The manuscript of survival – part 302

The storm has subsided somewhat now, and the waves have quieted down compared to the much more intense surges many of you experienced only last week. This is all a part of the natural cycle of things, and you have all more or less become rather familiar with how this works by now. And this time, we think you will all feel the need to take some deep, deep breaths and savour the stillness that will follow in their wake, for this time, you have certainly been through the wringer in more ways than one. Let us assure you all that you will have become so much strengthened by this ordeal, for contrary to expectations, these intense energetic upgrades do not leave you totally floored for long now. Rather, you will feel an instantaneous relief when they subside, and not only that, you will also simultaneously feel an urge to literally get up and go. For, as usual during these very intense bouts of adjustments, anything concerning the future, whether it be imminent or more distant, seems almost impossible to even contemplate. But now, as this mental fog seems to have dissipated along with all of the physical symptoms, you will find yourself eager to set things into action.

For some, there will be things to plan and endeavours to initiate, while for others, there will still be the frustration of wanting so strongly to just DO something while at the same time you have no clear idea yet as to what this something is. This frustration of not knowing just what to do with all of this energy surging through your body and soul now can be a bit hard to maneuver around, but trust us when we say that you will all in some way find an outlet for all of this seemingly pent-up energy. For now, as the veils keep thinning more and more, your soul will start to speak to you in a way it has not done before. For your soul knows your true purpose, and it will start to prod at you in all sorts of ways in order for you to grasp the meaning of all of this. And so you might find yourself in an unexpected place at a very unexpected time, or there will be ”chance meetings”, both with people you might be familiar with before, or with total strangers. In other words, much will be set into motion now so that you will find a way to maneuver yourself into the right position as it were. For some, this will even entail a very different physical setting than the one they are currently in. In other words, do not be surprised if you find yourself moving away from something, or finding yourself searching for a new place. This could pertain to your workplace, or even where you live, so this can be experienced in all sorts of ways.

Again, this process is a very complex one indeed, as you are all players on this gigantic field called the new world, and as such, your interactions will be matched with those that need your participance in some way. For this is not a solitary journey any more dear ones, as this is to all intents and purposes a collective effort. And even if your life will be unique to you, and your experiences will not be the same as those of your neighbours, they are all connected in a way that will ensure the best outcome to all. For now, you are all a part of this world wide web of enlightened souls, and just like the filaments of the spiders’s web, you are all linked together by almost invisible, but oh so strong filaments of light. And just like in a spider’s web, you cannot connect with one tiny thread and expect it not to have any effect on the whole. For you are all linked through this web, and what one person does, will ring out across the whole web and affect you all. And no, this will not mean that one person can do harm to everyone else. For this is not a web that connects in a way that can be deemed as harmful in any way. For this web is all about channeling the beneficial rays of the light, and it cannot be manipulated in any way by others trying to use it for anything else. So in this way, it is also a safety net. For as long as you have chosen to connect yourself to this web, you are also protected by the combined power it generates, and as such, you have also been given the best protection there is. For the light is supporting you on all sides now, and if you feel yourself falling in any way, this web of light is there to catch your fall.

As always, it is governed by free will if you choose to attach yourself to this web of light in the first place, and so this net cannot help those still decided to stay unattached as it were. But for all those who have opened their very core to the light, this connection is now so strong it cannot be ripped asunder. And just as the slim threads of a spider’s net are strong enough to carry the weight of beings many, many times larger than the creator of it, so too are these connectors of light capable of holding the weight not only of each and every one of you. For by connecting through this web, you all make it even stronger, and every time one soul is added to this intricately woven structure, the structure in itself becomes even more powerful. So there is certainly no risk of it becoming overloaded and susceptible to breaking apart. Far from it, it is only becoming more and more sturdy and reliable as the time passes and you are being joined by new ”team members” every day. For as we spoke about in an earlier missive, this stream of newly enlightened beings is starting to gather momentum now, and this is a process that will only speed up.

The outcome of that is a very positive one indeed, but it will also engender its opposite. For as this web of light is becoming bigger and more powerful, the very fact that it is casting its net ever wider will engender a not so positive reaction in all of those still hell bent on staying separate from it. For they will see and feel how this web of light is encroaching on them on all sides, and so they will again start to flail their arms about in a desperate attempt to keep these gossamer thin filaments of light out of their life.

For the light is frightening to so many, as they are not used to anything else but the dark shadows. So they will scrunch up their eyes and their hearts in one last attempt to keep this light out, because they are convinced that it will harm them in any way. But the light will not harm anyone, for the light will bring in the love that is so desperately needed, even in the darkest of souls. That is where the need for love is the largest one, but that is also where the fear of love is so huge, it will make that person do the most outrageous of things in order to try to keep the light at bay. For when the light enters, the darkness must go, and with it, everything that used to be there will be forced to change in a way that is so profound.

For remember, there is no darkness that is able to withstand the power of the light, and even the darkest of beings will become transformed whenever the light is allowed to access it. And whatever has been programmed to stay in the dark, will fight for its very life in order to be left to do what it has been taught to do. So the light is not welcome everywhere, and it will be told so in no uncertain terms. But the light will sometimes find a way to penetrate anyway, for there is many a darkened soul that has left a chink in their armour. And this small opening is all the light needs in order to come all the way in. So remember, there will be light seeping in to the most unexpected of places, but that is because there is a small opening that has been left there on purpose for the light to find it. Only those who have chosen to deliberately close themselves 100% for this light, will be left in the dark as it were.

For this is something that will not and cannot be forced upon anyone. Light is like the water, it will seep in and flow the natural paths that have been set up for it. But where it has been blocked completely off, it will turn around and find another place to fertilize. And now, there are many a fertile ground being exposed in former totally barren places. So even as the clamor from those shutting themselves up as clams will continue to escalate, the light will continue in its silent way to penetrate further and further into the core of humanity. And once there, it cannot be cast out again. For once the light has been invited in, it has come to stay forever. So look around you, and we guarantee you that you will see the first traces of this light in so many of your fellow men. And know that even in those making a big outward show that they are fighting off the light in any way they can, there are some amongst them where it has started to drip in already. It will be a very small trickle at first, but this small trickle is all it takes. And soon, these small trickles will all start to grow into a veritable roar of liberating light in even the toughest of souls.

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  1. Hi Beingme, I come from an entertainment background and don’t watch TV much anymore but am aware of what you’re talking about. The industry has been shifting more and more to the light over the last 15-20 years, in my opinion. It definitely has some powerful light workers with powerful fan bases (that’s us, the viewer, the ones supporting the industry) who are helping turn the tide. Steven Spielberg and Stan Lee (comic book genius behind Spider-Man, Incredible Hulk etc.) come to mind as examples. It sure is encouraging to see the media being used in a positive way. : )

  2. I’m mot trying to tell anyone to smoke or not smoke. I like to run and smoking limits this. Try running five miles when you smoke for 40 years. I have seen the links that have been posted in the talks here. Not one of them shows what over smoking does to the lungs and how hard it makes it on a runner. I watched my father die from this. He was healthy in all ways. His only problem was he got to a point that he could not breath from smoking for 60 plus years. The doctor said if my father could keep breathing. He would have no problem living another 20 years. His lungs were so filled with the coating on his lungs from smoking that air could not get through his lungs. I looked at his lungs after they were taken out before they buried him. To see what caused this with a few doctors. The test done on his lungs showed it was from smoking.
    I have never thought smoking caused cancer. I have looked at this for many years and have tried to keep up with the studies on smoking. I love to smoke and alway have. I have stopped several times in the past. I still limit how much I smoke from time to time. I stop to let my lungs clear up some. Then start back at a later time. This is just what I do I don’t say this should be done by anyone else. This is just what I do. I believe that plants and elements are here for us to use and learn from. Not to be feared but used with knowledge and understanding of what they can do for you in a good way. There is a limit to everything. I think everyone who has access to the internet should be used to gain knowledge. Many still don’t have access to true knowledge about many things. Many have access to true knowledge and have never used a computer.To me some of these are the wisest people on earth. I have always tried to find these type of people to talk to and learn from. Most of what I have learned has come from these type of people. I think there are some people that can look in your eyes and see your very soul, and know you a lot better than you know yourself. These type of people only want what is good for your body and soul and never seek to hurt anyone or anything. They only give understanding and love to all that find them.

    A little of anything may not kill you but to much of anything can.

    Blessings to all.

  3. Anybody know a good book on the history of our galaxy starting from From Lyran civilization?

  4. Look up lungs of a smoker and a non smoker. What it shows is not just a thought from someone it is a picture of your lungs. It shows what smoking does to your lungs.

    Bless all

    1. Roy, for the record, the lungs of a smoker shown in all the television ads and ad campaigns are the lungs of a smoker who also had black lung from working in a coal mine for all his life. This bit of smoking propaganda has been debunked a long time ago, and was used to cause fear, when the actual rate of increase in lung cancer for an adult male is only 8% which any statistician would tell you is not statistically significant. On that note, I would say that I am now at day three and never thought that during this time I would have to focus so much on smoking! LOL you guys sure you want to keep this discussion up? LOL Loving you all…night night!

      1. We sound like a bunch of atheists who never stop prattling about God. Ever noticed how they do that?

        Sorry sweetie. I for one will stop right now. You’ll be fine with quitting, and I doubt your life will change much at all – except that you’ll have more money for shoes!

        Rock on girl!!!


        1. Wise girl! Did you notice something different since last saturday in your body/mood/behavior?. Buy the most expensive and beautiful shoes you can find, you deserve, because you are one of the bravest of the brave. All my love to you, Elle! P.S.: Don,t worry for Alex, she is a wise woman also. I bet she stops smoking before you!

  5. Yes, Brianna, I know what you are saying. The richness and fullness I am talking about is what I felt within for years years no matter what was happening on the outer, either pain or joy.

    But in these last few years, not being able to feel that richness and fullness, there is an empty feeling of void. It has been called the dark night of the soul. Perhaps it is because we are lending our light to the collective, or making more room for light on a different level. I don’t know, but the cc’s have expressed it in some of the messages and I know what they mean. They seem to understand what some of us are feeling and they understand and assure us through it that we have not really lost anything even though it feels that way. .

    Real Life is that feeling of oneness and joy with All That Is. Outer circumstances have no meaning without that joy and feeling of connection. I long to feel that again. It is the “pearl of great price.”
    Thank you for your loving thoughts. I can feel them and your carfing and they mean so much to me. I Love, Us All so much and so thankful for this sharing. J.

    1. Yes, definitely a Dark Night of the Soul. No doubt. I actually googled this term a few months ago and found this site: (hopefully this will link you to the right part). It fit me to a T, except I am coming out of this gradually, without the kind of singular mystical event described. Would love to get others thoughts on this!
      Love to all,

      1. I,ve spent 13 years of my life in it, of course was not identical to what described by the author, because each case is unique, but I also found similarities. It was not pleasant to remember that process, but it,s part of me, of who I am now.

        Ascension process, in my opinion, has nothing to see with that old process. Ascension process is a complete new one, tailored to each one of us. It may have similarities, but is totally different. Ascension, everybody must pass through. Dark Night was not a path for everybody, someones have chosen to walk that path.

  6. Funny stuff out there today… here is mine.

    So I am working super hard yesterday to keep my energy and frequencies high. Then the days ends with this brutal conversation with my wife… It was like I was walking into what I knew was going to be some kind of torture chamber but, naturally, I just keep trying to “reason” my way through it. Ugh…

    I meditate and then go to bed late; sleep pretty well; and have a few minor downloads… Then right when I am about to wake up (though still reeling a bit from the torture that I am now both saddened and mad about getting myself in–it had to be my fault, right?!).

    So at this point I have this very quick vision. It is of cue-card. And all it says on it is the name, “Alison” or maybe, “Allison.”

    My initial reaction is, “What? How is this suppose to help!” So I start working over the name in my mind as though it might be someone I am supposed to know, or maybe it’s some scrambled up letters that with some secret message. I move the letters around but nothing…

    I try to tell myself that there is nothing there but I don’t really believe that. After all, who dreams about a stupid cue card with someone’s name on it?

    So I go back again. This time, I just allow the message to say whatever it is that I am supposed to hear. Alison. Alison. Allison?

    Al is on… All is on… Al (l) is On (e)… All is One…

    “No shit?” I thought, “that was pretty cool.”

    I literally laughed out loud. And it made me feel a little better about falling into the stupid torture chamber.

    Pretty creative work from my guides. I think I must have told them ahead of time that I had all this and that I wouldn’t be needing much. What was I thinking! Happily, they love me enough (or pity me enough) to bend the rules. Cool.

    Love and Laughs!


      1. Big hugs mark, the sync in this is cool–i think it is micheal M above talking about working with the word Alone and finding it to really be ALL One….so this energy of all being one is working quite nicely here in the pond! Hugs! alex

  7. I came across some wisdom last year which resonated deeply with me:

    Truth is an experience not a belief.

    … and with it the realisation that ones divine ‘truth feels joyful’ anything less than this being from another source.

    There’s great depth to these apparently simple yet profound statements.

    I mention them in connection with my own experience and what I see here in this beautiful pond. There seems to be discussion around the issue of ‘attachment’ or ‘non-attachment’ as the case may be to many things – cigarettes, foodstuffs other physical things etc…

    About 8 years ago I ‘became’ vegetarian whilst at the same time releasing alcohol and had some years before that tea/coffee went…

    How it unfolded for me was instructive to me and perhaps here too.

    A realisation came to me that these things no longer resonated with this body/my being…. and so one day it was let go of no pain, no hard work, no looking back, no withdrawal… those things were gone.

    It had probably unfolded over a period of time where I came to the realisation and the time was then right too release.

    Interestingly I also realised with laughter that in each case it was external factors that had led me to consuming these things in the first place:

    Meat – well everyone ate or they did in my life when I was a child
    Alcohol – my mates did so I thought I should, I didn’t like when I first had a beer…
    Tea – never liked it as a child but it was the only drink available when I started work and I needed to drink something (was not into water then).
    Coffee – seemed like a cool thing to do, had not liked it as a child, became used to it loved it for a while.

    With all these I realised my body/being did not like it/resonate with it – rather like Dominique referred to.

    I remember some years back seeing Ram Dass talking about his first trip to a spiritual master in India and he’d asked them to try some drug – perhaps LSD or similar. To his surprise it had zero effect on the spiritual master. The message being he was totally in control of his being/body – anything could be transformed/transmuted.

    So, this brings me back to “Truth is an experience not a belief” and the truth is yours not mine, not anyone else’s…. and what I now remind myself of.

