Seriously, I’m really glad you’re here. -With kind love,


                    1. That’s cool Carl… will send you the link on the email … need to find it again first… should be straightforward I hope!! Joyfully, Philip 🙂

              3. P.S. Phoenix, and everyone on this thread, I failed to explain in any detail my intention for the vehicle to private correspondence. I created the address and put it on the forum as a gateway. Its not essential that anyone else do the same, provided they send me a message with instructions to provide it to others, and they can be specific. Of course its not essentially this address be used, either, its up to each. But if someone wants to get their address circulated among a potential group they can do it through the one I’ve put up. This will get everyone who wants to participate on the list without having to put another address on the forum, if they don’t want to.


              4. Phoenix, I did reply to you at length. Hit the send button and promptly lost internet connection. These things are happening a lot lately.

                Talk of webs and nets brings mixed feelings – hard to tell what’s real and what isn’t. I feel the need to withdraw somewhat from group energies and stand in my own space. I think Carl’s email set-up may bring more coherence.



          3. Hi Carl, thanks for this – saw this this morning but only now have a few minutes to catch up.

            I startted a fuller response to Elle but felt it needed more time too!

            Catching up on other posts and see you later and may write more then!

            Joyfully, Philip 🙂

        2. Elle, I just wanted to pop in briefly and say hello to you. I am so happy to see you posting again. I have been worried about you and Alex, but I see that all is well (as well as it can be).

          I am struggling today. You spoke of the space between what you are and what you are becoming. I find that I switch often back and forth. One feels joyous an amazing, one is less than that. I cannot pinpoint exactly what is happening and it is quite maddening.

          Anyway, wont bore anyone because Cannot find my expression today. sometimes i feel that words are against me…this I am able to say with clarity- my love goes out to you and Alex and all of my brothers and sisters here at the pond.

          I do care so deeply about my family here.


          1. Phoenix – a long time ago, in a guided meditation (I guess you’d call it that anyway), I was instructed to see self in a certain way. I forget the details, but suddenly I was in this ancient stone bell tower, just calmly looking down over the scene below. I realised I was a large bird, with snowy white plumage. I told the instructor, who said “Oh my God, you’re a phoenix!” I don’t know about that, but I like it.

            Last night in the dreamscape, I found myself in a shadowy, twilight zone place, observing people I once knew. They were quiet and solemn, and perhaps there was even a sensation of accusation – I don’t know. I was surprised to see some of them there, because I knew them as good people and I somehow thought they’d know better than to hang around there. When I woke up for a wee break, I said “Enough of that! I don’t want to be there” and can’t remember a thing for the remainder of the night. I wrote about this earlier to Brianna but the whole thing disappeared.

            I do know what you’re trying to put into words Phoenix, I think maybe we’re all going through this. For what it’s worth, I feel the only way through is not to analyse it too much. Just live it and resort to the old mantra – This too shall pass.

            More from Ella Wilcox – “And all that you yearn for, and all you desire must come at your bidding, like flames out of fire.”

            Much love


            1. One more time…

              Elle, I got a huge lump in my throat and tears welled up when I read this because you prompted me to reconnect with myself as a child and what I used to draw. It was automatic and natural and never gave it a thought until now.

              It was one long continuous stroke with a pen or pencil that created interlocking shapes, diamonds, triangles, oblong circles, etc that as a whole created a large circle. I used to color in the individual shapes within the circle with crayons.

              Very similar I think…. No spider, however… I do not like them sam-I-am. Lol

              And I was absolutely not conscious of what I was drawing. There was no-thought behind it, or trying to make it something that would fit anything in the world.

              Carl, read your response as well…

              Love to you all,

        3. Oh, I feel we’ve all grappled with that one at various times Elle… having been brought up as we were to live from the ‘head’… look where that got us ‘in totality’ … not that the head isn’t a good thing – its the integration a pure harmony of head and heart/soul we’re moving into I feel.

          I see this post has gone way further in the several hours I was away doing other things.

          I started to type a response this morning but felt I need to give more time and I then had other things arranged. So I will comment further if its still relevant! Just let me know Elle!

          Words can be so cumbersome as you say!!

          Oh and can just add having read some of the other posts following on from this but certainly not all! I too doodled a lot with geometry as child for I was fascinated with it. One of the things I drew a lot was the start of the flower of life images… except I only discovered that’s what they were about 4 years ago. That was quite a realisation!!

          I suspect it was partly because of these reasons I studied mathematics and engineering to degree level – something in me just loved the beauty behind all this…

          Will catch up on the rest of the posts soon!

          Joyfully, Philip 🙂

    2. Bri, I just typed a reply to you and it disappeared before I’d finished. No matter, here’s the shorter version.

      Yes, I see you and I feel you. In the ‘stone the witch’ scenario, you’re the one who steps out of the crowd with a big grin and a warm hug, and says ‘Come on kiddo, let’s go for a fast spin with the top down and the wind in our hair!’.

      Have you ever come across Ella May Wilcox’s immortal poem The Law? “You were and you will be, know this while you are – your spirit has travelled both long and afar…..”

      Much love and bubbles


      1. Elle, Phoenix, Carl, Leslie 🙂
        compass in hand I drew and drew as a child.

        Circles. Circles within circles within circles.
        And forgot about it for years, until I came across pictures from “crop circles” that were in the shape a (this is how they called it) Vesica Pisces, and the one we know as “the flower of life”.
        Actually downloaded the “Vesica” one, because I liked it so much I’d like to have a pendant made 🙂

        Elle, I don’t know the poem…. but it rings true 🙂

        Love and Bubbles !

        1. Loving you, Bri!!!!

          Big hugs dear one!!!!

          The waves are coming in… Just now….
          Wow… So strong. It is quite humbling to feel the love. Thank you for sharing your bubbles!!!


            1. I am on the same page as Phoenix. The waves are SO strong and bring right down. I’ll be thinking of you, Phoenix, as I go down for the count when the waves hit. Emma told me I am a bubble machine so I am sending you bubbles as well.

              And here I go for another down on couch. See you later.

              Love and BIG (((HUGS))), Amy

              Sent from my iPad

        2. Ha, ha you too Bri – I worked with the compass too – flower of life etc… I now realise!

          Now it all begins to fall into place.

          Another reason we got Spheres and Bubbles for it is not just two dimensional but 3Dimensional and beyond…. so cool…

          Joyfully, Philip

  2. Conversation with Yourself
    Who am I. Who are You. What is the purpose of my life. Is there a reason I am here. What must I do to find the answers to these questions. Is this just my mind talking to itself. Is this my ego talking to a living soul that lives within me. Or is all of this just thoughts within the mind talking to each other, and trying to understand the unknown. Is all thought just a way the mind works out problems with the collective thoughts of what we have learned in our life. I think everyone has this talk within yourself at some point in life. Is the body and soul the duality of man. Is the body nothing but a vessel for a unseen life that lives within us. Why does it take so long to find this life within us. Why does the ego want to be in control of this life within us. Does the body and mind want to keep this life within us hidden. Where does this life that lives within us come from. Who made this kind of unseen life. We know the body is of the earth, or do we know this as the truth, or could it have had help from another unknown source.

    The earth has taken care of us through the ages. We are really blessed to have a place such as earth to live. Why does this life within us use what is called the third eye. Or is this just another way for our mind to look at things. Is it to see the unknown of our ego. Is it a way to let the life within us to learn and grow. To see things the ego can’t control and understand. When the third eye sees something the ego can’t understand it starts a war within the mind to try to keep control. The ego always trys to control every thought that is within us. Even though the ego may not understand what the life within us is trying to tell us. The ego fights this kind of change. It is afraid of change because it may lose control if it gives way to a change it does not fully understand. After all it has been in control most of our life.

    Can the body and soul have a merger of the seen and unseen, and join as one. Can they ever be at peace with each other. If man can’t be at piece with himself how will he ever be at peace with the rest of the world. Man will have to be at peace with himself to help the world change and be at peace as a whole. As more and more come to a point of peace within himself the more the world will come to peace. This isn’t something that will happen over night. Many are trying to help with this world wide problem.

    The silent battle within to be at peace with ourself is the first step in this process of world peace. We must have a marrage of the thoughts in our minds with the unseen light within us. To love everyone and everything on earth. This must first happen within each of us before it can be shared with others with the full intent of love for all. I just want to say I thank all of you for your hard work to help this happen.

    To All my Love and Blessings

    Happy Birthday my Lovely Rose

    1. Amy,
      Mighty Lady of Glorious Pinkiness 😀

      ~~~~~ a very Happy Joy-filled Birthday to you !!! ~~~~~

      with gazillion of bursting Bubbles of Joy 🙂 😀

      Love you very much, hug you tight !


  3. Hail, blithe spirits everywhere!

    Yesterday was a magical day here. We had our first planning thinkfest for The Project, and the creative juices were really flowing. Goals both short and long term regarding growing healing plants, culinary herbs, oils and essences, how to raise capital etc ….very lively. One major component is teaching new skills to people with a disability and paying them for their efforts, so the Abundance Fairy is being called on bigtime.

    Afterwards, my very dear friend, her son and I went to a cosy little local restaurant where there was great live music, pizza and red wine, and lots of laughter. She’s had an extremely challenging life but her laugh lights up everyone for miles around, or so it seems.

    So…..we’re heading somewhere….who knows what’s ahead. I’m happy to aim for the stars, and if we fall short – well, we’ll still be higher than where we started from. The spirits of the trees and all the plants (yes Ray, absolutely!), the creek, the indigenous ones, birds and animals, elves and pixies – all are included.