    Does some experience bring innate Joy – great stay with it.

    If it no longer does… release it…

    … and I take care not to get into the energy of resistance for I’ve learnt that “to resist persists” – its attachment expressed differently.

    Indeed another part of the wisdom I came across was that even non-attachment can be a form of resistance. Uh?

    Yes, because it implies there is something to be attached too! When, in truth, there is no-thing! Bingo. That was an aha moment.

    So the key emerges from what resonates with you and what does not. It may be different for you than it is with me and no doubt a good thing that it is… we are individuations of the whole, unique expressions…

    In this there is, of course, no room for judgement for if I judge another I am merely judging myself and that does not serve me!

    So, for those that may or may not be releasing anything perhaps these experiences and insights may help in leading you to your truth… whatever that may be!

    Joyfully, Philip 🙂

    1. I agree – everyone’s truth is different. You can drive yourself crazy going from spiritual website to website and they all say something different. Eat meat, don’t eat meat, sleep more, sleep less, meditate more, don’t overdo it on the meditation, be in solitude, go be with people….argh! There is no one set way that’s going to be perfect for everyone. I like what John Lennon had to say: “Whatever gets you through the night, it’s alright, it’s alright!” There are definitely those times when you just need to get through the night! We all need to find our own way, and I think that’s a huge part of what the CC’s have been saying, and why certain things will resonate with some but not others. Reminds me of a great line from one of my favorite movies “The Princess Bride” – when Vezzini tells Fezzik (Andre the Giant) to “do it your way” and Fezzik says “OK…what’s my way”? I often feel like that……

      Love to all,

        1. Again, another powerful discussion! WOW we are really ON fire today! LOL I completely resonate with what you said, we each have our own path and oh that old saying comes up–one man’s meat is another mans poison! So true and the being in non-judgement is key as well–very cool stuff philly! 🙂 Alex

    2. OK I hear you! Here it is as it comes to me in my understanding and expression of it.

      To get the meaning or experience.

      Empty your mind and think of naught… passively

      Let it sink into your heart…

      It is said that the opposite of a spiritual truth may be another spiritual truth. The divine dichotomy that points to a ‘higher truth.’

      For the time being we live in or perhaps more accurately are experiencing a ‘relative’ world – an illusion we are told.

      ‘Absolute’ would refer to the ‘Whole’ or the ‘All’ – not an element of it or an individuation of it.

      Be not a ‘Truth seeker’ but an experiencer. For to seek is hold that there is something to be found.

      It already is here. Now. We are on the path (if you will) to realising that…

      Our maths as I understand is a construct of our ‘reality.’ 2+2 = 4 only to the base of 10 in mathematics (if you remember bases from your school maths). There are many bases. We use base 10 because its convenient. It could be different in different parts of the Universe. Is this absolute. No it seems not.

      What is enlightenment… it’s what you say it is… and it is said by Eckhart Tolle when we no longer have to ask the question then we will know, or more accurately experience it… and we will most likely laugh for it was there all along!

      I trust this helps. For a fuller and deeper exploration you might like to read:

      Tantra, The Supreme Understanding by Osho.

      Not tantra as in Tantric sex but Tantra in its essence as a pathless path to enlightenment.

      Hope this helps. As I say feel it rather than analyze it.

      Joyfully, Philip 🙂

    3. Oh yes, the same path 🙂 those addictions were gone too (except tobacco). No effort, no belief. They simply didn’t not resonate anymore – with my body / mind / spirit. My inner Self showed me that they were not aligned with my soul (or consciousness) plan. The ethical way is always individual. It’s very different than morality, and in most cases : the opposite. Morality is just a collective cover solution, an hypnotic consensus about what is good or bad, and morality includes judgement, unsollicited “good advices” 🙂 etc. Ethics, no.

  8. If you look at everything as if it is alive and has a spirit. This can help you understand some things in a different way. Smoking of Plants. Man has smoked and burnt many plants through time. Most people of today have no ideal why this is done today. In the past people burnt different plants for different reasons. The piece pipe was smoked to release a spirit of piece to be shared among those who smoked it. When smoked the spirit would enter the body and mind of those who smoked it. Plants have a spirit that is released when burnt. Fire is the strongest element. When fire and plant come together it changes the form of the plant into a smoke you can see. It is changed from plant to spirit released back to mother earth. If people breath this. The spirit can enter them.
    Some things can kill people if smoked or breathed into their lungs. Some spirits are friendly and some can kill. This is the old way of looking at making offerings with smoke. Back then smoke was a spirit. It all depends on what was burnt as to the spirit released. These ways have been lost but are still very true to this day. The spirit released by smoking tobacco is and can be a mental and physical adiction. It is a spirit that will do everything in its power to make you smoke more. This spirit has life in a body only if you keep smoking. It takes about one month to stop smoking and have this spirit leave. Sometimes longer depends on how long you have smoked. It also depends on the strength of you as to how easy or hard it will be to stop smoking. I smoked most of my life and know these spirits very well. I don’t smoke now and know what it is like to try to stop smoking.
    Sometimes if what you are doing is of old ways it can be easier to look at these in the old ways to change them. Just understanding fire and smoke and what it is. Can change you in many ways.

    My blessing to those who wish to stop smoking.
    Blessings to all.

  9. Oh, my God!…
    It,s so good…
    It,s so good…
    It,s so good…
    It,s soo goood…

    To feel love…
    To be love…
    To be here…
    To be One…
    With you all…

    I feel love…
    While I breath…
    While I dream…
    While I think…
    In you all…

    Heaven knows…
    What I think…
    What I dream…
    What I feel…
    Heaven knows…

    It,s so good…
    To be…
    To love…
    To be loved…
    It,s soo goood…


    1. WOW, Nohmad. This reminds me of a Yogananda affirmation in its clarity, depth, truth and power, and yet is completely incomparable to anything else as it is uniquely, beautifully your own expression. To echo Philip’s words, thank you for sharing your gift with us!

  10. WOW, as soon as I wrote that message above about cigarette smoking and quitting smoking, I got an email addressed to me about e-cigarettes in my personal mailbox. So, we are totally being monitered , at the very least , by google. They electronically read our messages and send us products
    based on the words in our messages! OH MY . very strange….
    Here was the sender address and the subject line of the email I received.
    Notice the word MASTERY is on the address and I used the word MASTERY over and over in my message above. And spoke about cigarettes!!

    Confirmation Required
    Subject: FREE Smokeless E-Cig Kit Reserved For {michaeldavidson}


    1. LOL 😀

      Maybe the “elementals”… They have lots of fun… 😀

      And when we are out of track, they remind us of our soul plan through e-mails, synchronicities or other means. Enjoy the ride / the game.

  11. a-haaa …
    I’m curious to see that ! I’ve seen a few “glimpses” here and there.
    A word here, a character there (the Healers on Gray’s Anatomy)
    If you come across other such Tv shows, let us know 😉
    Enlightened you say… Will look it up.

    Bubbles 😀

  12. Beloved friends CC, your words are very comforting, thank you.
    Aisha, in deep appreciation of what you do! I also enjoyed your sister’s message 🙂 Blessing to you.

      1. Ohhh, such sweet words…I’ve been appreciating and thinking of you and other Ponders but just not checking in as much lately…you all have many interesting experiences and bits of information…I’m often at a loss for words but still sending lots of ♥♥♥…janis

  13. Thank you, Eileen, for your post. It was so helpful to me what you had to say. And Alex, I know exactly what you mean when you said; “I did feel my life was full and rich and now most all of the things that I was interested IN (or distracted BY) are no longer moving my heart–and without my heart moving–nothing moves…” I know exactly what you mean, too, Alex.

    Where did the fullness and richness go that was moving my heart? Will we experience that richness and fullness again on a new level….. I wonder if that is why we had to let it go of it , as if going through a tunnel now, where “nothing moves.” Or at least that is how if feels now with having only a 3/d orientation.

    Love to us all, you are all so precious to me. Your love is what is real now where nothing else feels “real.” J.

    1. Yes! I also agree and feel what Alex said 100%! I was at the happiest time of my life (and I don’t think I’m imagining it!) when this all began. It started when I moved to a new state, and for awhile I just thought I wasn’t adjusting well. But it’s so much more than that – I suppose I don’t need to explain here!
      I have had 2 experiences in my life of feeling absolute, pure, all-encompassing, angelic love. One was about 8 years ago in a dream-that-wasn’t-a-dream…the feeling was so strong I awoke crying “Take me with you!”, but then quickly revoked that wish because of my children. The second time was just last year during acupuncture. It was right at the beginning of all this (I hadn’t been well for about two months). And I felt angels in the room, just beaming love all over me. Their message was “It’s all about love, everything is about love”…I heard this over and over again. It was so beautiful I was crying for joy. Shortly thereafter things started getting really dark for me. It took about a year, and finding this blog, to put two and two together and wonder if they gave me that message to keep me going during this time. If what we are headed toward is anything close to that feeling (and I pray it is!) then it will be beyond wonderful. And honestly, it just can’t come soon enough!
      Love to all,

      1. Leslie, my Sister, I experienced such Bliss, a Rainbow actually falling into me, the Perfect Body, Absolute JOY, and then following, my life totally fell apart. I’ve been hit so hard and non stop, that this day I put my head in my hands, so spent, shocked at all that has transpired which has left me hardly able to keep my head up. Yes, I have spurts of JOY, but not to the extent I was experiencing. I was experiencing Heaven on Earth, for real, for REAL.

        Then all crashed. Months and months of crashing. HIT HIT HIT. (silent scream icon here!)

        And when I was in Heaven, believe me, I thought I had finally broken through for IT to stay. And then to have the Sun go out, and the rug whipped out from under me, say what? I have even lost my hope at times, and I have not ever done that, ever.

        All I can say, me being who I am and what I do for the Cosmic All, the bottom of the barrel sludge has been slung my way so that my Light can transmute it. I tell you true, I am just all about all transmuted out.

        I AM SO DONE. Now for resurrection. Thank God.

        I love you.

        1. Amy, all I can say is I’m with you 100%. Gosh this is so hard. I try not to judge myself but keep wondering what on earth I’m doing wrong to not be able to get back (or anywhere near) that place of joy I know exists. And I know I need to let go of judging myself, so then I feel guilty that I’m judging….and so on and so on. I said to a friend recently that I just want to go up to the “Ascension Store”, get my SuperPowers, and go home. I need a break.
          I recently asked my guides to please send me some very concrete signs, preferably in music since I am more likely to pay attention to that. Yesterday after I posted the comment above I got in the car and the radio station was on the one the kids listen to; I almost changed it. But then I noticed the lyrics:
          “Don’t you worry, don’t you worry child, see, Heaven’s got a plan for you” –
          Ahhh…so some more tears, a big thank you to my guides, and now I’m just trying really hard to cling to that message.

          Love to you and everyone here,

          1. Leslie, I understand. To give you some more hope, even though I am still not in the “Rainbow” or in Bliss, this morning when I looked into the mirror I noticed my skin is becoming more transluscent. My eyes clearer. I give you this as a sign that just as the words said to you, “Heaven has a plan for you” and me. I don’t understand what is transpiring and to fall from a state of grace to what I am in now, is a bit challenging not to fall into judgement of self and just resort to massive waterfalls of tears.

            So I give you and you gave me as we both continue to walk out whatever we are walking out. I hold my arms around you so tenderly as you put your weary head on my shoulder. Peace this day, my Sister. Peace upon your weary Soul.

            I love you. Amy

    2. OH, Jean, I am with you and Alex…..same page. Such deadness all around me as I attempt somehow to get at least a spark of enjoyment out of what I used to do. This feeling of being DONE yet no movement is just driving me bananas. I had a life that I was HAPPY and I mean really HAPPY and now it just seems as though all has turned to ash.

      This change, (and I pray too that it is almost here for I am about to fall to my knees) has to be great for all we have been through. I can only measure what I have experienced, and that alone tells me that the Life I have seen as a “kid” is real and is truly almost here.

      I Love you, Jean.

      1. I’m on the same page with you dear Amy 🙂 “This feeling of being DONE and yet no movement is just driving me bananas.”

        1. Golden Glorious One,
          I think I’m turning “Nohmad” today 😉
          Look inside, FEEL inside. It is there, right within you !!!

          Amy too 🙂

          Hug yourselves tight, and shut the chatterbox up !
          FEEL the pure and shiny YOU that lives within and is frankly crying to come out 😀
          Give birth to it, to yourselves.
          Push 😀

          I LOVE you !

            1. It’s not an addiction, it’s a pleasure.
              No pity needed, loving brother 🙂

              Today was a great day in the sharing department.:)
              My laptop is giving up on me, so I’ll read all I missed tomorrow morning (that would be in about 10 hours, or so)

              Love with many Bubbles of Joy and gratitude for the many wonderful words !

      2. This has been an amazing discussion here and all of a sudden when I was thinking on it I got a very clear picture.

        Do you all realize we have most of us been given a “glimpse” of that which we are going towards and now feel it has been taken away, when actually it was Shown to us to become our North Star?

        Our beloved Angels and CC’s knew that the path was gonna be a long and arduous one, and especially for those of us who are sensitive and clearing out energy for humanity or Gaia, and so they gave us glimpses of TRUE ecstatic joy and love–Heck, I have had experiences where i felt my angels walking within my own body and tears of joy and my voice could not be contained within my body as I broke forth in songs of eternal love for all that is…..i have felt that…I know what that is–it is God, it is US and it is coming…

        Without that taste–without that actual REAL experience, we can only have a pale suggestion of what it is actually like…who reads the words in a book and says, well, thats what I want to do, and then the minute it gets tough they start to rationalize–well, maybe i was mistaken.

        For in this–we cannot be mistaken because we have FELT IT–there is no rationalizing here. No misunderstanding–we had concrete, specific experiences with JOY and all that is–and each experience was DIFFERENT! because each of us is a different FACET of all that is…

        So, while we slog–the brass ring is still there, shining in front of us–the holy grail–the big kahuna…and I for one, will walk a thousand miles to sit in its holy light and feels its divine music ringing in my ears~

        So, whenever you feel down trodden, or disattached, remember the blessed “experience” or as the saints used to call it, the holy visitation….and draw strength from it!

        BIG HUGS! I love you guys so much–you draw out of me what needs saying! Alex

        1. Alex, still in quiet mode but just had to say how very much I LOVE you! Gaining strength back as I write…..

          BIG HUGS, Amy

          Sent from my iPad

    3. Beautiful Jean,

      just dropping in to say something that has been said here too, but will never, never be over-stated :

      The “richness and fulness” felt before (been there too) was one dependent on external factors.
      One that could be removed in minutes.

      The Joy and Love that we get now comes from within.
      It is solid. Untaintable. No one can remove it.
      Look in your heart. FEEL it. Listen to it.

      What does it tell you ?
      Big hugs to you, lovely sister ! With Bubbles of Joy to remind you how pure your heart is !

  14. Thank you Phillip! Yes enjoying the ride is definately the key, trying to do that more! It is an interesting process trying to become untangled as it were from a very structured life that I made for myself.
    Love to you too.

  15. Dear Aisha, CC’s and everyone,
    I have been here with you for quite a while and I love you all. My partner Pash Stclair is usually in conversation with you. I love the message from the CC’s today ‘we guarantee you that you will see the first traces of this light in so many of your fellow men.’ I am experiencing this where I work, so many people are now open to having conversations about this stuff and wanting to make changes in their lives, I am in awe of this shift in energies! As for making changes myself, it has been a painful process of realisation that I do not want to do what I am doing for work. I have spent many years attaining this goal of being a full time primary school teacher and now it seems it is all wrong for me! I absolutely love working with the kids but this system of schooling now seems incompatible with the joyous, curious, loving creatures that children are. I am quite clear about how it should be (that came to me a few weeks back) and yet how it will come about I have no idea but have faith that the universe is taking me in that direction. There is only one step clear just now and that involves a visit to Spain (and possibly moving there) so as the CC’s say ‘do not be surprised if you find yourself moving away from something, or finding yourself searching for a new place. This could pertain to your workplace, or even where you live, so this can be experienced in all sorts of ways.’ I am unable to ‘think’ about things so have no other option than faith! It feels as if my ‘right brain’ is coming more online and I’m experiencing expansion of consciousness, being and love. BTW I loved that conversation on 301 about love, thanks so much for that!
    Sending so much love to you all,

    1. Lovely to see/feel your energy here Sarah… and sounds like something very interesting is unfolding for you! Enjoy the ride!

      Love to you and Pash.

      Joyfully, Philip 🙂

      1. Welcome Sarah! We love Pash so much here and so happy to be sharing YOU as well! blessings on your school and education project! I so would love to share with young children on how to connect with nature and energy and show them the marvels of our mother Gaia! I feel very excited by your ideas and send love and light to them for their fruition! big hugs and more welcomes! Alex

    2. Very welcome Sara
      Totally agree that the best thing there is in this dense reality is, without a doubt, children, blessed children, jumping, screaming, crying, no matter ….. everything is perfect on them, laughter is the most lovely melody that no composer could compose
      I was also struck by the part that talked about the movement of residence (at this point I am too). Glad you an option in Spain for you (as are labor issues here in this moment), you are very welcome, I’m sure you’ll fit perfectly.
      I said …. very welcome Sarah.
      Much love to you

      1. Emma you describe children so beautifully! You are right everything is so perfect on them! They are so real, without the effects of conditioning they are in love with life. We can learn so much from them! I hope to create a space for children where they can just ‘be’ and learn what they need to learn for they know their purpose, they don’t need to be told what to learn! They are such capable members of the human race.
        Thank you for your welcome to Spain 🙂
        Much love to you too

        1. Welcome, Sarah! I love Pash, and now I,m loving you too. I see you found Emma, the biggest and beautiful heart you will find in Spain. Why you don,t work together? Children really deserve your (both) love. Think about it. The new teaching system is already birthing, and you are part of it. Much love to you, Sarah!

    3. Dearest Crystal Clear,

      How I do so Love your Pash. You are extremely fortunate to have this Great One in your life, and for this I am SO happy for you!

      You are right about the school system. I was a teacher’s assistant for many years when I could not work within my career as an RN. I just walked out one day, totally disgusted by the system, the children themselves with no respect and so unruly, and I never turned back. I love children, I love teaching them as well, and I honestly don’t know how you manage every day to do what you do.

      I remember as a child KNOWING how wrong cramming facts down a child’s throat is and I had a silent scream as I used to float away day dreaming as the teacher droned on. I also knew when I turned five, my first year in school, the hard core programming began and I was never the same.

      What a shame. I am declaring and have been for a while, to retrieve my Innocence back. I feel so broken in many ways, but with Love all is possible, is it not???

      I am honored to meet you. Thank you for jumping in and putting your voice among ours here.

      With all my Love,

    4. Sara Hi 🙂

      Great to hear your voice too.
      Sounds like very nice stuff ahead for you guys. Enjoy the ride, listen to your inner voice 🙂

      And keep us posted !

      Mucho Love to you and Pash,
      with plenty of Bubbles of Joy (so you can pack some for your trip)


    5. Welcome, dear Sarah! Thank you for bringing your light to this Pond, and to this world. I know you will do so much to help the children blossom in this new world! Love and light, Aisha

      1. Dear Emma, Alex, Nohmad, Carolyn, Amy, Brianna and Aisha,

        Thank you all so much for responses! It is so rewarding having personal contact with you all! you do lift my spirits! Amy you saw it how it is, it has taken me 10 years to see this. I thought the problem was with me – I was just not organised enough/skilled enough/creative enough etc to create an environment in which 30 children could thrive. Thankfully now I see the system is the problem and yes it is definately set up to crush your spirit as a child. I teach the very little ones age 4 and 5, they come from nursery with such enthusiasm and trust, trust in me that I am an example to them and it breaks my heart that I can’t give them what they need. By the time they have done 2 or 3 years of school they begin to realise that it is just more of the same year after year and they begin to switch off their joy. Some rebel big time of course and face constant negativity from the adults and then there are those that conform to what is expected of them which is just as sad. So that is how it is. Just a week or two after I realised how it needs to change I came across Sudbury Valley schools (mostly in USA) where they seem to offer a pretty good alternative if anyone is interested.

        So I continue to work in this environment for another 2 months until I can leave, it is quite painful at the moment, emotionally, mentally and physically – my body is so intelligent – it craves to lie on the couch and not go to work! But the kids…the bond between us has become so much deeper since my ‘realisation’. It’s like they know I am just going through the routine with them and that it really doesnt matter. There are so many of them now who tell me every day ‘I love you’ – just like people here at the pond do – and now, because of you guys, I tell them I love them too.


        1. Yah Sarah! I have to tell you my dear friend’s two daughters went through a free/democratic school in the Minneapolis area and one really reveled in it and the other not so much, but it all depends on the path of the child. Unschooling and democratic or sudbury style schooling is definitely one wave of the future and more possibilities might come into play as we expand. if you have ever had the chance to read the Ringing Cedars series about Anastashia, there is one specific book that talks about a wonderful new school in Russia, I cant remember which book or what the school is called but I am sure if you google it you will find information on it–it was very powerful indeed to see how these kids were learning amazing things and totally in their joy! Hugs! Alex

        2. Oh, Sarah, I have a big lump in my throat. I will keep you in my prayers. I pray you find a way to bring creativity, JOY, and spirit to children the way it was intended to be. It broke my heart to see how the system robs children of so much and the heartache I still carry knowing what was done to me………I am taking back my little girl..

          BIG HUGS from one who understands.

          I Love you, Sarah, and honor the path you have chosen. My hat is off to you!!!

          Much Love,

    1. Darling Emma, you have such a gorgeous strong unique full of life voice and do not sell yourself short in thinking anything else. You wrote about me being your voice and for the life of me I don’t know where that went so I am writing here. YOU are a voice, one that I LOVE to hear and one which brings a smile to my face.

      I am a bit on the quiet side right now, Love, yet I have eyes. (smile) I want you to write I want you to continue opening your Heart here. You are so loved and so wanted at this POND especially by me.

      I LOVE you, Emma! Mami

      Sent from my iPad

      1. Por una vez te toca traducir a tí / vosotros (2 palabras en español). Porque son demasiados pasos a seguir que no me apetece ahora (leer, traducir, comprender, sentir y luego a la inversa….en todo ese camino se ha quedado la mitad del mensaje) y es que supongo que esto no tiene traducción…..y si la tiene creo que va a ser un lío o no expresará lo que yo quiero…
        Eres la caña, la mamá más amorosa que biológicamente me gustaría tener, la mejor, la más capaz, en sí eres la Luz…Si yo soy voz tu eres la melodía….una sinfonía? Sí una sinfonía, de esas que se componen de la más amplia gama de instrumentos imaginables (con sus tonos agudos, graves, estridentes, suaves) pero que la mezcla es maravillosa que te ponen los pelos de punta y te envuelven como acurrucándote y en la que tu piel no es suficiente para todo lo que te hace sentir…. sí de esas que van in crescendo y crees que no puede haber más, que te vas a salir de tus poros….y al final….es el éxtasis, uno sobrehumano. Así eres, porque así haces sentir a todo el mundo aquí. Por qué? Porque estás compuesta de amor y luz y tu cuerpo se queda pequeño, así de simple
        He intentado simplificarlo para que el traductor google no haga de las suyas pero….que sea lo que Dios quiera (de todas formas sé que eres capaz de sentirlo y con eso es suficiente)
        Os amo tanto a todos, es un orgullo y un placer leer todas estas almas tan……otra vez sin palabras y con lágrimas….si es que no tengo solución!!!!!

        1. Emma, my God, I thought I was over tears. You are again making me weep. Weep for all these years of toil that has brought me to this POND and to you. How I wish I could just jump in and BE in this POND with all here.

          Yes, this body is not mine, and how again I wish I could just burst free.

          Your words, oh my Emma, have touched my Soul.

          It is true I am a gatekeeper and now NOW that my main assignment is moving forward with the help of Voice, Spirit and Tough Love, so perhaps it is finally my turn? Yes? A gatekeeper is the last through and God help me, as you are my witness I am saying I am now going through the gate to the freedom I have envisioned all my life.

          Bless you, my Emma. My Emma. You unlike anyone in my life touches me in a way I am unable to describe. I love you so much. I live for the day to hold you in my embrace.

          Love so much Love,

          1. To both of You: pipipipipipipipi (read loudly) onomatopoeia from crying in cartoons (triggered tears coming out sideways) read Arale for example, my favorite …

  16. Thanks you for this message today Aisha. I have heard from Spirit today the words `we will not leave you dangling’ … which reminded me of the many times in which I have felt like a spider dangling on the end of a long thread… not really knowing quite where I am going to land … not really knowing what a `comfort zone’ may feel like. So …reading this message today feels like another confirmation of these reassuring words which I heard today `we will not leave you dangling.’
    Much Love & Thanks

  17. Lady Aisha and CC, I am reading this missive again and again. Thank you for these encouraging words from one who just is not seeing the crack that she needs to step through. These words as always are truly Christ. It is an honor to read them.

    1. Dear Lady Amy, your light is finding all the cracks it needs, do not worry. You are perfectly poised in every way, you just feel the swirling energies all around, and they can be so confusing. So just try to relax into all of this “confusion”, and know that your light will take you all the way to your New Jerusalem.
      Love and light, Aisha

  18. Thank you so much Aisha and the CC’s. This latest “download” has been a bit of a whopper. I am glad to hear the CC’s say that the physical symptoms will be easing up! So interesting that they say we aren’t so floored now…this is very true for me. Last year I’d be inexplicably sick and knocked out for a week at a time. Now I just have a rough(er) few days but can carry on. I was wondering if the energies were less intense or if I’ve just toughened up – I guess my question was answered!
    I’m definitely in the “I don’t know what to DO” camp and it’s frustrating for sure! Good to know others may be feeling the same way. I can always play it off as a mid-life crises, lol.
    Much love to everyone here,

    1. Oh Leslie …. I loved him in: the camp “do not know what to do”, how true!! I am part of it, I’ve had free tuition …. even I may be a monitor (no, no, it can not be …. because if so I’d be doing something). But I’m in spectator mode …. and as Amy says: where are the paths that we are supposed to do? I do not see and it is frustrating …. although my black moon says “do” …. the stillness is hopeless …. How is transformed in a way that 3D is what we live? Questions, questions, questions
      much love

      1. Dearest Carolyn, I’ve been at a standstill (complete) for at least one year and lately, in fact just today, I literally felt a net over me (CC refer to net today) and the more I struggl and fight the tighter it becomes. Hmmmmm…(Messsge here!)….I am to the point of MAKING something happen, and here again I must admit, I have no-thing to move forward into. No-thing. Along with the net feeling of being “trapped” (I am a very free spirit) and realizing even if I wanted to get pushy and move forward, I have absolutely zip zero zilch to move forward towards.

        Is this not the most ridiculous situation ever? Once I got over the tears and took another nap (something I have been doing a LOT lately) I began to giggle to myself. So here is the picture.

        Team is sure not giving me diddly squat about anything (TOO quiet), my nature is to rebel (my downfall) and being a very get go type of person I haven’t stopped pushing, and now, the more I try to change my situation the tighter the “bonds” feel, and when I do stop struggling, I realize what the heck am I even trying to change when I have nothing to step into?


        Upside down inside out! FRUS-TRA-TION.

        And on top of all this no-thing I have attempted to do IN the world for the past 20 years has succeeded. Always a dead end. Say what? Meanwhile my world has been chipped down to one person and that person being my main assignment, is not on my page (of course) yet in he I see rapid forward movement for the first time in over 20 years. He’s moving! And I stagnate with hardly any interest or love left in what I have in my life? Silly? Nuts? You tell me…….


        And Alex does it have it very right this “imagined place” being the real place yet yet yet I do so want to touch it, feel it, BE it, know it, see it, flow with it in a tangible way and just not in words.

        Yep, Emma, my words have come back. With an edge of sorts. I’ve been known for truth saying and yeah I love to sugar coat and be in HIGH yet I must have reality checks once in a while. For what? Heck if I know.

        Love and lots of understanding, Amy

        Sent from my iPad

    2. Hi Leslie and also Emma, I guess we’ve all been there at various times and certainty about anything isn’t always a helpful thing when it comes to living from the heart.

      I was given a phrase that ‘came to me’ in a recent newsletter I wrote recenty – it is this:

      “Living from the heart means living in the mystery.” Pause and reflect on that one…

      and a funny but profound quote that has been attributed to many:

      “Prediction is a risky business, especially if it involves the future.”

      If you want to read the whole blog – which is based around Spheres Of Light though it applies to life in general you can see it at:

      Joyfully, Philip 🙂

      1. Ack, ack and double ack! LOL i typed out this GREAT mind blowing piece and it just vanished! Well, there is always a reason for that and so I will paraphrase…philly, you hit the nail on the head in your heart centered statement and I am feeling and seeing all of us shifting from a DOing mentality and construct to a BEing mentality and then, even though this is the place we were always supposed to reside–we are like Whaaaa??? what do I do now? well, you BE in your heart and no matter what is happening, you BE yourself in your heart and that actively sends out love to the world! Wow–so easy! Why didn’t we all see that before? LOL cause we were all busy Doing!