    I kinda wish these Creator hats came with magic wands!

    Bright blessings all.


    1. Thank You Elle my dear friend for this sharing, I worked for three Years as a helper for a young man with Dyschennes. It keept amazing how he was able to keep up his spirit, though he almost could not move a muscle literally and had a machine to help him breathe. We went to several festivals each Year. Which was pretty brave of him, since we had to have tons of medical gear in a tent.
      I also have a soft spot for the spirits, and when doing a sweetlodge I always stress the importance of handing out a spirit plate from what we eat after the sweat, once I almost forgot and a guy having a terrible headache from the ceremony, became healed the second I asked him to bring a plate with a little of everything from our meal to the place of offering.


      1. Stephan, you are quite wonderful and always have some fascinating things to contribute. I must learn more about your offerings to the spirits – I always offer my love but never thought of sharing our meal!

        I have to say the young man you cared for was not the only brave one – taking care of someone so afflicted is a major challenge and taking him to festivals would be exhausting. My life pretty much revolves around sick or disabled people and animals, and I’ve just rediscovered some amazing essential oils I used to buy from a lady in the US years ago. I had long forgotten her name, and just today I remembered, and googled her. She is Helen Stembridge, and she and her team create Earth Angel Oils. They are the most beautiful oil blends I’ve ever encountered.

        The music you posted was lovely too. Thank you Stephan.

        With love

    2. Hi, Elle! Very happy to see you post these encouraging stories. On the path of the Hero’s journey I’ve yet to see or read about a magic wand, per se. However, what I do see plenty of, and see it in your story as well, is “Magic”. I have found that as we go along the Way, just the right people or situations or help seems to “magically” appear at just the right time, when we are on the path that we belong. I have commented on this very subject several times in recent days as the roller coaster seems to increase even more in intensity. And recently I’ve learned more than ever to take the ups and downs with much more grace, and even perhaps laughter.

      I have to believe it all works out the way its supposed to. And so far I don’t have any really big complaints…okay, maybe just one or two 🙂

      Been thinking of you.

      love, Carl

      1. Hello Carl, me darlin. Yes, I know – I could feel you.

        A roller coaster indeed, but you know what? At last it feels right. It actually feels like it’s MY story, and not someone else’s nightmare that I’ve allowed myself to be sucked into. That last message from Aisha and the CCs had real impact for me, especially the part about deleting the past and beginning anew. Not really sure I want it all deleted, because I think it’s important to remember past events or be doomed to repeat the same mistakes. What I’m finding is that whilst I clearly recall all the dramas, the pain of reliving them is diminishing fast and it’s all becoming a bit surreal. There’s space between who I used to be and who I am becoming.

        It’s a time for walking the walk, being authentic, taking that leap of faith – all of that. It really is happening! How grand is that?

        To Alex – I so hope you’re feeling better now. If you’re still a wee bit shitty, you know you’ll be flying high again soon, don’t you? Gently gently – baby steps, deep breaths and growing confidence as we step into our new world.

        Much love … and yes – laughter. There’s really no need to take ourselves so seriously.


        1. Elle my heart is lightened and gladdened by what I read today. I feel in your words that you have reached a mile post, and not a small one at that. I was concerned for awhile, although I did always sense the strong undercurrent that is the strength of your soul, even in the midst of the unusual intensity of the process you were moving through.

          I think you have communicated in a most beautiful fashion this measure of accomplishment, and yes, it is GRAND! We rejoice with you.

          I’m filled with gratitude that I had the opportunity to participate in your process, even perhaps during some of the darkest hours. If it was indeed help to you, then that makes those moments even more meaningful to me.

          We all remain with you in love and support as you continue to pursue your most incredible journey.


  4. He wishes for the Cloths of Heaven

    Had I the heavens’ embroidered cloths,
    Enwrought with golden and silver light,
    The blue and the dim and the dark cloths
    Of night and light and the half-light,
    I would spread the cloths under your feet:
    But I, being poor, have only my dreams;
    I have spread my dreams under your feet;
    Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.

    William Butler Yeats

  5. Greetings, Brothers and Sisters. I’ve been quiet for a short time. This theme which has taken place has caused me to want to write again. Alex, I’m very pleased to see you say this, whether or not you’re taking anything personally,

    “There are millions of people in this world who are doing things we dont get or understand and if we continue to point them out instead of trying to accept and get by them, we are all stuck behind the wall.”

    This is indeed the issue.

    So Who are we, anyway? -Who do we say that we are? What do we believe about ourselves? And what is our capacity?

    So here we all are, stuck, looking for the doorknob, trying to figure out how to get over the wall. My beloveds, there is nothing new here. The message is the same as it has been since time immemorial.

    Where are we focusing our attention, and what is the condition of our heart? And what is the level, or capacity of our consciousness? And what is important to us? And who says we have the right to perform any particular kind of action or affection with anyone, and that it is their responsibility to be a certain way so that we can? Can we not love someone right where they are, and in the condition they are in? Can we not find some way to love without our having a reaction?

    Richard Bach said, “Argue for your limitations, and sure enough they’re yours”.

    For one example, did Mother Teresa avoid embracing lepers because she was allergic to leprosy? Here is what she said about her interaction with lepers:

    “Every person is Christ for me, and since there is only One, that person is the one person in the world at that time… I see God in every human being. When I wash lepers’ wounds, I feel I am nursing the Lord himself. Is it not a beautiful experience?”

    If we want to get over the wall it may be as simple as changing what we focus on, combined with checking continually the condition of our heart.

    Now a related subject and a minor switch: Perhaps one great problem we are all dealing with is the ego’s desire to survive. The ego is ruthless. It wants to survive and be in control at all costs, even to the point of destroying its host. We all face and grapple with it daily, and that includes Yours Truly, as I too, attempt to stand naked before you.

    The spiritual path is one of moving forward one step at a time, making decisions in each moment, checking the condition of everything that is important, with the most important being our heart. I’m sorry to have to pass along some news, but in my opinion there is probably no magic button that catapults us over that wall once and for all. This is about mastery, and mastery does not take place all at once. I think, feel and believe what is happening now however, is a compression of time is taking place combined with an increase in energy, whereby we have the unique opportunity to accomplish more in one incarnation than perhaps many others combined. And then there is also this beautiful experience where we are now all coming together, and yes, each of us with all of our faults.

    Alex said we are all naked because we are here. -Indeed we are. At message number 301 I wrote the following words:

    “I’m in new territory now, daily. When I write here, I’m on the cutting edge of my capability- stretching and reaching, because I feel safe with you (all). I trust you all. I know you love me, and I know that if I fall, you will be there and you will catch me, and help me back up so that I can do the same thing that you’re all doing, and that is, Becoming.”

    People, we were born INNOCENT. We are here because we all want the same thing, and we all believe, and rightly so, that we can do this. On occasion we are going to fall down, and we’re going to need each other to help us when we do.

    The Master understood this when he said, “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.” But the most beautiful part of this story for me is his dialogue with the woman after everyone else left: “Woman, where are those thine accusers? Hath no man condemned thee? She said, No man, Lord. And Jesus said unto her, Neither do I condemn thee…”

    I wish to thank My Brother here at the Pond for being willing to be naked in front of all of us as well. You were willing to say what you were feeling, whether or not we agreed with it, and to take the risk that all of us take when we commune with each other here. I believe in some instances that we need to say what we want to say, even at the risk of being “wrong” or incorrect, because that gives each of us the opportunity to examine issues, to examine ourselves, to examine our own hearts.

    I want to embrace you now My Brother, in my arms, because I have been you many times over the eons. There is nothing that you have thought or done in your existence that at some point I have not done as well. I love you and I want you to be well and happy, and to take my hand and help me get over the wall, too.

    I love you, Alex.

    I love you Nohmad.

    All my Sisters and Brothers here at the Pond, I love you sincerely. Please help me when you can, and I will make a sincere effort to help you as well.


    1. Carl, so many synchronicities in your message… Last night I was in deep thought about the last couple of days and a couple of the examples you gave here were the exact same ones that were shown to me. The leprosy and the stones. I did not say much lest I put my foot in my mouth, so thank you for speaking this truth in such an eloquent manner.

      We are all beautiful. Each one has their own unique filters and facets…. But we are all the same at our core, love and light.

      Thank you brother Carl,
      As some of you have stated- bravest of the brave- courageous warriors of the light- I love you ALL.

        1. Thank you, Amy… Warm wishes to you on your birthday… Birthdays are very special, indeed… Celebrate yourself today.

          Love and divine blessings,

          1. Oh Dearest Phoenix, I am touched and yes today I celebrate me!.

            I Love you. Amy

            Sent from my iPad

      1. How interesting we were thinking two of the same stories. I must certainly have gotten it from you. Phoenix, I knew you were troubled about this, as well as some others. It was in large part your communication to me (and my awareness of others’ concerns as well) that prompted me to write on the issue. It was difficult to write the message, and I hesitated several times to push the button. But in this case I found tears streaming down my face as I wrote, so I felt that I was in the flow of what we need for all of us. Thank you for communicating, you are dear to my heart.

        Amy, thank you for sending me your love. It is received and I return it.

        The group is having a great time right now, rejoicing in the activities and the promises to come. (I wrote to this message on purpose, rather than the new posting). I’m very pleased for that. At the same time, there is a time for everything, and we have to do the hard work as well, and that is the growing and the clearing. As exciting and joyful as the promise of the activities is, we still bring ourselves with us.