        I am also a bit surprised that so much in the way of channeling right now is all about “you will find your role, you will find your path…” so action oriented when we are creation oriented beings! Imagination, meditation, sharing love, experiencing love, spinning the energy, grounding, sharing here–all important parts of Being….and so, while I know I have some stuff to Do, I will focus much more on the state of living in love and all the other stuff will flow as it should…

        I also wanted to say, I have been thinking about the fact that what is out there to DO right now might not be necessarily something I want to DO from my state of being a love and light spinner…maybe we all need a bit of time for the outside to catch up with what we want to be Doing….so I am chilling and knowing that the good stuff, what is gonna bring me joy because I am a being of love and light–will come at the Perfect time, when I am fully capable of rocking its socks off!

        Just sayin….and lovin you all! alex

        1. Oh Alex, know that feeling when you type something out then lose it!

          So happy the living from the heart message resonated for you!

          You are right, we are so used to ‘doing’ we are/were ‘educated’ to do when actually we’re human ‘beings’ – how strange is that!

          Interesting that point about many of the chanellings too.

          I was ‘being with it’ it all a bit further and was reminded that when I deliver talks or writing etc on any subject that is coming right from my heart I never really know what I am going to say before the words come out and then I am amazed at the result… a reminder to be in the heart in the moment and you will be given what is right and perfect for that moment!!!

          Joyfully, Philip 🙂

  19. BTW. My kids are restless. Having a little flu-like symptoms and were just exhausted yesterday… I am sure they are “surfing the waves too” and it takes the toll!

    1. I read your post and I felt I had to give my support and tell you that I hear and feel you ….. but no words to explain it …. now I can only say so great encouragement and you are doing very well. … just that.
      I love you Lara, everything will be fine, it can not be otherwise.

  20. Dear Ones,
    so I had the strangest weekend – I too was traveling but just for one night. I went to celebrate my best friend birthday party abroad (together we were 5-7, those “extra 2 my friends Mom and her friend). I ended up being accused to “be negative and bringing negative energy” to the party by that “best friend”. I had no idea what happened really. I feel like I did nothing of those accusations. I was maybe tired (had woken up 3AM ect) and got excited to talk about my new life coach career with a person that asked so many questions about it.
    So, I ended up leaving the party after just the first drinks. I felt like I was stabbed. Crying like mad. I really had the saddest moment in my life in the streets there. I prayed. A woman came to me. Hugged me. Invited me to the local bar for a drink and to her nearby home for a conversation. I have never felt such love in my life from anybody. She was my angel.
    In the morning I meditated and this was the first time I felt LOVE. I saw in my inner eyes pink, orange light and it was SO BEAUTIFUL!!!
    The same day I met a homeless man on a bench. He was very polite. We chatted and he was very kind. He said “why do you need to write books about life if your every day is a present”. He had the compassion that was lacking to my friends Mom who half-shoutedly coldly said: “you have no right of ruining other people’s party – you are not the only one having problems”. At that point I WAS crying already and told that I have a custody court case coming up.
    I am still very confused that “what happened”… I know my friend has not “followed a spiritual path” but I always considered her nice and my good friend. It is like I am living in a strange dream. It is not a nightmare but very very strange.

    What do you think about this?

    🙂 Lara

    1. Alex, thank you for your kind and wise advice in the last post. I decided to repost it here. Maybe it serves some other’s too going through similar stuff! I find in very hard to comprehend sometimes. If feels so cruel. However, I feel that IT IS GOING TO BE OK! In my case this friend is a Godmother to my daughter (she forgot her birthday already last month) so we’ll see what happens…

      Love to you all!

      🙂 L.

    2. Hi Lara, I can empathise with your distress. The ‘light’ can bring forward seemingly strange things at times which we find hard to grasp at the time… only to see the reason later…

      One thing I observed was the energy of ‘criticism’ that seemed to be coming in your direction. What many don’t realise is criticism of another is a manifestation of something to be healed within the person doing the criticism. That awareness puts it in a whole new light… So if you are coming in for some ‘stick’ it helps to hold that awareness! Trust this may help in some way.

      Joyfully, Philip 🙂

    3. Dearest Lara,

      You left a family member and close friend in tears,
      your path was immediately lightened by 2 people. How beautiful.

      What does this make you think of ? 🙂

  21. Thank you Aisha and CC. Thank you, Aisha for being back with us. We love you beyond beyond. Love to us all in this beautiful Pond. Luv. J.

  22. Hello Aisha glad to see you back! Thank you once again to you and the CCs for this message that resonates… and I see already unfolding in different ways.

    Pondwellers – glad to connect with you all again!

    I am back from our family trip (which was lovely), various other family things and then some catching up and some stuff to sort with the Spheres Of Light work which I am being strongly urged to share ever more widely! Any ideas welcome!!! Its completely open source and available to all with total freedom – in fact the only way it works for the highest good!

    Have read as many comments on 301/300 as I could fit in here and there. Wow! Lots of amazing sharing going on as ever… there is just so much love here and plenty of bubbles of joy (SOL)… and I send much love and positive vibes to you all especially if you’ve had a challenging time which I know from what I’ve read some have!

    Oh just rememered Aisha, Lissie… had a dream a few days ago now which may mean something to Lissie (your sister that is – but may not!) and I thought I must mention it when I/you are back:

    As I recall the essence of it, was there was some ‘reconnecting going on’ with some references to reconnective healing which I did train in but the essence was to do with ‘reconnecting’ – people, places etc. In the dream I was reminded that I had been connected to this pond via another person which had led/was leading me to someone by the name of Liz … there seemed to be a Norweigan connection/energy in that there were a lot of trees. I think they’d all been felled.

    In reviewing the dream. The tree part reminded me of a metaphor we used to talk about in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) – the analogy being that when you get to the core issue you can fell all the trees (i.e. energy blockages in one go). The reconnecting definitely had a Norweigan feel to it. And I thought who is Liz? What came was Aisha’s sister… but for the life of me not sure why and I could be completely off the mark! So, it if it makes sense in any way – glad to hear but if not that is just fine… so don’t feel the need to respond unless it means anything! It may just be a message about the importance of the pond as a ‘reconnecting vehicle’.

    Much love and Spheres Of Light/Bubbles Of Joy to you all!!

    Philip 🙂

    1. We missed you Philly!!!! So glad you had a good time with your family! I am just stunned here because a few weeks ago our new neighbor cut down ALL the huge trees (at least 20 of them) in their hilled back garden to make room for a patio. I spent quite a few days feeling the saddness of the local trees at the loss of their brothers and sisters, but I wanted to stress to you that all the trees are indeed connected not only energetically but trees connect to each other with real physical pathways through their roots. This also brings to mind the CC’s mentioning this connective web of light….big hugs, bubbles and spheres and glad you are back! Alex

      1. Oh thank you Alex!

        Seems our comments have crossed as it were! I have just commented on your other post!

        Gosh I can imagine the sadness with all those trees going. I’ve always felt that tinge when I see a tree going down.

        I feel everything is interconnected and so the trees must surely feel it…

        Lots of love, bubbles, spheres to you, your hubby – read that there have been a few challenges…

        Philip 🙂

    2. ooooo Phillip
      Just know that I’ve seen that avatar again with red motif and I said … yujuuuuuuuu Phillip is back (and bright smile lit up my face) …. I’ve missed you so much.
      Very glad you enjoyed vacation time
      much love

    3. Hello Philip, and welcome back! I am glad to see that you had a nice holiday too :–) When I read about your dream the only thing I hear is the Beatles’ song “Norwegian Wood” over and over again. I have also been on a reconnective healing seminar with Eric Pearl, it was in Sweden a few years ago. Maybe that is the link here? I asked my sister about your dream, but it does not trigger anything for her.
      Love and light, Aisha

      1. That’s probably it Aisha… the reconnective… reconnecting link!

        I once heard that Norway was the most ‘reconnected’ per capita from the RH people according to their records! Have to say though that I’ve moved on from RH now as a result of Spheres Of Light.

        Interesting about the Norwegian wood – I often get messages with songs!

        Thanks for checking it out.

        Joyfully, Philip 🙂

  23. Dearest CC’s it was so good to feel your energy and words today. I am giggling because one thing you said has been so true for me, and that is deep breaths. You see, I am in the process of quitting smoking. Weird huh that a light worker still smokes, but you know, there are many of us who do and many more who know smoking isnt all that bad for us, but I digress…I simply wish to be free of any form of addiction, be it television, smoking, chewing gum, whatever–I want to be completely free…and so, your mention of taking really deep breaths, whenever I feel the urge to turn into my addiction, I take a very deep cleansing breath and feel the love pour into me!

    Also, this works very well into my vision that I had the other day of us all standing around the pond and releasing our old bonds (like a fishing net) and negative attachements from all others and now we are connecting to these new light and love nets which do not entangle us and hold us back, but support us and hold us together…this reminds me strongly of the taking down of the old archon net which was put up to enslave us and the new crystalline grid of our blessed mother Gaia that is a reformulation of the original life grid that encircled Gaia when she was born and was meant to support all of us with love and light. This new web of love is getting stronger daily and the connections with new people are also getting stronger…

    Very true about wishing that I knew what the heck I should be doing–and in the interim I will simply flow the love–no matter how frustrated any of us feel, we can always do that–we can always simply make flowing the love, or anchoring the light into Gaia our job–because it is an important job! Being happy and joyful, and full of dance and song is always a great place to be and then when your “job” differentiates for you–simply shift into that!

    Feels good to me! And all you blessed pond dwellers, please send out a special bolt of light for me to be smoke free!!! Loving you all! I am giggling because i think a lot of folks dont even realize Aisha posted a new message and are still in the 301 comment room interacting away~

    Love and light–Alex

    1. Hi Alex,

      Just wanted to say I read your vision a short while ago and thought it was wonderful, amazing and much much more…

      … and I know you can let go of the smoking…

      Joyfully, Philip 🙂

      1. Thanks Philly!

        You know what is funny about it all? it comes down to a freedom thing for me–and then when I am focusing on my freedom “it” says to me, well, you are pushing me around, I am free and I can do anything I want to do! And I say, yes you can, but you are being influenced and that is NOT free–and so the argument goes on..LOL I realized this freedom issue is not only going on with me but with all members of my loving family group right now on different levels–I have even seen them having arguments with themselves as to how something done in their own best interests is putting a downer on their fun! LOL how complex the mind’s discussions can be and another reminder to get into the heart space and from there sooth the mind/ego with love and comfort! 🙂 Thanks for the kind words–Alex

        1. Dear Alex, I’m right there with you – le puff le pant – been smoking forever, except for the five years I gave up and my body went haywire. There’s more to this than meets the eye. When governments world wide go to such lengths to make us quit, it makes me suspicious, and I’m aware of the link between nicotine and acetylcholine in the brain.

          Since when were governments genuinely concerned for the health of the masses? Until I know for sure, I’m not going to put myself through all that withdrawal trauma. When people give me a hard time about smoking, I sometimes say “It keeps the vampires away”. Maybe there’s a grain of truth in that??

          I’ll be very interested to read what others are saying ….later….much later (busy busy).

          Much love


          1. Ha ha ha 😀
            Applauding Alex on her choice.
            Elle, I smoke too. And I’m not quitting for now. I feel this will happen if it will, and I will feel it’s time.

            About this, I will bring in Lisa Gawlas. I read her posts, and have a tremendous laugh when she writes about climbing up on the Mesa for connecting, and then lights one up there 😉
            Or is fixing herself a hearty bacon breakfast 🙂

            There is no right or wrong “way”. As long as we listen to our bodies. Some may feel to switch to veggie diet, or even raw food only, some not. Some smoke, some don’t. There is no alienation, no judgment.

            And, btw, I too feel something “off” about these great anti-smoking campains. Alcoohol kills and creates havoc sometimes, but I don’t see it “forbidden” 😉

            1. “I’m not quitting for now. I feel this will happen if it will, and I will feel it’s time.” Voilà 🙂

              I remember someone (Maybe Aristotles ? Avicenne ? …) wrote : “We do not possess what we eat, but what we eat possesses us” (maybe he meant “through our 5 senses”). By eating or drinking (or maybe smoking too), we attract positive or negative entities. Even the “negative ones” – as we are inclined to interprete them as the “bad ones” or “dark ones” – try to show us the right way, but through more difficult experiences. I have noticed that their common point has always been the following : they all try to show us the most ethical way…

              Examples : if we eat chocolate that is a source of war in Africa, a banana cause of exploitation and poverty in Central America, or if we buy some cheap stuff manufactured by children in an eastern country, etc. The elementals are connected to all-that-is and to our cells. They know everything about us. Nobody can cheate them.

              The so-called “ascension process” is an ethical process.

              1. Thanks Dominique. I am trying to say that as well…
                but, I like the way you put it.

              2. I hear you Dominique 🙂

                Just to add that the “so called” ascension process is a non-judgemental LOVE process 🙂

                Ethics can also become man-made dramas 😉

                1. Oh Brianna and Alex! You just reminded me of another great line of wisdom I came across:

                  “Morality is a false coin, it deceives people.”

                  By the way for everyone’s benefit both this one and the prior one came from a book I read with one of Osho’s talks… I know he was a controversial character to some but I know when things resonate as do we all here!

                  Joyfully, Philip 🙂

            2. Brianna, I have to disagree with you. When you talk about smoking, are you talking about weed or cigarettes? Of course , many people find an expanded awareness that they never had from smoking weed. But, that expansion can only bring one so far. But, I have never heard of anyone having any expanded awareness from smoking cigarettes! lol Quite the contrary. nicotine is of one of those addictive drugs that keeps one locked in a closed consciousness.
              It makes people stuff their emotions and keeps the brain and nervous system on a superficial frequency. One of the reasons it is so hard to give up smoking or any addiction for that matter, is that all the emotional stuff that the addiction has been used to suppress will start to surface making the addict CRAVE the addictive substance they are trying to give up in order to push back down all the emotions and thoughts that have been avoided through the addiction behavior. Of course, there is the matter of certain drugs being physiologically addictive, which also adds to the difficulty of giving up an addictive substance.
              And, just because someone is a channel, and I am not referring to our sweet MASTER AISHA, but there are a lot of people who are channels but they are not necessarily MASTERS or attempting mastery, so their diet or behavior should not be an example to those of us who are looking to WALK THE WALK and not just TALK THE TALK.
              I cannot even listen to the “Lisa Gawles” roller coaster. I learned quickly that I did not resonate with her at all. So, I moved beyond the temptation of reading her stuff which usually left me feeling like I had been in a car accident. Her info may be interesting, and have golden nuggets but the delivery brings me down.
              I may be wrong, but from my understanding, we need to give up” all that does not serve us.” And, when we are looking to achieve higher consciousness, addictive behaviors have always been the first thing that one needs to eliminate.
              Maybe I am wrong, and maybe your guides and angels are doing it all FOR YOU. and you don’t have to give anything up. Maybe it is really just our Birthrite and all we need to do is to intend that we ASCEND. Maybe it was just the third dimension where, in order to achieve a higher state of consciousness and mastery of ourselves , we needed to give up addictions. But, My guidance tells me that we do need to give these things up.
              It is also completely possible that of each our soul paths has different intentions as far as our level of mastery and initiation.

              I am going to admit, that I am shocked that anyone would have not given full attention to giving up cigarettes, drugs and alcohol, when one has decided that they are desiring to attain for “purer” states of consciousness. Clearly drugs, cigarettes and alcohol CLOUD the mind and kill the pain. That is why people do them !!!
              The ascension process is all about letting all our STUFF come up so we can deal with it and let it go!! So, the addictive behaviors prevent that from happening. PERIOD.
              I struggled to give up the weed last year, but as soon as I did, my ascension process kicked into high gear and I had my kundalini experience. To clarify, I only smoked at night and not every night and not where it would bother other people 🙂 I, also, gave up sex for a while when I gave up pot, which helped my kundalini energy build up and so, I quickly had my pineal gland activated.
              It is impossible to feel the higher vibrations when one is feeling the sensations of the nervous system on drugs. The HIGHER vibrations are of a subtle nature and the drugs keep a person in the so called grosser/denser vibrations. For me, coffee/caffeine and processed sugar also affect my nervous system strongly. I have given up the coffee and that made a huge difference in my ability to feel peaceful.
              I have given up my addiction to sugar, but still have some when I want. I know it would be better to stop it completely.
              That is my last weakness. And, I am aware that I use it when I am feeling alone and lonely…and bored with this cocoon stage.

              But, DEAR PONDERS and DEAR AISHA, please tell me your opinions about this subject about needing to give up our addictions to achieve our harmonious STATES and our Ascension.
              AISHA, do you have an opinion about this you could share with us?
              Were you getting drunk all weekend at your gathering? 🙂 Am I being too strict and hard on myself? It is possible that this strategy is from lifetimes of striving for ascension in the third dimension. Maybe we don’t need to give it all up in the 5th Dimension?
              CRAZYHORSE,. Please do share your opinions on this subject with me because I know you contemplate these issues to the core like I do.
              Personally, I feel that a person smoking cigarettes in public is basically saying, “I am thinking only of myself, and I don’t care or want to think about how this smoke will bother other people who are obviously going to breathe it in.”
              I think it is, by definition, an UNCONSCIOUS behavior. And if a person was truly CONSCIOUS, they would not be able to do it anymore. If not for their own sake, then for the sake of others. I have never understood that behavior at all. It truly saddens me. I find it the most inconsiderate of behaviors. To pollute one’s own lungs and the lungs of others makes no sense to me.
              Personally, when I envision a world of peace and HARMONY, and PARADISE on EARTH of the 5th DIMENSION, I do pray that there is no more cigarette smoke! I pray that I will be able to sit in a park without cigarette smoke blowing in my face. And, as far as I concerned, anyone holding that cigarette that is blowing in my face is not thinking for the GOOD OF ALL and basically not thinking about others AT ALL, which is the FIRST and ONLY PREMISE of the 5th DIMENSION!

              I hope I do not offend anyone with my views here about cigarette smoking and I apologize if I did, but this is not facebook and I am being honest here.

              LOVE AND LIGHT!
              MIchael Merkabaman

              1. Mark, you may be right …. but this whole digression is trial and 3D …. and ascension is a process of unity and integration, not suspension or withdrawal, everything must be integrated, the good and the not as good (no universal truths). The ego is there too and not a bad thing either, just needs his space and not paying much attention when it is time. With the theme snuff think it’s the same, with each of our actionswe must not keep an eye on ourselves / judging all the time, is a way to not let flow and veto everything goes as it should go … My humble opinion
                One side of smoking;)
                I love you Mark
                Ps: Nice pic, yes sir

                1. Emma, this is MIchael. Were you commenting on my message and my pic? I don;t see anything from Mark above so I am thinking yo meant me? 🙂 I think that there is a huge difference between discernment and Judgement. And, I know what you mean about the
                  “keeping an eye on one’self” but there is n inner journey without it either, now, is there?
                  LOVE YOU TOO. yes, maam.

                  1. Mark or Merk (abaman) is almost the same, isn’t it? 😉 . Sorry, do not know why Mark has come out of my mouth ….. I guess you remind me of someone …

              2. Micheal, there are many paths to ascension and for each of us it is different. There are many who think most folks have it backwards. We evolve and ascend from the inside out and nothing we put from the outside in affects our ascension as long as we are in alignment with what we are putting into our bodies. It cannot be otherwise in my book. As for smoking specifically there is much information out there that says it really isn’t bad for you at all but because you inhale it into your lungs it was the obvious choice to point to in relation to the increased lung cancer rates occuring after the first nuclear bombs went off–statistics show that those rates continued to increase even after the number of smokers decreased significantly….Another ploy by the masters to turn us away from the real truth? I think so and so do many others, but all that matters is what you think.

                Nothing in this world is “harmful” to us unless we deem it so. Nothing in the outside can accelerate or decelerate our ascension except for lack of or increased LOVE and love is all about allowing and accepting.

                I drink, I have sex, I occasionally smoke weed and I smoke cigarettes on and off (two days going on three days off) heck, I also masturbate, alot, and I am on the path. I eat meat, I drink coffee, I have the occassional cookie, and I am also on the path. My connection to source is strong, and I have never had a single indication that giving something up that brings me JOY would be the correct way to go–that said, I did say I wanted to quit smoking but only because I felt it restricted my Freedom, not because it restricted my ascension. Big difference. I know I am in vibrational alignment with all the things I actively choose to do and therefore its all cool for me. If you cannot get into vibrational alignment with it, then it isnt for you! Nuff said-there is No one way my friend, there is only and always Your way and if it is working for you, then keep working it for you! 🙂

                As for lisa, I happen to LOVE that wicked rocking roller coaster ride. I also love heavy metal, driving fast with the windows down, banging loud on the drums and living life OUT Loud….but I accept that there are different strokes for different folks and its ALL cool! big hugs Micheal! Loving you! 🙂 Alex

                1. Thanks Alex! Whatever floats your boat is fine with me!
                  I like what you say about vibrational alignment!
                  LOVE YOU, TOO.

                  1. 🙂 🙂 🙂 This really plays into something else that is interesting…the idea that ALL experience is valid in the eyes of source and we must accept all experience as possibility and as valid even if it is not “for us”…..there is no need to fight about the rightness or wrongness of anything “in general” because it absolutely ONLY matters if something is right or wrong for us! Wow……thanks Micheal for helping me to bring that out! Without your discussion I wouldn’t have even thought down that path! Hugs! Love you too!!!!! Alex

                2. Right on, Alex. And thank you, Michael, for bringing this up. By the way, wanted to mention further to my post back to Alex regarding quitting smoking that while I’ve let go of tobacco for the time being, I inhale/meditate with/pray with cannabis on a daily basis right now to help me through some integration challenges (childhood abuse stuff), and just to continue to teach myself what it is to feel “good” after a lifetime of suffering. I will work with it until it is no longer necessary. I am so grateful for our beautiful plant teachers – tobacco, cannabis, peyote, mushrooms and all the others I have yet to try – because they have helped me and so many beings awaken! Gaia grows them for us with such love! Getting tears right now just thinking of how blessed we are to have them. Much love to you all and ROCK ON with your conscious choices! : )))

                3. Alex, I am at the coffee house reading your comment and nearly SPIT my mouthful out…in public…LOL!!!! I am ROLLING!!!!

                  I am in complete agreement with you regarding your comment.
                  I know what feels good and what feels bad to my body.

                  I do believe “everything in moderation”. My body is extremely sensitive to sugar, for example. If I eat more than say, 5g, I feel lethargic and have a difficult time breathing. I LOVE my cocktail hour. Not because I want to “get drunk”, because rarely do I, and actually avoid it. I like my bourbon in the evening. I love the taste, and it takes the edge off ever so slightly and I can open up and get out of my mind, which allows me to receive so much more. I do NOT, however, like any kind of substance such as marijuana. I am allergic to it…I hyperventilate and pass out.

                  Everyone has their own chemistry and knows whats ok for them. I do not judge anyone or what they do. The only “problem” I would have with anything, any substance, is dependence on it to the point where someone isnt dealing with the work to be done…and its not really my problem…or a problem at all perhaps. To each their own.

                  I think we have a misconception here that in order to be a Master or ascend, we must be “perfect, or Pristine”…I tell you, there is no such thing. We are all perfect in our ways…different and perfect.

                  Michael, I think you’ve just got to stop judging yourself, or anything. Nothing is “wrong” except those things we give power to. Anytime someone says. “oh, you better not do that, it causes …blah blah blah…fill in the blank, I say ” I don’t believe that”, if I don’t in fact believe that. I do not give power to those things lest I will “create it”.

                  Thats my two cents worth….and thats all I have to say about that.

                  Love you all,

                  1. LOL it means that occasionally I want a cookie and when I want a cookie (or biscuit or sweet pie or cake, or gelato) I have it and I enjoy every single second of it, while coming into alignment with the joy of it! So rocking! 🙂

                    1. It was much easier than it seemed, as simple as it was what it was. But is that many times you use phrases or acronyms or similarities that I would love you to try the outrage that comes from the mouth of Mr google (and I think ….. yeah right that’s it … jajajja). I can not always stop to ask bullshit . But in this particular case …. I was interested to see if I’m going to be doing something not even know its name ….. And once I ask …. the answer was in the question …. next time will be
                      Of all foras thank you very much for take your time to explain ….. I’m more of donuts, but then almost make a Bingoooooo
                      Love Alex

                4. Alex, I love you. You’re my kind of spiritual heavyweight. And I consider you among the “heaviest of heavies” (kind of like the religious upbringing term, “holiest of holies”).

                  What I really love about you is you truly have it figured out. You’re okay with absolutely everything. You KNOW that everything is God, and you know who you are, and you’ve broken free from all the prohibitions that have enslaved the human species for eons.

                  I’ve been a rebel all my life. And at times its been very, very lonely. I adopted a term I like to use. Instead of living by Man’s laws, I adhere to what I like to term Natural Law. It takes a different set of eyes and a fearless heart to see all this and not be afraid of it. Very few really do, and when I see someone like you I light up like a Christmas tree.

                  I see you, Alex. You’re fearless, and you “get it”. I love you, Great Warrior Spirit.


                  1. Natural law, yes.
                    So much pain still because we suffer from eons of believing in “penance”. Of striving thru sacrifice to be barely “worthy” of.

                    And it’s the “worthy of self-love” that gets the hardest to accept.

                    And, 100 percent agree, Alex is a wonderful soul, but I’d like to tell her that in another reply 😉

                    Love and Bubbles !

              3. Michael,
                I tend to agree with what you have said here. I don’t smoke myself , but don’t criticize others who do.
                I don’t get it either about putting lower vibrations into the body and expecting to ascend. That to me is just spiritual bypassing, and there seems to be much of that going on these days and i am suprised to see that here too. Thank you for having the courage to express what i feel needs to be said. I know what you mean about the car crash. Enough said.
                brother, Crazywolf

                1. Lets discuss how we figure out what the vibration level of something is. Does it have an inherent negative vibration or positive vibration? Or, do WE inmbue it with a vibration based on our notions of it? I see sunlight as a life giving brilliant source of power and love and a manufacturer of vitamin D and it is an extremely positive thing to me. Another sees sunlight as a source of wrinkles, a fader of photographes, a causer of skin cancer and a source of oppressive heat and sweatiness on a summer day and they see it as a very negative thing. The sun, its effects are initially neutral, but the “evaluator” than creates a charge through observation and makes a determination and because the evaluator is divine and can attract what it wants to experience, the initially neutral source of experience is charged.

                  Of course, we can change the charge at any time by changing our hearts and our minds. We have all done this thousands of times in our lives and we will continue to have things change their positions for us, especially if we invest any attention in the 3d world–water is good for you! Water is bad for you! Saturated fat is good for you! Saturated fat is bad for you! LOL…now THAT’s a roller coaster ride and why I opted out–and evaluate every experience and object based on my inner knowing and heart feeling on it.

                  Just some thoughts! Alex

                  1. Now that is an interesting question Alex! I’d love to explore what comes to me on this: everything is a part of the whole and never apart from it.

                    So do ‘things’ carry an intrinsic vibration? Perhaps it relates to its level of consciousness.

                    How we experience it is a personal experience – as in “Truth is an experience not a belief.”

                    So as you say no-thing is intrinsically ‘good’ or ‘bad’ it just IS.

                    If we chose to believe something is ‘bad for us’ and hold in alignment with that ‘intention’ then – it will manifest in one way.

                    If another choses to believe the same things is good and holds in alignment with that ‘intention’ then it will manifest in another.

                    How do people walk across hot coals and not get burnt?

                    We are powerful beings capable of more than we currently realise.

                    Mmm… thanks for bearing with me on this … it has got me wondering … in a good way!

                    Joyfully, Philip 🙂

                2. Thank You Brother, CrazyWolf! I appreciate your backing me up.
                  I just had a feeling from the way you write that you might empathize with what I was saying.
                  LOVE YOU,

              4. My brother Michael 😀

                Why are you so angry ? Don’t be so hard on yourself, you are beautiful, and I love you !

                (in answer, no, I don’t smoke pot, nor do I drink, or extremely seldom). Love you, and I mean it ! 😀

              5. Michael, thank you for opening this up for debate. For whatever it’s worth to anyone this might resonate with: cannabis/smoking weed is not a lower vibration activity, at least not to a lot of folks. It gets grouped in with alcohol and other “drugs” a lot as a lower vibration substance, but in fact many people have found it to be a very high-vibration substance – a gateway to higher dimensions of consciousness, to Michael’s point. It is an excellent tool for rooting out fear and anxiety, by assisting the identification and integration of the core beliefs that cause them. It can be used as a powerful manifestation tool as well. The idea is to learn from it and eventually match its frequency without using it as a crutch. My life has literally reached a new level of abundance, happiness, peace and productivity with it. It is certainly not for everyone. Wishing everyone bountiful blessings of any teaching, substance, idea, person, place or thing that will assist them on their own unique path. LOVE!