        1. Carl,

          this is a masterpiece in bringing the little “firespirits” of the last days into clear and frank words !

          With exactly the perfect examples. Am I glad you did push that button !!!

          The only thing it prompts me to add, is about (aside from the ever present ego thingie) the fact that we are so ingrained (millenia of “education” here) with the thought that we NEED to make “sacrifices” in order to gain something, that I see it making it’s way even into our path.
          We read about BEing, about loving self in order to be able to become unconditionnal Love. And yet, sometimes we still feel this terrible pang of “needing to be worthy of”. Which triggers the “without sacrifice, nothing can be gained”.
          In this path we all here took, there is no asking for “penance”. There is no crawling on one’s knees to reach a higher sanctuary.

          We stand tall, we stand wobbling sometimes. But we all stand Loving.

          Much Love to you, Carl. And thank you again for pushing that button 🙂

        2. Carl, you are truly a man of the most upstanding nature. Thank you from me personally, as well as on behalf of those who needed to read your heartfelt wisdom and truth. I know this took a lot of courage… And admire you for it. This is truth. As you know by now, I do not go around pumping people up. I see what I see. And I see you.

          Your light shines here… Truth and alignment always will.

          My sincere Love and blessings my friend, thank you so much for being here… It means more than you know… 🙂


      1. Beautiful Emma, thank you for your sentiments. I understand you, and I hear your heart. Always.

        love, Camillo

    2. My dear brother Camilo/Carl! Thank you for your uplifting words and for your sincere love. This Ascension process that we all embraced is a personal path. We are becoming Masters Of Our Lives. NO ONE of us who fails to become one will be allowed entrance to 5D/Home. In this sense, it,s imperative that we all take responsibility of our acts, feelings and thoughts.

      All what I write in this Sacred Pond of Pristine Light comes from deep inside of my heart. And it was/is/willbe never my intention to hurt ANYONE of my beloved Family of the Light, because my participation here is with the aim to give support and help to whoever needs for it, and to be helped by you all.

      We all know the high power of thoughts and of words. ALWAYS there,s an outcome. And this poem showed us some. I have meditated about this episode and I could reach a conclusion. If someone feels that his buttons are being pushed by what I write, that is, it triggers some unsolved stuff inside them, this is a very positive outcome, because I,m helping this person to work that and to be closer to became Master of His/Her Life.

      This is the second time in less than two weeks that I needed to beg pardon to someone for being trying to be of some help. Then something is very wrong here. Then, or I shut up my mouth, and don,t write nothing more here because someone’s stuff may be triggered by it, or what will be, will be, patience. As I,m in this community to also be helped, I will continue trying to be of some help to my brothers, too.

      So, my dear brother Camilo, you may be certain that this brother of yours will always be at your side to help you whenever I see you need or you ask me to. My most tight bear hug for you, Carl, and I do love you too!.

      1. Nooooooo, nunca, jamás, en ningún caso dejes de escribir, por favor Nohmad….eres tannnnn importante, no podría soportarlo. Todo pasa y tú lo sabes, nada es por casualidad y como tú bien dices, las reacciones siempre son por algo. Y al igual que tú todos estamos aquí para apoyarnos mutuamente, por eso no podemos prescindir de una persona tan importante como eres tú…. Te amo mucho papito….contigo siempre….tu Emma

        1. Por ti, Emma…
          Mi luz divina…
          Voy siempre crear…
          Gigantescos tsunamis…
          De puro amor…

          Te amo/quiero/adoro…
          Mucho mas alla de…
          Lo que estas pobres…
          Y gentiles palabras…
          Pudieran significar…


      2. My dearest Nohmad, my opinion is this has been a good exercise for all of us. Every one on every side had the opportunity to examine themselves, and that includes me. We are sometimes going to provide friction for one another, and I believe it will be purposeful at one level or another. And we are likely not going to agree on everything all the time. By the same token, as a point of mastery, each of us indeed must take responsibility for the wake we leave behind us. I once had a teacher who spoke on this issue. He said that if you’re not making waves, you’re not going anywhere. However, true leaders must at the same time be responsible for the wake they leave behind them.

        In the greatest sense there is no right or wrong in this kind of scenario. There are only choices and consequences; there are causes and there are outcomes. We each will decide what choices we will make in every step, and then learn from the outcomes, whether we want them to be what they are, or whether we want different.

        I have no issue with causing people some measure of upset under certain situations. There is a time and a place for making things right. My litmus test however, for instigating any upset would be, is this in the interest and highest good for all involved. And then sometimes, even when we believe that is the case, we find an outcome other than what we intended. And then we hopefully smile, because we have the opportunity for a new learning on our path.

        I appreciate your your commitment toward myself, and toward everyone here.

        Thank you for your love and support.


        1. Lovely, Carl. True and calm, like I see you do, and do with magic in your words.

          I’d like to add that we should weight our words carefully before uttering some “commandments”.
          And think hard about being ready to take Karmic responsibility for uttering such “commandments”, because aside from us here commenting, there are many people who read not only the posts, but also the comments !

          And we cannot know the effect of some of the statements we make here.

          So, again, think well before stating “conditions” and “commandments”. Think if they actually match unconditional Love !

          Which is the ONLY measure I hope to use (hope, only human…still).

          With lots of Love

  6. hello i am creating a comprehensive website of spiritual and uplifting resources for artists and creative types. Its also a place where artists can hang out, talk to each other, vent, yadda yadda. Anyway on the website i want to put a list of blogs and resources that really helped me when i was down and out and all that stuff. just wanted to let you know that i will be listing your youtube and your website address on the website as a place where visitors to the site can go. Hope thats cool with you! Keep up the Great Work!

    stephanie b.

    1. Dear Stephanie! Thank you, both for your kind words and for helping to spread the light. It sounds like you are creating a very special space!
      Lots of love, Aisha

  7. As always, thank you Aisha!

    This latest post has me triggered several things for me. Part of me feels discouraged, as if I’m doing something wrong in not being able to “fly over the wall” (though I clearly am in good company!). Another part is excited in thinking that all I have to do is find the right key, knob, lever, thought, feeling, wings, …whatever…and then whoosh, I am over the wall! Which leads to the part that is insanely curious (and impatient) as to what exactly going “over the wall” is going to mean in my life.
    It is clear to me that over the past 18 months or so of this process (which has been grueling), that I have been given information in the form of “downloads” for lack of a better term. I’m sure you all can relate. There was a period where I was constantly “hearing” myself say “I understand” over and over in the back of my mind…to what, I don’t know. Nor do I know what I understood. All I know is that it felt like I was being given information. I don’t have access to it yet. Some days I feel I’m on the verge of knowing – I figure it’ll come when the time is right.
    In the meantime I guess I’m just going to accept, love, and honor all my different parts and feelings and work on raising my vibration. I also think I have at least one soul piece that needs to come back into my field. One left during a trauma a few years ago; I feel it’s close sometimes. Don’t know if anyone else can relate to this.
    I also have a part that keeps singing Pink Floyds’ “The Wall” now….lol…so many parts!

    Love to all,

    1. Hey Leslie,

      I wasn’t sure whether or not you were looking for any kind of response or not, but what you have written here reveals that you are squarely in the boat with all of us. Or, perhaps, more aptly, you are in the river or maybe the ocean with all of us.

      The good news here is that you can see that you are not alone. That itself is an incredible affirmation (at least it was for me), and it is a great sign that this is probably much, much bigger than even we have yet to understand. So that is cool. Of course, the challenging part is the reason that we are in this same boat/river/ocean. It is to Be something for the sake of something. The image that we generally get from the CCs is to be aspects, outlets, and anchors for the light. That would be “the Light of God” or Source or Prime Creator, or whatever one wishes to call this. This is, indeed, a great honor, and now I know what to tell people what I want to do when I grow up! But to Be this is not without challenges–though at this point, it is no longer a burden, really, as we are accustomed to it and we know that we are not alone.

      The other thing that I wanted to tell you is that I believe that you live in the same city as I do. You had once mentioned, I think, where you live. I considered responding at that point to encourage you but I didn’t want to freak you out. One of the reasons that people like the Internet is the anonymity and I respect that. However, in this case, I did want you to know that if I read you right, I am here shining my light somewhere nearby. The two of us (at least) have quite a job, as this place has drunk heavy of the denser things.

      In any case, keeping BEing the someone that you are. We are all doing this now, and doing it well I believe. As the CCs say, the tide has already turned. That is a very encouraging statement. And it because of people like you and your many friends who gather here at Aisha’s place.

      Love and Light,


      1. Mark, you are truly an incredible BEing of Light. It is such an honor to know you!

        Love, Amy

        Sent from my iPad

      2. Hi Mark! I’m so glad you responded, and very much appreciate the encouragement. And I really appreciate you not wanting to freak me out, lol. Though by this point I don’t know if that’s even possible! I did post that I live in Charlotte; I hope you remembered correctly :). As private as I typically am, that day for some reason I decided to just say WTH. I have not lived here that long – as a matter of fact it seems as if I was brought here specifically to do this work in this place. The Universe has helped me find a couple of others here who are also going through this process, and from them I have heard there are actually many people here “going through it”. Apparently this area is “activated” (or something like that) so that there is more opportunity for inter-dimensional experiences. Which I have definitely had!
        The funny thing is, this is what I’ve kind of been expecting all my life. Except I thought it was all going to just start off with the rainbows and butterflies, not with the storms and the slow, painful, transformation of the caterpillar.
        Anyway, I am thrilled to know that your light is somewhere near – very cool! Would love to compare notes/share resources about the area but also respect your privacy, and don’t want to overstep any boundaries.
        Love and light to you as well,

        1. Ha– no problem there. I really don’t have any local notes though.

          As things continue to progress, we can watch how the good folks of the Queen City respond. Should be fun!


          1. Dearest Leslie and Mark,

            I have family who live in Charlotte. I have elected (chosen) not to have them in my life due to the extreme density they represent. I know how “money orientated and prejudiced” people are in Charlotte, so your jobs there I know are very challenging. Yet, the geographical area holds mystery and magic for in visiting years ago and living there myself for a while, I know. I never felt better physically but the general superior attitude grated on my nerves and so I left. The city wasn’t that bad in the 70’s and early 80’s. With the population explosion and huge companies especially BANKS coming in to the city, things rapidly deteriorated.

            You have your work cut out for you. Between the “bible belt” and the “greed” and the “uppity noses”…….God bless you! Make sure you bring the Light of POND wherever you go.

            From my Heart to your Heart, Lady Pinkrose

            Sent from my iPad

            1. Interesting! My experience here has been almost opposite! I saw far more snobbiness, superiority, and prejudice in the Northeast where I grew up. And here I feel physically awful, my health being the worst it’s ever been! I don’t know what energies I may be picking up on, but thankfully in day to day life, the people I’ve met have been terrific. Of course much, if not all, of what I’m dealing with could be Ascension stuff. Really impossible to tell.
              I loved living in the Midwest – I think the East in general is just too hectic/too many people for me. The worst “vibe” I ever experienced was in L.A. – I got ill within hours…but millions of people just love it there! So fascinating how places can affect people differently. There’s a whole astrological science devoted to this subject called astrocartography. I will definitely use it before moving anywhere ever again!

              Love to all, Leslie

  8. Hello dear friends, this message is very STRONG, gave me the push to who I really am, and I’m just like you love for eternity …
    I’m feeling very, very sleepy all the time, uncontrollable … someone else is going through this? If it’s good or bad, I’m living the experience … Kisses sleepy …

    1. Karina, WELCOME to this POND of Infinite Pristine Light. Thank you for taking time to post.

      And to answer your question, I have been taking more naps lately just as I did as a kid, maybe even more. Sleepy? Yes. So you are not alone!!!

      BIG (((HUGS))) with much Love,

  9. Hey Carolyn, I’m also MCS. Not as severe as others, but definitely have plenty of triggers. I’m really interested to know what kind of furniture “works” for you! I’m also allergic to, or get terrible side effects from many medications. Fun stuff! Are you also an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person)? I would bet many on this forum are. I had never heard of this term until the past few months and it really helps explain so much! Just wanted to say hi!
    Love to all,
    Oh – if you are on Facebook there is a page for dealing with MCS that has a lot of good info!

  10. Our bodies have been changed in many ways through the ages. We are all related in one or more ways. Even those that think they have a pure blood line are related to most everyone to. Some say many are here as different people from different planets,and they are here because we are related to them from a past time. Some say their are those whom man knows nothing about watching, and will step in if the right thing is not done on earth. Some can feel like they are being pulled between the different ways of their ancestors each fighting for you to stay with what they believe. In the old days you were what you were and accepted it. Now things are different. Some want to stay as they were in the old times some don’t.

    It makes no difference what you were in the beginning. What race you might have been in another time. I think people are getting to a place in time where they can accept what anyone is or was and what you look like will make no difference. It is what is inside of you that makes a difference. I think if all just accept that we are all equal. The world could become a place of wonder and a beauty we have never seen. I hope man will pick this way instead of killing each other just to say they have power or control over others. Its a shame when people can’t even control themself and think they should have the right to control others. I could live with any group of people as long as they are peaceful and wish only good for each and everything on earth. The earth is a long way from reaching this point, but it will come. It will just take time. A time is coming for the body of man to find what it really is and what the life inside of the body is and can do. Some know only by keeping man in chains can this be slowed down. Some have gone pass the point of returning to these old chains now.

    To have a one world government can’t happen the way the world is now. They only way this can happen and last is for everyone to be equal, and share the same rights with all. A sharing of the same knowledge with everyone. A two party system will always fail in the end. It becomes those who have and those who have not. This always leads to war in the end. It either becomes a revolution from those who have not or a war that is created from those who have to keep those who have not under control. There can be good and bad in each of these ways. All it would take is a set of rules that noone can change and is fair to all. This would have to be worked out between all the world population involved. Those who would control the rules are not and never outside of the same rules he is in control of.

    A king or dictatorship would never last if the rulers didn’t have to use the same rules as everyone else. His rule is for the good of all and not to have power over man, but to serve mankind with honor. If the people think he is unjust then a vote could be passed from the people not just a few to take away his power to rule. If the greed and lust for power over others were taken away, and the people running it were under the same rules as others the world would be peaceful in a very short time.
    Some say those in power have been here for many ages. Some say there are others here who just watch and have been here through the ages. Some say a few were cast here and have been here through the ages. Some say some have been here from the beginning. I say if this is so. All should have a meeting of the minds and work out the problems in a peaceful way. I don’t think anyone would have much power as a roach in his next life. In this dimension or any other. I only wish for piece among all. Noone has to have total control over others to evolve to his next level of enlightenment. Let the old ways go and enter the new world with new life to fix all the wrong we have done to mother earth and others. Let this healing take place now instead of later. What you may have seen in the past of the future will not be what is their when that time comes. The knowledge of now is enough to take care of all the worlds people with food, water, air and homes. Release the knowledge and let man live in piece. Cave man days are over. Only the strong rule is coming to a end. Make the earth a place of beauty like it is meant to be for all not just a few.

    Blessing and good will to all

  11. You are here…
    In this Pond…
    Eons looking for…
    I can,t believe…
    Finally I found you…

    We match everything…
    We match frequency…
    We match thoughts…
    We match feelings…
    We match love…

    I’d like tenderly…
    Kiss your hands…
    Your slender fingers…
    All of them…
    One by one…

    And most gently…
    Your long arms…
    Delicate shoulders…
    Your beautiful neck…
    Slowly, all around…

    And your ears…
    Your small nose…
    Pretty eyes…
    Your fleshy lips…
    I,d rather stop…

    But you smoke…
    And I,m allergic…
    I can,t tolerate…
    It,s nobody fault…
    I’d rather forget…


      1. I have to agree with Nohmad, Alex. I couldn’t kiss someone who smokes if you paid me to. I’m an ex-smoker and now the smell of a cigarette is horrible.

        Nohmad in his way is truly trying to help. He may be pushy at times, but that is Nohmad. He’s a guy. Need I say more? (wink)

        Love and Lots of Hugs,

        1. Laughter is good, Carolyn! I’ve been asking myself the same question about you know, the man issue. Where HAVE they been all my life??? And I have a hunch I have more mileage in earth time then you do, which means I have been looking under a lot more rocks then you have for these “men”. LOL

          Sent from my iPad

          1. There are some eclipses happening right now, Carolyn, so you might experience the “funny” stuff.

            I am still older. I thought you younger as you come across as very youthful. (smile)

            And you said “past tense” concerning your dog. Did you loose her and if you did, my Heart truly goes out to you!

            Love and (((HUGS))), Amy

            Sent from my iPad

        2. I might be feeling sick and my energy is low, but its judgement none-the-less and if we are all being honest there are plenty of other things we could focus on as well. I love Nomad, I really do, but I felt it was a jab that was not needed in this beautiful pond, and since I am the one quitting smoking, it felt personal and I have the right to react. A person smells like smoke, another person has body odor, another person had a skin issue, Where is the acceptance instead of the rejection? I didn’t get that at all. There are millions of people in this world who are doing things we dont get or understand and if we continue to point them out instead of trying to accept and get by them, we are all stuck behind the wall.

          Frankly the poem felt untrue to me because if someone had true feelings of love for another and wanted to embrace them and kiss them all over they would have already known they were a smoker and would not have gotten to that point in the relationship if that was a deal breaker for them.

          What about the millions of people who fall in love and then find out the other person has herpes or aids or any number of things that could be hidden. These are deal breakers for certain people, or they could be ways in which a being overcomes their fears and accepts someone totally with all their faults and weaknesses.

          Do I turn away from my niece and not love her because she is a heroine addict? Do I look down on my friend because they have GMO food in their cupboard and I don’t support that?

          Acceptance my friends. Certainly we can have things that we can’t get around you say, but I say that is simply not true, and the things that hold us back are constructs that we created to hold us in place safely.

          Food for though. With much love and healing for all who feel rejected because of their actions. Alex

          1. All is OK, Alex. All is OK.

            After reading the book, The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz, and read the second “rule”, Don’t take things personally, I’ve been putting that into affect. Not easy. I must admit. But by practicing this, I must admit, life is getting easier.

            Also being ill and walking away from nicotine addiction is a tough, very tough place to be in, so I am sending you Great Big Bear Hugs.

            Everything is really OK. I understand totally where you are at. I too am allergic to cigarette smoke so that is why I said what I said. I also tried to make it into a “funny”. I don’t think you are up to humor right now. So another (((HUG))).

            Loving you, Ali. Nurture you. Drink a lot of fluids. Keep warm. Hold a teddy bear. And know you are walking a Heroess’s Journey right now by doing what you are.

            I Love you, MomAmy

            Sent from my iPad

          2. Hey Alex,

            Just to be clear… You are a Star-Bright, Tried-By-Fire, Inter-Galactic, Warrior Princess!

            I can scarcely imagine all the $#!T you’ve overcome on your way to us.