              6. Dear Michael, I have been honered to smoke the chanupa doing the holy pipe-ceremony passed down to the Sioux from buffalo calf woman.

                This ceremony in conjunction with the sweetlodge and the blood offerings empowered me to reopen a channel to the goddes Freyja and quit alkohol entirely. But this channel was originally opened by alcohol.

                3-4 years ago I was shown a vision. My goddes showed me to timelines one were I was a happy alcoholic and one were I did not drink alcohol. There was no judgement in either vision. She told me if I wanted to put into action all the things I talkt about, I would have to quit alcohol completely.

                My Indian teacher told me, when asked a simular question. There are no right and wrong ways concerning the use of drugs, it is an individual thing. The important thing is to realize that the drug is a spirit and has to be honered as such. Another problem could be if the drug is no longer available.

                Personally for me the drug alcohol, which derives from a’hol in the semitic language which could be interpreted as spirit , was a liberator and helped me brake free of fear and insecurity to a certain point being that I was lifted into the light. So from my experience You can’t judge a thing as right or wrong if You take it out of its context of time and space and to that add how Your heart is responding to the act of consuming the drug in that time and in that space, be it alcohol, food or anything else in the 3D realm.


              7. Hi Michael

                A couple of things for consideration on the smoking issue. I’ve just come back to reading here and I love it, but don’t have time for much more at the moment. To me, Brianna’s words leap from the screen, so there’s not much for me to add.

                I smoke only tobacco, so don’t have first hand experience with marijuana except a couple of very small tries. Not impressed enough to carry on with that. I do sympathise with your reaction to smoke in public, I feel the same way about shared body odour – tee hee. However, may I suggest that it is largely a learned response – a quite recent and deliberate mind program. For proof of this you don’t need to go back far in our history, just watch Casablanca or any old movie, or time travel to hospital wards where big poster ads for cigarettes plastered the walls, or tune into the rites and ceremonies of the ancient tribal elders where tobacco smoke was an intrinsic element. Tobacco does not suppress emotions, it helps the body to cope with them. Big difference. There’s more, but that will do for now.

                You could also try googling ‘acetylcholine and nicotine’ and you will find scientific documentation of the role of both caffeine and nicotine in improving communication between brain synapses (nicotine being the most powerful of the two) – thereby increasing mental acumen. Remember also please, that cigarettes were issued to soldiers during the first and second world wars because it was known that nicotine and the physical actions of smoking calmed the nerves and sharpened the senses. Ask yourself why anyone would want to demonise a substance that improves rational thought.

                Check out Joe Vialls (now deceased) work on the depleted uranium/lung cancer/blame tobacco connections. With your ‘sugar addictiion’ please remember that Monsanto (my satan) is responsible for the horrors of aspartame and other artificial sweeteners, whereas the Creator gave us pure sugar cane and beets and with all due respect lovely Michael, you are once again being programmed.

                Lastly, I’m not into ASCENSION and I don’t need to give up anything, take up anything, or BE anything I’m not already to qualify. I’m into LIVING WITHOUT LIMITATION, living as a SOVEREIGN BEING, immortal and full of grace. I AM THE PROCESS AND SO ARE YOU.

                Much love


                1. YEAH!!! Elle! Awesome! wow you kicked it pretty good there! 🙂 loving you and joining you as a sovereign divine being living it out Loud! 🙂 Alex

                2. Elle, when you want to make a calm point, you sure rock at it, Spicy Aussie Sister. 🙂

                  Alex, you really put yourself out there, and thank you for that. Reading all your replies is a continuous experience in non-judgemental harmony ! Thank you sister, for sharing plain and square.
                  Love you !

                3. That was awesome information, Elle, thank you for sharing it. “Living as a sovereign being”…without limitation. I LOVE IT! :))) What a great dialogue this has been. Moved me into a deeper experience of non-judgment, which is always welcome. Thanks to all for making it happen.

              8. Michael, my true brother of the light, YOU ARE 99% RIGHT! Just add eating meat and your thought is 100% RIGHT. I never smoked, left animals meat when I was 20 and alcohol 2 year ago. Energy flows through my body without resistance. I never felt ANYTHING of what is ALWAYS (symptoms) talked here in this Pond by many people.

                Our body is being made anew, being the biggest work, the new DNA sequences. What we put in our body/system interferes with all these complex processes being unfolding at cellular level. EVERYBODY must be aware of what they are doing to their sublime bodies using nicotine, alcohol, animal meat and other hazardous substances easily found in processed foods and drinks, in ANY QUANTITY. If you fail to develop just 1 (one) new sequence of DNA because of POISON in your system, this means 1 (one) less dimension you can master. Please, Think about it carefully.

                This opportunity of Ascension for humanity is just 1 (one) in several hundreds of thousand of years. Each one of us must use it very wisely.

                Darkness made all the dogmas to enslave us forever. Think carefully what you are doing when you consume nicotine, alcohol, any other drugs, animal meats with hundreds of hormones and chemical products, carbonated beverage with kilos of white processed sugar, etc.

                Your Angelical Ascension Team is doing the best they can to help you. But you have to do your part too. The best outcome certainly depends of OUR contribution in this process.

                This is my personal opinion on this VERY IMPORTANT MATTER.

                1. Dear Nohmad

                  100% right? Are you totally sure about that, dear one?

                  By this reasoning, elite athletes – provided they are vegan non-smoking teetotallers who abstain from sex – are guaranteed access to all dimensions, but a child with cancer whose body is full of chemotherapy but whose soul is pure, is stopped at the gate.

                  I believe that Source, Creator of All That Is, considers tweaking a human body to enable full consciousness mere child’s play.




                  1. There’s a biblical tale about a man who went running after Jesus in the street to tattle about a neighbour who ate meat on the Sabbath.

                    Jesus said “It is not what a man puts into his mouth that defiles him, but what comes out of it”.

                    Worth pondering, perhaps ………..

                    Imperfect Elle, wrong a lot of the time, so take no notice of me.

                    1. There is a woman who insists on staying walking even though MRI’s show massive damage to her spine. This same woman chooses to take prescription pain medications to have quality of life to cope with chronic pain. Again this same woman, heard very clearly when she was very concerned these pills would do her great harm, “Consider these pills a Blessing, a way for you to attain all you shall with no harm to you”. This woman chooses to believe what she heard and no longer fights being in pain but does take the relief found in a pill.

                      This woman chose to walk a Path of Suffering in order to gain GOD.

                      Just imperfect me whose thoughts are still not strong enough to over come pain. Imperfect me striving for Masterhood who puts “chemicals” in her body to maintain sanity. Me, who experiences Perfect Bliss, Heaven on Earth, falling into Rainbows, Divine Merging with GOD, seeing the Eye of GOD…….. my GOD knows my situation and knows my Heart and my GOD shall make sure my “junk” DNA are all connected. Amen!

                      Food for thought.

                      I Love you, Elle. You are real. And then some. LOL

                      Hugs galore, Amy

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                    2. Yes Amy love – praise God and pass the panadol – or morphine, whatever it takes to keep putting one foot in front of the other. We do the best we can with what we’ve got.

                      Much love to you mon ami.


                    3. I would like to make it very clear, that each of us is on her or his own unique path in life. What counts to me is where the Heart is.

                      Oh, yes, I am aware of carcinogens and toxins and what they do to a 3D body. I have experienced this body in variable degrees of dis-ease which has been a Great Blessing to me in many ways. These conditions motivated me to live more healthily.

                      I eat mainly whole foods, drink only water, no soda, no alcohol, I don’t smoke and I live as clean a life as I can. I won’t eat microwaved foods or for that matter refuse to even use my microwave period. If I didn’t live in chronic pain I wouldn’t be taking the meds I do, and no, it is not morphine, something I am actually allergic to.

                      Yet, I do still eat ice cream and I do still eat chocolate. Recently I cut coffee out of my diet because it was just time, my body no longer wanting it. I listen to my body, and when I do consume something my body does’t like, I know it.

                      Each body is unique and what is right for one is not for another. I do my very best to walk hand in hand with GOD and yes it does have everything to do with the choices I make in ALL areas of my life, not just substance as to what I put in my body.

                      As an RN I know the damages of cigarette smoking and alcohol on a 3D body. Yet no one can say what is right for another for only that person understands where he/she is coming from. I have no right to say what you must do or should do or tell you this that and the other is the only way for you. No.

                      I accept all here at this POND for who you are, not for what you eat or don’t eat. Ascension is a personal journey, at least that is what I have come to see. And no matter how many “flaws” any of us have, and we all have them, I choose to see Perfection in all of you, because you are Divine Incarnate walking this Earth.

                      I Love all of you. I see you Hearts, I feel your Souls.

                      Love, Lady of Roses

                      Sent from my iPad

                    4. I cherish and agree with everything you said, Elle, except one thing – you are PERFECT, not imperfect. : ) With this exchange, you and MomAmy have enriched my understanding of unconditional love for one’s unique self, needs and choices. I love you both so much.

                    5. Hahahahaha Now, Heather, that is something I would say! And it is in fact. Funny how that imperfect word came from me. Just another reminder for me to stay humble. (smile)

                      I Love you more, my Courageous Sister of Yoga and Light! Amy

                      Sent from my iPad

                2. I gotta say that for you Nomad, if this is your belief then it is true for you and certainly you should stay on the path because it is strongly ingrained in you. I would also say that even being 1000% clean would not be enough because your body is being bombarded with xrays, microwaves, EM waves, cell waves, solar waves, radiation, etc. and there is nothing you can do about those things if you believe them to be bad for you.

                  I know for me, in my space of love, with the assistance of my blessed brother and sister trees that all the radiation and pollution is transmuted through their loving care and the air is purified, and the water is purified and the radiation is transmuted. This is my belief and it is so.

                  We are divine beings creating our own reality. What you focus on, what you give your attention to, what you wish to be, is so.

                  I would also add to Elle’s comment that most elite athletes have a much shortened life span…look it up, so much for clean living!

                  Again, I honor your right to think any way you wish to think that works for you, and I defend my right to think any way I wish to think that works for me. I know my truth and it is so. this is what we have to learn folks and I have been saying it for a while–there is ONLY one path and that path is our own individual one…Hugs all and thanks for this vigorous discussion today! Alex

                  1. Yes, yes, yes, Alex. All paths and truths are true. All are equal and valid. Thank you for your strong but gentle reminders of this. I can’t hear it enough right now. And thank you for inspiring me to connect with trees more, too!

          2. ““It keeps the vampires away”. Maybe there’s a grain of truth in that??” Yes, as long as the tobacco is natural with no artifical aroma or harmful additives added.

            I reply “… oui mais ça éloigne les vampires” (in French) too, and “…C’est encore plus puissant que l’ail” (even more powerful than garlic – to keep the vampires away) 🙂

            (Organic) tobacco has been a shamanic herb for a long time. There are no shamans in the governements. They allow +3000-6000 (in Europe : 6000 now) harmful poisons added to cigarettes by most manufacturers. Only 1/3 of a modern cigarette is composed of (not full leaf of, but reconstitued) tobacco (grown with the help of pesticides and calcium phosphate containing the radioactive polonium-210 element as in ALL non-organically grown vegetables). Those added poisons are used to attract the consumer to their specific brand. Most artificial food manufacturers (all the well known brands) use the same method.

            Much more harmful : Wi-fi, GMO, nanoparticles in food and soft drinks, almost all big pharma products, wheat (including whole grain wheat), soy, animal products, most Internet sites with hypnotic flashing ads, TV news, newspapers (because we eat through our 5 senses : “The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers.” – Thomas Jefferson)

            I smoke the most natural tobacco I can find here. In all my dreams, I have never seen anything important about tobacco (except in a recent one : that I should smoke a little bit less lol – because of the CO and the heart pulse) or (organic) coffee. Many dreams concern food products and the matter is much more important than what most people think.

            (Hopi Elder’s United Nations Speech October 10, 2011 – I posted the link a few months ago).

            Anyway, there is no definitive answer about tobacco. It depends on the quantity and… … the quality.

            1. Great stuff , Dominique. And LOVE the Thomas Jefferson quote. I have never heard that before.

          3. Lol!!!! Love it!

            Elle, ever tried one of those vapor contraptions, or e-cigarette?
            A Friend of mine had one the other night and let me sample… At first it was ‘ok’ but then I noticed a taste that I can only describe as fuel-like,
            Or something one woul put in an engine as a greaser? And slightly sweet.
            I meant to look up the ingredients…
            Anyway, my point is, everyone is touting these as ‘safe’, but my body said ‘not-safe’.

            Love you little Aussie!

            1. Studies show that those e-cigarettes are very harmful.

              One day, a person who had stopped smoking became addicted to replacement patches and chewing gums sold by Big Pharma. She asked me how she could stop those new addictions. I replied “Take a cigarette” 😀

              1. I am concerned not only because of the taste and feeling, but I just looked up the components and granted, I’m not a biologist, but some of these components that may very well be ‘safe’ for digestion doesn’t mean they are safe to be Inhaled- a ‘greaser’ in the lung? Hmmmm doesn’t sound good to me… Common sense above all else. I listen to my body… It never lies… 😀

                1. Yes. Who listens to his body is the only real biologist 😉 He has learned through the experimental way and not in books or in famous universities. That’s why most specialists in medicine can’t help people and are “soulless” : they have not lived the case in their flesh and mind. Many religious teachers who repeat the Bible don’t know what they are talking about. Studying everything about a country in encyclopaedias is not the same as visiting (for a few months or years, not for 2 or 3 weeks) or living in a country, etc.

            2. Hiya Phoenix

              Yep, tried the electronic gizmos – had fun puffing on one in a coffee shop once, hoping someone would have a go at me but no-one did. Buggar!

              Have to say, the taste doesn’t appeal, neither does the feel of hard plastic in the mouth. And yes, the chemicals in there – who knows? This body is a chemical repository extraordinaire, I don’t want to pollute it with different, foreign toxins…tee hee.

              I think I got Bri mixed up with Alex when I commented earlier. No matter, we’re all one aren’t we. And we’re smokin hot!!!

              It’s back on the mower for me today and maybe even a fantasy road trip with Carl and all of you. Wheeee….

              1. Elle, Phoenix, Bri, Alex, this board is moving so fast and I have not as much time each day as I would love to have, to connect again and again with each of you. Phoenix, I read your reply to me in the last missive, thank you! Elle, let’s go on a fantasy lawnmower ride. Bri, nice to see you back after a few days off. I look forward to when we connect on some great subject again.