            Thank God for your courage, faith and downright brilliance.

            Shine On Oyster Girl! (Can I call you that? I just think it sounds so cool.)


            1. You’re the Best, Mark. I can attest the “hell” one goes through quitting cigarettes. Warrior Island Goddess needs our Light and our Prayers. And most of all our LOVE.

              Shine on, Family. One of us is down for the count. Hand in hand we are ONE.

              Love, Amy

              Sent from my iPad

            1. No, Elle, it’s called going through hell getting off of a very addictive substance called nicotine. It’s brutal. It’s a nightmare. It is almost impossible to quit.

              Ali seriously needs our support and our Love. I KNOW what she is going through right now.

              I’ve listened quietly while things were said about smoking not hurting you etc. Well, if it didn’t hurt you, Ali wouldn’t be suffering as she is quitting. Smoking is not only an emotional habit but a physical one as well. I won’t go into the physiology of it all, but it is a habit that will send you straight over the edge when one walks away from it.

              Excuses don’t fit in my life. As Ali is finding out right now. We are Family. Ali is choosing to quit smoking and I for one admire her for doing so. It takes a lot of courage and will power to do so. Nohmad, you never smoked so you don’t have the life experience. I do. For the time being, I think it best that all of us just avoid the subject of smoking. It has been “hashed to death”.

              Thank you. MomAmy

              Sent from my iPad

              1. So we came to hell to experience hell. Big effing deal. It’s over now. Let’s all make an effort to get over addiction to drama and self-importance right now. Stop rebuilding the wall as it crumbles, stop feeding the beast.

                1. I am in Heaven, Elle. I am not feeding any beast just trying my best to bring an end to a 2 day marathon about smoking, when this blog is really all about matters of the Heart and our journeys on the ascension path.

                  I am no greater then anyone else, my Sister. I do have common sense and when I saw what I saw, I spoke my Mind. I was quiet when the issue of smoking was being “discussed”. I have every right to speak my Mind as you have.

                  Unconditional Love is what we are all learning and from where I set, Ali needs our support regardless of our personal feelings about smoking. She is doing a very courageous thing. I for one am praying for her.

                  From my Heart to your Heart, Amy

                  Sent from my iPad

          3. Alex, my most sweet beloved sister of the light!. I,m sorry… I,m profoundly sorry… I never meant to hurt you or anybody else of this most beautiful Pure Pond of Light. You can tear off that 6th part.

            Alex, you know I love you. This is not the first time I say it to you. And my love for you is not a simple love, it,s an unconditional one. This mean no matter what, I DO LOVE YOU! And I DO KNOW YOU LOVE ME, inclusive when you say to me ‘I LOVE YOU GUYS’.

            The last thing in my life would be to try to deceive you. Because I know your understanding surpasses mine far away. Of course this poem is a joke. A very bad joke, I recognize, because it caused unnecessary pain to you. So I beg your pardon, Alex, my beloved sister.

            I know this is a difficult moment for you. So many ‘things’ happening at the same time in your life. But, in my poor understanding, it could be not different. We CAN NOT take with us the old baggage that does not serve us anymore. it,s impossible for us to jump across the veil/wall with stuff unsolved. The time is now for us. We are the first ones that will go across the veil soon.

            Alex, you are so intelligent, you know there,s nothing like a wall/door/knob. The answer was always inside our heart. It,s our flame. Not a led/xenon/neon/candle lamp. No. It,s a being. A being of Light. Our spirit. Made by God. God Himself inside us. The time is now to go inside and, humbly, say ‘I LOVE YOU, FATHER’. This is the key, or door, that darkness made us forget for eons through dogmas of all sorts.

            My dear Alex, all my love is and always will be with you, forever. My most tight bear hug for you and thousand kisses of pure love. And again, I,m sorry. Farewell.


    1. Carolyn, Nohmad’s poem’s are incredible. Yes, they are! Do you feel GOD through the words?

      Sent from my iPad

      1. (smiling) Oh how I know that one! Ditto here when I look into one of my cats’ eyes!

        Sent from my iPad

  12. Thank you my dear Aisha & Constant Companions. I know this is true, but still wish to ask how? How can I fly over the wall? I want to do this so badly. I will ask the benevolents for help. My love to you all.

    1. Brother, I have every confidence you will fly over that wall. If I can do it, anyone can! You being here at this POND with this Incredible Light gives me precedence to say to you, you are Light and to Light you return!

      Big (((HUGS))),

    1. Hello Ben, and welcome to this Pond! Thank you for bringing your light and your creativity here. I am very intrigued by your “blackout poems” and I would very much like for you to produce one, and please share about the process of making them.
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  13. beingme,

    I cannot and do not speak for Ashia, but I personally would be very appreciative if you kept political commentary out of this blog. I respect your opinion, and to that I would add this comment: the world that is unfolding does not have space for politics. The sooner we move away from that mindset, the sooner we can welcome our new world.

    1. I believe the court indictments to be real, and LaRouche is a credible source. This is the new world coming in and the fall of this paradigme, isn’t this what we have been waiting for? Why wouldn’t those events be part of the divine plan? I think this is great news for humanity and I am at lost to understand your reaction. Do you think the cabal will dissolve into oblivion without so much as a whisper? I didn’t mean to intrude and please, amorosidad, don’t blame beingme for the link, I am the one who posted it. Your ‘opinion’ is duely noted and I promise you that I will think again before posting anything, again and again.

        1. Thank you Dominique, I was not aware of the delay. Nevertheless, 3 months in court terms is still negligible. Glen Beck said this week that Obama is about to be impeeched, maybe it is related.

      1. Nayan and Beingme, you both are valued here and if someone doesn’t “approve” of what you post, just realize for what it is. OK? We all are practicing non-judgement and for some of us, some subject matter hits a “tender spot”.

        Amorsosidad, this blog is based on mutual respect and LOVE even if we disagree at times. Please keep in mind that all are of Divine Nature here and all are welcomed.

        Speaking of which, I welcome you to the POND of Infinite Pristine Light. We truly are learning what Love is as we are becoming ONE in Love.

        I Love all of you!

        1. I mean it, Carolyn, when I tell you are a Treasure and truly Home here. You are Loved.

          Love from your Sister, Amy

          Sent from my iPad

    2. Being me,

      I am sorry that I wrote my comment in a way that seemed to criticize you. It is a bit like someone driving by with very loud speakers. I have no opinion of the person in the car – I don’t know them – but I find the music uncomfortable, as may others. I would then be prompted to ask that they turn down the sound. As is usually true, it is okay to ask, but not to expect. I respect your sovereign right to be you, even encourage it. On the other hand, some choices have more positive outcomes than others. I was simply commenting that the discussion of politics, whether accurate, legitimate, or timely, might not be perfectly aligned with the aims most frequently expressed here. As for you personally, it makes my heart fill with joy to have you here commenting. It was never my intention to invite you to feel badly. Puede nuestro amor nos une.

  14. Aisha and CCs that was beautiful I mean beautiful!!! I’ve asked my Higherself what’s the percentage of the light body we have integrated. He/she said it’s 65-90 %. The trick is he/she said that its not the number that matters for you have already passed 50% and you can stop counting for the rest of the process is on autopilot 24/7. The percentage range also signifies the completion of the process and that means everyday is Friday until it’s Saturday. And also that means that on Sunday time stops forever. The percentage range also signifies the all possibility because on a horse race everything is possible in that range. There are no odds by this point. There is only the fire of will and the flying fuck and it doesn’t matter who gets to the finish line first for the time doesn’t exist anymore. The reason I’m saying all these things is because on a energetic level we have won already its just the Emotion is kind of a journey itself. Emotion is slower than we are so to speak. We are already there but emotion is still looking for the knob. I call it a slow motion effect of a good movie. Then you like what the hell it’s already done?! Haha it was done a long time ago you’re in a market doing some shopping for the weekend. Anyway the game has changed majorly. Now it’s about the playful child running around in the wet soil with seeds that adult has just planted. As you know the soil is blessed when the kid plays in it. This last chapter is about freedom that lives within all of us. Unleash the carefree child that is inside of you and you will be impressed of how wise and mature his/her actions are. The training of being energetically(let’s say karmically ) responsible, considerate and nurturing has ENDED! No more School! Out into the field and run around naked with chickens! Well not necessarily with chickens lol but this is the truth. No more Spiritual or any kind of Self-Education. You have graduated long time ago! We have surpassed ourselves! This is the time to say our (parent selves) get yourself an ice cream, dude, chill! I am smarter than you think, for my actions (bad or good) are intelligent on spectrum that you can’t even comprehend, so why get fussy and panicky over it, lets go celebrate my graduation into 5D. The rest is taken care of on autopilot 24/7 mode until Sunday when the time stops! 😉

    1. Ok, Five Aces. I forgot we had that silly wild card.

      Awesome commentary my friend. I have often had conversation with folks who cannot reconcile science and spirituality. I assure them that whatever the truth is, it will perfectly transcend both.

      Gotta be those eagle eyes

      1. Brother you broke down the truth impeccably. I always admired people who could break down 5d into 3d in such a clear way of understanding! Bless you Mark!

    2. We can stop looking for that damn knob then, Nick?
      Don,t know, don,t know. I,m not ready to go naked yet.
      Just shining light in the streets, naked, Hmm. Not yet.
      I,m crazy waiting for the BIG party with everybody of
      the Pond, too. Big hug for you, brother!

      1. LOL Nomad, Dude! You are ALREADY naked! You wouldn’t be here if you werent! LOL you didn’t realize that already? No secrets! No hiding places, Just you in all your glory! 🙂 Eagle my friend, very cool stuff….Alex

      2. I didn’t mention anything about streets Nohmad))) hahaha just out in the field. Ahhhh we are naked all the time cuz life makes us vulnerable all the time.

        1. Woooo, GREAT stuff here !!!!
          Megacalifragilistic 😀
          Just read. Whooping in Bubbles 🙂
          Love ya people immensly (silly word, but I’m a child, so silly is FUN)

    3. Golden Eagle, thank you! Just lately that child within has come to the surface and it feels wonderful, so freeing, as I grin writing this. There is a huge change that has come about and your explanation fits to perfection!

      It is as though the uphill trek has now turned downhill, just slightly but making the walk now effortless. And with great Lightness of step.

      How glorious indeed to know we have truly done this! These past few months have been some of the hardest in my walk as I got slammed, 1-2-3 knockdown punches everytime I stood up. The yuck. The muck. It’s GONE.

      With great respect I say to you, Bless you for sharing this! I am ready to dance naked in the streets with just my Light on! LOL

      From my Heart to your Heart,
      Amy who gives you BIG (((HUGS)))

    4. That’s cool Golden Eagle and actually makes a terrific amount of sense to me as well as resonating with what I am feeling energetically.

      The waters seem calmer… maybe we are floating gently into the port as it were… (that just came to me!).

      Great share.

      By the way I almost sent you a link before I went away to video called Black Whole – that I had from the spiritual cinema circle. Nassim Harramein on his unified field theory – which ties a lot of things together in a way I have seen no one else do. Made a lot of sense to me but I know for many mainstream physicists he is a controversial character – to put it mildly. Let me know if it resonates and I will send you the link and no worries if not. Its more for those that like a bit of maths/sacred geometry/physics but in an understandable way – but that may be me as I did a lot of maths/physics!

      Joyfully, Philip 🙂

    5. What does this mean…”it’s friday until it’s saturday. And sunday until time stops” I may be dense today but the nuance is lost on me. Explainations would be appreciated.

      1. You know how you look forward for the weekends and Friday is the last business day until the week starts again. Well today is your last work day and you never know what’s gonna happen during the day, things get out of control in the office and it could be fun too. If you’re done with Friday you might wake up on Saturday to look forward for the Sunday. But if you wait for it, it’s going to be long and boring (suffocating too). Saturdays are wild cards, so you gotta go with the flow like something exciting is about to manifest, you never know who you gonna meet and where you gonna go, just as long as you don’t think about Monday. Don’t think about the next week or it’s going to worn all the fun out of you. When you wake up on Sunday with a little hang over you will drink some water and look at the clock and it’s gonna show 00:00. You’ll get confused for a second and look at your watch, and you’ll see the arrows rotating in the tact of your heart beat. You’ll check on your cell phone and the message from unknown number will say “WELCOME TO 5D! ;)” and nothing ever is gonna be the same. The perception is going to be holographic depending how you tune it. Things will be effortless, for anything that you touch, smell, taste, hear, and talk to will be that what you’re made of having an experience. I was in that state one time for a couple of minutes in Starbucks, I called it cosmic perception. People were so smart and intelligent for I didn’t see them feeling emotions, thinking thoughts. They were literally making choices, choosing their emotions, thoughts and it felt like they knew what they were doing 24/7. It was like everybody was an undercover agent playing their so smartly and intelligently designed persona. It was crazy I thought I was in a game or some kind of a holographic movie. It felt like a hands on 3D vacation school program for 5D people. The shit was crazy! Now it’s hard to remember everything, it’s like you lose the speed of that memory, cuz it was too fast and yet slow in a sense of how clear and understood the reality was. But I think it’s the speed of the perception it’s faster than the speed of light and you can make the time go slow or faster by changing your perception speed. The shit is going down!!!

        1. Thanks for clarifying. I don’t live in the work day world, so i was not picking up on the time aspect……..Have had the time thing stop on many occasions the most pronounced one in the airport in Mexico City after a week at Teotihuacan. It was a stripping away of the illusion and i saw it was just a dream. Crazywolf

          1. I feel like we forget a lot of experiences that happen in heightened awareness. That’s why sometimes memory and a dream is pretty much the same thing lol

            1. Amazing, isn’t it when you are in one of those heightened phases, seeing so clearly (TOO clearly at times OUCH!) and then it seems we get lulled back into mundanity bringing with it “amnesia” of sorts. My hope that the awareness I am experiencing stays for good. This time I feel very STRONG, grounded, and finally capable of seeing without “freaking”.

              Sending much Love to you, my Golden Brother with High Wings, Lady Pinkrose 🙂

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  15. A wall may be seen as a temporary protection too.

    When I watch the world (traffic, people with their cell phones,..) from my apartment, it looks like Pac-man and Fraggle rock altogether 🙂

      1. Love you too, Amy.

        I feel like an indian in the city here where I live 🙂 People rarely talk to me, probably because they feel a difference.

        But each one of us has his own infinite hyperspace family interconnected with all the other families.

        1. That in a nutshell is what this POND represents.

          And from this day onward, I am walking away from loneliness and shining with glee. I did this with one of my neighbors today. I just came out of meditation bringing the high frequencies with me. My phone rang and it was this woman. And I when speaking with her, giggled and laughed. The result was amazing. This woman who is usually “grumping” all the time, laughed with me and lit up like a kid. Hmmmmm…….this is good. Something Wonderful is a-happenin’!

          Love, Amy

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  16. Thank you, Rosie, thank all of you as we BE this together. Doing won’t do it, but BEING(verb) as one and holdings hands and hearts as one BEING. Bless you and love you each one from tip to toe whether we are up and around or just sitting, lying flat. Each one of us counts just for BEING. I felt you all in my heart as I said that. LOve……..j

    1. I like this, Jean. This is a simple picture you have put forward that I can see and feel. Yes, let’s all hold hands and BE this.

      Thank you, and with love,


    2. Jean, you are the queen of “Be!” You always remind us of this critical point. And bless you for this!
      I am more and more noticing how everyone’s unique gifts/visions/insights are revealed in compelling and serendipitous ways. Joyfully shares for the good of all.
      Very cool!

  17. Lady Aisha, this missive made me soar like I soared in meditation today! OH yeah, baby! I am learning from Team how to weave the high frequencies I float in, into Gaea and then experiencing THAT in my every day life!

    Bless you and CC for these words. My Heart is in my throat literally! Thank you thank you thank you!!!! How much do I Love Thee? Let me count the ways!

    With all my Love,
    Lady of Roses

  18. LOL p.s. Great message Aisha and our beloved CC’s and one I think we all need to think about. I learned this great technique from the Abraham-Hicks people all about listing the things that are going well in your life or having a gratitude journal or doing a rampage of appreciation! Thinking NOT at all of what is going Wrong (wrong is so wrong LOL it is only contrast that shows up to show you what you really desire!)

    So, today I am going to think about all the great things that ARE already in my life–and know that more great things are on the way! Hugs all! Alex

    1. EPA that was Awesome!

      If I am in harmony with you Alex, I know that I must be on the right track!
      Thanks Oyster Girl!

      Love to you and all your frollicking friends!

    2. Wow Alex – I just read about the “rampage of appreciation” last night! I’ve read many spiritual/metaphysical books and have to say I really like “Ask and it is Given” because it’s so straightforward, with some humor! My other favorite is “Illusions” by Richard Bach, which I read when I was 15. Your story about turning off the streetlight reminds me a lot of that book.
      I am going to come back and comment further as this post has elicited a pretty wide range of feelings for me. But now I have to get ready for a guitar lesson – music has helped me more than I can say during this time, and my appreciation for it has grown deeply!
      Love to all,

    3. Alex, amazing I ‘found’ a short Abraham Hicks thing a couple of hours ago which set me going forward… it adds to your comments about appreciation. The essence of it was this… with a few bits of my own to draw it out a bit further.

      Imagine a roundabout (as in the playground) when you were kids – it was hard to get on when it was moving fast right!

      Now imagine you are the roundabout and you can move it as fast as you like… the faster being the higher your vibrational vortex…

      Focusing on things that bring you joy as you’ve said already heightens your vibration…

      That’s the place to be in to attract/create your outcome. Joy. Gratitude.

      Being in the higher vibration only brings higher vibrational creation. The things you would really love… people, places, events etc

      Being in the lower vibration will bring lower vibrational creation. The things you would chose to release…

      So, I am going to be doing a little experimenting … for if I read the CCs correctly and it feels right then… it is now within our gift more than we have come to realise … because we’ve been too busy looking at the old wall…

      The message from the CCs reminded me of the time the Berlin Wall came down, the scenes of people going through all the gaps in the wall stay with me to this day….

      Thanks Alex, Mark, Nohmad, Amy and all in the pond… feeling good about what is emerging here…

      Philip 🙂

  19. Thank you for all your efforts and inspiration. You are an angel who brings us closer to who are. Dean SD CA

          1. Oh yes I do! I’m older then you are, thus this Heart of mine has more experience and more mileage! Hehehehehehe

            Oh, Emma! You are the BEST! YOU!

            Hugs and kisses, Mami

            Sent from my iPad

              1. Thinking of you too today! (smile) Two peas in a pod…..

                Hmmm…….your Heart has more capacity, huh, well I have to think on that.