                Phoenix, from our Steve Winwood song,

                “While there is time
                Let’s go out and feel everything
                If you hold me
                I will let you into my dream
                For time is a river rolling into nowhere
                We must live while we can
                And we’ll drink our cup of laughter…

                …We go so fast, why don’t we make it last
                Life is glowing inside you and me
                Please take my hand, here where I stand
                Won’t you come out and dance with me”

                My love to everyone here, reading and sharing all of who we are.

                From the 3:00 AM club,


          4. Elle, it took 50 years of hard work to get the governments to admit that smoking was harmful. Watch the TV show MADMEN. Even when they made the original smoking adds that said Smoking was good for you, they already knew that they were lying to the public.
            no, my dear, it has never been good for you or for anyone around you!
            in Love and Truth,

            1. Micheal, the show madmen is not a source of truth to be used in a debate on the goodness or badness of cigarettes. It is a fictitious show! I am getting a friend to send me a number of articles about this whole issue and when she sends me the links I will put them up here. My process was not to bring up a whole discussion about good versus bad it was to ask for assistance energetically to release into more freedom. Anyone telling me something is BAD for me simply makes my freedom seeking soul want to do it more and get into alignment with it because I know I CAN…that is part of divinity in all things–acceptance and allowing that we can come into alignment because it is all coming from the INSIDE….:) Alex

              1. Alex, I only quoted MADMEN to bring in a topic that I love! Not, because the show is a basis of fact. Just in that instance, it was factual. People dying from cigarettes smoke and lung cancer or from other disease caused by chemicals introduced to the human body is not fictitious. You can see people who smoke coughing and hacking up their own lungs! You see it all the time.
                How do people who have major life threatening illnesses heal themselves? The first thing they do is cleanse their body to remove all the toxic chemicals and poisons from their system. Then, they begin to heal, right?
                You could very well be the exception to the rule and with the power of your positive vibrational aligment with source, not have any adverse affects from toxins and chemicals. And, i wish that to be the case becauseI love you. However, for those who are not as aligned as you, there are hundreds of millions of people who get ill from bad diet, toxins and poisonous chemicals. That’s what the health care industry is so profitable!
                I am not concerned with you smoking, my love. You can smoke all you like, I have no problem with that at all. And, I am not attached to it being good or bad for you. Honestly, I didn’t mean to say I have an issue with someone who smokes, is it their choice.
                But, personally, I do not like cigarette smoke in my eyes and my face and my lungs. So, my issue is with people smoking in public, the parks, the beaches and the sidewalks. . When the smoke hits my eyes, they water, and when it hits my nose , it runs, and when the ashes fly into my eyes, they burn! It shouldn’t be difficult to comprehend. 🙂 I think it should be legal and encouraged to have smoking bars and restaurants and all the smokers can smoke in there and enjoy the atmosphere! GO FOR IT! ENJOY iT. Just have respect for my right and everyone’s right and their freedom to breathe CLEAN FRESH air as Mother Earth intends it to be so I can enjoy the atmosphere of nature. I’m sure you would agree that someone who does not smoke deserves to NOT SMOKE YOUR SMOKE, right?

                1. Oh , and, Alex, as far as my comments at the top of the page about cleansing the body for ascension. I do believe that we are all here for different lessons and have different things to master and assimilate. I am certain that I needed to stop my addictive habits to
                  see who I am underneath it all. I should not have said that we all need to do that.
                  However, having said that, I also believe that the fifth dimension and ascension is about doing and considering what is in the Highest and best interest for All. I do not feel that forcing smoke on people who do not enjoy cigarette smoke can ever be considered the Highest good for ALL.
                  Not even in the 3rd dimension:) Do you not believe it when they say that all that is not in the best and highest interest of ALL will fall away i the 5th dimension? I , personally, resonate strongly with that. And, I do not see cigarette smoking making the short list of things that are for the highest GOOD OF ALL. I just don’t. I think that is the crux of what I have been trying to say 🙂
                  Maybe the Planet A/B scenario that they speak of could be the smoking and the non smoking planet? I’d be JOYFUL of that. We could still communicate telepathically!!

                2. LOL micheal I believe we can all easily come into alignment with the world we wish to see! It is part of this journey and completely a possibility once we learn how to work it baby!

                  Just as a side note though….if you are interested- a review of the CDC/WHO info on smoking and while I do not truly believe in statistics and research (because it can be skewed in anyones favor) the data here shows a negligible increase in cancer from smoking and additionally, if the FDA were approached with a product that had a much higher incidence at this point they would still approve it for human use!


                  this is the other link I posted before but showing its original website source and comments.


                  Again, just another perspective and more illustration of how it is entirely possible for different things to be TRUE for different people.

                  Hugs! Alex

            2. Michael me darlin, I am NOT saying smoking is good for you. This is important to understand. I am saying that fear and loathing of any substance is not beneficial to your divine consciousness.

              If you suddenly became aware of all the deadly particles in the very air you breathe since Fukushima for instance, you would be terrified to take your next breath! You couldn’t survive drinking water loaded with fluoride that calcifies your pineal gland, or imbibing soy milk with your coffee, if you focussed on what it’s doing to your thyroid.

              Cigarette smoke upsets many people, I get that. All I’m saying to you is, don’t get carried away with it sweetheart, there are more important issues. Your soul couldn’t give a shit about smoke or sugar, and the battle is for your soul. Best not to forget that important fact.

              With love

        2. Alex, I finally figured out how to get a pic up on here!!
          It was not easy for me !! That Gravatar thing was not easy for me to navigate or comrehend.
          Is there a way for people to click on my photo to get my email or to send me an email directly? I am thinking you might know since you have a pic up on your profile?

          1. Okay, when I post messages without the Gravatar, my comment posts immediately, but with the Gravatar. It says…”you comment is awaiting moderation. Maybe this is why some people have said that their comments have sometimes taken hours to post?
            PEOPLE! I am not a fan of this technology stuff at all.

            1. Now, I am wishing I didn’t spend the last half hour figuring out how to get a pic posted. I am guessing I can Log Out below to avoid the wait in the future. I saw that there is a new MICHAEL in the POND so I thought it would be good to differentiate. It ws a funny synchronocity because when I woke up that morning, I suddenly thought to myself that it was funny that there were no other Michael’s in the Pond considering what a common name it was. I was happy that I was the only Michael. And, as soon as I thought that, another MIchael shows up that very day introducing himself to the pond.
              Also, someone commented a couple of days ago about the similarity between the words “ALL ONE” and the word “ALONE.” And, the day of that posting , before I had read it, I had the same realization only in reverse. I was in bed and the word “ALONE” showed up in my mind and I was quickly shown “ALL ONE.” I thought it was very cool and strange that someone was mentioning the same wordplay on the very day I was thinking about it.
              I believe it was my guides showing me the benefit of all this time that I have been feeling ALONE. Because the Alone time helps me get deeper into the realization of being ALL ONE. I have known that for decades since I have been meditating, but, I had never really made that connection with this period of loneliness and isolation in my life, that it was a sort of initiation for turning the ALONE into the ALL ONE. !!
              YEAH !! Maybe I can move on to a different lesson, PLEASE????

              1. “Because the Alone time helps me get deeper into the realization of being ALL ONE.” Yes indeed 🙂 I never meditate (my meditation is just conscious living) but I was shown the same thing in a sequence of dreams.

            2. Hello Michael, good to see you :–) I just noticed the same thing, all your comments were suddenly stopped and put in “moderation queue”. For some reason, this happens from time to time, I have no idea why. Just keep posting, and we’ll see if it stops acting up after a while. Love and light, Aisha

              1. Hello Aisha, I have spent all night dealing with this. Now, it won;t even let me make a comment without logging in.
                I just wrote a very long comment , it took me HOURS to write, about the necessity of giving up one’s addictions for the ascension process!!
                I hope my comment makes it onto the blog….


          2. Micheal, I would ask Mom amy how to put your email up on your gravatar. I did my gravatar years ago and I dont even have the password for it anymore! LOL but I do like your picture…I do like actually “seeing folks” and not just in my minds eye!

            1. Also, here is a link to a researched article on smoking that shows a bunch of things you will not believe. I think this points out strongly how certain issues in this world we are made to believe and they are simply not true…a good lesson in evaluating what the powers that be tell us and what is really true for each of us…with much love…if I get more info I will post it for those wanting to read it, if you are not interested, simply pass on by! 🙂


              1. Hi,

                I would quit by just “forgetting you never smoked”. DELETE it from your brain. Try this. It is a powerful trick that really works!!!

                :))) Lara

        3. Alex, I’m with Bri on this one.

          I’m trying to “feel” how to express this, and I may not do so well on the first pass, because this is the first time I’ve attempted to articulate it, but this is a good and worthwhile discussion.

          Of course we are all different, and so that needs to be said right up front. What is true for one is not necessarily true for another, we can only share our individual perspective.

          I read in the last year that the smartest people on the planet smoke. Elle may have made reference to this. I happen to smoke a pipe, and I do so in moderation. (that does not mean I’m smart). I also use finer tobaccos which don’t contain all the normal chemicals that most commercial cigarettes do. For a time I actually smoked for the express purpose of the benefits to brain capacity which may result from the nicotine. I understand that the drug industry uses nicotine in the development of drugs for alzheimer’s patients. But that argument aside, I want to try to address this from another angle.

          What I’ve really made an effort to get away from is “labels”. I was raised in a very strict religious background which I threw out at a young age, and with no small effort at that time. And in this context its just not easy to deal with the prejudices that are programmed into us. They stay with us for a long time in most cases. I still have a rebellious streak in me about most of those issues, because the associated scars are numerous.

          Part of my rebellion in my early 20’s was to take up smoking. I was never “hardcore”, as the typical was half a pack a day. I’ve been very fortunate in that sense, in that I don’t have what may be termed an addictive personality, so my thoughts are not going to apply to everyone. I joke that outside of “food, booze and women” I don’t have any addictions.

          Once I got over the early programming aspect my attitude became more like Bri’s. When its time, its time. There came a day when the cigarettes just gave me up. They tapered off, and one day I just didn’t want them any more. They actually made me feel sick. Years went by. Later on I tried an occasional cigar and had one, once in awhile. Much later it was a pipe. I can go for long periods of time without any of it, and then sometimes I will smoke the pipe quite a lot. My point for me is, I just don’t worry about it so much, unless I pick up a particular irritation or ailment that I know is associated. -Then I do something about it.

          BTW I don’t watch television, either. I gave that up years ago and I wanted to give it up. No, that’s not the right descriptor. I didn’t have to give it up at all, I just stopped because I couldn’t stand the blaring nature of commercial TV. If anyone doesn’t understand this, walk away from it for several months, then come back after the quietude of being away. It is shocking how invasive it is.

          I’m still not being successful at what I’m trying to convey… We move through our lives in each moment. Each moment we have choices. I feel that many things in moderation are just fine. What I don’t want to do is for example, “give up drinking”. That empowers “drinking” as a separate entity that either I do or don’t do, and when I do it its bad, and when I don’t, then I’ve won a victory over it. -That’s what I’m trying to say…its not a separate entity. Society has done that to us through programming. “Drinking” is not a thing of itself. Having a drink is having a drink, and either we have one, or we don’t and that is a choice. But I’m not going to label myself as a “drinker” because I use wine. What I do want to avoid is downing over half a fifth of whiskey in one sitting, because that hurts the body.

          Its the “label” that empowers the thing as a separate entity that I have issue with. If I feel the need to stop smoking a pipe then I will make an effort to do that. And when I really want to have one and do, I’m not going to beat myself up over it, and if I find I continue to smoke a pipe, then so be it.

          I’m addicted to a lot of things- breathing, eating, observing, thinking, feeling, LOVE, my work that I do, talking, and so on and etc. You all get the idea.

          Now, hardcore addictions that are dangerous and debilitating, that’s another thing, and writing on that will have to be done by someone else.

          Alex, if you really want to not smoke, then we want you to be successful in that effort. We’re behind you and we support you. But if you go cold turkey for a month and then have a smoke, please, don’t feel like you’ve screwed up.

          I’m going to go have a pipe…


          PS…Lightworkers smoke -better get over that one right now (uproarious laughter).

          1. LOL Carl, you lovely honest man you! Thank you so much for your sharing and just to be clear, I am completely in the same camp as you….I just had this great quote channeled by Jeshua the other day that spoke about Failure simply being another construct of 3D society that brought us into judgement–there is no failure, there is only an attempt that didn’t reach the goal and that gives the opportunity to collect more data…everything is perfect…

            I am cool….and completely Grok what you are saying–big bad hugs! alex

          2. Wordsmith indeed 🙂

            Nothing like a good controversy to bring the core of people out !
            This whole thing has been actually good !
            Lot of great words came.

            Love you all for laying your thoughts here 🙂

    2. Alex, my Love, sending you Light to help you quit smoking. I’ve been there I’ve done it…….BIG (((HUGS)))

      On the same page as you, my Friend. Just came from sitting on a stair just knowing the life I am in is just at an end, yet I see no other way that is opening. Yes, the frustration, the inner searching…….am I really supposed to be at this page or did I miss something along the way. Tears. Crying out to Jesus, “Help me see the Way! I am not sure anymore!”

      The vision I have maintained for years has sprung to life here at this POND. But I question how to get what we have created here to real life, now that is the dilemma I see. I am here in Love Land and then I shut my screen down and staring at me is 3D Land. How is it possible to have a life end that no longer fits yet this POND that does fit be in Gaea Realm?

      Hmmmm……Alex, you are my lucky charm this day. My words were stuck but no longer. You don’t know how I long just to HANG HERE but my real day is pressing its needs. I’m just so weary of walking solo and CC insists we are no longer walking solo, yet I still have yet to see this manifest in real world time.

      Thanks for listening, Goddess of the Island. My stronghold on my vision is starting to slip weary of hearing “almost there” “soon”. I’m seeing a complete Wonder transpire here but when will it transpire in Gaea realm?

      Doing some real hard thinkng today and at the same time wishing this life would disappear and I stand looking at my Castle and the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. New Jeruselum, where are you?

      Alex, be easy on yourself. Cigarette smoking is a real challenge to quit. Love yourself, go slow…..and if you must smoke one maybe two then do it the weaning way. Listen to what your body wants. I’m here for you.

      Loving you,

      1. Hi Amy,

        I am pretty sure that this would help you:

        There are many Karma Klear activations but maybe you try the BE LOVE first?