                MUAH! Mami

                Sent from my iPad

                1. You made me doubt and I’ve searched in my best friend Google (even I argue with him, because I didn’t agree because he didn’t know that In Spanish is the same word an) in this context i meant capacitance (I’ve never heard before)
                  Then….forget to think about this…

  20. Staying within the walls. Not staying within the walls? Like I feel like I have a choice?! Do I have a choice? From this message can it be deduced that a choice has been presented to me already, and that I just have chosen to miss it? Please please help me to see! Please let me know and see my way over the walls. Please I beg of myself! I feel so so lost and trapped and angry confused and upset. So very deeply three and upset. Can’t really take much more of this feeling. Just want it all to stop.

      1. Oh God Eileen! I love you to pieces! I was JUST gonna suggest that EVERYONE read the oracle report. she is so spot on with the energetics. Its funny because i have never been much of an astrology buff but she combines the basic astrology and the ruling god/goddess energy with the energetics of the planet and sun and divinity-which is what rocks my world day in and day out. yesterday’s energy was all about shifting into a new paradigm and us not being too too sure of ourselves and asking for outside confirmation when all we need is inside! Thanks so much for sharing this sweet Eileen!

        Leigh, Think of the old story of the people in prison for a very long time and one day the prison door is open. Some are so used to their reality they do not see the prison door is open and continue on as if life has not changed. Some see the prison door open but in fear they pretend it is closed because the hell you know is better than the world you do not know. Few of the prisoners would walk out of that door of their own free will. CC is telling us, I feel strongly that we are kept in place by the constructs we created and until we take that leap of faith to TRUST and believe that things are better and the light is getting stronger then we are going to continue to be behind that wall.

        This is a very strong message today and I do hope we all take that long pole vault right over the top! Hugs all! Alex

        1. Hi Alex
          Thank you ☺
          We are all feeling it Leigh… and it is really good to be able to share the love and support.
          I agree about Laura and The Oracle Report Alex… she is spot on … as is this guy too ( and he is also fun to watch)

          Thank you to Aisha for your messages and also for providing this space for so many to share.
          We are all in this together.

          1. Thanks mommy rosie, I am really on the low end of the scale today. Fever, tummy issues, coughing, aches, aweful dreams–I think the energy is clearing something out of my body so would really appreciate some extra love and light and I come in here and there you are–sending me love–tears on and off all day…gonna go get into an epsom and dead sea salt bath and then right to bed so tomorrow I can be all better…loving you all! alex

            1. Alex, Luv. Trust the Process. Scream, cry, hold a hot water bottle to your tummy. Rest. Whatever it takes. Trust. Know. No matter how unpleasant this phase may get, it has its Higher Purpose. BE. YOU. Love you. Mommy you.

              You are Bright Light of Stars. Even Stars dim at times going through phases or seen on a cloudy night. That doesn’t mean their Light is any less. Oh no! Same goes for you. Put your Shine to rest for now and KNOW you are Love Incarnate and we Love you!

              HUGS GALORE, ALI!

    1. Leigh, I truly understand and feel your frustration. If I hadn’t awakened to a sunny, full blue sky this morning, I think I would have glued myself to the ugly wall. With this message and sunshine, I am seriously committing myself to move to sunshine in October, come hell,or high water, no matter what my husband throws at me. Leigh, grab onto a small dream, be it a simple outing to a park, department store or cupcake shop. Focus on it, feel it coming true then take one small step toward making it happen. You’re not alone. I have struggled just getting myself to leave the house, going to a 10 hr a week job, heaven forbid to the grocery store. There is no lovey-dovey moments for me as many seem to experience here at the pond. Maybe I am a minority reading these, but I do drudge along, and ponder when my moment will arrive. Maybe, if the clouds roll in tomorrow I may not be so hopeful. But I promised myself to focus on a cactus picture taped to my computer… So at 3 AM, promise me you will meet me at the pond, grab my hand and we can venture together OVER that damn wall! Ok at least peek around the wall ….

      1. We ALL will do it, sweet Kalea. It,s just a question of time. That dark wall will be not around us anymore. Prepare your best dress for the BIG party! Ah, just a little reminder, now the JOY will be forever!

    2. Hi Leigh,

      Bless your beautiful honesty! I understand completely. For much of my journey through all this, I have felt very strong and confident. And now, when we are apparently at the very gate itself, I suddenly find myself awash in feelings of doubt–not about my intention, commitment and fortitude, but in terms of procedure. It is like there is the door to paradise and I can’t find the handle. What is that?!

      I want to encourage you with my words and my heart here. Because I also want to encourage myself and all those struggling to get around what is apparently the last side of a multisided fortress. “Seriously?” We ask ourselves, “there are people literally partying on the other side and I have somehow chosen to stand behind the one chunk of rock that is still standing?” Ugh!

      I feel that this, like pretty much everything that has led us to this point, must be spiritual (internal) first.

      I have this great sense that the beautiful, wonderful world that I have longed for my entire life is literally on top of me, just waiting to be birthed/exploded into my experience/perception. So what is holding it up? I have struggled greatly with this, assuming that there is something that I have to “do” to prove my commitment (leave my wife, quit my job, jump off a building…well, i haven’t really considered jumping off a building). But I honestly have no idea how simply “doing” one of these things will change my whole world. Besides, my heart is too soft to intentionally hurt people around me just so I can find the depth of joy and the fullness of life that I so desperately desire, and just know is so near…

      So what I mean by “spiritual (internal) first” is that all I can assume is that it is simply more faith and trust, and especially, intention. BTW, judging from your beautifully honest comment above, you can rest assured that your intention is strong. It is just a matter of placing it in the right place and allowing the magic of the universe to do what it does.

      The image here is that of “The Sower.” YOU are the sower. You have the power to plant or toss the seeds of your intent into your heart. And the beauty is that right now, all the soil is good! So your seeds will definitely grow. According to pretty much everything that we have read here and elsewhere, the seeds that you sow in your heart will grow into the very beautiful world that you so desire. Apparently, this is the way that it has been working all along, but we were not able/ready to apply it with the kind of beauty and precision that is now available.

      Anyway, in this case (this missive), the CC’s can see that we are getting anxious and impatient in the sowing of our intent–and, especially in our expectations around all this.

      So (I think) they are inviting us to turn our hearts away from those places that we are presently dissatisfied and/or frustrated. By focusing on our areas of dissatisfaction and frustration, we are in essence keeping ourselves behind the only part of the fortress that remains. That’s the UGH part! We need to move our attention/focus away from this.

      It is, in essence, letting go of our need to see external expectations. We are, instead, invited to take note of some of the things that have already changed. This might be external signs (that were once only internal seeds) that already have sprung to life. But it might also be changes that have already taken place INSIDE of us. That is, areas in which we have truly grown and found freedom from the spiritual bonds of old. This, in turn, will give us confidence that even those last remaining walls (doubts, blocks, fears, insecurities…) will soon be crumbling as well.

      In either case, the message might be more simple than it first feels. Essentially, I think the CCs are inviting us to just stop concentrating on all the things that are “not yet” and learn to find more joy in those things that already are. This, in turn, will not only spare us some frustration and grief, it will also allow some of those “other things” to start to break through.

      So (sorry this is so long), we remain the courageous and blessed Sowers. Still planting and nurturing those things that we desire, while now learning to celebrate the fact that the garden is already springing into bloom. It is embracing the signs of hope, joy and change that are already around us, and allowing this to provide the motivation to keep planting and nurturing those seeds in our hearts.

      As above, so below. As within, so without. On Earth as it is in Heaven.

      I hope that this is right. Because I am just like you, Leigh. I am looking for that door knob. I am hoping/trusting that it will soon enough appear right in front of me. I will see it. I will recognize it for what it is. I will then without hesitation turn it, and walk fully into that party that seems presently so evasive.

      Either that, or I need someone to grab me by the hand and walk me around this annoying wall! Anyone? Help? Please? Ha!

      Love to all.


      1. Mark my brother! That was simply wonderful and spot on! Here are the few comments I would add to it, and simply they are an extension of the riff you already laid down.

        First, the Doing of anything is not going to get you anywhere. It is onlly through the BEing of love, the BEing of divinity, the Being of who you truly are that you will be inspired by divine action to Do things. We have all been programmed to Do things in an effort to take our very powerful attention away from our Being and then effectively stick us all in the co-creative mud. Doing without intent is simply spinning your tires baby…you are not supposed to Do anything, you are supposed to BE yourself and the doing will follow naturally.

        Second, These chunks of wall…Well, they remind me of how our ego, before we integrated it into a part of our triune soul team (without embracing this important part of ourselves, it simply runs wild trying to get our attention and negative attention is just as good as positive attention to the ego!) would show us a negative thing blown way out of proportion and that made us fearful and we didn’t look at the positive things. Imagine a table filled with beautiful food and fruits and drink and then off in one corner there is a dish full of crap. I mean, most everyone would initially react–oh this buffet is RUINED! when in actual fact, one small dish is crap and that crap can be easily removed and placed in the proper garbage receptical and the rest of the amazing buffet can be enjoyed. We all tend to magnify the “bad” things in our life and stop looking at all the “good” things (even though there really is no good or bad, there is simply experience that we are in alignment with or not)…This is old 3D programming and related to fear of failure. There is no failure, there is only attempts at success with learning experiences along the way! No need to judge when one tries!

        So, we look at the chunks of the wall and we get these feelings and when we observe, and have emotions we are giving our power away. This is it folks, the key. WE are divine co-creators. The process has always been thus, but we have been trained out of our focus….Imagine, Intent, Invoke, Focus, Create. There are many different formulations for the law of intent and the law of attraction but it all starts with our Focus. If we are focusing on the bad stuff and feeling bad about that–we will get MORE of that. Reality is reciprocal folks–it gives you back what you focus on! These are laws–not concepts–not ideas–Laws.

        So, what do you want to see? Do you want to frolick in the grass and dance to rock and roll with me and Aisha and the CC’s and Rosie and Elle, and Eileen and Nomad and Dominique, and Bri and Micheal and Philly and Leigh and Ray and stephan and Emma and all the rest of our brothers and sisters? Then take your eyes off the wall and imagine doing just that! Get excited about doing just THAT and dream about doing just that and just that will occur.

        Ok, so example here. WE have a street light that reflects into our living room window and it looks like an old fashioned gas lamp. It is extremely bright and obnoxious and a few times it would hit me in the eye as I was getting ready to go to bed and I would get pissed off. Well, one day, I simply closed my eyes and imagined it OFF…I opened my eyes and all of a sudden it flashed and went OFF….I thought what a coincidence…well, I have done this 4 times in a row–simply looked at it and imagined it OFF and it flashes and goes off–I wanted to do it a fifth time but when I looked at it it was glowing that small glow as if it had JUST gone off…it well, it reacts to my desires very easily. I even drove past it yesterday and it Went OFF….Am I magik? yes, I am…but so are all of you! Have confidence! Focus, play with this stuff–remember that a try that is not successful is only a try and you will learn more and you will succeed!

        Big hugs! Whoot whoot! Alex

        1. Thank you Marc and Alex for your sharing and encouragement here. Bashar’s words “Circumstances don’t matter – only state of BEING matters” have been close to my heart this year, and I’ve seen some big, positive shifts happening as I live by them. You both brought them to life here in a beautiful way. The trick, I’m finding, is to not peek at the external circumstances for proof that things are changing, but to be the change first (oh, NOW i get it!) – BE HAPPY, BE free, BE abundant, BE harmony, and before I know it, the outside naturally follows suit. It’s ON, people, we know who we are! We remember….and there’s no stopping us now!

      2. Leigh, Mark, I,m in. Now we are three looking for that damn knob. And I have all the needed faith that tells me that we will succeed. The first one of us who finds it, call the other two, O.K.? Then we will call everybody of the Pond to begin the feast, O.K.? I,m beginning to enjoy all this! Kalea, Alex, you are the first of the list, don,t worry!

        1. Sorry BOYS, but this here woman is looking for that damn knob as well and when I find it I will pull YOU THREE in! HA! Nope! I will find that knob cause I am one very determined woman who has climbed mountains and forged streams and brought brick walls down and battled every demon known……uh uh ME first! Besides haven’t you fellas heard “Ladies first?”

          Anyone who wants in, follow me! I willl find that elusive door knob, so help me GOD!

          HUGE GRIN! I’m gonna get there first. Na-na-na-na. LOL

          1. Leigh, my apologies for lumping you together with the BOYS. Come on, grab my hand and I will bring you in first with me!

            BIG (((HUGS))) You are almost there! Believe!

            I love you,

      3. Mark, your words could have been MY life! I was riveted. Yes, me too for years I walked strong and sure but of late, the rug has been pulled right out from under me. Hit hit hit bam bam bam. HUH? I am just now coming through to the other side! See my comment below to Lady Aisha what I learned in meditation today! Awesome stuff!!! Spirit needed me quiet for a reason so I would just chill..

        I love you!

        1. Hi Amy.
          I appreciate the “me too” and I am fine if you find that handle first. Just don’t forget us “little people” when you walk in. Ha
          Love and light.

          1. Oh, no, Mark, you see you have it backwards. Your Light is so bright it Lights me up!

            Everyone is coming through the Gate, either with Nohmad or with me, whomever finds the knob first! LOL

            Sending lots of LOVE, Amy

            Sent from my iPad

            1. Everyone has the key to the door. The golden key of LOVE that resides in the heart space. Just pull it out of the heart space and unlock the door and there you have it!!! All can enter. Or you can start flapping those majestic wings and fly over the gate to freedom and joy. See you all there!!!


              1. Hi, Brenda. I know. Walking in Love, grounding Love in a world that does not know Love, is far from easy and can and does get one extremely discouraged. I do fly, especially lately. I am seeing that this process of awakening is “on off” which means you think you have a hold on that Love key and man, you are feeling it, and then more “programming” comes to the surface to be worked through…..not fun by a long shot.

                Many of us here deal with lower frequencies in others on a daily basis, and combine that with the energetic shifts that are now taking place, many of us, cry out and say, “When is this State of Absolute JOY going to stay for good?” I know. I’ve asked that same question after thinking I finally walked into the Promised Land.

                I wish it were as easy as pulling out the key from the heart space and simply walking into Eternal Love. Many layers of dysfunction have to be peeled off, much programming has to be seen and changed, and then there is this world. So, just flying into the All Eternal Now Moment of Love is what we are all working towards.

                Meanwhile, I am one of the cheerleaders here who encourage others when they are crying out for help. I’m known as MomAmy.

                Welcome to this POND. The frequency here is very high, grounded in the Blue Beam of Infinite Pristine Light. We are True Family here and please feel at Home for you are Home.

                With all my Love, MomAmy

                Sent from my iPad

                1. Yes, Yes, I’m familiar with everyone here as I’ve been reading Aisha for a long time, just don’t always have time to post a comment, although I do have lots in common with everone here. I’m one of the early awakened ones (1990’s) and have done my share of releasing, purging, integrating, you name it, also the “when will we be done with this”!!!! type of thing. It’s been tough hanging on, but like you, I try to be a cheerleader for others that are having a tough time hanging on as well. I keep thinking “we’re almost there, almost to the finish line” although I don’t think we’re ever finished, just things will probably get much better. Fingers crossed anyway.

                  Blessings to everyone,


                  1. Oh, Sweetie, my fingers are crossed too! I really hope we are truly near the finish line. I’ve been going through the grueling shedding process since 1984, but not truly heavy until 1993. Then the floor fell out and the roof caved in. (silent scream icon 🙂 )

                    I am so happy to meet another Sister. Brenda. What a beautiful name.

                    BIG (((HUGS))), Amy

                    Sent from my iPad

    3. I know how you feel Leigh. Go outside and take a walk. Look at all the beauty that exists in nature and in the smiles of people you past by. It always makes me feel better. and yes the full moon is in Scorpio or something lately and the energy is um, challenging to say the least. But you are strong and beautiful and you know this. Go outside and take a deep breath, walk around, just go.

    4. Dear Leigh,

      You have focused on something that bothers some of us, but is rarely discussed: “If there is a choice, why do I feel like I have no choice?” I am personally challenged by this frustration every day. I don’t have answers, but sometimes sharing one’s experience and ideas are helpful. In a way, writing this is a bit like talking to myself.

      First, exactly what is choice? Most of us think of choice as a conscious act. Yet, the idea that I would consciously choose something that would keep me in agony is hard for me to comprehend. Still, I seem to do exactly that– very confusing. I think for myself, and perhaps for many others, we forget that choice is many small actions, and, instead, lump choice into some grand decision. For example, I may be suffering the consequences from years of habitual and seemingly minor choices and then, when these cumulative choices add up to big trouble, I may resort to looking for a single grand decision (choice) which I expect or hope will reverse everything.

      In other words, I fail to see that I need to make a series of many small choices that will then create the opportunity for the one choice that will change everything. But, it will always be the many insignificant choices that enabled the final and most important one. In your case, you made a seemingly small choice to post in this community and you may not see what this is creating. Many people on this site have read your message and, even though they may not have responded directly, they did send love and energy to you. Others did respond directly. Both are now creating something that may be of great benefit to you.

      Please know that every one of us here is trying our best to create a community that supports and feeds unconditional love. It is so wonderful to have you as a member. When things will start to get better for each individual depends a lot on fate and our soul’s contract. But, the Constant Companions have said clearly, and I believe them, that all humanity will eventually be part of this new world founded on unconditional love. You will at some point climb the wall and escape to freedom.

      In a way that is really meant to remind both of us, I would say several things. First, no matter how badly things go, and how difficult the path, remember that you are already making incredibly important and courageous choices, even if they seem inconsequential. Don’t think you’re not. Second, know with certainty that your problems are not your fault, nor are you flawed in any way. It may not be very gratifying to hear that life is exactly as it should be when so many things in life are really difficult to endure. Yet, it is still possible to find some small comfort in this knowledge. Lastly, always know that you are surrounded by love both in a not-so-obvious way, and in a very real and concrete way. The obvious sources of love are your family (hopefully, but not always), close friends, and those communities actively seeking to help themselves and others join the world now unfolding. As often as you can, hold within yourself an image of your joining this world (however that comes to you). At first, this may be hard, but with time, the wall will start to shrink in size.

      1. “Please know that every one of us here is trying our best to create a community that supports and feeds unconditional love. It is so wonderful to have you as a member…”

        Absolutely true and beautiful. When I am meditating, more and more, I think of all the people represented here. I think of your beautiful spirits, passion and commitment to Light and Love and Abundance and Beauty.

        If the only thing that we ever did is intend to “a community that supports and feeds unconditional love,” then I cannot help but believe we will have done a truly wonderful and worthwhile thing that would cause even the angels smile.

        Thanks Amorosidad! And Persephone too–there is no better advice than to get outside and breathe, breathe, breath… At times, I have often had the image that we are literally breathing in the new reality. We take those deep breathes and the old, stale stuff is transmuted into by the pure energies of the divine light. Good for us AND good for all.

        Grace and Peace and Love and Light.


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