        I am on the same page with you. All my 3D friends gone in a very VIOLENT, hurtful way. Waiting for the new ones to take the huge empty space…. I do not feel that lonely as I like my own company but you get the picture…

        Sending hugs to you. Remember to breath!

        🙂 Lara

      2. Many kisses tight tight
        You were starting to worry me, you without facility with words??? Oh my God! So what do I do? If you are my voice … my words …. plasmas everything to perfection …
        Huddled in your arms forever, cradling
        I love youuuuuuuuuuuu, mamita querida
        Tu Emma

      3. Hi Rosie, you know its funny how because we have separated from our Godsource that we get it back wards and think that our day to day lives are REAL and our inner life is imaginary. It couldn’t be farther from the truth, though it is hard to swallow. The last thing to shift in all shifts is the reality…it is the most dense, it is the end product of so many microshifts, and it is like the light on the caboose at the end of a long freight train. I think this is why so many people who are asleep feel like they are the “last to know” because they are simply living in the densest end product of creation, which is reality.

        If we live on the cutting edge of creation, which is the closest point to non-physical energy that you can get, it is the least physical and much of our time is spent skipping through the ether with our hearts wide open, like the giant whale that skims through the water and digests the tiniest particles of food from the water to become the biggest animal on earth…we are skimming up those small particles of love and light and becoming the richest and most powerful sources of love and light on planet earth–we, in this pond and many other ponds like it, all connected by this new web of love and this is where we reside–the other…well, you just watched the matrix didn’t you? it’s simply a game…

        I do hear you though because its funny, before all this evolving and soul path walking, I did feel my life was full and rich and now most all of the things that I was interested IN (or distracted BY) are no longer moving my heart–and without my heart moving–nothing moves…

        Big hugs! Loving on you all! Alex

        1. Alex, real and simple words, great truth !
          Love you very much, sister 🙂
          Been on a strange mini wobble last night. And it was exactly “thoughts” of challenging the reality of our path that came up.

          Was short, and prayed away. I see how these might come up here and there.
          So timely and truthful words, thank you !!!

          Bubbles to you !

          1. Beautiful Bri-Joy, reading this I envisioned you starting to wobble, and then I saw a million bubbles of light burst forth from your heart and cascade over your entire being, steadying you. I LOVE your words and expression – see what you inspire? Have a bubble-licious day!

      4. Dearest MomAmy, Sweet Sister, I’ve been thinking of you so much since you’re post about attending the dance performance. First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY (which I believe is on the 28th if I decoded your numerology hint accurately. : ) Haven’t had much chance to interact here lately because of exactly what you’re talking about. I went back to work and started a yoga teacher training. It can be extremely challenging, and at the same time validating, empowering and strengthening to navigate 3D/interact with people of largely 3D consciousness with 5D awareness. Sometimes I’m like, what the heck did you just get yourself into, girl? I get overwhelmed by others’ negative energy – not to mention the triggering of my own issues I’m still working to integrate. Amy, you will KNOW when the time is right to get back in the ball game as my dear friend and mentor, Mary, says. Take care of you. Nurture, love, and celebrate you. You are perfect right where you are. I love you with all my heart and think of you every day.

        1. Oh, Heather, I am SO glad I saw this post of yours. I haven’t been here much lately, just recouping. Touched by what you said? Doesn’t even come close. Thank you, my Courageous Sister of Light.

          I am very proud of what you are doing. I await to hear that you are seeing miracles because your vibration will radiate outwards and touch all those you come in contact with. Wow! You are bringing in the Beacon of Light to density. That’s tough. I know.

          I lift you up in my Light. You are so Loved by me.

          BIG HUGS!

    3. Oh Alex forgot to mention have you come across EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) – I often say its like acupuncture but without the needles! It works with a lot of things and particularly effective at giving up smoking. It can help curb the desire ‘in the moment’ but also to get at the ‘root.’ One really cool thing with it is that you can do it yourself.’ You may already be aware or have even tried it but thought I’d mention it.

      Joyfully, Philip 🙂

      1. Thanks for the reminder Philly! Yep, I have tapped plenty in my life–though I had some dissonance with stating a negative thing and then trying to release it but that was back when I was so locked into the whole process of law of attraction and didn’t realize it was much more about vibration than words…

        I will do some tapping certainly and see how that works-I also just remembered that Cinquefoil (witches weed) tea works really well with addictions and wow–its popping up all over my garden!

        Sarah, big hugs–glad spirit spoke to you through me 🙂 Alex

        1. Alex
          Just a thought – Cigarette tobacco and paper have lots of chemical additives. I too smoke, but only a max of two a day. How? I changed to American Spirit cigs. to eliminate the tobacco additives (all natural tobacco). The paper additives I eliminated by buying pouches of tobacco and rolling my own. I take two or three hits on a cigarette then set it down and it goes out on its own.

          I’ve watched other people smoke regular cigarettes recently and am amazed how fast they burn. I feel heathier also. Might be worth a try.


          1. Thanks Jeff, I have been down the road of investigating tobacco and I know just like all the false flags out there tobacco in general is not bad for you and it is the focal point that was agreed upon to allay any responsibility for cancer to nuclear fall out…but I digress…it’s not that I want to quit smoking per see, its that I wish to free myself from all things that hold me back from being totally FREE….this is one of those things that impinges on my freedom, probably more than anything else…and so its the first to go–I just feel driven to do it–and you know its tough–ack its tough, but day two down and off to bed so day three comes fast! Thanks for the info and the kind words! Alex

      2. Dearest Philip, today as I was listening to some music I was lifted above my eyes floating. I thought of you, and said “Hi”. Immediately I saw the color of your avatar and saw the peace sign made with two fingers. Cool? Also saw many swirls. I missed you!!!! Welcome back!

        1. Wow Amy! Cool indeed.

          I’ve gone tingly all over as I read this!

          I was thinking about you for quite a while earlier today as I read various of your posts and the challenges you were facing though had no specific ‘words’ that came to me so I felt I would just let it be… so I guess that would be ‘Peace!’ How amazing, beyond words really…

          Peace sister! 🙂

          Philip 🙂

          1. I Love you, Philip. My Brother. I am still in quiet mode …….. wanted you to know I felt your amazement through my screen and I laughed. Amazing? Oh yes! Why did I think of you? Must be cause I really missed you.

            When I relax especially listening to music I think of so many here. My Family.

            Lots of Hugs, Your Sister, Amy

            Sent from my iPad

    4. Hi Alex! I was a smoker on and off for twenty years and can relate to a lot of what you’re saying here about lots of light workers doing it, and it not being “so” bad for us, etc. I finally let it go because my grandfather died of lung cancer from smoking for 50 years. However, was it the smoking, or the sadness and regret we all watched him repress and struggle with so many years? I believe the lungs tend to hold these issues for many of us.

      Any way, he was part Native American, a powerful healer and he actually completely healed himself of the cancer for a while – he quit smoking, went into full remission. And then he started smoking again and it returned. Why all this back story? Well, what my grandpa taught me is that there are metaphysical causes for our habits and diseases (I know you know this, of course) which is why I believe certain people experience symptoms from smoking, and others don’t. So, basically, I quit smoking when I realized I was just using it to repress my own sadness and regret.

      Whether you’re dealing with metaphysical causes or just wanting to move on from smoking at this time, I’d like to offer a couple ideas for quitting, for your consideration, as they helped me. First, I started learning about the awesomeness of tobacco from my Native American studies and shamanic ceremony experiences. I started smoking American Spirit cigarettes (all-natural, no additives – perhaps you already smoke them) with my friends in the tipi and basically, would use tobacco to pray with. In other words, smoking for me became a prayer. I was taught by the elders that the smoke carries your words, thoughts and intentions to Creator as you’re smoking. And as many of us know, what we put out, is what we get back. So for all the smokers in the house, I invite you to keep those thoughts and words positive and full of intention for what you’re wanting to create in your life while you smoke.

      Next, when I was finally ready to stop using smoking as a prayer support, I just ever so consciously, ever so lovingly took that last cigarette in my hand (it was two years ago this October, I believe) and took every puff as consciously as I could. I watched the fire dancing in the ash at the end until there was no fire left, and then I said goodbye to tobacco for the time being.

      I hope this helps you, Awesome, Amazing Alex! Please let me know if this resonates and meanwhile I’m cheering you on and here if you want support! : )))

      1. Heather! Thank you SO much for sharing this! I have to tell you it really resonnated with me! My husband is also part NA and he is quitting too and I will share what you said with him. My dear friend who is also an accupunturist in the 5 elements chinese medicine field told me that smoking warms the heart center tremendously and every time I felt the need for a cigarette I was warming my heart center. I guess now, I can warm my heart center through my thoughts and energy work and so the need has dissipated. I did exactly what you said when i finished my last cigarette! I prayed over it! Very cool….and so are you! 🙂 Alex

        1. You just made my day, Alex! I love you and thank you for opening up and sharing in your usual authentic, brilliantly insightful way! We all learn so much when we talk on these things together, don’t we? That makes total sense about it warming the heart center – I’ve never heard that. Truly, the conscious intention with which we do anything is what matters in my book. As my quitting process unfolded, keeping in mind the power of tobacco to manifest our prayers (according to NA thinking) was hugely beneficial. It helped me not judge myself so much for it, too. Teacher Tobacco, we love and thank you, too!

      2. Very nice, Heather…thank you. I am also part NA, and I think some of these “traditions” are carried with us throughout our lives.
        I completely agree with your comments about the possible reasons for the lung cancer… we hold our grief there. So if someone is smoking because they are sad, to fill up the heart (thank you Alex) was it the smoke, or the grief?
        The more people that I work with, the more I feel it is our attitudes and emotional health that directly influence our physical health.
        Love to you…

        1. Thank you, Phoenix! I couldn’t agree more about attitudes and emotional health affecting the physical. By the way, I prayed with tobacco and peyote in a tipi several years back to heal my thyroid disorder. The medicine showed me the throat chakra issue that was causing the disorder (being invalidated and humiliated so much in life), and ever since seeing that, I’ve had normal thyroid test results ever since. I know it wasn’t the plant teachers but the SEEING they facilitated that cured me. There are many, many ways to assist ourselves in seeing. I admire your work and insights, Phoenix. Much love to you!

          1. Heather, this is a wonderful example of how plants can speak to us and show us our energetic wounds. I have done a lot of energetic wound healing and releasing over this specific lifetime and the deepest of which was facilitated through connection with my blessed trees. I asked them to show me, and show me they did. They didn’t just show me, they like Philly was taking about, put me into experience and I FELT the truth of the situation and only in that way was I able to release it. Plant medicine, whether actually intaking the plant essence or connecting with the plant world is a very powerful and very real medicine that will be gaining much more respect as time goes by..

            Big hugs and thanks to all of YOU for authentically sharing as well! Alex

      3. Thank You for this post Heather, I was just thinking of adding the use of tobacco for prayer to my previous post, now You did it for me in a beautiful way.
        yahete, with love from my heart

        1. You bet, Stephan, and I so appreciate your post about smoking tobacco and what alcohol taught you, too. It has had a similar role in my life as well. Thank you for reminding us that each drug has a spirit, too. Much love to you and “Aho Mitakuye Oyasin.” : )

  24. Dear sisters and brothers of the light! It is so good to be back, and I hope you have all had some magic moments these last few days! It has been an amazing weekend in so many ways for me, joy and laughter, sadness and tears, connections and transitions. It is like everything is starting to happen all at once, some doors opening up while others unexpectedly close, life and death all woven together. I have not yet had the time to read through your comments, but I am so glad to see that this Pond seems to be flowing with so much love and light at all times. I will look into the possibility of creating an extra forum as soon as possible, but for now, I will make one change that hopefully will make all of the comments a little bit easier to navigate. From today, they will be divided into pages with a maximum number of 50 comments each. That way, at least you do not have to scroll down ”forever” to find the latest ones. I hope this will be of some help!

    Love and light, Aisha

    1. Welcome back Aisha baby! We definitely missed you but I for one was glad you were relaxing and spending time in the physical with those loved ones connected with you! It’s gonna take you a while to read all the comments! LOL we definitely got busy while you were gone! With much love and hugs! Alex

    2. Yes, I have the exactly same feeling about things. Happy to not to be complete lone in this weird time.

      🙂 Lara

    3. Welcome back Aisha
      We really have missed you, and much ….
      I’m so glad you enjoyed your family really like you deserve …. here we have also used the time to maximum
      We love you

    4. Aisha & CCs thank you for the reassuring message that I intepreted as everything is moving forward! Thank God! Fuuuuuf 🙂 This web net is definitely felt and I fancy that is the flower’s of life diamond structure that is in the works. That makes me very happy for I know that structure transmutes everything back to oneness. We are magnificent flowers that grow bigger and bigger like in a funny Sci-fi movie 🙂
      Much Love!

    5. Welcome Back Aisha ! Dear Phoenix, Elle, Alex, Marc, Nohmad, Amy, Brianna, Golden Eagle, Philip, Ian, Leslie, Carl, CrazyWolf and all the PONDERS. The Documentary SIRIUS is now released and is available for viewing online on the website YEKRA. In the movie they show a 6 inch tall ALIEN or ET, EXTRA TERRESTRIAL that was found in Chile. The prestigious Stanford University, here in the Bay Area south of San Francisco, is doing DNA sequencing. So, this is too legitimate to be dismissed by non-believers. Please spread the word about this discovery and this movie. The more people who know about the ALIENS, the sooner we will reach Disclosure which is the forerunner to ending our dependency on oil and the Petro Dollar.
      Love you ALL,

      1. BRIANNA, very good idea, thanks.
        The film can be found at
        when you get to the page, you can click on the film SIRIUS !!
        Bubbles of JOY DEAR ONE.

      2. Michael! You added your pic? Cool!!!
        Thank you for the info…I tried googling this and came up with a bunch of nothing…one site was in a language I couldn’t read.
        Love to you!!

        1. Phoenix! You tried googling the film SIRIUS ?
          You can go to and you can rent it there for streaming on your computer. I also tried to add and email address to my profile bu tit kept looping around and not appearing so I am working on that, too!

    6. Welcome home Aisha 🙂

      We were a raucous and buoyant group while you were away !
      Even had a party 😉

      And some amazing growing and connecting with each other.

      Love you, and sending you many happy Bubbles to celebrate your return !
      🙂 🙂 🙂

    7. Hello all! It’s good to be back testing the waters of the Pond again 🙂 I can see you have done a great job while I was away. Thank you so much for all the love, laughter, bubbles and light you have added to it, it feels like I am swimming in champagne here now :–)!
      Love and light from me, Aisha.

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